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  1. Evidently, Shadrak didn't think that was all there was to it. Well, there was no harm in him investigating it...maybe... Either way, they needed more information if there really was more to it than what was readily apparent, and Shadrak's willingness to be the one to do so was useful. It was also good that he was ready to share any new findings he had. When Amon spoke up, he looked to the Rexian, then nodded when he'd finished speaking. "That's probably for the best, since she was with you guys to start with." Well, all that was dealt with, so he shifted his attention to what else he had to get done before returning to the Emi Maru. "I have a few more things to take care of, but I'll be on the other ship after that. It's best to keep the pegasi separate from the wyverns, if it can be helped." With that bit of common sense, Norbert began heading back below deck. He needed to talk to Liam, but first, he may as well finish delivering things to people.
  2. Well, it sounded like they were leaving Fizza to find her own way back. That was probably the safest course of action to take, not only for the group as a whole, but even for Fizza, herself. From the looks of things, she could handle safe and effective passage much more easily than the group could, after all. He was glad Amon was going to ask Joanna to update the woman, though. And more than that, having the decency to apologize for the circumstances. It wasn't right to just leave someone in the dark like that when they were relying on you for something. And then there was Shadrak's request, followed by an unusual explanation. Norbert shrugged. "I don't need them anymore, so you guys can do what you want with them. As for that signet's use, maybe it was just to tell us that she went with that Ryder guy. That's what I figured, anyway." Of course, then there were all those trinkets Raquel accumulated from unusual individuals. It could never be as simple as just a tchotchke, could it? "She was discrete enough in the letter -- and a good thing, too. Maybe not sealing it with the signet was just an extra step of caution." Wishful thinking, probably.
  3. Shadrak had a good point. If there were Wrathites in port, it'd be foolish for everyone to go back all at once. It was better to just send one person to go bring her to one of the ships. The problem was that they didn't know for sure she was back at the port until Joanna confirmed it, but they were getting further and further away by the second. They were fleeing a rather unusual battle, though, so it wasn't as though it was safe to just stay put. And even if Joanna confirmed the wayward woman's location right then and there, it'd be irresponsible for him, himself, to be the one to retrieve her. He and Rizen had been traveling all day, and they were both exhausted. Besides that, he was fairly certain a good number of Wrathites could identify him on sight. "I guess all we can do is wait for Jo to find her, and try to figure out how to get her back here. Probably best not to send a wyvern, and I shouldn't push Rizen too much more tonight. Lumi and Star are our best bet if Jo finds Fizza before we're too far away. Otherwise, do you think she could find her own way to Kigen?" he asked the two, "I don't like leaving her like this, but we can't just run into the Wrathites' arms if we don't find her in time."
  4. 4* Gordin. At first I didn't really appreciate him, but then he showed me how awesome he was. :) Very reliable unit for a long time. Now he's lvl40 and sitting on the bench, but I still pull him out if I need a good archer. I should see about getting him up to 5* sometime...
  5. To Norbert, given Shadrak's own account of how Nyx treated him, the shaman's news was more foreboding than comforting. The color of the paper made sense if this Ryder guy was a servant of the minor goddess of night. "Especially if she's been captured or something. Do you think Ryder fabricated the letter, himself? It sounded like Fizza, but it'd be stupid to ignore the possibility if it's at all likely," Norbert ask Shadrak. The druid seemed to be the expert on all things Nyx, after all, given his experience.
  6. "Wait, who?" Norbert asked Shadrak. Amon said his piece, but there wasn't really anything to respond to there.
  7. There wasn't much else to talk about until Norbert, Amon, and Shadrak reached Rizen, so conversation fizzled out. Rizen, herself, wasn't exactly where Norbert had left her. She'd wandered a little bit and, in all honesty, was a little disgruntled. Here they were again, on this piece of tree that couldn't decide where it wanted to be in the world, swaying this way and that. And this time, there wasn't even a decent place to stand where she could get any rest, let alone a good brushing and some food. No, her daft rider just went down into this ridiculous thing again, leaving her completely alone. Humans in general didn't have good survival instincts, but this was just negligence. And when he finally returned, she made sure he knew as much, pawing at the ground, snorting and braying her fatigued complaints. He was talking to her and brushing his hand against her neck again... Good. He got the message. Now she just hoped he'd listen this time. Honestly, without equines looking after them, how did humans survive? "Here they are," Norbert commented as he handed the letter and the signet -- the latter having been placed over the former, held in place for the time being by the Crusher's thumb -- over to Amon and Shadrak. He'd just dug them out of a grumpy Rizen's saddlebags after soothing said pegasus. She was obviously tired. He was, too, and, in fact, was already making plans to head over to the other ship, find somewhere to stable Rizen, and find a place to sleep, himself. Maybe he'd give her a brushing, and, if available, fill a trough for her, too. As for himself, though, food could wait.
