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  1. I will join Sakura first to protect her and her smile. If she lost against Elise, I would join probably Priscilla or Mist since both of them with Sakura have been quite useful to me especially recently though I quite like Laquesis. It was quite an hard decision especially that I have them all except for Maria, Laquesis and Elise. We don't seem to be many to support Sakura though... Not sure if I am going to pull the A banner though I think my Minerva and Michalis both feel a bit lonely without their imouto. I also like how the japanese and also the french version used the cleric/sister pun, that's quite funny. The cutest little sister after Sakura.
  2. Oh boy Emma looks and sounds adorable. I love the Cipher's 4 OCs designs in SoV especially for Randal's fabulous hair which remind me of Trabant's and Levin's. I didn't realise he had this haircut until now. They are all 4 quite entertaining without being annoying at all and their supports were longer and even better than some of the best supports in the game. Them being adventurers make them quite interesting too. I also like that Hoshido reference with Emma not knowing about Pegasi not allowing men to ride them outside of her home country. Kinda weird that Randal didn't mention his home country Elibe when he was talking about Archanean and Valentian Pegasus Knight being only female but whatever. I didn't expect Yuzu to be like this because she is described as a shy girl too but I don't mind it because I like how stubborn she was and her ration balls. Why do I have the feeling it is going to be a new meme? I was expecting Shade to be a Camilla 2.0 or something so I am quite glad with what we got instead as well. I hope we get them as playable characters for the future games. I was disappointed when I realised they were not going to appear in FE14 so I am happy that we finally got them in one of the games.
  3. Fair enough. I forgot about Tiki having wings in some art and abut the generic Manaketes. I just found it weird that Mila had wings and a tail in her human form. I was wondering if that thing Mila was holding was a dragonstone but if that's the case Jedah's dialogue doesn't make sense. A dragonstone is supposed to stop a dragon from turning mad which is why they created it in order to save the dragonkind. You can also discard it as long the dragon power is sealed in the stone like how Gotoh, Xane and Bantu in the ending did and no one of them turned insane for example. Nowi even met Bantu according to her dialogue in the shiny tiles and since he is her new friend, he probably isn't insane. Jedah pretty much said that Mila's soul is going to be corrupted by madness and she is fated to destroy herself like Duma. Of course he could have just lied to Celica about this but since the game never confirmed it, he might have been right too about it. So either Jedah lied and that thing is a dragonstone or he was saying the truth and that thing is not a dragonstone or at least doesn't work like the other ones. I don't see what gives you that impression. You want to discuss about Mila and Duma's backstories so I am just explaining to what they are supposed to be and what the game confirms and what it doesn't. I have no idea if you knew what it was exactly or if you were using it as a slang for the dragonkind after all. There is nothing wrong about this. Calm down. I got your joke and I never told you that you were ignorant or something like that. There is no need for you to act like if I were being offensive or insulting. You made your own theory about Duma's form being changed thanks to Forneus and the reason why he could have been exiled so I simply made my own. Duma turning insane in SoV is a proof that he doesn't have a dragonstone and is a good reason for Naga to exile him and to give him the Falchion especially when we know that dragonstones and degenerated dragons are a big deal in this world. I just gave an explanation to support my theory, not because I found what you said was ignorant or anything. Fair enough but if they were Earth Dragons then Naga wouldn't have given to Duma the Falchion. She would have just told him to either have a dragonstone like Medeus or she would have sealed him away under the Dragon's Table with the other Earth Dragons since all the Earth Dragons at that time became degenerate except for Loptyr thanks to his pact with Galle and Medeus thanks to his dragonstone. And even if they retconned Duma by not making him a degenerate dragon at that time, with the whole incident with Loptyr in Judgral, I doubt that she would have let an Earth Dragon that was banished to rule a country.
  4. It sounds fun! Will the villains be involved as mean teachers or mean/rival students? Will the teachers be Jeigans and older tactictians? I think that some of the older characters could easily appear as teachers. Cecilia could teach magic and probably strategy and maths, Jeigans characters could train the students or be sports teacher. Nomah would be that old relaxed teacher that most students like. Vaike would be the best teacher. One of the loli Manaketes could be a funny teacher too and a bad one too I guess. What would be the subjects? Will there be love and crazy love between characters from different worlds for crazy pairings? Will there be "normal" students and teachers that are not FE characters but just normal human beings? How are the most violent characters going to interact with the others? Will that be treated as comedy?
