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  1. Um...we just had a remake of gaiden which was the most faithful remake of the original game. Heroes is not a game that appeals to any newcomer btw. Its just a way to market Fire Emblem brand itself better.
  2. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Worst lord, worst unit, what's the difference? In any case, I'll rephrase what I said that instead of him being worst unit, he's the worst lord. Since I got quoted here: I did give valid points but the thing is you made "excuses" for them. Me: Roy is bad because even with his early use, he can't grow further because he promotes late. You: Well that's np. Use stat boosters! Me: Roy has a shitty move in a game with long maps. You: You're exaggerating things here. Just give him boots to fix that! Me: He is swordlocked the entire time even after he promotes which means he'll have a hard time dealing with notorious lance units throughout. You: Well swords are the best weapon types in this game so that's a good thing man! Also I can't recall when I face that many lance users early on... Me: He is completely the most boring lord ever who just appears flawless. You: What do you expect man? He's the brainy dude so it makes sense for him to be like that. Also, look up his supports as they are good enough. Me: Roy is not balanced right. You: On Normal, he's not as bad as what everyone says but Hard mode is a different story(even though I didn't bother to play it on hard.) And it goes on and on and on..... For real now, I'm done here.
  3. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    I'm not going to argue any further. Its beating a dead horse. All I can say is that no matter how you slice it, he's bad nonetheless with his only purpose is to complete the entire game.
  4. Depends on the game. In the Archenea series, I think the White wing sisters have some of the best character designs. They may not be that bulky and their clothings don't look much but their colors are vibrant and that's what's appealing about them. Barst also has good design too with his blue hair and his masculine appearance being just as nice. But Astram from looks atleast is my absolute favorite. Blonde hair, properly designed shoulder pads and the only hero that has a GREEN shield! Then of course, my now favorite being Camus with is majestic appearance and his posture of holding the gradvius makes him look so badass. In FE2/FE15, Tobin and Kliff are the best. I like their faces and they have nice shoulder pads that are proportioned well enough. But really, its the actual artstyle that I like about them. In FE4, They are all nice though to be honest, I like the hair do a bit more than the overall design itself. This also applies for FE5 where portraits are better looking. FE6 has some weird art around. The art when comparing it to FE7 lacks some details here and there. Legault is a better looking thief than Astol and the same goes for Matthew being better looking than Chad. The only one that stands out to me are Rutger, Fir, Lillina, Ogier and Allen. Beyond that, FE7 has characters that are better designed. Raven, Lyn, Hector and Legault as well as matthew are the best character designs to me as I just like their appearance and their outfits. In FE13, Gotta go with Virion, Chrom and Lon'qu. FE14 suffers the same fate as FE6. awkward designs here and there that make their appearance underwhelming. Only ones that stand out to me are the Nohrian royals, Hana, Oboro, Keaton, Selena and Laslow.
  5. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Not to me it isn't. I was referring to how she doesn't have to be used after 14. She is bad no doubt in that but at least she is not required to use unlike Roy and for those who want to use her, she can be decent at best. When you play Fe you want units whom you can rely on for the entire time and not the opposite and Roy is unreliable throughout. Technically yes. Be great full that you don't have to use fae all the damn time instead of just one chapter she for some reason is forced in. As slumber has stated already, Roy is not a dodgetank so he is not going to get anywhere near those balistae or bolting mages for that matter. The rapier he had is not enough to kill a general on a 0 percent growth run not is it even sufficient to chip damage at. And it is fine to bash at him because he isn't properly balanced for what he is suppose to do. I would be fine if you have units who are balanced better than Roy and just take Roy to safety but even that is not possible because of all the units the game gives you, 14 of them are required, the rest can be skipped. Let's look at his strong points Raiper basically acts like an iron sword with only slight changes in critical rate. It's only useful early on and after that, major chunk of units will be wyverns. The affinity. It's a good one but the problem is that supports take too damn long and his only viable options are lillina and Allen/Lance because those Cavs are solid units and lillina is the fastest support that he has. It still isn't going to make him Dodge more or hit more. Armagon please your favouritism isn't doing much to defend his utility.
