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  1. Chapter 10 goes down, and we get two new characters for our troubles. Whenever she decides to move, Lute will be fantastic, but that's a small price to pay for a unit this good. Definitely shaping up to be Mage Emblem, and I'm completely okay with that.
  2. Glad this caught your eye and hope you enjoy man, it's definitely been a ride so far for me! Got another update. Again, Part 2-4 can be found in this playlist here to avoid spamming a bunch of videos in the first few posts haha. In this part we do the first battle of Ephrahim's route, and like you might expect it's drastically more difficult. Getting to Gheb was no joke, but in the end we manage to pull it off and even snag a few new recruits on the way. Got a little lucky near the beginning after a horrible mistake, but hey, we take those. All I know is that if Fort Rigwald was this hard, then the Phantom Ship has me super shook right about now.
  3. After doing a randomizer run of both FE6 and FE7 more recently, I figure I may as well do the only remaining game in the GBA trilogy as well. Sacred Stones may not be the strongest entry in the series, but it's still a game I have a lot of love for, and I've had a ton of fun with this so far (currently on Part 4, playlist here). SO, what makes it Lunatic mode? -Enemy growths increased by 20% -Bosses buffed twice (using the randomizer's 'Buff Bosses' option) -All classes/characters randomized (including monsters/special classes) -For Chapter 8 and beyond, enemies have been given better class bases to (hopefully) keep them competitive all game -A Skills system (by circleseverywhere) -Ephrahim's Route I also made some other little changes here and there, like palette edits and music edits, just to keep it a little more fresh. It's definitely been a very different experience so far, I can say that much haha. Part 1 includes the prologue up through Chapter 4, in which we meet our first units. This feels like some bizarro FE8 where Renais takes a back seat to Frelia, since 95% of my playable characters so far all come from there. Moulder as a Tarvos and my Eirika replacement is pretty hype, and he's as much of a beast as you'd expect. Some people had suggested that I give monster classes the promotion bonuses of their human counterparts, and I just might have to since I'd hate to see this guy fall off. Overall, I'm blessed with a pretty good starting squad, so we'll see where they go from here!
  4. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Well, this playthrough was one hell of a ride. @Interdimensional Observer Those Bastian supports are all gold. You're not kidding though, keeping that up for an entire ~50 hour adventure would be maddening. The Oliver conversations are of course phenomenal as well. I find Astrid to be a surprisingly interesting character (not so much as a unit, but I digress) so thank you for posting her PoR supports. It seems like she really does most of the things she does because she absolutely hates the life she was born into. I'm sure being a noble has its perks and all, but her whole life was essentially planned out for her, leaving little/nothing to her own decisions. It makes sense why she would latch on to the first few choices she was able to make as her own person, which would explain why she's committed to being a knight. That, and Makalov in general. I might give her crap, but I think she's handled pretty realistically, actually. That's a neat little detail with those battle themes. I love when games do that, and I feel that it helps the soundtracks feel more whole in a way. Caineghis obviously has a similar thing going, and so does Naesala though his is a more drastic remix. I'll be honest, I have a totally different interpretation with the Kilvas Blood Pact. I guess you could chalk it up to the Blood Pact being very unclear (again!), but that explanation makes me question a few things. For example, if Kilvas had a Blood Pact all this time, then wouldn't that mean that the person who laid the curse is still alive somewhere? If that's the case, then why would Lekain have it? And if the pact-maker is dead, wouldn't it effectively be a scrap of paper with no way to invoke the curse? If not, then does that mean that by stating that Kilvas must obey Begnion, anyone can invoke the curse? If Naesala was really cursed all throughout PoR, wouldn't Begnion invoke the Blood Pact when they realized Kilvas was pillaging their ships for God knows how long? I get that the story Lekain told to Pelleas was meant to be about Kilvas, but the way I understood it in relation to Naesala was as two separate events. It seems kinda messy to say that Kilvas was cursed all this time. Interesting that Lekain would be empty on the inside. I guess his actions ate away at him more than he let on, which is a pretty cool angle to take. None of that redeems him, of course, but it's still kinda neat to see that the lifestyle he lived had some effect on his conscience, however small it may have been. Hetzel is a bit more disappointing. While he was definitely in the wrong, and cowardly to boot, the option to spare him would have been cool in my book. Maybe make it like the Shura choice in Fates or something. Unlike the other senators, I'm not convinced that Hetzel was beyond any redemption, though it would have been a long road for sure. That change with the Lehran flashback is huge. Most of the tweaks (like the Sephiran/Ike convo before 4-F-4) all had one theme: keeping the mastermind's true identity and motives more mysterious. The flashback scene is a glaring omission however. Maybe they wanted to make Sephiran seem more sympathetic? After all, that mob was going to try and kill him, and yet we clearly see that they failed. Either they gave up and went home, or Sephiran slaughtered them. @BrightBow I was under the impression that Ike was referring more to Asunera rather than Ashera or Yune separately in that final scene, but I have to admit that all things considered it sounds better in the original script. I'll be honest though, what we got doesn't really bother me either way. That's too bad about Ashera's conversations, though I feel like should could have used even more than that. It'd mostly be fluff, sure, but since they didn't give everyone a line or two before the battle (like Light or Together to the End), some boss conversations would have been