  5. He said that not even Garon could stop him from building the new Kingdom of Mokushu so I guess he would have betrayed Garon after the war or at one point anyway. Kotaro told Corrin and the Nohrian siblings that he would tell Garon that they got accidentally killed by Hoshidans. Not sure if Garon would have believed him or not but he would have probably not cared anyway as long as he took over Hoshido. At first Kotaro didn't plan to kill them. It just happened because Corrin and Xander were not okay about him taking an hostage since for them taking an hostage and using it as a bargaining chip is not a good thing and they didn't like his tactics and methods, then Xander said he wanted to correct his behaviour by force if necessary so he probably didn't liked that sudden change of circumstances. Zola's methods were also the reasons why they attacked him. Kotaro and Zola had a lot of potential for minor villains sadly and they were better than the other FE14 villains though to be fair, it's not something hard to do.
  6. I just looked at Mila's skeleton model in the 3DS menu and I am seeing that she doesn't have a big eyeless socket for a giant eye like Duma and that they both have little ones for probably their normal eyes so you're right. I guess that like I said previously about Anankos, degenerated dragons' bodies/physical forms can probably change just like their mind once they turned insane so he probably got his big eye after he turned insane.
  7. Validar and most of the Fates' villains are the worst villains. Though at least Validar's motivations make more sense compared to some of the Fates' ones even if it's quite bad, since he is the leader of an evil cult like his ancestors who worships an evil dragon and was raised to become that type of leader. Iago is evil for no reasons even if Corrin joins Nohr and don't seem to like Xander for whatever reason as well. He doesn't seem to be interested in power especially that he is Garon's right hand but he is just interested to make people suffer and to kill Hoshidans for whatever reasons. He doesn't even have a motive for being evil compared to Validar which is pretty bad. Garon ordered him to make Corrin suffer but he was even doing to Corrin and other people even before Garon ordered him to do it. In Birthright he is a Saturday cartoon villain who failed all the time and in Conquest he is still a Saturday cartoon villain but he succeeds to make people suffer and no one does anything about it. Hans is what happened if you give a random bandit boss more screentimes and turned that bandit into a recurring villain. At least he wants to get more power so it would make him a lesser Caellach and more interesting that Iago but it's still pretty bad. Garon is Vigarde 2.0 with an actual dialogue but unlike Vigarde who doesn't ruin FE8's story, Garon is one of the main reasons why FE14's story is terrible. He doesn't have a personality besides "kill them all" and only exists just to make people cry and suffer like Iago and kicking cute kittens and puppies. He technically has his own motives for being the mastermind's puppet and doing whatever his master wants which makes sense but it is still handled poorly. Xander suffers as a Camus mainly thanks to the game's bad writing as well and by being an hypocrite and stupid most of the time. Finally we have Anankos who has his whole backstory locked behind 2 DLCs (3 DLCs if you count RV as a DLC) and who also bring more problems to the plot overall and makes you wonder why Birthright and Conquest even exist in the first place. That's a shame because he has an interesting backstory but him existing just ruin everything in the plot and is responsible for bad plot elements such as Garon. I guess that among them, both Iago and Anankos are the worst and both Garon and Xander get an honorable mention. Among the ones before the 3DS games, I would say the ones from FE5 such as Veld and Raydrik because they lack mainly screentimes and are quite forgettable. There are pretty much random bosses turned into main villains though I can at least forgive that since there are the pawns/minions of the main villains from FE4 and doesn't ruin FE5's story despite being the weakest elements in the story.
  8. Gaiden treated Mila and Duma as Gods but don't forget that the dragons in the series are sometimes treated as Gods as well like Naga for example. Duma's overworld sprite looks like a bit draconic and we can see a few similiarities beween Duma's battle sprite and a dragon such as a lizard/reptile face and wings. I don't know if Kaga wanted them to be Gods and nothing more but I can see why they are Divine Dragons in the remake. The game never said they are Manaketes. Manaketes are dragons who sealed their power within a Dragonstone. Even though both Mila and Duma have a human form, they look still very different compared to a human and the Manaketes' human forms since Mila still has a tail and wings. The game also never said that Mila and Duma have a dragonstone so it's likely they don't have one. It would make sense as well since Jedah/Rudolf never consider the use of a dragonstone too for Duma and Mila and it would explain why Naga gave Duma a Falchion. Why would she give him a Falchion if they had a dragonstone? Dragonstones are also supposed to stop a dragon to turn insane and to become a Degenerated Dragon which is pretty much what happened to Duma and probably what would have happened to Mila at one point. It's not explained why they had a dispute but if Duma refused to seal his powers in a a dragonstone (he is interested in power so it would make sense to me), it's normal that he was exiled since he was against what Naga tried to accomplish. She didn't give the Falchion to them because she is a "bitch" like you said but probably because she knew Duma would turn insane and that someone needed to stop him from suffering and him harming innocent people. Both Mila and Duma are siblings so it makes sense they belong to the same species. Duma's dragon form looks like Mila's dragon skeleton too. For all we know, Mila maybe had a big eye too like Duma. Also even though Anankos is not a Divine Dragon or a Manakete, his dragon form looks pretty much fucked up compared to Corrin's so it's possible that if they are insane for too long both their mind and body become affected.
