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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    /vg/ means Video Games General. /v/ threads discuss about everything game related, /vg/ has threads for specific games compared to /v/. /vg/ discuss one game/series per thread. One of the threads on /vg/ is about FE and people who post leaks about FE (such as SoV being leaked, Heroes datamines/leaks, Warriors' special edition box with Celica and Lyn etc...) generally posted it on the FE thread on /vg/ first rather on /v/. Of course it's possible that it could be true but personally this is why I am quite skeptical about this and why I prefer to wait for more information. True about swords Lords. Like I said I probably think too much about this. What I meant about Nohr having little sunshine was that IS could reuse that aspect and some others elements of Fates and Nohr if they want to do a FE game about vampires. Like you said they reuse some of Awakening's elements for Fates so they could do it again. I agree that FE Switch should not do the same mistake that Fates did by trying to be similar to Awakening and instead, should be more unique.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Heroes did a few spoilers already so I don' think they care that much about it. For example they revealed that Seliph and Julia are related and that Sanaki has a sibling. I want Sophia! More love for Sophia is always good for me.
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    The "Alain the protagonist, all I know, however is that he uses a sword" sounds like a troll attempt to me especially that it happens around the time some people were complaining about sword users in Warriors but I might think too much about it. I also find kinda weird and suspicious that it was posted on /v/ rather than the general on /vg/. If that's true I wouldn't be surprised though since Fates had a few Gothic/Vampire elements. For example Nohr was described as a kingdom where the sun rarely shines, Faceless' japanese name is Nosferatu. In the Fates Halloween DLC, Leo was disguised as a Vampire, Camilla as a Succubus and Oboro as a Gothic Lolita so Vampires and Succubi appearing in FE would not be weird to me. We also got Gargoyles in some games too. Nohr also seems to be more popular and promoted than Hoshido as we can see in Heroes so maybe IS would want to continue and maybe improve what they were doing with Nohr. However I hope it will not mean that FE Switch will be Fates 2.0. I like the idea of new demons/monsters/non-humans that could be playable and the return of Light magic and a day/night mechanic. A villainous avatar sounds interesting as long as it's not a Corrin 2.0. Shapeshifters similar to Tellius' Laguz are nice too but I hope they could still fight somehow in their base form.
  4. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I just hope it's a manakete and a few half-dragons VG and not a Fates Royal VG. Yeah Mikoto is pure human. A full blood vs half blood would be interesting indeed.
  5. Favorite level/map?

    FE5 Chapter 14 Open Fire and FE10 Chapter 2 Endgame Elincia's Gambit are my favorite maps. There are many things to do in Chapter 14 despite it being a defense chapter such as recruiting Homer, getting the Nosferatu/Resire tome, the Dragon Lance, other items thanks to capture and visiting the houses for the Chapter 14x. Meanwhile you also need to deal with a huge and strong army, 3 bosses, FE5's annoying Ballisticians and the Schwarze Rosen (strong Dark/Lopto Mages). This chapter also has a very good atmosphere story wise. What I love about Elincia's Gambit are the multiple objectives, the chapter really feeling like a civil war with the huge enemy army and your army which is composed of Elincia, the other playable characters and the yellow allied units. Geoffrey's team coming to the rescue, the ending with Elincia's decision and the Greil Mercenaries' appearance were nice moments too. Easily my favorite defense map in FE10. Chapter 3-13 Blood Contract is a pretty good defense chapter too but gameplay wise I prefer the units you use in Elincia's Gambit more than the one in Blood Contract. The 3-13 Archer also helped to make this chapter fun as well.
  6. Awakening/Fates hate?

