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  5. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    To Hoshi, Daichi only gave a small nod of reciprocation. He wasn't paying Shadrak much attention, but it sounded like he had understood. Yes; that as right... He had been pointed out as one who spoke Kigenese. That noted, the Hikibain's full attention returned to Amon while the man spoke. It seemed that the meeting was adjourned. "I will return later today, then, provided nothing urgent requires my attention," Daichi concluded as he stood, giving a shallow, brief bow to Amon. Immediately afterward, he briskly strode out of the room. His messenger fell in step behind him as the Hikibain continued on his way to the building's entrance. He only stopped briefly at the reception desk to ask for a description of Anna. Once he had it, he relayed it to his subordinate as they exited the building. <"The lookout must let us know if she returns to this building,"> Daichi instructed, <"I also want you to spread the word to a few others and search for her in the south and the west of Arugai, but don't cause a panic. This is nothing alarming; I only wish to find her and speak with her before the day is done, and she is looking for someone, so it is difficult to tell where she is. I will search the north and the east."> After receiving an affirmative from the man, Daichi continued along the way of the coastline while his subordinate turned and began heading south. With their net in the formation process, it would only be a matter of time and patience before something turned up to point them in the right direction.
  6. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    The solution came quickly to Daichi's mind. Eager to get onto his next objective, he spoke just a tiny bit more hurriedly than he had been previously. The Hikibain addressed the group. "If there is nothing more anyone has to say, then, we can conclude this meeting. I will go find Anna and ask her my questions while you work on your own tasks. I will also see if I cannot find Norbert. Hoshi-san," Daichi looked directly at the Kigenese woman. <"if you would like, I would also be willing to teach the men of your group some of our etiquette when I return, so that you can focus on teaching the women.">
  7. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "He is still missing?" Daichi asked, his face suddenly filled with nothing but concern as his attention snapped right onto Shadrak. Then, he seemed to backpedal a little as contemplation joined the worry on his face. He withdrew his gaze, too, again just looking at the air in front of him as he rested a hand on his chin. "Perhaps...that is to be expected..." Then, he began looking around at the others in the room, looking for tells. "Is this...normal for him? To distance himself for long amounts of time when he is stressed?" Just prior to Shadrak's bit of sharing, Daichi had been taking in the plan while his mind also drifted to other things that were adding to his to-do list. He'd actually just been contemplating warning Ungur that Neviskotia might suffer a demon attack meant to test them at some point soon, just as they had attacked Europa. And, of course, when the best time to talk to him would be. He was undoubtedly busy with other affairs at the moment, and again, having something more substantial than the word of foreigners to support his concerns would be beneficial. There was no telling when this attack would be launched, so sooner might have been better, but if it would just be a waste of time without evidence, then it would actually save them time and credibility to wait until they had a strong case. He hadn't decided on which would be better yet, when the far more personal issue came up.
  8. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Daichi nodded to Amon. "If you wish to be the one to go with me to meet with Emperor Yamato, then that should be fine." Then, he gave him a somewhat puzzled look, "I did just say that your testimony and the name of the source -- if he is credible -- should be enough, though." The confusion cleared from the Hikibain's expression again, replaced by formality. "I will speak to Anna to gather that information, myself, as I have said. If you believe you can find even more evidence of this 'gate,' however -- such as its exact location for investigation, or parts of it -- then that will only strengthen our claim."
  9. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Daichi hummed thoughtfully to himself as he contemplated Amon's request. "So, you want me to speak to the emperor directly, on your behalf... If that is the case, then I will need to gather more information first. I cannot ask to meet with Emperor Yamato in person and only tell him a rumor. I will need to bring facts...and one of you." He raised his eyes to Amon again. "This report comes from Ursium, not from Kigen. Everything I have learned has come from the words of others. I can relay information and express my trust, but I am not a witness to the events in Ursium. We must convince the emperor that this is real, and that Kigen must act quickly. We need.... <something heavy to add weight to our claims.> Proof, that cannot be overlooked. Knowing where this information came from, and bringing a witness may be enough." ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Someone was talking... Someone was... No, not one of his sisters... Right... They weren't around. Norbert pushed out of the memory. Nadya was saying something. Nadya... Right. That was what happened... She was take care of himself. That things were going to get harder... The Fallen, right. They had to stick together? She doesn't know. She knew he ran. But she didn't see his weakness. Right; he'd run before, to get space and calm down. She knew he did that. She didn't see the weakness. Good. He was safe... Safe from her, for now, anyway. Don't run. He couldn't say anything either. If he asked for help, she'd know something was wrong. The others would come... But they were coming. They were coming for him. Norbert was rooted in place again, caught between his values pushing him towards Arugai, and his fear, pushing him away from it...from the group. He couldn't say anything, but he couldn't escape on his own, either. Escape... Escape what? Escape the punishment from the others... Escape this force that pushed him away from this and that... What can I do?
