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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Both games are pretty good. Of course, they're not without their flaws, but I can let you form your own opinion on those eventually. I went in completely blind and had a blast. I suppose you could always watch playthroughs online...and I think there are actually ways to emulate them, but I've never tried before. I do think Awakening is a great game to start with though. I keep discovering new favorite characters each time I play it. Maybe Rhys will be the one healer that gets added next year.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Her voice is pretty cringey. But I'm pretty sure they kept the same VA from the single line she had voiced in Radiant Dawn which is...kinda cool. And the cringey voice kind of fits. She's not delicate. She's not really ladylike. She likes to fight/train/work hard. And I like the relationships she has with a lot of the people she supports with, especially Rhys. I'm saving a copy of Wrathful Staff for him should he ever get added to the game because Mia needs her healer buddy. I like that she's tough and kind of down to earth without being super "masculine" (like the EN version of Effie) or super vulgar (like Sully) even though I like both of those characters a lot as well. ...it also doesn't help that I'm generally incredibly picky about female characters. XD RWBY is a pretty great show. It's fun watching how it evolves as it gets more hype and funding. I remember watching the first episode and being like, "Oh wow...that cookie animation is a little painful to watch..." and "Wow...faceless background characters...that's cool I guess." But with each season, the show gets more and more detail, but even before then, the characters are memorable and the fight scenes are TOP notch. I haven't even watched the most recent seasons... XD But yeah. I give it two thumbs up. I decided to make my Joshua into more of a dragon killer by capitalizing on his pretty decent RES. So I gave him Iceberg, Warding Breath (from the free Ike), Renewal (back from when I used him in his TT), and just Hone SPD I think. I usually give him either Close DEF or QR seal. Maybe someday I'll get him QR in his B slot, but right now, I don't want to waste the feathers. XD I was originally going to give him Wrath, but that ended up going to Mia. If I ever get another Neph, it may go to him. Ooooh! Neat! My Boey's the same nature. Still haven't promoted or built him yet though.... I wanted +ATK since he does kind of need the help... Maybe I'll consider building him. Just gotta think about it a little more. XD
  3. @NegativeExponents- Whoa cool! Congrats on your Raigh! Hope he works out well for you. Here's mine if you wanna' take a look! I find he likes having the extra SPD from Darting Blow. But TA will definitely solidify kills for most greens. I dunno' why I gave him Draconic Aura over Moonbow... Probably low on fodder, but it works. He's part of my Water Blessing team along with his mother and father....and hopefully his brother someday.
  4. If you're the type of person who just wants 5 star characters and don't really care who you get, then you probably benefit from pulling all the colors. That's what I did for the first few months of the game while I was building my barracks and whatnot. Now I kind of shift between strategies. Usually when I pull, I try to make sure I'm pulling at least two colors which means I'm usually shooting for 2 characters. That way it at least feels like I'm making the most out of my pulls since that means I can usually pull multiple stones in one circle. When I've tried to snipe for green, it's super painful since it feels like the orbs are so rare... But if I'm sniping for green and another color, I'm a little less disappointed. In some cases, I'll snipe a single color, especially if it's a character I really, REALLY want, but I don't like to restrict myself. I also keep track of my pulls and even if I'm sniping, I'll pull another orb if it will increase my pity rate...unless said pity rate is already through the roof. It also helps that I make a list of characters I want for fodder and merges. Right now, most of the characters I want are red and blue. So I know that in the future, I want to pull red and blue for multiple reasons!
