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  1. Controllers!

    If we count controllers that are part of a console: 1. New 3DS is my favorite, but probably just for nostalgia. And I don't have a least favorite. Not counting attached controllers: 1. Gamecube. As for my least favorite, I'd say the Xbox One. I don't own Xboxes, but they feel weird to me 2. Wired is pretty nice tbh, but wireless is a little more practical. 3. Yes, if I can afford to.
  2. Most Powerful Unit in Fire Emblem

    Canas is an absolute god in my Blazing Sword playthrough. He tears through everything like it's tissue paper
  3. FE: Switch Asks?

    I agree. Kozaki makes great art, but Hidari.... MMMMM
  4. FE: Switch Asks?

    Yeah Hidari did some awesome work. They even made the Vocaloids into Echoes characters.
  5. FE: Switch Asks?

    If you guys could have just one thing in this new FE game, what would it be? As for me, I want to see full voice acting come back.
  6. O is the superior letter. He's always in shock and hes very cute. And everyone knows he has a mouth.
  7. My Prediction for the Next FE Remake.

    See, I'd love an Elibean remake with both games. And as much as I love the marrige system: drop it. We need to drop it for a bit to sort of "get rid of" those who only like the waifu aspect. I know that sounds kinda mean, but I miss the old days, Jesus my first game was Awakening what am I complaing about, back when the fans of FE weren't just a bunch of "weebs" I suppose is the word. It doesn't have to be a permanent drop, but I'd like to see it dropped for a bit so we don't have a repeat of Fates, where it fet most of the game was made for waifus. But idk.
  8. Lie to nosy strangers on the internet

    Lowkey, anything Nintendo or Star Wars. What's your Social Security Number?
  9. Pokemon related oddity

    hang on, sandy form usually has its mouth open, wth is going on? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!!111!!
  10. Which Starters did you Choose?

    LeafGreen- Bulbasaur SoulSilver- CHikorita Ruby/OR- Treecko Platinum- Turtwig White- Snivy Black 2- Oshawott Y- Chespin Moon- Rowlett
  11. Fire Emblem Commericals /How Would You Design One?

    Honestly, I'd do what they did for the Brave Heroes trailer on Youtube (the live action one). It'd have the main lord rallying his army to battle and then charging towards a fort and the battle would begin. Something like that I guess
  12. I didn't know what they said in "Karma Chameleon" until a JonTron video. Do you guys have songs like this, were you figure out what it says later and you get embarrased for saying something else?
  13. Tell me your best non-cussing insult

    Shut up you goober. (jk you chill you gooby goober) My best is, ahem, "Thou art a painted maypole"- William Shakespeare.
  14. Overall Favorites: Cavaliers

    I'd ride Camus' pony anyday