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  1. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Yeah, the Github account was flagged for some reason, which hides it from public view. Who knew it'd be so easy to get a free private Github repo... Anyway, I've moved the repo and the tutorial over to Gitlab instead. The new public link to the repo is here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis You can read the tutorial here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/wikis/home
  2. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Version (0.8.9) of the Engine is out now. You can find it in the usual place. This is a small bug-fix update, so if everything is going well on your end, there is no pressing need to upgrade. I've played through BBHood217's The Raymond Chronicles, a complete game made using the Lex Talionis Engine. It's very impressive, and I'm proud someone else was able to use the Engine to create their own work! Check it out if you get the chance. What's New: Outstanding Bugs: Coming Soon™ Also, if anyone has a list of the conversions from Fire Emblem battle animation commands codes (like C5C) to actual sound along with the ripped sounds themselves for the FE8 exclusive sounds, please PM me. I'm missing all the combat sounds for FE8 and would like to rectify this. Thanks!
  3. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    That's awesome! I definitely want to try your game when you feel its polished and ready. I have a new version (0.8.8) of the Engine built and in the usual place. What's New: The prep screen bug and warlock Hex aura bug above are actually the same bug. This version should fix the bug. Units now automatically end their turn correctly when they Escape or Seize (no canto), so it should get rid of the weird effect of having a unit selected while in the "free" state. You can now play sounds during cutscenes using the "sound" command. For instance: "sound;Legendary Weapon" will play the Legendary Weapon sound on command once. It will not loop. The Engine looks for the sounds in the "Audio/sfx/" folder. I've added support for Fire weather to the Engine. The Level Editor has not been updated to support this, so you'll have to modify the "overview.txt" file manually. If there is no "weather" line in the "overview.txt" for the level, add a line like this one: "weather;Fire". Otherwise, modify the "weather" line. These manual changes will probably be overwritten if you then open the level editor for the level, so do this last. I've made it so all stats cannot go negative. The AI looks in a certain range around it for available attacks which is based off a summation of both weapon range and movement range. The -99 movement was overpowering the +1 or +2 look from weapon range. I just decided to make it so that all stats cannot go below 0. Hopefully this doesn't screw anything up. The trigger bugs still haven't been fixed. I am still in the process of testing the newest major release, since there are a lot of new features that have significantly changed the Engine innards.
  4. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    There is a "choice" command in the Engine -- added recently I think, so make sure you've got a version like 0.8.4+. You could do something like: u;Renae;Left s;Renae;If you give me 10000 gold, I'll join your quest! if;gameStateObj.game_constants['money'] >= 10000 choice;recruit_renae;Give Renae 10000 gold?;Yes,No if;gameStateObj.game_constants['recruit_renae'] == 'Yes' # Renae joins your team convert;Renae;player inc_game_constant;money;-10000 s;Renae;This is the beginning of a very lucrative relationship! else s;Renae;Hmmph! Your loss! end else s;Renae;What! You don't have 10000 gold? Then, goodbye! end r;Renae I confirmed that this works in my current debug version of the Engine. Try it out on your end.
  5. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Try this? if;not any(unit.team == 'player' and unit.position for unit in gameStateObj.allunits) It'll check if there are any player units with a position, which seems to be what you want.
  6. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Sorry about that. There's something screwy with using move triggers in the main branch. I think I've fixed it in my next major update branch. Unfortunately, it required a major overhaul of the trigger code, which intersects with other changes I've made, so I can't easily add back the changes to the main branch. In the meantime, as you've done, you can use the "move_unit" command, which should work just fine, though it is a bit clumsy in comparison to triggers. I didn't have triggers when I created The Lion Throne, so its definitely possible to just use "add_unit" and "move_unit" for everything if triggers fail.
  7. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Thanks for the bug reports! (1) I've fixed the feat menu bug. (2) Promotions don't care about the animation toggle and will attempt to use them whether or not combat animations are available. However, I've fixed the error you're describing from occurring. Now if the right combat animations are not available, it should still promote the unit, just without showing the promotion animation. (3) I've added a new optional parameter to the constants.ini file: music_promotion. So you can put something like "music_promotion=Greensleeves" if you like. If you don't fill this out, the music will not change. (4) I've fixed the status section of the InfoMenu -- it now displays the status's names like the class skills section. (5) I checked all the Data documents too and I didn't see it either. He has a lot of abilities, like +5 to all stats and status resistance/reflection, which ends up sort of accomplishing the same thing. Maybe you got it confused? But I could have forgotten having it in there at one time myself... *shrug* I've got a new build 0.8.7 with these changes up at the usual place. :(. She normally turns out pretty decent for me; well, at least not the worst playable character in the game. I normally try and feed her the wagons in her join chapter.
  8. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Don't do that! No but seriously -- sorry about the bug. Change your text speed (in the Options Menu) to anything but the maximum and your problem should go away. I'll add that to the list of fixes that need to be made. Thanks for the bug report.