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Sometimes I forget that Lucius is a healer. I'm in the Arena, panicking because like "so and so needs just a few more HP to tank that Vantage hit." Derp. If only I were more attentive. Mia surprises me. Her +DEF comes in handy more often than not. She's probably my all time favorite lady character....well maybe tied for first at least. And she gets the job done! My team likes to pretend it's tanky. But it's really just a lie. Raven was upset that I beat up Lucius so badly last time. He's probably going to have another stern talk with me now that I've thoroughly roughed him up. Running Fury on Raven has saved my life countless times. Even with double LaD, his defenses aren't THAT bad, but with Fury, I can usually safely bait specific characters. HECK. The other day a +10 Reinhardt (can't remember what kind of buffs/build) went after him, and he served the attack with 1 HP. I was pretty floored. XD Your clear was really fun to watch! Excellent choice of music. I haven't watched RWBY in so long... But the music is so hype. I need to see if I can download some to listen to on my runs. Five Finger Death Punch will do for now. I love seeing people using characters like Marisa. They don't always get a lot of love...but I know I've invested a lot in my Joshua. Also, Close Counter Boey is SO tempting. I've been thinking so hard about who I wanna' give close counter too, and he's on the list. Gah. It's such a hard choice. What's your Boey's nature? XD He performed really well here. That last guy though. He just didn't want to die.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    A kind of similar thing happened to me, and a lot of people just because a lot of folks seemed to save their lances for the final round. I used up all of my lances just to get to tier 25 because during the final hours of GC, I'm at work. So I just got to watch things. Alfonse (my team) spent the entire day getting absolutely crushed. At one point we were down to three territories. We managed to claim a few more in the next to last round and then an hour into the final round, we'd won 21 territories all by blowout. It felt less like strategy and more like our team definitely had more resources to blow to overwhelm both opponents so quickly.
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    @mampfoid Cool clear!!!! It's nice seeing poor Takumi. I definitely see Close Counter more than I see him, but he got the job done in the end. I was wondering what you were going to do about those fliers. This one was quick. It's pretty lucky that you just so happened to have Armorslayer on Roy. Cleared the quests using a team of Leon, Micaiah, Anna, and Alfonse. I remember Leon was my original MVP for this map. I just stuck him on a defense tile, and he wiped out the fliers, taking like...zero damage. Micaiah is proving to be one of my most useful units for sure. Oddly enough, the armor quest didn't even give me much trouble. I didn't think I was going to have time to do a hero team clear, but I did. For some reason like...my last 10 seconds or so of sound just...sucks. I don't know why it does that, but I didn't really care enough about it redo it. Mia got some time to shine this time around, and Raven gets to pretend he's a tank. Oddly enough, during my practice runs, I got Raven down to 1 HP, sat him on a DEF tile, and he took zero damage from the lance peg on enemy phase. I don't remember why I had him do that this time around. Lucius also manages to remember that he's a healer. lol @Zeo @mcsilas @NegativeExponents-
  8. @NegativeExponents- I’ve promoted both Arvis and Raigh of those you have listed. And I like using both. Arvis and his ploys synergize well with Gunnthra, but outside of that, he can be valuable as a healer. And offensively he’s not bad either. If you want a straight up nuke, Lilina is better, but I like having flexible team members. I actually like Raigh because I’ve made him flexible. Mine’s +SPD -DEF with a -blade build. But I’ve also fully upgraded his -wolf tome. He does pretty good against greens and reds with Swordbreaker. So he can be a “nuke” or horse counter. People always say don’t use him because others are better. If you like Tharja use her. She’s a great unit. But I don’t, so I use him instead. +SPD Raigh is just 2 points slower than neutral Tharja and has the same ATK. He’s got better RES but less DEF and HP. With Fury, Raigh could run ploys which is pretty neat. Is he the best? Naw. But he gets the job done. And you can build him to do whatever you want him to do really (within reason).
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Wow. Last round, Alfonse had 5 territories. Now he’s got 21, and he’s winning by blowout on ALL the ones my team can fight on. There’s nowhere to battle. Glad I didn’t wait until the last minute to finish getting into tier 25...
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The thing is, trying to enforce a strategy like holding chokepoints doesn't work if you don't have teammates with the same idea. I've been on teams that have held chokepoints for 90% of the round and lost everything in the last few matches even when we've had ideal set-ups. I've also been on teams that have had 3 or 4 territories in the next to last or final match and ended up getting 15+ territories in the end. Maybe it's not too accurate to say that only the last few rounds matter, but the tides can turn VERY quickly. If we could communicate with our teammates, knew what kind of resources we all had going into the round/how many people we were with and maybe against, and each team had similar chokepoint set-ups, there would be far more you could do to work strategically. I think I've pulled three Ikes too, and my second one was +ATK. XD....Same for Brave Ike.....and steroid Ike... lol IDK why Ike likes me. He must be mistaking me for my boyfriend. I wish you luck. I've got one lance left...and it might be enough to get me to tier 25. I'm waiting a little bit to use it however. I've been just playing Lunatic because I can enjoy it whereas Infernal is a bit more frustrating. I definitely think we need an "EXP bar" to see how many actual points we need until we level up. I left that feedback last time, so I suppose I'll leave it again.
