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  1. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Thank you Iris for graciously allowing me to reply to this. I'm not subbing out because of in-game circumstances, I'm subbing out because my best friends are holding an intervention to get me to stop stressing out about stuff and this is one of the things that's been stressing me. I promise I'll stop reading after this. Good luck Beru, and good luck town. May my slot distract you from the pursuit of scum no longer.
  2. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Amen to that. I'm not dead (technically) but I feel like Makaze killed me.
  3. Men of Serenes Forest!

    I'm afraid of this thread now...
  4. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I've gotta go now. I'm leaving my vote where it is. I thought Snike's jump on me a few pages ago seemed fishy, but I've wasted all of my time defending myself instead.
  5. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I would use it on either Eclipse or Omega. Eclipse for reasons stated before, Omega just to test his role and see if it was faked.
  6. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Why would Mafia want a watcher? To confirm town roles? I honestly don't know what scum would do with a watcher role, but I suppose if scum watched Eclipse, they could see if anybody visited her and then maybe NK that person later as a probable protective role.
  7. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    The reason what town says matters is because if town wasn't already townreading Eclipse, I would see fit to make that point myself. Since it was kind of obvious, there was no such need because nobody was coming out and saying they thought the Eclipse slot was more scummy after what had happened that night. And while I didn't have a strong townread on Eclipse leading up to the D2 lynch, after Shinori flipped my reasoning was: 1) Tomorrow everyone will know Eclipse is town 2) The scum knows that everyone knows that 3) The scum might target Eclipse with the NK tonight 4) Eclipse is the only confirmed player who can't mess with my ability 5) I should watch Eclipse and see if she gets NKd.
  8. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    You wouldn't have to find them before I die. You would find them after I was dead. My death, including those who cased me and their reasons for doing so, would produce material for reads. Particularly, it would get you scumread like crazy. I believe my actions so far have drawn enough attention to the potential ramifications of a townread like Makaze being in-deep in this situation. You can still lynch me and I believe it will still produce favorable long-term results, but I believe my point has been made. ##Vote: Arcanite It will happen sooner or later. I don't mean to stand in the way of it, but with the amount of mud that has been thrown in the water around this one, there is no way we're getting any good reads out of this one if it flips scum.
  9. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I'm using screenshots because you can't quote quotes. Makaze, you should read an ISO of me instead of just when and where I voted. Weapons had just claimed to be a tracker who saw Kirsche visit that night's NK target, Eurykins. It was a troll that just felt weird to me, but I thought it could just be his personality, which is why I agreed with Mack there. People give me a lot of flak for pressuring Bibbon, but the fact is that his reads weren't the best and there was absolutely no reason for him to claim jailer when he did. I thought there could be a scum reason for them to do that, but ultimately the weirdness was just foolishness that was NAI. And I like explained my Refa/Via read right there. They were subpar compared to my previous experience with them in P5, but I hadn't read Via's caffeinated night which pretty much made him obvtown. Also, in P5 they were networked together, but I had forgotten about that. I'm still lightly suspicious of Refa in this game. Why is that bit about subs scummy? It's true! Zeus, Bibbon, Weapons, Nightmare, Junko, etc. were all scummy in some way or another before they subbed out. Probability states that of the people who are scummy, one of them is probably scum. I like how the part where I say I'm going to vote Bibbon is in blue, but the part where I actually do is in red. It had just come to light that Mack hadn't been using the quicktopic with Fable. I thought Kirsche's Shinori case was pretty bad. I still do. As I said earlier in D3, my Kirsche case was inconclusive and I never thought it would be sheeped the way it was. I thought it was generally agreed that Eclipse was town after the Shinori flip. As for my other logic, I'm not quite sure if I ever got around to that, haha. Not something I would build a case out of. OK, so I still don't see your problem, @Makaze. Is it because I'm not good at this? That's been a given since the beginning. I originally was in line to be an actual player in this game (not a sub) but I backed out because I didn't want a skilled player losing their spot because I got in. I only joined later to help Iris because she needed subs. I generally sheep larger players in a game, trying to come up with my own unique reads from time to time, but they generally aren't any good. That may sound scummy, but it's how I play. If you think I would only play this way as scum, read P5. If my play is scummy, then lynch me over that. But I don't see how there isn't a world where I could be town. Where was the smoking gun for you, Makaze?
  10. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I mean, yeah. My role sucks. That's not new info. But how is it scummy?
  11. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    @RefaYou forgot Athena. Everybody who went online between when the case was made and now (except for Arc) agreed with Makaze's case. Maybe I'm not thinking right, but if the ultimate plan is for the Arcanite lynch to set me up for a mislynch the next day, then my fate seems sealed as is. Mafia does have an advantage to gain if they can look good from lynching Arc and then they can safely mislynch me, coasting on their newly acquired towncred. Also, I assume my action would work on an individual as long as they didn't use their night action the night I watch them. If they idle, it should be fine. I'll go find Makaze's ink post and respond to that.
  12. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I'm not trying to protect Arcanite. I think they're probably scum. But I think that the mafia is equipped to use their death to their advantage. They're bussing him. Arc's post where he seems to imply that I'm his buddy suggests as much. Somebody is going to come out of this looking better than they should. If I die, then people can still lynch Arcanite tomorrow. But my death will make things happen for the Mafia faster than they want them to.
  13. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I'm not trying to save myself. As I understand it, the town wincon is eliminating the scum. It doesn't matter if you survive to the end as long as town beats scum. If I can draw out scum with whatever time I have left, then my existence is worth it. Whoever is calling the shots here has two lynches lined up, Arc's today and I'm probably getting hammered tomorrow. This is an ideal set up for scum, regardless of whether Arc flips scum or not. Surely I'm not the only one who sees this. If people refuse to give me real answers, there's nothing to say they aren't the very scum I'm after, hiding in order to preserve their grand design from my interference. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH LYNCHING ME! Lynching us out of order won't change anything UNLESS scum wants things the way they are. I'd rather you all find out I'm town tonight and not tomorrow night. But of course, if somebody is planning all of this, they would not be happy with that outcome, would they? I'm being serious. I'm not doing this for towncred, I'm doing this to make my death mean something. If you think I'm scum, lynch me. Or if you don't! I don't care what you think of me, my death will do more for town than anything else at this point.
  14. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Arc isn't on any team I'm a member of. Plus, Arc doesn't want to die and I do. Lynch me instead. It's better for town if you see my flip than if you see Arc's. Therefore, a Sully lynch is better than an Arc lynch. Makaze, you have pretty much written off 2 players as not worthy of your further attention. I want to know what of my play is scummy. This goes for everyone else too! I want people to have something to go off of. Among the people who think I'm scummy there are most certainly scum. If you have a reason to suspect me, state it!
  15. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    If I'm scum, Makaze, then LYNCH ME INSTEAD OF ARC. If you don't want to do that, then explain why.