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  1. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    When can we start from 0 again? 70
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #194

    I vote for @Omega., by which I mean YOLOSWAG. @Kinumi @Koneko @sylveonzoroark it might do you well to specialize *which* Omega you want as there are multiple SFers by that name.
  3. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    When are we free from the curse that affects this thread again? 71
  4. My Hero Academia Mafia (Signups)

    OK I'm going to be a little swamped with school around when the game begins. Make me into a sub, otherwise I won't be able to contribute for a few days.
  5. FE Gba style Portraits (Submit your requests here)

    Wow. You're pretty good at this! I don't think I've seen a spriter who was able to produce art so quickly.
  6. Natalie's Art (New: Lachesis/Caeda)

    And just when I thought your work couldn't become anymore beautiful, you have outdone yourself once again! I especially like how you portray Caeda as an ordinary woman and not some flying-horse-goddess-thingy. It gives her a lot more personality!
  7. My Hero Academia Mafia (Signups)

    There's too many fellow n00bs for me to resist, but I must! I'm too busy to do another one of these! Ah fine. /in I'm probably going to regret this. If we go over sign-ups cap make me a sub. Don't expect much from me.
  8. I don't draw a line! To me there are people I've never met, people who hate me, and friends! If you wanted, you could differentiate between normal friends and best friends though.
  9. Post a fact about the person above!

    Avatar looks like a crazed rocker.
  10. Google image war

  11. The "Proper" Way To Do What the Above Poster Says

    To fill it completely with former Lakers! The proper way to lose an addiction is...