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  1. "The damage Lyn takes from lances is acceptable" "Marcus' 10 base defense is way too bad" hahahaha If only every bullshitting in the world was so easily spottable. (And before you complain about my choice of words - I'm using the term in the way Harry Frankfurt characterizes "bullshit" in his essay. It's philosophical 'n shit) Fair enough. Although I don't think that Jill is hard to use (source: this scrub when playing RD for the first time), it's more that it's not so immediately obvious that she is the best use of your resources. That's just, like, your opinion, man. The sun is shining and I'm about to go to work.
  2. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    For the record: I still think that nobody in this thread argues "Movement is ALL that matter" and that it is just @Baldrick vastly (and I mean vastly) exaggerating when others point out the merits of more movement points.
  3. The official Nino is good thread

    Well duh. She doesn't need those, she's a dodgetank.
  4. If it takes a good player to use a unit, then the unit itself isn't good. If I played Magnus Carlsen in chess, he would most certainly be able to beat me without using his queen. Does that mean that the queen is a worthless piece? And I'm going to tell a secret: Everyone in this thread is able to use low-tier units such as Wil, Rebecca, Bartre, Nino, Wallace, and so on. Most folks here are also able to gauge the effort it takes in relation to the reward it brings. Don't tell anyone, though!
  5. The official Nino is good thread

    Are you insecure about your small XP rank? Just apply NINO and watch it grow in the span of only two chapters! Recruit NINO now and receive one EDGELORD as a free gift!
  6. Oh, absolutely. I loved Fighter!Yubello in my last New Mystery playthrough, for example. But while I legit think that Fighter or Pirate is the best class for Yubello, I'm not going to pretend that he is better than Barst or even just Pirate!Doga. I'll say it again - it's a frigging game and I don't mean to tell anyone how to have fun. If there's any practical application for all this nonsense, it's that a good unit in "efficiency metric" is also a good unit to recommend to a player who has trouble beating the game or a specific chapter. The whole DONT USE JEIGAN mentality that is still drifting through the ether makes the games (or, in FE7's case, at least the harder modes) a lot less accessible for newcomers, if that's the advice they're taking to heart.
  7. Imma get that S rank! I hope...

    Chapter 27 - 15/18 turns (213/213 in total) - 1863/1550 XP (29014/20850 in total) - Funds: * * * * fielded: Hector, Matthew, Serra, Priscilla, Florina, Raven, Lucius, Ninian, Isadora, Heath, Farina, Pent + Harken
  8. Doesn't matter, Kent has two Shiny Green Numbers on average compared to Sain's one. And since Sain caps Str so early, you don't get as many satisfying *tink*s per level up.
  9. The problem with applying the term "effective" to Fire Emblem - in general, not only in the context of this thread - is that every strategy that allows the player to beat the game is, first and foremost, equally effective. The desired outcome is to get to the final boss and beat him (or her, or it), and if a player reaches that goal, then his playing style has been effective. Full stop, end of discussion, we can all go home now. The only way to differenciate the effectiveness of different playstyles is to introduce additional, variable side objectives - lowest turn count, fastest playthough, highest rankings, the most tactitian stars, the most cash at the end of the game, the most Shiny Green Numbers (tm), as many A supports as possible, full recruitment, no casualties... Basically, as long as there is consensus about the criteria, there's a whole lot of playthroughs that can be called the "most effective", but obviously, those criteria are highly subjective. I'm fairly certain that me skipping Wallace was an effective choice in order to reach an S rank, but in a full recruitment run, my strategy would not have had the desired outcome. Instead, I would have had to take as much time as needed in order to get one of the Caelin characters to recruit him (and probably promote him in Lyn Mode, too, since he died on turn 2 ) Other than bullshitting, one of Diogo's basis of argumentation is to assume Moar Bigger Numbers as a central side objective, so his playstyle, which is to focus on unit with good 20/20 stats, is the most effective through his own definition. And by completely ignoring any misgivings about that definition, he can basically just "win the argument" (in some big fucking airquotes) simply by referring to those 20/20 stats, while stuff like actual combat performance can be dismissed. The advantage of the "efficient" criteria is that it is considerably more objective. How can the game be beaten with the least required effort? This, of course is pretty much a platonic ideal. I'd wager that very few players will only have "effort" in mind - it's a game, after all, and usually, the primary reason to play is to have fun - another highly subjective term, unfortunately. In any case, assuming a modicum of mental flexibility, people can now discuss what the most efficient playstyle entails - which units to use, which items to get, where to slow down and where to warp skip - and how much one can deviate from that playstype before the needed effort increases noticeably. Like, how much harder is the game if one doesn't use Marcus, but plays efficient otherwise? How much more tedious does the earlygame get if one were to train Rebecca? How impactful is that Speedwings/Body Ring combo on Athos? It's important to remember (and as far as I can tell, almost everyone in this threat does) that "efficient" shouldn't be seen as the way the game "should" be played. It's still a game, remember? But it's by far a smarter way to gauge a unit's value than just looking at the potential: What can a unit do to help beat the game? What kind of opportunity cost is needed for the unit to reach the necessary benchmarks to do so? Note that this does not mean that Jagens are automatically the only good units in a game. My favourite example is probably RD!Jill, who has a rather unimpressive start, but I believe that many players agree that it's still worth it to dump a whole lot of resources into her so that she will later almost trivialize the part 3 chapters of the Dawn Brigade.
  10. Imma get that S rank! I hope...

