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  1. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3

    So I downloaded this, was having fun for a little while, but then Chapter 5 happened. A bunch of mages spawning when none of my units have no res whatsoever is not your fault, that's part of the randomizer, even the 14 might Bolting tome this early in the game when no one is supposed to have a Bolting tome isn't your fault...kinda, but...are enemies supposed to change their classes, stats, and weapons each time you restart the same chapter? Because if so, that's...kinda dumb. I had to replay Chapter 5 like 6 times on Normal difficulty because the enemies kept changing too much for me to plan around the things that kept having to make me restart, plus the enemy mages kept changing their stats and the Eye Monsters kept increasing in power and number and swarming me before I could do anything about it, it just wasn't a fun time, and then I had to power through progressively stronger mages and hope no one died so that I could get the villages in time, which I eventually managed to do, but the chapter stopped being fun ages ago at that point. Then Chapter 6 came along, enemy phase of turn one begins, enemy Shaman and Wyvern Rider go and kill two of the green units. Is that supposed to happen? Because I don't remember any of the enemies even remotely trying to kill the green units before besides the spiders, but that was the point of the spiders. Anyways, I hope its not supposed to happen, because no matter how much I try restarting the chapter to try and despawn those enemies, the Shaman always spawns and will kill all of them by turn 3, and there's nothing I can do about it, I can't even send someone out to try and kill the Shaman because then they get overwhelmed by the stupidly strong enemies for Normal Mode in the fog. Sheesh, look at me, no one's going to take this message seriously after all that. Anyways, the point is, these things are taking all the fun out of this, I wasn't sure if they were intentional or not, just decided to bring them up just in case. Alright, guess that's it, definitely could've worded this message better
  2. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun ~ v.1.6 OUT. Not working on v.2.0

    Hey, question if anyone would be kind enough to answer. I'm interested in trying this hack out, but I can't seem to find a ROM that's compatible with this hack, can someone give me a url to a version of Sacred Stones that you know for sure works? It's be very nice of y'all 😊