appreciated. It's an even bigger shame when you consider that 95% of the playable cast can talk to Ashnard, despite literally not being able to damage him. I still stand by my statement that all the Second Playthrough stuff should just be available from the start. Lehran as a playable character I could go either way on keeping him a second round exclusive, but all those story bits should be in there for sure. Their cryptic nature already ensures that you're likely to miss it on a first playthrough anyways unless you use a guide, so it's not like they're hurting replayability. And for God's sake, I get that they worked hard on these animations, but just let people turn them off from the start. @IcelerateI talk about that a bit in the last video, but as a whole I have to give to PoR for story, but not by as much as you might think. I'm the kind of person who enjoys seeing how the characters in a story play off each other, react to the world around them, react to the plot etc. and PoR has that in spades. Side characters felt more lively, and frequently made themselves relevant one way or another. While I find the casts of both games to be charming, PoR fleshed out the characters just that extra bit more to make them truly feel alive at times. That's not to say that RD doesn't do any of these things, or that PoR wins every category though. There's little doubt in my mind that the story of RD is far more grand. The stakes are high, there's tons of memorable story moments in this game, and even though I'd give the edge to PoR overall, I believe that if you take characters out of the equation, the plot of RD is more engaging, and the ending for RD was far more satisfying. This is just opinion of course, but if you were to put me on the spot for a top 5 stories in FE, it'd probably be 9>10>TRS(it counts I swear)>15>4/5. You can probably tell, but I really do value the characters in these games quite a bit. 4 vs 5 is an interesting one for me, since I look at it in a similar way to 9 vs 10, but that's a whole different discussion Part 38 (4-F-4 and 4-F-E) Part 39 (Epilogue) I've had some time to sit on it a little since recording the last parts, and I still think this is a fantastic game. Absolutely worth playing, though if you were going to play this yourself I'd have to recommend grabbing a save file with the second playthrough content unlocked. My thoughts haven't really changed that much, so I'll let the videos do the talking. And if anyone wants to see how right (or dead wrong) I was about some of the units I used, here's this little bonus that one of my subscribers had suggested
  5. Sacred Stones Palette Editing

    The way that it works in FE8 is more complex for whatever reason. I assume it's because of branching promotions but idk. Anyways, assuming you've already inserted your palette, you need to open your ROM in Nightmare, along with the two Palette Association Editors. The first one contains what classes that a character can potentially be, and the second one contains all the different palettes that correspond to each class. With Eirika for example, in the first editor you should see Eirika Lord as her base class, and Eirika Master Lord as her first promotion. If you wanted to change her palette for her base class, you'd open up the second editor, select Eirika, and pick your new palette in the dropdown menu for "Base Palette" Essentially, just make sure that the Class/Palette slots line up between both editors, and it should work out for you.
  6. There's a small bug with the skills system that causes stat penalties for playable units whenever you have more than 16 units in a group. Split the unit list into groups of no more than 16 and the problem will go away.
  7. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Okay, so I'm significantly ahead in the game compared to the last update I posted in this. As in, I beat the game haha. Life's been a lot busier than I expected lately, it was all I could do to get the videos out. Instead of dropping 4 videos in this one post, I'm just going to link the playlist here with Part 34-37. Part 38 (4-E-4 and 4-E-F) will be up lateish tomorrow night, with the epilogue the next day. I'll also go back so I can see all these alternate conversations for myself, since I hear there are some good ones in the Tower especially. Part 34 (4-5) (Spoilers to avoid wall of text) Part 35 (Prep and 4-F-1) Part 36 (4-1-F/4-2-F) Part 37 (4-F-3) @Interdimensional Observer Geez, you weren't kidding! I looked up another video of 4-4, and oh my god, if I had been even one turn slower I'd have gotten swamped with enemies for sure! In fairness, the BEXP Turn Limit is 10, and the reinforcements don't get out of hand until after that. I'm all for anti-turtling incentives, but I think 12 Enemies per turn for 5 rounds is waaaaay too much haha. I definitely agree about Tormod. It's a huge shame that the LEA doesn't show up in Act 3, especially because that seems to me like a really logical place to reintroduce them. As it stands, it almost feels like the Devs just forgot they were in the game to be perfectly honest. What were they doing in Tanas Manor anyways? Speaking of Tanas, those Oliver supports are gold. I kinda wish they would have ran with it though, and make the support partners hate Oliver from C rank through A rank, but that's a small price to pay for such an oddball character to make his return I suppose. I definitely need to do a second tower run to see his boss conversations, since I'm sure they're all great. Rafiel and Nailah are married, huh? In a weird sort of way, I can kind of see it to be honest. Strange that they wouldn't mention something like that though, I love little details like that. @BrightBow There sure are a ton of differences surrounding this Blood Pact between the two versions, huh? I feel that maybe during the localization process, they realized that as a plot point it needed some work. Sadly, I think that both the JP team and the NA team missed the mark a bit, but if you take what's there between both versions you get something closer to a decent plot device, albeit not quite. I think the implication was supposed to be that in the NA version, the pact was still active, which I honestly believe is the better way to go about things. This way, there's still some tension due to the fact that even saving the world from Ashera won't be enough if we can't beat Lekain as well.
