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  1. Phew, glad the game didn't screw me out of the Luna sword. I mean, I assume we get her back at some point, but that would have been a bit of a bummer, not gonna lie. Eh, so far I'm content with Kate's little storyline even if Runan's side is better. Besides, it feels right to You guys weren't kidding with this map, it was quite a bit trickier than the ones we've seen so far. I like the premise a lot though, and had a lot of fun playing through it. Also part 29 since I've been terrible about updating this for the past few days. Real life strikes again.
  2. Well, this escalated quickly. I didn't notice until I went back to edit either, but I'm 99% certain that Bishop Law is actually. Hopefully next time I'll get to exact my sweet sweet revenge on you know who. Or he could pull his head out of his ass and rejoin me seriously Zieg you're tearing me apart here
  3. I guess I got lucky then haha. That's a very strange way of handling this area, at the very least I'd hope that the harder ones to get give better items on average! I was thinking of Stephanie, actually. But I do feel even worse for killing Barbarossa now haha. I really do love how Kaga games tend to have this interconnected cast so much to the point that you'll basically never catch everything on the first playthrough. It makes it way more believable that these people would actually join up and fight together, at least in my eyes, when everyone has their own relationships, backstories, motivations, etc. that they could reasonably expect to fulfill by coming along for the journey. Sometimes it really feels like characters join for the lolz (not just Awakening or That One Game either), whereas I feel like I could probably tell you why each and every unit I have is here, what they hope to accomplish, etc. It's neat. Ended up going a bit long on this one so I had to cut out the last floor for now sadly. On the bright side, Alicia now has Vantage and Sierra has Wrath so the game is over.
  4. I never said it wasn't? In fact, I said many, many times that offense wins this map. I'm just stating that in this case there's not much point in discussing optimal strats and the like when he's just trying to clear the map that has him walled. Keeping it simple should be enough in this case, no disrespect to anyone. That said You're gonna have to move beyond the wall. You probably don't need to kill both Hinata and Oboro (much less Takumi), but you should definitely have Camilla snipe Oboro because 1) it's as easy as giving her a speed tonic and 2) she's in no danger of dying bar missing an 80+ percent shot. At the very least you want to pop one of them (and by extension their initial group of baddies) because you literally cannot turtle this map for the entire length and win. It's not mathematically probable. The enemies will just stack on too much damage and if you let them bunch up too much and strike all at once you're done. The only time it's really safe to hardcore turtle is on the last few turns or so, where if you've been playing aggressively it won't be possible for enemies to seize the defend point before the map ends.
  5. Guys, the dude is just trying to beat the map. I don't know why we're even discussing the optimal clear when it's pretty obvious he just wants to beat the map and is willing to grind on Conquest. The map has a set turn limit no matter what you do, so just clearing the map should be enough in this case. For the record, owning Takumi does not end the map.
  6. Hey

    What's up my dude? Always glad to see when someone who started with Awakening takes it back to the roots. How do you like Shadow Dragon? Most people give it a bad rap, but honestly, it's probably up there as one of my favorites. You should definitely check out the Tellius games if you get the opportunity. They're pretty unique in their own right, and fun to boot. Also Thracia. But you'd probably need FE4 to get the full effect, which is a bit of an investment I must admit.
