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  1. Favorite gaming series

    You're a huge Sonic fan?!?!?!? Anyways for my list Game franchises that are my absolute favourites ever! 1. Super Mario and Mario games in general: The Super Mario games are a lot of fun to play and are my most favourite platform games. Has amazing short levels, powerups are fun to use and I just love the Mario worlds and characters a lot as they are so memorable and very imaginative. My all time favourite franchise in the end and I am most likely gonna get Super Mario Odyssey. Oh by the way, the Wario series counts since it technically takes place within the Mario universe. 2. Fire Emblem: When I played Awakening for the first time, I got hooked with the characters and the gameplay. Its now ended up being my favourite RPG series and is honestly the best Tactical RPG series that beats other TRPGs imo. 3. Legend of Zelda: I like the overall series a lot. While I will probably never get the sequel to Phantom Hourglass or Link's Awakening, I still like the other Zelda games enough for me to get the latest ones including Botw. Cryptic puzzles that will strain your brains out, creative worlds and a quest to fulfilll. 4. Kirby: Kirby is also pretty cool with lots of copy abilities and simple to play levels that don't really need a lot of thought unless you want to 100% them. My most favourite is Canvas Curse. 5. Pokemon: I can't seem to really put my finger on it. Not sure if its nostalgia or if I got into the Pokemon anime but for the life of me, I just love Pokemon one way or another. I guess its the Pokemon that I love the best and plus, the most easiest and accessible RPG in my experience which doesn't need so much like defeating bosses like Duma or something. 6. Rhythm Heaven: Now Rhythm Heaven needs a lot of love. I never got myself into rhythm games but Heaven made me get into them and I can't wait to get my hands on future games at this point. Each rhythm game is filled with lots of fun and catchy music. Overall, a solid series. Game Franchises that I'll pick up anyways despite them being...mixed 1. Sonic the Hedgehog: For some reason, Sonic just ends up being in a mixed bag. You have his classic trilogy, Advance trilogy, Dreamcast series, Sonic CD, Colors, Rush games, Generations, Mania, Game Gear games and even the Neo Geo Pocket game that all are consistently good and then you end up with the shitty games particularly Heroes, Adventure 1(outside of music), Sonic 06, Secret rings, Unleashed, Lost World and Boom of all things and of course the horrendous spin offs that no fan has asked for but SEGA does it anyways. I'd easily place him in fourth place and place Kirby over here but the problem is that Kirby as far as I can tell has consistently good games that outweigh the ones that Sonic is stuck with. Who knows? Maybe SEGA will finally come to their senses and just sell of the IP to Nintendo who can make better use of it. Atleast he admittedly has a great comic series and his games have some of the best music ever composed for whatever reason. I'll still stick with him but I'm more of a Mario fan than I am of a Sonic fan. 2. Ys: Ys is an interesting one. Its basically like Zelda only much harder. I am amazed with Ys overall quality of music and the gameplay is good overall. However, somethings like its art being nearly static, lack of any cutscene animations, pretty much stuck with chibi models of characters(in the top view games atleast) and mediocre localisation just make this here in the section of the list. I understand that Falcom isn't exactly like a lot of other devs that have the budget to do such things at this point but for some reason, Zelda doesn't do a whole lot of this and that does some things like good humor and characterization and for Ys, you get almost none of it besides the main characters and bad guys. Ys is good as of now but it still needs a lot of improvement for me to make it in my most top favourite. 3. Shantae: Shantae is...alright. I'll admit, Pirates Curse is her best outing as the gameplay is solid everywhere. But then Half genie hero showed up which.....ended up being disappointing. I'll still get into the series but for now, I only hope more content is added for Half Genie hero. 4. Mega Man: Mega Man.....how should I say this? His first three games are awesome with 2 and 3 being my most preferred ones. Thing is...it just started going downhill from 4 onwards. I'll admit that I haven't touched a good chunk of his games yet as I just only got the legacy collections 1 and 2 but for now, I'll get into 7, 8, 9 & 10 and see where that goes. Game Franchises that I will never touch again even after new games come out...sort of 1. Rayman: I will never play another Rayman game after the huge disappointment of Rayman Origins and Legends gave me. Rayman used to be awesome and I will still play the first two games in a heartbeat when I want to and heck even 3 is mostly fun when you think about it. Really it just got downhill when Origins showed up where he ends up acting all clumsy looking which the same goes for practically any character there and how unbalanced Origins and Legends are unlike the first two. Rayman 2 gave a lot of emotion but Origins and Legends practically destroyed it. Rayman's origins was supposed to be explained in origins but it was never shown and Legends was suppose to explain the legends of Rayman but that didn't happen. And neither of them have good endings that they were suppose to. I'm just not going to get into Rayman at this point..and even then, I'd probably have to deal with using Uplay in any case. 2. Professor Layton: Layton...what happened to you? You used to be awesome having the best games on the DS with the third being my most favourite and even Last Specter was kinda decent. Then you started going downfall with Miracle Mask and Azran Legacies whose plots range from mediocre to downright badly structured not to mention reusing the same puzzles like the previous games lot more despite having some new ones. Not only that but then you started going mobile where the spin off that's a simulation game and a game that stars your son? And now you have a game that stars your daughter(btw, how the hell did you end up getting kids in the first place?). Sorry man but you are just no longer a gentlemen and you have given nothing but disappointment to this fan here and I'm just going to ignore your future games until at some point you do get back to your roots.
  2. Best units to use on ranked runs?

