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  1. Played them in order too, and went with "ambivalent", wishy-washy as that may be. I do like Ike in PoR, but significantly less so in RD, while I don't really enjoy Micaiah all that much. She's fine in part one, but I don't like how she switches to blind loyalty in part three. Her design is really good, though.
  2. Favorite Story Arc?

    In terms of story, act 2 of Radiant Dawn. It's a beautiful case of ensuing reality after the fairy tale that is PoR. Unfortunately, I really dislike most of the actual maps - 2-1 and 2-3 in particular. If you don't cheese it, 2-E is a nice defend map timed get-all-the-goodies map, though. Looking at gameplay, I think I'll go with RD again, but with the first part. One Survives is annoying, but otherwise, I really like how they play out and how the units that you focus on (Jill in particular) become stronger over time. After that, I tend to get a bit burned out when replaying RD (I think I even have an unfinished run somewhere around the start of part 3), tbh. Runner up might be the Western Isles in FE6, excluding 12x. I don't like the gaidens in FE6. ;)
  3. RE: Lyn - It might be worth noting that Lyn decided to go live with her grandfather with no hesitation whatsoever, even though she had never seen him before. And even though she and Eliwood were anything but close (I don't think they met between the Lundgren incident and the fight against Laus), she instantly agreed to help him, wanting to prevent Eliwood from losing his father like she did. Yes, it's clear that Lyn has strong ties to the plains of Sacae, but it's equally clear that she values family and friendship very highly, too. Is it really unthinkable that she would choose love over her home? She certainly wouldn't be the first person in fiction or reality to do so - my sister moved to Bavaria of all places with her boyfriend, ffs. ;) Anyway, I'll repeat my conviction that any remake(s) will go out of their way not to sink any ships that have sailed in the originals.
  4. As far as I can tell, the bolded part is exactly what is supposed to have made Zephiel snap - he was doing everything that is humanly possible to make daddy love him, or at least appreciate him, with the known results. I'm not psychologically learned, but I do know that being unwanted by one's parents can be a cause of mental illness, and in Zephiel's case, "unwanted" is taken to a ridiculous extreme, although I will admit that so is his reaction. But honestly, I don't find that his motivation is completely out of left field.
  5. Confirming that. If you press "end turn" often enough after unlocking a support level, you can unlock the next one right at the beginning of the next chapter in FE7 and 8. No unit is completely irreplaceable, but their direct replacements are usually pretty underleveled, which automatically makes them worse than the original. For example, you'll be able to recruit two more cavaliers in chapter 7, but it's general consensus that they can't hold a candle to Allen and Lance. Losing a unit will sting, but unless you let all of your A team die, it won't make the game unwinnable. However, there is a list of units that need to be alive in order to unlock certain gaiden chapters, all of which are needed to unlock the good ending. The main site has a list, and I would advise that you check it. All of the gaiden requirements are just "{unit} must be recruited and alive" and usually a turn limit for the previous chapter, but the game won't tell you the exact requirements (although it often hints that you have to hurry) and it's nice to know when you're secretly put on a timer. ;)
  6. Guys, you've been going waaaay off-topic. Personally, I don't like the concept of HM bonuses at all. They basically counteract FE6's method of increasing difficulty - i.e. by increasing enemy Numbers - and while it is nice to give players some kind of reward for playing on higher difficulties, I do not think that making the game easier is a good one. ;) If the remake's game design would be similar to the original, some a lot of number tweaking for the player units would be appreciated, though - quite a few units could do with a higher base level (and appropriate stat gains, of course) to make them more immediately useful, or at least less painful to bring to a level where they can contribute. I'm fine with the route splits, honestly, but I would if the player were just directly asked if he wanted to go North/South (on the Isles) and to Sacae/Ilia, respectively. Hiding information from the player is the biggest sin FE6 (and, lets be honest, most RPGs of that era) commits in general. The full Eugenics package from Genealogy, Awakening and Fates honestly does not fit the Elibe games at all. The character lists of both games aren't really compatible with the concept: FE7 has 31 playable males and only 13 playable females, while FE6 only has 11 characters (if I haven't overlooked anyone) that are canonically or heavily implied to be children of FE7 characters. You can add four characters with some other tie to