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  1. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    @amg Damn, that's some dedication and a bunch of saved turns, nice!
  2. What is a Draft Run?

    Pretty much yeah, like I said, check some posts in this subforum and you'll get a good idea of what it's like This is a pretty standard example:
  3. What is a Draft Run?

    Depends on the rules set, usually about 4 players take turns picking units, chosen units can't be chosen again by someone else.
  4. What is a Draft Run?

    Usually picked by the players themselves, but yes, it's an LTC run with only a few units
  5. What is a Draft Run?

    Some people distribute the units in a game amongst them, then compete with only their select few units for the lowest turncount, see some of the posts in this subforum for some examples Also: see this for a more detailed explanation:
  6. FE6 auction draft

    Seems fun, Im in
  7. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Whoops, thanks for mentioning it :P For some reason I can't edit my post, dunno why, I'll check whether it's possible to edit it later. @JudgeWargrave, when (if) you edit the opening post to show my turncount, watch out and put 118 turns (162.30 with relative handicap) there instead of what's in my post
  8. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 32 - 3/113 Florina rescues Hector, gets "danced" but doesn't move yet. Canas warps her, then she flies onwards toward the boss. She drops Hector on turn 2 and attacks the boss down to 8 life. In the meantime, Kent and Sain rescue-drop Canas"and Nils forward on turn 1+2, then rescue-drop Rebecca together on turn 3. Rebecca gets "danced", then warped on top of a killer ballista, dealing the final 8 damage, killing Limstella. Hector seizes. I didn't get any other loot, so no Nosferatu. Erk got some exp from the knights in the west. Chapter 32x - 1/114 Canas hammernes the warp staff, gets danced and warps Florina in for the bosskill. I don't care about the treasure. Final: Part I - 3/117 Athos and Canas open some doors with the help of Nils and a tradebot. Lowen and Rebecca take down Uhai on turn 1, Lowen kills the other 2 in that room on turn 2+3. Rebecca takes down Jerme (needs 2 turns), Florina kills Ursula first, then the mages in the top left. Erk takes down Darin+general. Athos kills Lloyd and Linus. On turn 3, the final enemies go down, Athos walks to Canas (who had spent his turn already), warps him to Nils, who refreshes him, allowing Canas to walk back to Athos and warp him to Nergal, killing him with a luna crit on turn 3 EP. Kent was useless af, though he did open a door with a door key. Hector kills the axe-folk. Final: Part 2 - 1/118 Athos crits the dragon with Luna, Canas attacks with Luna and Hector finishes off with Armads. Final turncount: 188 turns, 232.30 with relative handicap added So, let's review the units: Thoughts on the rule set: Thoughts on the draft process: So overall, I'm pretty happy with my bids and turncount, there were some minor problems with redundancy, but nothing too bad. There are a few chapters where I could perhaps have saved a turn, the ones I see now: Maybe I'm missing something in ch 14/19, the rain/forests could've messed up my calculations Ch 16 can theoretically be done in 3 turns by having Florina go directly towards the boss. This puts her in a spot with like 1% chance at survival though, which I didn't feel like rigging/part of trial and erroring, also, it would've felt like cheating. I didn't do this, but felt I should mention it. Ch 22 and 24 could maybe have been a turn quicker if I'd channeled even more exp into Lowen/Florina, as they together needed a couldn't kill the ch 22 boss with a double PP and single EP attack and none of my units could one-round Lloyd. Ch 29 Perhaps if I hadn't shopped with Florina, but with Vaida this would've been a turn quicker, though I doubt it, as killing Linus wasn't the only bottleneck, But the northern reinforcements were killed the final turn. Finally, I might have been too stingy with my chest keys, having the brave lance was possible and might have helped. I can't think of a spot where it would have saved a turn though so maybe it's fine. TL;DR: It was a blast, I really enjoyed it, looking forward to reading/watching your strategies and turncounts!
