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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    This is probably the last banner I expected to see, but I'm down with it. I was thinking about trying for Hinoka on the New Power banner, but now I think I'll save my orbs for Grima instead. I kinda hoped that if Grima were to get in it'd be the version with the hood obscuring their face, and potentially have the voice make it somewhat ambiguous which gender Robin is underneath, but I'll take what I can get. He seems like he might be a good addition to my armour team, not that I really know all that much about team building. As for the others, I'm interested in seeing what Betrayal!Takumi and Skadi brings, but really they could give me anything and I'd be fine with it because free unit. Hardin is cool for people who like him, but I've never played (New) Mystery, so I don't really care about him. Celica I probably won't pull for, but I wouldn't mind if I got her after she dropped, assuming she's the one that drops from the banner, since I don't have a regular Celica. Really her getting Beloved Zofia just makes me question what they're going to give Brave Celica.
  2. The Map Matchup Thread

    As far as I'm aware, A Brush in the Teeth, is the only that appears in Warriors, and does so as a History Map, rather than a playable location. It uses the same same in Warriors and it does in Shadow Dragon. The other two History Maps in the Shadow Dragon pack do not seem to be the same maps used for the Heroes maps, so it's likely they were chosen simply because those maps were where the associated character appears in Heroes.
  3. The Map Matchup Thread

    Navarre's map is the same map as Chapter 5-1, Return to Mystery, but with Warriors' portals added do it. Likewise, Linde's is Chapter 1-3, Wind and Light, and Minerva's is Prologue-2, Proof of Power.
  4. Illusory Dungeon!

    I've been rotating around my various teams, so I don't get sick of hearing the same set of quotes over again. I do rather like using Genny though, because I finally get to hear her critical quotes outside of the catalog. I did initially think, "Man, these stages are too short, and it's a bit too simple," but man, they really crank it up in the step from normal to hard. I do wish there was a bit more variety instead of just going through the same song with different patterns, but for now I'm enjoying it.
  5. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    I have five empty silhouettes, but I've already got a silhouette for Ike even though I never pulled him. Perhaps you encountered him in the arena?
  6. The new mode exclusive to Legendary Units

    The battle screen was rearranged in the latest update. Tempest is now grouped together with Voting Gauntlet and Tap Battle in the lower right corner, while the new mode sits where Tempest used to me. ~~~ As for the mode itself, I suppose this is them trying to further push people to pull for Legendary Heroes, and perhaps to get people to use their blessings instead of hoarding them indecisively. I'm curious to see whether the mode is actually anything special, or if it's just battles with a restricted party. Either way, I should probably go ahead and figure out who on my horse team gets the Wind Blessing, so I can have a team of 4 when the mode launches.
  7. CYL 2 Unit Type/ Skills Prediction Thread

    Going off the assumption that they'd want one of each colour again like last time, because it just sorta works out nicely that way. Red: Sword Infantry Celica with Beloved Zofia. Blue: Lance Armour Hector with Rex Hasta. Green: Axe Cavalry Ephraim with Garm. Colourless: Staff Infantry Veronica with an original Norse-name legendary staff. Veronica could also potentially be a flier I guess, if they wanted to balance out the movement types, and give us our first staff flyer. Not entirely sure what they're going to do for the outfits and such, whether they want to actually pull them together into a theme or not.
  8. Well then. Can't say I expected that result, although I'm certainly not disappointed. If we get a free CYL unit again, I was expecting to have to decide between Celica and Ephraim, because I don't really care about Hector and I don't like Camilla. But now that Veronica's here, that sorta throws a wrench in things. Probably going to have to wait until the costumes and unit types are actually revealed before I make my decision. I'm curious how they're going to justify Veronica in the story, though. If I remember right, the Brave Heroes are summoned through some sort of ritual at Vaskrheim, so, is the ritual going to summon Veronica from an alternate timeline where the dark god doesn't frick her bloodline? I'm just really interested in what implications with may end up having for the story. Shame about Marth, though. Screwed by the split. Hopefully IS at least gives him something to compensate, or learns from this mistake for next year.
  9. Possible Legendary Heroes in the Franchise

