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  1. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    Ike x Lethe is my favorite Ike ship, the only other one I kind of like is with Elincia, but that's definitely not canon after Radiant Dawn. also heck no to Ike x Soren I don't know how or why that gained traction and became so popular but I really don't like it, or Soren as a character, and as far as I can see, there's no way it happened please stop pushing that ship please Their supports are great, and Ike with someone who's a strong fighter and pushes him to be better just seems like a strong fit for him, and Ike seems like a really strong fit for Lethe as well for similar reasons. I love their supports, and it's a very unconventional relationship compared to what other FE main characters get.
  2. I've been hoping for Charlotte to get a proper appearance for a while now. Never was a fan of her bridal art, so I never pulled for her. Shigure gives me hope. Also, Hinoka's bow is effective against flyers AND armors! Love seeing more of these dual-effectiveness weapons pop up. It also makes Hinoka much more enticing to me, since I'm normally not that interested in her character or in bows/flyers in general. Really I'm just pulling on this banner for Kana though, until we find out more about the Legendary banner and the other new heroes. This banner will be around for a while, too, so no need to dump all my orbs right away.
  3. Opinions on Camilla

    If she wasn't obsessed with Corrin (heck, if Fates didn't have an Avatar character (or at least zero Avatar worship ohmygosh) but that's another topic entirely) she'd immediately be a more interesting character. I love when we get to see her caring side towards her other siblings and even some of her friends, and the fact that she has serious fears of abandonment is something that could have been explored more, instead of just being used for jokes ("If you try to leave me, I'll track you down and kill you"). I don't mind the sex appeal, except for how the camera focuses on it in cutscenes, I think it honestly works for Camilla (and her character could have maybe drawn more attention to it in conversations and interactions with characters... I feel like that's how she would dress based on her characterization). Fates just had really crappy writing. There are some interesting characters buried in there with a lot of potential, and I earnestly think Camilla is one of them. She was very far from my least favorite character in the game, and I actually found her endearing in quite a few scenes. She just suffers from what all of the main characters do, which is severe mood swings, possible schizophrenia and multiple personalities... Fates is a mess. But I still like most of the characters, more because of the potential that's there rather than the totality of their characterizations. I think part of why I'm not as critical is maybe because I just don't follow FETubers or other "figures" in the FE community (what is this obsession with internet "celebrity" and stuff - again that's another topic entirely), and even when I hear what they say, I'm not just going to parrot it everywhere I go. There's a lot of Camilla hate by the vocal minority, but I think there's a lot to like beyond what the most popular individuals say and focus on. #ThinkForYourself
  4. Thoughts and feelings on Pokémon as a franchise (Warning! Long)

    I was going to reply to the TC, but then you came along and said exactly what I was thinking. Maybe it's just me, but the OP did sound a lot like nitpicking and just raging when there's no reason to rage anymore. So many of the complaints are things that aren't as big as they made them out to be. And if they're so angry... why keep thinking about it? Just drop the games and move on. Getting angry AFTER quitting Pokemon 2-3 years ago and then throwing it onto the internet is a waste of time and energy. But I also think that being angry in general is a waste of energy almost all the time. If video games make you angry, stop playing them. It's not worth getting worked up over. (also TC's complaints about Pokemon aren't worth getting mad over anyway and many of them are actually good/understandable elements of Pokemon or only matter for the hardcore players so there's no need to get mad about it)
  5. This Story (FE 4 SPOILERS)

    That's interesting about Valm, and I agree with it, but my main issue about that entire arc in Awakening was that it felt more like "HEY LOOK WE'RE TRAVELING TO VALENTIA, SEE PLAYERS, WE HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT GAIDEN" rather than "This is something that is integral to the main plot of the story." Because it just doesn't feel that way. There's a throwaway line about how Walhart was trying to build an army to destroy Grima, but it's told by a separate character, after Walhart is killed, in the middle of a longer conversation that has nothing to do with Walhart. That's not how you justify that arc. It felt like they just wanted an excuse to go to Valentia, but rename everything because why not, and it further spread thin a game and writing team that seemed already painfully stretched. I also agree with you about the children supports in Awakening, so much of them seem like "hey I sorta know you" but not any real connection about how they've