    From what I have seen it seems that there are multiple reasons. For FE13 the main complaints I have seen are about the map designs, pair up, fanservice, Avatar, story and the characters being too "gimmicky" due to some of them following an anime trope. Personally I quite enjoyed some of its characters and even the story a bit but I can see why someone would hate these aspects. I must admit that I am not a fan of the map designs too. There are also some tensions between the old and the new fans. Some of these complaints are also the same in FE14 too. For example Revelation is often bashed for its map design, some mechanics and a questionable unit balance. Compared to Awakening, the children system don't particulary have a reason to be in the game story wise. Fanservice is often criticized too for stuffs like skinship, characters' designs like Camilla's and her during 2 cutscenes, etc... Look at some discussions about the most recent Voting Gauntlet in FE Heroes and you would see some people hating Camilla and even insulting her fans for example. Also it was said in the Japanese Direct that in Conquest, one of the themes would be changing Nohr from the inside, (in NoA it was about a revolution from what I remember) so people got hyped at first and then were disappointed to see it wasn't the case. An another major theme of Fates is also not respected and pretty much ruins this game's original premise but I am not going to spoil it. So story wise we can say that people were pretty much disappointed and felt lied to. From what I have seen, currently some people seem to feel lied to as well because of Warriors including Lyn. Some people also hate how the localization was handled for FE14 as well. Personally, I am not a fan of Revelation, the map designs overall (even for Conquest especially during the midgame where I didn't like most of them) , the story and most of the characters as well. I don't mind the fanservice but I must admit that the Camilla cutscene in Birthright and the one with Corrin bumping into her boobs in Conquest feel ridiculous. FE14 is definitely not one of my favorite games in the series but there are some aspects and characters I quite enjoyed from this game. So I would say the main reasons for the hate are generally the gameplay, story, characters, fanservice and the tensions between the new and old fans. I have seen people complaning about Echoes' gameplay and story as well but yes, Echoes seem to be less hated than Awakening and Fates. I guess the game not having some of Awakening/Fates mechanics like marriage and pair up and Echoes having a decent worldbuilding and maybe because of some of its characters having less supports and "feeling less gimmicky" probably help.
  7. Lyn Confirmed

    Nice to see Lyn and more Archanean characters such as Caeda and possibly Navarre. The bad behavior I have seen from them was just in the Voting Gauntlet and a few dumb Youtube comments for Lyn's reveal in Warriors that shouldn't be taken seriously. But yeah aside from that I have seen more complaints about it than than the bad behavior.
  8. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Did you guys knew that Heroes has a hidden support conversation? It's even the same C support conversation!
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Paralogues 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1.
  10. Unlikely. From what I remember Fates got a ROM and later on an English patch as well. There were even people who said they would prefer to get it instead of the localized version of the game because of the localization and it didn't seem to have affected the sales. 3DS seems to be harder to hack as well compared to previous systems so I doubt that many people got ROMs for these games. IS seems to be satisfied with Echoes' sales as well due to how much they marketed it recently so I don't think it sold that poorly. I see what you mean but I don't think it is only a thing for the younger audience especially how it seems much harder to hack the 3DS compared to the previous systems or for testing it like a demo. People who are interested in the other games (such as FE1-6, FE12 and TearRing Saga) but don't speak Japanese and are interested about knowing what's going on/or for gameplay reasons (such as understanding the interface), might want to play ROMs for these games with an English patch. I have the actual Tellius games but some people might prefer a ROM for these games due to how rare and expensive these games are nowadays compared to their initial releases as well. Of course there are also many fangames for FE who require a ROM as well though I guess it's different for that case.
  11. CYL FEH Channel Livestream coming Monday 3.30am UTC

    Made me chuckle. I guess it would make him the first Colorless Flier with shurikens (shurikens being replaced by mechakoopas).
  12. Inclusion of Other Fantasy Races

