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  1. The way I see it with Jeigans there's really only ever two possibilities. 1) Balance the earlygame around the fact that the player might not want to use their Jeigan, which ultimately makes for a really easy earlygame if you decide to use the Jeigan or 2) Balance the earlygame around the fact that you have a Jeigan which can allow for a decent challenge. MM went with #2 and I honestly prefer it that way. If you're going to give me a superpowered unit at least give me something to do with them. FE6 had the right idea too as far as I'm concerned, but I know that a lot of people think it's too much. So my editing software is pretty terrible, and for some reason I couldn't render the first 7 seconds of this video, or any of the introductions for the new characters on this map (which is a shame since Oscar/Kieran is pretty funny). Also lost about 10-15 minutes of gameplay where I explained the map. Not too big of a deal if you've played the game, but if not then I imagine this map could be a little bit confusing. Essentially, ending the phase in range of any enemy unit will trigger reinforcements, and also make the enemies aggressive towards you. That's right, it's a stealth mission! Completing the map without being detected earns you a nice chunk of BEXP (worth more than fighting easily) and also the title of Big Boss. You can (and should) engage the boss at the top left because he and his unit do not trigger the reinforcements. Finally, the biggest change is that in order to actually recruit Neph/Brom/Kieran, all three must escape the map. Anyone left behind will NOT be recruited on Maniac Mode. This fact alone makes recruiting everyone while simultaneously completing the Stealth objective pretty tricky.
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  3. Marcia hype! Time to put some of that BEXP to use I think. Also Mist I guess. I mentioned this in the video too, but feel free to suggest forge names. I'll be making a lot of them I imagine, so I'll be needing a few. Keep in mind that the JP version only accepts 7 characters sadly.
  4. I came in here to say this, basically. Fortunately, very few games actually force grinding these days; there's almost always a better way to do things especially when it comes to bosses and not just random goons. When games actively include level as a part of your overall power (looking at you SMT) it can get a little irritating though. It's not the 80's anymore, you can make a game longer without resorting to padding in the form of forced grinding.
  5. You know, I thought for SURE Nephenee would be requested as one of the first units, but here we are haha. It is bizarre for sure that they don't get the bonus, but at least Nephenee gets Wrath, so there's that I guess? What really weirds me out is that there are NO crit bonuses at all in JP. As for Zihark>Mia(?). . .hey man maybe the ladies love Zihark? Honestly I have no idea, maybe your girl could weigh in on that :p I'm glad you're both enjoying this, and it's pretty awesome that you watch it together. Don't worry about the likes bro, Youtube cares about those a lot more than I do. Anyways hope everyone had a good Easter (if you don't celebrate Easter than I hope you had a good Sunday) and the next part should go up tomorrow whenever my subpar internet decides it wants to finish uploading.
  6. The internet works in mysterious ways. I'll be honest, I wasn't thinking about the weapon weight when I had her stand there. FWIW, the Javelins clock in at ~33 Hit, putting the rest of the Armors at ~43 Hit with a Steel Lance. Technically it was in my favor, but this is Fire Emblem haha.
  7. I think Shinion's still pretty alright considering he's probably one of my best tanks right now. If anything, at this point I'm glad he doesn't have that +15% Crit because it just messes with my strategies. It's definitely not doing him any favors later on though, that's for sure. Holy crap on that 50k Light tome though. I knew there was a reason I didn't like Rhys as a unit, and now I know why. Anyways, here's part 4. Chapter 6 is kinda annoying like always, and if I were to do it again I'd probably just send Titania to the south with a Hand Axe/Javelin and watch the world burn. Doing it the intended way is pretty boring because you have nothing but empty movement for the first ~7 turns or so, and it's not really any easier to be honest. I like Chapter 7 though! Getting the chests is a little bit silly since you need Titania to either A) One shot the Thieves or B) survive several rounds knee deep in enemies to be able to 2RKO them which means that no matter what you need a little luck to pull it off. Pretty fun map though, that one small nitpick aside.