  8. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Pretty tired atm so I'll come back and edit some proper responses later, but for now: I was not prepared for this.
  9. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Interdimensional Observer Thanks again for going through the extended script, it was an interesting read! I really like the extended scripts' version of Lekain's little speech before sending out the Disciples of Order. It's a small change, sure, but it makes him feel so much more like this 'cult of personality' type figure that he's supposed to be. It's still implied in the NA script that he's sort of like that, all the senators in fact, but it's nice to see him go about his business a bit more in the JP version. I also thought that change to Sigrun's reaction to the DoO was an interesting one. She seems a lot more hardcore in the NA version. While the PoR crew maybe don't need as much characterization, the new ones and the newly playable ones seem like they would have benefited a decent bit from the portions you've posted so far. I can't help but wonder if other characters are any different in the JP version? Of course, like I almost always expect at this point, there's a lot of characters who get shafted a line or two in the NA script, and I still just wish they would have left it in. Does it matter that Elincia has a little bit to say before moving out? No, not really, but it's still nice to see how everyone is responding to this wildly outrageous situation, and the game could have only been stronger for including stuff like that. I will say that the absence isn't really noticeable until you're looking at the scripts side by side, except in rarer cases like Skrimir appearing in a scene that he never speaks in. @BrightBowI didn't process that, but you're right. You'd think Tanith would have something to say to Catalina, given that Tanith almost certainly would have trained her. I think it's very possible that there were originally going to be more locked characters, especially since someone like Tanith actually does have some boss conversations on Micaiah's side, and most of the Dawn Brigade as well. At least for 4-3, as someone was kind enough to mention on the video. I'll definitely have to take Mercy off Elincia the next time I go to Tibarn's group. I'm glad that didn't come back to bite me lol @KruggovThank you, I'll definitely have to give the Triangle Attack a try soon. With the convoy, I don't know for certain but I'm 99% sure the game would make you discard something if Ike went over capacity, had a full inventory, and had a full convoy. Kinda like how the game will make you discard stuff if you go over the item limit before you meet Aimee/Daniel/Jorge/Muston. 4-1 4-2 4-3 I'm gonna totally honest: a large part of why I haven't updated in a few days was because I was kind of waiting for something MAJOR to happen with the story. It never really did. There's plenty of side characters that get some spotlight, and some interesting things do get revealed, but only after 3 maps do I feel like there's anything really worth saying. As for the maps 4-1 can go straight to hell. It's one thing to have a rout map, sure, but to then have totally nonsensical reinforcements, and top it off with fog of war is just...not fun haha. Needless to say, I didn't care for it. On a repeated playthrough maybe it isn't as bad, but I feel like a map should at least be good the first time, especially with FoW maps. The way it is now is just trial and error on whether or not you can find all the enemies before even more show up from any location they so choose. 4-2 is better, luckily. I had a good time taking out Valtome, and Fiona was FINALLY able to promote. At long last she's as good as I want her to be. Tibarn is a lot of fun to use, and the reinforcements here tended to be a bit more logical. Maybe it's because you can see the enemies initially and therefore plan around that, but I just feel like this map had a much better flow to it. 4-3 is just a desert map. Really, that's all I have to say about it. I do like that the game sort of nudges you towards using fliers on Micaiah's side, which is good when it comes time to do this map. With fliers, or mages I guess, this is pretty simple honestly. I did enjoy the feeling of ducking in and out of enemy ranges with an army of fliers abusing Canto to the fullest, so that was pretty fun if nothing else. Also Naesala is super broken with Resolve. Again, the story bits were interesting, but they are spread a little thin throughout these three maps. Kurth's characterization was nice, and I appreciate how they handled Ashnard/Ameldha's relationship. I think the most interesting bits were in 4-3, where we got to learn more about Yune's origins, as well as give Sanaki a chance to overcome some of her self doubt. The Black Knight making another sudden appearance raises some questions as well. I appreciate the knowledge on these characters...but again I can't help but wish for a bit more action on the main plotline.
