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  1. Best class in the series?

    Why not? Sure, from a Fluff perspective, the Whitewings are, well, Whitewings, but in terms of pure Crunch, they spend a considerable portion of their existances as wyvern riders. NMotE!Palla in particular hardly spends any time whatsoever as a peg knight if you want to get the most value out of her. And while I'm aware that I'm merely extrapolating, I can't imagine that this is any different in a game with a hard cap of 20 for every stat. Also, if you consider joining time to be a major point against Jill in comparison to Marcia - how do Palla and Catria "run away" with FE1? They join in chapter 14 (out of 25 in total), which is noticable later than Jill (12/29, not counting the prologue). They probably dominate Book 2, if FE12 is any indication, but again - I suspect that they do so as wyvern riders for at least half the game. In FE12, I usually promote Catria with the Elysian Whip from chapter 11 and I definitely remember that I always have to delay her promotion in order to do so. So if the XP curve of the original is remotely similar to the remake, I would probably promote both of them ASAP, which would be in or after chapters 7 and 9. True, but not a factor for pre-RD games. ;) As far as I know, Shiida's best option in FE1 is Jagen's Silver Lance, since her base weapon level is just high enough and Kain's, Abel's, and Doga's is not quite.
  2. Best class in the series?

    Which class, other than cav/pala (who I did name as stronger overall) had a better quota, then? The standout characters of the pre-RD games I've played are Milady, Marcus, Seth, and Titania. If I remember correctly, you consider Orsin to be the standout in T776, but I've seen others say otherwise, while Sigurd (i.e. a lord modeled after a paladin) is pretty universially named as the strongest unit in Genealogy. And on the other end of the spectrum, is there any class that does not have a representive that's worse than at least Zeiss? Mercs have Ogier in FE6 (and I don't think that Samto was particularly good in FE3), even cavs got Treck or Matthis, pegasi have Syrene and Yuno... Sorry, but I'm still convinced that wyven riders are easily the 2nd best class in the series, even before the second coming of Haar, and that they aren't terribly far behind cavaliers. I haven't even taken into account that wyvern rider is just an amazing class in itself, which is to say that pretty much every unit in the game would be better off if you changed their class into wyvern rider. And that doesn't take into consideration that the class bases of wyvern riders/lords are generally amazing - Allen in FE6 would be a better unit if he changed into WK even if he kept his cav stats, but if you look at the classes' bases, he would additionally receive +2 Str, +1 Skl, +2 Def, and +1 Con.
  3. Yes. There are no limited stocks in FE6.
  4. Best class in the series?

    Can't comment on Altenna, not having played the Jugdrals, but Vaida is pretty good when she turns up (high Def, high weapon ranks and 13-14 Spd isn't too bad in FE7), and it's not like Jill were an endgame unit in PoR. She isn't as amazing as some of the other wyverns in the series, since she doesn't really elevate herself from Marcia, but it's not like two flyer were too many, so Jill is still very much worth giving a BEXP boost. Being underleveled in PoR really isn't as big a deal as it is in other games. Heath and Zeiss are underleveled, too, of course (and I don't consider Zeiss an Est, given that his growth rates aren't any better than average), but both of them have the stats necessary to hold their own and collect that sweet XP without too much problems. Heath in particular joins right before the chapter where a flying unit that earns more XP per kill is really useful. Again, no idea how viable Altenna is, but do you really consider any of the other ones *bad*? They might not be Seth-tier broken, but I consider all of them to be at least above-average (and yes, that does include Zeiss, at least on HM).
  5. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    I don't think I'm too bad. Not particularly great either, since I tend to do more unforced errors then I would like (not checking enemy stats/weapons when I really should is the most common one), but I have a pretty good grasp of the mechanics and how to use the resources the game gives me. I haven't finished that many games on highest difficulty, only FE6, FE8, and FE9, but I didn't have that much trouble with FE6 and I think that I should be able to beat HHM and RD's HM as well, but in the last few years, I've only replayed FE7 with the randomizer and wouldn't want to deal with HHM's low unit slots. And I find FE10 HM incredibly tedious, what with the disabled enemy range display. :/ I've beaten part 1 on HM at some point (i.e. the most difficult part), so I'm confident that I would be able to do the rest too, but I really don't want to. ;)
  6. Best class in the series?

