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  1. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    151 what happened to Arc?
  2. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Oh no it has become a hydra. Via, who do you think is scum other than weinerboy?
  3. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Honestly Kaif is my biggest scumread right now, but after mislynching Claire (I'M SO SORRY BABY BUT YOU WERE BEING SO SCUMMY I STILL LOVE YOU IT'S OK YOU CAN HATE ME IF YOU'D LIKE) I'm paranoid about lynching another low-poster.
  4. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I know Amy's interactions early on were good, but Amy's killer convo was with Weiner... and some of you thought that that almost sounded scripted... so what if it was?
  5. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    OK there's no rush in hammering Supa. I want to think about the things Baldy has been saying. I also need to sleep and play EiMM, which is better than NOC, BTW.
  6. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I don't really know what to do now so everyone since we pretty much know Supa is scum who is the other scumperson?
  7. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Weinerboy are you actually defending yourself or are you throwing in the towel?
  8. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Miller is town that looks like mafia and usurper is mafia that wins with town?
  9. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    What's an oracle exactly?
  10. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    No I'm not.
  11. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Lynch Weinerboy?
  12. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    IMO both Weiner and Jester look scummy on Claire scum flip, if she flips town I'm more likely to look at RAD/other people
  13. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Real quick before DL: If Claire is town who is your top SR tomorrow? What about if she is scum?
  14. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    If it ties does it rand or NL?
  15. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    If you make me choose I'm going to lynch Weiner over Jester I think. I don't have time to develop my opinions on Jester anymore WHY CAN'T WE JUST LYNCH CLAIRE SHE'S LIKE SUPER OBVIOUS! Jester! as town you should rather let Claire die than you, at least you know you're town. The chances of Claire being a PR are ehh