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  1. Deen is another good candidate for this. Also Orvar is a name in Norse mythology meaning arrow.
  2. fire emblem 4 excecutes mechanics terribly Everything about Ike is dreadful Overpowered units like Marcus and Seth are not fun to use Dart and Darros are some of my favorite units Camilla should have won against Ike (Mainly cause Ike sucks) Myrmidons are either bad or really good like Guy and Navarre Defense and res are the best stats while Luck is the worst stat Eliwood is the best Fe7 lord (Hector is barely behind) Genny is the best Echoes character and one of my favorites but the writers botched her character by limiting her to one support Say'ri is a reall good character that should have had more supports The best awakening character is Brady Fe7 is the best game The series could learn from Shadow Dragons story Light magic should come back the worst weapon typeis swords Knights, cavaliers and archers are the best classes Lyn isn't good and neither is Lucina, leading to m final opinion Lucina is the wort character ever introduced to any franchise. (Also Hicks is the best Fire Emblem character!)
  3. ALL OF THEM (Except Laura maybe)
  4. Could weapons people use change? Becase Owain being named Orvar and using a bow would be cool. Also are you looking for meaningful names, or just good ones that haven't been used before?
  5. Sonia, mainly because she stands inbetween me and one of my favorite characters Deen.
  6. He's not at all. He's just saying tht it sounds like you are telling people to only use the Meta, which is the problem here.
  7. Thank you for being positive! Also it might come across I hate this game, but that's not the case. I just think it could be better.
  8. I never said reinhardt was popular, others were more liked, with the exception of Effie, Olwen, Linde, and Klien, which I have never heard as being popular. (Also, Cherche is good? since when?) There are a lot of different ways to make the game more difficult, generic enimies don't have to have certain stats, which means they are buffable. As or the arena there is a very large line between difficulty and unfairness called FAIRNESS, if you can only get by in the arena with certain units that line has been crossed in the wrong direction. They could make it more balanced by making every uit usable on a competitive level, but i'm not saying it would be easy to get them to that point. Again strongarmed into using armor or dragon units. (Very few I like.) Also regarding that pokemon i'm pretty sure you are talking about that game competitive, which is an option. Sorry my bad, I guess I never considered that. AGAIN STRONGARMED. I ws just commenting on you telling me to use Ike, that was my answer. If these are the only asweres then I stand by my original points (Except the weapon triangle thing)
  9. Arin Hanson is someones name
  10. Reinhardt, Olwen, Sheena, and Nino are all in the plot for quite a bit, whereas the other chracters are considered more popular. I get why popular characters are good, but what really makes me mad is the fact that nonpopular characters are bad. This brings up 2 other problems. One is that people always say use this team, or this team. Why can't I just use characters I like instead of being strongarmed into using other units? The weapon triangle is also ridiculous in this game. If a unit is dealing 20 damage to my unit that would become 24 damage, plus skills and weapons that add onto this. (Though I do get the risk of ruby swords etc.) This does not matter if the enemy team has a strong brave weapon user who one rounds. I don't like Ike.
  11. Not that I disagree with the statement that Heroes covers a lot of games, but those seasonal banners were exclusively Fates/Awakening characters besides Caeda and Lyn. That's 7 Awakening characters and 7 Fates characters, added on to their already large default rosters. Seasonal and GHB characters most certainly count. This exactly wha I mean, but there is still more I dislike. Notice that the only good charcters are plot important ones. Givig certain characters more utilities than others is just plainly unfair, like Ryoma's Raijinto or Xander's Siegfried. These things by default make these characters better than others. Not to mention this is a game where DEFENSE DOESN"T MATTER! They made this game so unfair towrds defense based units. Say I have a unit who has 35 defense, that is a lot in normal fire emblem, but in this game you would still be dealt around 15 damage, and that is not mentioning the fact most fast units are slow. Unless you are Lukas you will very rarely not be dealt extreme damage. The other other problem I have is the fact this game caters to a very secific playstyle. Get in one round the enemy get out. If you don't have speed or attack you suck. Very few units I like have either of those things as I focus on defense, res, and Hp units mostly in actual fire emblem games. So no, I don't like this game, is it an overall good game, yeah, is it as good as it could be, hell no, this is a game that caters to a certain playstyle, certain units, and certain stats, none of which I like/have.
  12. Aran, Forged Silver lance, preference on str and crit named Hanson.
  13. What he said.
  14. It was an accident :P I meant to vote for Hector.