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  1. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Story time once again!
  2. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Instead of me getting triggered at posts on the internet like usual, here's my game again!
  3. I started with awakening, decided to see if path of radiance and radiance dawn were as good as awakening, and found myself loving them far more than I ever imagined. It just feels so unfair that IS doesn't just re-release the older games so everyone can decide for themselves. But if I'm just causing more trouble I'll go away for right now at least. Though I do still feel strongly about all this.
  4. Which is what you and the original poster are doing for us older fans. Language such as us older fans treating awakening and fates as "the devil's products" are quite hyperbolic, but it's interesting you didn't seem to care about such language.
  5. Just because it's a fantasy universe, doesn't mean we throw realism completely out the window. There can be a balance, and I feel the balance with awakening and fates is off to me Also, there may be a "bad rep" from some fans towards awakening and fates, but which franchises got most of the representation in games like Warriors even again?
  6. To be honest, while I like character's like Oboro and Saizo not being gimmicky, I'm of the opinion there should be NO gimmick characters at all. More light hearted ones? Sure! But no characters that are just solely there for laughs is what I mean. No fire emblem has managed this yet so far imo
  7. I agree about the story, though while I didn't like the story or characters in either games, at ;east the gameplay was quite fun. However, because I'm one of the legendary few who wants BOTH good gameplay and story and won't just accept one or the other, I don't like both games overall as a result. Avatars need to either just an option alongside a proper, dedicated protagonist...or just axed entirely. At least that's what'd appeal to people like me anyways.
  8. Because a lot of us want good stories in fire emblem that focus on world building and factions interacting with each other...not stuff like this... They're not bad games, but *surely* you can at least understand why some of us don't like them? It feels insulting to be honest that newer fans KEEP ASKING over and over again, "why do people hate this" and ignore when others tell them why they hate those games. Almost like...it's just a rhetorical question meant to attack people with the views of not liking fates and awakening. Also news flash, awakening may of saved the series, but that fact doesn't make it immune to any criticism either...which a lot of people are acting like it does. I don't hate it when people like the newer games...but the same can't be said for when I repeatedly see newer fans bashing on older fans like this, as some sort of "revenge against elitists" kind of thing. I'm trying to not start conflicts within the fanbase, but if people like OP aren't helping with their hyperbole (awakening and fates are apparently "the devil's products" to those who don't like them) and are just annoying more people, rather than genuinely starting any kind of reasonable discussion about what people like, then it just gets on my nerves. OP even says they understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions...but then, why treat it as if older fans DESPISE the newer games then, rather than simply not liking them?
  9. Ah that's a relief, as I heard previously it sold badly.
  10. While I wasn't worried at first, I'm getting increasingly concerned about why IS isn't updating anyone on the game's development, and also how echoes selling badly will influence the series' direction. It's a damn shame that people in general haven't really played the Tellius games, because nintendo and IS just never make it easy for us to get access to them without paying a lot on ebay, or using an emulator. I think a lot more people would be saying "we want a path of radiance 3" than more marriage options or stuff, if people could actually play them without having to spend loads of time and money.
  11. If IS can go fully in the opposite direction of this, where the story and characters feel far more realistic and logical, rather than stuff like this in the newer games, then I think I'll enjoy it. Echoes was amazing story wise and that was because IS didn't try to go all out anime pandering, at least not in an "in your face" method at least. It took itself seriously and didn't care about letting players marry and have child units with each of the characters. It was focused on telling a story first, gameplay options second...and I respect it immensely for that as those are the things I really enjoy in videogames in general. Against all odds (like echoes selling horribly sadly) three houses looks like it's taking itself far more seriously in the story and writing departments...as long as they polish everything up from what we saw in the trailer, then I think I could end up loving the game.
  12. Just because I want to play as Ike again in glorious HD!!! Do you want the amiibo units to return, and if so, which ones?
  13. IKE!!!! He's finally high tier and maining him when I get the game is gonna feel AMAZING!! Best character.
  14. Hey, guess who's getting smash ultimate for christmas, and is maining the best character ever thought of my mankind itself! ;) 

    Here's a clue on who that character is btw...
    Image result for ike

    Can you guess who it is?

    1. Anacybele


      I'm gonna say Ike? XD And lol that picture!