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  1. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Byakuren HijiriI'm really trying to avoid growths/map details as much as possible and just use who I feel like. If I end up saying some really 'out there' stuff about a character then end up looking like a jackass once I'm done and know their actual growth rates, then so be it :p I found a way to 'undo' the transfer bonuses so I could see what you're talking about, and boy does it make a difference. 2-1 is pretty bleh without Neph transfers for sure. I also encountered the AI doing some really unpredictable stuff (which is why I sound surprised with some of the moves they make), and I honesty couldn't find the pattern. It seems like they just do whatever they want, and it's very frustrating to try to plan around it. I keep forgetting that there are three tiers in this game. That would explain Elincia haha. @BrightBowI figured as much with the Authority Stars. There goes my dream of a Geoffrey/Elincia/Lucia god squad though :l Parity being usable on command makes it kinda good now ngl. With the ability to pass it around that could be kinda neat. Crossbows being a thing makes me regret not getting all the Master Seals in Part 1 tbh. I could've just slapped one on Nolan and he'd be at least decent. Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess. Pretty sure that @Levant Mir Celestia is right about the Laguz gauge too. It seemed like I'd always get a huge boost whenever I couldn't counter with Muarim/Rafiel/Lethe. It's still a hindrance but without it, Tigers would just be outright better than Armors again I guess. Speaking of the Laguz Gauge thing, I end up using that a bit on this map. Again, it's harder without Nephenee boosts (went back and tried it, it's not AS bad as the first one, especially if she gets STR/SPD), but nothing too bad. Crossbows are scary as hell, but a great idea at the same time I feel. 1-2 Range was a much needed boost for bow-users, and the drawbacks are enough to keep them from being overpowered. Great as a Flier Nuke, but just okay for everything else. On story, I like the direction the plot is going, generally speaking. I enjoy two-faced characters like Ludveck, but I have to say I'm baffled as to why he'd keep incriminating evidence against him around at all, let alone in a secret cave within walking distance of his manor. It kind of just makes him seem...dumb. Destroying the evidence is the most obvious thing to do, and yet he just...doesn't. Why? Unless he himself isn't the mastermind, it just doesn't make sense honestly. I guess I'll have to wait and see what comes of that. Anyways, as one final thing, for 2-F and beyond I'm disabling most stat transfers except for characters I had valid transfers for when I played PoR Maniac. That means Ike (STR/SPD), Titania (SPD), and Marcia (STR/SKL/SPD) only. I guess Jill can keep hers since the hard part with her is supposedly over so it would be almost pointless to change her now. But I previewed 2-F and it just felt wrong to go at it with a bunch of super-units that I didn't even really earn. Not to mention some of the characters that got buffed are some of the best already, so ultimately I decided to just stick with the bonuses I would have actually gotten. If I had realized how impactful transfer bonuses actually were I would have done this sooner, but hopefully this can keep things a bit more interesting for the maps to come.
  2. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @BrightBow I had no idea! Toggleable animations are always a good feature to have. I'll need to figure that out at some point. Very interesting design philosophy on trying to keep the casual audience engaged. It's really counter-intuitive I'd think, especially given the popularity of some of these characters. Shoot, you could even extend that to Fates/Awakening, I really doubt anyone who loves the characters in those games WOULDN'T want more screen time for their favorites. Given SoV though, I think that IS realized that cutting character development from the plot is probably a huge mistake. @Byakuren Hijiri I can definitely see 2-1 being more frustrating without that little boost for Neph. Why does she come with a Steel Great Lance of all things? So weird. My feelings on Fiona are that I don't think she's as bad as people say (definitely not worse than Meg!), but she is pretty weak. She has some perks though, since she's basically one of the best people I had for cleaning up after Jill in 1-E given her Canto ability, so there's that if nothing else. Honestly though, if I were making this game, I'd just lower her level to like 5/6 or something. Maybe slap Paragon on her and have the boss drop Imbue instead. Anything to make leveling her easier, because that's her biggest problem as far as I can see. @Interdimensional ObserverYeah, I just meant that it's weird that no one so far has brought up the fact that he used to lead their group. I'll definitely keep a look out for that village. I'm pretty much always a chapter ahead of whatever is in the recordings, just because they take forever to render/upload. That's a weird quirk on that item though, I'm sure it'll make sense when I get there. So in this one, I do 2-P/2-1, and immediately run into the Goddess of PoR and the apparent God of RD all in the same map. And yeah, he's definitely godly alright. Normally I feel like these "best unit" characters are just a tiny bit overhyped depending on the game. They usually have some small flaw, or maybe need a little work to tip them over into broken territory (Marcia in PoR comes to mind who needs BEXP/has a bad STR cap), but THIS is on a different level entirely haha. Neph/Brom coming back is fun too, I like them both as characters. Once again the plot of this part has me pretty interested, and the idea of Elincia being such a weak ruler that it would empower those who seek to overthrow her has my attention for sure. It's definitely a little silly how Brom/Nephenee would have no idea about any of this at all if the boss of 2-1 would have just...not told them his entire plan. Bit of a facepalm moment there, that's for sure.