  6. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    It means you don't have to use Sophia one bit after chapter 14. But in Roy's case, he's forced throughout the entire game. Sure it isn't. As long as you give that boots to a good flier, its not that hard...or is it? After all, that IS the main issue with chapter 14. Doing so much with so little time. If his growth rates are good, he doesn't need much of stat boosters. The only one that he needs is probably a talisman and an angelic robe but since stat boosters are scarce unless you go to secret shops and do some arena abuse, you are better off using them on someone who NEEDS them. That's not how FE6 cast works. The reason that there is such a large cast is so that the player doesn't end up in an unwinnable situation. Even if Rutger is killed, Fir is a good replacement of him. Same goes for Ogier and Dieck, Percival and Allance, Saul and Niime. So if for some reason a player finds Ellen a pain to deal with, they can use Saul who is a better staff bot and if he gets killed, Niime can fill over his place. Its a choice to make but if the choice is chosen, the game has to be balanced for that and unfortunately, it isn't. As for stat boosters, go arena abuse and do whatever the hell you want just to buff him because no one but you would even bother doing it. Of course I'm bashing him because he has literally no reason to be even useful besides seizing every throne and defeating the final boss. Early game has touch lancers around, chapter 9 may be kind to him but you're better off training Fir instead because she can do better than him and again...that horrible move he's stuck with throughout. Atleast Lyn is fine because you don't NEED to use her but Roy is NEEDED THE ENTIRE TIME! Why can't you accept that simple fact. It doesn't matter how good of a character he is in the long run. It doesn't matter that he has a good affinity, it doesn't matter that he has huge supports and it also doesn't matter that he has rapier exclusivity either. Roy can never grow further no matter what nor is it even worthwhile to do so until the very end which is a pain in the ass. Chapter 7 comes in mind as well as three and four. There are still a couple of strong lance users out there throughout the entire game. But I have an idea, why not play the game again to see it yourself?
  7. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Saying she's worse because she comes late and that she is not required is odd because I can say the same thing for Lyn not being required for the entire game even if she is forced to cost a unit slot. Also, yeah she's needed but in that one chapter she starts with, its pretty doable to keep her alive. Its the crappy lord who has to be sent all the way to the damn throne room in due time which is the real deal. That full 20 level ups aren't going to save him as his stats will start to stagnate during mid game especially the fact that there are too many lance units that he has to deal with. Till then, he can't grow any further except when using stat boosters which you rather should use on someone who needs them unlike Roy. If at all she isn't good, she can atleast be good as a healer incase players lose units. Remember that there are people who can accept permadeath and move on. The issue is using that to counter argue with the game's balance. If on normal everyone can be used, then the game is considered balanced according to you because you and others are trying to defend Roy's lack of utility to the extreme so that he appears decent when in reality, he's a pain to deal with throughout the entire game. Issue isn't with hit rates. Its to do with weapon triangle disadvantage which sword users can have problems to deal with since this game has a notorious amount of lance enemies around.
  8. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Of course I can. Sophia isn't forced to be used except to get one free guilding ring and that only appears in the chapter she starts with. Roy on the other hand is forced throughout the entire game. Also, he promotes late unlike Sophia who can promote early. availability wise, Roy is obviously the best but that doesn't mean a thing if he doesn't have any more room for growth till his promotion starts. Sophia atleast acts like an est in that when you train her well, she can be a solid unit but that is just too hard to do and not worth the effort. Also, she has more than one weapon type unlike Roy who is swordlocked the entire game. There's that topic again that normal units are fine but hard they aren't. Its getting sick to deal with that kind of crap which is only proving the point that the game has unit balance issues. And no, Roy can't do that well till chapter 14 because again, swordlocked and low move are still apparent and don't give me that crap about giving boots to him because there are other units that can do better with it like Rutger or Dieck. Just because he's easier to deal with on normal doesn't mean that he's tolerable even in tricky situations. You like the character and that's fine but you just have to accept that he's not a good unit until endgame.
  9. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    How so? That's a mediocre level and in Roy's case, he is way below that level. I get that Roy is a good leader but saying that he isn't the worst unit is completely ignoring all the issues he has in the first place for a unit that is required the whole time. And I didn't dismiss them. All I did was giving my hypothesis on the topic of resolve that's it. @Glaceon Mage For the record, I did beat at least fe12 and I can say that Marth expressed more in the plot compared to the originals where Marth had to be taught nearly everything.