  10. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Interdimensional Observer The lack of unique Boss Conversations was definitely one of the more disappointing aspects of Fates. At least Saizo got one! As an NPC haha. Almeldha's breakdown is really kinda chilling in a way. I almost wish that I'd be getting those scenes, to be honest, since Pelleas really hasn't done or said much in a while honestly. It makes me wonder what her relationship with Dhegensia must be like, considering she doesn't seem like she feels that she has a lot to live for anymore. I guess with your husband being insane, one of your brothers being killed by said husband, and your child's death as the icing on the cake it would be very hard to keep it together. I'm really surprised that people think the Blood Pact cheapens Ashnard. It seems perfectly in character to me to do something so completely insane, like @Icelerate said. If anything, it adds to his character since at best in PoR we could assume that he got to his position by coincidence, besides killing his father himself of course. It was heavily implied to be some sort of disease that did the Daein royalty in, right? Seems awfully hands off for the 'Mad King' in my opinion. If they would be a little clearer with this Blood Pact deal, it might even greatly strengthen his character and the impact of the Blood Pact as an idea as well. If say, the Wise Man that Ashnard got to create the Blood Pact with his father had cursed Ashnard as well, he'd certainly seem batty as hell, and the Blood Pact would accomplish something pretty unique that would hard to replicate by other story devices. Shoot, it seems perfectly possible to me that Ashnard would take such a crazy gamble, all to gain the power he desired. In fact, with how I understand the Blood Pact, he certainly did curse himself, unless you can somehow pick and choose who gets affected when you curse an entire country. Of course, that goes back to the Blood Pact needing some more clarity, but if I'm even close to correct, then this is actually a pretty big plus for Ashnard, as far as I'm concerned. @BrightBow You know, I hadn't even considered that they would assume Yune had revived us to do her work. That makes perfect sense, actually, and hey, they're even half right since we are working with her technically. Is the triangle attack any 3 Seraphs or does it have to be Elincia/Marcia/Tanith like in PoR? So, Part 4 begins. I've heard that this is the weakest part from here until endgame, so I'm curious to see how I'll feel about this one. The prologue map wasn't too bad, and if I'm being perfectly honest I kind of like it. I found it to be short and painless, with lots of new toys to play with. Skirimir, and more importantly NAESALA are awesome and tons of fun to use. These Disciples of Order stood no chance, and I even trained up Tanith too. I ended up replaying this one (sent Eddy to the wrong squad RIP me), and I still feel the same. While the main story is pretty cut and dry (head to the tower!), I like that they're taking the time to set up some side-character arcs here. I think it's a pretty good guess that Naesala is being manipulated by someone, and the big shocker is that Sanaki might actually be a fake. That second one is extra surprising to me, since it was the Begnion Paragons of Stupidity AKA the Senate who came up with that one in the first place, and the obvious assumption is that it's all total BS. It'll be a nice little subversion if it actually turns out to be true. Last, but not least, I'm liking Yune. She's pretty funny, not gonna lie. She even buffed up Sothe! But she couldn't give him a properly sized shirt, as I guess that would be beyond even her power.
  11. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @IcelerateI actually think that Pelleas signing the Blood Pact is fine in the JP version anyways. They make it pretty clear with the dialogue that @BrightBow posted that it's more the act of making the blood pact that causes the curse, rather than the actual text of the document. That's all well and good, but it should have absolutely been in the NA version as well to make things less confusing. I agree 100% with your feelings on 3-13, and Heather being able to expose the trap tiles would have been really cool, and actually give her some purpose. I just noticed, but there haven't been any chests since 1-F lol. @Interdimensional ObserverI definitely think that the Blood Pact raises the stakes like almost nothing else could. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the pieces of a good idea are there, but spread so thinly and across multiple languages/hard to trigger dialogues, that I can't call it good. I talk a bit about this in the next part (not the one in this post, but the one that should be up tomorrow), but even the nationality/location problem can be reasonably deduced I feel. With the mark of the blood pact appearing on Micaiah (another scene that needed to be there I think), we know that the curse will appear on those who are affected. If you take that, and remember that Ilyana is decidedly of Daein nationality, it has to be based on region since she never gets the mark. Of course, it could be that it hasn't affected her yet, but with dialogue that was posted for me on the newest video, specifically the Jill/Pelleas dialogue, it seems to imply that Jill would be affected too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't she technically