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  1. Glad to see a few people are interested. Here's how my run is going, even though I haven't been playing it much due to school and other things... That aside, Barst is amazing as a Merc (which is not surprising to me since I go Fighter>Hero for Barst all the time), and I'm keeping Abel as a Cavalier until I can promote him (and at the same time build his Lance Rank. At Chapter 6x and it's already B-Rank!). I'm temporarily using Lena until I get Linde, and she gets the job done. Julian's a bit behind everyone but doing good nonetheless. It's going alright so far, but the run should be pretty... interesting to say the least. Read the original post, by the way.
  2. Likes Muse
  3. Darros in Shadow Dragon. I have no regrets.
  4. I'm liking a lot of these ideas so far. Probably add some bosses and make the board size bigger, maybe even make a few more for variety's sake, but if I were you, I'd base them off of the more famous maps in the franchise such as Marth Embarks (Chapter 1 of Shadow Dragon) and The Verge of History (Prologue of Awakening). Also, some boss characters would be nice, such as Camus, Gharnef, Michalis, Medeus (Earth Dragon form), Reptor, Langbart, Arvis, Julius, Batta, and so on. Maybe for multiplayer battles, bring out some maps from Genealogy of the Holy War and give each player control of a castle, make the objective to seize all castles. Teams without any castles automatically lose. Make boss characters playable as well, just for the sake of pulling all the stops and making it more fun in the process. Also, maybe do something in the manner of the Street Fighter II board game and make the characters cardboard cutouts that attach to plastic pieces and make everyone find cards of their playable characters, and so on. Also, everyone should have access to a Lord, too, and make it so that only the Lord may seize castles in FE4 Maps, and so on. That's all I can really contribute to, hope it helps some!
  5. There is an exploit you can do. Get the Falchion from Gharnef in Chapter 23. In Chapter 24, store all of Tiki's belongings in the Convoy, then give her the Falchion and send her to her death (also get the Aum staff). Then in Chapter 24x, have Elice ressurect Tiki and she'll be back. Also, the real Falchion will appear in your convoy at the start of 24x. So, you can get Nagi and keep Tiki alive if you're interested. Other than that, those characters look fun, lol. P.S. Nagi rapes Medeus HARD. She does really well in the endgame, too.
  6. I'll search around for a better one, just give me a little bit of time to look. EDIT: Here you go, this one works perfectly. http://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-choice.php I'll put it in the first message.
  7. Oh, it's not a true randomizer, hence it being in quotation marks. You could use a site like this if on a computer. http://easydecisionmaker.com/ First, do the characters, then remove the characters then do classes. Pretty simple. If you're on an Apple device, I'd reccomend using RDM since it allows you to fill so many spaces and it's free.
  8. This is a challenge I came up with, initially as a joke between me and a friend, but I've decided to make it into a fully-fledged challenge. Here are the rules: 1. Play on any difficulty you desire. Your team must consist of Marth, a unit of your choice (and class of choice, but you can make this character a randomized one), and 13 randomized units with randomized classes (except for Special Classes (ex. Thieves, Manaketes)) 2. Kill off ALL generic units. 3. You must go through EVERY single Gaiden Chapter (but 24x is optional). 4. You may temporarily use units until you get the permanent, randomized ones (ex. Using Wrys before getting, say, Lena). 5. Reclass the randomized units ASAP. Alright, so here's how the randomizing thing will work: Step 1. Get a random decision maker (if on iOS, I suggest RDM). I reccomend http://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-choice.php 2. Put the names of every character in the decision maker excluding Gotoh and Nagi. When putting in Arran and Samson, list them as a single option as Arran/Samson then randomize with them. Roll for 13 units (or 14 if you're not doing a Unit of Choice) 3. You may re-roll characters up to 3 times (not per character, just 3 times period. This way it's less dickish.). 4. Once character randomizing is done, randomize the Classes of all Class Set A characters (Those with access to Paladin, Dracoknight, Sniper, Swordmaster, Sage, and Bishop) then the Class Set B characters (Those with access to Hero, Warrior, Berserker, General, Horseman, and Sorcerer). You may re-roll classes up to 3 times period. 5. Also, choose which Endgame character you want-- Gotoh or Nagi. Note that by choosing Gotoh, you may not visit Chapter 24x. If choosing Nagi, 24x is required. Then I'd suggest putting them on a list. I'll share my team with you that I got. 1. Marth - Lord 2. Abel - Dracoknight 3. Caeda - Sniper 4. Ogma - Berserker 5. Barst - Hero 6. Darros - Horseman 7. Julian - Thief 8. Merric - Sage (Unit of Choice) 9. Caesar - Hero 10. Radd - Paladin 11. Maria - Dracoknight 12. Linde - Bishop 13. Dolph - Warrior 14. Est - Swordmaster 15. Tiki - Manakete 16. Nagi - Manakete Yeah, I got way luckier than I would've expected (sans the Unit of Choice). Also, feel free to tag your Let's Plays involving this challenge with fe11gaidenrandom! Let me know if anything confuses you and I'll try to help.
  9. Jamke x Edain
  10. Tobin: Gold Knight (Cavalier) Gray: Dread Fighter (Merc) Kliff: Sage (Mage) Faye: Falcon Knight (Pegasus Knight) or Saint (Cleric) Atlas: Bow Knight (Archer) or Dread Fighter (Merc)
  11. After a few hours of stressful work, I've finished "The Sacred Light" from Fire Emblem: (New) Mystery of the Emblem and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. You know, the theme that plays when casting Starlight? I decided to merge the strings that were used in FE11/12 with the choir used in FE3. Enjoy! Also sorry for doublepost, I really wanted to get this out. The Sacred Light (Fire Emblem - (New) Mystery of the Emblem & Shadow Dragon) by Purple-Clad Gamer.mid
  12. Is incorrect.
  13. Likes Mages with huge melons.