been fighting a desperate, losing war together with a terrifying demon dragon looming over their land while their parents have all died in battle before them. I just don't get that sense. I like their characters on a surface level, but they don't have the weight and gravity that they should have considering where they came from. Gerome, okay, he doesn't care about saving the future. But so many of the other kids even say they came back WITH Lucina. Lucina isn't the only one who came back with a mission to save her future - ostensibly, she brought along most of the other kids with her, too, for that same purpose. Yet they just end up fooling around in Paralogues, then you recruit them, they have a weepy reunion with their mother, and that's it. So much potential was lost here, and it kills me to think about what could have (and should have) been with those characters. Lucina alone feels like she came from a ruined and lost future and is at the very edge of hope, close to giving up but trying one last desperate play. The other kids feel like they're just fun friends who never experienced a ruined future in their lives. Morgan's the sole exception here, since they don't remember their past (and I personally love Morgan's character), but they also could have done more with them (and Robin - the amnesia angle for both of them essentially goes nowhere except, in Robin's case, or a single kind of weak plot twist). I'm always loathe to say "XYZ part of the development team was bad" because even really good artists and developers can make some crappy stuff now and then. But I do think they were definitely stretched thin - were there too many writers? Was there too much push-and-pull from the rest of the development team? Were they stretched thin with the bajillions of supports and necessity to make almost everyone able to romance with each other? How close were the writers of the text and the people who conceived the story (because sometimes the director says "here's the outline of the story, now write it, also I'll be telling you whenever you need to change anything, but I'm not actually writing it")? That's why I've said I'd love to know what actually went on behind the scenes with Awakening. Tons of potential, and overall, for me at least, a very enjoyable game, but it could have, and should have, been much more. Heck, who knows, maybe the pressure of "this is the LAST Fire Emblem game" that they were going off of at the time got to them. It's clear they went all-in with nearly every idea they could think of, and honestly it's amazing the game is as good as it is with so many competing ideas and references and stuff. LOL
  6. This Story (FE 4 SPOILERS)

    100% agree with you on Awakening. I quite enjoy that story, and it has some really wonderful moments and characters. But while scenes like Emmeryn's death did hit me a bit, they could have been so much more impactful. I also think the entire Valm storyline is unnecessary. It's something that could have been good, maybe, if this was a console title with more storage space to make something huge, but even so, it was more like "HEY LOOK GAIDEN FANSERVICE" rather than something really impactful, and if they'd stayed in Archanea the entire time, they could have focused their plot inward and not spread everything so thin. I also don't entirely like how they handle Lucina's future. She is the ONLY child character that matters to the story, and all we see of her future are a few of her flashbacks (not counting the DLC Future Past missions, which are nice, but I really would have preferred an actual exploration of that future and those characters). They definitely had too many ideas and struggled to focus their plot and gameplay. They wanted to have so much from the entire series, and it's a huge game for the 3DS, but they definitely stretched themselves too thin. And other than all of the parents being dead (and dying off-screen, no less) in the future, there's no impact and no one really dies. I am absolutely with you that I would want to see a game focused on Lucina's future. Just finished another playthrough of Awakening recently, so a lot of this is fresh in my mind, and that's one thing that really hit for me. I love her character, I love the ideas behind her and her world, and I wanted to actually see that, to get the chance to be invested in it. FE 4 (at least so far from my playthrough) is much more focused. Yes, there's a lot going on in the world, but all of it circles back on our main characters. The assassination of Kurth is a plot not only to ruin Sigurd's father, but also Sigurd himself (and his early missions are a plot to get Sigurd far away and helpless). The machinations of Manfroy and monocle-guy (I already forgot his name, he's Tailteu's father) are tied back into our main cast, so while there are a lot of characters and side plots, they aren't spread thin and trying to do lots of things at once. And we get to invest in these characters (there's a smaller core cast than Awakening, which also helps that fact), like you said with Eldigan, with Sigurd, and to a lesser extent with Quan and Ethlin, and with Ayra and Shanan. I really want to play Berwick Saga now after you said that about Tellius. I've been wanting to play Berwick Saga and Tearring Saga anyway, but that really sells it for me. Good to know!
