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  1. Also because discord formatting is literal ass unless you copy/paste plaintext (ctrl+shift+v), here's a readable list of RolePMs: --Proto Snike-- --Walrein-- --prims-- --Marth-- --Refa-- --Shinori-- --kirsche-- --Ice Sage--
  2. Buggers, but the longstanding theory/idea/case is: Marth (Claimed Even-Night Motivator but really just an any-night Motivator, proven thanks to me shooting Ice today) was seen visiting GP on N1 by some sort of Track (I know the source). GP claims to have visited Michelaar N1. However, GP was caught visiting prims N1. -The flip of Marth and the claims of GP along with evidence of visitation just don't make sense. No more dispute about lynching GP. I was just confused since I missed half of the story. ##Vote Green Poet
  4. ok more leaders are dead and i'm getting tired of this I tracked somebody killing somebody last night. If you want me to find a reason not to vote for you, you should contact me and explain to me how you're town and not worth lynching today.
  5. Living Players; 4. Jaybee 6. LG 7. Junk 8. Bartozio 9. Michelaar 10. Green Poet 11. SB 13. Greencapps 14. Elieson 17. Ice Sage Dead Players: 15. Proto/Oboro Snike Lynched D1: Rocky Balboa, the Town Italian Stallion 2. Walrein Lynched D2: Edna Mode, the Mafia Super Costume Maker 3. Prims Killed N2: Dutch Schaefer, Town Jungle Hunter 1. Marth/Magnificence Lynched D3: Vergil, the Mafia Dark Slayer 5. Shinori Killed N3: Medivh, the Town Guardian of Tirisfal 12. Refa Killed N3: Vegeta, the Town Prince of Saiyans 16. kirsche Killed N3: Hilda, the Town Unova Trainer
  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Sure wish I knew what anything fooking did. Also, can someone PLEASE OC ME so we can figure out how the hell we're ascertaining user alignments?
  7. As a novice to the series games (CD in particular) how long does it take to complete them for someone who knows what they're doing?