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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Whoa that's cool! Do you remember what my team was ranked? I was running a slightly different team (Mae, Leon, Merric, and Lucius) who got me a TON of defense wins so I'm curious to know where they were sitting at. As expected, my scores for last week were good enough for tier 20 + the top 3k in AA. New Arena changes are in play now. Gonna be interesting to see how things work out. This week I'm running my Legendary Lucina with wind-blessed Raven, Merric, and Lucius. Lucius is in charge of ATK/DEF ploy debuffs as well as helping with chip damage and heals. I managed to make Lucina get 3+ kills for each map which helped my score despite the fact that I couldn't seem to get above a 740. Ended my first run with a score of 3751 which feels pretty good. I have no idea how that's going to rank, but I've got more than enough crests to try again later in the week.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Congrats on the Sonya! Is she new? I think she's a pretty swell RES tank, so if anything, she makes a good Reinhardt counter if you're ever short on those. And her tome helps her specials hit harder. My free summon circle had two blue stones. First one was 4* Shigure. Super happy about that because that's the first one I've pulled at 4 stars. Was satisfied with that pull, so I went for the second one, and it was 4 star Tailtiu. Can't say I'm disappointed with that either!
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Interesting. I haven't had much luck with my Delthea natures so far, so I wasn't too keen on pulling for her. Klein would be nice for QR or Brave Bow+... But I don't have any strong need for colorless fodder beyond him. And I could have pulled green for potential Libra merges... Unfortunately, I have zero desire to pull for Elincia, but I've been trying to consistently pull red in hopes of getting another Soleil, M. Morgan, or Eirika. Plus, even if I did manage to get Elincia, she'd be a new addition to my Herodex. So red it is! Second free 5 star of the summer banners. First Sanaki, and now Eldigan. Can't say I'm disappointed though I do think it's funny that both of these 5 stars popped up as off focus banner units shortly before their banner reruns. The first Eldigan I pulled was like... +RES -ATK. The second one was +HP -SPD. Neither are SUPER optimal. This one is +DEF -HP. I think that's pretty good. Already made him my new merge base. I may treat him to his refine and give him double Fury! Or maybe I should do Brazen ATK/DEF + Fury? Dunno'. At the moment, I've only got one spare copy of his son, and I'm reserving him for Kiran's lover Alfonse. Sooner or later I'll decide what weapons I want to refine.... lol
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Congrats on the premium fodder. It's always nice to have around. I feel like I never actually use my nice fodder; it just sits there looking nice. A little over 60 orbs got me: Leif (+RES -ATK) - *sigh* I probably would have been more upset if he was a character I already had. *slowly strangles the Ryomas that stalk me* No strong attachment to the guy, but nothing against him either. I can at least add another hero to the Herodex and maybe get some use out of him in Tempest Trials eventually. Just probably not this next one. I had some orbs left, so I went back in for one more summon, and I got my Micaiah!!!!! Of course I get her at a 3%. What is this? Of course she's +HP -ATK. lol But you know what? It's fine. +HP is a superboon. Her weapon gives her the extra 3 ATK to make up for the bane. Her ATK is still pretty great for a dancer, and having her is much better than not having her. I think even with -ATK, she'll be able to deal with most of the annoying green armors I have to face. I got a free Shanna from the Deathblow banner. Other notable pulls include, a 4* Hinata (I have plenty of 3 star copies that I'm too lazy to promote), 2 copies of M. Morgan (which would bring my M. Morgan project up to +7 if I ever get the chance to promote him), and several copies of Caeda. I have more than enough 4* copies of her to make her a 5*+10. She's actually up there in consideration, and I feel like this is a sign... It would have been nice to get the last copy I need for a +10 Soleil or Eirika however...