  10. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Then by that logic, good luck finding an RPG that has a solid gameplay because about 80% of RPGs have shallow gameplay but great stories. I will agree that Conquest has the best gameplay but unfortunately, it is stuck as a fates title which means it ends up with a bad written plot as much as I hate to say it. Nintendo doesn't often do story written games that much and to see SoV's attempt at it is admirable to me. Personally, I love the dungeon crawling and the timewheel that this game did and I just like the gameplay like every other FE there. It could be better sure but its faithful and the fact that it does good voice acting just makes me like the game better. Also, you're forgetting that SoV is more of an RPG and less of Strategy because otherwise, they would have polished the maps. I honestly couldn't care much about map designs for some reason. So long as I'm able to enjoy a strategy game for what it has to offer, I'm fine with it. I didn't like Birthright because of its bland maps. Its because its too damn easy from the start to the get go.
  11. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    I get that you want to correct people but must you always paste a link to a google meaning here? You are making it sound like a lot of the people here are not so good vocabulary wise. Just put a link instead... It saves pages... Anyways, saying that he's far from the best and then saying that he's not that bad sounds like favouritism. Roy may be the best leader IS has ever thought of in terms of brain power(which I disagree because I think Marth does it better atleast in FE12 and 11) but that doesn't mean shit if he can't even do shit right so he sucks nonetheless. Where did he make a wrong decision here? Just curious.
  12. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Funny because when I said that he's a bad unit, you just defended him saying that he's only bad at mid game instead of being bad throughout. Are you finally accepting that people don't like to use him? Anyways, I think he meant it interms of gameplay. While story wise he does something, in gameplay wise, he's practically not doing it. He can't beat the general that held Lillina captive because he's too weak to even kill him essentially requiring someone like DIeck to kill him instead. He can't rush all the way to the throne in chapter 14 because of his poor move requiring a flier to aid him. And while he can fare well against Zephiel if done right, its still not worth wasting the binding blade at him because he needs it to beat the final boss. He is practically hopeless in gameplay wise because his character is done in a manner that makes him a pain in the butt to deal with. Other lords have always practically been able to do what they claim to do story wise such as Lyn being able to defeat and kill Lundgren story and gameplay wise for example. You could argue and say that Roy is the actual player and the player is suppose to guide him because the lord is the player but that doesn't mean a thing if the player cannot accept Roy for what he is and he is a horrible unit in the end.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Well there are a lot like me who like the gameplay for what it is. Just because reddit says the gameplay is bad doesn't mean that its a thrash game and just because I have issues enjoying FE6 the way it is doesn't mean its thrash either. The fact that the Story and the writing is well crafted...something Fates wishes that it can do, that alone means that its solid enough. Since when was the last time we have ever had good writing in an FE game? And who said Sov isn't liked? Even the top comments from reddit were praising the game so much so that it deserves a good rating. Honestly, I think its better than even Birthright. As for an FE4 remake, I won't have high hopes for it to happen because inorder for that to happen, FE needs to do more than what it is doing right now which can take a long way to go.
  14. My Cuphead Impressions

    I could have said that but I didn't want to spoil that much. But since you asked.... Then in that case, balance the game better. And as @NinjaMonkey stated, simple mode doesn't give you the contracts that you need to beat the game so the simple mode is in itself almost worthless. Also, just defending the fact that the game was going to have bosses only is odd because otherwise, why did they decided to add run and gun levels later on? Because they knew that there wasn't enough variety within the bosses themselves. Speaking of which, I think I need to elaborate on the bosses on why they are boring and repetitive. Normally, when facing a boss, it is to test your skills from the previous levels that you have progressed on but since this game straight away goes to the boss, it leaves a lot of missed potential to utilise the environment that the world is in. Like there's no world here based on ice nor is there a boss based on ice for some reason. And repetitive? You are just shooting at the boss rapidly mostly waiting for him/her to attack you, they do it and you dodge it and its rinse and repeat. Few bosses like King Dice didn't always do this so that's my point. Let's put it this way. The devil is at the top of you and you can do the spread on top of him. But the spread doesn't fully damage him so you need to jump up and shoot so that all the bullets hit him which somehow deals more damage which is very odd. Why not just upgrade the spread instead? And swapping powerups...I was referring to swapping rapidly like how this guy does it. Ah I fixed that, thanks! The issue with the boss rush is the lack of collectables that are there unlike in levels where there are stuff to get. You can't just have stuff to collect on a boss rush because its too messy to deal with. I'm sure no one else is going to bother getting all 3 perrys for each and every boss because they are just not worth getting most of the time.
