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  1. Yeah I agree. Besides a few exceptions like those great designs from Conquest characters, Awakenings characters are better designed. I have a hard time remembering the fates characters..atleast in Birthright. As for difficulty, if you ask me, Awakening is better balanced compared to Birthright interms of difficulty alone.
  2. Am I the only one that wished Fargus should be playable?
  3. Because again, according to dictionary, redundant: not or no longer needed or useful? That is what I asked when I just said replace either of the classes for the pirate class instead since they are all similar anyways?
  4. Because of them not being needed, they end up being useless?
  5. It still makes it sound like pirates shouldn't come because of similar growths so them coming is not needed. Also, by saying that they are too similar, the next installment might not make them THAT similar by any chance?
  6. Because the way you make it sound is like instead of bringing back pirates, there are classes that are WAY to similar to pirates that are almost useless. So that also means that Pirates fall in that lack of use since the are in a similar class. as for the second one, I deleted that in my edit as I realized that it didn't make any sense whatsoever.
  7. According to the dictionary: too much and unnecessary. Meaning that having pirates is not needed when you have OTHER similar classes correct?
  8. I know what redundant is and you're pretty much just saying that having to bring back pirates itself is no longer needed considering you already have two similar classes correct?
  9. That still doesn't change the point that you made it sound like they are pointless to use in battles.. Also, if they really are THAT similar, then just replace the pirate for the other class, its that simple.
  10. By that logic, you are still saying that there's no need to have that class because there are other axe classes.... Um...you do know that originally pirates can come without axes right? Sure Pirates in games were axe users but we can see a completely set of different pirates...like Brigid? Also...again, people bashing at pirates for lack of use in battle.....I guess Dart's existence in Blazing Blade was pointless?
  11. Because seeing as how pirates weren't shown up recently, I just thought that now might be a good time to come back.
  12. sheesh people. I just wanted the return of pirates from FE games with sail boats and whatnot and I get that your opinions are different and all but it just sounds like you're bashing the pirates because of their lack of use in battle......um...why is it that way when they were bad guys to begin with?
  13. Ok so here's an idea I thought of for a Fire Emblem game. Your have three lords who are best friends. One of them is off to set sail to find her long lost brother and the other two volunteer to assist her in her journey. Throughtout the course, units will want to join your crew. If your ship is full and if you want to recruit someone, you must release one of your units to make this unit come with you. This affects the ending/the situation of some particular units. Some can change unlike before and others won't ever be seen again. Money also plays a role and the amount of money you get alters the chapter you'll play next as well. Also, unlike the main games, you only can promote classes that are only more of a pirate arch type. This is the idea I had in mind. Your opinions on this?
  14. I really love pirates in FE. So damn brutal and loot the poor breaking villages and them setting sail over seas...that and that the pirate class itself is something I miss after playing Blazing Blade. So you think Pirates should come back in the next game?
  15. I don't get why people prefer Harken over Karel honestly when you consider that the game can be beaten without even using either one. Yes I get that Harken is better because of Brave Sword and stats alone but since the game is fairly easy(if you know what to do) then you can pick who you want.