FE7 (Chad probably grew up in Lucius' and potentially Raven's care, Geese is Geitz' brother, Niime is Canas' mother, and Dayan is Rath's father) and 4 characters (Marcus, Merlinus, Bartre, Karel) that appear in both games. But that still makes 35 characters with no ties to FE6 whatsoever, and I belive most people already find the number of playable characters in FE6 to be too big as is, so there isn't really room to include room for the offspring of FE7's cast. Somewhat related, FE7 isn't really a true prequel to FE6, but rather a completely self-contained story that plays in the same cosmos. Sure, Roy and Lilina are the kids of FE7's protagonists, and Athos gives us a bit of foreshadowing in regards of Roy fending off Zephiel, Jahn, and Idoun, but the stories themselves do not build on each other at all. In my opinion, trying to wrestle both games into a single two-parter would probably do both of them a disservice. Something that I would find more fitting is a connection similar to the Tellius games. Not necessarily the stat boosts, but a few minor bonuses and additions if you connect a Remake!FE7 save file to Remake!FE6. Like, give Wolt additional reclassing options if Rebecca gets an A support, or Nino and Canas discovering their family ties means that Lugh and Raigh inherit some personal tomes... Stuff like that. Just don't go the way Fates went and put a complete children mechanism in a plot (or rather two plots) in which it doesn't really make any sense. (not directed at you specifically, just wanting to give my opinion on that) Honestly, as long as IS doesn't explicitly spells out which pairing is "canon", I find that all of them are equally legitimate, even if they're as heavily implied as Roy/Lilina and Eliwood/Ninian and Lyn/Florina. And given how they even pulled an explaination out of their ass why the Awakening kids don't have their dads' hair colours in Fates, I really don't think that we'll ever get such a thing.
  7. Realistically, you have to decide between slightly higher promotional gains (+1 HP, Str, Spd and +2 Con) plus axe access, or two points of movement (and no weakness against armorslayers, I guess). The different caps are completely meaningless in the main game - GK's are technically better, but it is highly unlikely that Pala!Franz will hit any of his caps. In theory, he hits his speed cap at level 20/14 on average, but that's really only a factor in the Creature Campaign. Personally, I go for Paladin every time - movement is just such a valuable stat.
  8. Thoughts on Map Design and Quality Across Games

    Some random thoughts about how a good map can look first: While playing, I want to have a sense of advancement. In most cases, that means I want to get noticably closer to the objective every turn, instead of choking a point for 10 turns, or walk for like 10 turns without any enemy confrontation. Desert maps tend to be rather bad in that regard, as are a few maps in FE12 (chapter 3, for example, where Marth has to take a looong hike around the entire map in order to recruit Julian and Matthis). As somewhat of an exception, if a chapter is supposed to feel like I'm fighting against a insurmountable foe, don't give me a map in which I'm able to rout the enemy. At the same time, don't give the option to just choke a few points for an entire chapter. Make sure that the challenges change over the course of the fight. The worst offender I can think of is chapter 8 (Despair and Hope) in PoR, which is (late reinforcements aside) completely trivial to rout well before the turn limit. If there are no battle saves, I do not like if a chapter suddenly becomes difficult after 10 turns of boredom that I will have to go through again if I fail. It's even worse if the difficulty jump includes a "gotcha" moment, i.e. nasty ambush spawns that you can only protect against if you know where and when they spawn. I do not like chapter 22 in Binding Blade in this regard, since it's pretty tame before you open the door through the throne room (at least it is to be expected that Zephiel isn't completely unprotected). FE12 would be a major offender if it wasn't for its save points, too - I'm thinking about the lava map with its wyvern reinforcements, or the ice map with the trap when you move onto the central island. There's a solution for both of them if you know that they're there (body-block the forts and one-round the boss with Marth in seizing range, respectively), but you will lose a unit if they catch you unaware. If you introduce a gimmick, make i count. It really doesn't add to the gameplay if you have to break through 19376 walls on the way to the throne (I'm talking about that Gaiden map in FE6, for the record) Personally, I enjoy FE6's map design the most, at least outside of some of the Gaiden chapters. They're typically relatively front-heavy in their difficulty, and even though the maps are pretty large, I don't really remember having to walk through 20 turns of nothing at any point. FE9 might have been great, too, if the enemies weren't such a joke, but that's obviously just speculation on my part.
