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  1. You're actually right about the Brave Bow, I'm fairly sure. Meaning that it's almost kind of a detriment to re-recruit Shinon, since let's be honest, the Brave Bow is better than him. I'm aware that the absence of a crit bonus isn't because of Maniac Mode strictly speaking. I can't remember what exactly I said verbatim, but I imagine that I was thinking that Maniac = JP version = no crit bonus. Here's the boulder pushing simulator. I didn't really care for this map at all, honestly. In fact, I believe that this is likely the worst map in the game, and is definitely worse than the Great Bridge (which I actually kind of like if you're willing to look up the location of the pitfalls). The short version is that there are Siege Tomes everywhere, and the main gimmick (the boulders) lack transparency at times, which can be pretty frustrating. Combine that with terrain that punishes your long-term unit choices (hope you've been using foot soldiers! Oh, but not Generals), and you've got a pretty weak map that hinders most aggressive play, without a healthy dose of RNG in your favor anyways. I agree completely about Kasatai, the generic Generals that surround him are all much, much scarier disregarding the fact that he has Wrath I guess. The tuning on bosses is pretty questionable sometimes, but I think that he's the last boss to really make me go WTF. C22 was pretty silly, yeah. There was really no need to make almost every Priest into a Bishop. It really hurts the gimmick in all honesty, and kind of promotes a Siege skip for anyone who wants the best reward. I probably didn't have to do what I did on C24, as was pointed out. Geoffrey actually will hold out for a bit longer than I gave him credit for, I just have this irrational fear that all Green Units will die unless I directly interfere. Years of Fire Emblem will do that to a man. I agree that there's a lot of units on that map though. Wait until you see C26!
  2. I just completed that map, and I can confidently say that you made the right choice. Definitely did not enjoy C25. But that's for another time! Here is C24, in which the game finally starts to get on my nerves, but I'm willing to admit that some of that is maybe my own fault. Still, the design choices in this last arc strike me as kind of weird. At least from the perspective of Maniac mode where enemies are stronger, there are more of them, you get less EXP per fight, no BEXP clear bonus, and HALF the BEXP you'd get on Normal/Hard.
  3. That's pretty interesting. I honestly had no idea about that, considering that I never refuse Reyson since there's absolutely no reason not to take him. I guess they had to explain why exactly Ashnard wants the medallion somehow! Chapter 23 is complete! Had to split this one into two parts since I left the animations on there's a fair bit of thought that needed to go into this one. Of course, none of that thought matters when you run head first into a trap the second you try to execute. I'm sure most of us who have played this game know the deal with this map, but I will say that it's a special kind of frustrating to go back and do this one years later without any map or guide to tell you where all the pitfalls are. I really wish there were some kind of visual cue or something, because if not for the seemingly random placement, or if you just open up a map, this level isn't really all that bad. I think it would be pretty good with that one small fix, actually. Just, you know, pitfalls.
  4. Not a whole lot of gameplay this time, but plenty of story! I really didn't care for Chapter 22 on Maniac at all, I won't lie. Promoting most of the Priests into Bishops was a terrible move for a map with a gimmick like this. Fortunately, Tormod, Calil, and Soren bail me out.
  5. I guess it's true that Nasir has some dirt on Soren, but I still find it a little strange that he didn't do anything even when it became increasingly obvious that someone was warning Daein of their every move. Especially when they get to the capital. Soren doesn't have proof on Nasir, but Nasir doesn't exactly have proof either, and realistically it's not like Stefan or any of the Laguz would corroborate Nasir if they knew he was the traitor. Still, yeah, I kinda see where Soren is coming from after all. Thanks for clearing that up. Anyways, Chapter 21 goes down without a hitch this time. This map actually makes pretty good use of Sleep Staves and Siege tomes without going overboard on a player that is trying to get all the treasure. There are some jerk moves, like hiding a siege tome behind a door (seriously game, why?), but in general the way this map is designed promotes strategy pretty well. It's probably a bit more frustrating if you're trying to LTC or something, but that comes with the territory. The only thing I didn't understand was the fact that another Thief spawns on like Turn 19, as if the map isn't already over.
  6. Man, I had a hell of a time getting this part uploaded for some reason. This would have been up sooner but I had to re-upload twice, and with my internet being garbage, things took a while longer than intended. Anyways, Part 25 Call me crazy, but I really like this map for the most part. Reasonably challenging, but it doesn't really enter that BS territory IMO. I elaborate more on that in the next part (which hopefully doesn't fail to upload twice), but overall I think this map is enjoyable. Also, for you guys who know the story better than I, is there ANY reason at all that I've been racking my brain about that one, and the only thing I can come up with is that there's no proof. But given the people we're talking about here, it's so strange to me that this never really gets answered as far as I remember. It's kind of a weak point in an otherwise solidly written story tbh, but it's not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Just strange, really.
  7. I've beaten this game at least three times, and I honestly had no idea that Jill had any conversations with the generics on this map, let alone multiple. I looked it up, and sure enough, there's at least one more conversation that I could have gotten here, but nowhere I've found seems to really know how to trigger it reliably. They really went all out on the little details for this game! There's the other conversation, for completions sake.
