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  1. Your username pleases me.

    1. Chairman Meow

      Chairman Meow

      All hail the communist kitty:B):

  2. I had a dream about Three Houses

    Not sure how to respond to this....
  3. What should my FE6 team be?

    I would suggest not relying on a specific team unless you like to reset a lot or something. Anyway, I would highly suggest using Niime instead of Yoder as she joins earlier with better stats.
  4. Love quotes

    Don't bother with the jealousy system. Its too needlessly complicated and noone even really fully understands how its works even nowadays.
  5. Least favorite Awakening/Fates child?

    Laurent isn't a variation of his mother though technically. His whole thing is that he tries to act like her despite being a totally different person due to looking up to her allot.
  6. Love quotes

    Another thing you could do it kill off Sylvia and have Claud bring her back to life later with the Valkyrie staff.
  7. Love quotes

    Yes you do as long as you make sure Lewyn and Sylvia dont stand next to one another at all. The way the love system works is two characters will gain 5 points of love every turn for standing next to one another, and 2 points of love for simply both being alive at the same time at the end of each turn. No love points can be gained after turn 50 however to prevent abuse of the system I guess. Two units need a total of 500 points to become lovers. Lewyn and Sylvia join with 200 points already accumulated, so as long as they are kept apart you should be fine like I said before. Make sure to glue Lewyn and Tailtiu together during chapters 4. It will take a total of 47 turns at least for them to become lovers. Another thing worth noting is that Lewyn starts out with 210 love with Erynis, and will instantly become lovers with her upon initiating a conversation with her during chapter 4. Make sure to not initiate this conversation if you are dead set on getting Horseti.
  8. Conquest tiering discussion

    Early join time Jakob should be an S due to how absolutely incredible paladin/great knight Jakob is if reclassed immediately upon recruitment at the time. Due to his bases, he effectively becomes a Jagen and is a huge help, especially on Lunatic. Even after he falls off, he can act as a fantastic pair up bot for female Corn throughout the rest of the game.
  9. Least favorite Awakening/Fates child?

    That's Sully's entire character though, not hers. Kjelle's whole thing is that she is a complete knucklehead and a very straightforward who only really cares about improving her combat abilities and nothing else.
  10. Least favorite Awakening/Fates child?

    Really? Gaius is really popular due to his personality and supports. Asugi ruined his entire character though focusing entirely on the candy gimmick and not the personality that made him popular but that is besides the point.
  11. Least favorite Awakening/Fates child?

    My least favorite 3ds child unit would have to be Kana cause of how unbelievable and a generic his/her character is outside of Heirs of Fate. Their entire character is just "cute little kid" and nothing else no matter how many of their supports you read. Laurent is actually pretty great if ya read his supports. His whole thing is that despite actually being a very different person from her, he tries to imitate his mother due to greatly looking up to her.
  12. Destiny 2 I remember playing the original Destiny a lot. It was a solid MMO in its prime and I had some fun with it. Destiny 2 I even need to explain? ET for the Atari Played this piece of shit when I was like 9 or something. I had heard all about how bad it supposedly was but I didn't expect it to be THAT bad. I have since never remotely touched that...thing at all or really even spoken of it. The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall I was legitimately curious about this game but upon playing it, suffered through several hours of trying to navigate through a clunky mess. I mean it's not like I expected much since the game runs on a brick, but geez. Maybe I will come back to it someday, but most likely not.
  13. Hi, how are you?

    I'm tired.
  14. Its not just Hannibal that does that. Every "commander" enemy will do this if most of their soldiers are killed.
  15. Most annoying class to deal with?

    FE1 ballisticians. Unlike in every other game, ballisticians in FE1 are literally tanks. They are locked to two range, have only 4 move (less than an armor knight), hit really hard, and have a base defence of 14! (keep in mind this is a game where all stats cap at 20 other than hp) Dealing with these losers is always an absolute pain in the ass due to how tanky they are and the fact that they are 2 range locked. Them being locked to two range means that getting a mage or bishop over to attack them is obnoxious due to their low mov, and they are left open to be attacked by other units or even another ballistician. The fact that in chapter 13 you have to fight an entire army of these...things does not help the class one bit.