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  1. hhh

    what a sad dream to have...
  2. hhh

    ah haha, you're right; its already being fairly long, I guess all things considered it's actually pretty late by now...well then, later, Sf...
  3. Located in some very interesting place....
  4. hhh

    kiss it all better~~. we're all just background noise... what mighty thoughts you must posses, to give beauty both form and voice..... another day gone just like that....
  5. Used quick attack! Chains quick attacks quite often.
  6. hmm, ok, since you said it twice. .............................. Oh, it's anime. Close enough!
  7. Knows who Rena is, but....she will know I don't know vv is it an FE character by any chance?
  8. hhh

    what happened?
  9. Suddenly remembers the origin of one of my many nicknames around here! I wonder how many more he knows....
  10. hhh

    some one catch me up on what this stuff about FE X Dynasty Warriors stuff is about? Are we still doing turn-based tactical rp, or we doing real-time Dynasty Warrior action stuff? Should I be happy or sad? I just fount out yesterday E3 is going on right now, and all I know is that apparently Sony flunked.
  11. ah, ninja.... then i guess: silver hair and blue eyes; you just can't go wrong with those choices^^ green eyes are still my favorite, but blue eyes are very charming as well.
  12. Very, very cute set. I'm tempted to say this is the best or one of the best I have seen you use, but this is clearly my bias thinking, so...it's one of the best I have seen you use ^^ Does not post around here as much as she used to; saddening, but that's how the world works. Also, classed-up from "Mage" to "Sage", which sounds pretty well; congrats c: