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  1. so how was Nah born?

    In Archanea, Dragons sealed their powers inside dragonstones to avoid degeneration and taked on human form/turned into Manaketes. So I guess it's likely that before they became Manaketes, a dragon child was always in dragon form since they had no reason to have a human form. Now that they have a human form I would assume that the manakete baby is born in human form for convenience and that Manaketes probably give birth like Dragon Laguz (even though Dragon Laguz and Manaketes are different).
  2. Here is a bigger map: I can see other places named Albino, Cheene, Palmiva, Brigit and Morpheus.
  3. E3 2018 Schedule/Discussion/Hype Thread

    Hi I am Daisy! The Ridley meme is finally over.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Not sure what to think. I am happy to see that we got the trailer but there are not many info. I quite like that each unit is a squad and that we have a female Axe/Sword Lord. The self insert doen't seem to be able to talk though I don't mind it. He seems to have dialogue choices instead so it might not be bad. I hope the title doesn't mean we are going to get 3 versions. Such a shame we didn't get more info.
  5. Fire emblem and "modern" anime trends

    FE always had anime elements. It's just that it was less anime before Fates. I wonder how it would be handed in FE16. I don't like it when it ruins the immersion or even when it goes against the game's main themes (like how marriage with the Fates' siblings undermines the whole family theme). No it's not in the original version. From what I have seen in the translations, Leo just calls her a brat and she is implied to be around 10 years old. Azura says in the CQ chapter 9 in the japanese version that she left Nohr around 10 years ago and Elise was born after Azura left Nohr. In the localization she is more vague about it. I also don't recall a pragmatic mage knight either outside of Leo. For the Jeigans it depends. I have already seen people who don't like how good and broken the Oifayes can be like how Seth is FE8's best unit though I am not sure how popular that opinion is. Peri says that she has big chest in her JP support with Arthur. It's also part of her skinship dialogues and she also shares Camilla/Charlotte/Orochi and Kagero's model.
  6. Corrin's dragon form?

    I assume it is just a design choice. Maybe IS thought it would be a nice detail if the dragon form looked similar to the armor. For the dragon fang animation, I think it was implied in the Hidden Truths DLC that Silent Dragons could easily change forms or something. Though I quite doubt that IS gave a lot of thought about this.
  7. Red and Blue Bow Unit Speculation

    Parthia is known as the bow of flame so I could see one of the Archanean and Valentia characters to be a red bow user. Alm is the most likely candidate for Valentia. For Archanea I don't expect a Jeorge alt anytime soon so maybe Norne or Wolf/Sedgar since Hardin is already in the game. I could also see Noire using a red bow since she can use dark magic. Ballisticians could be colored but I doubt IS would add them in Heroes. For the blue archers, I could see one of the Fates' archers using a Shining bow. Anna would make the most sense to me since we already have Spring Alfonse and Sharena. Ichaival is associated with Odin so Brigid and Febail could be blue. A Takumi alt would probably be green because of the Fuujin Yumi being associated with wind. I expect most of them to be quite rare and limited to legendary or seasonal banners though except if we somehow get colored bows in FE16.
  8. Glad to hear it sold well. I hope it would encourage IS to make more spin-off games. Here is the interview : It's mentioned that her selling points are her sexy feet and her lively personality despite her difficult past.
  9. The new Smash is obviously FE16. Pretty disappointing direct. Most of the games were just ports and remakes and no FE. Yep it was released in February 2016.
  10. This is just stupid.

