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  1. ((Site double posted on me. If someone could delete this, that'd be great.))
  2. When Amon began correcting his guess, Norbert frowned in curiosity. Then, the news hit. It was surprising news, and Bert himself had a sort of mixed reaction as Amon explained it. First, having been there, himself, he knew the sort of defenses the place had. That someone could have breached those and destroyed the whole city was the surprising bit. In a way, though, it was to be expected. Being elitist like that was bound to turn people against the city -- a good number of them, too. He also felt bad for Amon, -- and then, a bit delayed, Haythem and Malik, too -- especially with how brutal the attack sounded. That they had not only lost their home, but the possibility that none other than the Vasilus survived... That was devastating news. However much he disagreed with how Aisha ran things, and however much he'd wanted the inherent faults to lead to a downfall, he hadn't wished this. Rather, at the heart of it, he'd wanted people to be treated fairly, for their benefit. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if Aisha had been a fairer ruler -- if she'd protected all of the Rexians equally instead of giving paradise to the ones she liked. It was also a little surprising to hear Amon say that, though he was trying to restore Sanctuary, he hoped that it wouldn't be like it was before. That kind of restoration -- fixing the problems the previous version had, instead of turning a blind eye to them -- that was the kind he could get behind. Of course, he couldn't just throw himself at every cause he agreed with... Thinking on it, he realized he probably had that tendency. Raquel's issues, the Imperials, the Fallen, Wrath... Even taking sides in squabbles, where he saw one person being treated unfairly. He didn't regret this behavior, but he couldn't help but think back to Stein's warning about focusing on the most prominent threat. I'm beginning to think too deeply into this. I have to focus on what's right in front of me, for now. It seemed that Amon had shifted his focus from Sanctuary, so Norbert did, too. The topic had shifted to Amon's powers, themselves. It was still related, of course, but the subject was definitely changed. That sure was an interesting power. No matter what Amon focused on, he could see if it would be useful for restoring the city. It was certainly useful, but...not immediately so. Amon, himself, didn't know its limitations yet, but that was to be expected. He'd only just recently gotten these powers, after all. Shadrak was talking about the rune situation, meanwhile. Norbert had stopped paying attention to that, figuring those who understood those things better than he did could work that out. He caught scraps of that conversation, though, and then Amon gave his warning. Bert figured that, since they'd be off the ship, that didn't matter too much to him. Really, he was surprised that the Neviskotians hadn't yet tried to take their ship back. "Once we get the magic we need, how are we going to fire these cannons, anyway?" he asked Amon, "You do know how they work, right?"
  3. "Restore Sanctuary?" Bert asked, more to himself than to Amon. The rune situation seemed to be being worked on, so he stuck to the courtesy Amon was showing him as resumed his own task of getting at least some sort of grip on the current situation. Amon's power seemed to fit him pretty well -- he was a good guy in general, but he was also quite devoted to his homeland. As for Sanctuary and what Amon meant by those words, Norbert figured something...inaccurate. Grinning, the rider gave a nod. "I see. So, Aisha's working to act as a leader to the rest of Rexia, huh? That's good; I'm glad she's finally extending her protection and resources to the rest of her people."
  4. Amon's explanation made sense, given the new details. Also, according to Shadrak, this was a Neviskotian ship...and it was Amon who had taken it. And Neviskotians fell into the strait. I...really missed a lot. "Okay, I'm going to want to hear exactly what I missed, later," Norbert commented. It sounded like Shadrak found a rune, but it was closest to Jam, so Bert figured she could see if it was activated or not, herself. "For now... Amon, what the heck? You're a wielder, now? And your power is to warp things without their passengers aboard?" He'd seen the emblem light earlier, and he saw the ship appear out of nowhere. Maybe it was a sort of...delayed warp? I guess it was kind of useful in these situations, but if passengers were left behind, it wasn't as though everyone could just climb onto something and be warped wherever Amon wanted them to go.
  5. All this talk, and one, crucial detail was still a mystery to Norbert. And considering the excessive use of "they" and "their"... "Okay, so, whose ship is this, anyway?" Did everyone kill a bunch of people and take their ship or something? I don't see anyone around. And what's this about a magic seal? That in and of itself brought other things to mind. Namely, when a magic seal had been brought near Raquel. "And besides asking the owners how to work this thing, if the problem is that it's out of power, then why not ask Jo if we can use her emblem piece? Nothing can drain those, though I don't know if anyone knows how to power the ship with it."
