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  1. hhh

    hmm, I could have done better with this weekend...much better...well...
  2. he does knows, and still did, for he did trust, what he did sense.
  3. may or may wear cat costumes.
  4. not at all; why deny yourself the opportunity to see/read things from other perspectives/world views?
  5. may not be feeling a bit downcast for some very silly, selfish reasons.
  6. has, and will...the curse feature is made for everyone!
  7. Avi is part of joke about something, possibly random numbers.
  8. I feel it's been a few lives close to eternity since I last saw you thread this pages. Very pretty avi, btw.
  9. Knows Minerva didn't win that bout, and may, or perhaps may not, be feel a measure of disappointment for it.
  10. any time~ I guess this means we need dlc now showing us how she trains...
  11. Hinoka being Hinoka, I can see the top one working out, but it's not what I would usually have in mind. I would imagine that to be Rinka instead. And the second one is just great, honestly.
  12. believes in the hopeful night; i can understand why (may be).
  13. hhh

    thanks! I'm doing fine with the reward side, but my sleep schedule hasn't been the best lately. Still, one step at a time. well, stuff.
  14. May or may dream himself in a field filled with swords are far as the eye can see.
  15. hhh

    me being me is all, so nothing, really, but thanks for asking.