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  1. Not really for main story campaign, but it doesn't hurt to have the child of Camilla on your team or Mozu's with Aptitude or Kana's sibling if they have one or a Rhajat with a magical mother. The completionist in me won't allow me to do play through without getting the children.
  2. Range means nothing if you can't hit anything; imagine if Takumi's personal weapon had 1-5 range. I've found Leon useful so far, I like the skill the Iron Bow learns that improves hit rates. Archers highlight the problem with emphasis on terrain bonuses in this game, to much emphasis on luck for my liking. So Archers are good when they can actually hit something. I made Tobin a Merc, I like having a unit with a 100% hit in this game.
  3. Once a upon time their was a gender fluid teenager locked away in a fortress alters the fate of world because of their genitals.
  4. I get where he's coming from, I feel that he should be the last person to complain about someone's lack of leadership because the moment he joined Beruka Berkut's army, he was basically Berkut's bitch (as of Act 3).
  5. Just an observation from when I bought the game; I wasn't struggling to find a normal copy. Hopefully this isn't indicative of what sales might be.
  6. From his appearance; when someone was first saying that he was gay, I feared that he would be every offense stereotype that would not fly in 2017. But to my surprise, he isn't so I'm super grateful and one of favourites so far.
  7. Favourite: Saber, he's a cool dude. Least Favourite: Reina Rinea, the fact that I had to look up her name should give you a clue. Most of the new characters in general do nothing for me. I'll give Faye this... out of all the new characters, I can remember her existence.
  8. When you're in the dungeons, not a fan of the controls (or lack of) when running, the cantors are just obnoxious for no reason what so ever (I hate that the amount they summon is random) and to give Faye credit where it's due, out of the new characters, I remember her existence.
  9. Update: I retract that better than Awakening statement, summoner spamming alone is making me down grade my opinion of Echoes; they just drag this shit out for no reason; it's not fun to battle against and it's adds nothing in terms of difficulty.
  10. Extremely useful... I love it; I wish this mechanic was in a harder game tho because more often than not I find that I don't really have to use it.
  11. I'm at Act 3 (just defeated Deen), it's a good game; it's not a game I see myself coming back to in the future because I feel like once I complete it the first time, I pretty much gone through what the game has to offer. Doesn't really open itself up to fun challenge runs.
  12. Then Felicia because of the extra magic she gives to Kana and during pair ups.
  13. So far the good news is that even on my older system (2DS) it does run well, no lagging so I'm happy, I just recruited Clair so as of now... I like it better than Awakening. When I say I don't care about story in video games, I really don't care about story in video games... characters are fine, not spectacular... I like them enough, no L'Arachel's so far (my least favourite FE character ever). My only problem from a gameplay perspective is that it's really easy if you know anything about Fire Emblem (especially normal mode). If I had to rank it so far it's: Fates Sacred Stones Shadows of Valentia Awakening Blazing Sword
  14. I thought you could get Eliwood as a 5 star because he was a focus during one of the grand hero battles; guess they changed that. I don't think F!Corrin is happening because she's a free hand out to Android users (a free 4 star is pretty nice tho). I think the system of special focuses during GHB is the way you'll get these characters as 5 stars.
  15. I've played the GBA games and I still don't know what they do.