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  2. Daichi nodded in response to Amon. "I will see you later, then." The Hikiba member then turned to his men. <"We are leaving now. Let's go."> He was moving past them and deeper into Arugai, even as the men responded with the expected <"Yes, sir!"> They followed after him once he'd taken the lead.
  3. "I understand," Daichi replied with a nod. He'd been in this business long enough -- and, in fact, had even simply lived long enough -- to understand that it was better to keep some things secret, even if only for a limited time. "Hoshi-san can direct you to Weyland's building, I hope," Daichi added, briefly looking over at the conversing woman. He returned his gaze to Amon. "If I see my son, I will direct him to you there. Is there anything else you wanted to say before I leave?"
  4. So, the one Hoshi worked for was Professor Seth Weyland. That certainly explained her use of that specific word, "headquarters." Perhaps the message to the emperor came from the Ursian inventor. He didn't hold enough sway in Kigen to be listened to directly, so finding someone who could get a message directly to Emperor Yamato certainly made sense, coming from him. Daichi didn't know much about the man, but he certainly could afford to send mercenaries, and probably had respect among Ursian merchants. Yes, this all made perfect sense, now...except for the obvious missing piece: whatever this message was, specifically. But that, too, would come in time. That very day, in fact, if this meeting occurred as planned. Daichi couldn't help but immediately think of his own investigation, too, upon hearing the locale's name. Thus far, he'd felt rather shut out from that particular company. Perhaps he could make some headway now, being invited in. It was worth looking into, at least. But again, not at this very moment. On a more personal note, Daichi was glad to know where not only to find this surprising and interesting group would be staying, but to know where his son would be staying as well. He was planning to visit there in order to meet with Amon again, of course, and he did want to speak with Hoshi again. However, the potential conversation that made him look forward to it the most was meeting again with Norbert. "I will meet you there later today, then. Be sure to let the" Receptionist. What was the word in Common for that, again? Well, best find a substitute word...or at least a word that included the receptionist. "workers there know to expect me." Here, Daichi gave a bit of a sheepish smile. "I hope you do not mind, but I will be bringing at least one man with me, as well. Because I am the only Hikibain in the area, I need to be able to send and receive messages in case something comes up suddenly that I need to take care of." His expression relaxing again, Daichi clarified, "He does not need to be in the meeting with us, however. He just needs to be nearby."
  5. "Where will you be staying?" Daichi asked. That was a good place to start, he figured, for trying to decide on a meeting spot. They were travelers planning on going deeper into Kigen, whatever their motives, so they were going to have to find a place to stay at some point. And, both given the size of the group and the fact that they had just come into port, they were likely to stay in Arugai for a little while, if only to resupply before heading out again. Given the time of day, and those assumed needs, Daichi estimated that this group wouldn't be leaving until the following day, at the earliest.
  6. Well, that was interesting. It seemed like this group had more to it than it seemed. Daichi wondered if the mercenaries and merchants were at least partially around to disguise them. Hiding in plain sight, with an unspoken half-truth... Let people assume what they would. And, thinking back to his earlier suspicions, was it really a coincidence that the Ursians and the Neviskotians were fighting so close to them for so long? There wasn't much use in questioning them again about that. He'd just seek out the Ursians' and the Neviskotians' prospectives on what happened between Urquium and Arugai between now and this upcoming meeting with Amon's group. For now, though, this sounded important. What problem could this southerner have been referring to? And if they had a message for Emperor Yamato, who was the message from? Just what intelligence did they have that Daichi's own people didn't? Whatever it was, it was undoubtedly a sensitive matter. "Ensuring my people's safety is my purpose," Daichi slowly replied, carefully considering and reanalyzing Amon's words. Then, focusing a scrutinizing gaze squarely on Amon, Daichi asked, "Where would you want to meet?"
  7. Well, that was surprising. This caravan needed to convey something to the emperor himself? That was such an odd, large, and sudden request, that at first, Daichi was just trying to figure out if he'd heard that right...or translated it right. The request itself would have been easy to answer otherwise. Fixing Amon with an extremely puzzled look, Daichi carefully responded, "I...can possibly meet with you again, today... The Ursians' and the Neviskotians' battle may result in other meetings for me, as well, but...what is it that you need the emperor to hear? Are you not a convoy of mercenaries and merchants?"
  8. Daichi nodded at the short man's question regarding the Hikibain's locations. "As far as I am aware, yes. If any of the others were sent up here, or if any of them came here for their own reasons, I was not informed. The last report I received specifically said that I was the only one in the north, which was not a surprise. Very few incidences of demon attacks are ever reported in the north, so one is usually enough, and this is my usual post. Everyone else is probably somewhere in central or southern Kigen."
