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  1. Who would you want a new Sacred Stones Banner?

    For a banner: Natasha, Cormag and Ross GHB: Selena Tempest: Colm
  2. Gen 1: Miriel (and make the most overpowered mage ever), Vaike and Gergor Gen 2: Noire, Laurent and Cynthia.
  3. Hoshido: Rinkah, Hayato and Orochi for banner units, Mikoto for GHB and Izana for Tempest. Nohr: Charlotte, Benny and Shura for banner units, Scarlet for GHB and Nyx for Tempest Kids: Mitama, Forrest, Asugi and Caeldori (since Rhajat is in Heroes already) for banner units.
  4. I just finished Radiant Dawn, so from the top of my head: Humans: Marcia, Sigrun, Tanith, Geoffrey, Haar, Shinion and Gatrie Beasts: Nailah, Rafiel, Tibran, Leanne and Naesala
  5. Things you regret doing the most?

    Unroll the scroll of my stupid ideas that sounded smart at one point: Merging a +Def/-Speed Ephraim into a +Speed/-Defense Ephraim Stacking off a 5 star Camilla to F!Corrin for Darting Blow 3 Merging 4 star GHB units Promote a -Speed M!Corrin to 5 star (I still have him) Stacking off a Valentines Lyn to F!Corrin for Attack/Speed Bond 3 (I have her with TA)
  6. I would love to see the Firesweep weapons and the bond skills.
  7. Ever had any Fire Emblem Related Dreams (spoilers)

    That something went wrong with my order of Radiant Dawn.
  8. Summoner wishlist, who you want to summon

    5 star exclusive I don't have and really want: Tana (one of my favourites from Sacred Stones) Innes (same reason as Tana) Minerva (I think she looks cool) Young Tiki (I've been using one for GC and RD and want one for myself) Legendary Lucina (same as Young Tiki) Alm (The only lord I don't have) Eldigan (The only Genealogy of the Holy War character I don't have) Maribelle (Base kit and art) Mist (I just want one) Lute (I like her) And a bunch of units for merges and fixing IV's.
  9. Does anyone still use Hones/Fortifies?

    Mainly in combo with a Drive Skill; and it also helps that they are common to get. I've only seen one Legault so Attack Tactic is rare for me.
  10. I want those experience skills and valor skills as seals. That's it really.
  11. Class names that don't make sense?

    Hero and Warrior doesn't make much sense to me when thinking about it because every unit is a Hero or Warrior in their own right.
  12. When in the recent Nintendo Direct they announced Luigi's Mansion for the 3Ds; I was kinda hoping they do that for Path of Radiance in the future. Just make them available on the e-shop or something like that.
  13. On a thread in Reddit it says:
  14. The OC's are such a skip for me it's not even funny. And why is it that Garon of all people that excites me the most from these.