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  1. General US Politics

    No of course not. Do you even read your own posts?
  2. General US Politics

    corruption and authoritarianism doesn't make you a fascist. It makes you a republican.
  3. General US Politics

    This sounds like a juicy lawsuit.
  4. Men of Serenes Forest!

    nope, nope, nope Oh and take this stuff to 4chan I guess
  5. General US Politics

    Let's not talk about lame shit when we could be talking about the forced separation of parents and children in cages! Trumplekins signed an executive order to stop the separations(he could have just called), and I was told this basically puts the whole thing on a twenty day timer, the Flores ruling says that illegal border crossing can only be kept in custody for up to 20 days. What I'm curious about is if that timer didn't already start before the EO, and when they were taken into custody, and if the rather bad circumstances these kids live in are in violation of Flores.
  6. General US Politics

    Manafort's house arrest has been revoked and he's going to jail. Now waiting for the video
  7. General US Politics

    Today is the day we're gonna see Paul Manafort perpwalk. it's gonna be a good day.
  8. Women of Serenes Forest! Answer me this...

    uhh... Where's his penis?
  9. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I'm most likely taller than you. And don't take my word for it: take it from the person who did it.
  10. Women of Serenes Forest!

    actually I'm told that chili with placenta tastes rather well.
  11. General US Politics

    Trump getting murdered by a deluded MAGA warrior would be the best outcome imo. also some extremely funny pictures came out of that G7 summit
  12. Women of Serenes Forest!

    Women of serenes forest! would you or would you not eat your placenta? I'd link to what set this question off, but I'm not sure how this website's moderation feels about pictures/videos showing human organs being prepped and eaten.
  13. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Apparently voice actors for pornos are pretty popular in Japan!
  14. Men of Serenes Forest!

    haha, wow, this is a disturbing work environment. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iILs_WSY86w
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    haha, I don't want to deal with that kind of screaming and wailing while I'm having sex. That shit is extremely disturbing.