  9. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Yeah, I really like Canas, Erk just always disappoints me, and it really worked out, looking at that big magic difference between them. Also due to the fight over exp you mentioned, Lowen, Kent and Florina sucked up most of it, which was amplified by my massive Marcus abuse, Canas was closer to promotion when he joined, which was the deciding factor for me. Tl;dr Canas is dope
  10. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    @Sturm Yeah, my team is pretty good, the only problem is that whilst for example Lowen/Kent is worth a lot of turns, he doesn't add much once I already have all these other mounts I'm afraid, which means he doesn't save many turns, whilst still costing me a lot. (Basically, the first 2 mounts are worth the high bid, the third and fourth not so much). But eh, at least I can do some fun rescue-drop strats :P On a side note, I do agree with you that Lowen>Sain, I think the availability outweighs the minor stat difference. On with the turncounts: [I forgot to mention in chapter 28, but the boots were given to Florina immediately, she's my best unit and the only one who can carry Hector, chapter 29x speedwings to Lowen, as he was the only one with trouble doubling] Chapter 29 6/98 I trigger all reinforcement zones on the first turn. Hector stays to recruit Vaida (for the spear) and spends each turn killing wyverns. Florina goes shopping, visits the warpstaffvillage, then kills the boss. Kent goes straight north to the top of the map. Lowen goes to the northwest to clear the way a bit, along with Erk. Canas gets danced a lot, so he reaches the boss to assist with the bosskill. Rebecca kills some leftovers. Chapter 30 4/102 I thought warpskipping would be ideal here, but I was 1 move short of a 3-turn, so finally I settled on a dance on Florina, who had carried Hector, who was then dropped on turn 3 for the turn 4 seize. Florina got C swords, just in time for the next chapter. Chapter 31 3/105 Florina gets warped towards Denning turn 1, where she kills him with a killing edge (might as well use that C sword :P). She only needs one crit (my Florina is great, she's getting the dracoshield as well this chapter). This stops the reinforcements, so all that's left to do is kill the remaining enemies. Hector goes east towards the myrmidons, Canas clears the small room, Kent goes east, Erk and Lowen clear the middle. Rebecca once again kills a few random dudes. The last remaining enemies are killed by the green units on turn 3 AP. They were all poisoned, so Erk gets to spend the remaining turns healing all the green units and building some staff rank. I don't waste chest keys on the other chests. Chapter 31x 5/110 Not much interesting. Buy a bunch of weapons, do some Arena. Might as well post my current stats: Unit Level HP STR SKI SPD LCK DEF RES WPR Hector 20/3.15 41 18 19 20 11 18 7 A Ax D Sw (Marcus 11.05 39 20 20 12 10 10 12 A Sw/Ln/Ax) Lowen 12/17.31 48 18 11 17 17 20 7 A Ln B Sw D Ax [speedwings] Rebecca 10/15.50 36 19 18 20 17 9 11 A Bows Erk 12/17.44 41 14 16 24 12 10 14 S Anima D Staves (Almost C) Florina 13/20.00 53 22 20 25 21 17 16 S Lances C Swords [used 1 angelic robe, 1 boots, 1 dracoshield] Kent 14/13.28 45 14 19 23 10 11 7 B Ln C Sw D Ax (All about to increase) Canas 10/19.55 37 26 19 21 11 9 17 S Dark A Staves Nils 8.24 20 0 1 18 16 8 10 - Comparing to the averages, my Hector is pretty SPD-blessed (+5), Lowen average, Rebecca a little STR-blessed (+3), Erk MAG and RES screwed (-3,-5) but SPD-blessed(+3). Florina a bit screwed across the board, but higher HP/STR/DEF, which is great as her other stats are pretty amazing anyway. Kent is STR-screwed (-3) but SPD-blessed (+4). Canas ranks a bit lower in the survivability stats, but has good speed (+3) and a ridiculously high mag (+7). So I'm pretty happy with that overall. Turncount up to chapter 31x: 110 turns, 167.66 with handicap, 154.30 with relative handicap
