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  1. Opinions on the beastkin classes?

    The taguel class was a glorified beast killer (the weapon) in class form with skills that are pretty useless elsewhere. Kitsune can be pretty decent magic tanks but the Wolfskin more physical bulk and higher strength I found to be more useful. Velouria is always my go to unit when I play Conquest.
  2. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    If they put another red sword as a focus in Ayra's banner, especially an older unit (I would love Eldigan, I don't have an Eldigan, I want an Eldigan) I would see no issue; as is I don't feel like pulling from the Tempest Trail banner (flashbacks of pulling for Celica, gets Gray). I'm more disappointed Arden is the Tempest Trail reward; he's a good player phase unit and all, but to me feels underwhelming (at least he isn't Clive or Tobin). As well as having Arvis as my bonus unit, he's really good; even at 4 star. But 20% doesn't make me feel super excited about this Tempest Trail. I miss the mini ones, I wouldn't mind those coming back.
  3. Holy war banner

    I would normally say that I'm getting nobody. But then I remembered I got Seliph and Julia pretty quickly in their first banner, hopefully it's the same again.
  4. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Best Story: None of the above, I go by cast and I like Fates the most Best Game play: Conquest by far. I But I like all three routes. Worst Story: Awakening, I hate the set up, all three arcs dull and some of the worst time traveling story elements. It doesn't help that I don't particularly care for both Chrom and Robin (regardless of gender). Worst Game play: Echoes, I found the RPG elements to lacking in comparison to games that are designed to traditional RPGs. More often than not the rewards aren't worth it. The fatigue system to be a waste of programming and the more traditional Fire Emblem elements to be such a tedious chore. Cantors are just obnoxious and with how EXP gain is handled; using them for grinding isn't worth it.
  5. Pairing all 3 Protagonists.

    Chrom: Sumia because I really don't like the both of them and sheer laziness. Not reading their supports (I'm programmed to press that start button in a heartbeat) makes it go easier. Lucina: Inigo because I've seen fan-art I've liked of them and her Gerome supports I feel are a cure for insomnia. Robin: This made me realize how little I re-play Awakening. I never done any child units. But I like Female with Gaius and the Male with Tharja.
  6. What tutorial method should be done?

    Replaying Lyn's Mode recently, it's long (if you don't press the start button on the story portions), but easy enough that you can go through it relatively quickly. The thing I hated the most was the game forcing units into doing certain actions. It could be because I know what I was doing before I played (FE 7 was not my first Fire Emblem) but it's stuff like that doesn't make me excited to play her mode on normal. I liked how in Awakening and Fates the tutorial was relegated to very short slides on the bottom screen. They were short, sweet and straight to the point. I would like the tutorials to be short, sweet and straight to the point.
  7. How many units do you have max Hero Merit on?

    I have: Camus (FE1/2/3/11/12/15) Julia (FE 4) Reinhardt (FE 5) Ike (FE 9/10) Azura (FE 14) Xander (FE 14) With Genny (2787), Ephraim (2786) and Olivia (2576) being closet to max.
  8. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    Movement... who cares.
  9. What are you doing with your feathers?

    I'm not super into skill inheritance; I wouldn't go out of my way for them so promoting people to 5 star just to slaughter them for skills isn't something I do (although Gronnblade+ Cecilia is starting to appeal to me). Personally I just want 5 stars to have and sometimes summons are not cooperating so there for I do it myself.
  10. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    That commercial makes no sense what so ever.
  11. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    Favourite: Sponge Emblem because it's true Least Favourite: Thot because sexism isn't funny. Venting: I hate shut up Tobin because Family Guy did it before with Shut up Meg and I never understood why Dorcas is a meme.
  12. Which FE game was better?

    In terms of gameplay, Fates is the only 3DS FE game I enjoy playing.