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  1. Don't Count the Mods Out

    Goodbye everyone! See you all in 8 weeks! 15
  2. Hey everybody. Due to some IRL issues, I'm going to be taking an extended leave of absence from these forums and online communities in general. I won't be back until about mid-March. Please rest assured that all of my ongoing projects are not being cancelled. They are simply being postponed. Finally, to all of you who, over the past year and a half, have befriended me, critiqued me, debated with me, put up with me, and made memories with me: thank you very much for making my experience here so far so great. I hope to see you all again in 8 weeks. 


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    2. Rezzy


      Good luck and hope everything's okay

    3. Vytautas the Great

      Vytautas the Great

      See you in March, Sully. Thanks for everything.

    4. GreatKnightEcho


      See ya in March. Hopefully everything goes well.

  3. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    Hey. Sorry for flaking out, I got sick and then school piled up... Anyway, this was fun! Hopefully I'll be able to do it again sometime when I have more time.
  4. Don't Count the Mods Out

    @Rezzy you should really get Discord! 138
  5. Don't Count the Mods Out

  6. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Achoo! Achoo! Dagger's allergic to pointless fluff too!
  7. Don't Count the Mods Out

  8. Don't Count the Mods Out

  9. Your hack recommendations (what to play?)

    Requiem gets easier, if you keep playing. It's a pretty solid game. Last Promise is an oldie, and not a very goodie, but it can keep you occupied for a few weeks. Elibean Nights is cool and fun but it isn't finished yet. I keep hearing good reviews for Road to Ruin, but I have yet to play it myself.
  10. Is D&D evil?

    My perspective might be a little weird on this whole deal... but my older brother recently married into a family that runs an... interesting ministry. It's all about helping people come to grips with their past and all that, but for some reason they seem to attract a few psychos and perverts. Literally. Anyway, a lot of these people show signs of demon possession (i.e. hearing strange voices, producing unnatural sounds, doing things physically impossible for humans), which could all be faked or whatnot, but to the people themselves, it feels very real. A lot of them report various causes for their "possession", including Stephen King novels, Ouija boards, and, yes, D&D. The occult in general, really. While I'm sure D&D is an OK game, it (like everything else tied to the occult) could cause psychological damage if participants took it too seriously. While I doubt these people are actually possessed, they have certainly suffered from serious trauma due to certain darker influences. So I think D&D is probably OK, but it could potentially wreck your life if you got too weird about it. Psychology is weird that way.
  11. Since this seems to be the thing all of the cool kids are doing: SullyMcGully#7663
  12. Don't Count the Mods Out

    I completely agree. You can't even call it hot chocolate without milk, otherwise it's just brown water. I still think that lifestyle is a bad match-up for you, Natalie! Is it about your appearance or something? Because you look great and even if you didn't, I'd rather look terrible than live without dairy! Saying things like that is what makes me think you are a homeschooler. Also, is it just me, or is it the case that Bartozio posts here less than anyone else, but has the coolest things to say when he does post? I don't think he even cares about the counting part! 60
  13. Don't Count the Mods Out

    I've never liked tea. I don't like warm-water drinks in general, and tea in particular has almost the exact same taste, texture, and consistency of cow urine. 43
  14. Don't Count the Mods Out

    I figured the orbs would mess me up when I started too, but they turned out surprisingly simple. They're much better explained than most similar RPG elements. It took me two playthroughs to figure out Final Fantasy VII's Materia system! You and your mathematical genius. It's not like it isn't doing anything hundreds of critically-acclaimed JRPGs haven't done before. You need to get your theology checked. Technically, Christ died for the sins of his Church, and by extension the whole world, because anybody can convert to Christianity and become part of the Church. So both statements are true. Don't get it wrong again! The license provided by Christianity's doctrine of grace allows me to... ...agree with the above statement. 40
  15. Don't Count the Mods Out

    Meap, my Discord says you're idle. Fitting, given your title. 32