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  1. Starting Trachia 776

    About that Hammerne/Repair staff... You only get 5 uses of it, and while it may be preferable to repair *Prf weapons that can help a lot (namely Leif's Light Sword & Finn's Brave Lance to an extent), it can also repair other staves. For instance, you can get a Warp staff at the end of Chapter 7 if you rescue Cople in Chapter 3; that staff in particular can help alleviate a lot of frustration, especially early on. Other staves such as the Rescue staff and Silence staff also have a lot of utility, albeit not matching the one of the Warp. TL;DR: Use the Repair staff wisely, you only have 5 uses.
  2. Tiled Map Inserter?

    Darn. Now I feel like an idiot. Still, cheers for the input.
  3. Tiled Map Inserter?

    So, I just found out about Tiled and I'd like to use it. However, after downloading it, I realised I needed its inserter; Nintenlord's link to it on Dropbox 404'd, so I tried to find it elsewhere. Sadly, I can't find it for the life of me; I searched everywhere. Could anyone be so kind as to redirect me to a download link? Thanks in advance.
  4. After finishing it, I have a LOT to talk about it. First of all, I love the story. Since it takes part as a midquel in the Jugdral series, it stays true for the key plot points (such as Lenster being under attack in Chapter 20 and Seliph casually passing by Manster after liberating Conote), but it has its own arcs. Namely, the Manster escape and the journey to Lenster from Tahra are my favourites. Early game, there's this false hope that Leaf might stand up to the Empire before violently being locked down and thrown into the prison of Manster with no indication (although that is a pretty BS part in the game itself). The only time the game gives Leaf any slack is at the very end, after liberating Manster; any other victory either was hampered (Tahra's defense) or immediately followed up by a tragic event (Dorias' fall). If I can comment Thracia 776's story for one thing, is that you truly feel like the underdog; that no victory is earned without sacrifices. As for gameplay, well... Capturing enemies is an neat mechanic, but it's frustrating early-game since you don't have a reliable way to capture outside of cavalry + brave weapons. However, I do like the concepts, and you get some VERY welcome equipment later on from capturing. This is the first game in the series that introduced the rescue-drop mechanics, and I'm grateful for that. It makes it less frustrating when you place a unit in the range of a Bolting and you need to get 'em outta there. Fatigue was more of a hindrance than a welcome mechanic; it never felt natural for me. Therefore, I always relied on Leaf taking siege weapons to the face since he's unaffected by fatigue and I always made sure to stock up on S drinks. Speaking of siege tomes, the game went WAY overboard with tons of ballistas, usually accompanied by siege tomes such as Bolting... Blizzard is super evil, since it puts units to sleep. Can we talk about the MVPs of the game? Geez, someone thought staves were underutilised in the previous games. If you don't play Thracia 776 with staves, you're probably playing Genealogy instead. You get what's essentially the Hammerne staff in the second/third chapter in the game, and ironically you'll use it to repair other staves later on, simply because of how disgustingly useful they are. As for escape sequences, there's barely any indication that Leaf needs to exit last, or else everyone else gets captured. Other than that, I didn't mind it. And yes, there's tons of BS Thracia 776 throws at you, namely leadership stars and movement stars. But I think that's been plenty explained. Overall, I find Thracia 776 a daunting task for seasoned Fire Emblem players. For newcomers, PLAY IT AT YOUR OWN PERIL. While I find the game enjoyable, it has too many "f--- you" moments that prevent me from recommending it as a great game. Play Genealogy first, then come back to this.
  5. Worst GBA FE Chapter

    And that's exactly why I always Warp skip it. If your Rutger/Dieck/whatever other sword user can kill Murdock in 2 turns (with the Durandal, obvs), you're good to go.If you can't Warp skip, then...yeah, it's easily the most aggravating chapter in FE6 next to Arcadia.
  6. Voice Acting and Other Dream Careers

    It's really interesting seeing everyone's dream job. As for me, I'm unfortunately at "that" age, when you can't decide what the heck to do in the future. R.I.P in deep voice, I don't have one. I swear that most of the time I sound like an excited 10 year-old. Also, I can't shut up. I talk all the time. But back to dream jobs. I don't have a passion for anything? Everything's just... neat to me. Nothing pops out that really grasps me. But if you have an unbridled love for a job, then go for it. Might as well do something you really enjoy and be slightly less than well-off than doing something you don't like and be slightly more than well-off. tl;dr Don't let your dreams be dreams
  7. Worst GBA FE Chapter

    And what about the fighters with swordreavers? They also usually have 50 hit on Jaffar. Jaffar may be fast, but all it takes is 3~4 hits for him to die. Also, why do Jaffar, Nino and Zephiel all feel like moving before using an Elixir?
  8. Worst GBA FE Chapter

    I've yet to experience any trauma from BBD. It's not a well-designed chapter, even on NM. But since I'm currently doing a HHM run, I can only expect misery from BBD. RNG Goddess, have mercy on thine ally.
  9. First time playing Gaiden. Any tips?