    Oh so there are no particular units that are best for ranked runs then....oh well. Honestly, I don't know why I'm bothered with this. I just assumed that a ranked run is a lot harder to do than the actual hard modes with some saying that this x unit is worth using casual runs but not worth on ranked runs etc etc etc...
  3. As the title says, What are the units that are best used on ranked runs?
  4. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    My bad I guess. Still find it annoying though.
  5. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    Its still hard to deal with though. And the Quicksand ring is obscure to get it in that you need to play Ages first and then Seasons which in my case is the opposite.
  6. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    Vagullion from Ys I and II Chronicles This boss is practically based on luck 99% of the time. For starters, you need the silver sword to even chip him and even after maxing out to level 10, he's still difficult to deal with. All he does is simply turn into tons of bats and charge at you. Then at some point, he'll just turn back to himself and then clone into bats again. He does this so damn fast that its really hard to even get to chip him unless you got lucky. If he had a pattern of when he does this, this wouldn't be so hard but he does this very randomly that its even worse than the final boss. It is very hard to find out when he's going to charge at you and when he's going to turn back because those bats move very randomly. They sometimes spread and they sometimes join together. Some one at Falcom must have wanted the idea of having a mandatory item beat certain bosses like in Zelda and decided to do it here. But wait, let's make the boss do a move completely random. Let's make the player scream at the screen for a while even though this is the third boss in the game. Truly the worst boss ever in the whole of Ys series. I've seen footage of the Master System port and he somehow looks easier to deal with compared to here....wow. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Biolizard This boss sucks big time. First he'll come charging at you with its mouth and you have to keep running from it. Only problem is that there are two pits here that if you fall on them, you lose and you have to start over. Then he'll start wagging out his tail if you end up being further away from him and he'll rinse and repeat this until he begins to recharge after which you simply grind on his mouth and hit his top. Then he'll spit some balls after this part which aren't hard to dodge as long as you do the somersault properly. Once his health is low, he'll start creating balls so you have to homing attack them to hit the top of his back. Lastly you'll somehow end up in gravity dodging those incoming attacks hoping to reach the top to end it. The problem here is that its a very time consuming battle and its hard for a couple of reasons. The main one here are those pits which the game isn't generous to zoom out the camera for you for some reason(actually zooming out the camera would have made the boss tolerable to say the least). You don't want him to start wagging his tail or even get him close to you because if you get hit, there's a good chance that you'll fall into those pits. You're pretty much forced to use the sides of the floor so that you don't fall off easily since you build momentum when you run and in this case, you don't want that to happen. Getting an A rank is also tough here as well. Another one of those bosses that I hate. Thankfully, I managed to do both and while the reward you get is somewhat fulfilling, its still not enough to make me forget all the struggles I went through with this boss. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: Manhandla I consider Seasons harder than Ages due to a lot of bosses being hard. But this one is my most hated. Its a piranha plant in four and it randomly shoots fire balls. The problem is that the battle takes place in some form of desert meaning you have to use the feather here if you want to beat him. He takes way to long to get killed and again, the amount of times he shoots fireballs at you is just nuts. I don't know whether its my lack of skill to beat it or if I'm missing something here. But I just hate this boss because its the most time consuming. I'll come up with more later on.
  7. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Honestly, I think pre-promotes can be good if time is spent on them. The idea of a prepromote is to help players make the game in a winnable situation which is why FE tends to give you Gotoh units at the end if you somehow end up screwed. In that sense, they are totally handy and is actually good game balance imo. However, for hardcore, if they know what they are doing, they can just break the game pretty easily. Some FE games don't always give you replacement units when in time of need and even if they do, they can probably end up being worse than what you had earlier which is where I think FE7 gave you a lot of overpowered units to avoid that issue although Marcus doesn't need that level of buffness if you ask me.
  8. Does the Devil axe boost the axe rank faster?

