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  1. I don't think "casino" is the comparison you're looking for - unless there's a casino around where it's literally impossible to lose and the worst outcome is that your inevitable win is delayed for another round. And thing is, this flip-coins-'til-you-win scenario only occurs if you play suboptimally by promoting neither Deke nor Rutger, since the latter in particular makes this bossfight fairly tolerable. If you bait him into attacking with his Hand Axe, 15/1 Rutger (14 Str, 22 Skl, 21 Spd, 8 Lck) deals 8 damage per "normal" hit, has 73 disp. hit (85.69 true) and doubles (Henning has 16 AS with the HA). His crit chance is 64%, so it's very likely that he'll two-round, and the only help he needs is someone to bait the HA attack and a rescue/drop out of Henning's range after the first turn (to avoid that he switches to the Blade). Henning is a problem (or rather an inconvenience, honestly), promoted Rutger is the solution. If you don't use him, be it by choice or because you don't recognize the value of early promotion, the game becomes harder / more tedious. It's a meaningful choice because the worse one will be punished - and I think that's better than PoR HM's "just use whoever, lol". I should add that I don't want to say that PoR has a worse unit balancing that BB, though. PoR mostly achieves what it tries to do - make every unit viable at worst for their entire existence. BB seems to have another aim (Marcus was obviously never intended to slay Jahn), but as I said in my previous post, some of the lower-tier units (and not only the joke tier characters )are superfluous. Usable, but superfluous. I will however say that I much prefer FE6's ambition, which is to give every unit a unique role in terms of gameplay. For example, horribly though he might be, even Wade has a small role in the earlygame - chip damage against lance users, or even just a backup if one of your other units misses - so I'm actually OK with him as a unit. But a unit like Ogier, who is basically just "recruit, take his armourslayer, bench, forget"? Meh.
  2. The only thing that the RNG decides when killing Henning is the amount of turns it takes to bring him down. Even without SM!Rutger (and even without any promoted units at all), you just have to flip coins until you have enough heads. You're fielding 10 units, so it's no problem to attack him 3x per player phase from 2 range and then rescue/drop everyone out of the way so that he doesn't switch to is Hand Axe. At no point is the player forced to take a lethal risk. Henning is not a luck-based fight. You don't have to "pray" that a 40% hits, you just have to repeat until it does. Riveting gameplay? Hardly, but it's honestly your own fault if you don't use the resources that the game is readily giving to you - i.e. Rutger (or Dieck, although he's obviously not as good) and a Hero Crest. Fire Emblem is a strategy game, after all, and really, it's not a fault if "make good use of your resources" is part of the requirements to beat harder difficulty modes. I wouldn't complain that I'm "forced" to build libraries and universities to win a Civ game, or that I have to build up my military if I'm starting between Monty, Attila, and Genghis Khan. And I don't complain if some FE units are better than others - perfect balance is not automatically a good thing. FE6 HM does have some issues in its unit roster, but it's not on the upper end of viability. While some of the good units are very good, the only unit that is almost (and not even quite) forced to use is Marcus in chapter one. All other high-tier units, while making the game harder if you don't use them, are never necessary to beat any map. Sure, you're in a world of pain if you choose not to use any good units, but again - "make good use of your resources" is something that a strategy game is allowed to demand. The bigger problem with FE6's unit balancing is that quite a few units are literally never useful and trying to make use of them will never really pay off. Other than the few units that I actually consider borderline unusable (Wendy, Sophia), there's a few candidates such as Hugh, Yuno, or Ogier who can be used without too much hassle (well, in Yuno's case, "used" means "be a air taxi"), but have practically nothing that makes fielding them better than any unit that's actually good.
  3. @Slumber - I'm referring to the "real life" namesakes. Igraine and Uther are King Arthur's parents, Lancelot and Guinivere (i.e. Arthur's wife) had an affair, one of Gawain's brothers (Gawain being another one of Arthur's knights) is called Gareth... If you don't see any Fire Emblem relevance in that, well, no wonder, because that's exactly my point. Fire Emblem never brought the backstory of the original namebearers into the actual FE characters, so I see no reason to read anything in the names Sieglinde and Siegmund, either. Also, who is feeling that the twins are being "too" close? I can only think of Tana wondering about how she and Innes aren't nearly as close - but let's be real here, her comparison is Innes. (Who, admittedly, has this weird assumption that he has to be better than Ephraim in order to be good enough for Eirika). But again, I see no reason why every Love must be read as Eros.
