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  1. Lianna looks like Noire, I like Noire (my Robin is her father in my main file for Awakening) so that's it to be honest.
  2. Why wouldn't they; they've used it to help promote Echoes already. It just seems obvious.
  3. If you can get the job done, I'm cool. I find myself preferring Tana vastly over Vanessa in Sacred Stones because I find that Tana deals damage way better than Vanessa (she gained strength ONCE on my Ephraim route file). But there have been times when I've had units that are considered bad (like Amelia) turn out amazing and ones that are considered good (like Sumia) turn out pretty bad so sometimes I don't know.
  4. I've always loved 3rd Gens music (I love everything about 3rd period). But the updates they did for ORAS... my god I love it.
  5. Alm: Celica: Forsyth & Valibar: they are people... in Echoes. With the large ass maps in this game, two people in a low movement class and put out quite mediocre damage I did not give the time of day.
  6. I liked 2/5 portions of this game; the more I think about the gameplay elements the more I dislike the game, to the point that I hope any new game from here on out is nothing like Gaiden/Echoes.
  7. Fire Emblem Fates; while nearly everyone else won't shut the fuck up about their hate for the game (to the point where threads are derailed to just hate on it for no reason), I'm just sitting back and having a lot of fun because games are suppose to fun. Pokemon Black & White because out of all the main series game that people claim to feel different, this game actually does it with the emphasis being placed on the newer Pokemon. Game like Spyro A Hero's Tail and Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex are included as well.
  8. I pulled a Genny from the Hero Fest banner (the one I wanted the most) and I wish healers would come with Assault at base; because grinding her (or any healer) up is just so tedious for no reason.
  9. I really want Genny the most out of everyone; so I'm aiming for those colourless circles, so I'm going to get either another Lissa or Virion as 3 stars. I'll go for Ninian as well, I like her and I want another Dragon as well as Dancer; 10000th F!Corrin as a 3 star here I come.
  10. After a google search: The Japanese noun hotoke (仏) is a word of Buddhist origin and uncertain etymology. It has several meanings, all but a few directly linked to Buddhism. It can refer to: Yuki. A person who has achieved satori (state of enlightenment) and has therefore become a "buddha".
  11. Cordelia summoning the hoards of Pegasus was pretty cool; I want to see the Wyvern equivalent when Camilla gets revealed.
  12. Gray- Aug 9th/Genny- Aug 10th/Takumi- Aug 15
  13. Act V of Echoes burnt me out to the point that I had no more good will towards the game because of how tedious and repetitive it got; I put on auto-battle after awhile. As well as most of Celica's maps after Act II. It depends on the game really, I'm more likely to get burnt out on a game I'm not completely high on quicker than one I'm loving; especially on the first play-through.
  14. I mainly play wonderlocke's when I replay X & Y and I rarely get Pokemon that can Mega Evolve during the main campaign. And on one play-through my MVP was Dylan the Gyarados (no mega evolution). So the main campaign is fine without a Mega, especially since only a small hand full can during that period.