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  1. I haven't really built him up yet, but Gordin was my first summon, and he's always been there when I needed him. I just recently 5*'d him (the very one I summoned, regardless of nature) and I think it'd be fun to see what I can do with him in the future. I also built up a Berkut (kind of; he's not done yet) who seems to get laughed off as a bad unit a lot/people seem to prefer sacrificing him for his lance a lot. His VA impressed me in SoV -- overwhelmingly so, and to the point where the voicing not only resonated with the character (as is every VA's aim, I imagine) but actually enhanced him -- which (and this is unusual for me) actually made me a fan of the character (as a character, mind you; obviously, he has some personal issues preventing me from wanting to have lunch or something with the guy) where normally I probably would've just liked him and that'd be it. I was happy to see that he voiced this incarnation of Berkut, too. So, that's what made me excited to actually be able to use him, and so, even if people say he's a bad unit, I can't say I regret working on him over giving his lance to someone else.
  2. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    <"My my!> You have many questions," Daichi replied. Norbert seemed fine for the time being, but he couldn't help but glance at him every couple seconds just to make sure. His hesitation was enough of an in for Norbert to answer with a grunt as he stood back up. "We've been training since we got up." He looked to the sky to try to figure the time for a moment before answering a bit more specifically, "I guess it's been about half an hour or so. So, yeah, we just started. It's not a bother, though; not to me, anyway." Norbert looked to his elder who was already shaking his head. "I am not bothered either." Then, he gave Thales a smile. "Would you like to join us?" Norbert shrugged, deciding to say his piece. "I wouldn't mind it." Then, he looked to the Hikibain again. "But you should answer his other question first." "Ah! Yes." Daichi gave it a little thought as he answered, <"Let's see...> Every town trains its men to fight. Every morning, everyone trains together. I was expected to become a soldier like my father, so I worked harder than many others. I suppose that is where my ability in unarmed fighting began. As for my speed, it is simply something I have practiced since childhood. If you work very hard on something for a very long time, your ability improves." He gave Thales a calm yet cheerful smile. "If you practice every day, you will have trained a lot by the time you reach my age." A more contemplative and serious look returned to Daichi's face. "Hmm...but the most important things to achieving my fighting style were study and practice. Some men are tough, some are strong, and some are good at using magic. For me, practice and study were what gave me my ability... Bodies move in some ways, and not in others. A man must stand in only a few ways or he will fall. The sword moves particular ways as well... These are the things that I studied. Everything your foe does can be used to your advantage. Knowing how to escape his attack keeps you safe. Learn how he moves and you will not be struck. Learn how his body moves, and he cannot win." Norbert grunted in annoyance. The little lesson was a nice sentiment, but the kind of study Daichi was talking about took a very long time to master, so in the end, it wasn't very helpful. It did hold a little bit of useful advice, though. "Are you saying that you could read my movements?" Daichi gave his son an apologetic smile. "You attack like a wild animal." "What's that supposed to mean?!" Bert wasn't sure whether he was supposed to be offended or not.
  3. How's your luck in Heroes?

