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  1. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    https://www.deviantart.com/dinar87/art/Making-an-elevator-to-the-main-sector-769216671 Hey guys =) hope you're all getting on ok.
  2. The graphical style looks great imo...but the frame rate looks worrying so far, very choppy for some things.
  3. Considering the last Fire Emblem home console titles were Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, which both ran at 60fps for the most part, even if the graphics themselves sometimes looked horrible (the bandit model and other things look like N64 tier models in Path of Radiance, a gamecube game). I mainly care about this stuff as a higher frame rate would really enhance the animations and game feel, and may even allow IS to make animations like this again! What do you guys think? Does this sort of fluidity and smoothness matter to you? Do you think stuff like the textures will be improved by the time we see the game next?
  4. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Hey guys New palette for my main character
  5. If anyone's still reading this board, then I'd like to share with you my current thoughts on this game, beyond just desperately wanting some new info on the game soon. Long story short; I want Fire emblem:Path of radiance 3 in terms of linear gameplay and world building, so basically a spiritual successor to it. Echoes was fantastic for me, but I'd like them to take everything further with three houses =) Anyone else have any new thoughts on the game?
  6. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Uh...if anyone's still here despite me barely updating this gallery, then here's another thing I did a few days ago I'm gonna eventually make the best god dang diggity metroidvania of all time....maybe
  7. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

  8. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    If anyone wants to actually play my game, then here it is... http://www.mediafire.com/file/gam0du6z4q03r40/Dinar'sMetroidvania3.betterland.zip/file It's a very wip tutorial area, with about 3 rooms lol
  9. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    So my gallery seems to have 20,000 views now overall....that's pretty cool!
  10. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Don't worry, I have no intentions of giving up on my game...it's just things might slow down a bit once school properly starts for me.
  11. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Another title screen for my metroidvania...
  12. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Thanks =) this whole gallery has been fun to keep updating!
  13. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    https://imgur.com/kyezgYN here's something I've been working on recently
  14. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Slowly but surely making progress, one day at a time! https://www.deviantart.com/dinar87/art/Better-sector-1-boss-battle-761499707?ga_submit_new=10%3A1535457765