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  1. Shining series

    SHINING DUO! The first two, and the others released nearby (Sword of Hajya for Gamegear, or the Shining Force 3 / Book series) are staples. I'd recommend #1 and #2 always
  2. I saw it the other day. Hahn's moustache looks fan-fricken-tastic. Names being longer than 4 characters will take some getting used to tho
  3. Just how huffy puffy do you think I am!?
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    That's cool. I'm out of town rn but I'll adjust it when I get back home and to a PC. Thank you for the alert~
  5. Wait, so Elise is always going to have X magic at Y level (Y-You're saying, I can't try to rig shiny green capped def on Elise if I believe hard enough)?
  6. JEDI, YOU KIND DORK YOU How do you think the longevity/replayability/challenge of the game, given that it's been out for nearly a year now? Is it the kind of game that you feel like has grown repetitive? IDK if growth variances make the game replayable to have a real feel for units being all that diverse if they're RNG blessed/cursed
  7. Staff Changes!

    You'll be missed, Tangy! Welcome [back] Balcerbro, and welcome aboard, Jankmastah! Pleasure to work with you~!
  8. Husbando/Waifu mafia Day 3!

    Unfortunately, I've been dealing with medical issues that heavily resulted in my abilities to not catch up at all. I won't act like I'm exempt from this call-out, but I was preparing to sub out due to just a sheer inability to participate.
  9. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    PaperbladeToday at 12:16 PM @SFMM5 Players Rein is at work but mafia is surrendering, game is over WrongToday at 12:16 PM Oh uhh GG PaperbladeToday at 12:16 PM Dyachei was the final scum ReinfelcheToday at 12:16 PM lmao PaperbladeToday at 12:16 PM congrats to town
  10. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Yawn ##Vote Marth
  11. Jedi tried Smash Ultimate

    Nice (Who was the whole crew; was it you four from the picture I saw in Discord or was there anyone else?). Also, fighting _against_ ridley sounds like a chore and a half, from what I've seen and read about. Can't wait for your summary
  12. Jedi tried Smash Ultimate

    Who did you fight against (character-wise)? I'm curious if you noticed anything else that stood out in terms of character differences. Did they change ike's bone-crushing Ragnell SFX? Why didn't you Sonic? AND Meet anyone else from smashboards?
  13. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Still don't understand how scum was threatened by Snike's "Can't stop kills" power (but that's not one of your key points).