    Chapter 26 - 12/11 turns (198/195 in total) - 2274/1500 XP (27151/19300 in total) - Funds: * * * * fielded: Dorcas, Florina, Serra, Ninian, Heath, Wil (LHS) | Fiora, Priscilla, Lucius, Raven, Sain (RHS) | the lords + Pent, Louise
  11. I'm 7077 XP ahead of the tactics rank and the only treasure that I missed because I rushed the chapter was the Silence staff in ch.24 (Lloyd). I'm also 17 turns behind Balcerzak's turncount in his successful S Rank run at this point in the game (taking into account the different requirements for chapter 24). Gaiden chapters are optional. You are given the option to skip them, even if you fulfill the requirements, and doing so does not further impact gameplay. From an effective viewpoint (heh), all that matters are the requirements vs. what you get out of them. He was. I should know - I was there when I was playing. You weren't. I also have a first-hand comparison of the earlygame with and without liberal Marcus use. Apparently, you don't. Physic staves were pretty great in chapter 21. Chest keys aren't needed between chapter 20 and 22 where they are buyable again. The chest key that I bought in chapter 22 is still intact - in chapter 22 itself, the difficulty isn't to get your thief to the chest, it's to safely kill the thief or (which I opted for) steal his lockpick before he gets the 10000 gold chest Unless the main page is incorrect, you can only buy chest keys in the norther secret shop. The Killer weapons are the main draw of the southern shop since they improve your offense considerably, in particular on your flyers. -- Thanks a lot @Aut for the AS list - that is pretty handy! After my ranked run, I might try to get a more complete Enemy Stat compilation. Just to get some input, how's this format?
  12. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    This has nothing to do with what you quoted. I'm not interested in a discussion if you just incoherently jump between different points.
  13. If Lyn mode continued

    I agree with this. It would be a shame if the remakes made Lyn go avenger - I find that Wallace hindering her to do so to be a integral part of his character, even if it's only addressed in his Lyn support. Maybe it would be an option to let Lyn Mode start as Wallace Mode in chapter 11, before the focus goes back to Lyn in chapter 15 (which would have her escape the castle)? Wallace would have to recruit a few helpers along the way because four chapters with only one playable character seems like a HORRIBLE idea, but those could be the Lyn Mode exclusive characters. Hector Mode has a couple of those, too, after all. Wallace being route-exclusive would have to go away, of course, but that doesn't seem like an unsurmountable problem.
  14. That's fascinating and all, but I am already conciously avoiding to use Marcus too much in my current run - he's only at level 4.27 with 76/47 B/W, his last appearance was in Dragon's Gate (where he was absolutely invaluable), and he might not see combat for the rest of the game at this point. This made the earlygame significantly more difficult and I'm positive that I could have eeked out a couple more saved turns if using Marcus more liberally. So if you consider Tactics to be the bottleneck for your run, I would advice to use Marcus a lot more than I did. Also, if my XP / funds ranks allow me to skip Value of Life, I'm fairly positive that I'll be able to finish the game with about 20 turns to spare for 5 Star Tactics. 32x is basically a way for me to convert that turn surplus into XP and Funds, if needed. And finally, What Is Effectiveness, according to DiogoJorge? I have to say that the only definition that I could find seem rather lacking. (before you ask why - I already answered that. Twice.)
  15. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    No. Why would you? Unless there's no middle ground between "Movement doesn't matter" and "Movement is all that matters", there's no fundamental reason why Wendy's better overall performance (which I find questionable in itself) cannot be worth less than Sophia's +1 movement. Less =/= nothing. (also, I always found that the difference between 4 and 5 move is extremely noticeable, much more than the difference between 5 and 6. Giving Knights 5 movement, but keeping the Generals at 5 as well would make quite a difference, imo) Also this, yeah. I don't even have a definite opinion about Wendy vs. Sophia.