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  1. Fire Emblem Cipher, the trading card game. It's probably not gonna happen, considering they wouldn't even let us votes for the four that were in Echoes as DLC in CYL, but that's probably my most wanted addition. There are certain characters I'd love to see from other games, but in terms of just general "which game do you want new characters from", Cipher's probably my biggest want.
  2. I feel like Choose Your Legends already has a properly defined purpose; getting special versions of the winning Heroes. I certainly wouldn't mind if IS did a poll to specifically judge which characters who aren't in the game yet are popular, since some people have already been using CYL for that, but I feel like it should be branded as its own new event, like A Heroes Rises was, rather than calling it Choose Your Legends 3, when the other Choose Your Legends events don't fit the same rules.
  3. It seems to be her promoted attire as a Valkyrie. Hence why she also suddenly has armour on her shoulders when she didn't as a Troubadour. Why though chose to make her a Valkyrie when Troubadour would have worked perfectly fine if she was being left a staff unit, I have no idea, but that's what they went with.
  4. My thoughts: Sumia and Maribelle are making me somewhat regret spending all my orbs on Summer Robin. Somewhat. I get the feeling I'll miss out on them this time around, so I'll have to go for them if they ever end up on a skill banner or something. More orbs is always a good thing. TOBIN! I can finally complete my set of Tempest Trial units. Askr refines, nice nice. New mode seems kinda lame, still hoping for My Castle/townbuilding/whatever in the future. Overall, I'd say it was alright. Nothing too amazing, but it had some neat stuff.
  5. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Finally, I can get my hands on Tobin and complete my collection of Tempest Trial units. Best news in the whole Feh Channel for me. Interested to find out what the theme of the Tempest will be given who the rewards are, and on that note, who the bonus units will be.
  6. How many F2P orbs have you saved up?

    At this point in time, I currently have 57 because I blew them all on Summer Tana and Robin. I don't know my exact peak, but I know I've gone past 300 in the past, and I will probably continue to save up ludicrous amounts of orbs after my paranoia with how many orbs it takes me to get certain units.
  7. New Heroes banners don't get silhouettes. That's a Special Heroes thing.
  8. My first 5* promotion was Sharena, followed by Anna, followed by Alfonse. Outside of the Askr trio, Valter was my first, because Sacred Stones bias.
  9. He mentions someone named "Menja" during his "death" at the end of the chapter, I believe. Presumably that's the name of his sister.
  10. World of Shadows overlapped with the Japanese release, Rite of Shadows with the worldwide release. So if we were to get an FE Switch banner, it'd probably be closer to release rather than however far in advance we currently are.
  11. Accessories!

    My current placements; - Spring Bunny Hat on Kagero, for the Spring Kagero I never managed to get. - Enigmatic Mask on Anna, since she used to be Zacharias's commander. - Mysterious Mask on Lucina, because I find it amusing to make Masked Unmasked Marth. - Seashell Hairpin on Fjorm, in hope of a Summer Fjorm. - Feh Doll on Gunnthra, for the sake of sleepy girl on a sleepy girl. Now I'm sorta waiting for a tiara or crown of some sort. One of Genny's castle quotes mentions that being in the castle makes her feel like she's become a princess. I wanna make her dreams come true and crown her princess of the castle. : )
  12. Is it? I thought the common theory was that the Ylgr at the end of the chapter was Loki, not that the Ylgr in the cell was also Loki and the real Ylgr has never appeared. Have I been mistaken?
  13. I still really want Fjorm and Gunnthra on (one of) this year's Summer banner(s). Partially because I like the Nifl sisters, and partially because of the irony of characters from a kingdom of ice being put into swimsuits. Although if they decide to do game focused instead of miscellaneous, I guess it wouldn't really work, since we haven't seen enough characters for a Niflese Summer yet.
  14. Who deserves to be in the game the most?

    I'm not really sure how to quantify how much a character "deserves" to be included in the game. I mean, the main characters obviously deserved it, by virtue of being the face of their respective games, but they're all in now. Does a character "deserve" inclusion by being particularly important in their game of origin? Do they "deserve" it by being particularly popular? How do we define what "deserving" is, in this case? Personally, I think any character that isn't a generic mook that only has a face because they're a boss is fair game, and none of them really deserve it over one another. Some might be more likely to get in, or will be a more well liked inclusion by the fans, but more deserving? I'm not sure. ...In terms of alts, though, I do think Marth is deserving of being a Legendary Hero at some point. For obvious reasons.
  15. Ideas For Book 3

    Pretty sure Fjorm specifically states in the last chapter that it's just the four siblings. Even if they did want to use all the Elivagar names, it wouldn't be eleven, because one of the eleven names is taken by her Leiptr, her weapon. On, what Loki has done, I might be remembering wrong, but I'm pretty sure we can also add "started the Tempest" to that list. I seem to recall in the Xenologue that she was the one to introduce Veronica to the idea and convince her go through with it. Although, I suppose that doesn't really count as "what she's done in the story", since the Tempest is never really mentioned in the story outside of that Xenologue.