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  1. My ideas for a replayable FE

    My biggest issue with your contention about the GBA games (aside from other points well articulated by others before I got here) is that you can use a VERY limited number of units in the final chapter, in all three GBA titles. You recruit three, sometimes four times as many characters as you can field in the final chapter. That gives HUGE replayability in deciding which characters to use, and though you have multiple characters in the same class, their starting stats and growths are very different, so choosing, say, Lowen over Sain or Rebecca over Wil makes for a very different experience, despite using the same class. I can understand where you're coming from, but I think you're missing out on some grand replayability. Coming up with themed runs, restricted runs (no mages, only horses, mages only, fliers only, etc.), changes up how you approach every chapter in the game. One of the brilliant game design choices of the FE series is that you can recruit far more characters than you can ever use. Every game until Awakening has this same level of replayability (though I would contend that the GBA games and Path of Radiance do it best), where you have a wealth of characters and have to choose. My sister and I love replaying the GBA games and the Radiant series, and lately we've been choosing each other's teams by character, or giving each other restrictions or themes to stick to, for our runs. It's making for delightful revisits, and I can honestly say I continue to get excited for a next run in these games. (I love Awakening, by the way, but I don't find it very replayable. It's extremely strong in continuous play, though, and that's a valuable strength. You CAN max out every character, you can reclass infinitely (something that breaks the game, but in my opinion also makes it incredibly fun, and you have to work for it), and there's an actual postgame. So replayability isn't everything in making a game last long after you first beat it, and Awakening does something really special in that regard.)
  2. That would be crazy cool! Especially if they're insanely hard but you also get rewarded with BOTH of the bound heroes. That would be way neat.
  3. The 3DS games sell more. Newer games are always more marketable. And each new game since Awakening has sold WAY more than any FE game before it on a scale that's completely insane. Why do they focus more on the newest games? Because that's what the majority of the FE fanbase now knows. Fans of the older games, and especially fans of the older games who ALSO don't like the 3DS games, are a huge minority. You can complain all you like, but from a business AND fanbase standpoint, focusing on the newer games makes a lot of sense. (They also have dozens of characters from FE 1-10 in heroes, and something like 20 or more each from Archanea and Elibe, so... I don't know how they're ignoring fans of older games or FE's history lol) By the way, I started the series with the GBA and loved it for a long time before Awakening. And I can understand why some older fans are disgruntled by how the series has changed. But the hatred and anger at the focus on newer games is hilarious to me. Logically, it makes sense. And just look at many other series. They change. If you don't like it, you don't have to be mad about it. Just stick to the games you like. The ones you enjoy will always be there (and be the same, since they're from an era before DLC and online updating so they'll never change! Yay!)
  4. Holiday banner predictions