  8. "So, she told you that there was danger in the port, but that's about it, huh? Guess that was the most important part," Norbert responded. He thought about relaying what he could remember of the wording, but then he shook his head. "I'll just show you guys the letter when we get there."
  9. Rizen was still two decks up, so they had a bit of walking time to kill. Besides that, answering questions helped keep Bert from noticing his increasing fatigue. So, he didn't mind stating the most obvious answer that came to his mind. "The letter was black." Half a moment later, though, Shadrak's question prompted a question of Norbert's own. "How much did Jo tell you, anyway?"
  10. "I'm fine with it," Norbert replied as he stood up from his chair. Then, he began walking around the room, towards the door. "I'll go ahead and show the symbol to whoever wants to see it. Just follow me."
  11. Norbert shrugged. "I guess so. It was kind of small -- about the size of a coin. It's in Rizen's saddlebags if you want to see it."
  12. When Eva sighed and began walking out of the room, Norbert's eyes locked onto her, infuriated by her cavalier attitude. His opinion of the group was sharply and drastically turning hostile again, his suspicions of being unable to trust them -- that they couldn't care less if he died, let alone needed their help -- beginning to cement in his mind. A violent and determined fire began to burn inside of him, just like in his childhood days, screaming that his life wasn't worthless, as though that would prove it to them. His glare was all the action he could take on these thoughts, though, as Amon began to speak. His attention turned to the Sancturan. And as he listened, even as the speaking shifted between Amon, Shadrak, and Malik, Norbert began to take in the new information and calm down enough to think with rationale again. Once they were done, Norbert took a quiet breath and slowly released it. Then, still a bit wary, but much more calmly, Norbert told Amon, Shadrak, and Malik, "Thank you...for telling me. I understand why you had to get on the water as quickly as you did, now. It would've been nice if you left a note or something, at least, but it sounds like there wasn't time for that. You probably would've found a way to explain what happened to me if I hadn't caught up, anyway. You all did the right thing, there -- in the port -- I think." He wasn't sure what would've happened to him if he had arrived later, but he couldn't fault the group for trying to protect itself under such circumstances. If the port was swarming with Wrathites or something after the battle, then he was fairly certain he would've been caught and detained yet again. Thankfully, it hadn't come to that, but he was a little worried that Fizza might have been forced to face something similar. Maybe not, though, if she had been able to get the information that she had written about in that black letter. It was probably had to take her by surprise. That left the second topic, though. Amon gave his condolences, effectively, but that was about it. He supposed he couldn't expect much more, but it was enough for him, right now. I should probably still be careful, though. Despite what he's saying, that fight was proof that I just can't rely on these people to have my back. I want to trust them, but after that fight... They're going to have to earn it. That's all there is to it, even if it makes us weaker for now. I'm not dying because I relied on people who're unreliable, whether because they couldn't stay conscious long enough to help, or they just don't care enough to. A bit of anger began to flare a little again with that last thought, but he was fairly certain Amon, at least, fell into the former camp, at least in the Kozel situation. Eva was undoubtedly in the latter...along with most of the group, probably. No, if he was going to survive, he had to be cautious of being truly a part of the group. Instead, he had to do what he always had to: be able to stand alone. That said, he could help where he could. One such instance was right in front of him. "I agree that we need to play this smart," he added, folding his arms and giving Amon a nod. He was still a little upset about the events at the bandit camp, but at least the matter had been more or less put to rest for the time being. "Fizza borrowed my sister's pegasus when we escaped. When we came across that pegasus again, that letter I showed to Joanna so she could tell all of you, was in her saddlebag. There was also something tied to the reins: a metal, x-shaped symbol. Darcey -- my sister -- looked into it at Ursaea. She said that it was the symbol of some messenger. Do you guys know anything about it?"
