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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    That does make sense. I can't say I don't like it. And I can't say I like it...but I may like it better than his normal art. It's very different and very creative. And I definitely like the detail. He just looks a little...kid-like I suppose. Maybe it's because he seems thin? There's something off. The more I think about it, I like his expression. The wide eyes seem very dragon-like.
  2. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Hm....very interesting. I definitely like the theme, and it's cool to get some villains from something other than a GHB. But I guess this means the devs will have to get a bit more creative with CYL Celica. Hardin and Grima look like they're going to be a huge pain to deal with in the Arena......... Watch them both have like....50 DEF and RES. *sobs* Grima's art is a little...strange. Not bad. But like...I think I need a while to form a better opinion about it. Because this isn't Canas, Pent, Louise, Lugh, or Maribelle, my orbs are safe! Is it sad that I'm more excited to see a new OC than the banners? New general looks COOL. I'm totally ready. Now I wonder who the GHB is going to be.....
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I'm curious. What kind of score range is my team in? Do you remember? Depending on the time of the week, it was either Raven, Lucius, Merric, and Lyon or Ike. I used Ike to get the win...and switched out for Lyon because...favoritism. He lowers my score, but at that point of the week, it doesn't matter.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Sometimes we get early leaks. Sometimes we don't. While I hope we get the trailer a few hours earlier than the reset, I always assume it'll happen on time. I'm guessing it'll be Thracia! Though I won't be surprised if it's Awakening or more Elibe! But I hope it's Thracia...
  5. Legendary Hero Speculation

    I know I don't want to see more "copy" characters any time soon. I was fine with Eirika on the SS banner. New red horse? Cool. Gets to be a BraveNotBrave!Hero? Nice. Some love for her since she didn't get a CYL version. Ike was a good surprise for RD fans...but he was another red sword. A better red sword than a large majority of red swords...but still a red sword. If the legendary heroes just end up being powercreep versions of lords...it's gonna get tedious, especially if they're all just slightly powercrept versions of themselves. That being said...I hardcore had a dream that Alm was the next legendary hero, but he didn't get new art. He got like...a throwback to the old Gaiden style. I'm 100% sure that's not going to happen, but on the off-chance I'm slowly becoming clairvoyant, there we are. I'd love to get real legends from the games like @Florete mentioned... St. Elimine anyone? Pleeeeeeeeease. She has art. She was my avatar for my first few months on this forum. Let it be so! Altina, Roland, Anri... I feel like those are some really interesting characters that deserve cool art and voice acting. But other than that, I really just want to see new OCs. Or even old OCs. Where be Bruno? I know we're getting Ronnie soon...but she's gotta bring him too please. Some way, shape, or form.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I'm Aria's Boys! That's really cool though! I think that makes you one of the first SF people to fight my team. Pretty sweet!
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Hm...haven't had too much luck with free summons lately. My last free pull was a 3* Cherche. My free pull today was a 3* Serra. I figured that since I have a spare Cordelia, a perfect Caeda, and a +10 Raven, Felicia might not be terrible. XD No such luck.
  8. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Ended up doing 2 votes for Hector and 2 for Winter Tharja. Hector's my top choice for fodder, but I decided to throw two for Winter Tharja as well. She's not a favorite (and I'm not a fan of the silly outfit), so I'd never purposefully pull for her, but I figured if she's free, I'm fine with it. She's excellent fodder if you hate her but could also potentially be a great unit if you like her. It's kind of a win/win there.
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    So my score was 5060 which was comfortably within 1000 ranks of dropping out of tier 20. It makes you wonder how big of a difference there is between just single digits. I know that 20 points is pretty big in the grand scheme of things, but at the same time, it doesn't feel like that HUGE of a difference. Two points higher than last week got me around the same rank it feels. I didn't bother checking my exact rank, but I was somewhere between 4100 and 4300/5300 give or take. The threshold to stay was probably just a little bit higher than 5040.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I'm not sure if the scores are inflated as terribly this week as I thought. I assumed the score I achieved last week wouldn't be anywhere NEAR enough to stay, but it's still pretty close. I managed to get a new high score in the Arena (by two points): 5060 using V!Ike, Merric, Raven, and Fjorm. No blessings. At first I switched out Fjorm for Valter, but her DC was kind of important for countering pesky mages. So I was brave and decided to use V!Ike instead of Lucina. He's not a GREAT dragon counter, but he can do it with some extra support. I actually struggled a lot this week against Armor Emblem and almost didn't get my 7 win streak a few times, but I powered through today and somehow got lucky. I may not like using armors, but they're a HUGE pain to deal with. Right now, my score is good for rank 3832/5311 to stay in tier 20. My AA score is 5038. I could probably get a better score and back into the top 3k (currently ranked 3277), but it's not as big of a priority. Those runs are tedious enough without having to search for better points.
