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  1. I would use Gerik in most playthroughs, due to everything you've said plus his amazing supports. I also would have gotten Gerik an A support with Tethys and Artur an A support with Lute.
  2. My first PMU

    Virion->Archer->Mage->Dark Knight
  3. Favorite GBA character?

    Harken from FE7.
  4. Another PMU

    Looks like you need a healer. Lissa, Cleric->Troubadour->Valkyrie
  5. Favorite of each Class/Criteria: BS Edition

    Lord: Eliwood Cavalier: Lowen Mercenary: Harken Myrmidon: Guy Fighter: Dorcas, Geitz Brigand: Dart and Hawkeye (Can't decide) Knight: Oswin Pegasus: Fiora Wyvern: Heath Thief: Jaffar Bishop: Renault Mage: Erk Archer: Rebecca Refresher: Nils One Class Wonders: Canas
  6. Anything Goes Birthright PMU

    Paladin!Shura via marrying Avatar with partner seal.
  7. I agree with this especially since armrs are some of my favorite classes and characters.
  8. BR PMU 'cuz Why Not

  9. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    I think of staying true as keeping the same mechanics and gameplay. Valentia stayed true to the core gameplay of the game and added more. I guess I misinterpreted what he said, because I thought he was saying that IS should not keep the same core gameplay and mechanics which I thought was ridiculous. I merely ment that they should overall keep the game the way it is while polishing the weaker points or fixing them, sorry.
  10. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    And they should remake Thracia, but I don't know how they would do it.. (Sorry for the double post)
  11. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Staying true to the source material is the whole point of a remake, if they don't do that it would be worse.
  12. Emblem Chronicle VII

    So everything after ch.2 is vanilla? Are the characters still vanilla or is it just the maps?