  8. That's a really interesting point about Oliver. It would make a lot of sense from a story point of view for him to be less capable at fighting than some of his underlings. I guess he was just beefed up in Maniac to make him sort of threatening, or at least he would be, if Tibarn didn't make a beeline for him haha. It's kind of poetic in a way. It is kind of strange to me how the last few bosses have been increasingly more pathetic, with the lone exception of Shiharam. I have to wonder what they were thinking with Homasa especially, given that his map is an Assassination mission. You'd think he'd be scary being a Swordmaster and all, but nah. LOL about Sanaki. There are never any good cliffs around when you truly need them. I am going to give Ike Wrath/Resolve, yes, if he ever wants to get defense. Kind of regretting not giving him Aether, not gonna lie. That one fight later on is going to be interesting for sure. Especially since I recently remembered you can't use Resolve until after the fight. Never really noticed how crazy Soren would have to be to confront the traitor like that. Especially given everything we know about him. It's kind of out of character, even. Normally, you'd think he'd have at least mentioned his suspicions to Ike or something, so that confronting him wouldn't be so dangerous. I had no idea that Leanne had stats. She's even arguably better than Reyson. You learn something new every day I guess! In hindsight, I think that Chapter 16 is actually fine. A bit crazy, and you'd almost never see it coming the first time, but I guess the game kind of expects you to use optimal strategies on the difficulty called maniac, and I think that's fair. It's true that you still need to use mounts to get it done, but at least the way you have to use them here is pretty creative, especially since you have to get Devdan too, and none of your mounts can recruit him bar a promoted Mist I guess. It gives you a reason to use Tormod right away if nothing else, which is pretty cool. So being that I haven't updated this thread in a while, I just added the full playlist and individual chapters to the OP. I'd hate to drop this thread given all the interesting trivia and experiences everyone has been sharing, so check out the OP if you've missed some of the updates that I've put on my channel. I will actually remember to keep up on this from now on haha. This is the latest update, Chapter 20, in which I am a terrible human being and make Jill confront her Father issues head on. And boy, do I legitimately feel like scum.
  9. Thinking on it, I'm pretty convinced that it will be very difficult if not impossible to take Faye from where you have her (Level 2 at the end of 1-7, if I understand correctly?) to Level 10 by Tartara in Alm 3-F without going far out of your way to do it. Breaking it down: Getting Faye to Rescue before 3-F does indeed result in a time save for 3-F as was mentioned, so you'd want to get that if at all possible. It also goes without saying that spending some of those high EXP yielding enemies on Faye hurts your other units as well. She does have the benefit of gaining more EXP in your case, due to a lower level, but on paper this sounds a lot like raising Silque to Level 7 by 1-F, only without the bonus of a good Enemy Phase. I don't think that getting the Killer Bow during Act 3 Alm is feasible without Silver Grinding. You need 2 of Mathilda/Clair/Gray/Other Anti-Horse Unit to have the ability to ORKO Act 3 Cavs, especially for 3-5, and that alone drains most of the Silver you have available. Complicating things further, you'll need the Ridersbane powered up going into Act 4. I'm still playing around with Act 3, so I can't personally say whether or not it's possible to do all of the above, and forge a Killer Bow going into Act 4, though with all the Silver Purse drops it should be just barely possible. FWIW, you can take an Archer!Kliff from ~3.XX to promotion in 1-7, albeit not easily. I was able to bring him in at 3/3.34, with 25 HP 11 ATK 3 SKL 5 SPD 10 LCK 5 DEF 8 RES (Bold=Above Average) as his stats, which resulted in: This was an 8-Turn, with 7 maaaaaaybe possible if you can somehow squeeze in an extra kill for Kliff somewhere along the way. Assuming that the 7 Turn of this strategy is possible and that the 6 Turn clear that Espinosa theorizes is possible as well, you could very well go into Act 3 with a Level 1 Sniper at the cost of 3 Turns, and only a cost of 2 if you choose to sacrifice Faye's promotion as the OP did. In a run where Silver grinding is allowed, the prospect of a Sniper!Kliff with early Killer Bow sounds very promising on paper. Edit: The Cavs on 3-4 are reinforcements, actually. You don't have to fight them there if you force an ambush and clear it in a turn. Edit 2: Do you mean skip the Sea Shrine entirely, or just come back for it later? Coming back for it later is fine and probably preferred, but skipping it entirely results in immediate time loss in 2-F. Saber needs to be promoted for the 3 Turn, and Celica needs Seraphim. Skipping the Shrine entirely also means that the likes of Saber, Leon and potentially Kamui (depending on if he was in use to begin with, it's honestly debatable) start Act 3 at a pretty severe disadvantage compared to what they could potentially be. Genny would be alright, but she can also potentially promote at the Sea Shrine, so it's a pretty big loss all in all.
