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  1. Good point. I didn't think of that.
  2. Heheh! I don't think it's actually that heavy as far as the characters perceive it. I was just talking about what the visuals told me. Arvis seems to have distinctly wavy hair. Kyle from FE8, however...I think he might have curly hair. Same with Artur from the same game, and Makalov from FE9/10 (though his might just be tight waves.) Valtome might, too (also from 10.) The main issue with characters having curly hair is that it's hard to draw (due to the many, small details. That is, all the shading and lighting you have to do on each curl, especially if the curls are tight.) There are probably tips and tricks to drawing curly hair that I don't know, but I know that I find it very difficult, personally. Waves and straight hair are the easier ones. Ah, Lewen from FE7 might have curly hair, too. … All these are guys. I can't think of any females with curly-- Ah! NotBirdYune, I think.
  3. New Event Calendar (Dec-Jan)

    Aw yeah! Looks like a fun lineup ahead! I wonder what that new years' celebration is. And...I hope I have the orbs to participate in some of these events... Could use Innes and Kliff, and I wonder who the new seasonals are this year. More focus on book 3 events is fun, too. Also still want a Shiro one day. As for legendary banners, I'll have to see what that includes.
  4. Hel is a place and a person in the series, so I figured it wouldn't be a stretch to speculate that Valhalla would be the same. FEH is also drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, not retelling it. I don't expect them to be very true to it. And... My hair used to go past the back of my knees, so it's not like I don't know what I'm talking about, but even then, the length is only a small factor as to why it looks heavy. It's mostly how the hair responds to motion, which is more similar to a thick curtain than to soothing lighter. But when I was talking about the difficulty of having it in a ponytail, the real difficulty was in the hair texture, not really in anything else. Because mine's so silky, everything I put into it to keep it in place slides out instead of staying put, even with rubber grips.
  5. I believe that Valhalla will be introduced in book 4, and may actually not be female. Could very well be the father of Eir, actually. But in the xenologue, Hel specifically mentions King Gustav, and the two in the still shot of Alfonse standing over a couple bodies... Well, one looks like his mom. I wouldn't be surprised if Anna died, too, since we don't see her, and it really looks like the direction this is going is that Eir decides she likes Alfonse, Kiran, and Sharena, and so feels bad about betraying them and gets mad at her mom for ruining their lives, and so goes against her, siding with Alfonse who's fighting Hel, himself. Edit: But can we also talk about Eir's hair? Not a strand overlaps with another, that ponytail looks super heavy (her poor neck/head(headaches)), not to mention the headpiece holding it in place. It also looks super silky. Amazing hair...and again, I feel sorry for her neck/head. (I have very silky hair myself, but obviously not on anime level. It's very hard to keep in a ponytail, especially a high one, and long hair can be very heavy. And if her hair is staying that straight, it must be super heavy. How it moves looks like it's heavy, too. Poor Eir.)
  6. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    Well, "staff" but as Ice Dragon said, colorless strike, really. Maybe magic-based, though, like the dragons since I can't imagine Heron Punch being a thing unless it severely damages the user.
  7. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Good luck to you too for Thrasir! With a title like omnicidal, though, I'm not sure how not evil she is. (Omnicidal basically means "wants to kill everything.")
  8. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I thought the same thing about Surtr, but we got him. I see no reason why they wouldn't give us Hel, too, which I'd be happy about. Her design is so cool, and she may fit well on my out of combat damage team. Pretty darn sure we'll get Lif and Thrasir after book 3 is done, though, as mythical units. Looking forward to Lif, myself. It's kind of funny, though, thinking about where the story's going and how summoning them would be tied into it. Lif: Thank you. I am finally free to rest in pea- *summoned* o_o Kiran: Wow, cool! I got Lif, and it only took me 103 orbs! :D (It's canon that we summoned Surtr from the realm of the dead after he died, so... :P Kiran so sensitive. Such respect for the dead.)
  9. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Your Christmas kitty avatar is so cute! Now that that's out of the way, onto the topic at hand. As Othin said, everyone at the end of book 2 became playable at the end of book 2. I'm hoping we can summon them all, too. I could see Lif and Thrasir bring mythic heroes, and Hel being a different, "new" kind of hero, which could be introduced in book 4. While mythic heroes are "godlike," these new heroes would be actual deities. (Yune, Ashera, Hel, Askr, Nifl, Naga, Duma, etc.) This is because I speculate book 3 is just an introduction to the in-world deities, and book 4 will introduce the actual dragons (Askr, Nifl, Muspell, and Embla) and maybe the plot will center around Valhalla (who I think may be a light deity as well as the place where those who are worthy go.) It gives plot reason for powercreep, too, and is the natural next step in the plot after Hel. I hope so, though I do wonder if we'll get the Askr parents. They have another role to play, even if that role is "it was our time to go" for Alfonse's growth.
  10. Seasonal Unit Wishlist and Speculation Thread

    Oh man, given the recent PoR stuff, I wonder if the seasonal stuff will actually be the GM's helping out a down-and-out village with a toy drive! 8D That would be so great! The story would be so precious!
  11. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    I was to excited when I saw this. :3 I'm a huuuuge GM fan, and I especially love Ike and Soren's friendship. So, yeah, super excited! X3
  12. Did anyone else notice that Eir's riding a night mare?
  13. You know, I thought this when the concept was first introduced, but now it's come back to me: this is probably IS' answer to all the complaints about legendary heroes and who "should" be them. So, they're probably reserving this for the likes of Anri and Ashera.
  14. Probably magic stuff, but it reminds me of ballistics dummies, which are made to mimic the human body for weapons testing. They're made of ballistics gel, and have a (fake, but anatomically accurate) skeleton inside, as well as organs with dyes in them to mimic bleeding when struck.
  15. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    Good points. I think herons will be staffers (essentially) with locked sing assist, and for attack (similarly to PA Shigure) galdrs as "tomes" that primarily debuff or buff, dealing staff damage if any. They'd also have personal skills causing them to function similarly to how they did in RD (with passives that heal either percentage or a set amount, via proximity) Like, "adjacent units gain 5HP and are healed from status ailments at the start of the turn." Iirc, that was an effect Rafiel had, while Leanne could only heal 2 allies at a time in the same way. Speaking of Rafiel, he wouldn't have the same movement as the other Laguz, and wouldn't be a flier. (If he can fly, there had better be a good explanation of it.) To compensate, maybe he'd have increased healing ability when transformed or something.