  15. My Cuphead Impressions

    My overall impressions on Cuphead. I found the experience in Cuphead overall boring and often repetitive. While the bosses are cleverly designed, they aren't that much different to one another as they all pretty much do the same thing which is to send tons of bullets around you or simply just charge at you and don't do so much of uniqueness. The only bosses that are unique are Cala Maria, Dr. Kahl's Robot and King Dice because they do something different unlike the majority of the bosses. Speaking of which, why is this more of a boss rush game instead of having more levels? Lots of run and gun games have levels first and then bosses like Earthworm Jim, Contra, Gunstar Heroes and many others and all this game does is just face bosses for like 95% of the time. Levels help broaden the worlds and add variety in them. Just getting straight to the bosses isn't balancing the game's pace properly because not only do some of these bosses have random attacks but they also don't warn the player enough to avoid this and that of their attacks and the only ones who do that are the first few bosses in world 1 and that's that. This is one of the reasons why the game feels very repetitive because you are just often shooting straight at the bosses and then dodging them, rinse and repeat. It also doesn't help that most powerups aren't helpful at all and even then, are somehow weaker than what basic weapon you are stuck with once. There's no way to upgrade your powerups meaning that you are forced to do tricks to make full use of them. For example, jumping up and shooting the spread is more useful than just shooting the spread up when shooting a boss from the top or constantly swapping between powerups to deal more damage towards bosses. On top of all this, there are lack of collectables to get even in the run and gun levels. The only ones you get are coins which are needed to buy weapons but that's about it. Something like concept art or different costumes could have sufficed to add more replay value to the game. As for the art itself...I will admit and say now that it is very well done. Not only is the entire game hand drawn but it manages to replicate the original look and feel of animation that is done in the early 1930's such as the constant screen tearing that existed back then during filming and the colour of the pictures originally being washed up instead of today's shows having brighter colors. Every single character(except Cuphead and Mugman) is completely whimsical and have their certain charm to them. That being said, there are some minor issues with them. Cutscenes are not animated and the main characters are just straight rip offs of Mickey Mouse with the only difference being their heads designed like cups even Felix has original character design( If you ask me, Felix>>>>>>>Mickey Mouse!). Now I can understand that they had issues during development so I can get why they couldn't have cutscenes animated but the lack of originality of the main heroes? Even the bosses have more originality compared to the heroes. The music also has some issues. Most of them sound similar to one another. World 2's theme plays similarly than world 1's theme only with slight differences and the same goes for the bosses as well. However, the overall quality like the art is well done. My personal favourite song is Mr. King Dice. Lots of jazzy moments and again manages to emulate the sound of the original animation in the early 30's. And finally for the difficulty......honestly, its not hard. Granted, some bosses are very infuriating but for the most part, you are not severely punished facing them. Since bosses have progress bars instead of the health bar, it may seem like you are not getting anywhere at first but it is doable with the right equipment in hand. The game encourages you to try out various weapon types so you can always experiment. And besides, you can always choose the simple mode if all else fails but you can't do this for the last two bosses for some reason. However....if you decide to 100% the game(which I didn't bother btw), you be prepared for the most frustrating experience ever in your life. Getting a perfect S in regular and hard mode is downright ludicrous and the same goes for being a pacifist in the run and gun levels. If at all you do this, I seriously hope you are doing it just for bragging rights because otherwise, the rewards that you get are very underwhelming with only two visual modes and that's about it. In the end, its alright but could have been better. Hopefully the sequel fixes the issues that I have with the first one as do most others especially the difficulty and adding more variety such as more levels.