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  1. Sprite Thread Revival

  2. Sprite Thread Revival

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Hardin and his story. But he has no decent skills I need, and I don't want to really merge him right now. It's a joke at this point, it's a sick joke
  3. Sprite Thread Revival

    This isn’t reality. There is no fucking way this is reality. How is this happening Guess I’m adding another to the project. I don’t like how populated it’s getting
  4. Sprite Thread Revival

    It's like the game is mocking me. I wanted Nailah and Leanne from the Alm banner, and got up to 16 fucking percent before it ended, on top of not getting anything from either of the Brave banners running concurrently with it. Now i'm being mocked by getting 5*s, but none of the ones that I want
  5. Sprite Thread Revival

    Speaking of, guess who's back
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    IT KEEPS HAPPENING Next edit I have to do, i'm changing my sprite's pose Also, i'm glad you both like it. I feel like it accurately portrays me. Annoyed and perpetually tired
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    Here's a quick little thing I whipped up in anger at getting cucked by my own daughter
  8. Sprite Thread Revival

    Yeah, of course I'm lucky I decided to build Nowi so early, because she has become easy my best unit, and obviously my best blue, so the choice of what blue to slap on an infantry team is real obvious As for Cordelia, I never really liked her, but even I can't deny those legs in a swimsuit
  9. Sprite Thread Revival

    Here is my first draft, what do you think? I felt that Fallen Celica (and regular Celica, by association) didn't really fit with Mist, so I used Brave Celica instead, with some elements from both regular mist and the fallen Ike himself. I also felt that bare legs wouldn't work, so I used Clarisse's tights Base Ike just doesn't match up to his legendary counterpart, as much as I like using him. Not to mention the fact that there are still better reds to use, like Dancer Miciah and my boy Arvis, and my recently gotten Legendary Roy (great unit, love how well he synergizes with Odd/Even Wave Nino). I don't have the problem of units i like vs units that are good simply because of my obsessive need to make every unit I have as good as they can be, even if I would never use them, or if they're not very good in general, like Seliph or Robin. As for green units, I actually have a lot of favorites that I space out amongst my various teams, but my main ones are Dorcas/Linus/Lewyn/Nino for my infantry, Cherche/Michalis for Flier Emblem, Walhart/Frederick/maybe Cecilia for Cavalry, and Grima/LHector for Armor. I love my Deirdre and Julia, but they just don't match up to some of the other units. As for Ishtar, the only thing she really has going for her is how god damn fast she is. On initiation, that's +10 speed if you keep her base kit, but she's so squishy that hitting a unit that she doesn't have Triangle Advantage over is a risky move, especially if it has DC. Don't get me wrong, she's a great unit, but her lack of bulk makes her a real glass cannon
  10. Sprite Thread Revival

    2 years into the games lifespan, and pool inflation is almost intolerable. What makes it worse is that because of this and the rampant powercreep, units that used to be game breakers like the first Ike are now certifiable benchwarmers compared to, say, Legendary Roy or Legendary Ike himself. And the red sword pool is the most filled of all, with 75 units across Armor, Infantry and Cavalry. If it wasn't for just how GOOD Idunn is, I would probably still use Tharja. She's got a lot more res than Zelgius, and with VR/Aether/Close Counter it's really hard to kill her with anything short of a Blue Armorslayer or something that denies countering. Idunn is a god damn monster, her Def and Res go up to more than 40 with her Fortress Def/Res, plus you can slap lightning breath on her, add on Aether and VR and you've got something that doesn't die. Speaking of Arvis, I finally finished mine, and he's now +10, something that leaves me with no other GHB/Tempest unit to build now, and is on my growing +10 team, along with Nowi, Linus, and maybe Dancer Micaiah
  11. Sprite Thread Revival

    Well, he's also got Close Defense, which isn't bad It's a shame about Winter Tharja getting Powercrept by Idunn and Zelgius, I really loved using her. I haven't used Black Knight since I got her, incidentally Do you have an idea for a base body? I was thinking of actually giving her armor, along with a skirt and maybe some kind of leggings, armored boots and wrists, with pieces of Ike's Vanguard armor in there to make it clear. But do you have any thoughts on WHO to use as her base?
  12. Sprite Thread Revival

    My argument works with both TT and GHB units, but less so with GHB units. It's still there, though. I'm looking at you, Jamke, Navarre, Narcian, and Rutger, and on the TT side we have Tobin, Finn, and Canas. I'm especially still mad about poor Finn getting shafted like he did, and it's been repeated with Haar, who is a few stats away from being Gerome. Plus giving him GUARD of all skills Joshua is bonafide Windsweep fodder my friend Black Knight broke the mold when they made him F2P, and they don't seem to have fixed it, seeing how we have never gotten an F2P unit like him, unless you count Ike and Fjorm, and if you did it would just demolish that argument
  13. Sprite Thread Revival

    Just to breathe a bit of life back here, here's Duma and the Furry Laguz assets God, they did Haar so dirty, he's a step and a weapon away from being Gerome. Why do they insist on making TT units shit Out of Gallia
  14. Sprite Thread Revival

    I've been playing the absolute SHIT out of Fire Emblem Warriors, and love how Navarre and Lyn play. So here is Navarre, a character I'm not usually fond of, in his admittedly kickass Promoted outfit
  15. Sprite Thread Revival

    Here it is