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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Caved and bought a few orbs. (It's been a few months, and I figured why not since this is a limited banner.) Sniping blue and colorless, I managed to get a Niles, my first focus unit in like...almost 2 months. This one is +RES -DEF which honestly isn't the most terrible thing in the world. Went back in sniping only colorless (and then blue if there weren't any colorless) and ended up with another Niles who is +SPD -RES. I may end up going with the latter simply because 42 SPD before A skill/buffs is pretty sweet. I really want Mia, but I think my chances of getting her are better if I wait and save orbs for her appearance on a legendary banner. Now the question is...what to do with Niles #2. ATK/SPD Link would be cool for Legendary Lucina I think..
  2. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Can't complain about a Myrrh. XD My pitybreaker trend continues. I went in with a little over 50 orbs. After experimenting with a summon simulator and managing to get up to 12% (on a 3% banner...how?), I knew my luck wouldn't be great. I did manage to get a 4* star Silas, my first one. He's +SPD -DEF however, so he may just be Steady Stance fodder for someone. With a relatively low pity rate of around 3.50%, I also got a Sumia who is +SPD -RES. One one hand, she's a new character, so I'm grateful it's her and not like...5 star Tailtiu. On the other hand, I really don't need blue fliers with my super Shigure...and Tana...and Hinoka...and Cordelia... But on the other OTHER hand...her art is pretty. So this is already slightly better than the Muspell banner. At least I have a month and an upcoming TT.
  3. Hm...complicated choice. I told my buddy that I would throw all of my votes at Helbindi if he died. However, he got into the game right after. Voting for Veronica felt different because she wasn't and technically still isn't in the game as her normal self for some reason. I guess she needs to die first? So I suppose my meme-y option is to throw all of my votes at him. If I were to vote for characters I want in the game, I'd probably do what I did last time and divide my votes between Pent, Louise, Nailah, Rafiel, Rhys, Saleh, and Ewan. If I were to throw all of my votes at characters I thought could actually win an alt, I'd probably divide my efforts between Micaiah and Marth.
  4. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    With Brazen skills as potential sacred seals now...imagine triple Brazen ATK/DEF Alfonse. Punch him once and suddenly he's got +21 ATK/DEF. But ATK/RES is going to be a fun seal to play with. I could easily give it to any number of my mages.
  5. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

  6. Feeling burnt-out

    I've been playing Knights Chronicle recently. As long as you ignore the crazy amount of people that complain in the reddit, it's a pretty chill game. There are rumors that it might not last much longer since they're merging the JPN server with the global server, but for now as a f2p, I enjoy it. If you do play this game, I don't recommend spending any money. As far as gacha rates, I'd say they're pretty standard, around 4% for focus units I think. If you spend 1400 crystals on most banners, you get a selector ticket for one of the non-new banner units. If you spend 2000 crystals, you get the new banner unit. Of course you can get stuff before spending that much, but I like having that security. A lot of the SSR units are given out for free via random character tickets too. Sometimes you get lucky and get new characters. Sometimes you get repeats. I feel like I've been pretty blessed, and I've gotten pretty much all of the units I've wanted. I'd say the story is pretty meh...but for the three different difficulties, you get three different PoVs so that's kinda nice. It's a very grindy game. And a lot of the advents are HARD and require very specific characters to complete. And there are some p2w aspects, but it's nothing game-breaking.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Lon'qu has an interesting refine. I think I like it a bit more on Raven since I can comfortably run double LnD or LnD plus Fury on him. I don't feel super compelled to promote him right now for it, but it's a nice option for him. Firesweep against mages and dragons for Innes is super fun. He got super nerfed when dragons could suddenly hurt his DEF instead of RES. Now that won't be a problem. Though he might have some trouble getting past the crazy DEF they have anyways. Tana getting extra stats is nice. Some folks might think the conditional stats are weird, but I don't mind them. It encourages you to use different team compositions. Granted, I normally use Tana on my flier teams (since I gave her Hone Fliers), but she does come with Guidance, so it makes sense to use her in a mixed team. I realized that I have enough dew & rocks (if I use them to turn them into dew) to refine 4 weapons, so I have room to play.
