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  1. Your m8 was #Random, i thought? You cheating jerk
  2. Come back home when you're ready, son. You know what you have to do; find out what is right, then do it. We'll hold the fort until you're set.
  3. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I've always just wanted to know what the purpose of itty bitty shirt pockets are meant for. You can only fit like, one quarter, in it. I know it's not quite on topic, but sometimes, fashion just confuses me.
  4. Take your time man, I got your back until you get back
  5. Men of Serenes Forest!

    I grew up in Haskell...just a shot east down 46 and north on 287 for 40+20 minutes. BoxerBriefs are too damn comfortable to pass up btw
  6. They've had years and years _and years_ to improve them!
  7. Exactly like Suikoden/Suikoden 2. Those were pretty cool at the time and i haven't really seen them used since.
  8. Style Savvy: FE plz no I'm kinda hoping for _LARGE SCALE_ battles, encouraging use of units that you might just bench because of outclassing.
  9. Why you should pick Birthright (spoilers)

    May I ask that you double-check your "facts" before saying things like that?
  10. Is the exclusive content in here the same as the DS port?
  11. I was gonna say, you'd better include this, but it's your first one listed, so I can't even be mad! Gonna invite anybody in for remote multiplayer?
  12. Just how anime is LuBu?! Quick question on the DW9isms; I'm not too familiar with Difficulty stuff in this game but you're kinda blazing through it like you own the place. Are you feeling like it's challenging really?
  13. Registered your friend code, here's mine:09444-04201-58236-70628, I changed mine due to restarting after a System Transfer.