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Not everything can just be hand-waved as a matter of opinion. "I do not like Roy" is an opinion, "Roy is a horrible unit" is a statement which is true or false and can be backed or refuted based on numbers (i.e. how are his hitrates, damage rolls, avoidance, physical/magical bulk over the course of the game). Of course, there is room for different metrics, for example how much of a impediment he becomes between the Etruria arc and his promotion, if arena abuse is taken into account, or how much weight different parts of the game should have on the overall evaluation (for example, I find strong earlygame performance more important in every FE game because you lack options). But ultimately, all discussions about gameplay performance of a unit can be boiled down to "X does this well in that part of the game", and these fundamental arguments can be backed by average stats, or by the probability of reaching certain stat benchmarks. Meanwhile, "I enjoy Lyon as a villain", "L'Arachel is very entertaining", or "Orson's betrayal is too obvious and comes too early" are all based on my personal preferences of what I expect of a villain and what I find funny, although there are certainly objective criteria of good and bad writing (which, I should admit, I'm not that familiar with). Point is, "X is pointless" (and that is definitely the vibe I get from your repeated "what's the point of" questions) seems like a very definite statement to me. It's not "I don't like using them", or "people overvalue their potential contributions", it's "there is no reason to use them", and some of the arguments you use are just not true. To go through them - and I do apologize for slicing your initial post, I don't really like that kind of responses... Garret comes at a point of the game where lances become more and more prevalent, so axelock isn't that much of a detriment anymore. I've already covered why you might want to use Garret instead of Geese or Gonzo - no investment in form of kill-feeding and an promotional item, so if you don't want any of those three on your lategame team but see the use of a potentially peak- and waterwalking axe user, Garret is an option. Why is "desert areas" in plural? There's exactly one desert map in the game, and Cecilia is free to use / force-deployed (depending on whether your glass is half full or half empty). The only other map on which Lilina might have a mobility advantage is the dense forest map on the Ilia route. I won't repeat why Cecilia outclasses Lilina in terms of staff utility, but I will stress that this is not an opinion of mine, but something that results from their stats and weapon ranks. One: Jerrot is better than Marcus because not all stats are created equal. Two: Paladins are such a good class that it's not a bad thing to field more than two of them at once. Marcus (and whoever you promoted out of Allen and Lance) aren't the only baseline to judge Jerrot's usefulness - I highly doubt that there are more than 10 units that are more valuable to deploy than Jerrot by chapter 11. Same argument for Echidna, really. That's the thing: You're not just voicing an opinion, you're presenting a fact, that isn't, well, factual. And that is why people keep disagreeing with you.
  10. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Filler units are very useful though. In chapter 13 (Milady's join chapter, just a random pick to prove my point), you can deploy 14 units (Roy + 13 free slots), but it's quite likely that you do not have that many permanent units in your team. So, assuming that you've promoted Allen or Lance - why would you field Noah and Treck instead of Jerrot and Marcus if they're all going to be benched later anyway? I'd much rather enjoy the higher movement, weapon ranks, and stats of the prepromoted Paladins. Or, more specifically: It's quite advantageous to focus your effort on only one healer - Saul, Ellen, or Clarine - in order to raise their level and staff rank quicker. It's often nice to have a second staffer fielded in case you need the additional healing power, but I at least only promote on of the trio, and the secondary healer will fall behind as a result. When Cecilia joins, she's a great replacement for the second healer, not only because of her higher magic compared to the unpromoted unit, but because she can also deal some decent chip damage or help with rescue/drop strategies when she isn't needed as a healer. I did explain why Cecilia is miles ahead of Lilina in terms of staffbotting - the Mag lead only saves some very minor cash (definitely not enough to make up for the cost of the Guiding Ring), while Cecilia has her mobility and Restore usage (as in, remove status effects) in her favour. Not to mention that Lilina is not a unit that everybody uses in every playthrough. The investment to get her to promotion is quite high, especially on HM where she risks being one-shot very frequently. TL;DR: Lilina does not invalidate Cecilia's usefulness in any way. But the main point is still that Filler units in FE6 are good. But you completely ignore arguments that have been presented to you before. Most of your initial post goes "What's the point of X?" even though that question has been answered to you multiple times. And that is disrespectful in a discussion, because people have been making an effort to point out the positives of FE6, just for you to come out like once or twice a month with another portion of THIS IS BAD ABOUT FE6 without taking notice of the arguments in favour of THIS.
