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  1. I'm kind of okay with Gimmicky characters, as long as they are no where near the majority. 1. A better main character, you know, with flaws and emotions. 2. I really want a good villian, a game can't be amazing without a good villian. 3. New and old classes. I want warrior and summoner to be brought back, but I also really want a soldier type class and a bard. Specifically a bard, not a dancer. 4. I want longer maps. Not FE4 level maps, but a solid length, with plenty of things going on to keep you busy and the level entertaining. 5. A stand out mechanic. Sort of like the Mila's turnwheel, but maybe more fair. Every game has a small feature that helps it stand out from the others, I want this one to have to do something with the switch, to really help implement what the switch can do, however, this could also be a bad thing if Nintendo goes overboard.
  2. Story/Worldbuilding help for a hack.

    Thank you for respecting my ideas! If I wasn't so depending on gods being in the story I would listen to your advice, however, you did make me start to tone down the presence of gods in the story, for the better in my opinion.
  3. Story/Worldbuilding help for a hack.

    @bad touchIts completey understandable, I see where you were coming from. However... This guy kind of says the opposite of what you said, which I also want to take to heart because this was essentially my thinking. I will try and encorperate what you said though.
  4. Riddles and Logic Games

  5. Story/Worldbuilding help for a hack.

    Thank you very much
  6. Story/Worldbuilding help for a hack.

    That is completely fair to say. I do have some other people working on this with me, but not really a team. I’m mostly trying to get the story down so I can at least write it as a stand alone thing. Do you have anything you could recommend story wise though? (Other than that really neat complex political thing you wrote)
  7. Story/Worldbuilding help for a hack.

    Ya I guess your right. Do you have any suggestions for what I could do alternatively? (I forget his name but I think stain wasn’t as good as the guy your avatar is based off of.)
  8. Story/Worldbuilding help for a hack.

    I don't know if I clarified this or not, but Taron fears for the protagonists safety, as he doesn't believe they are strong enough to fight his father. I should have said that the actual game take place 11 years after the initial boat cutscene. 2. I'm planning on making his dad very easily dislikable, but not entirely to a generic level of evil. 3. There are actually four main characters. Immediatly you should npotie that Marius and Hal kind of switch characters, while Hal loses becomes a drunk mercenary after losing everything, and Marius becoming cold and collected during his search for a way to replace his arm. Hal, the protagonist who washes up on Kevery, Maximilians country, after being thrown off the boat, is very revenge driven after his friend, whom he had met in Kevery, is killed. The sword used to kill her he still has in his posession, he is a cavalry sword lord. Marius discovers the only way to replace his arm is too use magic, so he begins his search to find powerful enough magic to do so, which he finds in the form of a monastary in the mountain, he is a light magic lord. The third lord is Maximilian, the prince of Kevery sent to track down his father, the king, after he abandoned their country and sold royal treasures to other countries. (Soliris) The fourth protagonist is Lennox, a famous mercenary who one worked with Hal, who was hired by Maximilian to help him kill his father. Maximilian is very spineless, Lennox is greedy, Hal is vengeful, and Marius is calculating. They're not supposed to be great people , they're people that just happen to be on the good side. Though there are some that lean more towards the good side. (Marius and Hal) 4. I havent made a hack before but I have some experience. I said that I will most likely release this as a written story before I make this a hack.
  9. I have decided to post my story idea for a hack here because I think I need some worldbuilding tips. I don't often pay attention to world building in FE because i'm usually too busy focusing on the characters, so I think I need pointed in the right direction for how to correctly build a world for the games story. If I don't put this story in a hack I will probably write it as it's own story, so I don't know if I put this in the correct subforum. The story focuses on four main characters who each have different goals/perspectives on life. The story opens with two youths revealed to be twins on a ship during a tremendous storm. One of the two, is a taller more built teen named Marius, who is seen drunkenly singing and celebrating their departure from their country known as Alavis. Then enters the second of the two youths, who is named Hal, who seems to be more pessimistic about the situation, noting that they should have left in better weather. Eventually the storm escalates, causing the mast to be broken in two by the lighting. As people are trying to escape the falling mast Marius sees a young soldier standing in the way of the mast paralyzed with fear, who he pushes out of the way, which ends with his arm being crushed. While this was happening Hal was making sure that people have been getting below deck safely. He then begins to head over to his his brother after hearing his scream when the boat starts to rock heavily causing him to trip and fall off the boat. The scene ends revealing that the entire scene was narrated by Hal in front of a campfire, which leads into the standard in between chapter fire emblem transitions with the map in the background, where standard location descriptions are set up. There it is detailed that there are three large countries that make up the continent of Beodrend. Alavis, a dry country run by King Reinheld with very little governmental presence, where Hal and Marius were upper class. The second country is Soliris, a harsh continent in government and climate where the third protagonist Lennox, is from. It is ruled by King Lysander and his wife, Queen Sherris. The third and final country is where the fourth and final protagonist, Maximilian, is from. He is the prince of the country under his Mother, Queen Carlisa, and his father, King Randel. There are legend of five blessed beings who will save the continent from a devastating war, these people are only detectable by the fire emblem.The fire emblem in this hack is a large shield like object like in awakening, there are six stones in it, the likes of which cannot be removed. The stones glow only when one of the blessed beings touch it, which is the indicator that that being is blessed. (THis is just a brief summary of my overall intro and concept. I also want feedback on one of the main villains of the hack i'm writing.
  10. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    Please tell me Kelly is Kevins daughter. It doesn't look like she has his amazing stats though.
  11. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    Was that a pun?
  12. Giving the Archanean characters some personality.

    I always kind of do this subconcsiously so putting pen to paper will be really interesting!
  13. This is a really good idea. I want one similar to one of the main villians of the hack i'm writing named Taron, who is the blind prince of the enemy country. He's not some badass blind guy who kicks ass, he's just a blind kid who has trouble walking because no one except his mother and his uncle help him around, not even the king or the kings servants. Throughout the game he sends groups of mercenaries across the main characters paths in order to stop them from coming to fight the king because he believes his father is to powerful to be beaten. When the main character finally reaches the king he ends up mounting one of the kingdoms many wyverns who he befriended during his time at the castle and tries to deliver something to the main protagonist, but before he can do that his father doesn't even recognize him and forced him to fight with "the rest of the soldiers." His stats reflect his terrible combat prowess with abysmal luck, skill, weapon ranks, and constitution, making him very easy to kill. You can have one of the 4 protagonists talk to him each resulting in different thins. One results in you automatically enging in a fight with him, one results him becoming a green unit, one triggers an automatic cutscene where he fights his dad/the king, and the last one results in him killing himself, all of these result in him giving you the fire emblem like object of the hack. He automatically tracks down one of the main character to talk to them, not the central main character, but the one resulting in the cutscene where he fights the king. Ultimately he is not a villian but throughout the game the way he is written the main characters think he is.Of course I'm leaving out how he goes all Takumi on the protagonists ass due to a Julius like cult thing. I don't expect him to be exactly like him obviously, I just want him to be kind of a Camus with more reason than just loyalty and duty.
  14. FE6: Elen. I love the prospect of a battle priest/priestess character so I also did this to Rhys in PoR to make him a nuke. FE7: I think I always gave all of my stat boosters to Lowen because mine always ended up having mediocre strength. FE8: I always give them to Gerik, mainly because he is my favorite characters in the game.