  9. Daichi gave Hoshi a sympathetic smile. She'd been in quite the rush to get away from him, it seemed. He felt a bit bad for making her so uncomfortable, but it was a difficult thing to help, especially when explaining the situation to foreigners. He was proud of his station, yes, but he also often preferred not to talk about himself like that. Just because he had attained such a high status didn't mean that he was arrogant. He preferred a more tranquil environment than the attention that came with the station usually garnered. <I will have to reassure her later. Right now, she has a friend to take care of.> At least he could clarify the situation to her fellow group members. A little embarrassedly, Daichi set about that task. "Ah, it's true that I have earned and inherited much honor for myself and for my family, but you do not need to be uncomfortable around me. We are speaking informally, are we not? So please relax. I did not mean to cause distress." It also occurred to him that Hoshi's mentioning of his mark may have been confusing. So, raising his left arm, he pointed to the kanji tattooed on its back. "This is the mark of the Hikibain, by the way. If you see someone with this, then that means he is a member of the Hikiba. It is illegal for anyone outside of the Hikibain to bear this mark, so you can be certain of who you are speaking with." Daichi lowered his arm again. "I am being informal, but it is true that if you meet someone with the mark, then you should show him respect."
  10. The conversation veered towards his status as a Hikibain after that, though none of the discussion was directed at him, specifically. And while he didn't understand all of the words and phrases used, the explanation sounded...incomplete. It made sense that the foreigners wouldn't understand much about the Hikiba. "A Hikibain, specifically, is a member of the Hikiba," Daichi elaborated, "We are a special group in service to the emperor, and answer directly to him. You are right, Miss Angelica, that we specialize in slaying demons, but it is more complicated than that." His expression grew very serious. "It is a very dangerous job. In order to even qualify, one must be able to kill one of the Fallen without assistance. We have more strict requirements than most soldiers, in both loyalty and in fighting capability. Much honor comes as a result, and I am proud to have earned such a position, but what matters more to me is that I can use my full ability to protect my people." He had pulled somewhat into his personal thoughts, there, for a moment, Daichi realized. Focusing more on the group again, he offered them another apologetic smile. "But, yes, we are called to battle to deal with the more troublesome demons." His expression relaxed again. "Most of us can be found around Kigen, or near the south, where most of the fighting is. It may seem strange to you that I am so far north, knowing our role, but this part of Kigen is my regular post. I am assigned here: to the northern border, in order to ensure we are not taken by surprise from this side." A frown came to his face. "Unfortunately, there was a recent sighting of demons to the west. They destroyed an entire mercenary company, leaving only one, known survivor. The demons, who were led by a prominent Fallen known as <The White Devil>, escaped. I am currently coordinating with a general from Kayoyama to search for them and to make the north safe again." Daichi gave those gathered a reassuring smile. "But you do not need to be afraid to travel. We have not seen demons in the north since that time, and we are working hard to ensure this region is safe."
  11. He didn't want to halt Amon before he even answered his question, but he saw the short man nod anyway. And besides that, he'd mentioned going after Norbert. Daichi frowned at the short man, but not in a hostile, or otherwise angry way. "Ah, excuse me, Amon, but I should probably clarify this." Then, to those gathered on the whole, he humbly addressed the issue of the wayward pegasus rider. "I am sorry to be the cause of such confusion. I also do not presume to give orders to any of you, as it is not my place. However, I do wonder if letting Norbert return on his own would not be a better course of action, unless one of you is capable of helping him through this confusing time." Sympathy and regret again became the predominant emotions on Daichi's face. "The last time I saw him, he had not yet been born. And his mother died before she could tell anyone that his father waits in Kigen, so he never knew about me. But we have only just met, and it is all such a shock for him to meet me so suddenly."
  12. This man was fine just being referred to as "Amon," then. Well, he'd oblige him. Regarding the Ursians' interaction with the Neviskotians, though... That was strange. Why were the Neviskotians retreating to Kigen instead of to their home country? That wasn't the sort of question to ask Amon and his people, though. Really, it sounded like they had just been herded along by the battle. It could have very well been that they had been fleeing to Kigen in the hopes of getting away from it, while the Ursians and Neviskotians continued their unexpected course to Arugai. "I see. Did your ships leave Urquium, too, or did you set out from somewhere else?" Daichi asked.
