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  1. .......... OKAY yeah, that's a giant TS that I'm not getting through tonight, and probably not in one sitting. Also, heh, wow, yeah, the (N)PC is helpful, even though I haven't begun yet. It's so neat and organized. :) Edit: I got through that giant TS tonight in one sitting. ...
  2. Uhh... It was either brought belowdecks or is lashed onto the deck. Same with the horses, the poor things. Though, that sailor who asked about Malik might be the ship's surgeon or an assistant? Kind of funny how no one's asked yet. I don't see why Jam couldn't watch and learn from him, if he is, by the way, so that wouldn't stop her development as an item-based healer (which I think is a pretty great idea, by the way.)
  3. Well, multiple Orders are always good. Investing in items is a good idea, too, I think. I think your level's fine, though. So, I'd do a combination of options 1 and 2. Mov's going to become handier than people yet realize, I think. That's my opinion, anyway.
  4. All those are really good options. Looks like you've already spent 780pts, if you have 220 left. What'd you already spend them on? (Sounds like some levels + the mt orders, from what you've said.)
  5. Yeah, me too. Hopefully, more skins'll become available for this new version in time.
  6. (Sorry for the double post) WOW. Anyone else a little astonished by the new forums setup?
  7. Here you go. http://www.darkmyst.org/
  8. Happy New Year!
  9. Happy birthday, bird!

  10. Nah, you're not that far behind. Good to see you reappeared. :)
  11. Okay. Also, slapped together a theorycraft of MountItem!Luca: Leaping Lightning Horse. Also, it has now been confirmed how much Nadya loves her horse.
  12. So... How did Lumi know which ship was theirs, anyway? I don't think Greta described it until she told Pete. Just said a direction before, I think.
  13. A warning to splurgers: 1000pts seems like a lot. It isn't. (Especially if your character has a mount that isn't leap/flight/crush, and I do not mean mounts that can leap/fly/crush.) Best advice I can give is to get on RotE's roll20, play around with it, and make a shopping list, then test it out and change as needed before the new system goes live.