  7. This Story (FE 4 SPOILERS)

    Yeah, it's one of those tricky things when the person who created the series - probably the person most emotionally attached to it and most passionate about it - leaves. Whatever their contributions to the series, how do you go on without them? They did a great job carrying on Kaga's legacy through the GBA and Tellius eras, and DS remakes weren't bad, but I wonder now just how much of the team that was involved even with the GBA games is still working at IS. I know they still have the same main composer from as far back as the SNES games (and I think she worked on the series from the start), which is evident in how, no matter what, you can always count on FE music to be freaking fantastic. But I'd be interested to see how much, especially of their writing staff, has turned over and gone on to other things. They had some excitingly ambitious level designers working on Fates, and I hope those same people are working on FE Switch. Though I didn't feel like they executed very well on their ideas in Fates, they had some amazingly inventive ideas and I'd love to see them get more time to continue to breathe that kind of creativity into level design going forward, with more experience to help them polish those ideas. But yeah, writing staff, if there's been a lot of turnover, then perhaps it's just a matter of time before they get some great writers back, or their current writers have a massive change of heart (and get proper time and support to create engaging stories). There's clearly still a lot of work going into the stories, and Fates was wildly ambitious, but... well, who knows what's going on behind the scenes? I'm still looking forward to FE Switch, as I continue to enjoy the series, but the stories are where I've felt a truly sharp decline. Awakening was fairly enjoyable, but it was a surprising step down after the fantastic work on the Tellius series. Maybe those DS remakes happened because they were struggling with staff departures and other behind-the-scenes stuff? It took them a long time to make a brand new FE. I'd love to know what's happened behind the scenes. Yeah, Eldigan really brought things into sharp focus, and I like how even the larger machinations around the world, like Kurth's assasination, have been woven into the more personal fabric of the story, with Sigurd's father being the prime suspect. I have heard that Gen 1 is considered better than Gen 2, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out for me. On a side note, I like most of the Gen 2 character designs better than Gen 1's lol so we'll see if that holds up once I meet the characters themselves. And I'm glad Finn carries over to Gen 2, he may not get much character development in Gen 1, but I really enjoy using him.
  8. This Story (FE 4 SPOILERS)

    SPOILERS FOR FE 4 CHAPTER 3 AND BEYOND (just getting that warning out there, I'm not spoiler-tagging this post, so if you don't want to know stuff, now you know to walk away) So I've finally been playing Genealogy of the Holy War. The Prologue and Chapter 1 were fun, I really love the large maps, the different gameplay elements (seeing mounted units able to move after acting is wonderful, I thought Path of Radiance was the first game to do that, and I LOVE that feature), etc. Sigurd is a BEAST, those stat growths are unfair. But what's really started grabbing me since Chapter 2, and now almost through Chapter 3, is the story. I'd heard good things about it, but early on it just seemed like "hey look it's really big and epic and there are a bunch of names and stuff" but there wasn't much of an emotional hook. Stuff just happened, move on. But now it's started to become so heartbreakingly tragic that I can't wait until I finish the game to talk about it. First, in Chapter 2, there are the little hints and dialogue here and there - Prince Kurth and his affair, having no heir or wife because of heartache and not getting over his one true love, and then he goes to Isaach to try and stop the war, but he's assassinated. That's all distant stuff, but it hit me all the same. We also get these great moments between Sigurd, Eldigan, and Cuan (Quan?), talking about their past as friends and in the academy, and how they swore they'd help change the world together. Then we get to Chapter 3, and the set-up rockets into so much payoff already, all in the tragic, painful kind, but in a good way from a storytelling perspective. Sigurd is pitted against his best friend, and there's just no way out of it for either of them - neither will disobey their orders, and both are determined to do things the honorable way, the best way they can, so neither can sway the other. I had Lachesis talk to Eldigan so he'd leave - I couldn't stand to have Sigurd fight against him - and THEN HE'S EXECUTED ON THE SPOT. Lachesis loses her brother, Sigurd loses his best friend, and the failing nation of Augusta loses the only hope they ever had for possibly regaining their former glory. Backtracking, before that, unbeknownst to Sigurd, Deirdre is kidnapped. And