    ,It varies and usually winds up sideways. It seems that if I have 400+ orbs stockpiled, I do well in summoning (unless I'm pulling from a legendary banner with the exception of Legendary Ike's debut banner, in which case my orbs get eaten and I don't get who I'm pulling for. I think Robins hate me since it took me forever to get Christmas Robin, and I pulled whenever he was featured. FINALLY got him after getting 3 Hardins and 2 Fjorms (of course she never comes to me when I'm pulling for her, but as soon as I switch targets, she gets in the way) the last time those three were the featured 5 stars together. Then I fed him to my Ephraim for the tannenboom, but I'd love to pull him again so I can have one to keep. Also, last legendary banner, Legendary Robin ate 200-400 orbs and never showed up. Brave Lyn wouldn't leave me alone, though. Think I pulled other stuff, too, but I don't recall. Ah, wait, I also happened to get a really good Kinshi Hinoka. That was cool, but not what I was aiming for. I need more of her for skill fodder, though. I kept trying to pull for Gunnthra for a while, but eventually gave up. If she happens to show up, yay. But, well... Only legendaries I have are Ike and Fjorm. Trying for Legendary Robin again this upcoming banner, but I'll also pull green, most likely.) But I liked summer Innes' wyvern, so I decided on a whim to spend a little bit and see if I got him. Got him a couple pulls in, I think. During the Festival in Hoshido event, I tried to pull Ryouma, but I got 2 Xanders instead (blue orbs would not show up.) I think Xanders like me or something since I got a few of them around Christmas time, too. (Dude must've been cold, since this was obviously swimsuit Xander on Legendary Ike's banner. That still amuses me.) Only Xander I don't have is bunny Xander, but this collection just sort of happened on accident, so... I also got Myrrh on (I think) the Festival in Hoshido. I was planning to get her eventually, so getting her there kind of surprised me. Not an ideal nature, but I'm ok with this for now. So, yeah. Luck fluctuates, and turns up sideways more often than I think it does for most people. Edit: Ah, but the first banner I pulled hard on was Ephraim's debut banner. I was on my last orbs when I got him, right before the event ended. Still one of my most fond memories as a summoner.
  4. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    I began playing pretty much as soon as it was available. So, launch day. But I was following its progress since before then and diligently participated in the first CYL. I wonder if that counts...
  5. Finally, Tiki's red dragonstone monopoly is ended! Though I'm surprised who by...
  6. Favourite Heroes OC

    While this is true, I just don't like the complexity in relationship this creates, so it's entirely personal preference. I like clearly-organized structures. In this case, answering the question of "who has authority?" rather than "who has authority in this particular instance?" I.e., diplomatically, Alfonse and Sharena have the greater authority, being the potentially future rulers. (Not sure if Alfonse is the crown prince, but he probably is since he's older.) So, it's appropriate for Anna to step back when things like country-to-country alliances come up, and Heroes actually displays this subtlety very well, I think. But all that to say that my preference is to make things as clearly-defined as possible and preempt confusion on who has authority when. Exactly! And even beyond all that, she treats people with as much dignity and fairness as she's allowed to, from the people of Nifl that Muspel conquered to her enemies in combat, to Helbindi, giving him an out when she knew that he was going to die for nothing if he stuck around.
  7. Favourite Heroes OC forgetting all the times Anna did stuff? I agree that Sharena doesn't do a lot, but that seems in-character; she's just not a brainy character. Anna seems to be the one making decisions in-battle (i.e., when to press forward and when to retreat. She also is the one everyone reports to, and has the final call on things, even if she goes with someone else's plan.) Meanwhile, Alfonse has come up with a few clever ideas, and so seems the most creative of the three regarding battle tactics. His mind's flexible and considers off-the-wall options no one else does, while Anna's role is more geared toward making judgement calls. Sharena, meanwhile, is more "the heart" and makes everyone who comes into the army feel welcome. However, the player also assumes all three roles by virtue of being the player. The point is that Anna does plenty. It's just things that don't stick out because she's not really the ideas person, and normally, what she says is things along the lines of "here's the situation, so here's what we're going to do" following the basic options of "press forward," "go another way," "retreat," etc. Of course, that's another thing that kind of bothers me about Anna; it should be the royals making the calls while she commands the actual army, imo, but Askr's decided to handle things differently, so I'll let them do their thing.
  8. Favourite Heroes OC