  3. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Byakuren Hijiri Yeah, with 1-9 I basically had to brute force my way through. I don't think it's a great map, but at the very least I can say it's so short that failure only ever really costs a couple of minutes if you were playing with animations off/map animations. And for a first time experience, I don't think that there's many people who would say that getting to play as the Black Knight isn't totally amazing. If you were talking about 2-P, idk I kinda liked that one. 2-1, less so. I admit I'm a little lucky, the only save file I could find does have transfer bonuses for Nephenee (Speed and maybe Str/Def?), so that made it a little easier than it probably should have been. I wish I could have found a save file with Ike/Soren A support, Hard Mode clear data, and no transfers, but alas, I couldn't find one anywhere. Shoot, I'd have just brought in my own PoR file, but I did that on Maniac so it's no good for this playthrough. @Interdimensional Observer That's the reason I thought Jill couldn't come too, but yeah, Zihark screws that up entirely. I'm not sure though, Zihark seems pretty laid back. He probably just went with the flow, leaving Tauroneo and Jill to do all the hard work back at camp. That information on the Dawn Brigade actually paints the original 5 in an entirely different light, and I wish that would have been included in the game proper. Sothe and Micaiah will be okay, I'm sure, but learning more about Edward/Leonardo and especially Nolan (given that he's apparently the LEADER of all things) would be much appreciated. I'm still holding out for more on that later, but I'm shocked they'd leave all that out! And yes, this is indeed on a cleared save file. People who were subscribed to me had asked about the Soren/Ike thing at some point, and I thought it would be fun to try and get it, even if the requirements are a little obtuse from what I understand. Anyhow, Part 1 is officially over. I immediately regret promoting Fiona on the map itself, because I remembered that BEXP is a thing, and I should have pumped up her STR/SPD a little more after this map before promoting her in hindsight. If I had, she'd be a complete monster by the time we get back to Micaiah's group. I'm going to withhold final judgement on her for now (so as to not look like a bigger jackass than I already might for talking her up), but in my mind she's gotta be at LEAST as good as Aran. Gotta be. Probably. He wants all the same things as her (Forge/BEXP, namely) except he doesn't have Canto and I assume he becomes a Halberdier. If I were really tryin' hard, I could have even given her the Spirit Dust for a cool 11 HP per turn that would only get better with time. By the way, does Imbue stack with Renewal? Because recovering almost half your HP passively every turn sounds really nice. Overall though, I find Part 1 to be a pretty great start. Jarod, while not exactly complex, does everything I think you need to do to be a good antagonist in these kinds of games. He's constantly on your ass, as the player you want to beat him, you regularly get to SEE glimpses as to what it is that makes him a villain instead of just hearing about it, and he actually feels like a threat. He's even humanized a little bit when they show that he is upset over the death of his right-hand man. Granted, he uses that rage to become even MORE of a douche, but that only serves to make him more consistent in my book. The game sets him up as a man mad with power, when his plans are foiled he goes down swinging, and we're never expected to feel bad for this guy despite the fact that we're shown that there's this glimmer of humanity in him. As far as "first arc villains" go, he has to be the best, hands down. The idea of Ashnard having a secret kid is pretty interesting too, and goes hand in hand with Elincia's situation. I still wish that he would have been alluded to a bit in PoR, but it's got potential, I'll say that. Actually, having started Part 2 there's a lot more similarities between the two besides being secret royalty, but I'm going to wait until I beat Part 2 before I really form an opinion on that. All in all Part 1 was satisfying for me.The ending, while good, leaves me with juuuuuuust enough questions that I want to keep playing to hopefully find some answers. Like, what's the deal with the Black Knight? Or even Micaiah for that matter. Will we get to see Pelleas act a little bit more like a leader? How powerful is Fiona actually? All these questions. The gameplay is obviously really good, so there's not a whole lot I have to add to that, other than that 1-F is also a great map.