  8. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Glad you got a defense win. I would've given you that one (especially since that AA run ended up ending the match after yours anyways), but it was late enough in the week that I figured you probably had one already.
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Yikes. My poor team has slowly been falling behind in AA. IDK what happened this week. I can't remember my exact score. I do know I ended up with some lower scoring matches (between 732 and 736), and I missed out on three points since my starting team didn't have the appropriate blessings...so it was probably somewhere around 5163 which dropped from the top 5k. That was really surprising. I haven't had a lot of trouble with my normal team scoring well. Lucius isn't even in the starting line-up for AA. Must've just been Fjorm + Water season. I forgot how crazy competitive things could get with her around. It was my lazy week in Arena (to save crests and some sanity), so I dropped from tier 21. Got 3 defense wins. I took screen shots, but I don't have time to upload them so maybe later, but this week I also faced @LordFrigid's team in AA (It must've been you because there was a Caeda, Tana, NY!Azura, and....another flier I think) and @Shoblongoo's team in the normal Arena. (If that's your in-game name. I vaguely recognized it from the forum and figured there can't be many others out there with a name like yours!) Kinda weird seeing two SF members this week. Now that I've kind of gotten around to building the units I really wanted to build (Shigure and Libra aside), I can start building +10 units that might score a little better than all of my squishy mages. Caeda is first up, and she'll be the first non-infantry +10 I build. Got enough feathers to +7 her at the moment. Just a little more to go.
  10. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I've been pretty blessed with Gennys. I think she knows how much I enjoy building healers. I even got pitybroken by one when looking for Maribelle. lol I think I've got three spare ones right now. I'm saving one for Rhys and Elice (just in case they don't come with the proper skills already). I had been saving one for Maribelle, but I got lucky with her skill set. Gah. I'm so excited. I'm prepared for all the disappointment. Also Dorcas is going to be a TT reward!
  11. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Omg. I'm both incredibly happy and super terrified. >Flying Healer >Flying Healer is Mia >Niles alt >I've got 30 orbs My luck has been so awful lately that maybe it'll look up on this banner. I'm really hoping I can get at least one of them this month. I've already got some Wrathful fodder for Mia.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    RIP Niles. Oh well. Did a few YOLO pulls for Nina in hopes that I might get her, but no such luck. Looks like my dry spell still isn't over. I'm undecided. Should I go Arvis or Lilina next?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Legendary banners are pretty hit or miss for me. No pity-breakers is great, but there always seems to be one character on a color that I don't want on each color. And sniping for a particular character is so dangerous. The newer legendary heroes have definitely improved in quality, so that's why I'm considering saving for them. That...and they should start cycling through banners that have characters I missed...
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    @mcsilas If you're on Team Niles, I'm pretty sure I've been getting your Silas as an ally. Dang. Park him in front of a problem, and it's gone. XD I've been enjoying getting to dust off my Niles. I promoted him so long ago and haven't really given him much attention....except to give him Gaius's weird summer ice cream candy bow thing.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    It's a little sad when my luck is getting the 4 stars I want. lol My luck has been pretty sour lately. And I'm not sure if it's getting any better. So my goal is to just save orbs for a little while. Maybe try my luck on the next legendary banner. But after seeing some of the good luck in this topic, I decided I wanted to try my hand at one summon on the legendary. I even got one blue orb. Perfect. And I got a 4 star Shigure. I'm so happy. :3 My current 5 star merge is +3 with a +SPD -HP nature that I don't plan to change. And now I've got three 4 star copies sitting in my barracks. Just 4 more copies to go. I decided that was a good omen, and I'm done with the legendary banner. lol Still have 40 orbs saved. Hopefully Halloween isn't tempting. I'm going to try to play it safe and wait for the next road map.