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  1. hhh

    humanity chose not to believe in the future, or rather, to build one; if it isn't alive, it can't die, right? haha, it's very late for me, and i'm feeling pretty irritated...so i may be sounding a little pessimistic; may be... later thread;
  2. Not, probably, feeling annoyed and irritated. Probably.
  3. hhh

    ....every reality is a chemical mixture, unstable, volatile, and-...why did reason ever think to argue with it, how did it ever imagine it could stand against it, how silly an effort...
  4. hhh

    The world is dead, and nobody cared...
  5. Has a very interesting character avi/sig set. who is it???
  6. Confirmation on public information.
  7. hhh

    I'll probably have to wait until the weekend to get my hands on Andromeda...
  8. ???: will you be lifting the question limit?
  9. It's coming. "One more day, and one day less," So about my eventual death? I don't know. I don't think too much about that. I think about how I've been living my life thus far, I go from there.
  10. hhh

    ah ha, well, same as yesterday; which was, really, not ideal. But that's the general state of the world, so perhaps "normal" or "fine" would be more...appropriate answers.
  11. hhh

    well...some anime this year may actually be pretty amazing too, but I can't get my hopes too high up on that end.
  12. hhh

    It is, actually, the highlight of 2017 for me so far, unless something else amazing happens later on the year.
  13. hhh

    of course; how can any one not be???
  14. Seems to watch a lot of those; perhaps one day we'll see one about her?