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  1. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

    Just finished Berkut's story. Man, I love how tragic it is! And I mean in its entirety, including the events of SoV. Man, it's so good... Now, if only I could actually summon him. :|
  2. Hey, looks like we'll finally get summonable grooms! :D Pretty sure that's a man on the right. (I hope he's not the only guy on the banner, but even if he is, at least it's an improvement.) Too bad I won't have orbs to use on this, most likely. Anyway, onto guesses. We just got a Delthea alt, but man that lady on the left reminds me of her, with the short ponytail and the ribbon holding it up. Plus, the build. The one on the right looks like Luthier to me, and this following the same theme as previously: these bride/groom outfits are costumes. They're playing dress-up, not actually getting married. Even Marth and Caeda treat it like dress-up rather than marriage. (I.e., with quotes like "if x person saw me in this, the reaction would be y" or "this outfit makes me feel x.") Hmm yeah, I can't unsee Delthea and Luthier. I do wonder, though... Feh mentions how the two look fancy. Maybe that's alluding to nobility?
  3. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    Because I didn't remember her until this morning and was going to edit her in. :P But yeah, her too. Luthier would probably be a TT reward or something. Plus, then that puts the gender ratio at 3:1 in favor of females, as IS seems to like to do (assuming Mikoto is the unit who gets in and not Sumeragi.)
  4. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I kind of hope it's heroes I don't really care for. Fallen Berkut still hasn't gotten into my barracks yet (after eating what is probably over 200 orbs at this point), and I've exhausted the orb-giving quests. As nice as it is having Quan now, I do wish he hadn't pity broken me. As for my guess, I'll go ahead and throw out there that it'll be mixed again, maybe even as a reply to this latest Fallen Heroes banner. So, Rinea, Luthier, Bantu, and a new (non-dream) Mikoto? Sumeragi would be cooler than another Mikoto, though, imo. If they do this, though, I'll be a little disappointed since I won't have orbs to pull on it. I want all these units to some degree.
  5. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

    Fallen Berkut: Not all heroes are blessed. Me: True. I only give blessings to units I plan on using in elemental teams. No sense in wasting those resources. But seriously, does this mean we'll get a Fallen Fjorm sometime? That'd be neat! Maybe she'll be all icy and spiky or something. Rite of Frost and all that.
  6. Character Select Convoes

    While fighting in book 3 ch 7 part 5: Fallen Berkut: LOOK AT ME! Ephraim: WONDERFUL! That is perhaps the most aggressive complimenting I've ever seen. Also, picturing these guys out at the mall to pick out some new clothes and Berkut was trying something on, which he showed Ephraim who thought it looked good on him.
  7. Yeah, I know! There's a bit of worldbuilding and background/character reveal here. Hel was taking over Askr at least 3 times, including her current encroachment: when Lif was king, when Gustav was a young king, and during current story events. The first time, it can be assumed (given what details have been given to us) that Lif made a pact with the dragon Askr, pushed Hel's forces out with the newfound power, and then founded the country of Askr. I don't know what caused Hel's next known encroachment, exactly, though I do have some guesses. But the important thing is that Gustav's solution was to erect a temporary, magical barrier around the portal to Hel (which the Emblan royalty at the time refused to close.) (Honestly, this time, all Veronica has to do is close the way to Hel...unless undead Lif/Gustav/any other Askran royals still have the ability to open portals.) Given the history, it's not much of a stretch to figure that where the Order is now was once a part of Askr, rather than another version of it. This could be the bit of Askr that Hel managed to conquer before she was pushed back, and so managed to further her borders into Askr's territory. Especially given Lif's implied behavior at the end (flowers and all) it could be that this is the place in Hel's realm that he came to live in, mourning the Askrans who had been under his protection but died. Given Eir's memory problems (which is getting to be a bit overdone as a plot device, honestly, not that it isn't realistic given what she went through, dying 1000 times or whatever it was) it could be that her reaction to Alfonse and Sharena comes from a memory of being treated well by Lif (and potentially Thrasir) when she first met them, either before or after the founding of their countries. It'd also explain part of the opening movie where Eir's in a field of flowers remembering Alfonse and Sharena before the landscape turns terrible and dead. She has an inkling of a memory of talking with Lif in this chapter, to which Lif responds that it's better to forget, perhaps partially out of his own pain, and out of a desire to protect the mind of his friend from his living days from trauma.
  8. His hair's brown. In his Heroes sprite, and in all of his art (both in SoV and in Heroes.)
  9. Ooo Bantu's mentioned in Tiki's entry! Think we'll finally get him soon? :D And Luthier! I like him way better than his little sister. Sensible, steadfast, diligent, and takes things with the gravity they deserve. Edit: I hope they add Rinea, too. But, well... Why did Sharena make Berkut's hair black in her drawings?
  10. Hmm maybe I should support Fallen Berkut with Fallen Celica. Throw them on a team with Duma... Just need one more thematic character for the team. Jedah would make sense, but he's not in the game, and he's not one I'm looking forward to specifically. Hmm... Farnand doesn't quite fit either. Maybe Legendary Alm or something, if I can pull him someday. Some "scion of Duma" version of Alm featuring his ultimate attack as his special or something would be perfect.
  11. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

    Oooooo niiiice. :D Corrin's hairclip reminds me more of Lucina, but I know that it is a character customization option for fem Corrin in Fates. It looks super-cool, though! And I LOVE that Berkut gives Rinea's flower, but fire-ized! Ah, the feels! I hope we get fire Rinea sometime. :) Maybe even with a background reference to Berkut, like he has with her. I don't know how likely this is, though. I'm also kind of amazed that I predicted Berkut being used as one unit with Rinea (kind of.) The way I thought of it was "what if they have a 2 unit in 1 thing, where you summon 2 characters coupled together to work as one unit instead of 2 separate ones?" I was trying to think of how they may go forward with powercreep lol. This isn't quite the same, but it makes me happy. :) Also, I love that Corrin has a tail! :D (Some of these comments are probably better suited for the topic about the characters themselves, but this is all just what's coming to mind at the moment.) I always love Forging Bonds. I also have a respect for villains since without them, the story could very well be uninteresting. It'll be fun to see what these guys have to say!
  12. Nice! I like this batch. :D I usually don't like to spend orbs on non-limited units, but these aren't bad! Going for Berkut, despite how much I like using dragons.
  13. Darp. Summoned a goddess, doesn't think she's good enough for a queen. ... I kind of agree. Love the background heroes. But the main thing, I think, is that I NEED THOSE CUSTARD-FILLED ORB-STYLED MONJU! Looks like the local souvenir-sweet of Askr. Waaaaaaant...
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Children's Day (April 30th)

    Ugh, all that's left are characters I don't care about... I guess I'll support my fellow kete.