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  1. It's that time of the year again! :D

  2. Is correct about Super Mario 64 and wrong about the other two because I haven't gotten very far in either.
  3. Say "no homo" then leave.
  4. Is not Olivia.
  5. I really only swear when I'm angered or using swear words to describe frustration with something, such as a really hard part of a game (ex. "I can't stand these f*cking Hammer Bros. in World 8-4! They drive me batsh1t insane!"). Otherwise, the most "swearing" I'll do is use the word a55.
  6. I'm really wanting to see a new Ninja Gaiden game now...
  7. Her growths as a Pegasus Knight surprisingly aren't terrible. 25% HP, about 30% in everything else except for Luck and Defense-- Luck being 75% iirc and her Defense being a measly 5%. I didn't use ANY Dracoshields on her and I'm surprised she gained so much defense!!!
  8. Please don't get on me about using the word "canon" here but these pairings are what I consider my personal headcanon, and at the same time I've grown to absolutely adore these pairs and hence they are in fact my favorite pairs. MaMU x Idk, I can see marriage with Miriel, Sully, Tiki, and Cherche being really adorable. Chrom x Olivia (People complain about Chrom and Olivia being a rushed pair! By that logic, Sigurd and Deirdre were an awful pair! That aside this pair is cute imo, the end, dont witchhunt me pls) Frederick x Sumia Virion x Maribelle Stahl x Sully Vaike x Nowi Kellam x Miriel Lon'qu x Panne (I'm moreso interchangeable with Donnel over Lon'qu) Ricken x Cordelia Gaius x Tharja Henry x Lissa Donnel x Cherche (I'm moreso interchangeable with Lon'qu over Donnel)
  9. Alright, thank you. In the middle of Chapter 12 at the moment, and I have to say I'm... extremely surprised. I promoted Abel into a Dracoknight during Chapter 11's preparations menu, so there's that. Radd and Maria got caught up to the rest of my team, and I got Linde (who so far is doing a meh job as a Cleric, but not much I can do there). Speaking of Maria... holy... I can't believe I'm about to say this, but she's one of my BEST units so far (also sorry for the super huge image). EDIT: Maria, I'm so sorry for calling you cannon fodder, this is amazing.
  10. You can double-post as long as you apologise and all. I'm sure the admins won't mind if you're just trying to get info out there. On the other side of the spectrum, I'm in the middle of Chapter 10 and gave a Seraph Robe and Goddess Icon to Maria and took Hauteclere before sending Minerva to death (this was painful for meeeeeeeeeee) Radd is my lowest-leveled character (sans Maria) as a LV7 Cavalier with a pitiful 4 Skill at the moment... ouch. Everyone else is doing pretty well, too. I'm using Bantu as a temporary unit and he's turning out surprisingly really well so far (unfortunately he's not going to be permanent... Oh well. Maybe another playthrough). Abel will be receiving my first Master Seal (it would be Ogma since he's a level higher but I need fliers). Looking forward to Dracoknight Abel! Hopefully Maria won't be too bad to raise... One can hope, right?
  11. Glad to see a few people are interested. Here's how my run is going, even though I haven't been playing it much due to school and other things... That aside, Barst is amazing as a Merc (which is not surprising to me since I go Fighter>Hero for Barst all the time), and I'm keeping Abel as a Cavalier until I can promote him (and at the same time build his Lance Rank. At Chapter 6x and it's already B-Rank!). I'm temporarily using Lena until I get Linde, and she gets the job done. Julian's a bit behind everyone but doing good nonetheless. It's going alright so far, but the run should be pretty... interesting to say the least. Read the original post, by the way.
  12. Likes Muse
  13. Darros in Shadow Dragon. I have no regrets.