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  1. Isn't the pegasus knight supposed to be a Hasha no Tsurugi character (Seldia I think her name was or something like this)? She doesn't look much like Thite.
  2. Free Update / Nov 16

    I have the switch version, and there's still no update in sight (at 8.30pm)
  3. Ayra Update: Where do you stand?

    Because last time we saw an unit in a trailer who was not in the banner, it was Clive, a reward from a TT. And from leaks that were right on every points up until then (the only thing that as yet to be proven right, is that L'Arachel won't be released for at least another month) we knew that Alvis was the coming GHB.
  4. Ayra Update: Where do you stand?

    As far as how she got released: I'm kinda numb about it. Since I played Fate/Go since its japanese launch, I kinda accepted bait banners as part of the mobile gacha experience. While I understand how people can see it as a dirty move, part of the issue is the playerbase, since I saw so many players assume that she would be the tempest rewards or GHB and I think that they hyped themselves too much and the fall was even harder thanks to that. (It doesn't help that I feel like the players are a bit spoiled in FEH too) As far as her performance as an unit: In my opinion she is a good example of powercreep, but let's face it, Reinhart and B!Lyn are far too oppresive in arena, and I think that amount of power is necessary for a sword user to not be a liability. (Sigurd and Arden are quite busted too, while Tiltyu and Deirdre are more in line with what was already there)
  5. Top Unit(s)

    Camilla, sitting at lvl 85 because of the kills X enemy missions. She's just so strong at these.
  6. Holy Blood Rings (FE4 Echoes Idea)

    To be frank, this practice is stated in the game to be banned.
  7. Navarre was seen in a cutscene, behind Marth.

    Because some fans got screwed because of "too much swords" (Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see something other than Awakening/Fate and Akaneia just for the excuse to put Marth in, but I feel like she will be only using sword when a hybrid moveset would be so nice)
  8. Before We Found Out It Was Glade...

    I would have bet on Ralph (aka generic mercenary #2506) from FE5
  9. First preview of Bond Conversations

    Anri is only ~110 years before Marth.
  10. First preview of Bond Conversations

    Didn't she say that he was more like an ancestor 1000 years before Marth (possibly hinting at Sigurd)?
  11. I want a FE musou since ages, and I still want it, but I will wait until we see more of the Archanean reps. (Please, throw me a Caeda or Linde... I would even accept Katarina or Nyna)
  12. New info on FE Warriors

    That's a huge canonball destroying my interest in the game. That's official, IS love kicking Micaiah
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    A new system for comebacks? Why not try not putting some bloody over popular characters in the gauntlet in the first place? Well at least I will get a new chance to get my silver haired empress. And Linde.
  14. Who is your favorite artist(s) so far?

    Gonna go with Amagaitaro. If he could draw Tinny (and Fury), I'd be happy. - Nino is absolutely adorable, certainly one of my favorite art in the game. - Clarine is... I don't know how to say it, but I feel like you can understand her personality just by seeing her. - Catria. Let just say I nearly drooled when I got her (the fact she was 5* helped a bit, but the art did all the work) Honorable mention for HAKO and Astani Tomoyo.
  15. I'd say that 2, maybe 3 OC (if any) would be reasonable. As for the rest of the cast, I think that there would easily be more males. And I feel (as much as it would saddens me) like there is no way that someone like Micaiah or Elincia would be in before Tharja or Cordelia.