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  1. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Why does Gaiden exist?
  2. Grima's Powers?

    While he does indeed bring Validar back to life, it is not his power specifically that is raising the Risen/Masks. One of the stone things you can read within Forneus's old lab in Thabes during SoV states the following: "The critical component in the death mask is a particular shelled insect. I have come to call these marvels of nature thanatophages. Placed on a cadaver, thanatophages set down roots and assert control.” The "death masks" worn by the things seam to contain these insects that dig inside of the head of a human corpse and are presumably are the main reason the masks work in the first place. As for how they are controlled, there is no real explanation given but judging from their glowing red eyes and how Aversa seamed to be able to perfectly command the few that warp during Emmeryn's death scene, I'd say magic. So Grima's real ability that should probably be taken out of these things is that he is able to command the massive army of these creatures at will through his power alone.
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    likes memes
  4. Sacred Stones is actually rather popular, particularly on the more casual side of the fandom. A few more naive fans sometimes even tend to go around spouting the same irrational nonsense that some Telius fanboys go on about, claiming the game "flawless and perfect". Though I honestly have to say I haven't really seen this crowd around on Serenes though. As for your statement about the gameplay, most people don't really complain about it or give it too much flack in that regard. The game wasn't designed to be difficult, it was made to be a simple, casual game easy for the player to mess around with. It mostly suffers from some of the weird balancing of some lower base stats set around the expectation that the player is gonna be grinding. Lastly, your statements about Eirika, Ephraim, and Lyon, to be blunt, does neither add anything to or prove your point. Simply stating that in your opinion the three are lame characters without any context whatsoever doesn't do anything on its own.
  5. Future forms of the Fire Emblem

    Pfffft right, I'm an idiot.
  6. The Fire Emblem Warriors development team was overall lazy and cut many many corners. Honestly I'm almost surprised they didn't just reuse the Sacred Stones trio instead of making bootleg versions of em. In the end though, they wanted to make a set of OCs in a new setting they would mess around with and probably got lazy (like with various other things) and used Sacred Stones as framework instead of doing something brand new. There's also always the possibility that the similarities are by complete coincidence, which is still worth noting. @Thane The development team already covered this to an extant. Apparently by sheer coincidence, both the Warriors and Heroes teams came up with and put together brother and sister OCs for their respective games without knowing about it for some time. If I recall correctly, during one of the interviews with the leading developers of FE Warriors, they mentioned how surprised both they and the Heroes team were to discover they both had the exact same idea, at a point where neither good exactly go back and change their respective characters.
  7. My Nintendo E3 2018 Bingo Card

    Lol F-Zero? Might as well change that to a blank space.
  8. Future forms of the Fire Emblem

    The Earth Stone was a thing for Medeus in the war of shadows. I'm just sayin.
  9. Playing Maniac Radiant Dawn is irritating enough, but throwing in a draft too? WHAT?
  10. Post a fact about the person above!

    Really likes Katarina like every person should.
  11. Poll: Avatar (my unit) creation.

    For the class thing, I prefer how New Mystery did it. Where you can select a base class and your portrait changes depending on which class you chose rather than having it predetermined with an original special class specific to the avatar. Also you do have the option to make your base class Cavalier or Pegasus Knight in New Mystery. You're statement about avatars always being infantry is incorrect.
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Probably also hates this world.
  13. My two cents about what FE16 could be

    Maiden of Darkness despite the little information we have seams to have been turned into or at least inspired the Telius series honestly.Though again, we've got little to go off of so who knows. The similarities that I have spotted are as follows: "Ike" vaguely resembles Ike in Path of Radiance. "Renette" vaguely resembles Mist, and has a similar outfit to hers in Radiant Dawn, albeit a different color. Her outfit is also incredibly similar to Elena's, whom Mist's design in Radiant Dawn was likely made to resemble like how Ike resembles Greil. The unnamed red haired girl in the concept art vaguely resembles Titania and has similar armor to hers. She also somewhat resembles Jill. Helen vaguely resembles Mia in Path of Radiance The style it seams the sprites are in the cutscene we are shown somewhat resemble and appear to function similarly to the 3D map models from the Telius games and how they are used in cutscenes. The top right sketch of Taki vaguely resembles Zihark, particularly if you compare it to the unused version of Zihark portrait from the Telius Recollection The title "maiden of darkness" somewhat brings to mind the whole case of Yune "the dark god" who was sealed away in the Fire Emblem. Anyway, Maiden of Darkness's cancellation is mostly generally assumed to have been the result of Kaga leaving Intelligent Systems during its development. So its quite possible that he may have implemented tiny things from the game into the original Tear Ring Saga as he did do that a lot with the other FE games. Though though there isnt very much of really anything to support this, but I feel its still worth mentioning. The art for "Ike" greatly resembles Runan, one of the two main lords of Tear Ring Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. The "Renette" bares a resemblance to Esther. Though I have to admit this is a bit of a stretch as it seams Esther was more intended to resemble Olwen.
  14. Would you Reclass Faye?

    Her best class is Cleric due to Physic and Rescue.