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  1. "Expect to get your hands dirty, but if you have general knowledge of basic-to-moderate level programming, it won't be anything major"
  2. well skitty has a fe6xna download up and mari said yeti said as long as we're obfuscating the code so people can't steal the engine we're actually allowed to do public releases of fexna games and yeti hasn't said anything to the contrary (though if he does i'll fix asap) so um whoop there it is
  3. Possibly a quickie, what's good on Nino? I don't want to give her Vantage or Defiant, though those'd be good on her if they proc'd, but I'd rather use things I can work with at full health.
  4. So, Fortify Atk and Rally Atk don't stack, it just chooses the highest of them. I'm guessing it's the same between Spur Atk and Death Blow. But what about Fortify Atk and Spur Atk, since they're in separate categories of how they affect your stat? If you Fortify Atk 3 on a unit, then put them next to someone with Spur Atk 2, does the Spur Atk do nothing for them?
  5. For example, on Tharja (whom I've not yet seen, so...) does Darting Blow plus her RauĂ°rblade mean she can attack with +6spd and +6atk, or do the _Blows not count as buffs? And however it is, how's the stacking with, say, Spur Speed?
  6. The main site mentions 5* focus instances of the banner characters to the voting gauntlet, but doesn't really expand on it--understandable given how big a deal the gauntlet itself seems to be, but it leaves me wondering. Will I actually finally be able to get Elise, or does this have nothing to do with pulls?
  7. lol yeah project not dead, i'm dead, school hnnng Hopefully will be able to get back to this during spring break, but plans are already piling up and idk :x Summer for sure though! Also hmmm that sounds familiar oh hey bam well I guess that'll be what Emerald Knight gets |D
  8. I think I'm pretty good against physical units, except Axe Armors (a trend may appear in a moment lol). I was hoping Fir's speed-based offense and decent resistance would be enough for taking out mages, but with 2 movement and that low HP, it's difficult to even approach them... So, what are some of the better units that I should be trying to roll for dealing with enemies of a more magical inclination?
  9. (FEXNA comes second to the game it's for, FE7x, which as you may be able to guess by the name, has many of its systems, right down to the timing on UI elements, made to replicate FE7) FE8 has a lot of special features that are pretty FE8-specific. Skirmish/Valni/Lagdou maps would take a lot of work to emulate, but most of the rest would be at least semi-reasonable, since FE8 is mechanically pretty similar to FE7, so...
  10. No native 3d support. It'd be a ton of work to get that up--look up Maritisa's now-dead Revenge of the Emblem and consider that 3d was a distant dream to her. I haven't tried running FEXNA on Win10, you'll probably have better luck with that question over in the 7x topic since Yeti frequents that more and there's no guarantees Skitty over at 6xna will forward your question since it's not really his direct domain. (I say as if this is my thread lol I know it's not but I imagine Yeti checks here less than that for his own game)
  11. When the game came out, I spent 3 days straight rerolling trying to get Elise (my school probably hates me for the wifi usage lol) until I finally just, decided I should play the game normally without her. Was I sad? Of course. I wanted to have her on my team, for sure. But that's the reality of these kinds of games, so you kinda have to go in knowing that's what you're signing yourself up for--if you never win the lottery, then that's on you for having played the lottery. So I just enjoy the game as a mobile FE game, which for that it's cool, and try to ignore that my team is lacking in my favorites. After all, isn't that kind of like playing a new FE game where you just can't get those characters at all? ...Or something. I dunno what I'm trying to say here, but don't let it get to you I guess. It's a mobile FE first, series and fan tribute second. So just enjoy it however you want to, or don't...?
  12. Honestly, I'm not totally sure--I know there's definitely stuff to be done with editors in centralizing them, and adding new editors (config editor and palette editors come to mind, the idea being you shouldn't have to mess with code if you don't want to do anything advanced, and you shouldn't need external programs other than to make assets), but engine-wise (other than the fact Silence didn't work until yesterday, lol) I don't think there's a ton more that needs finishing...? Well, besides mouse and touch controls, and the internal UI reworking that's going along with it. Right, that's a thing.
  13. Hmm... Not that I've ever used the randomizer, but what files are you trying to decompress?
  14. Personally, I've found FEAT not ideal for compressing--I use it to decompress, but BatchLZ77 is for compression.
  15. I'm 99% sure that's default behavior. I thought it was default in GBA, but I was only halfway right lol, but I've gotten it in FEXNA so one theme plays continuously for all phases and battles so if it's not default it should be easy to port. Choosing a different gameover song is trivial, as is making it play no song. "Last played track" is a little more interesting, I'm pretty sure you'll have to go into the code for that, but literally all you need to do is delete one line, so... (As for your previous post sorry lol I'm not sure what to say about it, maybe I'll make a comprehensive post at some point but doop)