  11. Since this is a game-freezing bug: If you promote on of your flyers to a Wyvern Knight, you might want to deactivate their animations to prevent that from happening. Basically, the game might freeze if a WK doubles an enemy who cannot retaliate (or uses the Brave Lance) and procs Pierce (which is a class-specific skill with [Level]% activation rate) on the first hit. But since it's related to the animation, you can avoid it by deactivating those.
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Dude, you still don't really seem to have a grasp of how FE6 works. You're correct in that not every prepromote is that useful (in particular, Yuno's little more than a potential air taxi in ch.21, while Douglas doesn't really serve a purpose outside maybe some minor contributions in 16x), but you keep forgetting or ignoring points in favour of those prepromotes you've mentioned. To go through your list: Garret is indeed a lower-tier unit, but compared to Gonzo and Geese, he can serve as a filler unit without requiring any effort in form of XP feeding and a promotional item. Axelock isn't that bad anymore at the time he joins because maps at that point of the game tend to be rather lance-heavy. Again, not a unit that will carry your team, but an OK-ish filler unit. Cecilia starts with C staves, which allows her to almost completely negate Lilina's Mag lead by using Mend when needed and gives her Restore access, which is always nice. She also has a pony with all the advantages that come with one. Cecilia is the best second healer (not the second-best - Saul, Ellen, and Clarine are all overall better than her if trained - but she'll be better than the healers that you didn't promote) you have until Niime joins. Jerrot has higher numbers in the most important stats - Spd, Str, and Def. His offense is less reliable than Marcus', but he's still an overall upgrade. More importantly, you can use both Marcus and Jerrot - their stats are still quite good during the western isles and there's no such thing as too many paladins in FE6. Echidna doesn't need a Hero Crest, which is nice. And again, there's no law against using both Deke and Echidna. Her combat during the Isles is quite good, although (as most prepromotes in the game) she will fall behind some time before the endgame. Bartre can provide some meaty chip damage, with a bow if an axe is too inaccurate. Good filler unit when he joins. Klein can use Silver Bows at base. Igrene "only" has a B rank, but that's still Brave Bow access and her stats are quite good. I'm pretty sure you've been told most of these things before, so I have to wonder why you keep insisting that there are no positive aspects about characters when those positive aspects have been repeatedly pointed out to you. To me, it looks like you desperately cling to your "ALL BALANCING IN FE6 IS BAD THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT IT" narrative, but the way you argue (i.e. not acknowledging any argument that goes against that narrative) is incredibly dishonest. And before you go down that road again: Yes, you're allowed to criticize FE6, but it's disrespectful to the other posters if you keep ignoring their points. Yes, there are quite a few issues with FE6's unit balancing, namely the whole "X completely outclasses Y" thingy which is more promintent than in most other FE titles, but this only applies to very few of the prepromoted units.
  13. I highly prefer canon pairings or at most a limited quota of romantic supports. I honestly find it obnoxious if every support between male and female must end with some sort of confession, since this either influences previous supports (the chemistry between the characters has to be set up somehow) or the sudden romance suddenly falls out of the blue sky. As such, I see all these shipping options more as a restriction for the writers because they have to keep all eventualities covered, without much pay-off - for me. I'm quite aware that other players have much more fun playing matchmaker than I do.
  14. Favorite Preparation theme?

    New Mystery for me - right amount of bombast without getting obnoxious when you're spending too much time on the battle preparations. Honorary mentions for Shadow Dragon, T776, Sacred Stones, and SoV's endgame theme. Awakening isn't half bad either, if maybe a bit too hectic for my taste.