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  1. I like the randomness of the actual games to a degree, but skills add more to that randomness, and I just feel they're unnecessary. I honestly might as well, since I've pretty much given up all hope of getting Hector, Camilla or Minerva.
  2. I feel bad for the guys who have put in actual money into getting what they want, with no results. Skills just complicate things more than they really need to for me. It's just really disheartening when people who aren't even familiar with the characters are getting units they aren't familiar with or don't want, yet you actually need a certain kind of unit to take on the lunatic maps, you just get trash you either have or don't want. I have literally pulled three Barsts in one day, and got two Odins just now. I like Barst, but I cannot stand Odin. I'm getting to the point where I might just train up the original characters and forget about summoning.
  3. Am I the only one who can't stand how unbalanced this game feels? Or how some skills just break everything? Or how the draws feel like they're purposefully giving you stuff you don't want? I haven't given the option to draw a green unit in probably a month.
  4. What kind of unlockables/post game content would any of you guys hope to see? Personally, I'm hoping for a port of the OG Gaiden for those curious enough to check it out. I remembered the Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles did something like that with both the original Rondo of Blood and a redubbed Symphony of the Night, and since the original Gaiden never left Japan, they could include that for those curious? It probably won't happen, but it would be an interesting idea. What have you guys got in mind?
  5. Thanks boss.
  6. Does Gharnef still leave after around turn 5? And does he move at all, like in FE3 Book 1 and FE11?
  7. Don't forget that Mr. Sable Order/Black Knight Camus himself is the leader of this army. The chapter where you finally fight him is both a huge pain and a great joy to play.
  8. So when enemy thieves raid chests, do they drop their items after defeat or are they gone forever?
  9. Sorry man, haven't gotten to it yet. Busy with college this week. I'll get around to it within the next few days.
  10. Their promotion gains are also really good, so it almost makes up for the fact they're so terrible.
  11. When do you need it? I was thinking of heading back to FE1 and beating it for reals.
  12. You could try putting them on a fort near a thief and just let said thief wail on them. Once they hit level 10, get them a Guiding Ring and promote them, you don't need to wait until level 20 in this game.
  13. Is the exalted time finally arriving?
  14. Found this typo in the beginning of chapter 10. Very minor but I figured I'd bring mention of it.
  15. Luckily my Ced now has 2 more points of Magic than Julia and I have one use of Silence left, so keeping her at bay while someone deals with Manfroy shouldn't be much of a problem. When I get the chance, I'll do some arena rounds with him to get some more cash to get back the two uses I spent. Do staves stay in your inventory as broken items like physical weapons do? Or is it like FE3 rules and they vanish?