  10. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    There were some Common expressions mixed in with Pete's explanation that Daichi didn't quite understand -- what was a "stellar?" -- but he understood what he was trying to say, for the most part. Each time he had pressed, Daichi had come closer to the truth. And now, at least from this Ursian, he was certain he had it. He believed him when he said that what he'd said was about all he knew, and it was nice to hear his prospective on Kigen's previous attempts at garnering aid against the Fallen from its northern neighbors. Amon spoke up again, affirming the Ursian's recommendation to speak with Anna, and clearing up that only some of them actually worked for Professor Weyland. <So, that is what he meant when he said that their leadership situation was "complicated."> It certainly was an unusual setup. He was amazed that they had any sort of organization, what with how loosely-tied to the group some of them sounded. It was a little amusing, but he couldn't focus on that right now. There were much more important things to discuss. From what the Ursian said, he was beginning to wonder about the identity of two Avians at the professor's "estate." That was some sort of building... Wasn't it a house of some kind? He'd only heard the word a couple times; it wasn't one that came up often. Anyway, it sounded like the Ursian was now thinking that this Avian was actually a demon. It didn't seem likely, if he'd been confused for a nobleman. That one of the professor's...girls? A maid was a girl, right? Well, one of his female workers had white hair and wings. Immediately, Daichi's mind went to the White Devil. And this girl disappeared after the attack... Perhaps she had been a spy that the White Devil had planted? It wasn't typical demon tactics, but they'd never tried a sortie to Ursium before, either. But the mercenaries who were hired by the professor... Katsu's regret at taking the job... That the fight took place in Kigen... It wasn't making much sense. Daichi released a long sigh, his brow still furrowed in contemplation. "Thank you...for your honesty." He took a moment to refocus, adjusting his posture and countenance from troubled and studious to stoic again, addressing the entire assembled group. "I have tried asking Professor Weyland, himself, regarding the incident with <The White Devil,> but he denied knowing anything about it. I have trouble trusting people who are too closely connected to him, as a result. Perhaps now that I can meet with someone linked to him, face-to-face, however, I will finally gain some information. You have been very helpful...both to my investigation, and to your own cause." Daichi smiled serenely at them. "I can now recommend your word to Emperor Yamato as though it were my own, since you have proven your sincerity in your wanting to help Kigen. And, I can trust that you will tell the truth, as well as you know it." The Kigenese man frowned again as he sighed, "The professor does not even trust his own messengers with the full message... <What an impediment to trustworthy communications..."> Shaking that mood, he smiled a bit more confidently at the group. "Sa, what is it that you want from me?"
