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  1. Guys I got a job!! :)

    im canadian i dont speak americano im sorry but im happy for you!!! yay!!!
  2. Guys I got a job!! :)

    what is shoprite and whats your job exactly also wow nice
  3. your screenshots arent working rip in pieces but im interested so big eyes emoji
  4. me as a teacher tbh
  5. Do You Skip The Enemy Phase

    I'm too lazy: I just press start during EP until it's over because I can't watch it all.
  6. ike please move this fo fftf

    heather makes me like... so happy she's me tbh because she's bad but lovable,m,;;
  7. Hi from my Backup Account

    me after i pop my xanax but before i take my seroquel
  8. ike please move this fo fftf

    @Integrity i hate men (is this good enough toget a warning????)
  9. hello sf blog

    i agree a great woman said it
  10. Celebrity Worship

    i would take 25 to life for beyonce if she said she didnt want jay z anymore so im guilty of such
  11. Witches and Gender

    witches are girls, proving that, in fact, girls are better, thank you very much this is my dissertation for philosophy
  12. troll thread XD

    idk op isnt wrong i agree with this message