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  1. Best Way to Deal With Douglas?

    Yeah, using one person who can survive his attacks (but won't attack back) to decoy him away from the rest of your army is how I beat chapter 16. Keep in mind that there are two approaches to the throne room, so keeping Douglas occupied in one of those hallways while the rest of your force comes through the other should be pretty simple.
  2. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    Is that what happened with the remakes of FE1 and 2?
  3. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    I vote earlier promotion. After liberating Etruria in chapter 16 or 16x seems like a good time to promote (and is roughly equivalent to when Ike promoted in FE9). His dad got a horse upon promotion, so I'm not sure it would be too drastic of a change for him to get one too.
  4. Hector Hard Mode S Rank: Electric Boogaloo

    They get the gears of fate turning by convincing Bramimond to open the seals on the Divine Weapons, which sets the stage for most of FE6, I'd guess. Then, too, they had saved saved Zephiel's life (much to Desmond's displeasure), setting the stage for the final scene of FE7 as a prologue to FE6.
  5. According to if all of your individual rankings are A, your overall ranking will be either S (on Normal Mode) or Ss (on Hard Mode).
  6. Ranking the Black Fang from Strongest to Weakest

    If Uhai is that strong, why isn't he one of the Four Fangs? Jaffar and Ursula are both present in "Battle Before Dawn", but I have always made it a point to avoid letting one of them kill the other, so I don't know who is more likely to kill whom. That's probably the easiest way to determine who is more powerful.
  7. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    Yes, it was. It's become a thing in recent Fire Emblem games like Radiant Dawn and Awakening for Wyvern Riders to wield axes (and lances upon promotion), so perhaps Heath and Vaida should too, instead of starting with lances and gaining swords.
  8. Ranking the Black Fang from Strongest to Weakest

    We never see Ephidel do any actual fighting, so we don't know how strong he actually was. Not strong enough to survive against a dragon, of course, but there are plenty of people who aren't. We also never see Ephidel together with any of the other Black Fang except Jaffar, although their interactions seem to be pretty telling: Ephidel tended to give orders to Jaffar, suggesting that he might have outranked Jaffar. Much like Sonia did, come to think of it. I'd guess that Ephidel was probably about equal in power to Sonia. (Or maybe a bit less, since going strictly by the stats, Sonia would have survived an attack by the Dragon.)
  9. Ranking the Black Fang from Strongest to Weakest

    I don't think the guy who was "top dog until that cretin Jaffar showed up" would be a pushover.
  10. That sounds right. Also: Infantry (Roy, Bors, etc) - Rescue Capacity = Constitution - 1
  11. Since whatever causes Ilyana to feel perpetually hungry is pretty similar to certain real-life diseases (diabetes, hypoglycemia), I wouldn't call the decision to give her that condition poor writing. Now, that being her only defining trait... that's poor writing. People are more than their illnesses.
  12. Path of Radiance - Plot Analysis

    Does being noble by birth matter if you don't know that you're noble by birth? Ike, Mist, and Soren didn't.
  13. RNG in the GBA games can be rigged to ensure... pretty much whatever outcome you want. I'm not even sure that it matters that much. I suppose it can be rigged in any of the FE games, but particularly easily in the GBA ones.
  14. Lilina`s Possible Canon Mother

    Perhaps the same reason why the names of Lyndis and Lilina are so similar.
  15. Nils in "Valorous Roland"

    Storywise, Nils gets all of Ninian's powers at the end of "Cog of Destiny" and then suffers a Heroic BSOD at the end of either "Valorous Roland" or "The Berserker," depending on which mode you're playing. So yes, he is available for deployment between those two events.