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  1. I thought fan service was the point to this particular banner; even the sexualized ones are nothing outrageous to me (especially when compared to some of the NSFW stuff fans draw). I kinda wish they did the big fluffy onesie now; thinking about.
  2. If Alice in Wonderland was a otome game; the white rabbit would look like Easter Chrom. Personally speaking, this entire Easter inspired banner is so stupid; it's entertaining.
  3. I'll make Faye a Pegasus Knight because it's the only unique class out of this group. As for the rest, I'll wait and see how the RNG is to them.
  4. 1. If it's harmless; than a surprise prank is fine. 3. Situational, the context in which the prank is happening. 2/4/5. No, absolutely not, never, you can't convince me otherwise.
  5. If the game is designed for a system like fatigue, I have no problem. I hope this means that everyone is usable; so having to use everyone doesn't seem like a chore.
  6. With my luck, the way it's calculated is meaningless; it was pretty much fate for the hit rates to act weird. I was playing Chapter 15 of Eirika's route earlier; axe users with 25% hit were hitting Eirika and my Saleh's thunder spell had a higher hit chance (70%) than Caellach's Tomahawk (65%); it didn't play out that way (thankfully Caellach wasn't able to double me). Ephraim was missing 90% hits and enemies with hits between the mid to high 30's might as well had 100%. I'm happy everyone made it out alive.
  7. I'm looking forward to Amelia, Innes, Joshua, Lute, Natasha, Seth and Tana from Sacred Stones. Miriel from Awakening and as well as Charlotte and Kaze from Fates. I would also like more characters from Japan only games.
  8. Jeorge because he's been ready to promote for a while now. Same goes for Henry and Oboro. F!Corrin because of Dark Breath+ (-5 Attack and Speed) Eirika because of Seiglinde Those are the only ones on my radar at the moment.
  9. I think this would better as a ROM hack because those don't have to worry about the game being marketable to a general audience. With a scenario like this, you can't go to severe with the crime other wise people would feel they don't deserve redemption; who would want to cheer for a murderer. But if the crime was to light, then the people who would like this set-up might find it to ridiculous. A lot of fan created ideas to me come off as not intended for a wider audience. Which is suitable for a fan made game but not for one that has millions of dollars poured into it.
  10. Update: I pulled a 5 star: Jaffar Lucius Ogma In a single summon; I'm never going to ever get another 5 star again. It's the only way that a summon like that make sense.
  11. Before this trailer, a lot of people in the fandom going on about how this game looks the second coming of Christ and I felt that I couldn't form an opinion because of how little context I was given by the marketing. I'm interested in a lot of the mechanics (even magic costing HP I'm warming up to) but it's more the people over reacting to what's not in the game that has annoyed me the most. Overly excited by how it's different from the 3DS game and how it brought the worst in people, some just have to make it a negative experience.
  12. Everything else they've released before now that have soured my first impressions of this game and the comment section. I'll wait until let's play footage to decide if I'll get it or not (a let's play of Fates was got me interested in series in the first place).
  13. I like that they explain the gameplay features more in-depth, trying not to isolate people who not familiar with the mechanics. The shit about the pair-up system & archers seems like a really poor choice of words on their part and people are just making a big deal out of nothing because IS throwing shade at newer players makes zero sense from a business perspective. These trailers put so much emphasis on the visuals, I find it shocking how terrible the CG cut scenes look to be honest. The running looks like speed walking and the movements still look very stiff to me (Celica looks uncomfortable walking from my perspective) . I like the 2D stuff and the combat animations. But the reason I have a hard time getting excited for this game is because to me the marketing so feels like its gears toward the crowd that has played Gaiden and for someone like me who has no personal connection to Gaiden... I couldn't care less that they're remaking Gaiden.
  14. From Pulls: Camilla Julia (MVP) Seliph Sanaki Ephraim Olwen Priscilla And I upgraded a 4 star M!Corrin to 5 star because he was one of the first units I got in this game and calling him an MVP for me is an understatement. He earned it.
  15. As long as it isn't like Marc in FE7 I'm happy. I was not a fan of the characters staring straight into the camera to talk to you in the story mode, it feels out of place to me. Or maybe I'm in the camp of if it's not a playable avatar why bother programming them into the game.