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  1. Did overambition kill this game?

    It was me venting frustration with this fandom in general because of how you can't discuss Fates without the discussion turning into a compliant fest. They should listen to valid criticism which feels hard to find on the internet especially among this fandom.
  2. Did overambition kill this game?

    It's mainly people on the internet obnoxiously stating their opinions as facts like they are a contributor on Fox "News". Calling something a mess or a missed opportunity aren't facts, so nothing "killed" (way to over dramatic) Fates. It's no different than any other game in series to be blunt.
  3. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    First vote went to Ike; and the more I thought about it, I decide to use the rest of my votes for Winter Tharja. I love me some Red Tomb Valor, 12 SP on Fridays and Saturdays for my red tomb users... sold.
  4. You need more mainline games to give Heroes more characters and content (you can't have one with out the other). I think IS needs to do better at differentiating the two (maybe it's because playing the GBA games on my phone and casual mode for the recent games conditioned me to think like that); I'm going to talk about my personal experience. Heroes does a really good job at capturing the FE feeling for me, I admit that I've had more fun with Heroes than I've had with Echoes (first mainline game to be released after Heroes). I was wondering if others feel that way about Heroes, why would they pay Nintendo Switch pricing (I live in Canada, just the system is $400 + $80 for a brand new game) for something they can play on their phone for "free", with some of the same characters.
  5. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Wow... I did not remember to vote: Vanguard Legend Ike (I had Sanaki and Seigbert already and fuck that) Minerva (I want her) Elise (I want her) Vanguard Legend Ike (Fuck that legendary banner)
  6. I'm voting for my personal favourites (practically of winning be damn) Day 1: Charlotte (Fates) Day 2: Julia The rest I don't know at the moment but a Nohr Noble F!Corrin or Hoshido Noble M!Corrin and Brave Ephraim (his promoted class) is something I wouldn't mind.
  7. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    Ok, I got Lyn, Sigurd (Dec, 31) & Leon. Now... come home, Innes & Elise.
  8. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    I just want Red Tome Valor, to be honest.