be from Begnion even if she considers herself to be from Daein? I think it must be a regional thing. If that is the case, things make a lot more sense. It's not as if everyone in Daein can up and immigrate to a new location all at once. Even if every single person had the means, it would be a logistical nightmare for whatever country wanted to accept them as refugees. Not to mention the fact that everyone there seems as if they are already cursed, as implied by the curse appearing on Micaiah despite not being part of the pact originally. It's just much easier to buy into if it works based off an area: it makes a lot more sense than a curse that can somehow sense a persons nationality and I feel like based on what is there that the game seems to somewhat imply that region is the deciding factor. Even if leaving Daein could somehow lift the curse, the kingdom is effectively destroyed. In the end, I think the idea itself could have worked despite still being kinda out there, but all the needed information is just too hard to find as it's explained in game. Having to search through hard to trigger dialogue that most players may never see, not to mention gather information from a version in an entirely different language just to understand the fundamentals of how this thing is supposed to function just makes this whole blood pact thing lose a lot of credibility. The pieces may be there, and I'm all for reading in between the lines to understand the story, but this is one thing that's just too important and needed to be made perfectly clear from the get go. The entire motivation for Micaiah/Pelleas in Part 3 literally hinges on this one point, and if it can't be adequately explained to someone who doesn't want to browse through the script from 2 different versions of the same game, then it has failed in my eyes whether there is reasonable explanation to all the elements that make up the blood pact or not. Hopefully Part 4 can shed some more light on all this, but for now I think it could have been handled much better, even just by correctly utilizing what's already there. On the plus side, this game definitely has a lot more good writing than bad, and I can't see my opinion of that changing any time soon. Those Ike boss conversations were hilarious lol. And I feel that a lot of the Player vs Player unit conversations, on 3-F especially, are really well done and add a lot of much needed characterization for certain people. They also help explain some things that might not otherwise be explicitly stated, like Calil v Tauroneo, for example. Soren v Micaiah Round 2 is pretty interesting too. Shoot, I think Ilyana is supposed to even have a conversation that doesn't even mention food, which is a true milestone for her character. It's a shame that half of these are next to impossible to get. Soren v Micaiah I could maybe see, if you gave Soren a siege weapon and can somehow trigger him to move, but some of the ones on 3-F are flat out impossible afaik. All the ones with Micaiah are next to impossible, and good luck ever seeing Tibarn v Nailah! @BrightBow I think that's why the Micaiah thing doesn't bother me on 3-12. The game actually treats the situation with a degree of seriousness. Shoot, I actually felt kind of dirty for employing these tactics, just because the game makes it very clear that it's a horrible, horrible thing that you'd be doing by committing to this. Yes, I'm glad no one mentioned the kill counter on 3-F. That was such a cool idea, and it really added to the tension of the whole fight. You never really knew when the next event might trigger, and even if it became really obvious where things were headed about 20 kills in, that only added to the sense of dread. Not to mention all the awesome conversations you can theoretically get on this map. Pretty good finale, if you ask me, albeit a pretty easy chapter if you're not rushing for that Soren/Pelleas conversation. In this part, we end the world. Oops.
  12. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Icelerate Well, since I can pretty much say who the character is now, I'll say that Pelleas does a little better than I gave him credit for at first. I still think that some of his actions are ignorant at best, but I guess that's maybe the point. Either way, he gets some points back for choosing to quite literally give up his life if need be, which is FINALLY a leader-like decision, so I have to respect him a little bit for that. And yeah, the enemy AI is quite good on 3-11. While messing around, I once had the Rescue guy rescue a weakened Bow Knight who then ran up on Sigrun to take a potshot. He missed, and I highly doubt it was one purpose, but still it was sketch. Though annoyingly, even if you direct Tibarn to stand on a pitfall he won't go there despite being immune to them. @BrightBow I actually like Micaiah's decision to ignite the apostles army a whole lot, really. It's good development for her IMO, going from someone who didn't even really want to fight Jarod in Part 1 to an almost ruthless in a way military leader who will do anything to get the win. It's drastic, sure, but it just goes to show how far she's willing to go. I just assumed that he unknowingly signed the pact in blood. Like, assuming he used a quill pen, the vial he used just happened to be blood and not ink, or something to that effect. The way it is in the extended script certainly makes me raise an eyebrow, but it's less ridiculous than