    Darn. XD I like a good many of them. Ylgr, Gunnthra, Helbindi, Laegjarn, Alfonse, Bruno, Sharena, and Hrid. The summoner's okay, but I really wish we could at least pick between having a male or female one (even though the sprite wouldn't change much; we could at least not be assumed male. I believe the text somewhere referred to the summoner as "he" at one point, though IS does their best to keep things neutral.) Fjorm was cool at first, but I began to like her less and less as time went on. She kind of fell into a cliché, but that's just my opinion. I never cared much for Laevaitan or Surtr, and I straight up dislike Anna, Veronica, and Loki (though I think I like Loki the least. Anna's at least kind of entertaining during festivals, and I'm still waiting for a Jake to show up for her. My opinion would probably shoot up if I got to see her fumbling over herself at meeting her Jake. X3 It'd be cute! Veronica's just boring and annoying to me, so I really don't understand why people like her so much. She's a combination of annoying little girl and "wants to kill you" while also trying to garner pity because she has cursed blood, and I just find that really irritating.) I'd also like to see the Askr king and queen enter the story at some point. Alfonse and Sharena talk about them, though it's more likely their dad will come into the story than their mom. But who knows? Maybe their mom is a Nailah kind of queen. (Unlikely, but...) Ah, I want to see the four dragons come into the story, too: Askr, Muspel, Embla and Nifl. I wonder how much I'll like these 6 once/if they get introduced... As for the present, though, narrowing it down... Alfonse's level-headed, calm nature is a nice reprieve from Anna and Sharena's energy. Yet, Sharena's energy is very friendly and fun to be around. Bruno's story is long-term and compelling. Though I doubt we'll get to see much more from them, I'd like to interact with Ylgr and Hrid more, and learn more especially about the latter since we didn't get to see much of who he is in this last book, whereas I feel I have a fair grasp on Ylgr. Gunnthra was cool and gentle; liked that. Like Alfonse, Laegjarn was a nice contrast to the people she was around the most, and she had a nice sense of honor and duty. And Helbindi is just awesome. He's the sort of guy who's all tough and prickly on the outside, but a cool bro on the inside. I'd like to see him interact with Ylgr more. So, narrowing it down... Alfonse, Helbindi, or Laegjarn. I enjoy reading them the most. That's still 3 instead of 1, though, so... Well, I would like to read more of Laegjarn, but, well, that's unlikely outside of barracks stuff. All 3 are ones I'd be happy to hang out with. Urgh, this is hard... I...guess I'll go ahead and pick Laegjarn. She ties with the other two on many levels, but her cool factor is just impressive, so I'd have to pick her for now. But Helbindi is so endearing, and Alfonse is so refreshing, I'm not sure my choice won't fluctuate depending on the circumstance, so...there you have it. Edit: Forgot about Veronica. She has now been inserted into my analysis.
  9. FEH's Next Top Model

    Yellow Ducky: Hard to say. Before the new ducky, I would've absolutely voted for young summer Tiki, but she wears that peach ducky even better. So... Tropical Elise? Hand Towel: Summer Ryouma, maybe? Askran Hairpin: Brave Veronica for spite. Swim Goggles: Sinking Xander. "I cannot swim!" Alternatively, Summer Innes, who does, in fact, swim. Spring Bunny Hat: I have this on my Original Ephraim and he wields the Tannenboom+. It's not like it looks bad on him, so...I guess I'll vote for him.
  10. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    As Daichi was avoiding Norbert's flurry of attacks, something caught his eye. People had been coming and going, but this one had only gone so far before he began watching his and his son's sparring match. Watching Norbert's movements with his peripheral vision, the Hikibain gave Thales a smile and a wave as he called, "Good morning!" "TAKE ME SERIOUSLY, DARNIT!" It was aggravating that Daichi could act so casually, and even greet someone across the way, while continuing to avoid his attacks. Urgh, I can't--! "Okay." That was all Daichi responded with before Norbert found himself on the ground, yet again not entirely certain how he'd gotten there. At least this time he knew he hadn't been put into a hold. Instead, he'd actually been hit in the stomach -- although not very hard -- and had his legs swept out from under him, completely flipping him over before his back slammed into the ground. Retroactively, he realized that Daichi had even managed to get some sort of harder attack in on his midsection. What really happened was that while Norbert was still in the air after having been flipped over Daichi's arm, the Hikibain had performed an elbow strike into Norbert's belly, spiking him the rest of the way to the ground. Even though he'd been the one to deliver the attack, Daichi winced as he wondered if he'd been a little too hard on his son. Norbert hadn't mitigated the force of his fall at all... Even as Norbert's body began to try to recover with a cough, Daichi leaned over a little to look down at him, a concerned look on his face. Norbert, meanwhile, couldn't help but remember when Haythem's father had struck him and Malik solidly in their respective guts back in Sanctuary. "Are you alright, Norbert? I am sorry; I thought that you were feeling insulted because I was not fighting you with much of my skill, but maybe I was too difficult for you..." Daichi's apology annoyed Norbert more than the strike hurt him. Common may not have been his first language, but even so, that wording he'd chosen was just plain infuriating. Stubbornly, and groaning a little still, Norbert forced himself to sit up. as soon as he was in a seated position, still nursing his belly a little, Norbert grunted, "I'm fine."
  11. FEH's Next Top Model