  9. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Impressive! While custom combat animations are very time-consuming, implementing basic palette swaps of the default combat animations is not so hard. Unfortunately, no screenshot button; I normally just use alt-printscreen to grab the current window and then paste into Paint to save. It's definitely something I could add -- in fact, the Engine already has the functionality, I would just need to bind it to a key. So which key makes sense? And then decide where to put the screenshots? Maybe a Screenshot folder at the toplevel directory? Attached is my original chapter title image that I used to use from many years ago. It is the FE7 one. If you have new Lion Throne map sprites, I'd like to see them -- and with your permission I'd add them to the Engine repository.
  10. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Thanks for the report. I've fixed the issues but there's no new build since they're so minor. The Lion Throne was an unholy hodgepodge of FE7 and FE8 style UI. In the latest couple of 0.8.x updates I tried to change everything to FE8 style. I felt it would look better to have everything be consistent and I preferred FE8's style over FE7's style. I imagine it's possible to switch most of the UI back to FE7's style without touching the codebase... You can find most of the UI menu templates in /Sprites/General/MenuBackgrounds/. Unfortunately, it would be quite the endeavour -- so I don't recommend it. Sorry about that -- If you have finalized a game using the Lex Talionis Engine and really want to use a different UI, I can help you out then.
  11. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Just re-download the game. You can move your Saves from the old folder to the new one and then delete the old one. I update the download link periodically whenever there's enough minor changes. Same with the Level Editor, although it has not been updated since. I'll probably announce the next major update here when its ready, so you'll know when that drops. If you're updating from 0.8.0 to 0.8.3 and are keeping your Data folder around (since maybe you made changes), there's two files in Data/ that have changed: status.xml and difficulty_modes.xml. You have to use the new version of these files as base if you don't want the engine to crash.
  12. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Grab the new status.xml from the github. https://github.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/blob/master/Data/status.xml I changed the way Metamagic works so you'll need the new metamagic statuses
  13. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    I think you must still be using the old difficulty_modes.xml file. Grab the current one from the repo instead and replace it. I added a new color attribute to each mode so you can define the color in the main menu. Here: https://github.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/blob/master/Data/difficulty_modes.xml Yes. You can add and load them just fine in the next one. Apparently a bug, since that shouldn't have happened. I'm looking into it. Yes. That should already be in. Each class (in class_info.xml) has a <promotion> tag. Look at any tier 2 class for an example. Just set the one for Great Knight differently then the one for General. However, if you wanted two tier 1 classes to promote into the same tier 2 class with different promotion gains, that is not possible. Negative stats on promotion should also work, but again, not based on what class the unit originally came from. So Sacred Stones style class tree is possible, but I'm not sure FE Fates style is possible. Maybe you could create an identical tier 2 class with the same stats, long_name, etc. but just change their id and promotion gains, and have one for each tier 1 class that it could come from, but I've never tried.
  14. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    You can definitely play through a few chapters with one group of characters, and then play through a few more chapters with another group of characters. I should add a guide to the wiki on how to do this, since I've gotten this question more than once. But simply put, you can just add different units in on each level, and it will only load the units you ask it to, UNLESS you use the "load from last save" checkbox (and arrange_formation) or you allow the player to Pick Units. If you want to prevent the player from using a certain set of units, but still want the player to be able to Pick Units, it's a bit overly complex, but it should work. 1) At the beginning of the level, mark all units in the player's party that you don't want to use by killing them. Use the kill_unit;{unit's id} command. Make them dead. Pick Units does not allow the player to pick a dead unit. 2) Once the player is done Picking units, or done with the level, use resurrect_unit;{unit's id} to bring them back to life. 3) You'll also have to make sure that the game constant (Data/constants.ini) has a line convoy_on_death=0, so the units don't give the convoy their items while dead. It's sort of hacky but it works for now. Player units, and ONLY player units, are kept in your save files forever (Along with everything about them, stats, records, items, skills, etc.). So don't worry -- they won't be forgotten between levels. The "death cooldown", as you called it, is not intentional. I'll look into that. If you want only one difficulty mode, you should be able to just remove the others from difficulty_modes.xml. If you want to hardset Classic/Casual per difficulty mode, you can do that too in the difficulty_modes.xml. Just switch the "?" to whatever number is appropriate.
  15. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    I'm glad you've been enjoying working with the engine! I actually ran into this issue before -- someone else who has been creating a game using the engine ran into this issue as well maybe a couple of months ago. I believe you are using an older version of the Engine. The issue is my fault -- I hadn't tested the pick units code thoroughly. The current version 0.8.3 (uploaded today) has that bug fixed (along with a host of others). If you download the new version you can replace the Data/ directory that comes with the Engine with your current Data/ directory and be on your way. If you have any trouble, feel free to PM me. The same goes for anyone who's working with the Engine. Feel free to PM me here or on Discord -- my id is rainlash #2111.