  4. Igraine is named after Uther's wife. afaik, Elphin's real name is based on Merlin/Myrddin. Niime/Nimue is the Lady of the Lake, who gave Excalibur (a sword) to Arthur and is also sometimes depicted as Elphin Merlin's teacher or lover. Lance(-lot) and Guinivere don't have anything going on in Fire Emblem. "Troubadour" is the male form of that word. Marth (Mars) isn't particularly warlike. Is Gareth Gawain's brother? I haven't played FE4 - is there an Iseult/Isolde in Tristan's life? I don't think there's any reason to assume that Fire Emblem's writers put any hidden messages into their naming schemes. --- Eirika is indeed called the "Restauration Queen" in her solo ending, but personally, I find the explaination "Ephraim named her co-ruler" way, way more reasonable than applying the old "they're close to each other, so obviously dey fuckin'" treatment. It might be unusual (and I'm sure that some of our resident history experts would be able to point out that and why it would even be completely impossible IRL), but more unusual and outrageous than the king officially marrying his sister? Seriously? €: And I'm ninja'd by Vincent and the "queen" title is even more meaningless in that regard. :D
  5. Is it really desirable if a Hard Mode can be beaten "casually"? Maybe I just misinterprete what you mean by that phrase, but in my opinion, a good HM should challenge the player and punish their mistakes or bad plays. My personal favorite in this regard is Binding Blade, mostly for reasons already stated. I like that FE6 draws its difficulty from fairly simple game mechanics (more isn't always better) and I think that it's an enjoyable challenge for an informed player (that knows stuff like "field Lilina in chapter X", "Lalum recruits Perceval", or "yes, you do have to keep Douglas alive").
  6. I'll sign this, pretty much. Miccy not having any leadership stars is particularly jarring because Ike and Soren (? - not sure if it was those two, but I believe it was before or after the bridge chapter) comment on how fierce Daein's soldiers are fighting because of her. I don't think Micaiah is all that bad as a unit (not great either, but decent enough), so I don't think her own stats need to be improved. Her squishyness just adds to the challenge, and unlike, say, Roy or SD!Marth, she is seldom useless despite her drawbacks. And I also always hated the Ike Clause for the Ashera fight. ;) (and even more so for the Ashnard fight, but that's neither here nor there)
  7. That is a really good start. The only stat that she isn't at least slightly ahead in would be Luck (9.2 average).
  8. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Canas -> Can-ass (Armour Knight)
  9. Meg isn't even particularly BEXP-able :/ Like, Nolan has at least the decency to have Spd as one of his highest growths, so when he caps Mag/Skl/Res, his Spd will soon follow (and afterwards, his Str will) if you feed him BEXP levels. Meg's highest growth when Spd/Lck are capped (and on average, that takes until 20/14) are HP/Skl/Res. And she'll need 3-4 procs to cap those, so she doesn't really have any opportunity to go above her Str/Def averages. And, of course, 22 Spd cap. Bleagh. It's kinda funny how differently terrible Meg and Fiona are - Meg is never as horrible as Fiona is at jointime, but unlike Fiona, she will always be subpar, no matter how much favouritism you give her. Fiona at least becomes a Silver Knight with that magical 34 Spd, some neat innate skills, and an Earth affinity.
  10. Hals- und Beinbruch, Jules! What looks like the biggest challenge to me is using both Meg and Fiona, tbh, although your deployment list for part 3 seems awfully short. But I'm sure you can do this!
