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  1. What did you use to create this hack?
  2. Arthur-Cavalier
  3. Man Fuck Lucina
  4. Gets Lucina *Flips desk* Lucina got Smash now Chrom gets Warriors! It's his turn to shine dammit!
  5. The main reason I play warriors games is just to let out rage, (Which is what I'm having over Duma's tower from Echoes) so I'm down.
  6. What do you mean the game sucks? Regarding your question though, it would be an interesting story dynamic to actually have a meaningful death. (If they did it right.)
  7. Bors, here's to hoping buddy...
  8. I brought this idea up somewhere else, but due to the numerous archetypes in the fire emblem franchise they could make a single cavalier i.e. Cain and Abel (Abel with a lanc and Cain with a sword) and then have a costume of other people maching the archetype, such as you might then get a Sully and Stahl skin for the respective knight.
  9. If they can do it well with no plot holes (doubt it) I want a continuation to any previous fire emblem games.
  10. *Slams Brady*
  11. Finally we agree on something!!! But seriously, by reading this I realized I haven't been the kindest to you on the forums, (I think I have said at least one mean thing towards you on the forums.) and I didn't even have a justification except for the fact that I REALLY dind't like RD and PoR at that time. (I still really don't) It makes my acts seem even worse because I understand what it is like to have unpopular opinions yet I still was mean towards you because your own unpopular opinions. I have written this to say sorry on my behalf of myself. It took me a very long time to realize that my opinions are my own. If other people don't like them who cares? Just remember no matter how disliked your opinions are don't let people get to you.
  12. Can someone post a link to the character endings in valentia? I am having trouble finding it.