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  1. Just so I'm understanding correctly, Silque is at 6.XX after 1-5 correct? She should be able to make it on 1-6 if you drag out killing the initial wave of Cavaliers a bit. Granted, I doubt that this would work if you can somehow get the 4 Turn on this map, but on my last run I believe I was able to squeeze that last level out by using Alm/Faye to weaken the Cavaliers for Silque. This is just from memory, but as I recall she ended up with 2 Cavs + the boss who she would kill on PP 5. Claire flew north to injure 2 of the Cavaliers on EP 3, Gray choked the bridge and was attacked by the boss on EP 4. Tobin and Faye set up the kill for Silque, as Kliff injured the 3rd Cavalier approaching from the north. The remaining 3 cavaliers killed themselves on Gray during EP 5, for the 5 Turn clear. Again, it may not be possible with a 4 Turn restriction, but with 5 Turns I think you should be able to salvage the run. Alternatively, you could have Silque draw in the enemies in place of Tobin for your 1-5 strategy, and try to squeeze some more EXP out that way, although you would lose out on some points towards Swap. Good luck man!
  2. Updating is probably the best bet, although to be honest I have my doubts on whether or not they'd know about this issue. It's still quite strange to me, I have to say. Your 1-3 clear basically debunks my original thoughts that it was tied to a single unit receiving too much combat. I've only personally ever had this happen to Silque, which is the main reason I had made that assumption. I can tell you that this is a rare issue, but unfortunately the save file where I had this problem is long since gone (shout out to Intelligent Systems for only including 3 save slots) so I can't help too much, sorry. There's really not a whole lot that I've been able to find on the BEXP system for this game either. Perhaps there's some strange quirk in the way the game handles things that causes this to happen under certain circumstances. What's very odd though is how you say this persists on repeated playthroughs of these maps. Have you been able to get the game to properly register BEXP from these maps if you deviate from your strategy? Or does it seem like your actions have no bearing on this glitch, in which case unfortunately, the file is probably lost?
  3. I have had the same thing happen with Silque before. I initially thought that it might have something to do with fatigue (I.E a unit who takes too many actions doesn't get the BEXP), because the only times I've been able to trigger this have all been in cases where Silque would see enough combat to put her well past her fatigue limit, and then some. Seeing as to how you didn't get this issue on 1-3 however, I'm not entirely convinced that it's the cause. I assume that Silque was fatigued in 1-5, but what about the other characters that this is happening to? Is there any characteristic that they all have in common? If not, then it's possible that this is some kind of glitch or oversight.
  4. Holy crap that Silque is insane, how did you even pull that off? I can't even imagine how many kills she must have gotten haha. That sounds like a keeper to me, although Faye might prove to be a little concerning later down the line, especially if you go for some of those crazier strats. I should have been more specific about the 3-1 Physic. It would be more accurate to say that she wants it as early as possible in Act 3. I don't think that it saves a turn in 3-1 (in fact, I'm almost certain you'd lose no time without it), but it's more that grabbing it earlier lets you give more combat EXP to other units like Clair much more aggressively, while letting Faye coast by until Rescue very easily. Faye's level is something that is almost entirely irrelevant until you need Physic/Rescue, where it's suddenly very relevant and very noticeable when these skills are absent. It's also nice for the fact that other units arguably want that kill EXP more in Act 3 (Clair who needs +5 SPD by 3-3, Gray, unpromoted Archer!Kliff to an extent, Mathilda eventually) and Faye doesn't have nearly as easy of a time securing KOs in Act 3 as she does in Act 1. Compounding that, Warp shenanigans are now fully underway: maps are completed quickly and Faye is pretty low on the list for priority Warps on the next few maps past 3-1. Without Physic, it also seems like you'd be somewhat forced to keep Faye near Silque in any case where you'd want to Warp more than 2 times. Of course, SoV LTC is a relatively unexplored territory so take that with a grain of salt. That's just how I see things, at any rate. If you could grab it on 3-1 itself, you'd probably be just as well.
