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  1. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    What's the answer to that argument, then? How would you rate PoR!Rolf, for example? He fares, I'd say, better in combat than (no-lyn-mode-)Lyn thanks to BEXP, forges, and PoR's general power level, but he's still the overall worst combatant that doesn't have any other utility. Is he a 'good unit'? I see this as a three-part question - 1) How good are characters compared to other playable characters? - 2) How large is the difference between (relatively speaking) good and bad characters in the game? - 3) How forgiving is the game when you field "sub-optimal" characters? Blazing Sword is, I think, relatively lenient on the 2nd and 3rd part. If it wasn't for Marcus, I would say it has the best unit balance of the games I've played (which is 6-12), and most enemies aren't super scary even on HHM. So while I still think that Lyn is decidedly low-tier without Lyn mode (with it, I think she's alright, but still not stellar), she's far less trouble to use than for example the FE6 scrub tier.
  2. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    ...Lyn gets screwed by mages (zero Res, yo) and wyverns even worse. Three points of Def and three/seven points of HP means that Guy and Raven will usually be able to tank at least one more hit than Lyn does - for example, against a 15 Atk enemy (which iirc isn't too unusual when Lyn joins), Lyn gets two-rounded (2x13 damage), while Guy only gets three-rounded even without HHM bonuses. With them, he's close to surviving 3 hits (he needs either +1 def or +3 HP), while HHM!Raven survives three hits even at base. What. No seriously, what?!
  3. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    Lyn starts with 18 HP / 2 Def / 0 Res (w/o Lyn mode, of course), and that is terrible. Guy at least has 21 HP / 5 Def, even without his HHM bonuses, and Raven even starts with 25 HP / 5 Def. At base, Lyn is one point more physically bulky than Erk, Priscilla, Lucius, Serra, and Ninian, who are all one-shot by 20+ Atk enemies, compared to Lyn's 21+ Atk. Playing on HHM makes this even more significant, since it boosts both Guy's and Raven's (i.e. the other infantry swordfighters') stats even further. Dodge-tanking might be a thing once in a while, but I don't think it's really reliable unless you have a forest tile for her to stand in and the enemies are pretty much exclusively wielding axes. So I'm with the majority of the thread here - with Lyn mode, Lyn is a decent unit, especially if you give her the Angelic Robe (although I prefer to give it to Florina). No-Lyn-Mode-Lyn is terrible, and I would even struggle to rate her higher than the "almighty" Roy.
  4. So? Matter of opinion aside, that doesn't make it less of a change, both with regards to Dark Dragon and Radiant Dawn. The two DS games have a very unique gameplay, not only through mechanisms, but also because it features fewer, more powerful enemies than its predecessors. You just move the goalposts if you switch from "too few changes" to "I didn't like the changes it did". Fair enough yourself. ;) I can agree with that.
  5. Well, it also has the weapon triangle, promotions for almost all character classes, skippable enemy phases, multiple difficulty levels, actual writing (relatively little, but many people like the style), character supports, weapon ranks instead of (randomly growing) weapon levels, high-ranged ballistae, individual and collective display of enemy ranges, XP through staff use, gaiden chapters (whose unlock criteria are shit, but that's not relevant to the Faithfulness argument), and well-used two screens. tbh, I would reduce that to the second half of the statement. The story is pretty much FE standard (Lord loses and flees country, travels across the continent while gathering allies, takes down the oppressor, suddenly dragon), but the lack of characterization outside of Marth's inner circle is something that puts many FE players off. I mean, Hardin has like three lines, and in the sequel you'd think that he was Marth's most trusted compagnon, given how disbelieving Marth was when Jagen figures out what's going on. Perhaps, since other games tend to take FE1/11's basic plot and add some kind of variety or twist to it (like FE9's racism, or the connection between lord and evil empire in BR), it feels more barren than it is.
  6. I've said it before, I'll say it again - in FE6, it's always the best option tomaintain WTA, if possible. If you're facing an axe user, the WT nullifies the accuracy difference between (iron) sword and axe and leaves you with nothing but a +5 advantage in damage. Similar with lances/swords against sword users. The big advantage swords have is that they still maintain good hitrates without WTA, so they're the least problematic weapon type (of the physical triangle) to be locked in. But calling lances and axes useless is a gross exaggeration.
  7. Dude, SD introduced reclassing. You could maybe cite "faithful in the wrong aspects", but even that is a matter of opinion. "Not even attempting to modernize" is plain wrong. Anyway, I apologize for giving extremely boring answers - all B or C (for the games I've played, which is 6-12). I find FE as a series very consistent, in a good way when it comes to gameplay quality, and in a ambiguous way when it comes to storytelling. Even the games that I would say I like the least (which would be 7 and 11) are still games I enjoyed a lot, but at the same time, my favourites (6 and 9) both still have some very noticeable flaws. In a 1-10 scale, I'd probably vote between 6.5 and 9, fwiw.
  8. How to buff skill?