  9. My favorite objective is Defend/Survive because I like the whole concept about defending a fort which is about to fall to the enemies' hands and for the rewards. Elincia's gambit is among my favorite maps in the series and I think the other Defend/Survive maps in RD were quite good overall. I finished Thracia a few weeks ago and I loved chapter 14. There were many ways you could do to complete the map and to deal with the multiple enemies. That was pretty fun overall (though I still hate FE5's ballisticians...). FE5's chapter 20 was good as well even though I wished you could change the characters' positions in the map (and in FE5 in general of course). I also think FE5 were done especially in chapter 19. The atmosphere and the situation quite helped this map to work well too.
  10. I guess you might be right about Alvis but it doesn't change that there are still characters who acted oddly in the DLC. For example Julius' dialogue with Say'ri implied that he only killed people if he found them suspicious or his family if they deserved it even though it wasn't the reason he killed his mother or the reason he tried to kill his sister. Also Loptyr and him sacrificing people and kids for him is not mentioned at all like if he was never controlled or under influence by him. An another example is how the Black Knight is getting pissed by Gangrel laughing at him even though he was calm and never lost his temper in the games, not even when Jarod laughed at him. This is one of the reasons I am not sure if we are supposed to take Alm in the DLC seriously or else SoV Alm would have been a bit more similar to the DLC one. Of course Alm could have been more interesting that way I guess but him not being aggressive didn't particulary bother me. I agree with what you said but it's just the way he said that in the last conversation that I don't like. I am okay with him wanting to support and help Alm of course especially that he technically already did that since the beginning but there was no reason for him to stop his friendly rivalry. Even from the short dialogues both of them have with each other, Alm didn't seem to mind that at all and seemed to like it.
  11. You're getting 4 more units in chapter 1 so it is probably still possible. Though of course it depends about what are Faye and Tobin's classes. You are not getting an another mage until the middle of chapter 3 for Alm's route and the second (and last healer) in Alm's route is in chapter 4 which is pretty much near the end of the game. There is also no recruitable mercenary in his route so you might want to restart if it's too hard for you right now.
  12. Probably 8-4 though since Treehouse localized most of the FE games in the west, maybe not. Because of the whole Treehouse controversies with skinship's removal, Effie, Japanese names changed for some Hoshidans, Saizo and Beruka's C support and some others, it's possible that they will let 8-4 to localize the next games and to avoid controversies just to be safe. Even if Treehouse localized previous games and changed a few things (Removal of Maniac mode, the Black Knight and the warp powder creating a weaker clone of him in PoR for example, Kyza's personality, DB's exclusive weapons and allowing tier 3 classes without the Master Crown in RD for example), same with 8-4 (only males can wield the Falchion in SD and Tharja's ass or boingy bits respectively in NoA and Europe in Awakening for example), none of these changes seem to have pissed people compared to Fates' localization reactions (though to be fair FE was less known at that time). I have even seen people being scared that SoV would be localized by Treehouse so it might be for the best that 8-4 continues to localize the next games rather than Treehouse. Where did that happened? Hoshido isn't toned down compared to the Japanese version and is pretty much the same. Same with Nohr. If you are talking about the "Nohrian scum" term used by Hinoka and Takumi, it doesn't make Hoshido less white since it makes sense for them to insult the people who are invading them and who are killing their own people.
  13. I would have said a few or some hundred years like it seems to be the case with most the half-dragons in the series but since the game seems to treat Corrin as a human most of time, he probably has a normal human's lifespan. It happens at the end of Birthright where the party members are telling the avatar to continue the battle against Garon.
