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    A battle between god and mortal? Sounds exhilarating to me.
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    I love Fire Emblem, Undertale, Xenoblade and Smash. I also love League of Legends. Recently picked up Overwatch. I have played FE 6,7,8, 11, 13, 14 and soon 15. I also really like Final Fantasy VII and VIII. I have only finished FE 13 and 14.
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  1. FE Timeline

    Hey! SO I spent quite a deal of time researching and this is the best I could get with the timeline. So, feedback would be nice, and if you disagree with anything, let me know and we can make an edit if necassary! The goal of this is to put placements of all the FE stories into one timeline. Since I see Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword as interchangeable, we could move them around. Thanks!
  2. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    He'd be considered more cute than creepy. What if all the FE games fit into one timeline?
  3. How are memory Prisms formed?

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's just put a cover over this plothole...
  4. Oh, uhh hey!

    WELCOME TO THE FOREST! Sorry, caps-lock and I'm too lazy to fix it. Like I said, welcome. I'm already jealous of you because you've at least played PoR. R.I.P Heru
  5. Hello!

    Welcome to our Forest! And that goes double for me too. Ask anything.
  6. Could the story of Fates be an analogy to the fanbase?

    I can see this.
  7. What are the odds of a Vestaria Saga fan translation?

    We're getting an official English translation in 2018. But it'll cost money, so idk if you want to support Kaga or not
  8. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    It would probably have a much more competitive play, seeing as most players use female units. What if Shozou Kaga came back to FE?
  9. FE Warriors at TGS

    I ALMost got who I wanted... :/ I'm not going to apologise for that pun.
  10. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    He would be so much better, but who would be the main character? Also, holy crap, it's been so long since anyone posted oml What if Fire Emblem Warriors had Shantey Pete as a playable character?
  11. Jokes and Memes about Fates

    This is true...
  12. Fire Emblem and the Twelve Heroes Base Stats

    I made a few updates: Theo, Mustafar, Stephanie and Westin are all Branded Theo is a Black Dragon Branded Stephanie is a Heron Branded Westin is a White Dragon Branded Mustafar is a Lion Branded And Josh is unique: A Child of Naga (sorry, I don't want to spill this secret yet ;)
  13. FE Warriors at TGS

    I suppose. The only reason I'd suggest this, is it seems really wierd that only Corrin and Robin would have it, because tbh, most people might get irked at an uneven card design, if you understand what I'm trying to say. I know it's a tad weird.
  14. FE Warriors at TGS

    But how de we know that all of the cards aren't dual sided?