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  1. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    No one said anything after Angelica posed her question -- polite of them -- so Daichi pushed his downtrodden feelings aside for the moment and thought back. There had been some words since the start of all this that he didn't understand, but he couldn't recall how to pronounce them. One in particular had been tossed around a bit. How was it said again...? <"There was a word used to describe your group that I do not know the meaning of. 'Anozodok,' was it...? It was a little while ago, so I do not remember it clearly. I am not certain if it is necessary to understand that word in order to understand the important points of the conversation, though.">
  2. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Ra's wording was...peculiar, if Daichi was understanding his turn of phrase correctly. It was a tricky one, "taken after." Did he mean that the demons had become like humans, or that they'd acquired a taste for them? Or, simply that they hunted them? The latter two, Daichi was well aware of. The former didn't make much sense. From what exposure he'd had to the winged ones, the Dark Avians were the most similar to humans behaviorally, being almost indistinguishable in their varied (but generally middling) ideals, interests, and values. But most of this came from second-hand information, since not many Dark Avians passed through Kigen… Ah, no, he understood, now. "Darkened ones" meant "Dark Avians." So that had been where the confusion lay... Yes, now what he said made sense. Now to focus on what the winged woman had said. Daichi tilted his head ever so slightly to the side as he addressed her, light intrigue or curiosity in his face. "To us, the demons are evil. All of them act in that way. I cannot imagine a demon honestly wanting to help humans. If one seems to be kind, it is because it is treacherous, and is using you or trying to earn an opportunity to attack. It is what they are. If 'what they are' changes, however..." Daichi paused with a frown, and turned his eyes up and to the side as he considered something else. When he returned his gaze to Joanna, his eyes had turned sorrowful. With a light shrug and a sigh in his voice, the Hikibain disappointedly finished, "I thought that if they turned into Dark Avians that they would stop being evil because they stopped being demons. But there are evil Dark Avians and evil humans, too. Perhaps nothing will change after all..." a smile devoid of happiness then came to Daichi's face, and suddenly, he seemed a lot older and more weary than he usually did. "It would have been nice...for all of this killing to finally end."
  3. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Daichi was a bit dumbfounded, questioning whether or not he translated what Joanna said just as continuously as his mind tried to wrap itself around it. Her certainly hadn't expected to hear that. He tried listening to the other conversation as his mind worked on what the Avian had said as well, but progress on that front was significantly hampered by trying to understand Mercy's intentions. After much stalling out and staring in blank shock at Joanna, the Hikibain finally spoke again, albeit haltingly at first. <"Wait...> The...goddess Mercy...wishes to...destroy the evil within the demons?"
  4. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Good; there was confirmation, there: they really didn't know their gods' motives for this particular choice. The following revelation brought a grimace to Daichi's face, though. Not being in danger because she was important to the demons was one thing, but actively and voluntarily helping their leader was something else entirely. Even his own, flexible mind was having trouble not equating her to an enemy simply because of that. <Perhaps we do not fully understand the situation...> The Avian woman cleared up his confusion on the other point, meanwhile. That was good to hear; even if it was occasional, it was an advantage. It was also good to hear that the goddess Mercy was opposed to the demons. He smiled calmly at that, unable to not think of Daphne, at least a little bit. <I knew that I liked that one. She was a good choice, Daphne.> "If your goddess Mercy is helping us, then we have an advantage. It is good to know that she will assist us against this dangerous threat. Though, I have another question. It sounded like you said that you have another mission besides protecting the Fire Emblem pieces. What is it?" He could come back to the troubling questions of the emblem itself after this little detour.
