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  1. I shitty luck transcends any RNG system; so it does not matter to me.
  2. Prepare yourselves: Corrin > Robin Shadows of Valentia is not a good game in any shape or form (can't be bothered to finish it) These games cannot write a canon couple for it's lords if their lives depended on it None of the games have writing to write home about Alm is my least favourite lord because of those stupid puns and "dorky" comments Felicia > Jakob I had a sigh of relief when Robin became the main focus over Chrom I find the complaining about fan-service designs more abhorrent than any of the designs themselves As Jeigans goes.. Marcus (FE 6 & 7) isn't anything special I thought this would be longer
  3. Favourite: Fates: Removing that part in Birthright if you don't have an A support with Kaze Improve the speed of 1st Gen. Mages like Orochi and Odin Have the story chapters in Revelations give out more gold. Least Favourite: Shadows of Valentia (the only game I dislike): Improve running controls in the shrines Less Cantors Less emphasis on terrain Make the game less luck based Don't have enemies that appear on the world map follow you, it doesn't make me want to back track Less wide open maps Every map on Celica's side Improve cut-scenes Have a woman on Alm's not having to be rescued Make Alm x Celica less convoluted and generic It's 2017, their are no excuses for re-used maps like how they do it in this other than laziness
  4. After playing Echoes, it only made me like this game more. Because all Echoes is, something pretty to look at and as fun as writing an exam at 9:00 am on a Saturday or a cyst between your ass in the upper area. Fates is fun to play and that's the main purpose of a video game.
  5. I'm torn between Elise and Priscilla. Elise because I finished a play-through of Birthright recently and a certain scene still gets me every time; Priscilla because I have her (5*, neutral) and bonuses.
  6. Update: 22. Luke (+Hp, - Def; meh... another red sword user as a 5 star.)
  7. Update (F2P): Male Corrin (Promoted) Camilla Julia Seliph Sanaki Felicia (Promoted) Ephraim Olwen Priscilla Jaffar (Merged) Lucius Ogma Easter Chrom Ike Xander (Promoted) Takumi Leo Azura Lucina Cain (Merged) Eirikia (Newly Promoted because I felt like it and now I have both Renais Twins as 5 stars)
  8. Amelia: A general that doubles, is a fun general. Natasha: Her stat distribution reminded me of Elise without a horse and I like using Elise. Nino: Yes I actually used her and promoted her at level 20... still better than Eliwood Felicia: Flame Shuriken or Felicia's Plate, that's all I needed for her to be useful; and I play as the Female Corrin all the time. Orochi: I just finished a play-through of Birthright on Classic (Normal) and she made it to end-game and actually did stuff.
  9. Maybe it's because of my Julia bias but I voted for Naga; she summons a dragon and that's cool.
  10. I don't find him all that different from other lords in the series and the lords are never my favourites from the casts, more of the same. The thing that sticks out about him to me is how he wants adventure in the great wide somewhere; and all does is make me want to watch Beauty and the Beast again rather than be playing Echoes.
  11. After seeing how pair up works in this game, an Eirika/Ephraim combo could be cool to see.
  12. I really like survival, they time a limit that I'm oddly a fan of and without the stress of making point A is defended. I really love stuff like Conquest Chapter 12/15/18, that has multiple objectives within a certain amount of turns. I've playing a little of FE 6 and I'm loving the everything is seize objective; it allows me to get all the chests without worrying about the chapter being over before I can.
  13. Cleric!Faye can be helpful because of Rescue being helpful with the maps that reduce movement on Celica's route and swamp maps that can help with avoiding the nasty HP reductions. Other than that I got nothing.
  14. I remember seeing a short fan-made comic of Miriel (Awakening) ripping pages out of a tomb as an explanation to tomb uses.
  15. I think they'll do the typical picks like: Camilla, Tharja, Virion, Takumi, Caeda, Tiki (Young), Leo, etc... But after seeing gameplay footage, I really want Henry and Peri in this.