    Well, same solution - make it so that Rally Skill gives like +15 skill and the shuriken reduce it to zero for a round or three. [Note: the newest FE game I've played is New Mystery, so I'm just pulling those numbers out of my arse. But the idea is really the same - since one point of Skill is less important than Str or Def, increase the numbers] [Another note: Drastically increasing the Rally Speed bonus might be an interesting way to indirectly boost slow classes/characters. +10 speed is relatively unimportant if the character receiving it doubles without it anyway, but huge for a slower unit. Just a random thought that just crossed my mind]
  9. How to buff skill?

    I wouldn't say that less valuable stats are really a negative as long as it's properly integrated in the game (and particularly unit) balance, which unfortunately hasn't really been the case in any FE title, as far as I can tell. For example, let the skill-specialized cavalier have a twice as large skill advantage over the power-cav than the latter has in Str. Or in similar vein, if a typical physical unit has a Str growth of 50%, give a hybrid unit growths in the area of 40% Str / 30% Mag. Amen.
  10. So About Micaiah

    No, I don't buy that. Micaiah might be able to sense that Pelleas' _intentions_ are good, but she does not inquire about his reasons at all, even though his orders go against about everything she believes in, and she must be aware that something is deeply wrong with the whole situation. But she decides to simply ignore that because the Drama requires that the Blood Pact can't be revealed yet. I can't see this as character development when a character completely stops thinking for herself.
  11. Trainee Units.

    Oh, that :D I just wanted to say that there's more of an opportunity cost to field Neimi than to field Garcia, so I found (and find) the "two slowpokes" argument a bit silly. Really, my whole point is that having a, say, lv. 10/15/1 Ross and an unpromoted lv.15 Colm is better than a 10/15 pirate(or Fighter) Ross and a 15/1 Colm. I just find that the latter doesn't bring much to the party. And since the whole thread is about what to promote the trainees into, I don't really want to get into the question whether or not Ross is viable - I just assume that he's used, same as Ewan and Amelia.
  12. Trainee Units.

    You might be confusing us here. ;) I didn't want to call Garcia "amazing" though - "great base stats" was probably a bit of an exaggeration, although he's still pretty good in the first few chapters. Overall, I perceive Garcia as an average (or slightly above average) unit because he starts good and stays reasonably decent throughout the game. Not great, but still considerably better than Neimi, who starts out worse in basically every parameter - lower speed, lower Atk, lower Def, lower HP, worse weapon type, although I guess her chip is a bit more accurate than Garcias?! I certainly didn't mean to imply that one "can't" use Neimi, and I honestly don't know where you read that in my posts. Of course you "can" use non-optimal units, this is a thread about the trainees, ffs. Anyway, it's probably worth noting where this argument started - this was initially Ross's and Colm's longterm use as a combat unit - longterm as in "after promotion". I meant to argue against your argument that promoting Ross is more of a waste than promoting Colm (which is honestly somewhat of a pointless discussion in a thread about what to promote the trainees into, but whatever). The whole Garcia vs. Neimi stuff was merely supposed to be a small point in Ross' favour (since it's less of an opportunity cost to field Garcia than Neimi), nothing more. The following argument started because Levant took offense to my phrase "and Garcia is way better than Neimi", which I find strange - not because Garcia were so good, but because Neimi is really bad. That's literally all there is, and I personally don't really see a point in continuing to argue about that. Arguments why Garcia is nay bad have been made in the recent tier list thread, so Levant can Strg-F Garcia in there. I guess, General Horace's post here is better at explaining what I mean when I say Garcia is above average.
  13. Trainee Units.

    Repeating how awfully slow Garcia is doesn't make it more true, y'know. His base speed of 7 is still perfectly average in the earlygame - one more than Neimi and Kyle, the same as Franz and Lute, one less then Artur and Natasha... Garcia has great base stats - nice bulk thanks to his high HP, and good damage output. Sure, he won't be able to double much later into the game, but this is still FE8 we're talking about - there's still a number of enemies that he can double and only a few select enemies will be able to double Garcia, so it's not that he's going to be a liablity later on. I'm not trying to advocate that Garcia is a Seth-tier unit (it seems I sound that way when I only try to argue that a unit isn't garbage), he's by far the best of the GBA earlygame fighters. I suspect you'll answer that this doesn't mean much, but "by far" is the operative term here.
  14. Trainee Units.

    Well, at least you're aware that you're biased. Garcia has a higher base speed than Neimi. At 15/1, he is only one point slower than Kyle (and since 9 points of his speed come from his base stat + promo bonus, it's not "shaky", either). He even picks up a sword rank if you have a phobia against low hitrates (and it's a C rank, so he can instantly use Killing Edges). There is some opportunity cost in fielding both Ross and Garcia at the same time, since both could use Garm to dramatically improve their offensive power, but it's not like they lose all utility without it and become as bad as, say, Neimi. 1-2 range is still A Thing axe users can do, and it's actually relatively good in Sacred Stones. Seriously, I know that you dislike axes and axe users in general, but calling Garcia "much better" than Neimi is not a stretch by any means. One is an above-average unit, the other one is somewhere in the bottom five of the game. That's enough difference to justify a "much".