  5. Girl "Tax"/Sticker Price Shock

    I've actually never really looked at men's shampoo and stuff before. When I lived at home, my mom bought soap that everyone used. She'd buy "family size" bottles, and I don't believe they were much more than 7 bucks at most. I suppose they were technically "feminine" shampoos, but I never thought of them that way since my father and brother used it as well. Other than the scent maybe being different, is there really a huge difference between shampoo for guys and gals? Like...do men need a slightly different chemical composition to clean their hair? Like I know for my favorite brand of shampoo there are different varieties that do things like control frizz, provide extra moisture to dry hair, provide a little volume, etc. But most of the time, when people buy super high end products, I feel like they're paying for (maybe) better ingredients and the label. For me, I tend to buy the products that work for me. Some things I'll compromise on. Razors? Don't need the super cute model. Shampoo? I have a specific hair care routine that I like to follow. I'm willing to buy slightly more expensive products if it protects my hair better. PJs? I 100% prefer men's PJ bottoms, but I like underwear for ladies. I'll go to a store like Aerie and do the 5 for $25 deal or whatever. A little expensive, but it's that treat for myself that I enjoy. Bras on the other hand... If it doesn't fit right, you're going to be in for a bad time...doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive. And bras can be SUPER expensive... I also feel like ladies are more likely to buy more products. Not speaking for everyone of course just from some personal experiences with my sorority/ladies in my family. But without even adding makeup into the picture, in the shower I think I use anywhere between like...4 to 7 products (shampoo, conditioner, face wash--two different ones that I alternate, shower lotion, body soap, shaving gel, exfoliant....) But I've known a few guys who will buy a 3 in 1 shampoo (shampoo, conditioner, body soap) and only use that. But on top of that I have like...a skin care routine, hair care/styling routine, etc. Part of me wonders if feminine products are more expensive because ladies might just buy more in general?
  6. What Arena Crowns can be used for?

    I don't think the crowns are going to be for anything other than aesthetics/bragging rights. I don't know much about mobile games and business/whatnot, but introducing a valuable resource that only a very small percentage already at the top can obtain doesn't seem like it would earn the game any money. The folks capable of getting the rewards are already spending money on the game and probably have their +10 armors all ready to go. There's the percentage of people who are borderline between tier 20 and tier 21 that might be encouraged to spend more, but that still doesn't seem like it'd be super profitable. If the crowns did provide "benefits," I honestly think it would upset players more than encourage them to spend to get to the top. All other resources in the game are attainable through other means even if they're in a smaller quantity. Blessings were pretty exclusive when first introduced since you could really only get them through summoning, but now, we get a free one every week and another free one every time there's a LHB. Folks who summon exclusively for legendary heroes will obviously have more, but if you're actively working to get those resources...you probably deserve them. And they're even bringing back the old TT characters now, so while those resources are limited, they're not SUPER exclusive anymore. I honestly think tier 21 was introduced to try and clean out some of the crowding in the other tiers.
  7. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Hm...wondering what kind of team I'm going to run this time. I could probably do two swords and two lances...but I'd like to be able to run a mage of sorts. I've got some horses that need to max out HM. So maybe I'll run Clive along with Elise, LA!Lilina, and Ursula or mix it up and run Clive, one horse, Masked Marth (for heals), and Alfonse or Sharena. Either way, I've been wanting to build Clive for a while now. I'm sure he'll be fun with TT buffs!
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I've run into a lot of Tactics teams actually. They might not be as common as like...Ward+Armor Emblem teams, but when I do meet them, they're a little problematic. I also see my fair share of characters with Panic Ploy. I know I run Drives usually, but I do have dual rallies around just in case.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    You could probably get her to run Panic Ploy with HP like that... I bet that would surprise people!
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @Vaximillian She's looking pretty good! Surprisingly bulky...especially with all that HP. Her refine was very kind to her.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I think the new Arena will take some adjustments. This is honestly pretty good motivation to really focus on building the Askr trio (+Fjorm) as well as a support based Arena core to make those guys shine just in case you don't have other good bonus units because I do think those bonus unit kills will matter.
  12. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    For those of you interested, the datamine is already happening, and the stats are here: