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  1. Ranked 9690, heh. Scored my 2500+500+2000 feathers and I'm sittin on em for the inevitable amazing 4* roll...or just give em to Anna and weep
  2. If we are getting technical, I half dislike Hinata for his dudebro voice and half for his atrocious speed. His overkill defense is hardly necessary for an AntiGreen
  3. phoenix casual modo imoo
  4. 5.25% here, no 5*s and after all was said and done, roughly 100 orbs got me 3 units that I didn't already have. ##BlameTakumi
  5. Whoops, misinterpreted your notes then during the experiment. Thx for the clarity
  6. i thought you confirmed that weapon-related buffs stack with same-skill buffs, with your Eliwood Durandal&Death Blow experiment.
  7. You can tap the little + button (in between your Stamina and your Dueling Swords) to use a Stamina Potion immediately.
  8. It's mainly, the fact that high quality units often run lower stats (brave users) so a +10 Reinhardt would offset his naturally lower BST, propelling him into the range of normal 175+ units
  9. I'm afraid to hit the +10 echelon of arena battling.
  10. My 4,491 with a single unit death has me at Rank=9,347. I'm not worried about passing beyond the 10k-30k bracket but sure am gonna miss those 500 feathers if another 555 people push me out of the 4-digit bracket in the next 7 hours Feeling: <Anxious>
  11. A fantastic unit never worth bumping up to 5* from 4*? Alfonse arguably, only Healers and Olivia truly fit the bill, since most other Alfonse units can be built into some sort of team based on Alfonse whatever synergy they have with Alfonse each other. I think Caeda would be best chilling on the bench. Fortify Fliers and Armorslayer+ on top of mediocre stats in everything sans speed makes her a better donation bot or emergency sword-flier filler material. Fliers want balls out offense, since they have a huge lack of 2-range support, and Fortify is the opposite of offense. Give her Rally Speed and Darting Blows away
  12. what if you had a list of maps, and you could arrange your arena defense team for each one :X
  13. The one issue, the onnnnnnnne issue I have with healers is that with their ## Balm ability, that they need a unit to be harmed in order to use it. They serve as debuffers in some cases (with Fear/Panic/Gravity), with super low defensive capabilities in most cases, but arguably, any buffs that they have are outclassed because of the need for a damaged party to use Balms on. I'd rather see Balm work on full HP party members and scrap the "all party members" element, just so that healers can serve more secondary roles, as in a Double-Rally type of unit. That'd make healers much more viable in the meta, especially with ##Blade skills that could capitalize on the synergy of a healer that can buff two stats through a Rally Balm combo + Hone/Fortify passive.
  14. Yea I'm just saying, as a designer, There's tweaks that I hope get made to this which make it more user friendly (just like I think there should be tweaks to the FE Heroes thing that makes it more user friendly, like a "Sort by Name" option, etc)