  11. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    As someone who has been using V!Ike quite a bit for casual and Arena gameplay, I'd say there isn't much about him that makes him the most godly amazing thing out there. He's a good unit, but he also has lots of competition in the sword area. I prefer to use Joshua (for mixed defenses good against dragons), Mia for her better stat distribution, or even Gray who has a stat distribution very similar to PoR Ike. The only thing they're missing is DC. Ike beats them all there, and he doesn't have to waste an A slot for it. For my play style, if I want a bulky/strong QR unit, I'm going to gravitate towards Lukas or Adult Tiki. Lukas just has sky high defenses, and while Ike's aren't bad, Lukas will likely tank two melee hits better. Ike has him beat with RES, but not by too much. Adult Tiki loses out in attack, but the refined effect of her weapon is invaluable. And her mixed offenses help her tank things much better. And as far as DC sword users go, Xander is fabulous. Sure, he's a GHB, but with horse buffs, he's still an amazing unit. The fact that Ike's a legendary hero is the most appealing part of him honestly. You're not just getting a 5 star unit but a blessing as well. They could have done more with him to make him a...fabulous unit. As it is, he's really only a powercreeped version of himself with a different base kit and slightly different special. His Brave Version has a much better base kit that makes him valuable as fodder and a good unit as well. (The fact that he's green helps as well.) The devs probably could have given V!Ike a special skill or an additional effect to Ragnell to really hype him up as "legendary." 4 cooldown Aether isn't bad, but when you look at the special skills other units have gotten, it seems a bit lazy. I feel like that's kind of the theme with him. He's better, not bad, not great. But better. Maybe the devs were scared to break the game? So Ike's a good unit. I think he'll be valuable to players old and new who don't have him. He's a legendary hero, so that's hype, but for me? He doesn't really fit my play style, and because there's not much TOO special about him, he likely won't see much use because there are other characters I have to fill his role that do fit my play style. That being said, I still expect him to win. XD
  12. Oh cool. My Merric's getting shown off. Thanks @mampfoid @HenryKaze101 Congrats on Merric BTW. He's one of my fave units to use. +SPD and +ATK are good on him. At the moment, mine has an HP bane too, and honestly...it's not THAT terrible on him. He's still got a lot of HP to work with. I honestly just like running him with Excalibur or Dark Excalibur. Excalibur is great for fighting against flying units. He's basically a mage archer. With buffs, mine could take out problem units like Elincia despite color disadvantage. Dark Excalibur is what I run now because he likes the extra damage. And if you give him Bonfire, he's doing quite a bit of damage. I say Excalibur/Dark Excalibur, Bonfire, Fury, and Bowbreaker are my favorite skills to make him a good Brave Lyn counter. He can also counter Reinhardt (even with -RES) if he has Deflect Magic 3 as his sacred seal. But he can't usually counter both during the same match. I've recently running Distant Defense seal on mine, and that works out too.
  13. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    Had a kind of rotten day at work, so I haven't bothered with a creative run. I used Caeda, Hinoka, NY Azura, and Summer Corrin. Oddly enough...it took me like 3 tries to do hard, but I did infernal on the first try. I haven't really used Hinoka since I upgraded her lance, and wow... It's kind of great. She's REALLY fast and strong. I usually avoid her and just use her for buffs, but I might actually give her a real build now. She can KO the axe knight on her own (with the buff from Azura). Everything else fell into place from there. I'll probably try something else later on. For now, it's just satisfying having the orbs!
  14. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    Going off of the tier least (or at least one of them), Titania, Raigh, Matthew, Merric, Gordin, Lucius, Leon, Virion, and maybe Caeda (before her new weapon). Titania was my OG Reinhardt counter. She got DC and pretty much wrecked blue mages. Maybe not the best for Arena scoring, but she was/is such a useful unit. Raigh was one of my first "weird" upgrades because I felt like it. I had a spare Tharja, so he runs Rawrblade, and honestly, he's not half bad. I like him a lot. Matthew was the second "weird" upgrade. He's got a lot going for him, and slowly but surely daggers are getting better. I plan to +1 him since I managed to get a +SPD -HP copy to replace my +DEF - HP copy. Merric might be my weirdest project. I've never seen someone go, "OMG I PULLED A MERRIC." I've seen him a bit more often in the Arena however. I love is bulk, and he runs a variety of builds now. Gordin is just a 4*+10, but I built him up with Klein's kit, and he's pretty awesome. Lucius is a bit more OP now because people are realizing just how annoying the Wrathful/Dazzling/Pain combination is, but healers weren't even amazing when I started building him back in...August I think? I've killed several 5 star characters for him. XD Leon maybe isn't as niche as some characters, but I plan to make mine a +10 Merge. He also runs Close Counter and QR. Virion is my next big project. He got the Firesweep Bow at long last, so he's ready to do some damage. I'll put Caeda on the list because I started building her the second I got a +ATK copy. She has a pretty good Firesweep build, but then the update happened, and now she's even more amazing. Between how fabulous she and Palla are, I've never once wished for Elincia. XD
  15. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    @Zeo - Congrats on your journey! That's a lot of Matthew clears, and I'm sure there will be many more in the future. It's nice showing people that non-meta units are good too. Someone's gotta speak of for the little people. For now, I'll keep on rallying Merric, but Matthew's got my support too!