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  1. Most shocking roll you ever got?

    This and while i dont have a pciture of it, I got CYL Lucina and CYL Lyn in the same pull as well.
  2. Class names that don't make sense?

    Yeah I suppose I've never thought about it like that.
  3. Class names that don't make sense?

    Great Lord. What? It's just the same title with a new adjective, so why did they get the ability to access spears? Also going from Nohr Prince/Princess to Nohrian Lord is a downgrade technically.
  4. I Think I Did It Right?

    So I got bored in APUSH and thought I'd share this tatoo I drew. It's the symbol for Monado Purge.
  5. The Legend of Zelda. Been playing it for 6 years, and I'm still not done.
  6. Losing Interest

    Thank you all for your advice! This has been really helpful for me!
  7. Losing Interest

    So, recently, I've been losing interest in Fire Emblem. Don't get me wrong, I still love the series to bits, but these days I just can't muster the will to play any games. Does anyone have any advice on how to get out of this slump?
  8. Mobile Version?

    Yeah I mean the mobile website works fine for IPad, but on phone it’s a pain.
  9. Mobile Version?

    Has anyone ever considered trying to make a Serenes Forest mobile app?
  10. Hey guys !

    Hello there!
  11. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    Melee is boring. I enjoy playing "casual" (items on, normal stages, etc)
  12. What should you be for Halloween?

    Sexy Cheese Grater. solid
  13. Hello

    Howdy. Welcome to the forest