    Curious why so many are speculating a Tempest Trials for the Christmas banner. In the past, every Seasonal banner has been accompanied by new Paralogues. That seems the most likely scenario (and I'd be very grateful for the orbs, especially if it also adds to the Chain Challenges)
  5. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    Characters I'm still trying to pull: Maria, kid Tiki, Katarina, Camus, Alm, Celica, Faye, Clive, Eldigan, Olwen, Klein, Hector, Priscilla, Hawkeye, Karel, Jaffar, Seth, Lute, Amelia, Mia, Robin (M), Lucina, "Marth" (Masked Lucina), Corrin (M), Xander, Kagero, all the Fates children, and most of the seasonal heroes (only ones I've pulled that I wanted are Brave Lyn and Brave Roy) I don't know how so many people have so many of the Heroes they want, not to mention so many of the seasonal Heroes. The struggle is real. Characters I'm waiting to be added to Heroes: FE 4/5: Leaf, Ishtar, Julius FE 7: Karla, Harken, Wil, Heath, Fiora, Limstella FE 8: Myrrh, Franz, Marisa FE 9: Laguz units (any and all please, but especially Lethe, Mordecai, and Tibarn) FE 10: like... everyone... how have they not added the Dawn Brigade characters yet? (This would also be a great opportunity for alternate versions of characters like Ike and Titania) FE 11 (Awakening - I know everyone uses 11 and 12 as the DS remakes but... those are remakes. How are they numbered entries?): Morgan, Sumia, Ricken, Maribelle, Anna (I would love to see a bunch of alternate Annas, honestly - it would fit the lore and be really entertaining), Flavia, Priam, Owain (Odin is dumb), Kjelle, Cynthia FE 12 (Fates - see 11): Rinkah, Scarlet, Kana, Sophie, Mitama, Charlotte (normal, not Bridal), Velouria, Percy, Ophelia Shadows of Valentia: Silque, Python, Zeke, Forsyth, Tatiana, Valbar, Conrad, Rinea (burning witch form probably, but would like to see her normal form turned into a Hero in FEH) TMS: I'd love to see EVERY CHARACTER from this game brought to Heroes! It would be hilarious, for one, but I also want more people to be aware of TMS, because it's a great game oozing with style and fun. But if I had to pick, I'd just ask for all of the Carnage forms of the main cast to be brought over. And I'd love to see Touma as a Cavalier unit but on a motorcycle :D
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I just have a few Permadeath is an interesting idea, but utterly wasted as both a gameplay mechanic and a storytelling opportunity. I'm not sure why they included the mechanic in the first place or what their ideas for it were, but its potential has never come close to being realized. On a gameplay level, it's pointless because 1) you can just reset if a character dies and try again, and 2) you are almost always given "replacement" characters aplenty in each class, so if you liked one unit, you'll probably get several others relatively comparable to them. And if you get a truly unique unit, there's still point 1. For storytelling, it's wasted because any character that they want to keep alive from a story perspective DOESN'T DIE. And characters who do die get little to no story relevance, and characters just move on without caring that they died. Death is utterly meaningless in Fire Emblem, and I'm glad that recent games don't lean on it and offer options (even if they aren't my favorite games in the series - those are 7 and 9) Lyn's story is delightful. The fact that you only have to play through the Tutorial version of it once, and that you can skip all the cut scenes if you want, means complaining about it as a tutorial is silly. Play it on Hard mode and you can play it however you like. The story is wonderful, and Lyn's journey to reunite with the only family she has left in the world always tugs at my heart strings. (also, it's fun to not promote Wallace in Lyn's story, and then recruit him later on and realize his true potential) Completely agree! Nino has always been one of my favorite characters in 7, and every time I use her, she turns out better than my other Sages and wrecks everything in sight. She's a beast! And I just love the challenge of "here's this underleveled character at a difficult part of the story, good luck" I agree! I think his character is both boring and grating, and he adds nothing to the game, either in Birthright or Revelation. I never use him. Gotta disagree. She has a lot to her story. Her journey to meet her grandfather for the first time, to find out that she still has a family after thinking she was all alone when her parents were murdered, is wonderfully heartwarming stuff. And her addition to the trio along with Eliwood and Hector helps balance out the three lords, add some character to the mix, and give a great set of personalities to bounce off of each other and grow together on a joint quest. She's something special, and I know plenty who love her as a character, not because she was the "first girl."
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Exactly! They even put her INTO SMASH BROS without altering her design and style much, if at all. And how NIntendo encouraged Koei-Tecmo to go their own way with Hyrule Warriors (and that game gave us Cia, among other characters/costumes) (I just didn't think about Bayonetta bc I've never played her games)
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    This is Intelligent Systems. Nintendo is just the publisher. (kind of like how people say "because Nintendo" for games like Pokemon or Xenoblade... which are not developed by Nintendo. And look what Nintendo's allowed in all three Xenoblade games? They're more flexible than people think as publishers)
  9. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    No point in holding feathers past 20k. I want to promote my heroes! So far I've raised eight heroes (Eliwood, Sharena, Serra, Catria, Rebecca, Raven, Nino, and Reinhardt) up to 5 star, some starting from 2 and 3 star levels. It feels good, and I have far more 4 star than 5 star heroes. Gotta keep working on them and build out the army!
  10. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Free pull on the re-run of the Brave Heroes banner got me BRAVE ROY HECK YES Last time the banner was around the only one I got was Brave Lyn, getting Roy for free this morning was ridiculously exciting. But now I have to decide how to use my orbs... I want heroes from the Brave set, from the new Farfetched set, and from the upcoming Legendary set. So many heroes, too little orbs... but I'm glad they're showing they'll bring back seasonal and unique heroes, it makes me feel less urgency about getting everyone right away.
  11. Unit Un-Wish List (Who are you tired of getting?)

    For me, I'm one of those weirdos that prioritizes personal preference over tiers, abilities, usefulness, etc. So, I like Fir. And her artwork. So I'm glad to keep getting her. Lon'qu? Not so much. I don't care too much about abilities. I mean, I used Hero Feathers to bring my 3-star Catria up to a 5-star because she's my favorite pegasus knight in FEH.
  12. Unit Un-Wish List (Who are you tired of getting?)

    Azama, Lon'qu, and Jaegan. I'm sick of all three of you. Get one of any of you almost every time I summon. Please stop. I don't like any of you anyway (well, Lon'qu's cool, but I don't like his Heroes art). I mean, thanks for the feathers, but I'd rather get duplicates of units I WANT so I could merge some more. The highest level I have is a 40 +2. And there are still so many characters I've never gotten. I'm sick of duplicates in general, but those three can disappear forever and I'd be so happy.
  13. Holy war banner

    My free pull was... A 4 star Jaegan. I'm so sick of seeing this old man. But hey, when I plunked down 20 hard-earned orbs for five summons, I got Nino! Twice! And I already have a 5 star Nino that I trained up... (I love you Nino, but I don't need more 3 stars of you) But I did finally get Cain! Never pulled him before, so I was excited to see him. None of the FE 4 characters though. One day... one day... I have the worst luck at Summons, but I still keep playing this game. Because it's surprisingly fun to train up my little warriors into total beasts.
  14. Pairing your Avatar.

