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  1. You've got my attention. It's an interesting opening. Slavery has never been heavily touched on in a Fire Emblem game but if you can find a way to reconcile it with a medieval fantasy setting, then I think you could have something good going. Judas is a pretty well-known traitor name. Unless you are intentionally throwing subtlety out the window, you might want to stick with something less revealing. Also, an interesting plot point to throw in would be if the whole power burst thing looked like an accident. That way, no one would know that the conspirators were evil and the princess (with a convenient yet explainable memory lapse) would feel guilty for causing their deaths whenever she gets out of her coma. These are just some of my observations though. You have an interesting premise and I personally look forward to seeing where it goes.
  2. Interviews

    51: Could you be considered a "homebody"? 52: Is there anybody in the world that you greatly respect? 53: Are you in any way health-conscious? 54: Do you tend to enjoy being the center of attention, or does it make you feel awkward? 55: Do you have any hobbies that don't involve computers or electronics? 56: To what degree do you invest yourself into your own beautification? 57: Do you ever feel lonely? 58: Do you read books? 59: Are you a morning person or a night owl? 60: How does it feel to be interviewed?
  3. Interviews

    41: What video game consoles do you own? 42: How do you spell the name of that shade that is somewhere between black and white? 43: How attached are you to the United Kingdom as a homeland? 44: Do you exhibit any level of athletic ability? 45: Do other people generally tend to perceive you as being as great as you think you are? 46: Do your dreams involve you going to a different place? 47: What is the riskiest thing you have ever done? 48: What is the most risque thing you have ever done? 49: Would you consider yourself a good hostess? 50: Do you ever think you might want to visit Virginia?
  4. Interviews

    31: If you had to start a charity, what would its purpose be? 32: If you had to choose between nuking the U.S. or Canada, which would you go with? 33: Who cooks most of your meals? 34: If you were a Fire Emblem character, what would your highest stat be? 35: What would your lowest stat be? 36: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 37: Do you ever see yourself one day being married? 38: Do you ever see yourself one day having children? 39: What do you believe is most worth protecting? 40: What brand of toothpaste do you use?
  5. Interviews

    Milady Clarine, would you perchance be capable of answering my following queries? 22: Are there any abbreviations that you deem usable? 23: Do you believe swearing is ever appropriate in public conversation? 24: What level of modesty do you apply to your use of swimwear? 25: What qualities do you admire in others? 26: Would you consider yourself a hedonist? 27: Do you enjoy fine art? 28: What is your favorite movie? 29: What is your favorite TV show? 30: What's a "Meloetta"? Oh, and by the way, while I haven't played Final Fantasy XV myself, I understand that it is a popular action-based RPG. If you liked Lightning Returns, you might would like this more.
  6. I assume that they are tired of the conversation and want to go to bed. After all, that's what I do to people who text me when I'm sleepy.
  7. Interviews

    One more question, actually. 21: Do you recognize this person?
  8. Interviews

    Point taken. 11: How would you prefer for me to preface your beautiful name? Would "madame", "lady", or "mistress" suffice? 12: What doth thou think of Olde English? 13: What do you think of flirtatious people? 14: Outside of your family, do your closest friends tend to be male or female? 15: Have you played Final Fantasy XV yet? 16: Do you plan on getting the Final Fantasy VII remake when it comes out? 17: What is your favorite Final Fantasy summon? 18: Do you have any pets? 19: Did you ever go to private school? 20: Are you an A-rank individual?
  9. Interviews

    Well, howdy do Clay-Clay! 1: Do you approve of my Americanized nickname for you? 2: Do you approve of Americans? 3: What's your favorite Final Fantasy? 4: What's your opinion of Ed Sheeran? 5: Would you consider yourself "high falutin'"? 6: On a scale of 1-10, are you at a high point in your life or a low point? 7: What animal do you most prefer eating? 8: What do you want your last words to be? 9: What do you want to be written on your tombstone? 10: What do you think about me?
  10. Orange Creamsicle! I also love those chocolate covered ice cream bars, but I don't know if they count.
  11. I have physical copies of Awakening, Conquest, and Echoes. 3DS is my jam!
  12. Crazy Taxi can only truly be played in an arcade. All of the console versions fall short of its arcade glory.
  13. I could help you with the story and writing, but only if it looks like you're really dedicated.
  14. Interviews

    I nominate Clarine and Ronnie! I don't know how to make red letters, sorry.