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  1. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Hmmm... I'm sorry that happened. You must have chosen Random or Hybrid at the beginning, and that soldier must have gotten some exceptionally bad level-ups (I honestly didn't realize it was possible; The soldier needs to not get a single DEF level (40%) and not get more than one SPD level (60%) in four level-ups) Anyway, you should be able to load up that turn again. Navigate to Options and turn off DISPLAY HINTS. This way you won't be forced into trying to attack a non-existent entity. Alternatively, you can restart the level until the Soldier gets a better level-up. Sorry I'm not more help. Thanks for telling me about the issue. It will be solved in the next release. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. On the topic of another game, I'm not really sure... I'm only one person and making this was a vast undertaking. I've got some ideas for another floating around, but with writing a whole new script, making character sprites for every character, level design, and then all the testing (which I'm obviously not perfect at)... It'd be a lot of work. We'll see what the future brings.
  2. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Hey! I assume you looked at the Wiki on the Lex Talionis Github page? The next release (v0.8.0) for this project includes a lot of small changes (critical animations, yay!) and one big change, the Level Editor, which should help people create their own levels. But I'm not quite done testing yet. There are probably still a couple of bugs lurking in the Level Editor code, and the tutorial has not been cleaned up for readability. I don't have a date for when the next update will be released (definitely by the end of June though). However, if you really want access to the current version of the Level Editor, there is one way to get it. I give no guarantee that the code is bugfree. By the end of June I should have a better method (I plan on compiling it and distributing it as an executable just like I did with the The Lion Throne proper). If you do follow this method and run into any snags or bugs, please PM me here.
  3. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Fixed. Thanks! If you don't want to re-download -- the fix is localized to one data file. If you replace your Data/status.xml with https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/master/Data/status.xml that weird effect will go away. You can right-click that page and then click "Save As" to get a copy of the updated file. Or you can just re-download -- whatever's easiest.
  4. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Thanks for the report. A new build with this fixed will be up soon. If you don't want to download all those megabytes again, its a real quick fix on your end. I forgot to give Female Oracles the script for their Dark Magic animation. You can add one yourself easily. If you go to Data/Animations/Oracle/, there is a file called "Oracle5-MagicLight-Script.txt". Copy it, and name the copy "Oracle5-MagicDark-Script.txt". That's it. Now Prim will have a Dark Magic animation. You should be able to load from the last turn change with Continue in the Main Menu.
  5. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Yes. This has been fixed. The issues with Nyx Ward and Sandblast + Evasion has also been fixed in the last ten minutes. Thanks for the bug report! You will need to copy over your Saves folder to the new directory when you download it. You can also copy your Data/config.ini file over if you made any changes in the Options Menu. I recommend fixed growth because you don't get too many characters in this game. There are few-to-no replacements for some roles if one turns out poorly. So it's only been tested on fixed. However, don't let that stop you if its more fun for you to have it truly random! There are several stat up items, and each character has at least three Feat skill choices (which lets you choose a stat buff) at levels 8, 13, and 18. Hybrid growth works kind of like Radiant Dawn's bonus exp system. In Radiant Dawn, it would choose 3 stats to level up, where the chance for any individual stat was dependent on its growth rate in comparison to that character's other growth rates. Hybrid works like that, except it chooses (Total Growth Rate/100) stats to level up. So you will never get those empty level ups, but which stats level up is still random.
  6. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    This should be fixed. If you moved really fast in the Info Menu while pressing the R or B button, two mutually exclusive actions could occur at the same time, causing a crash. The newest upload fixes this. It also fixes text speed. Text speed now matches the other speed options.
  7. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    This and several other bugs not mentioned here have been fixed in the latest update (v0.7.3). Thanks to everyone who's reported bugs!
  8. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Here's a link to the simple text file I used to keep track of every item that the player gets in the game. You can just CTRL-F for "Ruin" or "Chest" to find what you are looking for. https://github.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/blob/master/Utilities/Info/ItemDrops.txt
  9. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it! You can find the growth rates for all your units by pressing the SELECT button (default: X) on the R-button Info Menu. Choosing a favorite character is difficult -- each is special in their own way. A lot of people have told me they like Nia, both mechanically and aesthetically. My major future plans are: To finish writing and testing the level editor. Write a tutorial on how to develop your own levels and game using the Lex Talionis Engine. Get the Engine running on an Android device. I've managed to get it to show up on an Android Emulator, but it ran slow on the emulator and I don't have an Android to test on.
