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  1. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Okay. With huge skill capacity, that craaaaaazy Cymbeline and it's effect, and her huge flexibility, I really like Sanaki. That Str/Skill boost to allies also makes her great with other people who wanna bodyguard her too. I was having a hard time seeing her damage justify her presence in combat, but just wow. I love that! One thing I've always been a bit disappointed with about Fire Emblem is how hard it can be to kill the forced Lord-type units sometimes. Even when that particular strength isn't always earned. It makes the mechanic of an instant Game Over being tied to a lord's death, just redundant. I'm looking at you PoR Ike, Ephraim, Lucina, etc. With Sanaki's stats being as they are, I feel like I'm really going to have to keep her safe with some legitimate bodyguards, like a Queen in a tense game of chess. Makes me really wanna think ahead to Part 4 and consider what kind of units I wanna get on a team revolving around her. Probably some decently burly physical frontliners and speed-demons. I'm really looking forward to building a new holy guard just for her. Also can't wait to see how good Tanith and Sigrun might be at keeping her safe as well.
  2. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    I've finally got the patch working you guys, thanks so much! The problem mostly seemed to be somehow illegitimate or damaged copies of the game I had, possibly. Maybe. I don't know. But it works now.
  3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Hey guys, thanks for trying to help me before. Been away from my laptop for some time but I'm back and if anyone has time I'd still like some help through PMs with making the patch work. My messages should be enabled now. It'd be much appreciated. Again, no matter what I do it seems like the patch itself doesn't work at all. All attempts just lead to the vanilla game loading. "Normal" difficulty and same stats, enemies, and classes in the prologue. Also, Dunal, I'm very curious about Sanaki's bases and growths. From what I've read, she seems like she'll fulfill about the same role as Micaiah and Sanaki in the vanilla game; delivering single, immense blasts of magic in combat. Pretty much the strongest instances of damage besides maybe her sister. Will her other stats be about the same as well (as in, slow, frail, Res+Lck heavy)? I love the idea of Sanaki being able to SS all kinds of offensive magic but assuming her stats will make her fulfill the same role as old Sanaki, I do get concerned about her actually having any kind of particular synergies with the new Thunder and Dark tomes. If she is still physically frail, she would objectively still be sub-optimal as a Thunder or Dark user and therefore her unique niche of access to all those magic types would be kind of redundant. If someone wanted to use either of those magic types with her and turn her into a frontliner, I don't see her damage alone justifying a decision like that. Even with a higher HP value.
  4. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Tried a few things, including creating different folders labeled "A" & "B", downloading fresh ISOs, downloading the newest patch again. Nothing seems to work for me. I'm not even getting any error messages when patching, PFFomatic says both patches have worked fine, but the game proceeds as it normally does as a vanilla iso.
  5. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    I know that DLuna asks throughout this topic for PMessages to issues with patching but now I see some others are having trouble I figured I might as well mention my own issue. I've been using a couple of different fresh US roms, as well as both versions of the newest patch, and PFF-omatic as recommended, but nothing seems to have changed. Base stats, classes, weapon types, and enemies in prologue are still the same. Same as flare9's issue now I believe. Very excited for this project though!
  6. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Greetings! I'm an extremely irregular user of this board and even this site, and I'm logging on just to tell you I'm so excited for every single thing this project entails. Even the small updates, whether through patches or bits of info. One of my favorite things about this project is how different units of even the same class vary so widely now. For example, I love how Leonardo's original identity of "whatever" Strength, but very good Skill and Luck are being compounded on to turn him into a very accurate longbowman and utility unit. Meanwhile, Shinon is lacking in Str, but his passable HP and decent Def make him a very good candidate for crossbows, enough even to fight units in melee range like a makeshift swordmaster. His Str won't even matter then and he's totally the king of crits too. Rolf's high Str makes him look like the best traditional archer. My only concern is the armor knights. The way I see it, Meg is the game's most purely defensive tank who likes to dive deep and distract enemies. Tauroneo is balanced around Resolve, liking to dive equally as deep into enemy lines and leave a huge dent in enemies. That's really cool. But I don't see why one should consider Brom or Gatrie over them. Especially Gatrie. Meg's defense and Tauroneo's offense seem to make them statistically redundant. Their hit rates are more reliable than Meg's, but besides that I just see them as middle of the road, generic armors. I see that you're trying to avoid that middle-of-the-road approach with Danved between Neph and Aran. Am I missing something or is there more to come?
  7. Resolve, Miracle. Situational, life-saving steroids just seem like my kinda thing.
  8. Best/Worst in the Series Round 156

    Best: FE 5 Worst: FE 8
  9. Question about FE4 Binary

    Don't know for sure, sorry, but probably rounded down; I can't think of a single instance in all of Fire Emblem where approximation is rounded up.
  10. Sometimes I wonder what IS is thinking when they include terrible units like FE6 Sophia, FE 10 Lyre, Leonardo, etc etc. So I was wondering if there are any units of similar terribleness in this game. Please say no );
  11. Who's looking forward to using Eltshan?

    Sorry to be a downer, but truthfully I would much prefer Eltshan to have somehow gotten his own new artwork and DLC. Maybe a new class. Cross Knight? :3
  12. 7/26- Ike

    I'm a bit confused... Wasn't Paris meant to be the last DLC update?
  13. Poll: Rate the DLC art! Part 1

    Micaiah's wacky chibi-boobs make me cry.
  14. You guys, I had a crazy idea... In the world of FE9-10 Tellius, the female lead Micaiah has noted silver hair, which is apparently rare even in a world of crazy hair. Of course, this is probably just speculation, but what if somehow, someway, if Tellius and Jugdral were connected, Micaiah was distantly related to Cigyn, Diadora, and Yuria from FE4? They all have silver hair, although members of the Freege family also have silver hair (with just a tinge of violet, it seems, in Ishtar's case). It would explain their craptastic speed.
  15. Disagree. Don't really like the stories too much (especially compared to FE4), and I prefer the gameplay of the SNES games. But admittedly, the GBA games are much more polished and accessible to play, in several different ways.