    FE6 as well, both on player side (well, Zeiss is only decent, but Milady is good enough for three units) and the enemy's. I'm tempted to give Cavalier/Paladin as my answer, though, since I don't think there is a single game without at least one great cav unit - from FE6 on out: Marcus, Allen, Lance, Perceval Marcus, Sain (Kent and Lowen are good too, but idk if I should file them under *great*) Seth, Franz Titania, Oscar, Kieran (and no cav is really bad in PoR) Titania, although I suppose cavaliers are at their weakest in RD Jagen, Abel, Hardin Luke, Rody, Cecille (pretty much all of the prologue units that don't leave before ch.1 are great) Wyverns are a close follow-up, since I can't think of a truly bad playable wyvern either (even Zeiss is still alright despite join time and level).
  7. I agree and do enjoy that Narcian is consistantly portrayed as lazy, vain, generally incompetent, hedonistic, backstabbing, and cowardly, in contrast to Nergal and Gharnef who are supposed to be the big masterminds behind their games' Evul Plans. But even I as a big FE6 apologist have to say that he overstays his welcome at least after chapter 12. The fact that he's still given crucial missions undermines the "no failure allowed" vibe that Bern('s army) otherwise has. Back to topic - I apologize if I regurgitate stuff that's been brought up before, I haven't read all of the thread: Breedable underaged characters. Seriously. And especially those who have "childish" as a defining character trait (coughelisecough). I don't mind romantic supports for teenagers on principle, but the combination with children mechanics (which I wouldn't mind seeing disappear anyway) doesn't sit well with me. Diminishing the story in favour of fanservice. This isn't a "on principle" thing either - I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for a more aesthetically pleasing armor design, although battle panties leave the "that's hot" area of fanservice and go full speed into "that's fucking dumb" territory - but stuff like throwing the whole "related by blood vs. growing up with" aspect of Fates' big route split just so that the Hoshidan royals are viable waifus/husbandos is just such a waste. Avatars, unless they manage to actually create a game with multiple branching paths, where choices during the game actually affect how the plot unfolds (I see Fates more as three mostly separate games, and the decisions that you do make later don't really have lasting effects on the overall plot). As is, all the avatars (and that most certainly does include Mark) are just vessels for all the characters to tell the player how handsome and smart he is. I'd rather have the game follow the story of only predefined characters who are all allowed to have flaws that can be adressed as such.
  8. How big should an FE roster be?

    Well, I tend to go with Zihark (or, occasionally, Eddie) and Mia. ;) I find that he's pretty much like FE6!Karel - perfectly viable unit, but since the number of characters for the final chapter(s) is limited, I tend to not use them. But hey, you're rather strengthening my point that RD doesn't have that many superfluous units despite its giant roster. ;)
  9. How big should an FE roster be?

    Wildly depends on which principles the playable units are balanced. For example, I think that FE6's large cast still works since it rewards rotating some units in and out of your team - like Marcus for the first third of the game, or Echidna/Bartre for the midgame. But of course, there's still a bunch of units that are just "lesser X", like Fir the lesser Rutger, Noah&Treck the lesser xmas cavs, or Wendy the lesser Bors, who are only a potentially good choice if you aren't resetting after deaths (or never, in Wendy's case ;) ) The same is true for Radiant Dawn, as long as you're fine with the switching cast, spontaniously AWOL characters, and the three teams at the start of pt.4. But most characters have at least a purpose for a couple chapters, like Lethe an Mordecai in part 2, or Tormod and friends in part 1. Again, exceptions exist, though, like Lyre and Kyza, or Stefan who practically has zero opportunity to shine before the groups merge, at which point he's probably not the greatest option for a sword wielder in the tower climb. On the other hand, I find that the DS games completely fail in that regard, especially NMotE where basically every growth unit that joins after chapter 7 or 8 is strictly worse than the characters you already trained. I quite like the remakes' gameplay, I really do, but character balance is not their strong suit. ;)
  10. Characters in the Wrong Class

