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  1. praiserufflets
  2. please clap for these hosts only messing up once in this night
  3. aliases Best Boy and Worst Cat should work together, and everyone should kill alias Makaze, y/n?
  4. in, so long as this doesn't take 7 phases and/or i don't last 7 phases, it won't interfere with senior week
  5. EiMM: All Stars (Won by Ice, Paper, PKL, and Rein!)

    @Zeonth GET 360 N0 SC0P3D NERD @everyone else, hey, how's it going? if u want my alias u just gotta listen to the story behind it, i think i'm done for this game
  6. EiMM: All Stars (Won by Ice, Paper, PKL, and Rein!)

    since I'm the first one to post in thread, does that mean I win?
  7. mty noc mafia game

    only if y'all don't lynch me D1 for undermining the establishment
  8. broken you say? well don't worry, i've got copies!!
  9. so should i leak more aliases, in the hopes of free communication? or should i die silently?
  10. count the amumu lynches as me tbh, that's what they mean. I was amumu in Wayne Bradierest, the other FFA that i tried to overthrow the bourgeois
  11. i have 8 people who want me dead already?
  12. out of the goodness of my heart and also some bribery, unlynch and lynch cabbage
  13. >17th on the list i feel only slightly triggered by this number lynch proverb
  14. lies. real target is Heath for being such a rude person in my math class.