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  1. Anime Convention - Onicon

    The Woodlands, is right up the street from my home town (I won't list the specifics, but it's just barely to the north/northwest and falls within the bounds). LARP'ing is fun and I won a battlegrounds my first year that I went, though it was at about 3AM and I was too tired to realize that I had actually won it until I got a gift certificate handed to me...ahh, the days. I don't recall many FE cosplayers there though. Anime Matsuri brings a lot of FE Cosplay, and PAX of course, but fsr, Fire Emblem doesn't hit Oni-Con like you'd expect it to. I'd always appreciate an opportunity to meet SF'goers. I've had the pleasure to meet a small handful (two, to this day), but long for the day in which I can be part of a crowd and share chitchat of the forest with my fellow denizens of the deep~ Also what...two? years ago, I went down with my son and we got autographs from Naruto's junko takeuchi. That was most fun~
  2. Anime Convention - Onicon

    I've attended Oni-Con a handful of times (I live about 2 hours away). Just throwing that out there~
  3. Canas - Seeker of Knowledge

    My boi so far. Opted for a speed build for the time for the tempest. Once i get an AtkRes bond, I’ll slap that on him instead. Thinking CloseCombat for anti dragon shenanigans, but idk, longterm it feels meh without the A skill’s stat boosts
  4. Canas - Seeker of Knowledge

    Do you run owl teams? I haven't had the luxury of trying one out hands-on yet
  5. Canas - Seeker of Knowledge

    That does help, outside of additional Owl adjacency The additional allies gives a higher ceiling but in worst case scenarios not considering debuffs on Canas himself, the +2 Res from candle still offers some of the needed support.
  6. Canas - Seeker of Knowledge

    Personally, with his low speed, I'd go the route of letting him do what all great units do in FE7; Wait & Bait (tm). It's a pricey build, but a +res Candelabra with Atk/Res ploy and Dull Ranged give him enormous magic tanking potential. Assuming the Atk Ploy has landed, (or Canas has somehow acquired +1 to his Res via buffs or perhaps something as silly as a Resistance+1/2/3 seal), he can survive a +10 +Atk Deathblow Reinhardt running QP Moonbow. The Dull Ranged counters the staple of Hone Cavalry on long distance Reinhardt swarms, and with Blades being completely juked on, there's literally nothing magical to worry about. Sure sure a Goad or Drive or Spur results in Canas dying though, in the aforementioned Rein scenario, but why are you bringing a +0/+1 Canas to battle +10 Reinhardts? The interesting thing here is that classic Fury + Candelabra w/ Res gives him a +8 Res boost on enemy phase which is hard to find worthless. His speed is bumped up to a level which isn't all that threatening, but it's a relatively safe-from-magic speed, as the fastest tomes tend to be green (Ninos) and with his huge bulk, he's relatively safe. It's not perfect, as it doesn't give him much of a melee presence, but 26 EP defense and 34 EP speed is alright, given the slew of units that aren't exceeding 38 speed for a safe double outside of goads/drives, and if they're driven, you can be driven to offset. I don't find as much value in letting Canas buff the team, but rather debuff the enemy, as your other core units likely aren't going to be running ultra mega high res for ploys unless you're running a mixed non-tactics team, bringing in the likes of Est for Def ploys and such. It's a pricey, but functional build, and gives him a strangely successful amount of bulk against noted magic that sits in the meta.
  7. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    One word. Guard. She doesn't need QR to deal with threats, and she doesn't need to even attack on most playerphases unless her foe is running Heavy Blade. Her stupidly high defense with a minmaxed def support/build lets her guard tank for days and if enemies can't get their Black Luna/Aether/etc procs off, then they're just punching sand. Her lack of solid one shot offense means she can't do a lot vs mages without a proc or hefty atk buff, which is IMO her only significant issue. I'd say 7/10, on the premise of her being just so good at sponging melee hits. Even stuff like maximum-possible atk +10Ayras supported with a Atk Tactic and +6 in Drives fail to ORKO not-that-uncommon +10Berukas. Ignis is her killing power and since pretty much nothing Melee is going to easily ORKO her outside of Tiki (Y) and Kana (F), sitting on an Ignis proc for the next phase is an incredibly convenient safety net. If only she could do something about common mages. 7/10 for effectively dealing with 1/2 of the game with surprising ease, even swords, and being able to sponge some bows despite effectiveness. Arthur though has the worst statspread of anyone. Being -average- in everything means basically nothing. Here's a little chart to show Arthur's averages compared to the averages of other entire unit classes: Green means he beats it, Yellow means he is it, Red means he doesn't beat it. Notice that outside of defense, he's only marginally better than the average, in certain metas, and in the Axe-Infantry meta, he practically defines average, which nobody wants. Sub-30 speed may have cut it back in the day if you were universally tanky, but nowadays, if your speed is under 35, your others stats, or skills, need to make up for it in some way. Arthur just doesn't. Titania and Narcian do their jobs as lance counters better because of incredibly accessible support that Arthur just lacks, and Lancebreaker isn't even that high up as a B skill for inheritance anymore. Swap is nice though. It sucks, because I love the guy. 1/10. Lowest of the low.
  8. Forum FAQ

    @Griffinlwgameplayer @Perkilator @Naldo I've sent a PM your way, to help provide assistance with your Topic creation concerns. Please respond there if you have any questions.
  9. Is there anything character-developmenty that's covered in FE:W, that isn't really covered in any of the other historical moments of the source games?
  10. Thanks for the plug, sir. I'm still workin on that Tana pull so I can give her Guidance in her C and FortDef as her seal
  11. I'm just more paranoid about Healer!Kaoz type roles coming back to haunt us as some sort of weird hybrid force of evil, and get us when we're "convinced" that they'll never happen again
  12. I can't watch this What does that have to do with anything about anything right now?
  13. Because I'm sure the host went out of his way to make the hydra-slot town because it'd be more strategic. You fail to consider a lot here, sir!
  14. ##Vote Shinori I'm feelin like townori wouldn't have even bothered to make a post this early in the game. Who's with me?