when Sigurd finally claims Seilvi (spelling?), first he sees Eldigan's head. Oifey tells him not to lose heart yet, AND THEN SHANAN SHOWS UP TO TELL HIM HIS WIFE IS GONE. His best friend murdered, his wife vanished, and also finding out that his father is the prime suspect in the assassination of Prince Kurth. Sigurd's whole world is collapsing around him, and all he's done is follow orders and do his best to do the right thing. Then we have the little scene with Ethlyn and Cuan, where she gives him the Gae Bolg. There's brief mention of the tragedy surrounding it, and notes that tragedy is likely to follow whoever wields it, but Cuan dismisses that as just a legend. But, at least for me, since I'd read a bit of what happens later, that moment just hit me, because I know that, not long from now, Cuan is going to die trying to defend his children, and have his only daughter (who's mentioned in this scene, as well - strong foreshadowing there, IS) taken from him. And Chapter 3 isn't even over yet! I was already enjoying FE 4, the gameplay is so solid and these giant maps, while exhausting, are also so exciting and epic. Being able to save every turn is a big plus, something that really is necessary with the size of these maps, and it's forced me to get out of the mindset of "beat a chapter in one sitting" because these ain't like your other FE chapters. But now the story is just hitting all the high notes for me, I'm really into it, and excited for what comes next. While I know a bit of what else happens - Cuan and Ethlyn's fate, their daughter being taken, and Sigurd dying in a fire (so many memes, that's the one FE 4 spoiler that no one can avoid), Deirdre and Arvis making evil (and not so evil) babies - actually watching things unfold is a whole different thing. It's also why I put a spoiler tag up above. While I knew some of what was going to happen (like Eldigan's entire in-game story), watching it unfold is totally different and totally worth it. For those who have played this far or farther, feel free to discuss the story and these specific moments. If the story was one of the high points for you, what about it made it start clicking with you and why does it resonate with you so much? Also, what happened to the good writers at Intelligent Systems? I still enjoy Fire Emblem, even the newest games, but the stories are the main things that, for me, have steadily declined in quality. It's sad to see, but also makes going back to one of the older games, and one I've never played, such a fresh treat.
  9. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Ohhhhhhh okay, I get where you're coming from now, and I really like it! The inheritance point is incredibly solid, and pulling from the lore is SUCH a great way to influence gameplay. You thought this out a lot more than I did :)
  10. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    Owain (think of a cool title for him, he has tons of options) Weapon: Mystletainn Skills: ........................ I'm not good at thinking this part up. Though I like him having built-in Desperation and a high Speed stat. Owain, just as-is in Awakening, would be fantastic Legendary Hero in my mind. He certainly has the personality for it! And the fact that he's still not in Heroes, while the vastly inferior Odin has been in since the beginning, is an utter travesty. Male-or-Female Grandmaster Robin Levin Sword (or you could have both Male and Female, and have one with a legendary/heroic tome, the other with the Levin Sword) Skills: again, not great at this. If Levin Sword is the weapon, I could see it either having built-in distant counter, or just having the distant counter skill. Great Lord Eirika Eirika on a horse with a buffed up version of Sieglinde Lodestar Marth (Or "Hero King Marth") Marth with his fancy gold armor and a suped-up version of Falchion MARTH NEEDS ALTS, COME ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS I know these aren't very detailed, I'm more interested in characters than skills and stuff, often using my favorites and paying no attention to the meta. These are characters and alts that I really want to get in and I think are fitting of the "Legendary" moniker.
  11. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Yeah I'm not entirely on board with colors based on tribes either, for several reasons. 1) It crowds green once you add taguels and kitsunes, 2) We already have manaketes, and they aren't tied to a single color (that's good), and 3) The dragons in Tellius come in different types, so it would be very odd to have them all the same color. Sometimes it may come down to arbitrary choice for color (lots of the beasts could honestly be any color), but Naesala's ability to use Wind magic makes him a shoe-in for green, and I see the dragons split up by breath type (Nasir is blue, Ena is red, etc.). But if they did those laguz-only banners listed above, to get them all in, THAT WOULD BE SO TIGHT. Especially if they changed the colors around, but getting the laguz into Heroes in bulk like that would be very exciting.