  13. If Fizza was as creditable assassin as Malik was saying, then he was probably right. She did leave on her own, too. It still wasn't something he could fully agree with, though. What if she'd been expecting them to wait for her before crossing the strait? It wasn't an unreasonable assumption, after all. Norbert, himself, had assumed that the others would wait for him. "Right. And on that topic," here, he turned his attention more to the group on the whole again, distrusting annoyance returning. As he spoke, his ire audibly increased. "would anyone mind explaining what made everyone think it was okay to start sailing to Kigen without me? And for that matter, why it was okay to completely abandon the plan to rescue the Ursaean pegasus knights, leaving me to guard their pegasi on my own, nearly die for my trouble, and then leave me completely alone without so much as a warning that everyone was pulling out of that Imperial-infested bandit camp? Only Fizza stayed behind, by the way, and it's only because of her that Rizen, the Ursaeans, and I made it out of there alive, and I was the only one of our so-called 'group' who completed the mission. How about explaining that? 'Cause I don't appreciate being left for dead when I'm trusting and relying on everyone else to perform their roles in a plan so that I can get out alive."
  14. You weren't acting that way a minute ago. Norbert irritably thought as Shadrak claimed to have no qualms with investigating spirit springs and emblem powers before diving into them. He was still leery of the druid as Shadrak began his limited ways of going about this research, but his hackles began to lower as the man acknowledged the avenue Norbert had been trying to point out. Shadrak had a point -- they couldn't very well rely on unknowns as though they were sure things -- but it seemed that, given recent experiences, running into another Vasilus was inevitable. Shadrak also brought up the fair point that the next Vasilus they might run into would be Obelisk himself. He went on to address the two Avians. While Norbert wasn't sure if these light techniques would be useful, he also didn't know if they'd be useless, seeing as he had no idea what they were. This new ability came from Mercy herself, so maybe it could help them after all. It'd be nice to let the gods handle the godly powers, rather than having to try to figure out how to use them, themselves. The intrigue and sensibility had just about brought him back to a calm state, though Norbert was still a little wary, and especially so when Pete spoke up again. We're the ones telling the Kigense what we know, not the other way around. And I wasn't literally calling the emblem poisoned, you dolt; it was a metaphor for testing how dangerous something is! And of course they're losing! The Kiegense have more numbers than we can ever counter, even if the rest of Sardius all bands together! Shows how much you know about this operation, despite how much authority you're speaking with! He had to admit that he wasn't sure how the Kigenese's war related to the the Fallen who'd shown up in Europa, but it wasn't like Ursium was keeping a good eye out for the Fallen at the time. Still, it was irritating how many of the details this guy was getting wrong, but Norbert -- thankfully -- let him finish what he wanted to say and go off to cool down. Norbert could relate to that, and could even respect that he'd managed to rein himself in before things turned violent. He, himself, wasn't on that level of self-control yet, and he likewise needed his space when he was that steamed. That matter settled for now, he could focus better on what Malik had tried to say during that exchange, about Fizza. He'd said not to worry about her, and that she would meet them in Kigen, or something to that effect. He didn't see how, really, but there was something about the woman that made him believe it, at least to a degree. It helped, knowing that she was an assassin. That alone wouldn't let leaving her behind sit well with him, however. But maybe she'd sent them another message in his absence. "Did that messenger tell you that? That she'd meet us in Kigen, I mean."
  15. "Just because there are no safe options doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to find the safest and most effective one possible! We can still be smart about this, even with these odds against us! Becoming Vasili or emblem wielders is messing with powers way beyond us! I'm not fear-mongering, I'm trying to speak sense, here! And messing with those powers without knowing the consequences is just stupid! If we can find out more about them, fine! I'd even be happy about that! But I don't think we should jump to those extremes before we've even talked with the Kigenese!" Norbert snapped back at Pete, half-distracted by the archer's accusations, "And the Fallen are going to go through the gate in Ursium if it's not destroyed, whether we succeed in destroying this one or not! No one's safe right now. That's exactly why I'm going: to stop the Fallen and make people safe! Don't think I don't care about or consider other people's lives! In fact, that's why I'm being so cautious about this! What sort of long-term effects come with having power on that scale? Do you know? Don't you think it's possible that you might wind up becoming a weapon against the family you're trying to protect? We don't know enough yet to make these kinds of decisions. What I do know is that I'll fight as hard as I can, whatever winds up happening. You do what you will, whether you wind up trying to fight with your own strength or subject yourself to these unknown powers, but the responsibility of whatever happens next is on you. I'm advising you at least wait a while, though, so we can clear up some unknowns and understand the risks first. Or do you just go around testing things for poison by eating them?"