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  1. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Went in with 200 orbs, hoping for Legendary Lyn since I failed to Summon her the first time. About half the time, didn't even get green as an option. When I did, it was almost always only one. Had three greens once, and two greens once. Ended up getting two LA Lillinas, though! That was nice, if not what I wanted. And on one of the times there were no greens or blues I pulled colorless and got another Brave Lyn. But no Legendary Lyn. Time to save up for October when she comes back...
  2. What value is even there for merging for casual players?

    Same here, I'm a 100% F2Per, and I merge my favorites. I've been playing since launch so I have almost forty five stars by now, so I don't need to worry about variety. And I've used more feathers for upgrading a new character to 5 stars than for merges until recently. Now that I have a ton of 5 stars, and most of the new ones I want come summonable at 5 stars, I don't need to spend feathers on upgrading new characters, so I spend them for merges. I also don't have any reason to have EVERY character 5 star - there are a number of characters I actually actively send home for feathers every time I summon them, rather than ever keep a copy, because I don't like them or know I wont' use them and they don't have skills worth passing on. Some people want a full catalog of 5 stars. I want all of my favorite characters, and for all of my favorites to be the absolute best they can possibly be. So I merge, and I do SI, sometimes in ways that are "wasteful" in terms of meta, but this is how I have the most fun with the game. And like you said, it's no fun at all if certain content is ONLY beatable with specific characters. That's why I work on my favorites, so that I can run the team I want to beat the content I want to beat in a way that's fun for me. It doesn't feel rewarding to me to win even the highest level challenges with teams that I don't like. And ultimately, to me, the appeal of FEH is the characters, not in gameplay or the meta or in min-maxing or "being the best." It's in having the characters I love all in the same game, and being able to use them to their fullest potential. For many, that's only possible with merges. (Also, it's just really freaking fun to have a Nino that one-shots almost everything in the game, or a Nephenee that can never take damage from anything other than tomes. You go, girls!)
  3. What value is even there for merging for casual players?

    There are tons of compelling reasons, I think. 1. To make your favorites stronger! That's obvious one, alongside getting high Arena Tiers 2. To allow for more viability to unconventional team compositions. Sometimes you want to make weird teams, but they're not very strong. With merges, they have a better chance of success. 3. For high-level single-player stuff. The hardest GHBs and LHBs, Blessed Gardens, Squad Assault, Chain Challenge... these can be very tough at the high levels, and given that a lot of them reward you with orbs, new characters, Divine Dew... it's desirable to be able to beat them. Merging makes weak units stronger, and strong units incredible, giving you more options. There's strategy in FEH, of course, but power matters a lot. Merging gives you an edge in more than just the arena. For me, 1 and 2 are the biggest reasons I merge. I want my favorites to be viable, and I want to be able to screw around with weird team comps without losing too much of a competitive edge. And 3 also matters to me - it's not just high-level arena that's difficult, there's a lot of high-level content in Heroes, and a lot of it (particularly OUTSIDE the arena) gives some really great rewards.
  4. Who has the "best art"?