  13. So, they hadn't yet discussed how long they would be staying in Arugai. That was a little strange, but if their group was complicated, as Amon had indicated earlier, then perhaps that made sense. Maybe they had several merchants with conflicting business schedules or something, and they had to wait until they hit land to sort that out, or something similar. Speaking of the group's consolidation and coordination, a woman approached. He'd seen her off closer to the Emi Maru before, but had mistaken her for a curious local. Now, he saw that she a part of this group, if not for Amon directly. She bowed to him first, though. Daichi gave the woman a polite nod in response. She talked to Amon about her employer -- so, she worked for someone else, but was at least allied with Amon and his group -- and mentioned that he had a...headquarters, here? Well, that certainly narrowed it down. "Headquarters" was pretty specific, after all. She certainly seemed like a native Kigenese woman. <I wonder who she works for.> A list of potential companies was already forming in his mind. The man who had come off of the ship with Amon then asked Eva if anyone had left yet. Daichi winced a little at this, but mostly, his expression just turned a little forlorn. Eva responded to various people after that. First to Amon, wrapping up her conversation with him. Then, she physically indicated that she was done speaking with Amon, stepping away from the man in order to allow Daichi to speak with him more directly. After that, she began speaking to the Kigenese woman, whom she called "Hoshi." So, this was who she'd been talking about. Daichi smiled as he heard Eva ask the woman about Kigenese customs. So, she still intended on getting her lesson before heading into town after all. That was good. He wanted this group to have a good stay in his home country, after all. That, and it would be better for the locals, too, not to have to deal with "foreigner frustrations." It wouldn't have been the first time... Really, much of the trouble between visiting foreigners, and local businessmen could be easily avoided with a little humility and education. Well, that didn't look like it would be much of a problem if they had teachers right in their group to learn from. After that, Eva answered the question of Amon's escort. Or at least, he looked like a personal bodyguard or something like that. He was covered in armor. Daichi frowned again at her answer, a little regret coming back into his expression. Also, Eva gave his name, at least in part. Did he really need to introduce himself, now? After a tiny bit of thought, he decided that yes, he still would. It was only courteous, after all. Speaking of courtesy, the armored man who had accompanied Amon thanked Eva for her report and apologized for Norbert's actions, calling him "testy." <Ah, I'm sure I knew what that meant in the past...> Daichi thought, trying and failing to come up with a translation. Well, if this man was reiterating what Eva had already told him of his son's reputation, it probably meant he was excitable, or often frustrated. The man also bowed...a bit, er...femininely. And...yes, that was definitely a man, now that he saw him up close. The short one, with the long hair. He was bowing the same way as the armored man. Oh dear. Well, Hoshi could probably correct them on her own, but Daichi wondered if he shouldn't ease her job by giving some lessons to the men of the group while she handled the women. Given the depth, these two were truly apologetic for Norbert's actions. Did they think that their missing group member had done something offensive? It could have just been that they were copying Hoshi's bow from earlier, though... Yes, that was probably it, actually. Deciding that saving his son from getting into more trouble than he had really earned took precedence (due to a fatherly impulse), Daichi addressed that first, while simultaneously trying to save these men from embarrassment. He held his hands palms out. "No, no need to apologize for him." Lowering his hands again, and resting one on his hip by his sword, Daichi's face grew sympathetic. "It is understandable. It must have been shocking to hear, after so many years... I do not blame him for reacting so strongly." Giving an apologetic smile, he added, "Please, do not blame Norbert for running away. It was my fault for being so careless." Then, returning his attention to Amon, his expression and tone turned to something a little more official. "Mr. Amon, I apologize for making you wait for my introduction. As Eba-san" he gave the woman a nod, here "said, you may call me Mr. Kazemi, or, if you prefer," Daichi hesitated, here. Kigenese honorifics were very different from northern ones. They would have to learn a few of them at some point, but it was probably best not to overwhelm them as soon as they hit shore. There were various ones that applied to him, especially in a formal setting. Nodding to himself, he finished, "Kazemi-san. Though my full title is Kazemi Daichi, soldier 30th-year, and Hikibain." Here, he bowed in greeting to Amon. "It is good to meet you, Mr. Amon." He gave Amon his happy, friendly smile, here. "And as I have told Eba-san, I am here simply because I am curious. It is not my assignment to investigate you, so please relax." His expression relaxed a little more. "She told me I could ask you about your view on what happened. Your ships came in with the Ursians and Neviskotians, and I wanted to know why. Eba-san already told me that there was a battle in Urquium between them, and that your ships, and theirs, sailed all the way to Arugai Minato together. Why do you think that is? It would have been safer to wait for them to pass, if they were already coming here. But that does not make sense, either..." Daichi's expression turned ponderous, here.
  14. Nuanced? That wasn't a word he knew. Maybe it meant something like "complicated." Anyway, Daichi was going to answer Amon's questions when Eva interjected. Not wanting to get in the way of the group's proceedings, Daichi quietly waited for that inquiry to be wrapped up. However, he was a little disappointed. He thought that Eva was going to check with her friend, Hoshi, before going any further into Kigen. He thought that had been a wise course of action, so he was a little sad to see she wasn't going to try to preemptively eliminate any potential faux pas, as she had planned before. Well, hopefully Angelica, at least, could help her out in the meantime. She knew the language, so maybe she knew some etiquette as well.
  15. The men by the Darklighter Idolus then came over, and the Southerner among them waved as he greeted them. Presumably, this was Amon. Putting matters of family out of his mind as well as he could, Daichi refocused on the task at hand, and gave the newcomers a friendly, relaxed smile. Being out of handshake distance, Daichi nearly reverted back to his more natural greeting gesture. However, he caught himself. Since the man had waved, Daichi returned the gesture for his greeting. Still, he did wind up at least giving a nod out of reflex as he began speaking with the blond southerner. "Hello. Welcome to Kigen. Are you Amon, the leader of this group?"