  4. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Byakuren Hijiri 1-9 didn't end up being that bad, if a little reliant on memorization. Once I got it down where there enemies with 1-2 Range were coming from, it wasn't so bad. Probably my least favorite out of all the Part 1 maps though, just because whether or not it's difficult almost entirely depends on Micaiah's growths. Anyways, if anyone out there ever wanted to hear a grown man lose his mind with excitement, this is probably the part for you. I think my feelings on this one mostly speak for them self, although again, when all is said and done I think this map is kinda weak. I think that the enemies, aside from the boss, should have no more than 10 SPD max. That way, you wouldn't end up in a situation like I did. The feeling of the map would be the same, it would just be less annoying for people who got unlucky with their growths.
  5. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    She started 1-F at 12.99, and promoted at 16. Maybe could have went for 17 if I had her kill the boss, but eh. I'm almost entirely positive she's speed blessed, and I did give her an Energy Drop. From where I'm standing though, that looks like a good 16/1 Paladin to me haha. I don't know her growths, but they seemed like they must be relatively high.
  6. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Interdimensional Observer I do appreciate the concern, but I don't think anyone went too crazy here. As long as people are using spoiler tags, I don't really mind if people want to go into more detail, so long as there's a way for myself and others to avoid it if they choose I.E clearly marked spoiler tags. No spoilers (Characters we haven't seen/Plot Points/etc.) outside of tags though, please. @Byakuren Hijiri On Fiona, you may want to just see for yourself in the next few parts if you're watching these, but well... She's doing alright, I think. Maybe I got a little lucky, I honestly don't know. But I beat 1-F earlier tonight, and I haven't had to drop a turn for her yet, honestly. I've hit every BEXP Turn Count (I usually check after I beat a map, just out of curiosity really) since I got her. How fast are people playing that there's no time for her haha. Now granted, before I started this some people had asked me to go for the apparently super secret conversation this game has, so I needed to get a save file to do that. As a consequence, Jill is a little better than she'd normally be (I was told she got Str/Spd/Def). But I just can't for the life of me see where this girl should be regularly compared to Sophia/Wendy etc. Shoot, I've used Sophia, and I'd train Fiona 100 times before ever doing that again. Hell, I'd train Fiona again before training Est herself, from where things stand right now. Of course, my opinion might change on the very next chapter for all I know :p If nothing else, at least she can use Paragon now I think, so hopefully she's safe. That 1-9 tip would have been good, but the RNG actually hates my Micaiah that much. Still, appreciated nonetheless. I love Nailah. That's all, really. It sucks that Jill and Fiona are randomly unavailable on this map for unexplained reasons, but taking the narrative out of the equation I actually really like this choice. The game constantly mixing up who is and isn't available has actually been really enjoyable for me, including the decision to force certain units on certain maps. It reminds me of Final Fantasy 4, another game that changes your party around a lot. This one takes that idea to the extreme, but I really think that overall this is a well designed map. It feels...tight? For lack of a better word. Most of the maps so far have felt that way to be honest, everything goes at a reasonable pace, I rarely if ever find myself with nothing to do but move on any turn, etc. Something is always happening. I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but since it was brought up in a comment on Youtube that some people hate this map, I'd just say to those people that shoving is your friend! Swamp tiles cost 3(?) move, but if you shove then in a sense they only cost 1. I love how this game so far has really rewarded understanding the mechanics unique to the Tellius series. Thankfully for me, many of them are shared between RD/PoR. With that knowledge in mind, I can hardly call this one a bad map. I wouldn't even know it was disliked if I wasn't told. Unlike the NEXT map, which has been the only weak link for me so far, but I digress, that's for the next video. why did Micaiah never hit speed :(
  7. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    I'm starting to see that haha. Poor girl can't even come to 1-8 because...reasons :l @Byakuren HijiriThe support system is great for gameplay, but the way it turned out it's terrible for story. It's perfectly fair to say IS dropped the ball, they're the only ones in control of what they put in their game after all! With PoR/RD thankfully there are still base conversations, and side characters get decent screentime here anyways. For the characters that aren't so lucky though, there's bound to be missed potential for sure. It's not a dealbreaker for me, but it is disappointing, especially when it comes to characters who weren't in PoR. As much as I might joke, I definitely understand that Eddie shouldn't have this much DEF haha. I'm still willing to bet that he's good, just normally I feel that Nolan would probably give him a little more competition. Mine has not been kind to me sadly, 11 SPD at Level 14 is pretty bleh. Earth affinity is great, but I'm probably