assuming he never even read the agreement, so there's that at least. Tbh, I think a combination of both making it clear he read it, and being tricked into signing with blood would have been the least ridiculous outcome. It's not like he needed to do so willingly for the pact to work or anything. Was it Volug's supports are awesome, thank you so much for pointing that out because honestly I probably would have skipped them haha. @Interdimensional Observer Hmm I see, so it basically is just as any other government then. We just happen to be playing out a time where Begnion is ruled by a group of horrible individuals. It's nice to see that the era before the Beorc ruled is fleshed out a little bit, since I know that on at least one occasion it's mentioned that Beorc and Laguz were reversed in terms of influence. I have mixed feelings about 3-11 honestly. On one hand, it's a lot easier in RD thanks to having an abundance of godly units compared to MM in PoR. On the other, I almost want to say that the gimmick worked better in FE9 since you were never cutoff completely with your grounded units. Once you hit the 3 pitfalls in the center of the bridge, that's it for anyone who isn't flying. If that happens, you have to rescue or wait for the Shine Barriers, which is a bit frustrating. I happened to hit the pitfalls with all the right units (yay?) so I didn't need to do that, but it could be aggravating on your first time for sure. 3-12 The infamous Blood Pact, eh? Again, I think the video does a better job of explaining my initial feelings towards it than I could with words. I get into that about 13 minutes in or so, for anyone who is interested in that. I talk about it a little more at the end too, I believe. And the beginning of the next part too, haha. It's quite the confusing thing, that's for sure. The map itself is pretty vanilla honestly. I can't really call it bad though, because it's so short. It never really has any time to overstay it's welcome, at least not the way I did things. Just FYI, I ended up replaying this one with Resolve!Jill, which makes the strategy of "throw good unit in the middle of everything" a lot safer. As in, 'enemies have 20% hit if they're lucky' reliable. Still, there was time for other units to play a little catch-up, but I think if you really wanted to and your Jill was good enough, you could do it in about 2 Turns. Pretty good from a story standpoint, but pretty average from a gameplay one. Unlike This map, which is great from a gameplay standpoint. This game knocks it out of the park with its defend maps, and this one is no exception. It doesn't even really have the problem that many of them do, in that killing Ike is no joke if you're not preparing your entire playthrough for this one moment. Casually dealing with Wrath!Ike who has A-Soren (who himself has a forged Thunder FML) is really not something that I feel most teams will be well equipped for. Of course, you can cheese it (I think) by giving him a lame weapon in 3-11 and no support, but where's the fun in that? Sleep helps, but my Laura was pretty weak, so I essentially had to wait for him to move before I had a chance to get in range with her. Not to mention cutting through the onslaught of Laguz between you and him. Man, those Tigers hit hard! There's something amazing about an Edward that takes 6 damage from cats though. Gods aside, I feel like there's something for everyone to do here, with a few exceptions. Shoot, even Leo was nice for his ability to 1 Shot Hawks at base and do some decent chip with his personal. Mechanics like ledges were used well, the music is great, and the Greil Mercenaries showing up on the last few turns was a nice touch. Probably my favorite map so far, honestly. The story was engaging here too. The scene regarding Pelleas right at the start was very well handled in my opinion. Regardless of me still not being sold on the Blood Pact, there's no denying that the stakes are high and it creates for a very tense scene. I honestly like the outcome where you choose "Obey his command" more. It's a genuinely great section in the story.. The only downside is that for some reason this whole choice is locked behind a second playthrough, which is just silly. Kurth showing up at the end is of course just plain awesome. Kid knows how to make an entrance, I'll give him that. But now, there's representatives from every nation in Tellius wrapped up in this whole mess. That can't end well...
  13. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @BrightBow I was more asking because if it was absolutely needed, there would have still been time to go back and replay up to 3-11 without it being a huge pain. Don't get me wrong, I definitely appreciate the advice! I'm glad that someone enjoyed my experience on 3-11 >_> You're right though in that the pitfalls are pretty intuitive in hindsight. I didn't pick up on it during the map (too busy falling in holes, I guess), but every Light Rune forces you through a pitfall one way or another. I do think it's better designed, since it's not really random chance anymore, except for that one out in the middle of nowhere that you pointed out. If you pick up on that right away, you might be able to get away with some sneaky things using your fliers to block the pits. @Interdimensional Observer I'll keep all that in mind when I get to the right battle then. My Ike has Wrath right now. I don't know exactly why he shouldn't have skills, but