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  1. Its a suggestion...idk why you didnt notice it.
  2. Oh and one more thing if a remake is to happen. MAKE GUINIVERE RECRUITABLE IN THE MAIN GAME!!!!!!!!! I can understand not having other characters take part of the story due to most of them being killed and some like Eliwood and Hector being on main game with them somehow being alive and well would be a problem.... But Guinivere makes no sense to NOT be a playable unit in the main story. I mean she left with Milady to help Roy and she has always followed Roy throughout the entire game. Heck she is the best prepromote you ever get in the game even. Seriously..why not include her as a main unit????????
  3. Except the problem in FE6 is that you don't get units or don't have units that can solo chapters unlike other FE games out there. FE4: Sigurd can solo the first half of the game. Same goes for Ares as well. FE7: Ok no...pretty much can work. FE13: Chrom paired with Robin says it all. FE14: Ryoma... Keep in mind that these are coming from the FE games that I've played so far. So with this in mind, where does FE6 have these solo units? That said, could this be possible that for some reason, FE6 is the most balanced game that has no game breaking issues????
  4. Ever since atleast after Awakening started, fans in general have criticized FE's stories being very shallow and dull. The same trend happened for Fates as well. The problem here is that both games sold well despite the flaws in the stories and we are getting to the point that IS/Nintendo may just ditch out stories in future FE games if people don't seem to care about it anymore but more on the gameplay. So should we really have high expectations for FE stories now at this point? Let's face it. Nintendo for as far as I can tell has rarely focused on stories in their games. The ones that have good stories are so rare that only few people will remember of this. I personally will never forget Thousand Year Door and Blazing Blade for their well written stories. But at the same time, its all in the past and at this point, I've come to accept that FE may never have stories that are deep as FE6/7, or even Holy War for that matter...i personally think that it can never happen. But what about you guys, you think it will happen? You think we should still have expectations for it?
  5. As an avid Mario Fan myself, I agree. This doesn't look like it can work. Then again, This is something new to try out so We'll just have to wait and see...
  6. I don't get why UK even has this chart thing and doesn't reveal sales like US does. Its just pointless to have a chart do all the performance thing. Just reveal the sales figures already.
  7. I'm seeing a lot of people here mentioning that said units are worthless on HM. So can I assume that HM has balance issues as a difficulty?
  8. I was referring to the support bonuses that she gets from these two units. Astore gives her hit bonuses which can help with her skill problems.
  9. Gonzalez and Astore? The latter of which is the best thief in the entire game?
  10. Then by that logic, what about Fir as well since she comes very late with level 1? If there's a trick to grind Fir in said chapter, then there's a trick to grind Lillina as well. She may not be a good boss killer until late game but she's still worth training if investment is made. Again, the reward is fulfilling. You know, you can just say that "I don't want to use her because I hate to baby her" Rather than simply stating that she's not worth using because of her need to feed kills. And her supports like Roy are plentiful and each one can give her various bonuses that can benefit her in the long run. Then again..seeing as how you can't almost use whoever you want in this game, I guess I have to take this with a grain of salt.
  11. You get a skill book in chapter 8 though. So you can use that to fix her skill a bit. and whether she misses or not, she gets exp a whole lot. Its still worth training her all things considered. I mean, many complain how terrible Sophia is at the start and you need to baby her to get the best out of her. Atleast Lillina is far better than her at the very least since she comes earlier than her and you still have opportunity to train her.
  12. There is a trick to grinding her in said chapter. Block cath and use Lillina to attack her until Cath has used up all her vulneries. This compensates all the potential EXP you could've gotten from enemy units. Again, FE6 wants you to think carefully and I found this trick quite helpful.
  13. Oh sorry. I meant 8 and 8X. And why wouldn't it? Earlier the better right?
  14. But chapter 7 & 8 allow her to catch up and its easy for her to get trained I don't get this at all. She is the best sage you get and while her staff rank can never go to even C, she doesn't need a mend to fully heal your units. I can atleast understand Nino because she unlike Lillina comes extremely late in the game and comes at a time that's pointless to train her since you get units that are as good as she is and she comes in the near endgame era and this is only worth if you like Nino as a character. Lillina on the other hand..again I don't get why people find her bad. Maybe I guess I have to play hard mode and see for it myself i guess Also who other unit besides her can use the Forblaze and is capable enough to use it as well as not lose speed over it? Guinivere's retainer...
  15. I played Binding Blade again as some of you know and I've used Lillina and Bartre and I don't get as how people claim that these units are bad. Bartre was able to sweep out a good chunk of units in chapter 14 as well as 21. In my playthrough in chapter 21, her avoid is so high that she practically soloed all those wyvern riders. And of all the units that I got, She was the only one that gave high damage to Zephiel if you don't use legendary weapons at him. Even Roy can't damage him enough with the binding blade. Though I'm not sure of this since in the end I got EXP as E rank. And how is Miready good again? Compared to Percival, she doesn't do as well as I thought that she would and she can only be a threat if using a killer lance.