    I feel like pretty much every main lord has a shot either in their promoted form, or post-game form after peace has been achieved. I'm not really a fan of alts, but Ike's already shown it's going to happen. I do think it would be cool to get characters from FE lore as Legendary Heroes, though. So long as they have enough to go on for their appearance and character, of course (R.I.P. the Five Heroes of Magvel). Most of these have already been brought up by others, either in this thread or the Feh Channel thread, with notable inclusions being Anri, the Eight Legends, and Altina. And since he's technically a character in the franchise now and no one has brought him up yet; King Gustav, a.k.a. Big Daddy Askr. I might have been wrong about him being the next Legendary Hero specifically, but I still think it'd be pretty neat to have him as a Legend and not have him fall victim to the dreaded "father of main character syndrome" and pass away.
  10. Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    Ooo, goodie, we're finally getting a bit of plot to do with the Tempest, instead just the usual "The world is ending, help me save it." I was wondering when that might happen. Loki starting up the Tempest was still one of the big question marks about her for me. With the selection of bonus Heroes, I'm for once actually left with multiple teams I could use. I could either bring my new makeshift cavalry team with Gunnthr√° and grind the SP that Sigurd and Elise still need, or I could bring one of my infantry teams with Fjorm and grind Alfonse and Fjorm's support. I might end up just alternating between the teams so I don't get bored while grinding for reward orbs.
  11. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    No new OC and no Ninian means I'm good to save my orbs and skip this one. Which is good because the last Legendary Banner completely drained me. I'm probably going to use my free pull on red, because I don't have any of the Red foci and I'm still looking for Seth and Soleil, even at 4*, and then back out. I just hope they keep a good mix with the Legendary Heroes and don't just keep giving us alts from now on.
  12. TBH, I'm kinda hoping they might give us some lore characters, like Anri or Roland, as Legendary Heroes, since we're now not limited to OCs. They're certainly spoken of in legend, albeit not Askran Legend. It's probably a pipe dream, but I'd rather that than more alts.
  13. My thoughts: Free orbs are always good. More training maps that I probably won't use and challenge maps that I'll struggle to beat, neat. A rhythm game, "illusory" in the name, now I want TMS characters in the game even more than I did before. The new legendary hero isn't an OC, and Ninian isn't on the banner, so I'm safe to skip. Not sure how the voting is going to work, but if I can vote for Ninian or Bunny Lucina in an attempt to get them for free, I will.
  14. They are not the only two besides Azura. Jakob and Felicia join on all routes, and for units not in Heroes yet, you've also got Shura and Mozu. So it kinda makes the perfect amount for a World of Revelation banner alongside a Fates tempest, or something. --- On topic, I'm lucky enough to live in a timezone where the broadcast is not super early/late, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm still holding onto that naive hope that we'll get new units added to the 3-4* pool, and if there was ever a time to do it, it's be the anniversary. Also playable Feh when?
  15. 1. The 2.0 update, when the story really started to pick up, and get out of the "here's some heroes, now they're free, okay we're done" phase. 2. Probably Lute, but Genny's actually the one with my Summoner Support at the moment. 3. I beat the first Squad Assault this week. That was pretty hype for me considering my usual performance. 4. Probably the most recent one. Loving Alfonse's character development and the banter between the villains. 5. Don't think I really have one, unless the release of a new story chapter counts as an event. That's what really gets me excited (I may care a little too much about the story in a mobile game). Tempest Trials are a slog, Voting Gauntlets are a salt-fest, and CYL is just a plain ol' ballot. 6. The Warriors maps were pretty cool. I never used them for grinding like everyone else seemed to, but it was a rather different experience, actually feeling like a Warriors map, and I rather enjoyed it. 7. If we're just talking in terms of characters, it'd be The Sacred World. First proper Sacred Stones banner, and had three characters I wanted to get. Although if we're talking a combination of the characters with how well we actually did with the banner, then I dunno.