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  1. Stay updated or stay away?

    I guess I'll be saying goodbye in a few days, then. Being a month away shouldn't be that hard... right? But really, I was spoiled with Fates, I was spoiled with Pokémon (I miss those times when I played Pearl having no idea at all about the new Pokémon), and I was spoiled with Smash Bros. And a few more I can't remember right now. For my favorite franchise, I want to remain as ignorant as possible, though knowing that Caeda's in is a real relief. I'm that kind of guy who finds excitement and enjoyment even in the smallest and tiniest of details, so having someone else discover it instead ruins part of the fun to me. Even the interface of a game is important to me, I want to find out all by myself. I have to admit, though, that it'll be funny to read all the people's reactions over here after the game's out. I don't want to risk going to other websites to check reactions, even less after all I've heard. So, well, hopefully university will keep me busy until the game's here! And I'll be telling you about the Special Edition issue. Interestingly enough, that retailer hasn't confirmed the payment yet, and the image's still down probably because Anna's not been announced yet. In two days I'll be making my own shelter! Wish me luck!
  2. Stay updated or stay away?

    I agree with you as well. I actually am not that afraid of spoiling the story because whenever I saw something related, I could quickly turn my eyes away. But it's hard to do when you see "NAVARRE'S IN" or mention any unlockable character/weapon/mode. However, it'll be hard to do such a thing, since many people will directly post a thread or topic regarding unlockable stuff instead. It'd be necessary for all to watch this in order to make that happen. I can't deny it'd be cool to keep coming here during early October and find no spoilers and stuff! It may be hard to keep my eyes and hands away from spoilers but I really, really want to enjoy this game to the max.
  3. So as someone pointed out in an earlier topic, the game is finally hitting Japanese shelves in barely 4 days. And as a logical consequence, it won't even be one day without having lots and lots of reveals and secrets the developers haven't shown us yet. And hence the reason for this topic, so hopefully you can help me make my mind about this. Are you going to stay updated once the game's out in Japan and have everything revealed to you, or are you going to instead stay in a internet-free shelter trying not to get any kind of information about the game until the 20th October? As many expressed, it's quite obvious that the game has a lot more than they've shown us. We don't even know if those History Mode maps are all of them, the potential rewards they could have (including hidden characters, weapons and skins), how long the Story Mode is going to be, extras, etcetera. I have to admit I'd be happy with what they've shown us so far, but secrets and rewards are something I always have loved about games. And by that I mean discovering them myself. So, what are you going to do, guys? I'm leaning more for hiding and wait for the game only having the information I currently have, but I'd like you to express your opinions. Thank you in advance.
  4. Warriors Appreciation Thread

    It definitely feels fine to hear something good about the game again. Since the day the game was announced I was beyond excited about being able to play it, and I've felt that way as I knew more and more about the game. At times I felt like I was the only one who was actually looking forward to play and enjoy it, but it feels good to check I'm not, so thank you for cheering me up after having read nothing but complaints. I've always dreamt of playing as some iconic FE characters with gorgeous 3D graphics, so this game is indeed what I was looking for. It will be my second game from the Warriors franchise after Hyrule Warriors, and after having spent a long, long time playing that one, I can say I'm going to love this even more given it's featuring my favorite video game franchise of all time. As you can check, Caeda's my favorite character, and after the leak, I've been even more interested in the game! I don't know if she'll use lances, swords, if she'll have Cordelia's moveset... I just know she'll be my main. The rest of characters look fun to play as well, Sakura's special attack was certainly interesting! But as I did in Hyrule Warriors, I'll end up playing with all of them. I'm really, really looking forward to! I'm happy enough we have a voice cast, I was expecting them to just give us grunts and simple voices, but having them voice the full script sounds awesome! Not to mention the music remixes! Hyrule Warriors surprised me with amazing remixes of Molgera's battle, Skyloft, Hyrule Field and such, and just imagining which tracks they chose and remixed makes me shiver in nervousness. If they make this History mode half as long as they did with Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Mode, that'll be so great. I've only completed the first map and I've not gotten bored in the slightest about it, so chances are I'll have just as much fun. Also, Adventure Mode had some unlockable outfits as rewards as long as some secret characters if you got an A score on them, I wonder if that will make it back here as reskins of other characters, new weapons or new characters even they've been hiding so far. Wouldn't that be amazing? I seriously doubt that we're just having 3 game modes, though, so I'm excited to see what they've been hiding from us. I'm against the mere existence of DLC, I'd rather have the complete game even if it takes a few months of delay, but if it has a reasonable price and a fair amount of new and interesting content, it's something to be considered. I will understand, though, if they keep releasing DLC's one year after the game's been out. It's a good way to keep the game fresh and fun to play with new content, though I'd prefer Splatoon's update system. I'm sorry for the rant, I'm just so excited and eager to hear about others who feel the same!
  5. New characters leaked

