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  1. I try to beat/complete (depending on how much effort/really absurd stuff needs to be put in to completing the game) the games I do own/bought, but I somehow go back to games I've already completed. I don't know how that happens, but I know it's not the game's fault for whatever reason. I know my tastes well enough to never buy a game I will find bad or awful in a way I won't like.
  2. How do I cause a landslide indoors?

  3. When do I learn the art of posting period?

  4. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 prologue trailer revealed!

    Oh hey, this trailer I saw several hours ago. I'm not interested in the 3DS redo. The Aqua side story I'm very interested in, if only to know what is going on with her. The gameplay looks okay, but I won't be able to play it in the near future so not bothering. I'm so happy the heartless hoard from that very old KH3 trailer is back (and with a proper gameplay appearance). It's still cool for me. I'm sort of interested in Back Cover, but that's only because I have zero idea what is going on. I cannot play the game with my phone, and I haven't read up on anything related to it (except little snippets that existed before the game was released to US). All I took away from this was "unicorns," but I cannot wait to have some context to the whole thing.
  5. Does anyone else ship Chrom/Sully?

    I really enjoy Chrom and Sully's support a lot for it to be my favorite romantic Chrom support (and it might be my second favorite Chapter 11 marriage scene), and I really love the dialogue Sully gets in the two wife scenes. I guess ChromxSully counts as my main Chrom ship with only units. Kjelle really looks great with the Chrom blue hair for me, but I find it absolutely funny she's a royal thanks to her B rank support with female MU. It was the armor clanking part. Clink. Clank. I cannot get that image out of my mind what-so-ever. It's a depressing image, but still a funny one. I also think this pair might be the reason I dislike unfitting generic supports.
  6. Hello, howdy, hi?

    Thank you for the warm welcomes everyone. I'll try and remember all your advice (though, I should. It's on my topic that I have easy access to). It was an Expository Writing class, but my professor had free reign of the class to do whatever. He decided we would focus on fandoms as a community with a basis of how a fandom was defined with the Star Trek fandom long ago and how an internet community applies to that definition (or take the class seriously and write 10 posts about an issue closely related to you with research and other sort of stuff). He would let us run amok for ten or so weeks interacting with our fandom, and, with the remaining weeks, we write a paper of our findings and class is over. It was a low priority class for both professor and students, but I enjoyed it. I got to do class work for something I care about.
  7. Hello, howdy, hi?

    Howdy. I finally decided to get a forum account on here, after, like, ten or so months. It's a long story best summed up as "my professor is allowing me to go join a fandom and write on it as a final. I should do Fire Emblem, so I should get a forum account here- I'm far too scared," and "the beginning of 2016 has been the worst of my life so far. I'm just gonna focus on my class work to feel better about everything." On the bright side of all that, I'm on summer break! That gives me some free time to do practically anything. Such as finally joining this forum. This is such an awful introduction. I'm a 22 year old woman whose first Fire Emblem was Radiant Dawn back when it was first release. Family friend's son introduced it to me as an something anime that I might like, and I did so much that I eventually bought it and beat it. I also somehow managed to get my hands on Path of Radiance, but I didn't get far into that game. My interest in the series died down when I got into survival horror games and into that mess called JRPGs. It was really by pure chance I managed to get back into the series with Awakening. Jesus, so many ups and downs with that game, I cannot decide whether I love it or hate it. It's thanks to Awakening I'm back into Fire Emblem, but not why I haven't gone back and play the Tellius games (that's due to where the Wii is) or play any games before it (I would like to physically/digitally own the English release ones. The ones never released outside of Japan is more of a "I don't know if I want to emulate them" personal issue). It's also thanks to Awakening (and some previous games) I decided to go with Conquest. I don't know why, but I just really enjoy difficult games and doing bad decisions in them.