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  1. Wallace or Oswin

    Why bother training either one when you have Hector who outweighs them both in the long run? Anyways, I never bothered using either of them simply because..well there are so many other units worth training than them unless you want a general in which case, Oswin's the better option. Which is sad really because Wallace is one of the best written characters in the entire game.
  2. People usually don't like sword locked units due to them being 1 range only. So out of curiosity, were there any real life swords that could be used as a ranged weapon?
  3. Best FE dad?

    I'm surprised that no one mentioned pent or even canas. Anyways, bartre is also best dad too. Not sure why people praise garon though considering he tends to put his kids near death.
  4. Would you trust any other developer with FE?

    First off..no. Saying that IS is absent for an FE game is like saying creatures and game freak are absent for a Pokemon game. Intelligent systems has been an affiliate for Nintendo for so damn long. Heck, many staff from Nintendo moved to IS. Whatever gave you an idea that a third party dev would take over a franchise? IS is the only dev I know that makes strategy games. And while there are many devs out there who can outclass IS talent, Nintendo would rather do it in house or handle it to someone like monolith soft to make an FE game simply because Nintendo rarely let's third parties use their IP and are very reluctant to them.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Gender almost has nothing to do with classes. It just happens to be a trend that the series for a long time has been doing it and this get judging from the trailer seems no exception.
  6. Which FE game has the most missed potential?

    To me, I'm tied to either FE6 or FE 14. FE6 really when you think about it, has the most missed potential in so many regards. It was the first FE on handheld, the first one to have ACTUAL support conversations and the first game to have implemented the true hit system. It had one of the largest casts in FE history before Fates and its structure is how FE today almost plays. Sadly it was wasted for several good reasons. The first one being that majority of the cast are bland and nearly forgettable. Only reason to have supports would be for those bonuses and not the actual conversation and since supports take wayyy too long to develop, only few characters benefit from them in the long run especially the lord of the game. The second reason being balance in practically everything. Maps are way too long in general and this is bad because you are playing it on the go and that the level structure is often frustrating that its begging you to pray. I would forgive the devs for doing objective variety except that you get bar none but seize which itself feels too repetitive after playing FE7. This game spawns enemies like crazy and they start as soon as they spawn making it even more tedious to deal with. Anyone with a horse or a flier are better off used compared to the large quantities of footies that you're stuck with. Then comes the weapons which for some dumb reason, Swords are the best weapons, Lances being meh and Axes being the worst to the point that anyone axe locked is an automatic bad unit. Speaking of units, nearly half the cast utilities are downright bad that you won't bother using them. Only about 17 units of the 60ish cast you're stuck with are worth using. Some may argue that those units are replaceable units to which I say, replaceable units my ass if they can't even put a dent on the enemy force. Even so, the third problem is the lord himself Roy. Swordlocked, late promotion, bad move and an opposite of Marth but somehow worse. And lastly the fourth problem being the localisation. This is the game that could have been introduced to the west due to Smash but instead this gets canned out and played safe and instead we get the prequel of the game. Then comes Fates which the general stuff is lack of world building and an overall bland plot. I'll stop right there.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    If you think that's annoying, look no further than the cast in one-piece who do just that. I don't get it either...
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Ok..for this game, I would like then to show off the growth rates within the game in some fashion. Let's put it this way. Even if units are balanced to the point that you can use anyone, casuals still have no clue about a units usefulness and the flaws of a unit. Heck, I myself had to check how good nomah is even though echoes had all units being usable.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I hope this is time, Nintendo reveals the sales figures of this game whether it booms or bombs
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Some of the community think that this game will be a split path again like in fates and frankly, I highly doubt that it will happen. First off, the game is on switch which can hold more data than what the 3ds can so there is no reason to do this at all. Some argue that the 3ds can infact store all the three paths in one game considering the limited edition did so but it costed 80$ meaning that it was more than an average 3ds game. Secondly is the budget. At this point, the game graphics are highly advanced that splitting up the content is only wasting money. The only way IS can do something about it is to do dlc for the game which is not going to happen IF you want to just beat the main game. Charging dlc for 40$ probably isn't going to happen imo. And lastly, it was the marketing. It was advertised right from the ground up that fates was going to be a split path from the start. This game has no indication of it being split whatsoever and I don't think that it will considering the first two points that I mentioned. So..while no one here said any worry about the split thing, I thought I should counter this anyways since some of the other community thinks otherwise.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Ok..I didn't mention some of the things that I did like here. First off, the song is really awesome! Hopefully, that becomes available extended. As for characters...although I said that none of them caught my eye character depth wise, visually..I think I like Dimitri who wears blue. But that's about it.
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    So..Mangs expressed his opinions while in Greece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jafmEceDIeI
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    It doesn't matter if it's speculation or not. Point is that people are so terrified about treehouse localizing the game to which I say quit it. If treehouse is to localize it, we all should be happy that we get it to the west. Cribbing about better localization at this point is more or less Nintendo deciding that and not treehouse. If I recall, they were the ones responsible for releasing fe7 overseas..a game that got us to fire emblem. Besides, treehouse has been localizing games ever since Nintendo started making consoles. With that level of experience, unless treehouse has other games to work on, why should Nintendo toss them out in favor of 8-4? That just makes it all the more disrespectful to not just treehouse but to Nintendo as well. They already took the idea of squads from Langrisser, so why not? if you ask me, I see it as an advance wars mechanic and nothing else.
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'd argue that even if fates was properly localised, it wouldn't have done justice to the plot. Anyways, they localised Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and apart of censoring, nothing seems bad within the localization.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Why are you guys scared of treehouse localizing the game? Do you realize that treehouse has been Nintendo in house localization for like since NoA started or atleast during the GameCube era? God man, why does everyone hate treehouse?