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  1. hhh

    haha, I'm just feeling nostalgic and a little disappointed about some old/recent stuff. .....which reminds me, there's always new anime every season; always something fun to look forward to.
  2. hhh

    that feeling that its great, wonderful, worth it, and at the same time knowing it ultimately amounts to nothing.... *sigh*
  3. hhh

    @Trisitei oh, i just had this big wall of text typed and ready to send and.....this junk software decided to sing me out while I was typing and when I submitted I lost everything....
  4. hhh

    haha, that's somewhat irresponsible, don't you think?...what would happen if it somehow makes its way back to the surface?...ah, well, I'm over it now; music and anime did the trick.
  5. hhh

    some one tell me what to do when they're angry, but don't to let that anger out into the physical surroundings. I'll welcome some way of letting this out....quietly....
  6. hhh

    Or something like that...
  7. hhh

    Oh, don't worry; I decided I'm skipping SF until I'm caught up and done with Echoes. I know very well the way things play out around here.
  8. hhh

    I got my Special Edition copy of Echoes (or is it Shadows?) today...there's absolutely nothing especial about it, but my inner fan loved it...who knows when i'll get to play though, i suspect i will have to try very, very hard not to get spoiled around here....mission impossible....*sigh*....
  9. hhh

    really over did it this time, now i'm just exhausted...*sigh* wish i could wander the realm of dreams for a hundred hours right now...ah, it won't be nice, but what in this ever is?...
  10. Who has the best visual & character design??? I'll with that one
  11. hi hello~ *: If you were a character on Fates, who would your S and A+ supports be? **: What would your personal skill be? ***: if you could have participated on any battle in an FE game, which would it be? *v: What is your favorite skill in FE? v: Do you like the way FE has been handled lately/the direction it is going currently? &&& v*: Social construct you dislike the most? v**: If you could write a message on the moon for everyone to see, what would it be? v***: If you had to chose three songs or books to have some one listen to or read them and get an understanding of who you are, which would you chose? not that you have to share, of course. *$: Do you believe on superstitions or supernatural, like astrology, etc.? $: what do you do to pick yourself up when your feeling down?
  12. hhh

    some times I don't know what I'm watching on youtube.... @Soul~!...hey there, I don't think I have ever seen you around here, honestly, and avi posting, at that. Something must be weird about today.
  13. hhh

    Sol, I think of all the avis I have seen you use, your current avi is likely closet to a match to your personality. Just a random thought; please continue your observations as usual.
  14. hhh

    Not much of a fan of special editions, but I do end up getting some here and there, yet the stuff often just ends up laying around. I did quite the little pouch you get for you 3DS in the Fates special ed and the book was nice. I don't even know everything that were getting on the Echoes special ed, but I know we don't get the amiibos which is really sad.
  15. hhh

    *sigh* zero motivation...