  5. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    From the sound of things, there could be no doubt that this item was what they said it was. That had bigger implications than the northerners and southerners probably realized. After all, the people of Kigen, by in large, didn't worship the four deities of the north. Instead, they ignored them, for the most part, and considered them to be both distant and unrelated to modern affairs. Daichi, himself, hadn't given them much thought in his day-to-day life, but he was amicable to the idea of them. This was especially so since his late wife had been quite firm in her beliefs, and especially grateful to the goddess Mercy. So much so that Daichi, himself, held a special reverence for the deity, quite sure of her existence, and even holding his own gratitude toward her. However, being Kigenese, he also felt estranged from the northern gods. The people of Ursium and Neviskotia belonged to them, and they to the northerners. Those who lived further south had their own protectors, and had as much a place to approach the four northern gods as a stranger had to ask someone else for a deeply personal favor. That was the feeling that Daichi had on the issue: it simply would not have been appropriate. The rest of Kigen, however... This was proof that the northern gods existed, and that northern legends could be, at least to an extent, trusted. It was a little mind-boggling, even to someone as accepting of northern ideas as Daichi. Unfortunately, it seemed that no one could answer his question of why the gods didn't keep this object safe with them, and instead allowed it to fall to the world. That did make sense -- it must have been difficult even for the northerners to understand their deities' motives for things. Or...perhaps they hadn't understood his question? The Avian girl had, apparently, spoke directly to the goddess Mercy. That, itself, was surprising, really. According to what he had been told, only a very special person dedicated to the goddess could hear her, and there was only one person in all of Ursium who held that position. To add to all the surprising revelations was an explanation on Raquel from Ra. The story was succinct, but held all the information Daichi needed for his question on that to be answered...not that he didn't have any more questions. Though, honestly, given all this information that everyone around him seemed to know, it felt like he was being brought into the fold of a cult or a coup. "You do not know why your gods did not keep this item with them, then...and yet, at least one wants it to be protected," Daichi summarized, half trying to rephrase his earlier question to confirm if they really didn't know or if he just didn't speak correctly. He continued his summary, a little bit. "And this girl is now living within these pieces of the Fire Emblem... No, she has become them. So...we are trying to rescue her from Baldima, in addition to stopping the demons' plans to destroy Ursium, Neviskotia, and Kigen. Is that correct?" Daichi grimaced a bit and loosed a small, quick sigh before looking to Joanna. "I do not mean to ask so many questions before waiting for answers, but... You spoke directly to the goddess Mercy. Are you the person in Ursium who can speak directly to her? The..." what was that title? "arch...bishop?" The question attached was obvious: if this was so secret from the Ursian rulers, then why was someone of such importance aware of it, and further, here, instead of with her own entourage of uniformed acolytes or soldiers? Daichi wasn't ready to ask these questions, yet, however. There was still quite a bit to sort through, and those questions might have been invalid, anyway, if his understanding of the situation was wrong.
  6. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Ah, of course -- he remembered, now. A northern creation myth...though, perhaps not quite as mythological as he'd previously thought, not that it made a lot of sense on its own. Still wearing a perplexed expression, Daichi's eyes remained on Amon. "If your gods found this tool useful, and if it held so much power, why did they destroy it and make its pieces accessible to...people?" He hadn't quite been able to find the word he'd been looking for, and though it was distasteful to the Hikibain to refer to the demons as "people," it was the best fit he could find. Even though they were monsters, after all, they were undoubtedly intelligent and organized. Whatever this thing was that he had, if it could create things, it had more dire implications that most likely would think. "In addition, how do you know that this object is the fire emblem, and not simply a magical item that can create things? I would also like to know who this 'Raquel' is. She sounds...important." And certainly to have found herself in unusual circumstances.
  7. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Well. That certainly changed things. Most significantly, the explanation he'd provided for himself was soundly crumpled up and tossed aside, leaving Daichi feeling lost and confused once more. As for the beginnings of Amon's explanation, citing the fire emblem, at least it rang a bell. It took some thinking, but he thought he'd heard something at some point about an object called a "fire emblem," though he didn't know anything else about it. Someone probably told him a long time ago, so the details were notably hazy. This "Regalia" was different from it, though, according to Amon. The explanation didn't get much further, but it was a good place to stop and ask for clarity, so Daichi was grateful for it. Honestly, he felt like he was blind in a foreign land, relying on incomplete, vague descriptions to find his way around. To Amon, he nodded, his brow heavily furrowed in thorough confusion. "What is the 'fire emblem?' I have heard the name, and I know that it is a northerner legend, but that is all that I know about it. And...was not this weapon referred to as the 'emblem' before? Which does Baldima have: a 'Regalia' or an 'emblem?'"