    So in that case, who can really benefit from the devil axe usage? Raven probably won't need it that much unless you intend to do solo runs. Bartre is practically impossible to use it as he will get screwed easily....so who really benefits from it?
  9. Does the Devil axe boost the axe rank faster?

    If that's the case, then how does the devil axe work? Does it curse you with low or high luck?
  10. I hear that the devil axe usage helps to up the rank faster. Is this actually true?
  11. Depression

    Yeah I guess that's my only option...guess I'm on my own in this. Again, thanks for the advice.
  12. Depression

    Well in my place, most of the staff stick with parents due to pay being ludicrous. So Its not like I have an option to be on my own and if I do, its a hostel which for my work won't be efficient so I have to do someother type of job. But thanks for your concern. Maybe we can do PM talk if you want to.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Ok then fine, I'm not going to bother about FE6 anymore here. Even if people find things that I don't find them fine. That out of the way, Here's one that I don't get why a lot don't favour over.....pre-promotes. I mean I get that an unpromote can grow further being that they start off and they get promotion gains as well but a pre-promote just saves that amount of time spent on training said pre-promote. I mean, lets take someone like Camus and Matilda. If they both end up with similar stats, then how exactly is Matilda any better than Camus? and if at all Matilda dies, Camus can just fit that role nicely. Only difference is that he has slight stat differences and that's that. I don't know, that's just me I guess.
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    And even then, its not like the enemies are super strong so Leif won't face a lot of issues either way. @ChibiToastExplosion All I ever said that Roy is hard to deal with. Is that such a thing to not understand? And I like the game better now despite its glaring issues. I have nothing against the ones who like the game, I don't at all. Since the topic of Roy was brought up, all I did was just stated that he has issues regardless of whether you like him or not. I didn't even bash the game so much and if at all I did, its all counter attacked anyways like a billion times now.
  15. Depression

    I am seriously under huge depression. I never actually stated much of it though that 3DS thing depressed me for sometime and I outgrew that at some point. The main problem I have is dealing with my parents for the majority of the times. I got autism which basically means not understanding a lot of life or practically means lack of spirituality. throughout my 25 years of my life, I have been stuck with my parents always complaining and ranting towards me for one reason or the other. I got a job and despite that, they just force me to be stuck with them practically. Its ruining not just my lifestyle but also part of my freedom. These two just can't learn to start letting go. I have to go with them whenever they decide to go out to relatives and whatnot and while I'm least bothered about it now, the fact remains that they still do it when I don't even want to. To get what I want, I still have to force myself to ask them for that even though I got a job. Granted, in my place, pay is poor and all but the fact that for something so cheap has to be under their seal of approval is over stretching it. Currently, my grandma is stuck with me and she just doesn't let me get good sleep at nights making it practically impossible to get good sleep. I keep begging them to shift the bedroom to my room but they keep hesitating. My mom still thinks that if I can't put up with them, how can I possibly survive with others when I stay with them? Like what the hell does that suppose to mean? If you can't put up with people around you, you move elsewhere. On top of all this, I feel no accomplishment in whatever I do both during work and when coming back. Mom practically bugs me every single time and these two one way or another will shout so loud that its hard to surf around at the PC even. I want to go to therapy badly but mom just won't let me to. She wants me to lose weight and yet she's such a hypocrite that when I give her the best solutions, she says that its not needed(like a cycle from home to office since its distance is short or a trainer or some very intense diets). The same goes with my dad. Almost very short tempered a lot of the times, orders around easily which I don't like the tone and simply does nothing when simple solutions like fixing the door bathroom take like years for him to fix. Now to be fair, I do appreciate that they as of now have no issues in my desires...but that's not saying much because they make it sound like its a bad thing over and over again. I don't know what to do at this point. My original plan is to get work experience for atleast 3 more years and after that, talk over to them about me settling abroad in US or something. If that doesn't work out, I don't know what will.