    So far so good. I've made it all the way through chapter 2 without too much trouble (Although I skipped recruiting Boey because he's seemingly as universally hated as Robin). In chapter 3, I did not move Alm's group an inch. Instead, I've played through Celica's pack of levels, up until I've recruited Atlas. He has 14 whopping strength, and I've been thinking of putting that to use by promoting him into a Mercenary. Seriously, you can't really go wrong with mercenaries in the series. I still need to visit the Dragon Shrine and the fort to the east. I'll play Dean's level, as suggested by you guys. I think I've got Celica's route in the bag. Anything that I should watch out for in the future?
  10. Worst GBA FE Chapter

    I agree. Idoun fell short for a final boss. But at least she didn't have loads of exposition in her chapter. Jan, on the other hand, built up all this tension before his fight. IMO, he should've been as hard as he Fire dragon from FE7, with all 'effective' weapons only dealing X2 damage instead of 3x damage. Apparently, by 'gaining power for 1000 years', he meant sleeping without doing anything for said amount of time, and buying a discount dragonstone at the last minute.
  11. Worst GBA FE Chapter

    A pet peeve of mine is the weather. Whether IRL or in Fire Emblem, it annoys the heck out of me (Especially where I live, where it's as unpredictable as 30% growth rates). It sucks too, since they could've done more with it, instead of it simply decreasing movement. Why not incorporate an alternating day/night mechanic; when it's daytime, everyone gets +1 atk and +5 crit bonuses. When it's night time, everyone loses 10 accuracy, but gets +3 atk or something, I'm sick of just rain and snow. Oh, and on the subject of snow, I don't like FE7's Pale Flower of Darkness (Jerme's map) at all. By the way, I'll be talking about the ENM variation of this map, since this is, most likely, how the player will play this level for the first time (or not, they could play Kenneth's route, but this is just an example). The design seems to be a mess; trees everywhere, chambers scattered all over the map...heck, there's even 2 brigands at the top of the map that are only really there to traverse mountains easily, as there are no villages to visit. And to top it all off, the weather makes your day all the more miserable. Snow halves your units' movement. In fact, it might as well be rain. At least it's something different to look at. There are six chambers in total, and Jerme, the boss, is hiding in the northeast one, regardless of what mode or difficulty you play. However, there are also a few treasure chests in these chambers. Add in the curiosity of the player and their first time playing, and they're guaranteed to snoop all of the six rooms. And this is how they will most likely spend 25 long turns in order to get everything with one thief. Bringing two alleviates the boredom, but the at this point of the game, the player should've started promoting units; they know how much more useful they can be in combat than thieves.Therefore, unless they choose to play with both Matthew and Legault, the average player (me, the first time) will pick one and deal with it. TL;DR: It's a boring slog with nothing interesting to offer except for the snow, which is just rain with a coat of ice. It's not fun.
  12. First time playing Gaiden. Any tips?

    Whoops. Oh well. It's not like Grey has a good speed growth either. Even for Gaiden's growths, it still sucks. Gotcha. Cheers for the advice. On a side note, I think it was Ghast's playthrough that encouraged me to play Gaiden. I only watched part 1, so that I could have a shot at the game at my own pace.
  13. First time playing Gaiden. Any tips?

    I promoted Robin into a Mercenary, Grey into an Archer and Cliff into a Mage. I would've promoted Grey into a Mercenary as well, but I usually tend to have an archer in my group at all times.
  14. To take a break from FE7's HHM, I've decided to play a bit o' Gaiden. Despite its clunkiness, I find myself enjoying this game (if only because of the removal of the dreaded Archer Curse). However, since this IS an NES game, I'd imagine that there would be some possible trial and error. Like, 'A Glimpse In Time' sort of trap. So far, I know that I should avoid fighting Dozer at the end of Chapter 1, but that's about it. My current situation is this: I'm on Chapter 1. I've been using all of my units, and I've promoted the villagers ASAP. I just recruited Krebe and his gang, and my encounter with Dozer is next. It would be nice having a tip or two, but if I'd also like to see your experiences with the game, if it doesn't bother you. I'd like to see your thoughts about Gaiden.
  15. Where in the World are you?

    Long live the Queen! England.