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  1. So recently I purchased the Fire Emblem Memorial Book for the Archanean FE games, containing a nice collection of Art and information, and wanted to know if one such book exists for the Jugdral games?
  2. Alright, this is good. Very good indeed.
  3. Since the rest of the world is getting Echoes in 9 days (as of the time of posting), how well has it been doing in Japan after a month of being out? And how is the game faring for preorders in the US and Europe?
  4. The story is also really, REALLY good. The first book paints everything as very Black and White, and book 2 essentially shatters that outlook and brings everything to a moral grey area. The best part about the story is the fact that it takes a minimalist approach. FE3 may not have aged as well as the other ones, but it's still a pretty good game in its own regard.
  5. Yikes, good luck.
  6. The Demon/Mage Dragons are impervious to magic. Unlike in FE3, 11 and 12, they have no res, much like the rest of the units in this game. As a counter, magic can't harm them. Just throw Tiki at them and you'll be fine.
  7. A friend of mine told me in a skype call a few days ago that he read somewhere on the Forest that IS wanted to remake FE3 properly and release it in the west. I asked him if he said he had the article anywhere, but he has no recollection of where on the forum he found it, only that he read it here. Does anyone know if that article is real? Apparently it's a recent one.
  8. Wow, that's really convenient. Sweet. Thanks a bunch.
  9. I want to use Saul as my Aureola user once I finally get it, but I'm worried he'll reach an S in staves before he can get his Light rank up high enough. What can I do to remedy this? Currently, I'm on chapter 11B.
  10. Wow, this is downright depressing. It's FE3 so I guess I should have expected that.
  11. Spoilers I guess? So... Why did Est leave after the War of Heroes ended? Was that ever explained in FE3 or even 12?
  12. You got me, you got me good. Bravo.
  13. Oh it does, and it's actually pretty sweet if the opening is anything to go off of.
  14. Gotta translate, Thracia 776 WATCH OUT.