  7. On the other hand, it very much is one single game in a lot of ways. However, you're completely correct in saying that the necessity to make 3 separate purchases to complete one game is going to skew the data a bit. At the end of the day though, Fates is one game. But whether or not you agree with that wasn't my point anyways. What I said was, that their success will influence Shadows of Valentia's success in a positive way. Which is exactly why, as Jedi said, despite this game's smaller spotlight it's already received a ton of pre-orders. Also I think you're greatly overestimating Nintendo's expectations for this game. Most of the assets already exist since from what I can tell, SoV is just a slightly modified Fates engine. Because they didn't have to invest nearly as much resources into this title as they would in say, a brand new Fire Emblem title, they can definitely afford to set the bar a little bit lower. It's not nearly the same as a AAA title where to even break even they need to move millions of units.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. Using the "fandoms" views on Gaiden doesn't work at all because the majority of people who are buying these games don't belong to a dedicated fansite such as Serenes or any other alternative. How we feel is not representative of how the population at large does, most of whom I wouldn't be surprised to find out didn't know Gaiden existed until this announcement. Additionally, what Fates and Awakening did have a ton of bearing on how this will sell. In fact, I could argue that a lot of Fate's success is due to Awakening's success, but that's neither here nor there. The short version is that we're coming hot off a financially successful release that for the most part left people wanting more. Therefore, this game already has a better shot than it would if it were coming off a less successful title, say, Radiant Dawn for example. The real issue that might hurt Echoes in terms of sales is how they market it. Fates was Awakening 2.0 whereas SoV seems to be taking the route of calling it like it is: a remake. Also, it doesn't seem like it's being advertised as heavily which hurts in the public market a lot more than any gameplay decision ever could.
  9. Offense is the best defense. Corrin + Silas take the first wave of fighters to the southeast while you're softening up the dudes coming from the west with Odin (or Nyx) and Niles (or Bowzu). Arthur + Effie at base can take on the first wave of enemies in the northeast just fine (with a Vulnerary for Effie) if you grab a Javelin for her. Elise grabs the northwest village on turn 2 and is back in time to help out shortly after. Help the enemies by starting to break down the wall (but don't totally break it) if you want, then choke the point until Corrin + Silas can clean them up from the east. Camilla at +2 SPD doubles and KOs Oboro when she shows up. Do that ASAP by grabbing the village in Oboro's range so you don't have to deal with her once she starts moving. Beruka is generally pretty beefy and doesn't really mind fighting most units in the south, though enough enemy Fighters could take her out. She's also great for dealing with Pegasi, which should generally be left at 1 HP from ballista shots. They'll beeline for the green squares unless they can seriously hurt someone, FYI. Selena is generally enough to take on the north-western side of things, at least until Corrin/Silas take over (I.E once everything in the south is dead). Camilla kills the Spear Fighters in the south after she murders Oboro, so as to not deal with Seal Defense. Near the end, you can choke Hinata's unit near the Fire Orb. It should be really safe, especially with Rally Defense. General tips: Tonics are your friend. As is the Mess Hall. Guard Stance is almost always pretty bad. Attack Stance is much better because you increase your offense by 50% if you're doing it right. Only use Guard Stance if you have something specific in mind, because you effectively lose a unit that could be doing something useful otherwise. Always end turn unpaired unless absolutely necessary. Use Azura. Knowing how to use her correctly will make or break Conquest for you more than anything else you could do. Having Paladin!Jakob helps a lot if you're playing female Corrin. If all else fails, insta-promote Selena.
  10. You already know. I'd been wanting to play it again too, but I'm afraid of Miguel. HlyDragSwd? More like HlyFkinSht. To be honest, I didn't even consider Enscorcel. That sounds absolutely hilarious if I'm being 100% real with you haha. It's a good day for Sierra fans, and Holmes fans as well. Less so if you're into Krishna though. . .
  11. Hmm Lina sounds underwhelming to say the least. Bummer, a 9 move pony would have been pretty tight, not even gonna lie. I guess they had to make her kinda bad though or else she'd be so broken. I did change the setup slightly. New microphone hype!. Not sure how you would even go about getting Runan promoted before level 7 though lol. I've barely used him since his Rapier broke (seriously, he's almost always made a beeline right for the throne on every Seize map) and mine is like 12-13ish. Even if you were going hardcore LTC I don't know that he'd be under 7 because again, he has the Rapier which has its uses. I'm kinda upset that I missed the Juni version of that event. It didn't hit me until after I made a choice that you guys had mentioned that she was going to have an event over on Holmes's route. I might go back and see the other option idk yet, I'd have to load from the desert map. Lots of story this time, a lot of which I'm sure will be important. It's kind of a ton of information to take in all at once, but on the other hand I've played Chrono Cross so exposition like this is basically a day in the life at this point.