    I want to say Charlotte because she's fantastic, but her supports with Xander are THE BEST THING. So I always pair those two. My avatar first was paired with Camilla in Conquest, then with... well. I don't remember who in Revelation. My favorite reason to pair with Camilla is actually her hair color. It is by far my favorite on Kana, just the cutest thing <3 Though I actually do like the supports between Corrin and Camilla. Cute stuff.
  15. Ideas for for theoritical Fire emblem 6 Echoes

    I guess I'm in the minority here - I want an official English version of Binding Blade, but I'm also not too confident in it really matching the magic of the original. Mainly because of 3D. There's no way the combat animations are going to be as amazing and beautiful as in the GBA version. Not to mention, every 3D FE has had really washed out and limited color palettes. I don't know why that is, because you can have colors pop and be vibrant in 3D (look at Ni No Kuni and Breath of the Wild, not to mention the Tales series, Skies of Arcadia, there are lots of games before and after FE went 3D that do color so much better). But anyway, aesthetics aside, I'd still be interested in a remake. Because official English release! And because Roy's pretty great, and I like his crew of characters. I also, unlike many others here, don't think much needs to be changed. Here are my suggestions: 1. Roy promotes earlier. Because holy crap, his late promotion, like with Marth, makes him hilariously useless for too large a stretch of the game. The suggestion of chapter 16 or so others have said makes sense storywise and would be great. 2. Thieves promote. They didn't invent that until 7 so it's fine that they don't in the original, but for a remake, promoting Thieves is a must. Assassin Cath would be amazing. 3. I would at least want the Sword of Seals to be unbreakable. Maybe not all legendary weapons, but I think the ultra-magical-story-specific-sword of destiny seems a little less legendary and amazing if it can break. 4. I would want them to KEEP the structure of the game. I like how 6 and 7 are structured, where you just go from one chapter to the next. No Barracks or My Castle, no World Map, just chapter by chapter. I like that. I hope they would keep it the same way. Having that variety within the series in terms of structure and style is a good thing. 5. No Support limits. It made sense in 6 and 7, but the fact that they kept that for 8 and 9 made no sense. I'm glad they did away with it from Awakening onwards - now just retroactively make that the way in 6's remake. Also, for romance, don't have S Supports - I really don't like those conversations - just have them reach an A+ level with only one character. And then have a credits blurb about them and their romance blooming after the game is over. I love that stuff. Speaking of which... 6. Give every character a variety of "ending blurbs" during the credits. That's an FE tradition that I hope never goes away. And have a variety for every character, based on their Supports. 7. Don't add new characters. Especially don't add more 7 characters. Please. If they tie 6 more into 7 than it already is in the remake, that means they'll be changing more of 7 (or not remaking it, or remaking the pair as a single game), and I don't want that. The stories of both games are great. We don't need more characters from 7 in 6. It works as-is. I understand why some people want it, and if they appear as cameos or secret characters, I'd be fine with that. But not as story-focused members that change the flow of the story (and, by extension, impact 7's remake's story). 8. And on that note, I don't think we really need to add more characters. 6 has a great cast. Adding characters in Shadows of Valentia made sense, as Gaiden's cast was pretty tiny and lacking in variety. 6 doesn't have that problem. If anything, focus in more on these characters. Have Lillina more important and involved in the story - her and Roy as dual protagonists would be great. Give everyone more Support conversations. 9. And more on that note, please no avatar. A tactician like 7, sure. But I really don't want retroactively added avatar characters. They're not necessary, and they damage the flow of the stories of games that weren't designed with them in mind. The story is about Roy, Lillina, and the companions they meet along the journey. There are already tons of characters. Keep the story focused on them and expand on those characters. 6 has a big cast. It doesn't need more characters. So, most of my suggestions are things NOT to change. But I think there isn't much that needs changing. More Support conversations, no Support limits, Roy promoting earlier, and Thieves being able to promote, are the big ones for me. Everything else is strong as-is and doesn't need more. I understand the appeal of adding characters from 7, or having the ability to reclass (though it doesn't work well in 6's structure, not to mention that having dedicated classes helps characters feel more focused and specialized), or having just MORE CONTENT. I get that. But I disagree. 6 is a big game that, like 7, is very well designed for being played multiple times, rather than having one long, extended playthrough where you keep grinding and perfecting and reclassing to your heart's content. And it's good for FE to have games like that. Awakening and Sacred Stones are great in their own right. So are 6 and 7. Variety's a good thing, and having shorter games that have definitive conclusions and a reason to replay are great. Plus, the less they change, the less they have potential to screw up - and, most importantly, the less they change, the less time and money they need to spend on the game. Remakes are exciting. Brand new games are even more so.