hopefully I don't need it for anything else before I go back to the Greil Mercenaries. Lol @ Valtome and Zelgius. He really had it coming, I'm glad that he got what he deserved. @Icelerate I think I know the bit you're talking about (just beat 3-12 tonight), but I'll just say that I lost a lot respect I had for a certain character, and I think it'll be pretty hard for them to redeem themselves now. I won't really say more than that just yet, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Honestly this was one of the last maps I wanted to see in the game again haha. Thankfully there's plenty of awesome fliers available by this point, and Sigrun/Tanith join here as well. For good measure, they threw in NPC Tibarn as well, which I'm always down for. Sigrun reminds me a lot of Palla actually, in that she's pretty much set right off the bat, only with Sigrun probably wanting to promote immediately one way or another. Solid unit (if a bit unnecessary w/ Haar and Marcia), and I've always liked her design. For the rest...well the video probably explains it better than I could here tbh
  14. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    @Interdimensional Observer Interesting stuff yet again! With the Black Knight What an odd thing to change with Kyza. Given his support dialogue I think you could still probably gather that he's gay, but it must have been pretty over the top, given Heather. For the localization team to change the rest of his dialogue, I can only imagine what he must have been like originally. I don't even know what to think about Danved. I never would have expected that at all! It's quite shocking to me that they would include such a character in the early 2000s...but something tells me it probably wasn't handled well. If I were a betting man, I'd say the localization team may have felt that whatever was there was in poor taste. Of course, I don't know Japanese so I can't say for sure. Man, dragons really do live forever haha. It's interesting that the Lion Laguz have the shortest life span of all the beasts, given that they're typically the ones who rule Gallia. I guess being a leader really takes its toll on you. @BrightBow I don't have anymore Meteor, sadly. Calil used every single one on that one map :l Yeah, I remember you saying that actually, but I totally forgot at the time I was recording that. I'm glad that she gets her own thing, because I honestly don't know if she'd promote if she had to compete for a crown. The JP version must have been really rough, since these things are pretty hard to come by as is. That actually makes a lot of sense from a gameplay standpoint. It was still very strange however to have killed the boss only for his minions to stand there and take a huge beating without bothering to defend themselves. Still, it's probably for the best that they don't aggro. If you lost too many units, Reyson especially, you could essentially softlock the game, or at least need a lot of luck to beat the map. Let's just say luck was not on my side for 3-11. ----- Anyways, with this event that you guys are talking about, do I need the Meteor to do it, or is it just significantly harder without it? I didn't find getting Micaiah/Soren to be too bad honestly, so if it's not mandatory I'll just go on. Either way, I'd like to show the event if I can. (3-10) Do you guys remember Clash! from Path of Radiance? I get some really similar vibes here, what with the open map, Elincia, and the fair amount of enemies present. Of course, my opinion of Clash! is slightly skewed since my last experience of it was on Maniac Mode, but I feel like 3-10 is just a better version of that, honestly. Granted, this is overall an easier map because of the CRK's "Supporting" you (God damn it Calil), but it doesn't compromise that military skirmish sort of feel that gave Clash! a lot of its potential in my eyes. There's also that initial scramble to save Elincia since she starts in a very compromising position. I feel like bar losing my Meteor tome, the AI played along pretty nicely though, so I can't say if I'm lucky or what really. Despite rout maps generally (depending on the game) being my least favorite type of map, this map was pretty good I think, besides a few confusing AI quirks. Storywise, Elincia continues to impress me more and more. She's essentially 180'd from the time we first saw her where she was full of self doubt and lacking in confidence, and I quite like that bit of development she got. Not to say that laying down her arms like that wasn't foolish; it certainly was if she honestly thought Valtome would hear her words, but I think it's okay for her to still make some mistakes here and there. The fact is, she is still pretty new, despite having some new found confidence, so I can look past a little bit of naivety in this case. Besides, even if it was a little crazy to think that Begnion would back down, you have to admit that disarming herself in the middle of a battlefield was a gutsy move. Then there's Sanaki's grand entrance, Zelgius's general there was actually quite a bit I liked about this one, thinking on it. This game has had a very political feel to it which I'm kind of a sucker for if I'm being honest. I feel like there's a lot of potential when it comes to those kinds of plots, and so far I'm invested enough to want to learn more about the latest plot against Sanaki. Not to mention all the questions I have on the Daein side of things...