  10. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Fixed. The fix has been uploaded to the Dropbox! Thank you! Just download the new version and move your Saves folder from the old one to the new one. After you've confirmed that you've moved the Saves folder (try loading your save in the new version), you can delete the old version. If you prefer not to switch to the new version right away, in the old version, the bug only occurs when you promote a unit using a magic weapon after a combat with Animation turned on. So you can turn off animations until everyone promotes, or you can remember to toggle all animations when a unit is nearing promotion. You can hold AUX (defaults to A key) before combat starts to toggle animation.
  11. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    It's a Christmas Miracle! Version 0.7 of The Lion Throne is out now. The OP has been updated with the download link. Also, you can download it here Full Combat Animations It's a long time coming folks, but Full Combat Animations are now supported! Full Combat Animations took up the bulk of my time on this project, but there are other improvements as well. If you care, they can be found in the spoiler tags below. Major Feature Updates: Full Combat Animations: Animation option in the Options Menu now works (can change between Always, Your Turn, Combat Only, and Never for Full Animations). You can press whatever your AUX key is mapped to (default: a) to toggle Full Animation. You can press whatever your START key is mapped to (default: s) to speed up Full Animation. Missing several animations: Better debugging information: Game now pauses for 20 seconds after crashing. Take a screenshot! Detailed error logs are output to the terminal and saved in debug.log.1. Unit Menu (relatively untested since I never use it) (but its there) Promotion Animations Also added in promotion choices (so you can select between two different options a la Sacred Stones). This is not utilized by The Lion Throne A few caveats before you venture forth: As always, I am only one man and cannot find every bug in this behemoth of a codebase. Even while finishing testing I was still finding bugs here and there. So if you encounter a bug, please send me a PM or comment here. Also attach your Saves/debug.log.1 if you can, since it has useful information that will help me find the bug and squash it. You cannot use the saves you have from previous versions. It will break. Don't do it. You must start a new game. Really. What's Next? I plan to write a tutorial on how to create your own custom scenarios and fangames using the Lex Talionis engine. Accompanying this will be a graphical Level Editor to make developing individual chapters easy and fluid. Also, if anyone has any Android development experience and owns an Android device, I would be interested in talking to them about porting this to Android. PM me. Thank you!
  12. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Fixed. Thanks for the report! Enigami, glad to hear you like the game. It's always interesting to see how others approach these maps. For instance, even though I've played through Chapter 4 nearly 20 times at this point, my normal strategy for Chapter 4 is very different than yours. However, I think yours is actually better. I don't always 100% the level. For anyone who's played through Chapter 4 (the Chapter with the caravans), do you feel that it is at an appropriate level of challenge? One of my goals for this game was to have an actual difficulty curve, where later levels are more difficult and/or more complex than earlier levels. But, is Chapter 4 too much of a jump in difficulty from Chapter 3?
  13. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Too long. For real though, like 3 years. I learned how to code in Python writing this engine, and there were a lot of starts and stops. Originally the game was a much bigger project (like 20+ chapters). This version of the game though has only been worked on since last summer.
  14. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    These should be fixed. Thank you! Except I could not figure out how Joel's tutorial managed to crash the game. If anyone else encounters this problem, please let me know. To use the fixed executable with your current saves, download the new executable (the Download button above always has the latest build). Now, just move the entire Saves folder in the main directory of the old executable to the new executable's location. Essentially, overwrite the new executable's empty Saves folder with your Saves folder. Your current saves should appear when you fire up the new executable. You can delete the old files now if you want.
  15. Download (Windows v0.7) (un-zip and then double-click lion_throne.exe file) A fully custom and open-source Fire Emblem fangame https://github.com/rainlash/lex-talionis Summary The Lion Throne has 11 chapters of innovative objectives, custom classes, a fully functioning custom skill system with activated skills, a Tellius-style base menu, area-of-effect spells, an actual difficulty curve, Xbox 360 controller support, and much more! Journey with Ophie, Prim and the rest of the Resistance as they attempt to restore the rightful heir of the Lion Throne to her place. Their fate is in your hands. What's next? Level Editor and Tutorial Access to a Mac machine to build a Mac executable. Access to a Linux machine to build a Linux executable Access to an Android device to finalize Android version Both the engine and the game (while essentially complete) are still in Alpha, so you may encounter bugs. I am only one man and cannot catch 'em all. Tread carefully! If you do encounter any bugs, please send me a PM or place a comment here describing the events that led up to the bug, so I may squash it as soon as possible. The file Saves/debug.log.1 will have the most recent error in it. Please send that as well if you can. Thank you!