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  1. I don't like Jeigen units. They are the most boring characters that remind you of your parents parenting you back then..atleast to me it looks like that. Sure, they are needed gameplay wise especially in hard modes but only around the first half. After which, that's it.
  2. Except you and Shin forgot one minor detail which is supports. Sain has a lot of support bonuses that overshadow that of Marcus.
  3. Well let's look at FE1. In FE1, all you need is someone with good growth level for the weapon level to use the godly Parthia bow. Now I don't know how its done in Shadow Dragon but looking at a modern FE game, you have to constantly keep using the same weapon type to increase its bar which takes like FOREVER to do so. Compare that to a weapon level that only requires you to reach like say 10 to use a Brave bow instead of getting a B rank otherwise. This means that devs can make powerful weapons appear earlier than they should while at the same time, maintaining the game's overall difficulty.
  4. Boy people are praising Marcus here for some reason or the other and I think a few points need to be stated. It all really depends on whether or not you have played Lyn's mode and grinded either Sain or Kent. If you have played it, they will most likely outpace him in the long run. Otherwise he's there to serve his purpose which is in the early game he starts out with. The problem with Marcus is that he steals valuable EXP that your other units may need to get better so personally I try to avoid using him as much as possible until I have no choice but to use him. Although he can make for a decent defender for Merlinus tent.
  5. Yeah Renault wasn't worth mentioning there so my bad but I was just adding your point further by listing other prepromotes. Still I personally think that calling FE7 prepromotes overpowered is still unfair considering that FE7 is the first game introduced to the western market who are not familiar with FE at all and that the prepromotes are suppose to make it easier for those who lost units through luck or that they are inexperienced.
  6. You said that only Marcus and Pent are pretty overpowered which is false as there are other prepromotes that are on par with them.
  7. It completely depends on what type of game you're into as FE is a completely different thing compared to many other TRPGs. If you want a game that has the same complexity as Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre or heck, even the likes of X-Com, as much as I hate to say it, no FE game can come to par with that. Maybe I guess Conquest but still not even that complex as the former. You might as well look elsewhere for that kind of gameplay depth. FE unlike the other TRPGs you might have played is the most simplest of them all. The only real strategy that FE can give you is to keep your units alive till the end hence why permadeath is a thing and its one of the reasons why FE is considered hard in general. Sure there are other things to keep in mind such as who is worth training, weapons not lasting forever and money being limited but this ranges from game to game and not being so constant but all of that means nothing if you lost tons of units which after which, the game probably will get harder.
  8. Whatever.... For my next opinion...I think Def and Resistance needs to be combined as one stat together since they both are suppose to help to block attacks rather than having them as separate stats instead. That way, there can be a growth rate for a different stat like bringing back weapon level that was first there in FE1...
  9. What about Harken, Geitz, Jaffar, Louise, Karel and Regault? As for Fe6 Prepromotes.....Percival?
  10. in my unpopular opinion, I think people who bash at FE7 prepromotes being overpowered and FE6 prepromotes being well balanced are unfair.
  11. Battle before dawn seems to be a mix bag between various players. On one hand, it happens to be the best defense maps I've played since you have to protect Zephiel who isn't at the start of the map and at the same time, gives you the tension to do things quickly and carefully before he, Jaffar and Nino get killed. The map is designed in such a way that you have routes to choose but neither of them are the best choice as they both offer different consequences. You can't start turtling right away until you reach the point where you can cover for Zephiel. And since everything is dark here, unless you look at the guide, the enemies you will encounter are not shown giving you that scary feeling who's going to show up and kill him? An axe user, a mercenary or a druid/mage or Ursala herself? On the other hand, atleast on my first playthrough, I found it hard to get the chests at the left side of the map that I decided to skip it. The enemies are in huge chunks and the NPCs here can act stupidly and not do in your favour. Atleast you can save Nino pretty easily unlike Jaffar who's going to take a bit more of an effort to save. And Ursala's bolting...I mean, sure there are ways to counter it but its still a threat nonetheless and that can easily kill off either Jaffar, Nino or Zephiel which can be a huge problem. But then again, I only played this on Eliwood Normal. So I do wonder how it will be on Hector Normal..... Honestly, I'm a bit more opposite to that. I think weapon durability is the far better tactic than having no durability. The issue with weapons not breaking is that they will reduce stats which can be frustrating as seen in Fates. If they manage to tweak that issue, then I'm all for not having durability. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a Holesty unit pretty much required to kill of Ishtar in the final map? If so, then if Lewyn's his father, he will DEFINITELY be required to kill her in a nutshell!
  12. I did play FE4...but I didn't remember it still being powerful after Sigurd died...
  13. Umm...I always thought that Bern is the most strongest out here considering that Zephiel ruled it.... How does Grandbell become so powerful all of a sudden?
  14. Geese will always be the manliest of all the men out there in every FE....I mean...JUST LOOK AT HIM!
  15. The problem with this is that whatever opinion is posted is disagreed even if its a fair point and at this point, you're just quoting me on every single post that I've done further arguing something that's pretty dead to me. With that, I'm ending this argument.