  8. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Daichi gave Ra a light shake of his head. "If you are asking me to give my warning now, I must clarify that it is not the best time. Not everyone is present. When I give my warning, it would be best if everyone hears it all at once. Then, I can answer any questions they have, as well. If you are simply agreeing, then I thank you for your support." Then, Daichi gained a curiosity to his expression and very slightly tilted his head as he regarded Ra. "I have never heard of the Kulad before, but you and your technology are important to this issue. Please, tell me about your people. Did you travel to Sardius only recently, or have you been here a long time? How did the demons come to possess your 'regalia' and how do you know so much of them, to even know Wazawai Oouji's true name?"
  9. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Indeed, it was refreshing to hear an explanation in his native language again. In all honesty, it was tiring trying to translate so much into something he could understand, himself. He didn't usually have to spend so much time speaking and listening to Common, at least not all at once. Though the subject matter was too important to ignore, so he endured, despite his growing, hidden mental fatigue. <"Thank you for clarifying yourself in Kigenese; it is much easier to understand,"> Daichi began with a relieved, gentle smile, <"I will continue to do my best to understand everyone in Common, but feel free to re-explain something in Kigenese if you think that I am misunderstanding it. Most of my vocabulary and experience comes from speaking with traders, or on official business, so please forgive my limited ability."> He took the tip and continued addressing the rest in Common, though it wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, his expression becoming significantly less lighthearted. "Ra-san is correct, however. It is honorable for you to want to defend your home and other people, but you must not choose to fight if you do not have the ability to, or if you have a better option. You must be aware of what it will cost before you choose to fight, and then, only if you decide that it is worth losing, should you give it up. This is a decision that everyone must take time to think about seriously, because there are already others who will fight for you. Whateba- -ver you believe, you do have a choice now. Later, you will not. If anyone has a difficult time understanding what he- or she may lose, I can help make that clearer. So can others in the army, but considering what fight you want" probably the best word choice he could apply right now, he figured "it is best to listen to what we Hikibain have to say. If we encounter others, I may ask them to speak with you as well, so long as you have the choice. You should not give up a good life if you are not making a necessary purchase." Daichi turned his attention to Ra. "This should help you as well. With understanding, they can make better choices, whatever they decide: to fight or to flee. Then, perhaps, they will also see that they are the ones making that choice, and so will accept responsibility for whatever they choose, without complaint. But it is best for everyone if each one makes the choice that will give them the least regrets. That is what you want, too, according to what you have said."
  10. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Right -- that was how one pronounced that demon prince's name. … It would take practice. Anyway, Angelica certainly was being...blunt. Clearly, she held no value for how much experience Kigen's forces had, and had no confidence in their ability to adapt in combat...which made no sense. None of them would still be alive if they were unable to adapt. It was how many young men lost their lives... The lack of respect for their hardships and ability was grating, but Daichi remained silent towards it. Obviously, familiarity with clod technology would be a factor here, but surely it would be easier and quicker for the more experienced combatants to adapt to the new weaponry with instruction, than for this collection of young and eager fighters to gain the honed ability and experience of the Hikibain against the demons. He would be patient with this presumptuous child, however. "If 'firsthand' experience is necessary to overcome the Kulad object, then I do not see why we cannot expose the Hikibain to it. If you have experience against it, and overcame it with your own ability, then certainly our experienced warriors can as well. You have a Kulad here, as well, with his own technology. It would be faster to teach those with experience against the demons about this technology than to try to give our amount of experience to all of you," Daichi gently countered Angelica, "But it will be Emperor Yamato who decides how his own soldiers will proceed. I can only suggest strategies, not order them. This is why we must go to Kayoyama as soon as we can." <However... I cannot think of any Hikibain who would not want to go through those gates ourselves to destroy the demons on the other side, even while these children destroy the gates themselves. Our purpose is to protect our people from the demons. This gives us an opportunity we may not get again: to destroy their strong before they can fight, inside of their home.> Amon, though, did bring up a fair point: one so obvious that it was easy to overlook. Daichi gave a low, thoughtful hum. He replied to him, first. "You are correct. But a known strength is still a strength. We should not avoid combat simply because they expect us. It is our fate to meet the demons in battle, to whatever end. We are not afraid of what will meet us." Daichi then turned his attention to Ra, "Even if it means facing royal demons such as...Baldimar...or other demons such as Wazawai Oouji. Is that one of the 'archdemons' you refer to: the king worm in the south?" ~~~~~~ Norbert grunted at the advice. It seemed like Eva and Angelica were on the same page...not that Eva really gave him an opportunity to explain how complicated the situation was. It was probably better that way anyway. She certainly had her own troubles to worry about right now, and really, what good would it do anyway? I'm going to have to get to work on that letter as soon as I'm done, here... His stomach wasn't entirely in agreement with the plan, he noticed. Time for a veto. I can eat later.