  11. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    It was beginning to get a little confusing. Was this Ursian the spokesman for these hires of the professor, or just had a lot to say? If the former was the case, Daichi would give him more attention, rather than predominantly speaking to Amon. The Hikibain adjusted a little to face Pete more comfortably, just in case. "I mean no disrespect. Ursium must be strong to oppose its neighbor so continually. Howeba, it is also true that for a very long time, Kigen has offered to share our knowledge with you, suggesting that your people divert their efforts to fighting our common enemy, the demons. Ursium and Neviskotia both have continually refused, instead fighting one another. Because the demons were so far away from your homes, you did not see them as a threat, and so you never learned how to fight them. They are no easy foes, nor are they familiar to you. It must have caused your people great pain and fear. I guess this because they cause us great pain and fear, even though we know them so well. I do not think Ursium is weak. I only think that people are even more afraid of things that we do not understand, especially after many are suddenly attacked and killed." Daichi paused a beat, honoring those that died in the Europa attack was well as he could with so many other issues pressing in. Unfortunately, there was no way he could really offer his condolences. All he could do right now was attempt to save those still living. So, he continued. "Thank you for explaining what you meant by 'gates.' I believe I understand, now." The thought of a doorway that could take you anywhere in the hands of the Fallen was absolutely nightmarish. Indeed, this needed to be investigated, and quickly. "But you must understand them if you are to fight them. They do think; you are right. But you also assume too much, with too little experience. You claim to know what the demons wanted based on their actions, and on the circumstances, but you do not understand their minds." Again, Daichi paused a moment, this time mulling over what the Ursian and the southerner had said. His conclusion brought a light, disturbed grimace to his face. "They were...testing you. Gathering the resource of information... They know humans, but they do not know Ursians, and they understand this. They could have only arrived that day, too. It is hard to tell when they arrived in Ursium, and when they decided to scout in order to plan. All we can do is guess...but more accurate guesses come from the informed." His brow furrowed. "If they are building these 'gates' in three, separate locations, then they already know how to make them. Perhaps that is how they passed us without notice, by using smaller 'gates' to warp." He really hoped he was wrong. If he was right, it'd be stupidly easy for them to outmaneuver their foes. Daichi closed his eyes, his voice becoming a shade quieter. "Perhaps I should have addressed this sooner. My apologies..." He opened his eyes again, looking to Pete. "but you are the messengers. As such, you will give me the information I need. I cannot go to the emperor with only what is convenient for you to share. You must tell me where you got your information, or you will not be considered..." Oh, what was that word? <"credible.> to have trustworthy information. Also, I will not relent in my investigation. If you have relevant information, I must hear it, including how Professor Weyland angered the demons. What were those mercenaries hired to do? What did they take from <The White Devil?">
  12. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "I did not intend to begin discussing 'search areas' so soon," Daichi assured Pete, referring to the Ursian's opening. He'd shifted his gaze to the man when he began speaking, occasionally glancing back at Amon, but his eyes were leveled at the Ursian while he addressed him. Honestly, he may have focused a little more on Amon's concerns had it been left at that, but Pete had unwittingly given him more information pertaining to his own theories and mission. Still, it was no small thing Amon was suggesting...and it was a little confusing, quite honestly, but that was probably just the wording. His eyes returned to Amon. "What you describe makes little sense. In order for a gate to exist, it must be connected to a wall of some kind. What are you trying to describe? How would a door in each country allow armies through?" And now for questions that probably had less to do with language barriers. "How do you 'know' what they are planning to do? Did you speak with one?" He turned his gaze back to Pete. "I was unaware that the professor's establishment in Europa was attacked. Thank you for that information." Daichi then looked at each of the room's occupants as he went on, attempting to convey the seriousness of the situation. "Demons are not humans -- or Abians. They do not think like humans. They do not fight like humans. They do not have human goals." Again, his focus rested on Pete. "If they wanted to spread fear and confusion, they did not need to kill your king or his family, and they know that. They only had to show Ursians that they are not safe from them. Ursians do not know how to fight demons. It must have been a difficult battle for your people to win, if after so long fighting them, we Kigenese still have trouble with them. Choosing targets outside of battle is not how they fight. They choose resources, then attack. Humans and demons do not view the same things as important." Again, he looked to Amon. "What drew the demons to Ursium first, if they plan to attack all three countries at the same time? And not only Ursium, but Professor Weyland's building, whose mercenaries <The White Devil> herself pursued all the way to northern Kigen, and possibly beyond, into Ursium?" He was steadily beginning to figure it out. His eyebrows lowered as some unpleasant potentials began to stir in his head. "Did he take something important to them?" ~~~~~~~~~~~ "Everything's fine," Norbert repeated a bit forcefully. Go away. He wanted to escape. At least a couple more miles. It'd give him time to sort things out. But really, would he go back? Would there ever be enough time? Running away again would draw attention. It was showing weakness again. No. I can't. If he ran, he'd have to keep running. But what difference would that make? He didn't like it; he wanted to pay his debt, not break away like some criminal. That'd be dishonest, even if the group didn't actually need him. Which they didn't. They didn't even want him around. He knew the way they looked at him and talked about him. There were some who didn't mind him as much, but they left him to die before. Why would they care now? They tolerated him because they thought they had to. Well, who needed them anyway? Here, he had the perfect chance to escape all that. No more obligations to work for anyone, no more risking his life for people who probably wished him dead anyway... He could just live in quiet solitude. Well, not solitude, really. There'd be Rizen, of course. He thought of Darcey, Cameron, Valter, and Raquel... Bert reasoned that they were beyond his reach anyway. He couldn't return to Ursium, even if he wanted to, having made such enemies there. The Wrathites would be all over him. He'd have to find some way to communicate with the Kigenese or learn how to be completely independent. That meant maintaining his weapons when he'd normally go to a blacksmith, finding some way to sew, hunting, cooking... It'd be worth it, though. But would it? Something in him was pushing back against this half-figured plan. It felt like...principle. He couldn't just abandon the mission. He couldn't stop fighting the Fallen, and fighting for those he wanted to protect. But he had to survive, too. He had to escape... They'll come for me. The thought struck him with fear, and again, he was pulled into another memory. He was a child again, curled up in the snow, receiving blow after blow, begging for his sisters to stop. Norbert's eyes became distant and a heavy grimace came onto his face, his muscles tensing as the memory played out, replacing his current reality. Stop... Stop hurting me! Quietly, barely a whisper, Norbert mumbled, "Stop..."
