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  1. Here's another thing I made in gimp (so just to be clear none of what I've posted are actual screen shots from the game)
  2. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. I also remember you helping me out during some tough times and I'm still anxiously awaiting that animation of yours :)
  3. Hey guys how's it going? I've made another thingy and I'd like to share it with you all. Here it is!
  4. I'm just glad this game has supports because I was worried that it'd be like shadow dragon in that it tries to be too faithful if that makes sense. But it seems like a good combination of new and old from what I've seen (though activating supports on the battlefield seems a bit awkward and unnecessary...maybe it's a homage). I also like the music a lot (especially Alm map 2).
  5. What about the maps? Have they been redesigned at all or is it extremely faithful to gaiden?
  6. I see...so that really allows some units to become really powerful.
  7. :'( well that's a shame if that's true
  8. I have a question. Do all class trees get a third tier? It'd suck if not because I love promoting units but it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  9. So I've just ordered the limited edition and I'm pretty excited. Despite what I've said earlier, this game looks like another good fire emblem game that I'll enjoy and I hope to be pleasantly surprised regarding things like supports and other mechanics. I've spent over 100 hours on certain fire emblem games and I hope that this'll be another one I love to bits. It probably will be though. Now let's hope this game sells great and we get that fe4 remake! Also, thanks ever so much for the link so I knew about echoes' uk preorders suddenly becoming available.
  10. Well the animations wouldn't be nearly as good without people like you giving constructive criticism making it better...so thanks again! Though tbh I think I'm finished with that particular set of animations for the most part. I'm currently doing a complete sacred stones play through with this new Eirika. Also iron swords now have 30 crit because I wanted to test something but was too lazy to change it back. As for helping you, this tutorial by blazer is EXTREMELY helpful. http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/ Also this file I've attached is my new Erikia script feditor uses (though it's still not finished yet but I don't care at this second) so if you ever get stuck you can reference mine to see the orders of things like "Cwhatever" and other commands and stuff. Don't worry about the weird names for images since it matters more than you correctly link them in the script (i.e. spell them correctly and add .png to their ends) than what they're actually called. Remember that images have to be 248x160 and, while it's not required on all or even any of the images, having a palette in the right corner (the extra 8 pixels that won't be seen can house the palette) does help since every color you use (and there must be 15 or less not including the background) must appear in every single frame otherwise feditor shits itself and you won't be able to progress sadly. Happened to me loads before I followed blazer's advice better. You can get away with placing the palette only in the frames that are "broken" though so there's that. I think your animations will look amazing once they're done :) pls workmagic.txt Also here's the salvaged chat if you want anymore help. https://discordapp.com/channels/191717474264285191/191717474264285191
  11. So this happened. Fun to play I guess. Thanks everyone who helped like circles!!
  12. I agree that it'll probably sell like hot garbage if there ends up being no supports or anything modern like that. And the amount of advertising for this game compared to fates and awakening? Fucking piss poor. This game is practically dead on arrival. It's a shame because it looks pretty good. Oh well, it'll have a comfortable seat next to the tellius series in the "games that are good but sold like fucking dogshite" camp. I REALLY don't want it to sell horribly but I'm just calling it like I see it. People are fine to disagree though.
  13. If there's no supports then RIP the chances of echoes pleasing new fans and ultimately selling well.
  14. If they put Ike in this game as an amiibo unit you can summon this game automatically gets an 11/10 objectively and inherently and unquestionably,