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  1. Except the problem is that he's completely broken. He really doesn't need so much of buffness from his personal skill and his main weapon.
  2. And then...there's Pent.
  3. If they are fine, then why is there complaints about several units of this class being swordlocked and lack the 1-2 range attacks alongside their low movement?
  4. This doesn't make any sense..what does bad class have anything to do with the actual unit? By that logic, I can think of several good units that are under bad classes if that's the case. Like archers being the worst class before Gaiden/Echoes and yet you get Virion, Rebecca, Wil etc. Still don't get how that's a flaw with the unit/class but ok whatever.... Now I really don't care how bad Karel is..but the way you're saying the class is overall bad because of sword lock and lack of range is pretty unfair since you do get ranged units and again, as I said eariler..its SWORDMASTERS! Why oh why else would they be called that to begin with?!?!
  5. Swordmasters are the most favored for most like me. They are mostly reliable and sometimes aren't when it comes to units like Karla. But as the games go on, Swordmasters have still remained to be sword locked and not having ranged attacks as well as low movement...despite one unit fixing all of this making that unit overpowered as a result.... So what according to you needs swordmasters to improve?
  6. Except like that's the whole point of being a sword master? The class tends to have high skill and speed which means that they will often do critcs more frequently than other units even in FE7.Even if they don't have range attacks, they tend to avoid enemy attacks more frequently than most classes. Its just that FE games don't have much of ranged swords for sword users besides the Binding blade, Xander & Ryoma's main swords, Sol and Amatsu. Most swords like levin sword use magic rather than strength. I may be new to this but since Swordmasters are dodgers, I still don't see how being sword locked and having low movement makes Karel worse than Harken. The main problem that Roy has isn't because of him being swordlocked because you can use lancereavers and whatnot. Its his late promotion that's his big problem.
  7. So have the sales figures started showing up for this game?
  8. ...............................................................................................................................................Ok, I ought to shut up for a while
  9. For me Chrom, Lon'qu, Virion, Lyn, Hector, Legault, Matthew....ah so many to list.
  10. Never wanted to reveal where I'm born and live in but I guess its no use keeping it hidden.. I'm from India and I've been stuck here for 25 years. I was actually born in Bahrain in a hospital but then I moved to India. And no, I don't love my country at all.
  11. The actual topic is how Eliwood and others struggle to beat one dragon unlike Roy who easily kills them with the binding blade which I think is already answered.
  12. Its not just in FE7..its the class Swordmaster in general. Every single time a swordmaster is made, people often bash at their lack of ranged weapons or that they are stuck on foot and don't use horse. Ayra is criticized because of her low movement in holy war and the same goes for Rutger..you need to balance units right and me personally, I don't see how being sword locked and having low movement makes a unit that bad so long as their stats are solid.
  13. Uggh....I'm sick of this criticism of being sword locked. There's a reason why swordmasters are swordlocked..because they are swordmasters...they are suppose to master in swords so what do you expect? Is that the main reason why Karel isn't preferable? Because by that logic, Rutger is better than Dieck in so many ways despite Dieck being useful. .
  14. I feel a bit weird about this..... I mean I would love to play as the characters when it comes to the main games....but I feel that its really strange to play those same characters in worlds that they were never brought up....call me crazy but I just feel that its weird...
  15. @Slumber well...you'd still need to beat it to unlock lunatic+ though...but again, I don't consider myself THAT hardcore of a gamer. I just play it for fun. Maybe I'm scared of it because unlike fates, you can't change the difficulty settings here so again... To me, unless if its something like how FE7 did having new modes unlocked and what not, I don't really see the point of harder modes other than just going to hard mode over normal.