    I would love to see more races other than humans and the shapeshifters in FE. FE developing its own fantasy races like the Manaketes and the Laguz would be nice as long as they continue to make them interesting and not recopying the concept over and over again like how FE did with the Taguels, Kitsunes and Wolfskins who feel like Laguz's clones with less backstory. For the traditional fantasy races such as Elves, Orcs, etc... I would love to see something new and quite different from the usual ones we see in other fantasies. It would be interesting to see more uncommon fantasy races too. FE14 kinda did that with the Kitsunes who are less known than the traditional Elves for example. Though instead of giving them only beaststones, it would have been better if they could also use magic like they tend to do in other medias. I also think the stones should only be given to the races that are well known for their transformation abilities. For example an Orc will of course not be able to transform into a giant pig but instead using weapons such as axes and hammers. Orcs could share classes with humans but they could get their own exclusive classes and weapons and of course there are some human weapons/classes or from an another race the Orcs couldn't use. Same with the humans and the other non-humans races. Gameplay wise it could make the game even more fun. Aside from the Manaketes, Laguz and the other shapeshifters, FE also has many monsters that could easily be turned into more "civilized" races. For example, FE8 hasTarvos/Maelduin which are pretty much centaurs and Gorgons which can be seen as a kind of Lamias. TearRing Saga apparently has Ogres, Harpies and Golems and FE14 even has Golems that could help you during some MyCastle battles too. Also a Demon race technically exists as well in FE8 thanks to Fomortiis. A Demon race and an Angel race are fine as well as long as they avoid the whole "all the Demons are always evil/all the Angels are always good" cliche. There are some stories and games where it's not always the case and I don't see why it wouldn't happen in FE as well (same with the other "protagonist or good and antagonist or evil" races). Of course it's essential for these races to have a good amount of backstory and distinctive gameplay features. Also if IS decides to include an avatar system in the next game and if the game has some non-human races, I am sure it could benefit the avatar system with more and much better customization choices, gameplay wise and even story wise. If marriage between different race members and children are also (somehow) in the game , I guess the kids could just share some of their parents' weakness and strengths like how all the Corrin's children are weak to dragonslaying weapons no matter the class. Personally for now I am more interested to see how far IS could go at first before reintroducing marriage again but it's just an idea about what they could do with the races and a possible avatar system.
  13. Least favorite: Fates (Revelation) 1. Most of the RV exclusive supports are better than the ones in BR and CQ. 2. RV's chapter 19 was much better than CQ's chapter 15. 3. I liked the idea of not being able to save between RV's chapter 16 and 17 and between chapter 27 and the endgame chapter. 4. Ryoma's moments with Scarlet were kinda nice. 5. Good OST. Favorite: FE12 1. Lack of map objectives. 2. Marth being the only unit able to visit the villages (and Minerva I guess if you want to count her for that one specific village). 3. Not unique sprites. 4. Pegasus Knight being the only class branch (Falcon Knight/Dracoknight) in the game. 5. The Dark mage/Sorcerer class is not that useful to me compared to the Shaman and Dark mage classes from the other games.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Clerics

    I will join Sakura first to protect her and her smile. If she lost against Elise, I would join probably Priscilla or Mist since both of them with Sakura have been quite useful to me especially recently though I quite like Laquesis. It was quite an hard decision especially that I have them all except for Maria, Laquesis and Elise. We don't seem to be many to support Sakura though... Not sure if I am going to pull the A banner though I think my Minerva and Michalis both feel a bit lonely without their imouto. I also like how the japanese and also the french version used the cleric/sister pun, that's quite funny. The cutest little sister after Sakura.
  15. Oh boy Emma looks and sounds adorable. I love the Cipher's 4 OCs designs in SoV especially for Randal's fabulous hair which remind me of Trabant's and Levin's. I didn't realise he had this haircut until now. They are all 4 quite entertaining without being annoying at all and their supports were longer and even better than some of the best supports in the game. Them being adventurers make them quite interesting too. I also like that Hoshido reference with Emma not knowing about Pegasi not allowing men to ride them outside of her home country. Kinda weird that Randal didn't mention his home country Elibe when he was talking about Archanean and Valentian Pegasus Knight being only female but whatever. I didn't expect Yuzu to be like this because she is described as a shy girl too but I don't mind it because I like how stubborn she was and her ration balls. Why do I have the feeling it is going to be a new meme? I was expecting Shade to be a Camilla 2.0 or something so I am quite glad with what we got instead as well. I hope we get them as playable characters for the future games. I was disappointed when I realised they were not going to appear in FE14 so I am happy that we finally got them in one of the games.