    Truth. Maybe one could make a point that caps have an impact in FE10, and that hitting them early can help a unit to boost their weak areas (Nolan as a warrior says hi), so there might be cases where certain bases/growths go better with a particular class's caps, but that's a very specific constellation to bring up. ;) This is something that's quite common in the DS games, or at least in FE11. Nabarl's personal speed growth is middling (25, compared to 40 on Draug or the xmas cavs), Merric only has 10% personal magic growth (the same as Cord and Caesar - at least Linde is the character with the best magic growth), the Axe bros only have 0-10% personal HP growth (compare that to Merric's and Nabarl's 40%)... If we only look at growths, we can single out Palla, though. She has 0% personal speed growth in FE11, while Shiida, Catria, and Est have 60%, 40%, and 30%, respectively. In NMotE, it's not any better. Looking at base stats, Yubello takes the cake with his negative 2 base magic. I suppose it's mostly teething problems of the reclassing feature - they generally tried to keep the ultimate (i.e. personal+class) stats somewhat balanced in the characters base classes, so characters tend to have high stats in their default class's weak areas and vice versa. -- €: Fiona's base stat's are just irredeemably bad though, so she'd still be horrible in any other class. As is, she's at least a high movement unit with a 34 speed cap in her tier 3 class for the endgame;.Not that this would make the ordeal of using her worthwhile, of course.
  11. Roy is just Marth without the loss of father and kingdom. Fir is pretty bad on normal mode. Forde is a pretty bad unit full stop, and that's saying something if you're a cavalier. Even though I like training up an Est-type unit once in a while, L'Arachel is really tedious to level up. In terms of story, Jill might as well not be present in Radiant Dawn. It's not Shiida herself that's a broken unit, it's her bling that elevates her from "good" to "broken". Yubello is a whimp.
  12. Having two (or three) paladins isn't a bad thing, so I don't follow your argument about Franz. "Good combat with superiour movement" isn't a niche role in which you have only use for one unit. I suppose it's worth repeating that enemies in FE8 tend to be on the weaker side, and Pala!Franz can easily one-round a good portion of them (and, of course, has sufficient bulk to face multiple enemies at once). Also, personal experience still means very little - RNG bliss and screwage is A Thing, of course, but Forde's and Franz' growth rates are very similar (+/- 5% from each other in every stat except skill), which makes Franz the stronger, faster, slightly less accurate version of Forde, thanks to the differences in base stats/level. "But my Forde was good once" isn't much of an argument. Generally speaking, I still feel that your focus on endgame performance is way to large. Calling Saleh the "2nd to worst magic user", for example completely ignores that he joins with absolutely amazing 1-2 range in Eirika's route, which alone makes him a great unit to field. And while I do agree that L'Arachel isn't a good unit, her caps are completely irrelevant for the entire game (maybe excluding Creature Campaign). She caps her first stat at level 20/12 - and why would you promote a healer at level 20? And the first stat she caps is Luck, i.e. the stat where every unit in the game has the same cap. She reaches her other caps at 20/18 on average, which would be completely irrelevant even if you promoted her at 20. Again, it's not my intention to discredit your way of playing. But I do discredit the metric of "performance in the endgame after hours of grinding" for the quality of a unit. Anyway, this is my final post in that matter, since a) this is the Fates subforum after all, and b) you didn't really answer any of my previous points anyway, so even this post is probably a huge waste of my time.
  13. Getting into Hard Mode

    Welcome to the forums! Since the topic has been hijacked anyway - I'm afraid that you do have to restart the chapter. The RNG in all the GBA games is saved when you suspend and reload, so the lethal blow is already "logged in", so to speak.
  14. For Smash, keep in mind that Sakurai had no idea about Roy's actual character, or how he would appear in gameplay, since Roy did debut in Melee, after all. Everything about his SSBM incarnation is purely based on his design. I suppose the interview in question is more or less public knowledge around here, but I'll link it anyway. ;) The most relevant part:
  15. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    RIP Mathis. By using a save point once, you contributed more than I would ever have imagined. I still can't get over the fact that Roger is going to contribute to an LTC run. :D