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  1. Hello

    Howdy. Welcome to the forest
  2. Famous Celebrities in the world of FE

    The main lord. A very noble, but naïve individual. Kevin Hart
  3. can get laid but don't feel like it

    Thats like actually good advice And a solid little poke. I see you lad.
  4. Which FE game has the most missed potential?

    For me it was easily BIrthright. The way the Hoshidians are just the noble good guys is bullshit. I would've preferred if we had seen them give a reason to not help Nohr when they were starving. Also the cast bland and uninspired (seriously. Pickles? WTF).
  5. Honestly, Heroes does have a chance to be a mobile game with good story, not just good waifus
  6. I mean, ok, I can never take cold showers. It feels unnatural. But I don't judge the brave souls who can.
  7. Wyvern Lord or Griffon Rider For Cerche

    Wyvern Lord. It's a better class, and you don't make her leave Minerva behind lol.
  8. Thoughts on overclasses?

    ... I think they're just really badass, and I'd be interested if IS implemented a 4 tier class system into the main story of the game, but it couldn't be as OP as the Echoes ones.
  9. Ok, fine. Fair enough, I didn't care enough to read that far in.
  10. Ok, but what's wrong being a casual? We don't need to ostracize players who don't choose Lunatic + on Classic. And it's not like you have to use it, so why does it bother you exactly?
  11. She does have a higher strength than magic growth, so go right ahead
  12. I was thinking the same thing! But, I'd also like to see Koji Kondo try his hand at Fire Emblem.
  13. This dude sounds really cool!