    Favorites Nino - her damaged artwork, unlike so many others that are for fanservice, makes her look more determined than ever, sort of a "I may be hurt but I'm not giving up!" and I wish more damaged art was like that Raven - I REALLY don't like Raven with an axe, but... he rocks it. His art fits his character so well, and he's one of the few "carrying a sword even though I don't use it" artworks that I really like. And him being an axe user actually makes him fit onto more of my teams better, he's one of my most-used characters, so that's not such a bad thing. Least Favorites Eliwood - his original art is SO WEAK. It hurts me, because Eliwood is one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise. I don't know how to put my finger on it - his armor looks odd to me, his pose looks off, he just feels... like a weird, fuzzy reflection of his actual self, something that you can tell by looking at it "yeah, that's Eliwood," but at the same time makes you feel like "wait... something... isn't right here." Thankfully, his LA artwork is pretty nice. I'd love to see a new alt for Eliwood that's just on foot with the Rapier (a weapon that surprisingly still isn't in Heroes), with an artist who can better capture his character and his style from his original game. Arthur - he just looks dumb to me, which maybe sorta fits (he's dumb, in an endearing way), but I just don't like it. I had fun with Arthur in Fates, but I always send him home for feathers immediately whenever I summon him in Heroes. Every Single Fanservice-y Damaged Art - like I said above with Nino, I wish more characters took advantage of the damaged artwork to show determination, desperation, a resolve to stand firm no matter how bad things get, or just, like the art should, show more of who this character is when put under pressure. Instead, they're just "how much of this character's clothes can I rip off, and how 'sexy' of a pose can I give them, without it being out of bounds?" and I don't like that approach at all (also funny side note, swimsuit characters generally have the least amount of clothes-tearing, which clearly shows the objectives and the boundaries for the artists behind most damaged artworks... which actually isn't funny at all).
  5. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    Ahh, crap. I only played Shadow Dragon once, and I barely remember it. Oops. Sorry Bantu! (but hey, that reminds me I should replay it sometime)
  6. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    That was the big thing for me. Every playable Manakete (except for... older Tiki) has been a young girl. To assume this Manakete is "almost certainly" Tiki was a huge leap of logic (there were several made in the analysis, but this one was the big one for me). She doesn't even look like Tiki aside from age. and if IS does make her Tiki again in a different continent and storyline and try to explain why she looks so different I'll scream that's so lame I usually love GX's analysis videos, including Derrick's FE ones (I know he doesn't get any help from the rest of the team) so I was really surprised at how much he seemed to drop the ball here. He's clearly excited, so that's nice, but it doesn't seem like he took as much time and care with this one as previous ones? And he got a little too into making leaps of logic and theorizing too far beyond what was actually shown, which goes from analysis to something else entirely. But the Tiki thing... I just don't see how anyone could get that unless they only know about one Manakete girl (which Derrick clearly knows more about, he's clearly played Sacred Stones).
  7. Julius and Ishtar, creepy or sweet?

    I don't view it as creepy or sweet, but just painfully tragic. There was probably a sweet and wonderful love between them one time, but with Loptyr in Julius' hands, he's become a monster, and yet Ishtar still loves him and hopes he can be well again somehow. Almost every scene between them in FE4 breaks my heart.
  8. Rate the Unit, Day 92: Brave Ephraim & Brave Veronica

    Serra: I love her. She's great! I see people talk a lot about healers based on their ability to fight, I've never used Serra as a fighter, and have her set up so enemies can't counterattack if she does attack them which is nice. But she's a healer. At least the way I have her built, she can warp around to any injured unit anywhere and her healing skills heal tons of HP. Now that Nanna's been added, her utility of removing status ailments makes her very likely for me to use her as much as Serra, but before Nanna, Serra was my go-to healer (the only one I actively used, actually), and I still use her heavily. As a healer, she's top-notch in my book, though the fact that I don't use healers often means she isn't overall totally incredible, when I need a healer, she is the first one I turn to, and she never lets me down. 7.5/10 Haven't used Lissa so can't comment on her.
  9. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    I'd love to see more banners like this that combine many games in the series together! Not a huge fan of villain characters as playable - I only pulled on the Fallen Heroes banner because Celica wasn't super "evil-ized" so I still liked her design (and I still have never pulled mage Celica, so I was glad I got sword Celica on my free pull). But I would like to see Julius! And from 7, while Nergal is the obvious choice (and certainly not a bad choice, especially if his damaged art shows his uncovered crazy eye), I'd love to see Ephidel or Limstella instead. Some themed multi-game banners in that vein I'd also like to see: Wandering Mages Claude, Hugh, Canas, and Nyx Noble Siblings Conrad (wearing his mask), Ethlin, Altena, Guinivere "Fallen" Heroes A collection of character not playable in the games they appear in Contains: Elbert, Greil (in merc leader axe form, not as Gawain), Marth's father (do we even get a name or appearance for him? Would love to see what they come up with), and Leila There are lots of things they could do with banners and I hope IS will be more creative with some, instead of always trying to milk the popular characters. Characters who weren't well-known at all in the west are now super popular in large part BECAUSE of Heroes, like Reinhardt. I'd love to see them throw in characters like that, take a chance and see who can become popular rather than just going off of known quantities. Also, where did the Echoes crew go? They had like two banners close to each other, and since then have practically vanished aside from Celica (that's part of why I put in Conrad above).
  10. No Plans to Use 'Virtual Console Banner' for Classic Games on Switch

