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  1. Nintendo Labo

    While it's true nintendo said it was for "kids", nintendo also said "kids at heart" so that easily could've been interpreted as something like pokemon which is also aimed at kids, but adults still enjoy. I think it would've been much better if they said "Completely separate to our other franchises, we're about to announce something intended with a strong focus on children in particular. Stay tuned!" as that would've caused less confusion and less people would've gotten their expectations up for more than this. And while we're at it, where's that Fire Emblem switch game? Where's Metroid prime 4? Where's other expected games like Animal Crossing or Pokemon? In the past we've gotten a new main fire emblem announced each January on two occasions now, and it's a darn shame that nintendo is seemingly abandoning this opportunity for another one, and instead doing a mini direct and cardboard. Yes, I'm well aware that these announcements are very likely separate from when the game's will release, but I'd rather know about these things (and get updates on them) earlier than have a surprise announcement later, after a long period of not knowing what's up with each game and getting bored. I'm very disappointed in Nintendo and besides e3, I probably won't be tuning in for another presentation/direct/ect... for a while.
  2. So fates had probably my favorite implementation of fanservice specifically to do with the likes of Marth, Ike and the others, seeing as you could not only play as them but they'd even have their own special classes and new-fates styled artwork done for them. Echoes was kinda underwhelming with this since the amiibo characters are just phantoms rather than fully fleshed out units with supports and stuff (Echoes is still my favorite 3ds fire emblem though). Basically would you like to have Roy, Ike, Lucina, etc... playable as optional characters you can recruit, like how it was in fates? I'd personally love that, but I hope they flesh the characters out even further and give them supports too!
  3. Even though path of radiance is very old now, do people still want to see it remade eventually?
  4. And well deserved imo! WE LIKE IKE...or at least me and my friend do anyways. I don't mind if others have a different opinion though, nor do I mean to sound inconsiderate of others' opinions. Fire emblem path of radiance remake when nintendo? But I'd seriously pay over 3 times as much as I bought path of radiance for, to get a remake like that, in the style of echoes. Also DAMN...those Tellius games sure are widely loved! now if only they didn't sell terribly
  5. Fire emblem Collection?

    Can someone explain to me why this would be the case, that a collection would cost so much? While at the end of the day I'm sure FE switch will be a blast to play (hell I even warmed up to fates eventually despite me not liking it much at first) so I'm not worried about not having fun with the franchise in the future...however, considering I REALLY like Ike's games and I wish more people had better official access to them, I think it'd be a fantastic idea to at the very least make a Tellius collection, but only if the main idea couldn't be done since I imagine there's more fans than just me who want their favorite lords to get some attention beyond just fire emblem heroes.
  6. Glad to see another person on here likes Ike I wonder how well a remake of path of radiance, or a new story on Tellius, would affect the fire emblem community?
  7. Fire emblem Collection?

    Is that so? I thought that those who wanted something like this were a minority, too small of an audience to cater to compared to the newer fans who're more into awakening and fates. That fact that this isn't the case as I previously thought, pleases me greatly
  8. VERY glad to see FE9 having the highest score, especially since it's my personal favorite in the series (then Echoes, then Radiant Dawn) because I just love the story and characters a lot. Also it has something I like to call "Dark Souls Appeal" where, since it's viewed as the most "hardcore" in the franchise (even though that title probably belongs to the likes of thracia 776 or conquest) many people look up to it since they view it as a "proper fire emblem" even though that makes no sense... What DOES make sense is that a lot of people, such as myself, really enjoyed the story, tone, gameplay, music, art style, etc... of the Tellius games and Echoes, probably because they're just very good games in certain areas, whilst PoR is considered a fantastic game in most areas (except for those N64 tier battle models). Not only that, already Ike has somewhat of a cult following with him winning the "Choose your legends" ballot for Males proving this, again, probably because his games are
  9. So since characters like Ike, Roy and Lyn are very popular in the fandom, yet the risk of making more remakes at this point in time (instead of a brand new fire emblem for switch) is so high, why not do a compromise? Essentially a little downloadable game that includes pretty much every fire emblem game to date apart from the ds and 3ds ones. I think this would be a good way to test the waters of how commercially popular games for veteran fans actually could be, since echoes (along with metroid samus returns sometime afterwards) was released near the end of the 3ds' lifespan and so sold relatively poorly compared to awakening and fates (and so did Metroid as well). However, this could be due to the time they both released on the 3ds and might've given a more accurate reading if released a few years earlier. A collection of sorts for the hot and trendy Nintendo Switch might probably do a lot better simply because it'd not be on a dying console. Though I'm unaware of the sales for Ultra Sun & Moon so if I find out it's sold about the same as any other pokemon, while Fire emblem and Metroid didn't for their respective series in terms of sales, then this "collection" actually might be a bad idea. Moving on... Plenty of people I know have been wanting either remasters of older games like the Tellius series (Ike's games), official translated versions of games like Binding Blade (Roy's game) or even remakes of the other classics like Tharcia 776! While this wouldn't accomplish what a full blown remake would do for sales or popularity, I think it'd be a nice and cheap way to satisfy fans until team B decides to hopefully remake another fire emblem game. Any thoughts?
  10. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Actually I think a path of radiance and radiant dawn combined remake would be the best...but I'll probably enjoy whatever IS makes, new or old.
  11. The Static Sprites of a Fool

    Looking awesome =) I like the Ike influences a lot (mainly because he's one of my favorite fire emblem characters) so that's cool.
  12. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Adding a new enemy to my game =) not finished yet!
  13. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Here's generally what I've accomplished with my game after a year and a half so far.
  14. Roy Reskin Animation

    Make battle animations for a reskin of roy with the sealed sword since you've done so well with his regular battle animations =)
  15. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    I've reached another mile stone with my game as there's now enemeis which can be killed by the player. Take a look =)