going to have to drop him. Luckily Fiona is also Earth affinity am I right? Your tips made me realize that I completely missed 2 Master Seals so far, one of which was really easy to get too (in 1-7).That's going to make things pretty interesting for sure, but I'm glad that they're actually AVAILABLE in this game to begin with. Seriously, there's been more potential Master Seals in this game so far than there were in ALL of PoR, which is wild to me. Anyways, glad you're enjoying this, and thanks for the hints/clarifications! @Interdimensional Observer Oh wow, they really hit Wrath/Resolve with the nerfbat HARD. I'm glad they restored them to usable levels, needing to be under 30% AND getting a lucky skill proc would make both of them worthless IMO, outside of hyper LTC playing. I just finished 1-8 and Micaiah continues to disappoint me. Shame too, because I kinda like her when I'm not thinking about her horrible horrible stats. I'm gonna have to look up her growths when I beat this because right now I SWEAR she has 0% SPD. That is a really good strategy for using Wrath though, if I weren't so sure that Edward was sticking around on my team I'd definitely do that. Sounds fun, because at least Micaiah has magic, if nothing else. I really wish they would have at least kept the 'special conversations' in the final version of the game. It still wouldn't be as good, unless they really went all in for those of course, but it would have been a much better compromise than what we got honestly. It'd almost be better for there to be no conversations at all at this point, really. 'Nother one. I talk about this more in the next video, but I really enjoy the gameplay here so much so far. I can honestly say that these are some of the best "early maps" I've played in a Fire Emblem title. Aside from 1-P, which wasn't really bad per se so much as simple, the maps have all been lots of fun with enough to differentiate them from one another to constantly keep things feeling fresh. I think a lot of that has to do with the constant shifting availability and forced units (especially for 1-8), but it's really more relevant for the next one. Also Izuka is starting to drive me crazy, I'm honestly hoping he betrays us just so I can take him out myself.
  8. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    We might have Raised the Standard in this part, but we certainly lowered the bar for who we let into the army. Man oh man, does Fiona have some awful bases. Let's use her.
  9. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Jill! Enough said, I think. I didn't remember who Izuka was when I recorded this part, but I do now. This is a very interesting turn of events in my opinion, seeing as to how we're basically teaming up with a complete psycho, whether we know it or not. I'm curious to see where that goes, but I'm calling it now, it's going to be bad news sooner or later.
  10. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Good info, thanks for the tip. I'm interested to how I feel about that map in RD, whenever I get to that point. As a heads up, this ended up a lot longer than I intended it to be. Partly from me being cautious, and partly from just not watching the recording time. I'm having a lot of fun with the gameplay so far, everything feel pretty good up to this point, and Edward has been a complete monster which I like. The only thing I'd have to complain about is the supports. Oh God, the supports. What did they do to them? That's more a story complaint than anything though, speaking of which... Some people in the comments on the past few videos had been voicing their opinions on Laura/Aran's intro to the Dawn Brigade, and I do agree that it could have been a little more fleshed out. The weirdest part for me is how Laura just kind of...appears on 1-2 after talking to Micaiah, without any real indication that she'd be coming along. I'm curious how people on the SF side of things feel. For the most part, aside from maybe adding a scene or two here and there to add a little more detail on certain things, I can't say it's been bad. Everything has had a logical flow to it, and I can see how we went from point A to point B so to speak. Initially, I can't help but feel that people maybe look at the writing here a little more critically because it's the sequel to PoR, which overall had great writing. When I stack it up next to other titles that aren't FE9 though, I feel like it's easily on par if not better so far. We'll see if that holds up! But forreal though, Edward is a beast.
  11. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Lunatic or Reverse? Lunatic seems alright but Reverse legit seems hellish. Still enjoying this game so far. I feel like it does a pretty good job of setting the stage so far, giving us an idea of what it's like in Daein after the war. It's pretty cool to look closer at the losing side for once. I do think Laura is kinda weird, mostly with how it seems like she's not joining you and then when the map starts she's suddenly there. It almost feels like there should have been one more scene in between meeting her and actually starting the map. It's nothing too bad though imo. I also really like the idea of a ledge mechanic. I'm not 100% on how it works, but more ways to traverse the map are good in my book, and I assume that mounts can't use them when I evetnually get some, which is a good balancing mechanic. What's up with the affinity symbol in the corner of the map by the way? I assume that units with the same affinity get some kind of bonus, but I can't seem to figure out exactly what it does.