  15. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Oops, I blanked on updating this. Again. I'm still reading all the comments and responding to most of the points in the video (as you guys probably noticed), so don't feel like I'm not seeing these. I've been working on a few things lately and they kind of got the better of me here. If anyone REALLY wants to see these as soon as they go up, they're always available on my channel haha. 21 (3-7) So 3-7: pretty good IMO. The only thing that strikes me as kind of strange in hindsight, is the fact that you never actually have to move off that starting island, do you? Obviously you would, for the EXP and the little story bonuses you can unlock by doing so, but honestly if you wanted to you could probably just turtle up for 12 turns and call it a day. I really like the angle of fighting your own units though. It's quite fun; almost like what they were trying to do with Fates, only you don't have to spend more money to play as the opposing characters. I think it works better here because of it, since you're guaranteed to have spent at least some time with these guys. This makes it all the more meaningful when you suddenly have to fight and take out that juggernaut that you created with your own two hands. 22 (3-8) I didn't find 3-8 to be too bad either. I prefer other maps over it, but as far as a Volcano Rout maps go, this one could honestly be so much worse. I was very skeptical towards the end of the map, because I feel that reinforcements on Rout Maps can be a very obnoxious thing when handled poorly, but it never really got to that point with this one. Reinforcements that did spawn were typically right in the area you're likely to be if you're keeping a solid pace, and they don't make you hunt too hard for those last few kills. I think some of my skepticism was due to what I was anticipating, rather than what actually happened. In fact, in hindsight I actually think this map is pretty good. I also really like the fact that the stage hazard goes off before your first turn. Regardless of how you feel about the map, that one decision is absolutely WONDERFUL from a game design standpoint. Because of this one thing, in addition to the clearly marked zones where the rocks will strike, there are no surprises and you're never put in a position to be sucker punched at an inopportune moment. Any time you get hit by the meteors, it's your own fault. They even have some strategic application, given that it's a rout map. It's pretty fun to have the map rain death down on the opposing side. The only downside is that there was no full-scale character art rip of Nasir or Ena this map didn't really need to be here at all. Ranulf all but says as much before the fight even starts. I will say that I like the twist of Ike's group ending up in Goldoa rather than Gallia, since I really like Nasir/Ena as characters. I even like how committed Dheginsia was to being totally neutral, even if it did almost screw us if not for some outside intervention. That neutrality is definitely not good for our side of the fight, but it makes for more interesting interactions this way I feel. 23 (3-9) So Begnion are still a bunch of jerks, that much we know. I like the concept of this map, however I feel that it's pretty easy to trivialize it entirely since by Turn 2 you can kill every soldier as well as extinguish any houses they set on fire. In fact, the whole map could have stood to be a bit bigger I feel. This would have added to the feeling of 'frantic rush to kill the soldiers' rather than having them all practically start right inside your range. All in all though this map is pretty inoffensive though and fun for what it is, if a little short. Glad to see that Elincia got her groove back since the start of Part 2. It's fun to see her grow more and more capable as the game continues, and any opportunity to put Begnion in it's place is a good time in my eyes. I like seeing Zelgius here too, I imagine all the incompetency he's surrounded by must be slowly driving him insane. Lord knows it would drive me crazy. @Interdimensional ObserverProbably not the best way to do 3-6 haha, at least if you're like me and don't know exactly what to expect. I think the way I did it could work though, the trick is that the enemies are slowed by the River as much as/more than you are, so it's not actually as dangerous as it looks. The only time it really got sketch was when I didn't scout properly with Torch. There's also the fact that I thought it was a Rout map until like the last turn, but if you know what you're doing that won't happen lol. I actually sold the Corrosion Scroll, but I do like that they bothered to buff it up in this game. In a sense, it's almost better than Disarm, at least the way you're describing it. Wow, so the Dawn Brigade was even worse in the JP version? That's a bit hard to swallow haha, poor guys. I'm glad they decided to buff them up a bit for this version, because besides Jill they really benefit from having something to help them stand out. Leo got an especially good weapon, I can't imagine ever wanting to use him without it honestly. As for the intermissions I'm really glad they added those. It feels like a TV show almost, or a movie preview. It's kind of strange, yet awesome at the same time. That forging system sounds like a giant pain tbh. Probably a little more balanced, but given how this game is a lot stricter with funds than PoR, I think that a monetary system is totally fine here. Do you have to pay money on top of the accumulated forge points? If not, then it's actually more cost effective in the JP version once you can buy higher level items. @BrightBow I'm gonna have to track down that BK death convo next time we see him, unless it's spoilery. I like when games put in little easter eggs, especially for situations that will almost never happen (like getting the BK killed). That might be a good point with the Laguz. If that's the case though, they inadvertently screwed most recruitable Laguz pretty badly, at least once their bases start falling off. God help you if you don't have great bases to begin with. I thought the Dragons in PoR were red too, except in special cases like Shiharam/Haar? Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Okay, so they did at least nerf Mastery Skills somewhat with activation rate and 1 Range lock. On the other hand, Sol now triples damage lol. If anything, I think they should nerf the damage to say, a 50% boost and give them their old activation rate (except for maybe Sol). They're fun to see, don't get me wrong, but useful isn't exactly the word I'd use (except Sol, which is somehow more broken). I have no idea what they were thinking with the Heron skills. Vigor is so clearly the best, 100% of the time. Even from a reliability standpoint, you're better off giving someone a second turn. Two turns is so much better than a 5% Hit/Avo boost, literally always. Don't even get me started on trying to lower the enemies Biorythym haha. It's a cool idea to give them more abilities, but the execution is way off. I think a better way to do it would have been to just make Bliss an Aura. Think Charisma from FE4/5. At least then you might end up thinking about it from time to time. Or shoot, just do what they did with Azura, where once you hit a high enough level it just applies the boost on top of being refreshed. @Levant Mir CelestiaWeird, I just rewatched the Buu Saga about a month ago. I hope they bring back Gotenks in the next arc of Super. I always did like the fusion characters.