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  1. Cipher OCs in Heroes?

    Here's the thread about it on the Cipher forum, as well as the page about it on Wiki (which is also linked in the thread) https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Lackey_CCG I can't vouch for its ease of use, considering I haven't done much with it myself, but it exists.
  2. Cipher OCs in Heroes?

    English fan translations exist for (to my knowledge) every card currently on the market, and I believe there's also a LackeyCCG plugin that allows you to play the game digitally, complete with English descriptions for all of the cards. If a rom with a translation patch is a valid way of experiencing a Japan exclusive game, then I think that's just as valid a way of experiencing Cipher.
  3. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    If I recall from the xenologue before the first Tempest Trials, it was Loki that convinced Veronica to perform the ritual that created the Tempest in the first place. So while the actually cause if more likely linked to that ritual or whatever, Loki is definitely the one behind the Tempest being a thing.
  4. Cipher OCs in Heroes?

    I'd actually say Randal's more likely to be a sword cav. He used lances in Echoes because that's all cavs can use in that game, but his whole shtick in his artwork for his purple cards seemed to be that he dual-wielded swords. Anyway, I'd absolutely love to see the Cipher characters in Heroes. I don't actually play Cipher or collect the cards (because I'm a bit iffy about ordering things online), but I have developed some sort of irrational attachment to its characters. Of course, I don't see them getting in any time soon, if only because they made the conscious choice to not let us vote for them in CYL, but I do think they probably have a better chance at getting in than any of the other spinoff characters, seeing as TMS and Warriors were both collaborations with other game developers.
  5. New Voting Gauntlet!

    The most recent gauntlet was last month, with the Bunny Battle Ballot. Then another month before that was Shadow in the Mirror.
  6. New Voting Gauntlet!

    The difference between Marth and Corrin is that the New Years Tempest Trial, from which Corrin was obtained, didn't start until after the Christmas vs. New Years Gauntlet had ended, meaning that if Corrin was to be included, no one on his team could possibly have a bonus unit, putting him at a disadvantage. Marth, on the other hand, will have been available for almost a week before the Gauntlet happens, and will still be available for all but the last three days of the Gauntlet. And they clearly don't have a problem with including units outside of the summoning pool in Voting Gauntlets, seeing as we got Black Knight and Fallen Takumi during the Shadow in the Mirror Gauntlet.
  7. New Voting Gauntlet!

    If it does end up being Bride 2017 vs Brides 2018, I'll probably be going with Charlotte. She's the only bride I currently have, and she's a pretty fun character. If she goes down, I'll probably jump to either Lyn, Ninian, or Caeda. Haven't decided which of the three I'll jump to yet, but I guess I'll have to decide that after seeing who's left if/when Charlotte falls.
  8. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    Marth and the Brides being bonus units would make sense. But then again, Marisa and the Sacred Memories units being bonus units for her Tempest would have made sense as well. The title seems to imply a more story-driven Tempest like Shrouded by the Storm, but then, the Tempest doesn't coincide with a Legendary Banner to provide a source for the bonus units. As for the final boss, making it Loki would make sense, given the Tempest is named after her, but she is a shapeshifter, and she was technically the boss of Shrouded by the Storm, just in the form of Fjorm. It's possible that Loki will be the final boss, just not as Loki. I dunno. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. In all fairness with Odin, a Fates Dark Mage is really just a Mage that can use Nosferatu, and he joins with Thunder in his inventory in both Conquest and Revelation, so it makes sense for him to be blue.
  10. I've never played Genealogy, so as far as I'm concerned, this is skippable. Although the art is nice. I'm more interested in that Surtr Jr seen on the map at the end. Are we getting a new male OC? Nice nice. I guess this is the final member of the Burning Triad or whatever it was Laegjarn called it.
  11. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Been a while since I last updated, but with my attempts at the most recent Legendary banner, now seems like a good time. Bolded is new since last time, I think.
  12. Very nice new avatar!  Is that a self-portrait?

    1. C. Turtle

      C. Turtle

      Hehe, thanks. :)

      And, sort of. It's the character I use to represent myself, but it's not how I look IRL.

    2. Rezzy


      I see, good job

  13. I'm down with free Kaze and free orbs, but a little disappointed that he's linked to the Grand Conquest. Wasn't particularly fond of the mode, but if they're going to start giving away new units through the mode, then I'm gonna have to play. Don't want another Tobin situation where I'm left completely unable to obtain a unit I missed.
  14. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    Introdasting. I expected a Legendary Wind Lyn at some point, but I didn't expect it to be so soon, nor did I expect her to be the introduction of coloured bows. I guess Lyn Emblem got the green it was missing. Anyway, now I'm left wondering who to put my orbs towards. I was hoping the new Legendary would be someone I wouldn't care about so I could just focus on Grima, but I do kinda like Lyn. On one hand, I have two Lyns (Brave and Valentines), and she shares her colour with Inigo (a character I already have) and Henry (a character I kinda like, but a variant I don't particularly care for), and on the other, I have both regular Robins and male Grima, and she shares her colour with Genny (a character I already have) and Jakob (a character I don't care for in a variant I don't care for). Ech, decisions are hard. Might go for Lyn since Gunnthra will be taking her place in the next Legendary banner, and unless the next Legendary is colourless again, Grima will probably be rerun next time.
  15. Introdasting. Can't say I saw this one coming, especially with the last new Fates banner having been more recent than others like Archanea and Elibe. Although since it it Fates, I guess that makes my guess of Legendary Takumi more likely. Also confused as to why it's Gen 2 again, when we haven't had a real Gen 1 Fates banner, but sure. I probably won't be pulling from this banner. While I like Hinoka well enough, I don't like her enough to go spending for her, and I'm not particularly fussed about Kana and Shigure. Interested in Kaze though, especially since there don't seem to be any events on the calendar for him to line up with, unless they're giving him out through the Illusory Dungeon, which I'd be all for. So unless Kaze's put on a surprise banner later on, my orbs are probably going towards trying to get Female Grima from the next Legendary Banner Personally, I'm not particularly upset that we're getting alts on regular banners, I'm pretty okay with that. I'm more bothered by the fact that we've gotten Chrom and Hinoka alts on what would otherwise seem to be Gen 2 banners. Although I suppose the banners were named after the one Gen 1 character on them. Guess I'll just deal with it and keep saving orbs.