  12. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    I've always tended to enjoy a good challenge, really. FE12 is the only FE I never beat on the max difficulty (though I've been meaning too) so I'm kind of hoping that fundamentals will carry me haha. I just can't get into a game the same way if I'm steamrolling vs. having to put some effort in. I know it's a personal thing, but that's how I've always felt about it. Some of the changes are silly though, can't deny that. EDIT: @Interdimensional Observer I don't mind things like that, it's mostly story that I'm worried about. I had something pretty major spoiled when I was playing PoR so I'm just trying to keep as much new for me as possible. If there's say, a Stefan situation later on I don't mind a heads up. And yes, I can see where counting tiles for enemies could get tedius. Thank God for editing!
  13. What's up everyone, we're back again with another LP. Having finished Path of Radiance pretty recently, what better game to play than the sequel, Radiant Dawn? Normally, I'd talk a little bit about the game first, but honestly, I know very little about this one. I remember getting caught up in the hype for it way back when, but never got my hands on it when it finally came out. By the time I finally got a Wii, well, we all know what happened to the price of this title. That said I did get the opportunity to play through Part 1 a long time ago. My memories of most of it are hazy at best, so this is essentially going to be blind for me. So why not play Hard Mode? From what I understand this is actually a mistranslation for Maniac Mode, so things should be getting interesting real quick. As a quick rundown of the changes (as I know them), Hard Mode has: -No Enemy Range feature -No Weapon Triangle -Less EXP in combat -Less BEXP -And of course harder enemies With all that out of the way, the only thing I'd ask of anyone who wants to watch this is that you post no spoilers. This is the last Fire Emblem game I've yet to play and with the rarity of the game I wouldn't be surprised if others didn't know a lot about the game either. Please be considerate of myself and others.
  14. FE15 Echoes LTC

    HiKnights and Mogalls can't be expelled, and Expel itself has a flat hitrate like all other magic. 65% I believe. Enemies don't spawn at the end of an Act when the final chapter is cleared, or at the beginning of an Act before starting the first chapter/storyline sequence. Random encounters also get cleared (I think) when you start a new Act. Those would probably your best opportunities to backtrack for sidequests without risking more battles. You might even be able to use that to do something with the Wells at the Priory, since I think the Graveyard encounter despawns as well. You'd have to wait until Act 4 though, and it seems like you already found use for those as is. Also, this is a bit anecdotal, but on my first playthrough (no grind, trying to be relatively efficient) I did train Est and honestly, I just wish I would have had two great Falcoknights instead of a good Palla, and an average Catria/Est. Est isn't worthless by any means, she definitely has use no matter what you do with her, it's just with the pace you're keeping so far I'd be a little skeptical as to whether or not there's time to fully realize her. There are a few EXP wells, sure, but Catria may want those herself to ensure that she can double lategame Dreadfighters and Mogalls. Not to mention, if you're going for Rescue!Atlas, he'd probably have those all locked up as is.
  15. Yeah, I was mostly poking fun at the disconnect between what is shown on screen and the reaction of the characters. I think that a black screen could have been more effective, now that you mention it. Or perhaps a camera pan/fade to black before the whole room is shown, just to establish what is there without having to be held back by the fact that at the end of the day, Fire Emblem will always be a T rated game. Anyways folks, we're done here! It's been a ride, but the game is finally complete. It's been a real mixed bag with the gameplay, and I feel like some characters were just doomed from the start with all the really questionable things that Maniac does. This playthrough was fun, but frustrating at times for sure. It goes without saying that the storyline and characters great, the best in the series IMO, but man does Maniac Mode have it's gameplay issues. Honestly, to anyone who's thinking about whether or not to start up a Maniac Mode run, I'd say don't bother. It just feels so...tedious, not helped by PoR already being kinda slow as it is. If you're looking for specifics, watch the second video, but as a quick summary I'd say this: FE9 is overall a great game; terribly designed on Maniac. Thank you to anyone who stuck it out to the end of this adventure, and to anyone who watched at any point in between. There's still a few more things I'd like to show off in this game, but this will probably be the final update I post in this thread, since it could take a while to get everything recorded.