    How fun! I currently have the Mysterious Mask on Fell Incarnation Robin, but that's not because he looks super amazing in it; it's because timelines exist in which Grima defeats Lucina before she can accomplish her mission, and so takes over the world. (I.e., if the player gets a Game Over in Awakening.) I imagine him keeping Lucina's mask as a sort of mocking trophy, and a statement about his dominance. But since this is about who looks best with the accessories, I'm not voting for him for that one. It works okay, but it's not super-matchy. Here are my votes: Mysterious Mask: Leo. I was really impressed with how well it fit his colors. Thank you for sharing! Enigmatic Mask: Camus I guess. Actually, I'll vote for Brave Veronica. She can match her bro even more this way. Feh Doll: I've never actually found someone who this looks particularly good on. M!Kana wears it okay. He has the hair for it anyway. So, I guess I'll vote for him? Seashell Hairpin: Summer Linde. Themed! (Although this is actually just conjecture since I've never actually seen her with it equipped.) I may change some of these votes before time's up, especially since the Seashell Hairpin and the Enigmatic Mask go so well with so many characters.
  12. Ideas For Book 3

    Bruno's been looking for a way to make the aggression in his and Veronica's blood stop driving them to violence. I feel like that'll be an ongoing venture spread throughout the "book" arcs. As for Fjorm, I don't know if they'll wrap that up any more than they already have since the Fjorm with us in the story is the unit we got at the beginning of book 2. So, "she'll live until she dies" sort of stuff.
  13. Ideas For Book 3

    I said it elsewhere, but I want to see Askr, Embla, Muspel and Nifl sometime (the dragons.) Four dragons, four elements. Nifl should be water, Muspel is fire, Askr should be wind, and Embla should be earth. That'd be super cool to see their designs, both in dragon form and in humanoid form. However, this seems to be too early in the overarching story for something that big. The next arc is probably something about chasing down Loki; she becomes the new big boss for book 3 that we have to find and kill. Beast units would make sense, especially since (I think) they tend to be naturally more chaotic/primal than humans/beorc tend to be. Tellius focus would be great! And I know it's a stretch, but in the latest Tap Battle, despite the overarching theme being the Black Fang, the 2nd bonus stage featured the Griel's Mercenaries' theme. Maybe that was a subtle hint? I'm probably being overly idealistic about that, though.
  14. I don't get all the complaints... I really liked the story. It felt like a full-game FE story, and I felt for every character involved. It was really cool to see all four countries come together like that, even if it was only for a moment. What a nice ending, peppered with a bit of sadness. Also, totally called Fjorm's cold. Man, I want to see Askr, Embla, Muspel and Nifl sometime (the dragons.) Four dragons, four elements. Nifl should be water, Muspel is fire, Askr should be wind, and Embla should be earth. That'd be super cool to see their designs, both in dragon form and in humanoid form. Edit: Also, man, I love the map music in this chapter.
  15. I see. Thanks for the tip! And that's too bad. May have been cool to give her dagger to one of the dancers or something.