    So I went to El Corte Inglés today despite being already aware of the removal of the image. The videogame department was much smaller than I remembered, to the point of being restricted to the corner of a bigger supermarket-like area, and the Switch section merely consisted of a tiny shelf. As expected, it had no manager or person in charge other than the cashiers of this supermarket area, and I can tell they have no idea about our issue. I asked the manager of the electronics department nearby and knew nothing about the subject, not even about the limited edition, so I'm afraid to say that I didn't find anything new. Sorry, guys.
  6. New characters leaked

    I'm sorry for the late reply, but I don't think that contacting would give any answers. The purpose of the contact phone is mainly to give out complaints about a product, ask for availability and such; I highly doubt they would care to give an answer about the image of a game they're using. They don't give this kind of stuff the importance we give it, so calling them for such a thing may make them hang the call right away or something like that. Either way, since I live close to one of these centres, I could give it tomorrow a visit and ask in the videogame section. I'll be busy at university most of the day so bear with me. Nice to see another Spanish fella here, by the way!
  7. New characters leaked

    As it turned out that this retailer is Spanish and I happen to live in Spain, I quickly went to order the game online and surprisingly didn't give me any trouble at all; it says I'll get it before October 21st. I'm more shocked about the fact that this retailer isn't that keen on videogames, having a relatively small section for them, while one of the most-known videogame retailers in Spain like GAME is hasn't shown anything yet. So I'll be your personal journalist informing from Spain if something comes up with my order. My inner self though wants to just scream in joy if that female pegasus knight turns out to be Shiida/Caeda/Sheeda/whatever. Also, I highly doubt that if the boxart is real, the final roster would only be composed by those characters. Wasn't it confirmed that at least one armor knight would appear in the game, or am I wrong? In that case, there's still room for more characters to be announced. PS: Someone else thought that the supposed Anna sprite was Norne at first?
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    Luis / 9075067216
  9. Getting summon orbs

    So I've been playing the game since it was released yesterday and I've been wondering about how to get more orbs for summoning heroes. I've used the search option here in the forum to check if there was a similar topic but I didn't see it, so I decided to create this one (I hope I'm not disturbing or skipped a post containing this info, in said case I apologize!). -So, apart from getting a daily bonus of 2 orbs, one orb per story chapter and paying real money for them, is there any other way of getting orbs? I mean, when you finish the story, you will only able to get the 2 daily orbs? -And is it always better to summon 5 heroes at once using 20 orbs? I've only summoned 5 so far (no 5-stars yet) and I'm kind of hesitant about spending 20 more orbs knowing it's quite hard to get them. And that would be everything! Thanks everyone!
  10. Newcomer willing to help

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and advice! ^^ Yeah, I already know about FE Wars of Dragons, I also contributed there doing some translations into English. But I guess I won't get into any trouble for wanting to help both sites, right? ^^; Anyway, I have FE 7-11 and 13-14 in Spanish, so I was wondering if there was some kind of project involving translations into other languages of stuff such as items, classes, names, support conversations... I'm sorry if I seem overly excited about this, but I just started my summer holiday after a stressful year and I want to use my spare time to relax doing what I like the most! That said, it's a pleasure to know you all. :)
  11. Newcomer willing to help

    Hey there, everybody! I just created an account here and I'm really happy to become a member of this community! However, I'd like to help making it grow as much as possible. I'm a Spanish avid reader and I love languages, so if there's any kind of project involving Spanish-English or vice versa translations, I'd be glad to help! That said, thank you for letting me in and I hope to have a great time here with all of you!