  11. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 20-5/54 turns Rebecca stayed south to get the brave bow and some exp, Canas healed a bit, the mounts carried Hector upwards for the bosskill+seize, Lyn was carried as well to recruit Legault on turn 5, who had stolen the guiding ring. Chapter 21-2/56 turns With a dance, Florina reached the elysian whip village on turn 2, with the other dance Lowen could drop Canas in the boss range on turn 2, for the turn 2 EP bosskill. The only other village I got was the restore village. Chapter 22-4/60 turns This was... awkward. With some crazy rescue-drop-dance strats I was able to attack the boss at close range with Florina and long range with Lowen on turn 3, but even that combined with the enemy phase didn't kill him... So eh, 4 turns it is. Isadora's angelic robe went to Florina. Heath was killed, Rath wasn't recruited. Promoted Florina at level 13 afterwards (she got the bosskill) Chapter 23-4/64 turns Florina did the most work here, flying west to kill one of the 2 subbosses, which was easy as she now had a sword. The others messed around a bit in the east, and most of them promoted. (Erk at 12, Rebecca at 10 and Kent at 14) I did not unlock 23x and didn't feel the need to visit it, so left it like this. I also didn't get any desert treasure besides the ocean seal Chapter 24-2/66 turns Baited Lloyd on turn 1, ganged up on him turn 2. None of my units were able to bait+kill him on turn 1 sadly. I obviously didn't bother with Wallace and left him unrecruited. Chapter 25-3/69 turns Florina went northeast for the bosskill on turn 2 and "seize" on turn 3. Lowen and Kent went northwest, Kent cleared the way, Lowen "seized" on turn 3. Canas, Erk and Ninian went for the southwest point. Rebecca shot some dudes from a ballista. Hector saw no combat at all. Chapter 26-11/80 turns Exp + staff rank training. Visited the Hammerne village with Florina. Merlinus promoted Stats: Unit Lv HP STR SKI SPD LCK DEF RES WPR Hector 16.97 33 14 13 14 9 15 1 A Axes (Marcus 11.05 39 20 20 12 10 10 12 A Sw/Ln/Ax) Lowen 12/5.16 37 13 10 13 10 16 3 B Ln C Sw E Ax Rebecca 10/4.51 29 12 13 16 11 8 9 B Bows Erk 12/3.43 30 11 11 14 6 8 11 B Anima E Staves Florina 13/8.12 45 17 13 18 16 11 12 A Lances E Swords [used 1 angelic robe] Kent 14/4.23 37 10 12 18 8 11 6 C Ln C Sw D Ax Canas 10/7.35 29 18 14 13 8 7 13 A Dark D Staves Ninian 3.64 16 0 0 13 11 6 6 - Turncount up to chapter 26: 80 turns, 137.66 with handicap, 124.30 with relative handicap Chapter 27 6/86 Florina flies towards the boss, clearing away most enemies in her path, Kent gets danced in the early turns, then rescues Hector and on turn 5 reaches Florina, gives her Hector so she can drop him 5 spaces from the throne. She and Kent take down the boss together, boss kill going to Florina once again, Hector seizes on turn 6. Rebecca got some exp in the southeast, Erk in the southwest, Lowen killed some people in the way and Canas worked on staff rank. I didn't get any treasure, nor did I recruit Harken/Karel. Chapter 28 6/92 Lowen, Kent and Ninian take the left route, rescue-drop-dancing their way forward, Lowen kills the mages in the south, Kent gets the boots chest. Canas follows them, clearing away stragglers and working on staff rank. On the right side, Florina charges at Ursula, then going to rescue Jaffar, bringing him to Nino. Hector, Erk and Rebecca walk towards Nino, killing some enemies in the process. Lowen and Florina need until turn 6 to pick off the stragglers. This leaves me 9 turns to use unlock twice and heal everyone with Canas, who is now a little bit past C Staves. I didn't get any other treasure. Chapter 28x Free/92 So uh, this is a lot of exp, Florina is a few kills away from lv 20, Hector reaches 20 and others are atound level 10. Canas gets danced every turn and spams barrier+mend, he reaches A Staves this chapter. I got the Recover and the speedwings. Seized on turn 20 after killing the boss with Florina. Turncount up to chapter 29x: 92 turns, 149.66 with handicap, 136.30 with relative handicap
