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  1. Interviews

    1: I figured you at least owned one, to be honest! #Pic demanded 2: Best Dad is Piccolo. Kid Gohan was cool though; gave us some insight on how combat potential developed, especially during the Saibamen/Nappa fights. Icarus was cool too. 3: YuGiOh you obviously prefer dubbed then, yea? 4: Next time I'm in Oregon (how about next time you're out of Oregon) we go out for shushi. You're enough of a traditional samurai, you need some more seafood in your diet. 5. Gotchya. You didn't go out for sleepovers often then? BUT HOW COULD YOU TEENAGER WITHOUT SLEEPOVER
  2. Interviews

    I guess Elie's back in this thread again! Hey Jedi! Have you ever actually handled a sword? Which age of Gohan do you enjoy the least? Pref on watching shows Subbed or Dubbed? Do you enjoy Sushi? If you were a sleepovers kid, did you go to other kid's houses, or did they come to yours?
  3. Entirely Valid. Ranked runs require some pretty hefty advanced knowledge
  4. FE7 has the Ranking system, which if you want to maximize your ranks, requires that you shuffle units. Just an FYI
  5. Stick with what Shin said here; You'll have other units that will be more than capable of killing bosses without the requirement of using up the PRF weapons for the respective lords, mostly because other units can move farther and have good enough power to get the job done with standard weapons (Marcus, Sain, Kent and pretty much any flying unit fit this bill). I guess the last tip is to not be afraid to use Marcus. He gets less EXP than others (as prepromoted units traditionally do in FE) but he gets pretty much the same EXP from a bosskill that anybody else does, and his growths aren't as bad as you might think they are when combined with his relatively good base stats
  6. T-T-Thank you, @Rezzy! Spending the day with kids, making chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate cakes, and movies upon movies~! Also, we beat Calamity Ganon! Hylian Hero Eliedad!
  7. It's possible that Heroes popularity might contribute to the cast, given how Reggie went on and on about how Heroes really expanded the franchise to the public more than i think they expected. Therefore; who's ready for our marquess of Ostia?!
  8. So far, nothing new has been revealed. It's been all: Pokken Splatoon New Yoshi Mario x Rabbids Mario Odyssey now: Miitopia
  9. Didn't they hire the Sonic game-makers for Sonic Mania? Nintendo did the complete opposite for AM2R's tiny team.
  10. Here's the N3DS version too! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MUC6LSD
  11. Having the "coolest" product & panel for your product means that you're most likely to earn the most $ in the long run for your product. That's what the whole winning E3 thing comes from.
  12. Rina chan....Smash Taunts Rina Chan? Im most interested in Debuff City and trying to get some swaggy skills. I wonder how FiresweepLance will impact honed flier lances like Cordy and Shanna
  13. so to sum it all up, we're getting a rerelease, an alternate version, and an upgraded port? ehhhhh
  14. Calill is exactly who I meant :) The last line mostly refers to her chitchat with Tormod and Nephenee, how she kinda dumps her efforts into them but sorts implies warnings to both that taking it slow and smart is mandatory
  15. Ward cavalry and Rally A/S gonna be fun to combo?