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  1. hello sf blog

    i agree a great woman said it
  2. i would take 25 to life for beyonce if she said she didnt want jay z anymore so im guilty of such
  3. witches are girls, proving that, in fact, girls are better, thank you very much this is my dissertation for philosophy
  4. idk op isnt wrong i agree with this message
  5. yeah if I don't finish them, it feels like i've wasted my money and it makes me feel bad lol.
  6. Time for more This Book Is A Dungeon!! Bonus update I'm having fun!
  7. i love pride month
  8. oooh time to do the first dungeon! Time to get my mind fucked! Attempt #1 at Why the walls bleed
  9. [This game contains a lot written gore and a lot of mature subject matter. Please don't read if you are squicky because some of it can get pretty gross imo.] Hi! I am Dollie but I am also known as Lore and Candy and since I'm really cheap, I love when Steam cuts the price in half of games. I found this game that looks pretty weird and I'm going to play for the forum because I am bored and nobody is calling me back! If you know what the fuck is going on, no spoiler please! This is like the only time I'm going to try to go as blind as I can rip. So first update is an introduction to the game! there's no gameplay, only plot. can anybody tell me how to spoiler things, thanks! thx parrhesia the thiccest bih in town
  10. the mermaid and deneb and the fairies are my favorite characters wow i love them so much id kill for them
  11. giving move a growth was a Mistake