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  1. Every other poll I've seen shows FE 4 as the most popular, mostly because of how good the story is. Though, now that I think about it, PoR is loved by a lot of people, I don't really get why though.
  2. Huh, PoR is the overall most liked FE game. I would of thought it would FE4.
  3. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Overhaul

    I would like to now whose classes are changed as well as what classes they are changed into. (Also you're very professional about this)
  4. Tips for FE6?

    Eventually you come to a path choice, either getting Echidna and Lalum, or Elphin and Bartre. I think Elphin is better than Lalum, but Echidna is definitely better that Bartre. (Also Oujay is a pretty neat unit)
  5. Tips for FE6?

    1. They're usable, especially Lot. 2. Wend can also be used, but she does slow you down quite a bit, like the rest of the knights. 3. Sophia isn't very good. 4.He has a portrait so he should be able to find quickly. 5. I suggest Elen, she's also very good.
  6. Tips for FE6?

    All cavalier units are usable, when I played the game I used Alan, Lance, Noah, and Treck. Those are all units you should awtch for, especially Alan, and Lance. If you like archers Dorothy is also pretty good, as well as Shin.
  7. I know he's canonically not that old, but I always saw him as an old man. He's not actually a grandpa in any sense of the word, so really it's more of a "team older man"
  8. Prologue 5/5 Because Eirika hates me. Chapter 1 8/13 Eirika still hates me. Chapter 2 6/19 Better. Chapter 3 9/28 Oof, this one sucked to deal with. (Due to me being stupid and not drafting an early game unit.)
  9. Are you guys just getting good rng or something? How is the prologue, chapter 1, and chapter 2 possible with those turns? My Eirika keeps missing breguet.
  10. What happens on chapter 2 if I can't kill the soldier before it attacks franz? I took all of the items out of his inventory so he wouldn't counterattack btw. Edit: Nevermind
  11. My last pick is Rennac
  12. Can you use someones phantoms?
  13. How Important Is World Building To You in FE?

    My main thing is gameplay, the story could be hit by a truck as long as the characters are entertaining and the gameplay is good.