  12. The reason the Thief Swords didn't work is because those bummy Myrmidons couldn't even touch Vega haha. I think the first one was a fluke tbh. He did a pretty good job of tanking Devil Lances with his face though, regardless of there not being a weapon triangle. Ya know, I should have seen it coming that Kreiss and Arkis would be trash. Really, it's only Cain and Abel that break the game in half, and even then only in FE1. I guess Luke to an extent but he flies solo. Finn too I suppose, but there's only one of him sadly. Yeah you're absolutely right, we've seen Nosferatu several times now. Probably would have made a bigger impact if the first time I saw it the Dark Mages didn't get mopped up by a group of Greenies. Still, that was definitely a mistake on my part. Here's my Fire Emblem Fan Card, I don't deserve it :(
  13. Gonna edit this later when the next part finishes uploading, but thanks again you guys for really helping out with the somewhat cryptic stuff in this game. Also, I forgot to mention it, but that Order -> Move command was clutch in sorting the armies. I'm still convinced that first scene with Shigen was an oversight, but honestly, Holmes is so out of it sometimes I could believe either or. Still, something makes me think that Kaga just got lucky with that one, because if it were with literally any other character, I'd be 100% sure it was a mistake. I'd basically have been screwed in this desert chapter without that map. Why did they make the triggers 1x1 areas :( It's also a bit weird to me that they don't really indicate a route split on this map, especially considering they did a similar thing in Thracia, only they made it pretty clear that choosing one path over the other would lead to a different result. Glad you're enjoying it Mage Knight :D and I have to admit Meriel is pretty hype. Not sure if I should be upset with Kaga for having a Bridge Key drop at the end of that last map, or glad that he gave me a map nuke right before it. It's a very love-hate relationship with this guy haha. Speaking of hate; Chapter 26. This game is trolling me at this point, I'm sure of it. Edit:
  14. I'm not singling you out for saying he has speed issues, something I brought up as a possibility from the start mind you, I'm doing it because asking me to play through a 20+ hour game and record benchmarks to prove myself is a ridiculous request when you haven't done anything to refute the fact that it's a non-issue early game. I've been saying since the beginning that he has a possibility of falling off late game. I mistook your intentions and I take responsibility for that, but it really feels like you're arguing to argue here, that was more my point. I just checked and I do happen to have a save file at C9 Lunatic on hand so let's look at some numbers since I don't have to go out of my way really. With these stats he can ORKO every Archer on the map (who have 8 SPE each) with Speed Tonic + Arthur Pairup, a feat that no one else can claim besides Corrin and Jakob if reclassed. Similarly, he's the only unit you have that can take a Spear Fighter hit, take the Defense Seal, and then take another hit if you give him an HP tonic, once again excluding Corrin and Jakob. Effie can as well, but she demands both Pair-Up and Speed Tonic if she wants to face the paired-up Spear Fighters, since they'll double her at less than 9 Speed, and at the very least a Speed Tonic/Pair-Up to take on the single Spear Fighters. Basically, besides your God units, he's really the only one who can get anything done on Enemy Phase in the early game. Effie is worth mentioning too but she demands more resources (in this case, a pair-up in order to simply survive) or slower playstyle to make it happen, hence Silas is the better unit. I didn't even bring up Elbow Room, but that basically makes him 3-12 points stronger than most of your other guys depending on the situation. In the early game, that can be up to half of an enemy's health right there, without even factoring in Silas's own strength and weapon power. It snowballs very, very quickly if you have a good Silas, and remains very useful even if you only have an average one. TL;DR He's good during a time when most of your units suck. He might fall off late game but by then Xander and friends are rolling over everything so it doesn't matter and even then he's still pretty aight.