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  1. I got Myrrh and Brave Ike in the same circle so I'm with that. It's like it knows I want Winter Tharja a lot so instead it gives me a 4 star version and multiple 3 star versions of her vanilla counter part.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Marth, Lyon and Arvis seem like they are going to be team feathers, so one of them.
  3. I think Cecilia has become more popular because of Heroes, being a counter to both Reinhardt and Brave Lyn with Horse Buffs when Horse Emblem was at it's peak would do that.
  4. I was kinda hoping M!Grima was one of the other units because I was thinking to myself today about how I wanted to give my regular Hector vengeful fighter. Other than that I'm starting to want OC's for legendary heroes because of how uninspired most of these heroes come off as, at least Armoured Axe Xander would have been different from his other versions. That being said, I want: Leif, Winter Tharja, Myrrh and Brave Ike.
  5. Wanted Bound Hero Battle Pairs

    I'm thinking Fates retainer themed maps and have their lords be the 3rd in the summoning banner then I remembered Xander is a Grand Hero Battle unit, insert random unit here.
  6. Can't comment on personality because I don't know them yet. I didn't like the SoV style cinematic, when they try to blend 3D and 2D to me looks like unfinished 3D so I'm disappointed they are back. Edgelord Eldigan Edelgard and Dimitri look so much like designs from a Persona game I find it distracting, Claude looks different so his design I'm cool with.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    For me it's: Miriel (Awakening) Normal Charlotte (Fates: Conquest) Quan (Genealogy of the Holy War) Ethlin (Genealogy of the Holy War) Noire (Awakening) Louise (Blazing Sword) Natasha (Scared Stones) Jesse (Shadows of Valentia) Velouria (Fates: Conquest) Mitama (Fates: Birthright) Isadora (Blazing Sword) Shinon (Path of Radiance), I hope I got his name right Artur (Scared Stones), I should stop before this list gets to long
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I don't care about story, it's going to come down to fighting big mean dragon god at the end and truthfully, I'm ok with that, despite how seriously it's taking itself. The cinematic remind me of Echoes and that's a bad thing to me. I don't like the visual of a ton of generics on screen, seeing the same face on a group of nobodies doesn't interest me, I've never bothered with the capture able generics in Fates so having though being a main feature doesn't excited. It doesn't help that the two things I think are most important in this series are Game play and Characters so because of the generics feature, there will be less characters so that the won't freeze to all hell when the screen is busy.
  9. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    My Lene is going to love having Earth Dance as a seal, I'm using my work in progress Blade Tome team for this go around.
  10. Your rarest character(s)?

    Going by the consensus of what a rare unit is... then Luke is my rarest. I got him on his debut banner (more interested in the other red focus' on that banner) and a off focus one on the recent Genealogy of the Holy War banner (my Hector now has Panic Ploy). I think a good majority of 5 star exclusives can count as being rare units, so any 5 star exclusives I have are rare units as well.
  11. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    I got Halloween Henry (good IV's) and Micaiah (bad IV's but I don't care), the two units I wanted the most, so I'm a happy summoner.
  12. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    Yes I can avoid Red (have Ike and Fallen Celica and don't want to go through this for one unit). Green is the easy winner for me because of Halloween Henry and Performing Arts Inigo; dancers and armored mages are my aesthetic. Legendary Lyn could be cool (I don't have a Wind Legend) but I don't like Wada Sachiko's art for Lyn (I love their art for Titania and Cherche if I'm thinking of the right person), the eyes freak me out.