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  1. It's rather interesting that the DLC talks about 'Gods of Yore' that were driven out of the world leaving only the statues for Overclass behind.
  2. The Statues used for Overclass do exist canonically in-universe. It's also how Walhart has access to the Conquerer class but not his child.
  4. My theories on what they could do: -Stats are separated like in Fire Emblem. HP is the same, Attack/Magic determine damage done (attack/magic+Weapon might), Defense determines how much damage will be taken with physical weapons, Resistance with magical weapons, Luck determines items drops. Though I'm not sure what to do with Speed or Skill. -Characters will be alternate costumes for different classes with some minor differences in movesets and weapons. For example Soren uses Wind magic which deals bonus damage to fliers, Sanaki does the same with fire magic, Orochi uses scrolls, etc. Weapons are also unique for each character and different charcaters can uses multiple weapons, for example Ike uses a Steel sword>Ettard>Ragnell OR Steel Axe>Silver Poleaxe>Urvan. Chrom with Steel sword>Rapier>Falchion OR Steel Lance>Spear>Gradivus. Different classes also have different dash speeds, guard meters, combos, and stats. -There will be an Affinity system like Hyrule Warriors and Radiant Dawn. Different maps give bonuses to certain characters if the map and character have the same Affinity. This also effect certain attacks like what we saw Chrom do. -Different characters have special attacks that fill up a Bar like in Hyrule warriors. These special attacks could work similar to Heroes where it has an AOE, deals more damage based off of a certain stat, etc. -Bonus damage deals more damage and can break through guards faster than a standard weapons if used on the appropriate class. Wind magic with fliers, hammers with armor knights and beast killers with horses and beast units. -Mounted characters will have their own movesets like Epona from Hyrule Warriors. They can not use dodging maneuvers however their default speed is comparable to a dash and have a form of super armor during certain attacks unless hit by a weapon that deals effective damage against horses. To add onto this wyverns and pegasi will be playable as well. They also fly a few inches over the ground. -Armor knights have the slowest running speed in the game but their guard can only be destroyed with effective weapons. -Shapeshifting units like Manaketes, Laguz and Taguel could work in two different ways: They have a special attacks bar like in Hyrule warriors(The yellow bar) that builds up when they hit or are hit. They attack with standard punches and kicks until the bar maxes out where they can transform into their dragon/beast forms which receive a large attack, speed and defense boost until the bar(s) runs out. Or they transform by default when the battles starts. -The Weapon triangle will be in the game and it will work like it always has: Swords>Lances>Axes>Swords. Wind>Fire>Thunder>Wind. Anima>Dark>Light>Anima. When fighting a major opponent like a General (Not the class) or named character with a weapon advantage you deal more damage and a special attacks bar increases faster. However if you have a disadvantage it does the opposite, you deal less damage and the bar will fill slower. The enemy can also do the same to you. Though this will not happen against smaller grunts.
  5. That would have been a really cool idea to have seen in the series. I'm honestly surprised they haven't done that yet.
  6. Something interesting I'd like to see is the events in one chapter effecting the events in the following chapter. An example back on Reddit a few months ago was a desert defend chapter where the better you do during the chapter the layout of the map in the following chapter will change. This could effect things like the difficulty of the map, what rewards you could get etc.
  7. It's amazing how a beep can make things, much, much more interesting.
  8. 1. Bonus EXP, unless you can grind for levels 2. Nerf the cavaliers into their Tellius incarnations due to them being a little on the OP side thanks to access to two weapons and the highest movement in the game. To add on to this separate the Mages (thunder, wind, fire) and Knights (Axe, Lance, axe and maybe Bows). 3. Let us choose what weapon to A/S rank. For example You can have a Hero with either an A in axes and B in Swords, or an B in axes and A with Swords. 4. Bring back the magic triangle, it wasn't that good but it was still interesting. 5. Bring back Tellius Bases 6. Bring back the older classes that only made an appearance in one game like Soldiers, Halberdiers, Summoners, Griffon riders, etc. 7. Have unique pallets for characters in certain classes. For example A Mercenary that has a red and brown color scheme should have the same color scheme if they are a Bow knight or Hero.
  9. It's the face in the second image that sells it.
  10. So we've finally descended into our own madness and pride...