  5. That's fair on the 9 Turn point. I should mention that I was testing some things out, mainly experience distribution, so if you have a different route it's definitely reliable to do it faster. For me personally, 8 is about average and 7 would be "the golden clear", although it's certainly possible that you could improve on that. The biggest trick of course, would be doing all of that without sacrificing EXP on key units. For what it's worth, it is possible to: 1. Get Warp by 1-7 2. Promote Gray after 1-7 3. Promote Archer!Kliff after 1-7 4. Get Physic after 1-7 as well as start to work on Clair and some other minor things, with only a 2-Turn loss from what you have so far. The two extra turns that I spent were on 1-2 and Thieves Shrine, so that Kliff and Faye would promote for Ram Valley. Take it with a grain of salt, but the extra experience on Faye for an earlier Physic and the potential for early Bow Knight!Kliff should in theory save at least that later on. Physic for certain makes 3-1 better, but if you can work in extra experience for Faye somewhere else, or sacrifice promoting Kliff, then you could get away with less. Leveling Silque is indeed terrible. You pretty much have to hit Level 3 by the end of Ram Valley so that the BEXP doesn't go to waste. Of course, she needs every bosskill too (I think you can skip the 1-4 Boss, but don't hold me to that). Faye is not nearly as much of an issue, but picking up Physic by 3-1 is handy. Fortunately, that's not nearly as tight, just having her pick up kills when possible and taking out Slayde is enough for that, although this is coming from the perspective of someone who promoted her at the Thieves Shrine.
  6. Hey man I like the vids, I've been working on an LTC myself so I think I might be able to help answer some of your questions. Silque can 100% reach Level 7 by Zofia Castle. The best way to do that is to milk enemy phases as much as possible, and force multiple enemies to suicide into her during one turn. It's a bit frustrating dealing with 60%x2 accuracy for the first few maps (Ram Valley is incredibly frustrating), but past that it becomes much more manageable. I've been keeping track of my experience/stats on each map, and could PM you some of those if it would help you out. Also, +2 SPD is generally enough for Silque if you're willing to rig 1 SPD at Ram Valley. +1 is possible, but it's very painful. Also, FWIW Gray doubling Slayde isn't necessary as you guessed, but it is really nice for reliability. I theorize that if everything (including all your level ups to that point) went your way you could maybe knock out Zofia Castle in 7 turns (and that's a big maybe), and you'd want Gray to double if you're attempting that. 8 or 9 turns is more reasonable though, and Gray doesn't need to double Slayde for that. For the marks issue, I'd say only fixed items, meaning treasure chests/items you find via examine only. Doing it that way circumvents the issue you're describing where the best move is to simply grind for marks and max all of your gear ASAP. There's really not any middle ground that I know of between the two, unfortunately, without creating a totally arbitrary ruleset. Sidequests should be allowed (in my opinion), but since it's your run it's really your call. The reinforcements are still a bit of a mystery. From what I can tell, you can manipulate them to move/not move given enough resets, but that's really all I know. I'm not even entirely sure if the spawns themselves are fixed or what. I was able to manipulate an ambush during Chapter 3 (Desaix's Fortress onto Crossroads), but that's about the extent of my testing. I don't think that it's possible to indefinitely stall a group of reinforcements or prevent them from spawning entirely either. Not to add to your concerns, but some reinforcements carry Silver Purses, and I don't know if those are fixed either, given that some areas spawn multiple types of enemies (I.E Act 3 spawning both Paladins and Arcanists). If the order of spawns is fixed, it's probably not an issue, but it's worth mentioning. The encounters themselves should definitely count though. The Turnwheel is definitely fair game in my opinion. It's not very abusive, and most of all it makes training Silque quickly much less of an exercise in frustration. Anyways, good luck going forward. I'm surprised to see anyone else crazy enough to try this haha, so I'll definitely have to keep up with this to see how it goes.
  7. And the rest of Chapter 16: Next up is Chapter 17. Hoo boy
  8. Wow, it's been almost a month since I last updated this! Summer definitely took a bit of a toll on this playthrough, and Echoes certainly didn't help, but I finally sat down and had a chance to record some more of this. Chapter 16 is certainly a lot more dense with enemies than I remember. Haven't completed it yet, but I really like the changes that I'm seeing on this one; the Thief spawn is kind of brutal here. Not to mention Oliver gets some more screentime which is always nice. I have no idea how I missed that for so long, but thanks a million for pointing that out haha. I also really like how the game goes out of its way to address questions that the player has as they come up for the most part. It shows a surprising amount of understanding to what kind of things a person might be thinking as they go through the story, right down to the finer details, which is honestly shocking to me looking back on it. It's really hard to say that the writing in Path of Radiance isn't as good as people give it credit for because of all the small instances like that.
