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  1. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Uh, he did say that, you're right. It wasn't correct but I can believe you didn't know that.
  2. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    You know what, maybe you're right. Now that I think about it, maybe I let myself get convinced to unvote too easily... ##Vote: Walrein @Makaze Please explain why your excuse for unvoting/keeping your vote on Refa over Snile was fear of a hammer when Snike was at lynch minus 4?
  3. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Yo wtf is going on here. I agree with Fable (how often have I said these words now?) that that Refa vote from Makaze doesn't make any sense. Makaze voting there because he doesn't want a hammer is BS, when he said that Snoyke was at hammer minus 4. This hopping around from Omega and Refa is giving me the same vibes as mess around Junk's lynch. I don't like the Walrein votes, why aren't we giving him a chance to prove his role?
  4. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Wait actually Kaoz jailing Makaze makes no sense either after the Arc flip, right?
  5. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Noticed this whilst rereading, missed it the first time around. You're right, I wasn't townreading you consistently, I phrased it a bit awkwardly, I was referring back to mid day 1 to mid day 3, which is where I townread you iirc. So when I said it's hard to leave my townread behind I was referring to that. I'm not sure I agree on the obvtown part, but you're right they can't be ITP. In any case, I agree they're not the lynch today. Rereading Makaze made me more confused tbh. What I noticed was that whilst reading his post I was more getting into the flow of his thought process than actually analyzing the intent behind it, which I guess is a good thing? @Refa Could you try to explain what makes Makaze town for you or is it just the same feeling I have where his cases feel genuine despite being bad? I personally am torn between good gut vibes and bad actual behavior here. Also, I realized I forgot to give my take on the empower/Kaoz thing. I agree either Walrein is lying about the modmistake or the empowered person killed Kaoz. I also agree the most likely empower target was someone he jailed. Alette, Baldrick, Omega and Snoyke had claimed to not have night actions. I now it wasn't me. I don't think Sully had either a powerful role or was likely to be killed. Kaoz was scumreading LG. This leaves Fable, Kill, Makaze, Refa, Via and Walrein. I am certain enough in Fable and Via being neither mafia nor ITP to scrap them off this list. Assuming Walrein didn't lie about the modmistake (which we're assuming in this scenario), he can't be the killer either. Between Kill, Makaze and Refa I'd lynch Makaze > Kill >>>>> Refa (Pretty sure he's town, just not 100%, more like 95%). I need some input from people on this though as I'm still torn on Makaze.
  6. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    The more Makaze interactions I see, the less I like it. Though I can still see the Omega ITP theory, I also like Omega's points on Makaze. The interactions between them make me willing to lynch either of them, if only for the associative reads it would provide. I would reread Makaze, but I honestly don't know if I'll get around to reading the fuckton of posts he made, so I guess I'll stick with rereading the last 24 hours or so in depth. The roleblocking shenanigans around Walrein don't necessarily clear him, but I don't think we should lynch him for now. Regarding Snoyke, I suppose I phrased it a bit awkwardly in my previous posts, I didn't mean I was townreading them the entire time, I meant I saw their overall behavior as towny for a long time. Their defense is bad in my eyes, I'd be willing to lynch here as well. Can people tell me why Beru is clear again? I don't remember and they would be in my PoE pool. I can understand townreading them slightly over gut, but they're nowhere near as clear as some others. Giving Evan a chance to prove his role seems fair and I like motivating him, which is another reason to not lynch Walrein yet. Alette, Via, Fable, Refa still clear in my eyes. I'm not buying the Refa ITP theory, I think there are more likely targets out there. Perhaps if everyone besides these 4 is gone I'd consider it, but not until then. After these 4 Baldrick is the biggest townread, extremely close to being clear. Kill is looking pretty towny as well I think, though I'm having trouble judging him due to his posting style. Assuming I just missed the reason why Beru is clear, I'd be willing to lynch any of Snoyke, Omega, Makaze. If it's just a collective gutread, I'd honestly consider voting Beru over Snoyke. I'm holding off on judging between Makaze and Omega and thus voting until I've reread the former, expect me to have done it in about 4 hours from now.
  7. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    These two are both good points and sadly point in different directions. I don't agree with Evan it completely clears him, as if scum blocked someone who's now dead he can safely fakeclaim being roleblocked, but I do agree it makes it a lot more likely for him to be town. Snoyke raises a good question as well, the only answer I can think if is the ballsy play of hoping scum avoids Kaoz because Mack outed he would be on him. I am not convinced in this vote anymore, especially considering people I read as locktown (Fable, Refa) have left the wagon and only Makaze and Omega remain. ##Unvote Makaze's stuff on Shinori/Walrein interactions isn't wrong, but I am increasingly worried about how certain he is of his reads. I don't expect full blown paranoia, but if points like the above quote from Evan have been made, how can you remain so convinced based on the in my eyes bad but not damning interactions with Shinori?
  8. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Your point is good and I liked most of evans stuff for the most part, but snike feeling town the whole game is hard to just shrug off for me
  9. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Reconsidering Beru vs hydra atm, not sure yet
  10. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I think its possible, just less likely then other people (beru and walrein).
  11. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Thats fair. (Not the role part, but the snap decision part) Solidifies my Beru>Evan stance.
  12. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Why again? I remember you mentioning this somewhere, but forgot what exactly you said.
  13. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    "There is one" meaning there is an additional one ==> 5 total mafia
  14. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Either Beru or Evan I think. I do not have enough experience to give a reliable guess at how many there are, sorry. If you forced me to place I guess I'd say there is one.