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  1. XD I was really keen on the prompt. Had a lot of ideas, but I've just been crazy busy with studying for the GRE and editing my friend's graduate thesis. No time for actual fun on my end. I did some personal writing, but it's mostly been world building and character profiles.... I may be pretty busy for the next prompt too...
  2. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Thoughts on the VAs since I actually got around to listening to them this morning:
  3. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    This banner is kind of beautiful. Like easily the best banner I've seen from this game. (That's my personal bias talking. Don't mind that.) I also think it's the first time since launch that I'll likely pull all four colors. I've got a lot of orbs to grind because I haven't touched the game in about 3 weeks except to log in for orb bonuses. I already love Yura's art...and the herons look great. Nailah is a goddess as she should be. Tibarn's also wonderful. Can't wait to see Naesala.
  4. Interesting prompt idea. Maybe I could just write a story about how I drank too much wine on NYE and sent my sister about three dozen messages as I watched The Fellowship of the Ring ranging from philosophical talk to fangirling over Peter Jackson to "LEGOALAS STAB THE TROLL IN THE FACE YAS." You do you! I'd still be interested in seeing some belated feedback, and I'd also be interested in seeing another piece from you if you chose to enter.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo I haven't touched FEH in a little bit and still don't have a strong desire to play, but I'm glad you finally got to finish your +10 Matthew. Maybe it's the New Year's Eve wine, but I'm over here grinning like an idiot. I mean the rest of the pulls were great, but finally finishing that godly Matthew of yours is a feat in and of itself. Congratulations!
  6. I don't think anyone said they didn't enjoy it... Just from what I've seen/written myself is that people were confused by your execution of the ending. That doesn't mean you wasted your time or effort into the story. I still enjoyed reading it. Folks can still enjoy reading something and be critical of it. If feedback is constructive, there's no need to get down about it. Just take some notes for possible revision or for your next project. It's all a learning process. Like I told someone else via PM, any changes made to a piece are ultimately an author's choice, but usually it's wise to consider the feedback you've been given. However, you can't please everyone.
  7. RIP. My words got all mixed up. Not enough coffee in my system yet. Thanks for the correction.
  8. That's a really interesting take on it. I know for me that the first two parts were plenty easy to understand and had a fairly solid message. But I'm not sure you provided enough context clues in part three to convey what you wanted to even subtly. This is my first time hearing that Lucina is Marth's reincarnation. (I'm not entirely sure if that's a concept explored in the games/other source material which I have played BTW or if it's an idea you've chosen to explore yourself.) I've always been under the impression that she was just his ancestor. I read through it again, and the only clue I can find that Lucina is seeing things through Marth's eyes is this phrase: "a disconnect between what she saw in her ‘dream’ and this reality" which kind of hints at something more but doesn't tell us what that is. The reincarnation concept would have been really cool though, since you started with a young Marth vowing to never make his children fight and shift to a child who basically grew up only knowing war.
  9. So I ended up writing waaaaaaaay too much in terms of critiques...but there were fewer entries this round than the last round I entered in (plus I had some more time). So I tried to be thorough and give some detailed criticism. I'll go ahead and respond to the criticism given to me first! @Jotari - I seem to have trouble being super clear with themes. I'm trying to get better with that... I suppose the angle I was going for with "mercy" was meant to be interpreted in a variety of different ways since mercy is one of those things that's different to every person. For Death, his mercy was letting the princess expire last since he observed that the mortals seemed to be fighting for that right. But also his mercy was helping the boy to survive when he clearly didn't have the means to do so on his own. He could easily let him starve or maim himself falling off of trees, but he does care for the child, and the child cares for him. There's also the fact that the god of the realm keeps bringing back creation even after having destroyed it a couple of times. Perhaps it's not mercy to destroy everything, but it might be mercy not to give up completely and hope that one of these days they'll get it right. This was my first time exploring some more "legend" or "lore" type material for some of my own work, so I definitely have more to flesh out. I'm glad to hear that my interpretation of Death at least seems intriguing. I wanted to stay away from anything that seemed too familiar... I almost wanted to make him sound a bit weirder, maybe throw in some scales or a shell or horns, but I didn't know if that would be too much. @DarthR0xas - It's really interesting that my two critiques kind of contradict one another. I intentionally left Death as kind of strange looking because I didn't want him to conform to anything we're super familiar with in the world. If I could go back, I'd probably be more descriptive in general, but he doesn't really conform to one label like humanoid or canine. (I think I might've made him a little too feline.) Making it longer probably would have helped with the details, but time was also an issue I suppose. I had some more of it, but no patience. I'll definitely be revisiting this and hopefully be able to hammer out a proper legend. Thanks for the feedback. Now for my own feedback! @TheSilentChloey @Shoblongoo @Farina's Pegasus @DarthR0xas
  10. Managed to finish a submission as well. I ended up not going with my original idea because I was too worried people wouldn't get how it worked with the theme. I'm still not confident about this one, and I think it may be a little too weird, but whatever. lol I write weird stuff. Title: Another Beginning Fandom: Original Setting Word Count: 2694 Author's Notes:
  11. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    People say the music is trash, but I honestly think it may be enough to get me to play FEH more frequently again. Metal is the best though. Give me more, please. That being said, I could only watch the first few seconds or so enough to enjoy the music and part of the laggy trailer because I had to leave for work. From what I've seen, at the very least, I have Nailah to look forward to. Though would anyone mind posting a summary of the FEH Channel? I've seen sporadic comments about tickets, Eir, and beast units...
  12. Okay... I may try to come up with something more straightforward to fit the theme if I have the time then. It may be better to be safe than to try something weird in this case... I'm interested in using what I'm working on for my grad school portfolio, and while I want feedback, this may not be the right place for this particular piece. Thanks!
  13. To be fair, I thought my last piece fit the theme of the round, but the vast majority of people said it didn't. I likely wouldn't make any changes to my current piece if a proofreader said it didn't fit the theme. I just wouldn't enter it in this particular round, maybe write something more straightforward instead. To be fair, I started writing this piece without the "mercy" theme in mind, but it sort of became a byproduct of my draft.
  14. Cool. I don't mind checking it whenever you're done. It's supposed to snow this weekend, so I may be trapped anyway. I'm working on something now that I didn't think would fit the theme, but I kind of think it does. I know the rules say you're supposed to only ask for like...grammar and spell check stuff, but am I allowed to ask if it fits the theme as well? I'm kind of working on a very "thinky" piece. It's my first time writing something like this, so I wanna know if it works before I get completely roasted. XD
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Honestly, if you'd like the orbs, PM1's guides have been great. I've had zero will to do any fun clears, so I just wait for him to post a f2p guide. My characters are always a little different, so I have to adjust a bit, but following his Infernal guides for the past few legendary battles have helped. I believe his current strategy for Alolan Ike uses Legendary Ike, Brave Lyn, 5* Arvis, and smol!Azura. No SI. Neutral IVs. But I made adjustments for my +ATK -SPD Ike and my +ATK -DEF Lyn. But if you prefer to do it yourself, all the power to you. XD I just want the orbs at this point. And I don't bother with Abyssal.