  12. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Love the "Remaining Shadows" title, that's a funny one. It would be very nice to get Kliff and Valbar, the others would be a neat addition. How they would include Duma as a playable character would be fascinating to see. LOL at the Beast Unit banner title, though not laughing so much at them all being colorless. That would instantly keep me away from the banner, and I'd love to get some Laguz (though maybe them all being colorless was an extension of the joke in the title?) I'm sold! Karla's one of my most desired characters in Heroes, so it would be great to see her show up soon! Erk, Canas, and Nils are also high on my list (would love to see Nils turn into a dragon)
  13. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Oh cool! I'd be down for that version appearing in FEH.
  14. Does Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Deserve Better?

    It's a fantastic game that I think more should give a shot. I would honestly say, don't just recommend this to FE or SMT fans (and definitely don't recommend it based on those points - people get really pissy about "representation" from their favorite games, and lose sight of what the actual game is, and by the time you start explaining the game itself and its good qualities, you've already lost them), but recommend this to fans of JRPGs or even just anime fans. Its aesthetic and style will appeal to a lot of people who haven't even heard of it because 1) poor marketing and 2) only really marketing to FE and SMT fans. Or the big 3) being a Wii U exclusive (poor Wii U). Talk up its combat system, its style, its characters. Talk up the tons of costume options, the rotating party, the customization with weapons and class changing. Talk up the wacky, endearing story and the fun, varied music. But don't talk about FE or SMT. I'm an FE fan, and I was all-in on this game only AFTER they showed off this, not the rushed together "FE x SMT" trailer (since I'm not an SMT fan, I was not very interested). And I love this game not as an FE fan, but as a TMS fan, as someone won over by the game itself. My favorite FE characters aren't even in this game at all. None of them. But there are characters I like, and the Easter eggs and references are tons of fun, but those don't make the game. The game sells itself as its own thing, if you can just get people to give it a fair shot - not as an FExPersona game, but as a unique, weird, original, fun JRPG from Atlus (they make more than Persona and SMT, too, and they've made quite a few great JRPGs beyond the series they're best known for). If it gets a miracle sequel, I will be there day one. If it gets a port or remake or enhanced port or whatever, I will be there day one. I will support any other version of this game or side series forever. I know it sold poorly, so there's little to no chance of even a Switch port, but I'd instantly grab it. Also worth mentioning, it has one of my favorite implementations of the Wii U gamepad. It doesn't make it impossible to port, but there's a certain sense of immersion on the Wii U that will be missed on a single-screen console.
  15. Did you play/like TMS?

    Played it and LOVED IT. When I first saw the teaser for the game where it was just FE x SMT, I was honestly not very excited. I don't like SMT, and my only experience with Persona (Persona 3 Portable) was of a game with a lot of potential but ultimately boring. When I saw the actual first trailer for TMS, I had a very different reaction to most. I WAS FREAKING SOLD FROM DAY ONE. I loved the vibrant colors, the music, the character designs, I was hooked. Pre-ordered the game and loved every second of it. The story's more simplistic than I'd hoped, but it is very charming, humorous, and endearing, and I really liked the characters and overall style. The combat system is also fantastic, my absolute favorite turn-based combat system in an RPG that I've ever played (before this it was FF X). It took the skeleton of Persona's combat system, then amped it up in some really great ways. Sessions are fantastic, having dedicated Mirages (Personas) for each character with actual character traits and story purpose (rather than Persona's Pokemon-lite + Fusion stuff which I've never enjoyed), the side stories are tons of fun, and the dungeons were interesting and varied. It even gets pretty dang hard at times, and I haven't played on the harder difficulties yet. Throw in a New Game + (wonderfully titled "Season 2") and FREAKING TONS OF OUTFITS FOR EACH CHARACTER (I am a huge sucker for buying outfits for my characters in RPGs, and was extremely disappointed with the garbage way they implemented that in FE Fates), and it was totally my game. One of my favorite Wii U titles (and I played a lot of them), and one of my favorite RPGs. I wish it hadn't seen some of the censorship it saw (mainly for that photography dungeon, as its English version honestly has zero weight and at times makes no sense for where that story and the characters go... that was just bizarre), despite it not being explicit at all in the Japanese version, it was just extremely stupid. But it overall never hurt my enjoyment of the game. I wish it had really gotten its due, and I'd love to see a sequel (though the pitiful sales mean that's never going to happen).