  13. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Before entering, Daichi motioned for his subordinate to wait there, in the hall. The man did so, standing nearly at attention with his back almost against the wall while his superior and those with him entered the meeting room. He was only there to relay emergency communications, after all. He'd hardly be doing his job if other messengers couldn't reach him. Now in the meeting room with the others with the door shutting behind them, Daichi took in his surroundings as he listened to Amon's greeting and apology. Two stood out, but he recalled Eva mentioning that they had Avians with them, and assumed these were they. To Amon, the Hikibain answered grimly, "In this instance, I prefer to bypass idle talk anyway." He took an empty seat at the meeting table, then leveled his serious gaze onto Amon. "Your ally, Professor Weyland of Ursium, hired a group of mercenaries called <Kai's Mercenaries> to perform some sort of task here, in Kigen. These mercenaries were attacked here, in the north, by a prominent demon called <The White Devil> and almost all of them were killed. A survivor of the attack named Katsu told me that they had accepted their job from your Professor Weyland, and he is the one who told me which demon was involved. I only found him after they had left him to die. He is fine, now, and is hunting <The White Devil>, along with performing some other work. I've been investigating the incident, and also following Emperor Yamato's command to consolidate our forces in the north. It is...alarming that she could have traveled so far without any of the Hikibain hearing of it. And now, I hear of a demon attack in Europa, in Ursium, taking place after <The White Devil> was seen on our northern border. Since I found Katsu, I have been extra vigilant, but I have not seen any signs of demon activity in the north. Somehow, the demons were able to pass through Kigen and enter Ursium. Once in Ursium, they would be able to move more easily, since the northerners suspect nothing, and do not know what signs to look for. ... And, evidently, neither do we. But demons have gone to Ursium. Unless it was a rogue group of them -- which I do not find likely -- and they were all killed in Europa -- which, as effective as the Ursians are in fighting Neviskotians, they are uneducated about demons, so I do not find this likely either -- then they are withdrawn, not defeated, and will attack again to strengthen their position. They will continue to grow and to destroy until they are killed, or are strong enough to destroy Ursium and to attack Kigen from both the north and the south. I believe that the attack on <Kai's Mercenaries> and the attack on Europa are connected, and that the demons are attempting this strategy. The Neviskotian ambassador reported that there have not been any demon attacks in Neviskotia, but I hear about an attack on a city in the country that the contractor of <Kai's Mercenaries> is from. And now, you have news for Emperor Yamato himself that is too dire to share in public. You, who are allied with Professor Weyland." Though Daichi maintained an extremely stoic tone and demeanor -- one just shy of serene, really -- he had a dangerous quality about him, too. His probing, yet poised gaze never faltered or veered from Amon, as he searched for any tells the southerner's unconscious had to offer. The dangerous undertone the Hikibain carried increased without compromising his relaxed posture or his controlled air as he concluded, "Tell me what I do not know." ~~~~~~~~~~~ No. was Bert's immediate response to Anna's order to let people know where he was going to be the next time he bolted. Right now, he didn't care that Anna and Nadya had spent the time they had to find him. That was their choice and their problem. Anna was going away now. Fear began to knot Bert's stomach, but he held steady. She might tell someone where to find him. The compulsion to run further away was getting stronger. But no, patience. Patience... If Nadya went with her, especially. Once they were gone, he could flee again, and people wouldn't know where he was again. Maybe he'd keep running this time. If he got far enough away, he could escape. He'd be days ahead of them. And with the search area getting wider and wider, they wouldn't catch him. He could live in the wilderness with Rizen again, and wouldn't have to deal with the group or possible fathers again. Everything would be- Destroyed. A small grimace tugged at a corner of his mouth as he recalled the less-immediate threat. It was why he was a part of this group to begin with: to stop the Fallen. He couldn't abandon that mission...and so, he continued wrestling with that to do. He had to escape, he had to go back, he had to help the group, he had to escape them... His eyes turned to Nadya. What was she planning on doing?
