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  1. (SIGN-UPS FULL) EiMM: How Far Can We Count On You To Survive?

    OK sign-ups are full! Allow me to thank you all for your support as we start on our first game as hosts. We look forward to kicking things off on November 9th! (If you want to be a sub, just let us know)
  2. (SIGN-UPS FULL) EiMM: How Far Can We Count On You To Survive?

    Only about 15 spots left people!
  3. (SIGN-UPS FULL) EiMM: How Far Can We Count On You To Survive?

    Will you ban me if I say no?
  4. It's been a while since we've done one of these here, hasn't it? Hello everybody, and welcome to... Basic Details: No pregaming! This is a traditional EiMM (CYOR). Be one of the last 4 players alive to win. We will be using the HP/MT system. The standard HP is 12 and the standard MT is 4. All aliases must have a number in them! If they do not, one particular host reserves the right to insert the number “27” into your alias wherever she pleases. The game will start at 8:00 PM EST on November 9th. Sign-ups close at 12:00 AM EST on November 2nd, or whenever we hit the 50 player cap. In order to sign up, fill out this Google Form. The player list and alias list will be posted a day before gamestart. Alternatively, you may choose to spectate. In that case, merely PM/DM the mods at your convenience. If you're curious as to what EiMM actually is, check out this thread here or join the Official EiMM Discord Server. For more details, read the official ruleset. The Counting Alliance is: @Anime27Arts @Arcanite @Bartozio @DisobeyedCargo @Mackc2 @Rex Glacies @SullyMcGully Anime27Arts, Rex Glacies, and SullyMcGully must be in all game-related chats. Adding other Counters is completely optional (although definitely not discouraged!) You may begin crap-posting (it doesn't have the same ring but I didn't want to swear...) SIGN UPS ARE FULL!
  5. Rezzy's Art Gallery

    She looks great Rezzy! It's nice to see your work again!
  6. What is EiMM?

    (Put here to save for future use. Please feel free to link/copy as you wish!) Hello fellow SFers! SullyMcGully here! My goal with this thread is to simplify and explain one of the most enjoyable games on the internet. I am referring, of course, to EiMM (“Everyone is Mafia” Mafia). Despite the name, no knowledge or experience with Mafia is necessary to have a good time in EiMM. However, many potential players struggle to grasp the basics of this battle royale-style game. I intend to clear up any misconceptions you may have about this truly unique competition. What is EiMM? EiMM is a battle for survival between 30-60 players where the last few players standing emerge triumphant (think Survivor or the Hunger Games). However, this game doesn’t test your physical prowess or your athletic talent. Rather, you must rely on your intellect, wit, and social skills in order to succeed. Your key to staying alive is managing the trust, influence, and special abilities of your fellow players. How you play is entirely up to you: if you want to build a good reputation by honoring your agreements, you can! If you would rather play a sly game, manipulating the general public while achieving your own personal goals undetected, you can do that as well. Some players prefer working alone while others play for their allies. All sorts of playstyles and strategies have proven successful throughout EiMM’s storied history. EiMM provides a significant challenge. In order to win, one must not only be strategic, but have luck on their side. However, winning is not the only way to enjoy EiMM. It also offers an excellent opportunity to make new friends, work with (or against!) old ones, and (thanks to the Choose Your Own Role (CYOR) mechanic) RP as your favorite characters. The game’s solid base of committed players keep coming back for a variety of reasons. How do you play EiMM? EiMM is divided into phases known as “nights”. Each night lasts either 48 or 24 hours. During the night, players may talk to other players and make alliances, identify threats, or just enjoy some pleasant conversation within one of the most diverse and accepting communities on the internet. Generally speaking, the friendlier you are, the better you will do. Every player enters the game with a certain amount of HP/BPV (health) and MT (firepower), along with unique special abilities tied to their “role” (based on the character chosen by the player before the game). Each night the player may choose who to target with their “shot”, which deals damage equal to their MT to the target’s HP. If your HP reaches 0, you’re out of the game! Special abilities affect gameplay in a variety of ways: some of them can be used to protect other players from harm, some of them can be used to sabotage another player’s designs, and some of them can be used to benefit your own agenda. Strategic use of your shots and abilities is essential to survival. Adding further levels of strategy are “aliases”. An alias consists of a word or phrase that the player selects before the game. Aliases are then listed in a public chat. Instead of targeting players directly by name, each player must target an alias with their abilities. This means that if players don’t know your alias, they can’t know for certain whether they are targeting you or another player. At the end of each night, the results are tallied up by the game’s hosts. The dead leave the game - for good. The survivors live to fight another day. Once only a few players (usually 3 or 4) remain alive, the game ends and the last players standing are declared the champions. How do I sign up? Games are usually run once a month. Sign-ups open about 1-2 weeks before the planned start date. The best way to be informed as to when sign-ups for a game are open is to join the EiMM Official Discord Server. In order to sign up for a game, send a PM/DM to the hosts (non-players who manage the game) with your “character” (pretty much anything in the world as long as it isn’t too obscure or NSFW, your abilities will be based on this) and your “alias” (a word or phrase of your choice). The host will then add you to the game. But be quick! Some games have player caps, and will stop accepting new players after a certain limit has been reached. Final Notes: EiMM isn’t for everyone. It can be emotionally tiring and is not recommended for people who have a problem with gutting backstabs or deceitful playstyles. However, the best way to determine whether you would enjoy an EiMM or not is to actually play one. If you have any questions, please contact me or any of the EiMM Server staff (SF users @euklyd @Monde @Ampharos). I look forward to seeing you in a future game soon!
  7. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    @Monde what's up man? You wanna be a Counter now? 99
  8. I think to myself "I kinda miss hanging out at SF!" Then I see this thread... And change my mind.
  9. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #202

    ONE MORE QUESTION!!! 61. Do you like shrimp?
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #202

    And since I'll be gone later, have 10 more! 51. What can I do to become as extraordinarily attractive as you? 52. What can I do to become as immeasurably adorable as you? 53. What can I do to become as sincerely considerate as you? 54. What can I do to become as massively cunning as you? 55. What can I do to become as intoxicatingly snarky as you? 56. What can I do to become as perfectly tsundere as you? 57. What can I do to become as universally loved as you? 58. What can I do to get you to abuse me more? 59. What can I do to get RAD to appreciate me the way he appreciates you? 60. How many more times can I die for you before it starts getting old?