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  1. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    ##vote KillTheStory
  2. My Hero Academia Mafia (Signups)

  3. My Hero Academia Mafia (Signups)

    I'm up for this!
  4. Favorite gym leader of each region?

    Kanto: Giovanni Johto: Morty Hoenn: Norman Sinnoh: Volkner Unova: Burgh Kanto: Viola Giovanni is an iconic pokemon villain, and when you fight him finally as a gym leader in the first game it's a huge, intense, difficult moment. 10/10 Morty plays the role as a ghost type gym leader in pokemon gold, but he also is a follower of the legendary trio, along with Eusine, one of my favorite pokemon characters. 8/10 I'm not a big fan of Hoenn, the pokemon are okay and the game in general is okay, so I honestly thought Norman was one of the most interesting parts of the game. You finally have a father figure, and a gym leader to boot. I think his design is very generic and normal, and that's okay because it fits his character. 8.5/10 Volkner. His design is great, his character is great, all I can say is sadly he's not flint. 9.5/10 I didn't know where to start on Unova. I love all the gym leaders, all of them have great designs and are unique and interesting. I decided to choose Burgh because he has one of my favorite gyms in the series' history. (And I love his design and bug types!) 10/10 Viola? I didn't really like Kalos all that much, but she is a bug type user and is a photographer, both of which I relate to. 7/10?
  5. Can you give us a recap of who exactly you're using? I would suggest using Makalov, Gatrie, and Astrid, but Astrid can be a bit shaky.
  6. Other: Roy Cavalier: T r e c (or Zealot) Archer: Dorothy Knight: Bors Cleric: Elen Mercenary: Ogier/Oujay Fighter: Lot Pegasus: Tate or Juno Thief: Astolfo Mage: Hugh Troubador: Clarine Myrmidon: Rutger or Karel Nomad: Sin/Shin Brigand/Pirate: Geese Refresher: Elfin Shaman: Raigh Wyvern: Meh, don't care for either, but I guess Zeiss.
  7. How To Play Path of Radience/Radient Dawn

    Don't I would obviously play Path of Radiance first on an emulator like dolphin which you can also use to play Radiant Dawn, though I would suggest for you to play any other game in the series before I would suggest for you to play Radiant Dawn.
  8. Rescuing, constitution/constitution growths, just mainly those things mechanics wise. Story/character wise I would want at least two main characters with clashing ideals, except, I wouldn't want to do the whole, "war and peace," thing again, and instead focus on other possible ideals such as clashing opinions on government, wealth, or even perspectives on the value of lives. I would also want the villain to be interesting and unique, I mean, as long as the villain is unique and interesting in my opinion it would suffice.
  9. Just a straight up Nintendo Warriors, like smash, featuring Mario, Fox, and other characters from all over nintendo.
  10. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Who is all odds and what did he do? Where do Bears come from?
  11. Moments that changed your outlook on Fire Emblem

    Nice save. I used to think that people played this series for fun
  12. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy If I could have a superpower I would probably have a power from MHA actually. Probably Monoma's, Hanta's, or Tetsutetsu's. (Copy, Spiderman like tape, and Metal.) As a kid I always wanted the character Keven Levin's power, and I still kinda like that power to this day, it just seems cool.