  8. I had to go back and replay Chapter 5 (I needed the Hammer that I left on Gatrie :/) and I can confirm that scene with the soldier is hilarious. Sadly I wasn't recording so I can't show it off. I also forgot to mention, but the scene with Petrine and Davoka (or w/e the boss of C5s name is) changes slightly if he's dead. It's really the little things, ya know? The writing in this game is definitely a strong point. The Greil Mercenaries in particular manage to all get some pretty strong characterization compared to the typical FE. Other characters, not so much sadly. Still, it's a cut above what you'd normally expect in FE that came before, and probably every FE that came after as well. You're telling me :l on the bright side before all this is over I should be able to make Bastian shank someone, which is funny if nothing else. Actually, it kind of does. Does that make me a bad person? Sorry about your Jills bro, she's good I swear Anyways, since these videos take the better part of a day to render/upload I'm probably gonna shoot for every other day on these from now on. It doesn't help that I probably went a liiiittle overboard on this one, because I wanted to do a map that mattered. Long story short, I did both Chapter 6 and 7 because 6 is probably my least favorite map in the game that I can distinctly remember and I didn't feel like I had really progressed after beating 6. It's just kind of 'bleh' to play. So Part 4 is uploading now, but probably won't finish until tomorrow because my internet is phenomenal. In the meantime, here's...whatever this is Shoutouts to everyone who's ever been on the edge of their seat for the better part of EP, only for the game to crush your soul and all your dreams along with it.
  9. Nope. Completely free, and it has streaming support too if that's your thing.
  10. Assuming you're looking for free software, OBS should be alright. It's not too demanding so it should work okay on your PC and you can pretty easily lower the settings if need be. As long as you don't try and record anything that strains your system then it will get the job done.
  11. I disagree, in practice on Player Phase it would be a reasonable boost and nothing more unless you're going out of your way to take advantage of the boost and baby a low-hit unit or something. On the Enemy Phase, it's only an issue if you're leading with a unit that can't ORKO the units that would be attacking them on that turn. If you do ORKO, then the enemies die before the boosts have a chance to add up so it becomes less relevant, unless I'm not understanding how you want to introduce this. If I were to introduce this feature, I'd probably un-nerf dodgetanking formulas so you'd be encouraged to use dodgy guys to draw smaller/weaker groups of enemies when there's favorable terrain and tanky guys who don't mind taking a hit when there's large numbers on enemies/no terrain. With the avoid penalties it could probably even work in both a GBA style FE and a Fates style FE despite being so different. GBA style would encourage you to make sure that you can ORKO enemies before rushing into a huge group or risk getting KO'd as enemy hit rises, and Fates style has lower enemy density so the enemy placements could be even more deliberate to account for flanking (I.E several weaker guys that could surround you followed by a much stronger guy with a powerful but inaccurate weapon). For bosses, I think it's great ESPECIALLY if they're more GBA syled (I.E almost always planted on a throne). With a generous but fair avoid penalty, you could mitigate some of the luck without completely nerfing the boss into oblivion as would be possible with actual stat penalties. EDIT: I just realized that you also had 2 Range units give this "flanking bonus" as well. In my mind that wasn't there, so just cap it at a maximum of 4 units in my example (for a total of -30 Avo)
  12. It's a pretty interesting idea and could work if done correctly. If I were calling the shots, I'd probably just make it a scaling avoid penalty (-10/20/30 if surrounded) and leave it at that. Flanking itself isn't really a bad idea really, but it needs to be simple to understand like most FE mechanics if ever introduced.
  13. Part 3 is now up and Chapter 5 goes down with it. I'm actually really surprised that I didn't get trolled hard when asking for unit suggestions. I guess most peoples' favorites happen to be pretty decent units in this game? The only two units I picked for myself were
  14. The 3D models aren't even that bad to be honest. They are a bit worse on an actual GC from what I remember but it's a pretty good first try when you think about it. The map animations are definitely great too, and speaking of which. . . Would anyone care if I turned off animations for enemy phase? I'm uploading part 3 right now and C5 enemy phases took a loooooong time and I imagine it will only get worse from here. I'll keep them on for player phase because I do like them and they're fun to look at, but good lord, there's a lot of enemy units in this game. Definitely an EP centric game. I actually had no idea that Marcia was an area trigger. I don't think I've ever not moved forward immediately, at least with Gatrie haha. Chapter 4 was definitely tricky, but actually I quite liked that one. I like that it actually accounts for the fact that you have three really powerful units in your group, and makes you use them if you want to win. A lot of FE titles tend to give you a few powerhouses early on, but the enemy make-up is such that you can just stomp the maps with your weak units anyways, so there's almost no point. I also really like that the Daein soldiers are a higher level because it really makes them feel more powerful than the pirates and bandits you'd been fighting up until then. I also asked the reddit guys for some suggestions on units to use. Right now the roster is looking like