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  1. I mean, ok, I can never take cold showers. It feels unnatural. But I don't judge the brave souls who can.
  2. Wyvern Lord or Griffon Rider For Cerche

    Wyvern Lord. It's a better class, and you don't make her leave Minerva behind lol.
  3. Thoughts on overclasses?

    ... I think they're just really badass, and I'd be interested if IS implemented a 4 tier class system into the main story of the game, but it couldn't be as OP as the Echoes ones.
  4. Ok, fine. Fair enough, I didn't care enough to read that far in.
  5. Ok, but what's wrong being a casual? We don't need to ostracize players who don't choose Lunatic + on Classic. And it's not like you have to use it, so why does it bother you exactly?
  6. She does have a higher strength than magic growth, so go right ahead
  7. I was thinking the same thing! But, I'd also like to see Koji Kondo try his hand at Fire Emblem.
  8. This dude sounds really cool!
  9. Over a year ago we had an FE direct

    Not at all. Echoes wasn't that far off.
  10. Emm's is because she uses her mind and logic to discern situations. And if Lissa's is inside her on her organs, it's probably on her heart.
  11. Awakening. In my experience gameplay-wise, my Awakening army absolutely destroyed everyone. Also, my army very rarely includes child units, and if I did include them, it'd probably be even stronger.
  12. Easy. story > gameplay > music > graphics Graphics mean nothing to me.
  13. Best Fire Emblem Characters

    You have no idea
  14. Ok, these are all good, but here me out: Madhouse