  9. Just use the highest settings your PC can handle honestly. If you go the the Graphics option, both OpenGL and Direct3D 11 work pretty well, but I think OpenGL is a bit better. Kick up the resolution there too, since it looks pretty bad at default settings and fullscreen. Under enhancements, turn up the Internal Resolution to at least 2x. You're going to want to turn on Anti-Aliasing too in order to fix some small graphical things. I use 8x MSAA, but you have a stronger processor than I do so SSAA might be better, I honestly don't know. I'd also recommend turning up the Anisotropic Filtering a little bit, again because of some small graphical issues. Hopefully that helps. There might be a few minor things that you have to tweak, but that should get you started.
  10. Clair is surprisingly great as a unit in this game compared to Gaiden. Giving her 2/3 Attack Lion Statues basically sets her up for life, with her only immediate competition being Silque. While that is a pretty big investment considering that Silque will always appreciate the ATK no matter how she turns out, fixing Clair's number one issue (damage) right off the bat is a pretty good move that pays off long term. Unless Cav!Kliff is in play, she's most likely going to be your Ridersbane user for quite some time. Mathilda doesn't actually need the Ridersbane to ORKO Cavs, so Clair can use that time to continue growing into a powerhouse. By Act 4 she's really hard to stop, only requiring average stats to really put in work. Banish is one of those skills that is really nice on paper, but in practice it just doesn't come into play all that often for Alm's route. Still, given her stupidly high 70% Speed growth, she's almost guaranteed to double Mogalls in 5-E, so that's pretty nice, if a little situational. Clive is just alright. Not great, not bad, but just alright. Maybe a little above average, depending on the map. I do think that he's better than a lot of people realize however, given that all he really needs to stay relevant after joining is 1 Level in 1-F. It's pretty easy to make that happen, though depending on who else you've been raising up he may have some serious competition for that experience. If you can get him one level though, he gets immediate access to the Paladin class that carries some respectable bases and 8 move. He doubles all the generic Cavs in the next few maps with Paladin bases, leaving them injured for your other units to clean up as needed. The Ridersbane is of course better used on other characters, but he can use it in a pinch or pull off some trade shenanigans or whatever, so it's at least worth mentioning. He probably won't hit Gold Knight unless you go out of your way, but he's reliable in the things that he can do, and that keeps him from being irredeemable in my eyes. Mathilda is way better tho
  11. There really aren't any. For me, I'd say: -Fixed Encounters Only -Fixed Items Only (no grinding silver or lucky drops, basically), sidequests allowed -All battles count towards Turn Count (including map battles) That's the least grindy/arbitrary way to play Echoes IMO. Avoiding encounters all together is pretty simple except for Celica's last dungeon, which I'm sure is a pain. You can go back into dungeons as much as you want this way, the only thing you have to think about is potentially spawning more map reinforcements, making it much more important to plan out who can promote and when. Map battles can't really be abused this way either since they all count against you in terms of Turn Count.
  12. I'm glad you feel that way! I won't, and never have said that the game doesn't have some dumb moments: (Some early Act 3 Cav Map, for context) I do however think that there is significantly more thought put into many of these maps than people give credit for at a first glance. My problem with that reasoning is that, well, it's false. I'd be more than happy to admit that I'm wrong about this in the presence of actual, hard proof (be it numbers, or whatever), but all I have to go on from the arguments presented are theorycrafting and anecdotal evidence based on one playthrough, however good the player may be. I have a lot of respect for Dondon's gameplay and that hasn't changed, but the reality is that there hasn't been one single piece of hard evidence to suggest that lowmanning is 100% the way to go in this game, that the benchmarks for ORKO's are more strict than recent titles (FE12 especially), that forging/item passing is so simple they're all essentially "non-choices", etc. While some maps can definitely be trivialized by a select few (see above), many maps end with kill distributions similar to this (totals vary with enemy count, obviously): No strategy? No tactics? That's not even to mention the fact that Kill Distribution lists are already shaky evidence since they don't account for non-lethal action. Again, I'm not grinding, the only optional battles fought have been dungeon encounters, no more than once, and at this point I'm avoiding them entirely. If anything, because of me taking some randoms, the units that can "solo" should be even more capable of doing so in my own run, and yet, that's simply not the case despite receiving the amount of favoritism you would expect. Shoot, I favored the big three (Claire, Mathilda, Palla) in randoms too. I'm at Duma's Tower with Celica, and have progressed as far as possible with Alm, so unless the endgame becomes one giant solo, I can't agree with this point at all. Even then, if the 75% of the game I have played managed to avoid that pitfall, then surely Echoes is at least on par with if not better than many FE titles in regards to soloing with OP units. The only way that