  10. 6 Turns seems incredibly ambitious. 7 Turns is already hellacious, for most of the same reasons (albeit with a bit more leeway), but 6 Turns...yikes. You'd need the patience of a saint, and luck to match. Nothing but respect if you can pull that off. On the defense point: since damage dealt seems to be the largest/only(?) factor in who the enemy will target, Gray will surely want lower DEF than everyone in the immediate area. In theory, the ideal number would be 6 DEF so that Slayde would target Gray over Alm/Clive in your setup, while maximizing Gray's bulk. If you can lure the Soldier to the wall with Clair, it should be easy enough to take him out, but if you impose a 6 Turn limit I can't see it. I forget, can Python and Kliff both attack the Soldier at the same time? You might be able to chip him down enough so that Clair can 2RKO by herself. If not, Kliff with 11+3 ATK and Clair with 9+4 ATK should be able to do it as well, RNG willing. If you could somehow cutoff weakened Cavs from reaching the healing tiles that might help as well. Gray will need to heal sooner or later, and if even a single Cav gets away the run is pretty much hosed. I'm not sure it works out positioning wise, but if you could make it work then you'd be able to get a lot more done on EP.
  11. Hmm this seems like the first time we have a very different approach here. When warping Gray first, you would indeed kill an Archer first because sending him right into the fray has issues that we both seem to agree on. He definitely kills an Archer when he aggros though. For whatever reason, when placed in a certain way one of the northern two will always attack at 2 range and die on the counter, giving you one less enemy to chase down later. I see the benefits of what you're suggesting though, so I'm interested to see how your 1-7 turns out. Using some on Kliff is definitely not a bad idea. He'll mostly be competitive with his Sniper bases that way, albeit with 2 less effective range. From my own experiences, Archer!Kliff really wants a little something extra going into Act 3 if he's to stay relevant.
  12. A unit who uses the Body Ring gets a small increase in their mass, reflected in game by an increase to their constitution stat. Unfortunately, the increase in mass makes their hands too big for the ring, causing it to get stuck permanently on whatever finger they placed it. That's why you can only use it once. That's my headcannon and I'm sticking with it.
  13. Gray absolutely appreciates DEF somewhere along the way, but given the floor tiles everywhere it's technically possible from base DEF with enough Turnwheel. Not ideal, sure, but I never felt raw DEF was mandatory in this case. I'd avoid the wells for the reasons you said: ATK is just too good especially with Silque needing a minimum of 12 make 1-7 work in the first place. I believe that Gray is the best candidate to aggro Slayde's unit on sheer damage potential alone. Leather Shield!Tobin and Alm make for pretty good secondary units here in my experience, being able to easily finish off an injured Cavalier with relatively good accuracy (Fire/Wrath Strike), but ultimately Gray is needed to carry the offense. He also has the benefit of ORKOing one of the Archers in Slayde's group when you use him to aggro, which none of the other candidates can do thereby setting your offense back. Honestly, I avoided the Turn 1 aggro because of the reliability issues that you had mentioned regarding Gray's staying power, but regardless I'm fairly confident that he should be the one to lead the charge, so to speak. I believe that you can at the very least use the Thieve's Shrine wells if you chose to save those, based on the fact that you can go back there to talk to an unrecruited Silque with Celica. No idea what happens if you tried the Deliverance Hideout. I imagine you could, but I've honestly never even tried to re-enter the HQ with Celica.
  14. Just so I'm understanding correctly, Silque is at 6.XX after 1-5 correct? She should be able to make it on 1-6 if you drag out killing the initial wave of Cavaliers a bit. Granted, I doubt that this would work if you can somehow get the 4 Turn on this map, but on my last run I believe I was able to squeeze that last level out by using Alm/Faye to weaken the Cavaliers for Silque. This is just from memory, but as I recall she ended up with 2 Cavs + the boss who she would kill on PP 5. Claire flew north to injure 2 of the Cavaliers on EP 3, Gray choked the bridge and was attacked by the boss on EP 4. Tobin and Faye set up the kill for Silque, as Kliff injured the 3rd Cavalier approaching from the north. The remaining 3 cavaliers killed themselves on Gray during EP 5, for the 5 Turn clear. Again, it may not be possible with a 4 Turn restriction, but with 5 Turns I think you should be able to salvage the run. Alternatively, you could have Silque draw in the enemies in place of Tobin for your 1-5 strategy, and try to squeeze some more EXP out that way, although you would lose out on some points towards Swap. Good luck man!
  15. Updating is probably the best bet, although to be honest I have my doubts on whether or not they'd know about this issue. It's still quite strange to me, I have to say. Your 1-3 clear basically debunks my original thoughts that it was tied to a single unit receiving too much combat. I've only personally ever had this happen to Silque, which is the main reason I had made that assumption. I can tell you that this is a rare issue, but unfortunately the save file where I had this problem is long since gone (shout out to Intelligent Systems for only including 3 save slots) so I can't help too much, sorry. There's really not a whole lot that I've been able to find on the BEXP system for this game either. Perhaps there's some strange quirk in the way the game handles things that causes this to happen under certain circumstances. What's very odd though is how you say this persists on repeated playthroughs of these maps. Have you been able to get the game to properly register BEXP from these maps if you deviate from your strategy? Or does it seem like your actions have no bearing on this glitch, in which case unfortunately, the file is probably lost?