    I'm not optimistic about a VC future, even under a new name. They've already shown what they want to do with classic games - a subscription service tied to their online features. If that proves even remotely successful for them, that's how things will remain. If the subscription service works, I think we can safely say goodbye to ever being able to buy digital versions of older Nintendo games on the Switch a la Virtual Console. Someone mentioned the importance of game preservation, and I completely agree. It's the big reason I'm not a fan of some of the changes made in the digital age. Games that aren't popular are disappearing. Subscription services have smaller lineups than a digital retro store equivalent has in most cases, and with Nintendo's service launching with only 20 games, and only NES titles at that, when they've had up through the N64 two consoles in a row (Wii and Wii U), really gives me no confidence in this program. The fact that I don't play much online multiplayer games, and that I don't like subscription services for video games, means I'm not touching this. If a VIrtual Console equivalent does show up again, I'll be so happy, and frankly, shocked. But I'm glad I have my 3DS and Wii U, and when those eshops get close to shutting down, you can bet I'll be buying a lot of VC titles on there to make sure I have them in the future. Also, the more stuff like this happens to video games, the more thankful I am for people making emulators and ROMs. Yes they're illegal (technically), but that's the only viable way to play some video games now, and I think that list of games only really available through emulation is going to expand, unless something is changed to try and preserve games beyond just the popular ones. (Also thankful that I've kept my GBA and GCN, and that the Wii U and 3DS are backwards compatible)
  11. Rate the Unit, Day 92: Brave Ephraim & Brave Veronica