strict lowmanning yields comparable results is to hinge a lot of your gameplay on unreliable dodges and crits, which admittedly are more impactful in this title thanks largely to the Rout heavy gameplay and enemy power relative to the player. The incentive to use multiple characters is clear: reliability. If you're actively using everyone for something, be it chip, finishing a dangerous enemy, or part of a defensive formation to wall out other enemies, then the game becomes not only easier, but more reliable as well. I think there has been some kind of misconception to what I'm suggesting here. Do I think that the best strategy is to evenly level every team member? Absolutely not. But I do think that given all the incentives to use multiple characters (notably generous deployment, and BEXP) the other characters should be contributing something whenever possible. Because unlike most if not all other FE titles, the threshold to fulfill a useful role in this game is very, very low, and getting multiple characters to reach this threshold without compromising offense is very, very easy. Class bases alone can carry a unit far, and if they have good personal bases on top of that (like Mage!Tobin and Delthea), then hey, good on you. Even a character such as Boey, who is generally seen as pretty bad, can contribute almost instantly (Level 3, easy to hit from BEXP and Fire chip alone) with valuable 3-range chip. In the interest of keeping this one more concise, I'll just say that I find the premise of the entire argument to be untrue, and in the absence of more concrete evidence, I'm going to continue thinking that way. I find the fact that Mage Ring pass hasn't been brought up yet particularly shocking, given how powerful it is despite requiring the use of several units who have yet to be mentioned. The Awakening comparison is incredibly untrue. Say what you want about the maps, but as a game Echoes isn't half as broken as Awakening. I think a much more reasonable comparison would be to FE12, where Kris certainly can stomp in combat, but we all know s/he's not doing it alone. Wanting more varied map objectives is certainly a valid line of thinking, but making a blanket statement that all the maps are objectively bad for their absence just doesn't wash for me when many maps highlight the strengths of Echoes' unique mechanics so well. I view the maps in a similar way, except that I really don't think that the bad maps are "bad" per se, more like boring. I do agree that some small changes like the one you suggest could increase the flow of some of the more boring maps. To Echoes' credit, it actually does do this in a lot of cases, and it really shows. Couldn't have said it better myself. I do think that some of the map changes were much needed as well. Dracozombie Cantor map in Celica Act 4 now has a much more reasonable bog/landmass ratio for example. Jedah starting closer to the player makes dealing with his Mogalls far more reasonable as well, regardless of stats. I personally view the changes to Warp/Expel/Physic as generally positive. It has yet to come back to bite me, and as you say, these elements make positioning a much more important factor when moving your healers. I do believe that Expel is less accurate, which I could have done without, but it generally gets the job done without insanely bad luck. Not to mention the fact that Warp/Rescue actually has combat use in this game, since you aren't forced to save them for specific occasions. In fairness, on Hard Mode, you hardly ever come across Archers/Snipers/Bow Knights without Anti-Fliers. I do wish that they would have handed out Silver Bows or perhaps even forged Bows more frequently however, since Iron/Steel Bows really don't scale well without forging.
  13. Witches are strange, they're both consistent and yet inconsistent all at the same time. From what I can tell, for the most part they work something like 1. Attack in Range -> 2. Try to Warp -> 3. If no, move max range -> 4. If yes, attack outskirts (random target?) -> 5. If Warped, don't gang up Their attack patterns don't really deviate from that ever, from what I've played. I've consistently found that they tend to attack whoever is in the rear of your group on maps that are more spread out, and found that they would usually even attack the same unit under identical circumstances. . .but not always. There's probably more to it than that, but there's enough to suggest that they can be manipulated somewhat. Now as for whether or not they feel like warping is a different story entirely. I have no clue what determines that, if anything at all. Some maps, they always do (for me), while others not so much (Fear Mountain in particular). EDIT: They don't Warp -> gang up, but they can Warp -> ORKO, so if a Unit can be killed by a single Witch/a single Witch + non-Witch, it's probably best to leave them out, or at least keep them topped off.
  14. The best way to deal with it early on is to just not leave enemies on low health during Player Phase, unless you can catch up to them easily/without wasting time. This AI only takes effect on maps with heal tiles/healers IIRC (which admittedly is most of them), and Terrors don't have this AI at all. Once you hit Sniper with one of your bow units this basically becomes a non-issue, since Snipers have such massive range. ORKO's become attainable surprisingly quick if you're aiming for them, and of course sometimes you'll want to engage on Enemy Phase anyways, making the AI irrelevant. If you're honestly not fighting on Player Phase at all though, then you might be overcompensating for the retreat AI just a bit. It's really not been that hard to play around in my experience.