  11. Definitely meant NY and PA. XD Too many letters. Not enough sleep. I'm definitely hoping to get more of him eventually, but I'm not that mad about the -SPD to be perfectly honest. He's so fast that I can patch it up. He reaches 50+ SPD easily which is more than enough to double most things. Yeah... I haven't used his Darting Stance really... I don't even think I've had him learn it yet. I'm not quite sure what kind of build you'd use that on. It's kind of an odd skill...and there is a lot of competition for offensive lance fliers. If only he had been a singer or kinshi knight. He's still one of my faves, so I have no issue letting him replace someone else. No problem!
  12. He's running Harmonic Lance+ (SPD refine), Reposition, Luna, LaD 3, Lancebreaker, Goad Fliers or Drive SPD 2, and Guidance or SPD 3. Mine's also +DEF -SPD with a few merges. Had he been +DEF -RES, I might have opted for a Fury build instead since he's actually got some decent bulk (30) with +DEF, but I wanted to try and patch-up his SPD instead. I can't remember exactly why I gave him Lancebreaker. In the Arena, I think I was having some trouble with lance units and decided it'd be a good enough skill for him to have. Eventually, he'll get Desperation I suppose. I tend to run him way more offensively too with Hone Fliers or on a Goad team. My "main" flying team includes Caeda (Fortify Fliers), Shigure (Goad), Summer Corrin (Goad or Fortify), and PA!Azura (Hone). I haven't tried a Ward team. I suppose if you wanted to try to make him bulky/fast/hard-hitting, you might be able to give him Brazen ATK/DEF from a 4 star Ares. Don't quote me on that. I always make bad choices. XD
  13. @Xenomata I'll throw in my two cents since you went through all the trouble to type out all of that info. For your 50 dew, a lot of the refines I thought I'd suggest, you've already given to your characters (Tiki, Nowi, Nephenee...) So if you're unsatisfied with those, you can switch. For 4 stars, I can attest that Shigure is a MONSTER with that SPD refine. I gave mine LaD to make up for the fact that mine's -SPD, and he still hits 43 SPD which is nice. He's a fabulous flier. I'll also say I actually like Slaying Bow. I originally gave my Leon a SPD Refine on his, but I switched it to DEF. No regrets. I'm the type of person who likes to just kind of throw away my normal upgrades because it's fun. This weekend, I gave my Tobin a DEF refine on his Armorsmasher and Saber a DEF refine on his Slaying Sword just because. For Divine Dew upgrades, of those you have listed, I can personally speak for Marth, Masked Marth/Lucina, Raven, Caeda, and Merric. Lucina/Masked Marth is an amazing sword unit even without the buff. Marth benefits a lot from having the Drive niche Raven is EASILY the best upgrade I've ever done. He's kind of insane, especially with Heavy Blade seal and Galeforce. Caeda is also wonderful, easily my favorite flier because she kills the two things that give me the most trouble. Merric...is not for the faint of heart. He's honestly one of my favorite characters and one of my first upgrades. He takes some love to become deadly, but he likes Dark Excalibur paired with Bonfire. But if you don't have any plans to use him, don't do it. Of those I haven't upgraded, I'd say Alm is super cool. I've been wanting to upgrade him but holding off to see who's coming next. If I'm not too impressed with the next weapon upgrades, I may just give it to him.
  14. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    @Frosty Nice clear! Abusing Savage Blow is one of my favorite things to do. But dang... Lilina. I've just had her sitting in my barracks for a while... Built her up to 4*+10 because I had a lot of copies, and I've been tempted to upgrade one copy to give her Forblaze. I might just do it because it looks so cool....
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Got two reds, so I decided to go ahead and pull both just in case an Ares was lurking in there. 4 star Raigh and 4 star Ogma. I've already got my ideal Raigh built, but I may consider him for a 5*+10 project if his brother gets added and drops to 4 stars...so I might as well save some copies. Was kind of hoping that Ogma was +SPD, but alas, he was +HP -RES. Another merge for my 4*+10 Firesweep copy.