  14. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Daichi motioned for his subordinate to follow just before walking after Shadrak, himself. When he heard someone coming up more brusquely behind them, he figured it was one of the workers going about his business, but soon, Eva came into his peripheral vision. Seeing as his guide stopped walking when the woman began speaking with them, the Hikibain and his subordinate halted as well. Though he politely turned his attention to Eva, he was certainly in a much more serious mood at the moment, and was only cordial, rather than cheerful. He didn't understand why she asked about what was up, but he gave the ceiling a quick, discreet glance, just in case. Everything appeared normal. With a nod, he gave the woman a simple greeting. "Eba-san." Only after that did he explain his purpose. "I agreed to meet with Amon again today, when we spoke at the docks. We have very important business to discuss." That was about as well as he could answer her question. He also gave Shadrak an expectant look after that. Pleasantries could wait, as far as he was concerned. This discussion couldn't -- not if what he suspected as true. ~~~~~~~~~~ "What's it to you?" he snapped, glaring darkly at Anna as he pulled his legs under him, swiftly transitioning from a simple, seated position to a spring-ready crouch. One of his hands had also snapped to the grip of his mace. The other was ready to steady him or swing out in a fist, though none of these motions were chosen by the man. All of his conscious effort was going into maintaining composure...not that he was doing very well with that. Steadily, he rose to his feet, suddenly aware of, and trying to smooth over, his hostile readiness. He never broke eye contact with Anna, though. He didn't let go of his mace, either, even though he tried to make his arms appear relaxed. It wasn't working very well. Speaking just as much to cover that up as to relay his thoughts, Norbert added, "If everyone tries to run away they'll come this way anyway."
  15. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Daichi gave the receptionist a nod before turning to face Shadrak more formally, since the younger man was walking up to him. He thought Eva had mentioned his name before... It was rather foreign-sounding, as he recalled. Shya... Shyarou? No, that didn't sound foreign enough. Of course, thoughout this mild speculation, Daichi didn't break his straight face. He decided to just ask the man for a refresher later. There was much more pressing business to attend to right now. He gave Shadrak a shallow, brief bow before greeting him. "Hello. Are you here to take me to the meeting?" ~~~~~~~~~~ Nadya answered first, which was perfectly well and good since the question had been aimed most directly at her. He could only pay so much attention to it, however, given all the other things going on in his head that were vying for his attention, demanding he do this or don't do that. His ability to reason was rather compromised at the moment, and so the turmoil within him wound up coloring what his preoccupation allowed him to hear of Nadya was actually saying. While her words, given what they were, would have normally calmed him down a bit, and he would've appreciated the healer's respect for his space, right now, all he could think was of how dangerous it would be to return to the group. He felt like a wounded beast hiding from opportunistic predators, and about to have his location uncovered. Then, Anna spoke. Even when he was in a more controlled state, his guard was up around her, so right now, he was borderline accusatory, just waiting for something bad to happen. It didn't help that she brought up what was her obvious stake in all of this: she wanted him to do a job. People taking away his freedom and getting him to do their bidding... His head had already been angled downward, but now his shoulders rose, the muscles in his back and shoulders supporting those in his neck, intuitively expecting to be attacked...or to attack, if he had to. For now, though, there was just talk. Speaking of talk, he could tell that there were things he wanted to say, but he couldn't find the words. That, and it didn't feel worth it at the moment. Everything was fine. But what would he say if that was true? He couldn't tell right now. Probably something about going back to the others...but no. He couldn't do that. "Everything's fine."