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  1. After working on my game and mock ups for over a year (as well as this topic) I think I'm happy with the progress I've made!
  2. I see what you did there! It's because the character was hurting himself right? And not , y'know, because it looks like a terrible game so far....at least I hope not anyways! Also I'm glad you like the other animations even if the map ones are a bit janky.
  3. First of all... ENEMIES! FINALLY!!! Secondly... http://imgur.com/nWPMs0n
  4. Hello again =) so I've made another animation I'd like to share with you all...here it is! http://imgur.com/HqB5Xd0
  5. now the game looks better thanks to the code someone effectively gave me from game maker discord, combined with new animations I made, to result in something that looks less garbage than it did before.
  6. I'm not used to making maps or splices so good job!
  7. Another update after nearly a month of no new activity! I hope you guys like them! http://dinar87.deviantart.com/art/My-version-of-ephriam-from-fireemblem-sacredstones-693045162
  8. I hope nintendo is satisfied with the game's sales as fire emblem echoes is my favorite 3ds fire emblem by far!!! As long as we get echoes-styled games alongside the main fire emblems, I don't really care what they do with mainline fire emblem as long as, again, the echoes line continues. The good news is that despite not selling as much as the other 3ds fire emblems, it seems nintendo is still satisfied with what it has achieved already which is good.
  9. These look AMAZING! They make me want to get back into fire emblem spriting myself!
  10. New enemy thing I made today.
  11. Fire emblem right now but overall? Metroid hands down. Super and prime 1 are regarded as some of the, if not THE best games of all time...fire emblem hasn't gotten nearly as much critical recognition and I don't know if it ever will. I just hope metroid, with the two new games, revives itself and sells well again.
  12. Here's more footage of my incomplete game.
  13. I made another thing based on my metroid x fire emblem idea.
  14. Here's my game's state right now. I've made the blue suit guy playable. http://dinar87.deviantart.com/art/Getting-back-to-where-I-was-685027028?ga_submit_new=10%3A1496823542
  15. http://dinar87.deviantart.com/art/Running-from-samus-684443755?ga_submit_new=10%3A1496574871