  14. I don't think SoV Alm is particulary less aggressive than his Gaiden counterpart. Except for the "I am gonna crush these bastards" line, pretty much all his actions and dialogues that were both in FE2 and FE15 are similar such as how he wanted Rigel soldiers to leave Zofia. The main difference is that he asked for a peace treaty at the end of chapter 3 and they refused though we don't know what FE2 Alm thought about this or even did that. FE2 Alm obviously showed that he wasn't only all about power and aggressive since he cried when he realised that he killed his own father even though he didn't know about him and that Rudolf still did horrible things. Alm was more aggressive in FE13's DLC and I am not sure if we should consider it as canon since in the same map Alm appears, Chrom notices that Alvis acted out of character by acting too nicely with the player's units. The same thing can be said for most of the allied villains and all the Lords you fought tried to kill you at first rather than just asking Chrom who he is and what is he doing there. Hubba said something like how the characters they fought with, could be totally or a bit different from the originals personaliy wise so maybe that's what happened with FE13 Alm. Maybe I am wrong about that since I haven't played FE13's DLC a long time ago though. And even the "I am gonna crush these bastards" line made sense given the context since Celica and her friends were about to get killed. Marth told Nyna in FE11 that he would face Grust's forces head-on and told her to watch him silencing them before they attack and it doesn't make Marth an aggressive or a particulary violent person. Anyway as a character, I mainly like because of his dorky comments like Mr Sun and his dumb jokes and also him being serious when he needs to be. As a Lord I find him a bit standard at times but he still has his unique moments like with Celica in the Zofia's castle and with his friends. I think however the story tried to make him avoid conflicts and obstacles too much. For example the whole Royal Sword moment was quite stupid since he could have just asked Lukas to hold it and he would have realised that it is truly a special sword rather than Tobin just sucking at holding swords and being strong. Lukas or Clive could have made a theory about Alm being one of Lima IV's children and later on at the end of chapter 3, Alm could have accepted that idea thanks to his mark being similar to Celica's. It would have make more sense for the Deliverance wanting him to rule Zofia and later on all Valentia and make Alm struggling with the idea of being a royal much earlier rather at the end with Rudolf. It would also have not maked the plot twist so obvious for those who have not played FE2. An another example is how Mycen is pretty much a ninja and always manages to avoid all Alm's questions until the end of Chapter 4. Alm also has the same problems with some of the male Lords being one of the main protagonists with a female Lord in the game. Ephraim don't pick fights he can't win because he is a perfect tactician who never had any big obstacles in the story compared to Eirika. Meanwhile Eirika gives one of the most important items in Magvel to a guy possessed by the Demon King just because he stopped acting evil for a few seconds even though he still tried to kill them a few minutes ago. Of course Ephraim never did nothing like that in the story. An another example is Micaiah who is treated as always being in wrong in Part 3 compared to Ike. Even Yune has more dialogues with Ike than Micaiah with him to rub salt in the wound. Alm is treated a bit too perfect and never does something wrong compared to Celica who nearly gave her soul twice. Celica and her group suffered because of Celica being too nice. Alm and the Zofian army never got a problem except for when Berkut broke the mirror and it ended well. I think Leif handled the "being too aggressive can be a problem" theme much better since even after he managed to get back his castle, he tried to save Alster despite August's protestations and it ended quite badly for Dorias and for his army. I guess that something similar to that could have happened to Alm as well. There are still conflicts in the Alm's route such as him getting tricked by Nuibaba and Clive wondering if he should save Delthea and if he was not wrong for picking Alm as the leader but everything still went well since killing Nuibaba also saved some rigelian people from her and he managed to save an innocent girl without casualties. And of course Clive excused himself and admitted that he was wrong. So yeah I can't say there was truly a moment of weakness for Alm except maybe after the fight with Rudolf. I agree especially about guys saying that they are inferior to him such as Tobin in the last base convo. It was quite disappointing and kinda sad to see him feeling inferior and just admitting that he will never even be as strong as Alm. Honestly with how Faye is written just like these generic characters having a crush on the self-insert, I wouldn't be surprised if they had that in mind. To be fair it's not an hard task to be better than Corrin at this point.
  15. Unlike how Grey, Tobin and Kliff's canon classes are implied by looking at some elements in the Ram village, it's not the case for Faye. However all the villagers got their first arts in Cipher and they all depicted their implied canon classes so I guess it's fair that the Faye's first cipher card (her second one depicts her as a female Mage/Priestress) considers the PK class as her canon one. I don't remember if Pegasi like eating carrots though since there are flying horses I guess they do. It's worth to say that she is also the only unit who can learn Freeze as a Priestress and Anew as a Saint so Cleric and Mage would also make more sense to me than Cavalier being her canon class.