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  1. I was referring to myself above, actually~
  2. Someone tried mimic'ing the strat in that video with the free variants of all four of those units, with failed results. It's not that you said they're free (you didn't), but with no specification, it's something easy to assume.
  3. Please be clear; These are not free 4* units: Arthur: +HP/-Res (Fortify Res 1 Seal) Olivia: +Atk/-Def (Resistance +1 Seal) Subaki: +Spd/-Res Palla: +Atk/-Res
  4. I'm just about to make my 4* +10 Oboro and I'm thinking to myself, Geez, does anyone else have units that they've just +10'd because they have nothing else better to do with them but don't wanna throw them out? At least the oodles of Wendy and Florina that I have (a dozen of each) have some benefits, but I could do with a break from them both. HBU?
  5. So you're giving me the keys to the mafia subforum? Thanks, I guess~!
  6. Elieson is Elie-in. I'm also bringing a friend; keep a slot open for a pikachu guy
  7. No thanks necessary, I'm not out for credit. TBH I completely forgot who you said tweaked it up though, so it's rad to see it here~
  8. Flattered to see that you're moving up in the streaming world, but still used my base for your banner :D Also <3 the Magnus man. OB64 never needs to stop getting love
  9. I'm getting pretty hyped for this, and shot a name down for Leanna (because ladies, but Rowan's hair is just too dorky for me). I'd hope that if you get to play as Garon, you play as Garon for me I'm saving Elise for myself because Cute Makes Right. Do you enjoy playing what I'd consider to be the beefier characters in warriors games?
  11. Shining Force 2 and Phantasy Star 4 are two of the best games of the generation, and they exist on Genesis, than you very much.
  12. With Hurricane Harvey out, I can come back and help with more Shining Force. I watched about half of Randumbized Mario and still don't quite get it....mostly because my memories of the original are so vague anyway!
  13. @NekoKnight I finally have time to pour through resources and figure out what I want!
  14. FalcoMaster3000, is that you?
  15. It's hard not to be blown away by the sheer brilliance of the eclipse