  11. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Norbert gave his fellow rider a nod. "Probably a good idea. I have no idea what those two're planning for you. My test was a life or death situation, and...I guess Angelica's was something else. Maybe you should talk to her about what she went through to get her powers. She might be able to help you prepare if your test is anything like hers was. But you also might not have to go through whatever it is alone. If I can help, I will, and I'm sure you have other friends who'll do the same. So, if you can, take advantage of that. Trust me: you'll need every advantage you can get. And the same goes for everyone else, when it's their turns..."
  12. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Norbert's expression started out as friendly as before, but gradually, as Eva spoke, it turned serious. Is this the next trial he was talking about: helping to prepare the others for their own tests? I'm glad I can help, but...I don't really know what I'm doing... And it could be something else, too. Urgh, I wish Ra would just speak plainly... Stupid emblem spirits -- why do they always have to be so cryptic? "You're next, huh? I guess it's nice that he told you..." He was getting a little ahead of himself, though. Norbert slowly let out a breath as he went back to brushing his pegasus and thinking about what he wanted to say. Then, he answered, "Ra sent Angelica to kill me. She resisted him, and he made a copy of her out of emblem energy to finish the job. That's what he is, too: a man made of emblem energy. But he's also Amon, kind of... It's emblem magic stuff. Anyway, he's not human, and he can't be hurt like one. As far as I can tell, the same goes for the other Angelica...and she's a real pain. Apparently, she knows everything that Angelica knows, but she's crazy and likes to play mind games. At least, I think that's what she was trying to do... And she wasn't just going to kill me, but Rizen, too, but that was because that's what Ra told her to do. The real Angelica developed an emblem ability, and helped me fight them. Towards the end of the fight, I developed an ability, too. Then, they stopped fighting us and...well, talked to us. He wants everyone to get stronger, even if it means nearly killing us in the process. I guess nearly dead is still alive, in the end...and despite his methods, I think that Ra legitimately wants to help us. And, well...I have to admit, his way of going about it works. I'm convinced, now, that we can't beat the Fallen as we are. We need to become stronger...but I still don't know if everyone becoming emblem wielders is the best way to do it. Emblem wielders can't use their powers on each other, and Valdimarr is an emblem wielder, too. And I don't know if this is the safest state to be in, either... When I traveled with Raquel, she became dependent on the emblem energy to live. Angelica and I might be dependent on it now, too, but we don't know for sure. Angelica seems to think that we're not, but how can you tell something like that? There are a lot of things we still don't understand. But I'm certain that we need more than what we have now if we're going to achieve anything. Whether we get that ability from the emblem or from Shadrak's crazy idea of becoming Vasili, we're going to need it for the kind of foes we're going to face. Ra knows this...and he's trying to get us equipped before we get ourselves killed."
  13. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    That was an interesting thought. Wyverns and pegasi, once looking like each other? It seemed more likely to him that wyverns and dragons would have been more similar, and pegasi and horses being more alike. But Mercy created pegasi, while Nature created the others, so he supposed that they were never actually related to one another anyway. It was also interesting to hear a little bit about Sasha. It sounded like he'd been raised more as a pet than a mount, but given how Eva talked about him, it did make sense. Bert's calm smile took on a more action-ready look when Eva offered the handshake, and he paused in his task and passed the brush to his other hand in order to accept it, giving her nod. "Yeah. Friends."
