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  1. "Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!" (pls get me a dupe Fjorm)
  2. To preface these questions, I've not been watching the streams since I want to avoid spoilers, so I don't know where you are in the game, but here we go: 1) How's the difficulty curve in Warriors - Do you feel like you're being challenged enough, and how does the game do this? 2) Is performance consistent? Obviously Warriors comes with two modes, one being 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps. What I most want to know is if the game sticks to these specs. 3) Who would be your top pick for DLC (again, please no spoilers for the base roster)? 4) How long does a gameplay session last in terms of completing a map - is it conducive to portable play?
  3. Alex's Art Assemblage!

    A commission for an album cover I received via Reddit. I worked on this on and off throughout March. Probably the most fun thing on this was designing the armour. I was told to do something "cyberpunk samurai", but other than that I had free reign. As you can see, inspiration is taken from Ryoma's armour (the armour I drew was originally blue, but the commissioner request it be red instead). Speaking of commissions, they're now reopen until April 21st! More info can be found in the link in my description.
  4. I'm almost afraid to ask, but does Anna show up? Even as an NPC? I need some sweet Anna Hidari art. ;^;
  5. Nintendo JP sources can no longer be trusted. No one is safe.
  6. Amazon UK is back again.
  7. Hate to bump, but Amazon UK seems to be back up and I want to make sure people know. Get it while it's hot!
  8. Alex's Art Assemblage!

    So I put in an entry for the #CrashIdleContest yesterday. If you guys like it and want to support me, then please RT this. It's not how they're judging the contest, but if it gets enough positive reception, I hope it'll be considered favourably in the decision.
  9. Battle Skills

    Definitely a nice change of pace, and I'm hoping this allows skills to be used without relying on TEC or LUCK, which would really give things a breath of fresh air.
  10. Didn't you know? Garon is the real big bad of Gaiden.
  11. Amazon UK preorders are back @VincentASM EDIT: Aaaaaand they're gone again. Hope you managed to get it, Vincent...
  12. What would YOU have done for Spring Festival?

    Exactly, because they're newest. Nintendo wants to market their most recent games to potential customers.
  13. What would YOU have done for Spring Festival?

    You ever wondered why the majority of Heroes characters are from 3DS games?
  14. What would YOU have done for Spring Festival?

    Er, wut? It's precisely the opposite. Video games are supposed to be fun to get people to buy them. No matter how much Nintendo tells you they are all about bringing fun to the masses, at the end of the day they are a company that needs to make money to continue to exist. First and foremost, Heroes is a marketing machine, with the appeal of getting one's favourite characters being just another aspect of getting players to spend orbs. Why do you think things like Rarity exist in the game? From the player's perspective, yeah, they're playing the game because it's fun or they want to roll their favourite characters, but Nintendo wouldn't put out a game like this unless they can gain from it, which is what they are doing with Bonus Heroes and Event Heroes. If the Bonus Heroes in the Arena always stayed the same, what'd be the point in rolling for more?
  15. What would YOU have done for Spring Festival?

    While I agree that the Easter characters shouldn't be Arena Bonuses, you're kind of missing the point of Gachapon here. Heroes is basically a marketing machine. The whole point of Bonus Heroes is to entice players to buy Orbs to roll so the game can continue to be profitable. If getting Focus Heroes wasn't rewarding for players, there'd be little point in getting characters other than your favourites.