    Nice art. It reminds me of that old rumor when the game was just out about Sakura being killed by some Faceless. Personally I agree with what @Sunwoo said. There was no reason for Takumi apologizing at the end and the game treating him as wrong because he doesn't trust/like Corrin. Garon doesn't use Sakura at all when they captured her, not even like a hostage but Garon wanting to make Sakura suffer so like that Anankos could possess her (like how he wanted Corrin to suffer), would be more interesting than what we got. Since Corrin spared Hinoka, he could also spare Takumi as well if he isn't possessed by Anankos and lied to Garon (and Sakura if she is being watched all the time by Garon or his lackeys) that he killed them like how a true Nohrian should. Obviously she would see Ryoma commiting suicide and Iago and Hans killing innocent Hoshidans in the Hinoka chapter. She could start to get mad about what happened to her nation and her family and hates Corrin at this point. After Slime Garon failed to kill to his "children", Anankos could talk in her head saying he can give her power to revenge Hoshido and defeat Nohr. So that way, it would be more similar to what happened to than a true possession. Her not apologizing at the end before dying would be great too. Takumi is still alive, becomes the king of Hoshido and doesn't forgive Corrin about what he and Nohr did. Hoshido and Nohr are obviously not on better terms at the end of the game compared to Conquest and there is no "I forgive you because you're still my sibling/I would make the Hoshidans like you" nonsense. There would still be some problems about the story but it would be a much better and logical ending. I would also probably feel very sad for Sakura especially compared to the other deaths. Big Brother could also apply to Corrin or maybe to Ryoma since she couldn't save him or something and not necessary Takumi. EDIT: Apparently she apologizes to Takumi since she couldn't save him
  11. FEH isn't the only game where Ike is stated to be the strongest Hero. If you consider FE13's DLC canon, the Old Hubba said it too in the Champion of Yore 3: I think it was also one of the reasons why Chrom wanted to recruit Priam. Aside from him, pretty much all the characters who have Holy Blood in FE4 especially the kids and the others in FE5 such as Galzus are probably the strongest. Though Reinhardt doesn't have Holy Blood, he was said to be the second coming of the Crusader Tordo/Thrud according to Dorias. The Brand of the Exalt, the brand of Mila and Duma are also proofs of having a special bond with Naga, Mila and Duma who are all Divine Dragons kinda like the Holy Blood (some of the Crusaders' descendants had brands/marks too) so I guess it could mean that Chrom and some of his family's members, Alm and Celica are supposed to be pretty strong. Chrom also has broken the wall of the Ylisse's castle and he and the Falchion were pretty much blessed by Naga near the end of FE13. Moreover, if you want to recruit Walhart, Chrom needs to attack him at least once on the paralogue. I guess it makes Robin quite OP as well if that's the same thing with their brand. The FE13 kids are probably pretty strong too because of the world they are from and Xander nearly lost a match against Inigo/Laslow. Anankos also gave some sort of power to Inigo, Severa and Owain. The Branded in the Tellius games seem to be powerful as well. Stefan said in his support with Mordecai that the Branded have great power thanks to their Laguz blood. Micaiah had unique and special abilities though I am not sure if I would say she is pretty strong. Stefan himself and the Black Knight are pretty OP lore wise. Petrine was strong enough to be one of the Daein's Four Riders and Soren has good magic abilities. Spirit charmers are more adept with magic and can become very powerful mages so I guess Pelleas can count. Overall it seems that most people who has a kind of brand/mark are quite strong lore wise. The Three Regalia are strong and legendary weapons so I guess we could add Hardin, Camus, Jeorge, Astram and Minerva (the Hauteclere is said to be on par with the Regalia) . If I remember well Jeorge was also considered to be the strongest Archer on the Archanea continent. Other villains like Nergal, Ashnard, Gharnef, Zephiel, etc... are probably somewhere near the top. Marth for being able to defeat Medeus, Athos and others wielders of the Legendary Weapons of Elibe like Hector, other descendants of dragons and people having dragon blood like the Fates Royals are other good choices. There are probably some others I forgot but there are the only ones I can think about right now.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    /vg/ means Video Games General. /v/ threads discuss about everything game related, /vg/ has threads for specific games compared to /v/. /vg/ discuss one game/series per thread. One of the threads on /vg/ is about FE and people who post leaks about FE (such as SoV being leaked, Heroes datamines/leaks, Warriors' special edition box with Celica and Lyn etc...) generally posted it on the FE thread on /vg/ first rather on /v/. Of course it's possible that it could be true but personally this is why I am quite skeptical about this and why I prefer to wait for more information. True about swords Lords. Like I said I probably think too much about this. What I meant about Nohr having little sunshine was that IS could reuse that aspect and some others elements of Fates and Nohr if they want to do a FE game about vampires. Like you said they reuse some of Awakening's elements for Fates so they could do it again. I agree that FE Switch should not do the same mistake that Fates did by trying to be similar to Awakening and instead, should be more unique.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Heroes did a few spoilers already so I don' think they care that much about it. For example they revealed that Seliph and Julia are related and that Sanaki has a sibling. I want Sophia! More love for Sophia is always good for me.
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    The "Alain the protagonist, all I know, however is that he uses a sword" sounds like a troll attempt to me especially that it happens around the time some people were complaining about sword users in Warriors but I might think too much about it. I also find kinda weird and suspicious that it was posted on /v/ rather than the general on /vg/. If that's true I wouldn't be surprised though since Fates had a few Gothic/Vampire elements. For example Nohr was described as a kingdom where the sun rarely shines, Faceless' japanese name is Nosferatu. In the Fates Halloween DLC, Leo was disguised as a Vampire, Camilla as a Succubus and Oboro as a Gothic Lolita so Vampires and Succubi appearing in FE would not be weird to me. We also got Gargoyles in some games too. Nohr also seems to be more popular and promoted than Hoshido as we can see in Heroes so maybe IS would want to continue and maybe improve what they were doing with Nohr. However I hope it will not mean that FE Switch will be Fates 2.0. I like the idea of new demons/monsters/non-humans that could be playable and the return of Light magic and a day/night mechanic. A villainous avatar sounds interesting as long as it's not a Corrin 2.0. Shapeshifters similar to Tellius' Laguz are nice too but I hope they could still fight somehow in their base form.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I just hope it's a manakete and a few half-dragons VG and not a Fates Royal VG. Yeah Mikoto is pure human. A full blood vs half blood would be interesting indeed.