  14. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    There must have been a lot of things on Eva's mind at once for her to shuffle topics like that, but it wasn't like it was impossible to work with -- not by a long shot. Did I just make friends with Eva? It was kind of amazing how suddenly it had occurred, too: something he hadn't thought possible, and so recently, because he thought she'd always turn her nose up at him... He also decided not to focus on Eva's Common at the moment. She was usually so fluent in it that it was surprising to hear her struggle with a word. He'd help her with it later, if the opportunity came up. "Sure, you can pet her. She's calm right now, and she knows I'm letting you. Riz trusts me when it comes to letting people near her. She might start a bit, but don't let that scare you," Bert replied to Eva's question about petting Rizen. He watched carefully to make sure Eva wasn't going to accidentally agitate Rizen, and to help compensate for the pegasus' wariness of she who smelled of wyvern. The brushing certainly was helping to soothe Rizen, so she was only a little wary of the woman. She began to relax some more as nothing bad happened, though. "Thanks for the compliments, too -- toward Riz and me. I didn't think you liked pegasi. But yeah, I take care of her. She relies on me for a couple things, you know? It's not like she can brush herself, and she's too vain to go without it," the Pegasus rider gave Rizen a familiar grin with the bit of teasing, but Rizen was ignoring him at the moment. "She was my first friend, so I guess looking after her just comes naturally. For a long time, she was my only ally, too, when I lived in the wilderness in northern Ursium. Rizen means a lot to me, so I don't mind that she can be a bit demanding, let alone all the practical stuff." There was another topic he felt he needed to breech, too, so he added a little bit to a topic Eva had previously brought up. "And as for the yelling... I think I yell at people more than you do, so it's not like you yelling at me's going to make me hate you forever or something. Actually, I kept thinking about what a great team we could be if we could get along. I really hope this lasts, and we don't start fighting again like we used to. That wouldn't be good for anyone, especially not us...unless you liked that or something. Can't speak for you, but based on what you're saying now, I don't think you enjoyed any of that either."
  15. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Norbert shook his head at her first question. "Nah. I mean, you might smell like a wyvern to her, but this place already has that scent in here, so it probably won't get much worse. She won't attack you when I'm this close to her unless you're about to attack us or steal from us, either, so you don't have to worry about that. Besides, the stall's door's closed, so there's only so much she can do to someone standing outside of it." Eva then began talking about someone named Kazemi or whatever. That name sounded kind of familiar, but it was so foreign that it was impossible for him to figure out who it was. ...Maybe it wasn't a name, but a local cuisine or something? She did say "Kazemi guy" after all. But then who...? Ah. He remembered. She was talking about the guy who claimed to be his father. It was a good thing he was already brushing Rizen; she wasn't the only one calmed by the chore. Evidently, Eva had been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking so hard it made her head hurt, even. He'd had that experience in the past, too. Some things were just difficult to understand. She went on, talking about her first impressions. He nearly loosed a puff of a wry laugh at it. He'd started out neutrally toward her, and even tried to get along on a couple occasions. But as she went on, he was surprised at what he heard. As she went on, he stopped brushing entirely, and just stared at her in a stupor while she apologized. Said stupor continued for a couple awkward moments after she was done talking, too. Finally, he snapped out of it...kind of. "Uh... Yeah, I... Thanks," he blinked a few times, trying to collect his wits. Then, he got back to brushing Rizen's coat. That helped to refocus his thoughts. "I was just trying to protect Rizen. I didn't mean to single you out or anything. Would've said the same thing to any other wyvern rider who spooked her. … You know, just...trying to say that I... Well, you'd protect Sasha if something was bothering him. It's the same thing. I never wanted us to be at odds, you know. Urgh… Sorry, I'm bad at this, but... I guess I'm just trying to say that your situation matters, too. Of course there are some things that we just have to work around, like predator animals stressing their natural prey, but that's just how things are. Doesn't mean I don't want to be your friend." It was kind of ramble-y, but it was as good a start as he could manage. Just a short while ago, he'd been certain that Eva wouldn't want to talk cordially to him under any circumstances, and here she was, breaking the ice? It was a truly stupefying development. Is this a trick from Hypnos or something?