  11. Since I needed a break from optimizing Cog of Destiny, I started another HHM project that requires less brainpower overall: An as-exhaustive-as-possible list of enemy stats. I'm still very much at the start of this (and while it needs a lot less thought than my Ranked run, it still takes quite a lot of time), but I suppose it's not a bad idea to publish what I already have. I won't give any promises about how long I will take, since there are a bunch of chapters that I am not looking forward to (26 turns of Dragon's Gate springs to mind), but I'll do my best not to leave it unfinished. A few notes ahead: I try to remember and reset at the start of every chapter, which as far as I know will make sure that the numbers on the initial enemies are consistent. There will always be some randomness on reinforcements' stats, though. The Luck stat on all generic enemies is zero, so I won't bother listing it outside from boss stats. I obviously can't give any guarantee that all the numbers are correct - human error and all that jazz. If I list something like an Iron Lance Nomad: I use copy/paste to keep the layout consistent and this is the entry that I sometimes forget to change. I will steal an idea from the initial project and add a * to every chapter's number for easier Ctrl-F usage. Credit where it's due: I'm using fireemblemWOD's section of this game to see where and when reinforcements appear. CHAPTER 11* - Another Journey CHAPTER 12* - Birds of a Feather CHAPTER 13* - In Search of Truth CHAPTER 13x* - The Peddler Merlinus CHAPTER 14* - False Friends CHAPTER 15* - Talons Alight CHAPTER 16* - Noble Lady of Caelin CHAPTER 17* - Whereabouts Unknown CHAPTER 17x* - The Port of Badon CHAPTER 18* - Pirate Ship CHAPTER 19 - The Dread Isle CHAPTER 19x* - Prisoner of Magic CHAPTER 19xx* - A Glimpse in Time CHAPTER 20* - Dragon's Gate
  12. Imma get that S rank! I hope...

    Chapter 29 - 9/20 turns (252/276 in total) - 1357/3650 XP (33978/28550 in total) fielded: Hector, Ninian, Priscilla, Heath, Florina, Farina, Fiora, Pent, Raven, Harken + Vaida
  13. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Boi, don't throw in the towel so fast. Your Lowen isn't even that bad: +1 HP / +2 Str / +1 Skl / -1 Spd / +.5 Lck / -1 Def / +1 Res. (rounded to the nearest integer unless the average is exactly at .5) -1 Spd sucks, of course - but you could check how many enemies are sitting at exactly 5 AS because those are the only ones that Average!Lowen fares better against than your Lowen. I don't have any EHM stats ready, but in HHM's chapter 14, those would only be the two initial Peggies (not the reinforcements because those wield Slim Lances) and the Archers.
  14. Gonzo is weird in that his combat is suddenly surprisingly good in the endgame, as soon as the mentioned Lance Swarm arrives and assuming that you get him into promotion range in time. Like, 10/1 Gonzales' innate accuracy is about as good as 15/1 Allen's, although Allen's will obviously grow more significantly. Gonzo also has like +15 HP and same-ish Def, as well as 5-6 points more Str. So as long as the enemy is wielding a lance, Gonzales' combat will be at least on par with some of the heavy lifters, even though he will most likely have a lower level than them even if he promotes at 10. And while Peakwalk scenarios aren't particularly common, it's immensely satisfying when they do appear. Problem is, of course, that his hitrates will be about 60-ish without WTA and before promotion. And he's super fat, which makes it a pain to keep him at the frontlines - 16 Con after promotion means that neither Paladins nor promoted Pegasi will be able to carry him around. Personally, I think that none of the candidates for the 2nd Hero Crest make a terribly big splash when promoted. Dieck honestly isn't that great anymore when the 2nd Crest arrives; Fir is a nice Delete Button, but most of the time she's kinda redundant with Rutger (I know, Pitfall, but SM is a bad EP class in the 2nd half of the game, so having two of them is only really useful if there's more than one enemy that need to die on PP); promoted Gonzo is a good EP unit but it's a bit of a pain to get him there; Lott and Geese all kinds of mediocre; Ogier and Wade are all kinds of bad. Which is probably my ranking, too, with a "=" between Dieck and Fir, as well as Lott and Deke.
  15. Nightmare / FE7: Fog of War in 23

    That I did. *derp* --- Thanks for the advice, @Primefusion - I'll take a look at it.