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  1. I think War Clerics/Monks look cool. And since all it takes to make something work in Awakening is more grinding, they work out just fine for me.
  2. Anybody remember Zidane Tribal from FF9? He's kinda my avatar... anyway, he isn't exactly a completely perfect character, but he does have that whole complex where he is incapable of not doing what is right in any given situation. However, I think he was very wall done in spite of that. In the game's final scene, we see Zidane about to throw his life away, fully knowing that he will not save anyone in the process but still incapable of not trying. It's kind of pathetic, and the game actually acknowledges this as Zidane comes to grips with the fact that he is basically a slave to his sense of virtue. It takes his perfection and makes it unique. That's why I like Zidane. And I think we could use a few more perfect characters like him.
  3. I like the idea of making Mark a playable character. As long as the story focuses on Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood, with Mark being a simple supporting character like Merlinus. As for the children... well, since there are only a few characters who would be eligible, I wouldn't bother with it too much. Instead of bringing Mark's son back for the second game, maybe have Mark return and take over Merlinus' role as annoying adviser. I like the idea of having a Roy mode and a Lilina mode, though! The biggest problem I can see with a potential remake is with the stories. On their own, the games have decent plots. But they just don't go together very well. While FE7's story is winding and complex, FE6's story is very basic and straightforward. I'm not trying to say anything bad about the stories, but traditionally, a good sequel expands upon the entry before it. However, since the games came out in reverse order, FE7 expands on FE6's plot, both in terms of complexity and content. This would result in making the stories feel exceptionally awkward together. The only way to resolve this issue would be to either rework FE6's story, effectively rewriting it and annoying a bunch of fans in the process, or to release the games in the order they were originally released, which would mean no double feature. It's a quandary to be sure. They'd be better off remaking FE4 first.
  4. On the topic of turn counts, do both player and enemy phases have to occur to officially pass a turn? Because I can feasibly complete a lot of the dungeon battles before the enemy gets to move if I get a surprise attack. Also, what if the enemy gets a back attack and gets to move first? Does that count as a turn?
  5. I think Alm could have used to be a little more agressive, to compensate for Celica's passiveness. It should have been more like Eirika/Ephraim, who were actually based off of the original Alm and Celica anyway. He was also a little too perfect. Maybe if he'd harbored a bigger grudge against Rigel and Berkut in particular. "What? You sacrificed your fiance for Duma's power? You're sick, dude! I'm gonna kill you!"
  6. My favorite would have to be Echoes. It did an amazing job remixing Gaiden's tracks, embracing the simplicity of the original 8-bit score while adding some modern character. It felt nice to listen to all of the revamped versions of "With Mila's Divine Protection" after hearing it in Brawl for all these years. The original tracks were pretty neat as well. "Scions Dancing Into Purgatory" features several elements that I've never heard in a Fire Emblem OST before. Finally, I found the vocal track that plays over the credits, "Heritors of Arcadia", to be better than Fates' "Lost In Thoughts All Alone." My previous favorite was Awakening. I thought they managed all of the different motifs pretty well, with "Don't Speak Her Name" and "Id (Purpose)"
  7. Poor XBOX. All it ever really got was Halo 5, and that didn't turn out very well at all. My advice would be to stay a generation, maybe even a few generations behind. You can get a used PS2 for $20 through the right avenues, and while it isn't the strongest console ever, back in its day it was the best thing they had and people had lots of fun with it. Just because the technology is outdated doesn't mean the games aren't still fun to play. My recommendations would be: Wii: You've already got one. There were a few good RPGs that came out on the Wii (Xenoblade Chronicles and Tales of Graces come to mind), but for just about $15 you can get a Gamecube memory card and controller, which gives you access to many of the greatest Nintendo games ever made as well as a fair amount of excellent RPGs. Now getting the actual games can be a little bit costly, but with a bit of luck, you can find some golden options for a low price. Playstation 2: This console is cheap, easy to find, and has a TON of games, even without counting in reverse compatibility with the PS1. You mentioned liking Final Fantasy? Every Final Fantasy game from 5 to 12 is available, in some way, on the PS2, not mentioning Tactics, Vagrant Story, and just about every other great RPG that came out from 1996 to 2006. Wii U: This is a weird one, but bear with me. With the rising popularity of the Switch and the diminished interest in the Wii U, I'd estimate that the price on Wii U's and their games will drop quite a bit over the next few years. Of course, with its limited library, there's still not much incentive to buy one. Well, except for the biggest Virtual Console collection of any Nintendo System. Counting in reverse compatibility with the Wii, that means the Wii U can play (almost) any Nintendo game from any system except for the Gamecube and the 3DS. It also has Breath of the Wild, which pretty much doubles whatever value it used to have. So if you're a big-time Nintendo fan, this system is kind of a must-have. If you need something new, the PS4 is probably the best as things are now. However, with the Switch gaining popularity, there's a lot of potential that in the future, the PS4 will be getting less exclusives and have to share some of it's titles with the Switch. Being able to play console games on the go is not something to be trifled with, and it is well-worth the trade-off with quality. Here's to hoping that Final Fantasy 7 Remake I've been anticipating for the past several years gets a Switch port.
  8. It's a southern phrase. It doesn't refer to a specific person's name, it's just something we call people sometimes. Southerners are funny that way. Didn't you ever watch Duck Dynasty?
  9. "What goes around comes around..." "You got a death wish?" "OK, now I know you're an idiot!" "Time to hit the road, Jack!"
  10. Yeah, I got my first one from Deen. I was real excited, thinking it would double attack. When I figured out what it really did, I was a little disappointed. But Jesse having a 60% chance of doing triple damage isn't that much worse than double attacking!
  11. That poor villager in the Sage's Hamlet... if only he'd phrased his instructions more clearly, seeing as he was going to... um... whatever it is that happens to him... yeah.
  12. Is a terrible liar.
  13. Doesn't listen to anything I say!
  14. I volunteer in Sunday School. One of the kids in my group was recently bragging about how they had fourteen fidget spinners at their home. Seriously? There is no possible way you could need all of those spinners! Then again, we thought Beyblade was cool...
  15. Unintentionally just disclosed their gender.