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  1. Corrupted wish

    Granted! But the electricity goes out at your house so you can't charge it. I wish it was warmer where I live.
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    Hmmm... maybe I should stop asking that last question. I keep getting... intriguing answers. And what do you know, it looks like I'm your type after all! 16. What's your favorite fictional character from a video game, movie, TV show, etc? 17. What's your favorite video game OST? 18. Do you believe in absolutes? 19. Do you believe in God/other supernatural beings? 20. Do you believe in love?
  3. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    11: Who is your type? 12: Who is your favorite actor/actress? 13: Do you like Bluegrass music? 14: What is the riskiest thing you've ever done? 15: What is the most risque thing you have ever done?
  4. A game of names

  5. Corrupted wish

    Granted! You are now a criminal who robs others of what they have earned through hard work and effort! I wish I had a smartphone.
  6. Corrupted wish

    Granted! But your sleep is filled with dreams of women who lead you along with words of love and then crush your heart with a single cruel blow! I wish I had friends IRL instead of having to waste my time here with all of you.
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    You can't leave yet, Dragoncat! I still have more questions for you! 6. What's the reason for your username? 7. Do you think your online self is an accurate reflection of your real-life personality? 8. Cats vs. Dogs (I think I know the answer to this one)? 9. What kind of music do you like? 10. Have you ever played Final Fantasy IX?
  8. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I'll never be scum! I refuse!
  9. C'mon, Anime. "Be A Man" and remember to put your number in there. 613
  10. I dunno, but he's online and he hasn't said "THAT'S ENOUGH" yet, so I'd say you're still golden.
  11. What! You rotten little mole... that was Bart's! 601
  12. Almost there... @Bartozio! Prepare to sieze your birthright! 599
  13. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I will, once I have daylight tomorrow.
  14. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I don't have any right now. This one I found online looks a lot like it though: