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  1. I mean I didn't dislike; maybe it's because I'm really into film (studying it), so full voice isn't a novel concept to me (or to be impressed by pretty presentation when there is not more to it; my thoughts on Echoes presentation). I don't think it's any better or worse than Awakening or Fates; it easily wins most voice acting in a Fire Emblem game. I didn't like the quips when you gave them food they didn't like; my thought was, "bitch I can give this to one of those poor people who are hungry if you are going to act like that".
  2. Damage skills like Iceberg & Bonfire (50% seems more reasonable in the main line games than 80%) I would be interested in seeing how Fire Sweep weapons will play in the main line games Wings of Mercy
  3. Have you made it to the post game?

    I had Alm get unlucky and died in the last chapter during the summer; it's winter and haven't put the game in my 2DS since then; I don't even have the desire to.
  4. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    In Game: Delthea, Amelia, Tana, Eldigan, Deirdre, Sonya, Saber, Leon, Lyn, Minerva, Hinoka, Young Tiki, Sigurd, Lute. Not in Game: Kaze, Natasha, Dorothy, Isadora, Miriel, Vaike, Mitama, Velouria, Sue, Keaton, Charlotte (Normal), Quan (or is it Cuan, don't remember), Ethlyn (Sigurd's sister), Cormag, Libra.
  5. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    A lot of people who make games are male and more often than not they make games that reflect themselves or idealized versions of themselves; that's certainly the case with games made in the U.S. With Fire Emblem, a lot of the time when they have protagonists that are female, they are normally accompanied by a male protagonist who basically gets all the glory. I will never forget the end of Chapter 16 or Scared Stones (Eirika's route) and the crowd was cheering for Ephraim and only Ephraim as their new ruler; to me it came off as an acknowledgement of how the game feels that Ephraim is clearly superior than Eirika; I say this someone who thinks Ephraim is best lord. Not to mention Lyn being irrelevant in comparison to Eliwood and Hector, Michaiah to Ike in Radiant Dawn, Alm to Celica in Echoes (the most recent game) and the obvious favouritism towards Male Robin in comparison to Female Robin (he gets a cinematic when pull him in heroes and she is a limited time GHB and a common theme among those are that they were enemies in their home game). And it appears that the majority of the fandom is ok with that. This why I like that Female Corrin is the one getting the spotlight, but according to the fandom it has to mean that she's my "waifu". So to me the reason as to why the fandom appears more male is because I feel that men are less likely to object to situations in which they are better represented, no reason for them to complain about it.
  6. The biggest issue w/ 2/15

    To me the game is a pretty looking piece of shit, and not because the game looks like it has a golden brown filter through. Game play wise this GAME fails miserably; my one wish for the switch game is that it's nothing like Echoes game play. Cantors make it longer and more tedious than it needs to be (and the creatures give jack shit for experience).
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    My ID is: 0681261687 & I'm on team Rhajat because she slaughters Brave Lyn's for me (makes arena more tolerable). My team captain is Julia (+Attack/-Res), who will soon have Divine Naga. If you need a green unit for quest purposes.
  8. Falcon or Kinshi Jakob

    Falcon Knight makes use of the staves rank he has/got as a butler; tomebreaker + warding blow can be the ultimate mage killer, probably overkill but fun.
  9. Keeping Up with Fire Emblem these days...

    Heroes is the only thing that gets constantly updated, and I always have my phone with me so it's easy for me to keep up with; I also have more fun with Heroes than I did Echoes (worst game tbh) so I have no desire to keep up with Echoes. And with my class schedule, when I get home I'm normally to tried to play one of the mainline games and phone is nearby.
  10. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I got Siegbert (+HP/-Res), he's the one I wanted the most, like Rhajat much easier to pull than a 5 star on the legendary banner. His sword + Death Blow is a fun combo to play with; can't wait for the new arena session.
  11. I got Spring Xander & Spring Camilla, don't know the other seasonal units might be back again so I'm happy I got those. Pulling for Rhajat was much quicker than any 5 star in this banner, no desire to pull from the rumored new Frjom banner.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Who ever will bring me the most feathers; I'm thinking Catria will be getting a lot of bonuses.
  13. Rest in peace these legendary weapons

    Rip Brynhildr, you are now the worse version Gravity. Poor Leo.
  14. What's your feather roadmap look like?

    I like having 5 stars so I only use them to promote people; to keep them in my collection. Gwendolyn is the cheapest to promote for me, but I want to see if I can get her 4 star +10. Michalis as a 5 star is starting to interest me because of Hauteclere's new effect and I don't have a Minerva. But most of time lately I've been waiting to see who is going to be arena bonuses (I think a team of 5 stars increases points).