  6. pff-- Nice one. :)
  7. Well, that was an interesting lesson about runes -- or at least the kind that light a place up. They weren't nearly as unknowable as Norbert had imagined. The talk about the energy that powered them being gone, though... Well, that was too bad, but if Jamilla -- yet another reminder of that incident at the Imperial-bandit encampment -- could just make light using her own magic, why couldn't they just rely on that? In fact... "Can't Jam just keep the place lit for us?" Norbert asked as he followed Amon. He would've just stayed outside until the problem was solved, but in his eyes, the solution was right in front of them.
  8. "When we find the runes, what're we supposed to do with them?" Norbert asked Shadrak. At least this was regular magic, but it still didn't make much sense to him.
  9. Well. There was Eva. Evidently, she was looking for direction, too. Still, her presence fouled Norbert's mood, accenting the memories of being left behind with the pegasi and their riders without so much as a warning. It hadn't just been her, of course, who had done that, but the reminder was there, and its irritation was making it harder and harder for him to focus on the task at hand, especially since he only had a vague idea of just what said task was. The pegasus rider was scowling and tense, now, but he didn't look over at the Neviskotian woman. There were things to be done, and he was doing his best to block out his indignation.
  10. These...buildings were guns? What kind of ship even is this...?! Norbert did what he could to dismiss how overwhelmingly unshiplike this ship was. It was more tanklike than a tank, let alone than a ship. They were committed, though... Bert would probably never be comfortable with this until he learned more about just what had actually happened since he'd been closing in at least, but for now... "So, what do you want me to do?" Norbert asked, "And just whose ship even is this?" He did notice that Amon hadn't answered his question about the ship's safety. It did seem oddly deserted... Normal ships, at least, usually had people bustling about. He'd leave the questions there for now, but he was also wondering what to do about Rizen. How were they supposed to move a gun that big? How would they not go deaf when it went off? How would they keep it from spooking the animals? Was there anywhere safe for Rizen to rest while he worked?
  11. "We just arrived," Norbert answered Amon's question. That brought up sour memories, distracting him a little bit from the issue at hand. Not completely, though. From the sound of things, Joanna was coordinating a plan to stop the conflict between the Imperial invaders and Norbert's own countrymen. That was simultaneously surprising and unsurprising. The goal and motives were very characteristic of the Winged Cleric, but she didn't seem this...assertive. That was the surprising bit, and led to Norbert trying to decide whether or not to ask about it. In the end, he decided he'd leave it alone for now. "Well, it looks like you're dedicated to this plan, so I may as well help," the rider put in. Then, he looked around again with a clearly uncertain grimace. Evidently, this was some kind of ship. "This...thing's strange, though. I don't know how you're going to get anything done, or what I can do to help." Here, Norbert dismounted Rizen, though he wasn't sure if that was what he was supposed to do, and it showed on his face. "Is this...ship even safe?" Besides being a hunk of metal in a large body of water, he would've been surprised if Amon had had this thing waiting here for them. Just who did this belong to?
  12. As he was heading toward the big, formerly-glowing ship...thing... Wait, was that metal it was made of? How was metal floating? Or did it just go all the way down to the sea floor? Any...way... Whatever the thing in the strait was that had previously been glowing with golden weird emblem magic, there was a big wyvern flying from a ship towards it. Norbert thought he recognized the wyvern as Isis, but with the day's natural light fading faster and more drastically by the second, the deep shadows and the distance made it tough to be certain. It landed on the big mass of metal, though, and it looked like people were getting off of it. Rizen landed on the metal thing just a couple moments after the wyvern did, though some distance away. Norbert had wanted to land as soon as possible in order to given the pegasus' wings a break. The rest of the way, they traveled by hoof. Rizen was a little uncertain of the terrain at first, though. It was loud and strange, and she didn't want to get too close to that predator over there, either. So, Bert decided that, as a compromise, even if that was Isis, he'd only make her get so close to the thing. As they neared, it became more and more obvious that many of those who were dismounting the large wyvern were, in fact, group members. Additionally, that was, indeed, Isis. "I knew I'd find you here," Norbert commented as he pulled up by Amon. He took a moment to glance around before adding, "whatever this thing is... What's been going on?"
  13. Heheheh! Hi, Rothe. :) Good to see you're still keeping a bit connected!
  14. Then, there was a steadily-growing golden glow. Yep. That was definitely them. As Norbert changed direction in order to follow that glow, said glow began to reveal that weird ship from before. A look of confusion and wariness crossed his face. Wait. Is someone on that ship an emblem wielder? Is that how it's sort of...warping around? It didn't look like Raquel's warps, but that didn't mean it wasn't the case. Though Bert was a little more cautious now, he still didn't see a better place to at least look for the others. I'll just try to keep a safe distance. By now, he'd passed the city, and was flying toward the appearing ship, over the water.