    Catria is SO GREAT. It might be bias since she's one of the few units (along with Nino and Raven) that I've spent serious time building. But her speed gets really high, give her Desperation and she can really rule the skies. Since Iote's Shield is a Sacred Seal, that really helps fliers a lot lately. I have Tana as well, and while she has utility and is great, for me, Catria is one of the best fliers I have in terms of combat ability. She can go toe-to-toe with a lot of enemies and come out on top. Give her some support from Marth, PA Azura, and Flier buffs and she can tear through enemies. I love her. She's great. I wish more people used her (and I wish I could summon more extras so she could be a +10 for me). One of my favorite Heroes I have, and one of my standbys. 8/10 Est: Haven't built her, surprised to see her get so much love from those above. I just don't like her art, she looks younger than she does in the games she's from (especially her recent appearance in Shadows of Valentia), and she doesn't have any built-in skills of interest, so I don't care to build her. Nice to see she can be great, though. No rating for her from me since I really can't.
  12. I know it wasn't the map size, I love that and that got me very excited the first time I started playing. I think I dropped it because I was being silly and playing too many games at once - I dropped a lot of games then, it's only lately that I've been focusing in on 2-3 games at a time and making sure I finish one before starting another. Though I will say the map size could be used better, there's a little too much downtime for my tastes, but overall I'm very much enjoying the game. The overall gameplay systems are fantastic (even if there are a few things I miss from later games), and it's just like you said: the themes and motifs are fantastic, and the experience is a very rewarding one with every single bit of progression I make. I also love all the little subtext you get - even though the game was held back by I'm sure a combination of time and hardware, they made the most of every line of dialogue, and there are a lot of subtle things thrown in there that really add substance to the brief interactions. Ares and Lene's interactions in 7 are great, and Arthur finding and saving Tinny was wonderful. There's lot of stuff from Gen 1, too, and I'd heard people say that Gen 2 was more "basic" than Gen 1, but I'm not feeling that so far. There's a real sense of melancholy and desperation, nearly everyone has lost something precious to them that they can't get back and it adds a lot to the characterization and the feeling that this isn't just another "underdog Lord and his scrappy army overthrow an evil Empire" story (though I do enjoy those). There's a secret ending??? I need to find out how to get it and keep that in mind as I play through, I don't want to miss that!
  13. Many skipping the banner I've seen say it's because they haven't played Genealogy, which is a really sad reason in my mind. There are FE games I haven't played, but characters from them have become favorites of mine just from Heroes. Heck, it's because of Reinhardt and Olwen that I said "Okay, now I NEED to play Thracia," and getting the banner with Leif sealed that for me. It's because of Sigurd and Seliph's great designs and Ayra's total beastliness in Heroes that I started playing Genealogy after dropping it a few years ago early on for reasons I still don't remember, and I'm so glad because Genealogy of the Holy War is AMAZING and I'm really looking forward to beating it. Heck, some characters that I slept on in games I love have become favorites of mine in Heroes and made me want to give them a second look in their source material. Draug is fantastic in Heroes (though his art doesn't help matters in SD, poor guy, at least he finally got to be a looker in Heroes). Heck, some of these great Fates characters remind me that I didn't dislike Fates because of the characters, but because of the main story, so I'm glad they've gotten time to shine in Heroes. I'm definitely not skipping this banner. I'm on Chapter 7 of Genealogy so Ares and Lene just showed up and I already love them, this banner coming out got me very excited because of that. Basically, I hope more people will pull on banners with characters from games they haven't played. They just might find themselves more motivated to dig into those games, and find new favorites that they would have slept on otherwise :)
  14. Yeah personally I lucked out, having bought PoR upon release and held onto it. I just finished another playthrough recently, it's a great game! Permadeath can be rather scary, and I'm not sure how to sell it well when I'm used to it. It can be frustrating more than anything (since I'll reset if someone dies, meaning any death is basically a Game Over). If you keep it in mind and play more cautiously than you're used to, you'll adjust to it and probably find that battles can be even more intense and nerve-wracking because of the stakes, which can be both extremely fun... and extremely stressful lol. There are people who play and beat these games without resetting over deaths, so it's possible (that's part of why you get new recruits fairly often), but... it's not advised. Hope you can find a cheap version of PoR! And good luck with the journey :)
  15. If you have a Wii U or New 3DS, then you can get the GBA games for cheap, which is a fantastic way to play them! I would personally go FE 7 and then Sacred Stones, but you can play them in reverse order, or only play one. They aren't connected, and both have very different approaches to gameplay (7 is chapter-by-chapter, while SS has a world map and nonlinearity/grinding, 7 has linear class promotion while 8 has options like Awakening and Fates), but both have excellent stories, characters, and map design. They're the most "bite-sized" games in the series except for maybe FE 1 and 3, they have relatively small maps but it works really well and they're designed around that. Possibly some of the easiest games in the series on their normal difficulty levels, but very fun and engaging with wonderful characters. You could also pick up Shadow Dragon, it's a great remake of the first Fire Emblem game. It can feel a bit dated and slow at times, but overall it's a really great time. It's also just fantastic to get Marth's story told in a way they just couldn't on the NES and SNES. Characterization is mostly thin compared to other FE titles, but it has a variety of units to use and tactically, it's very engaging and enjoyable. It's a great game to get some appreciation for FE's past after playing the more modern titles. If you decide to go into the Radiant games, START WITH PATH OF RADIANCE. DO NOT PLAY RADIANT DAWN FIRST. They are absolutely designed as a duology, so you need to play them in order. They are both absolutely worth playing, incredibly engaging, a truly epic sweeping tale (especially if you play both games), and feel the closest in tone and design to the early Fire Emblem games (particulary 4 and 5) without feeling dated at all. Basically... you can't go wrong with any of the localized titles left to play :) They're all excellent and enjoyable games that do the series justice. And if you feel like emulating and hunting down English translations, I know that FE 4 is marvelously excellent, and 6 basically falls in line with everything I said above about the GBA games, particularly 7. I can't speak on 5 since I haven't played it, but I'm really looking forward to giving it a shot once I beat 4. 4 and 5 are definitely the most different games in the series, outside of maybe 2, but since you've played 2's remake in Shadows of Valentia, you can handle the weird. Honestly, playing all 3 3DS games has you perfectly well-prepared to take on any game in the series. You've got the linear, the nonlinear, and the weird, and multiple styles of progression and gameplay systems. You can handle anything from here. I hope you enjoy taking on the rest of the series :) tl;dr = If you can play the GBA games, start with those OR Shadow Dragon. After those three, take on Path of Radiance, then Radiant Dawn, and finally consider if you want to emulate and hunt down translations and guides for the remaining games. Good luck!