  12. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 15-2/26 turns Lowen waited at the top right door turn 1, killed the merc turn 2 PP and killed the mage turn 2 EP with a javelin. Rebecca, Hector and Erk needed 2 turns to kill all of the enemies in the south. Marcus baited the boss turn 1 and killed him turn 2 PP to prevent further reinforcements. I didn't get any chests (obviously) Chapter 16-4/30 turns Lowen went to the western village (which I didn't manage to get though). Rebecca and Erk baited some enemies and assisted Lowen later. Kent and Sain got to the southeast village. Wil distracted some enemies. Lyn went shopping. Marcus rushed towards the boss to kill him on turn 4 PP. Florina rescued Hector, dodged a ballista turn 2, dropped Hector turn 3, so he could seize on turn 4. Chapter 17-7/37 turns I'm pretty sure I'm 1 MOV short of 6-turning this, which sucks. Marcus rescued Hector and ran towards the boss, with Kent, Lowen and Florina following him and clearing the way. Erk was sort of left behind, Rebecca went southwest to get some exp. I got the Knight Crest, which will be given to Lowen. Chapter 17x-3/40 turns Basically, Florina flew towards Fargus in 3 turns, visiting the Canas village in the process. The others all got exp, Lowen and Canas in the north, the others in the south. Marcus managed to kill the boss and visit the devil axe+short bow village. Of note:Lowen reached level 10, I'm going to see whether promoting him now improves my ch 18 turncount or whether Ill give him 1 more chapter before promoting. Chapter 18-2/42 turns Marcus ran towards the boss to kill him on turn 2, whilst the others spread around to get some exp Chapter 19-4/46 turns Lowen and Rebecca killed some enemies in the northeast, Florina carried Marcus towards Uhai, dropped him on turn 3 for the turn 4 bosskill. The others killed the bow users so Florina was safe-ish. Promoted Canas. Chapter 19x-3/49 turns Aw, my last Marcus chapter... Turn 1 Florina and Marcus rescue-drop Erk forward, Kent rescues Hector, Rebecca moves into enemy range and Canas follows. Turn 2 Erk kills a knight, making Marus exactly able to reach the boss on turn 3 and put him down to 3 life due to a silver lance miss, allowing Florina, who was given Hector, and dropped him ahead on turn 2, to get the bosskill. Hector seized, others got some exp, Lowen promoted. Stats: Unit Lvl HP STR SKI SPD LCK DEF RES WPR Hector 11.67 29 12 8 10 7 14 1 B axes Marcus 11.05 39 20 20 12 10 10 12 A Sw/Ln/Ax Lowen 12/1.12 33 9 10 12 9 15 1 B Ln C Sw E Ax Rebecca 8.09 22 7 8 11 7 4 4 C Bows Erk 9.08 24 8 10 9 6 5 6 C Anima Florina 8.82 22 8 9 12 11 5 5 D Lances (Almost C) Kent 10.38 28 8 9 10 5 8 2 D Sw + D Ln Canas 10/1.10 26 12 10 12 7 7 11 B Dark (Almost A) E Staves Turncount up to chapter 19x: 49 turns, 106.66 with handicap, 93.30 with relative handicap Farewell Marcus! Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest! (Okay, maybe I abused him a little too much, let's see how my scrubs will fare the coming few chapters)
  13. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Huh, interesting. Glad I got some good high mov units, solid earlygame and a warper, that handicap is serious though xD. Kinda sucks I got both Erk and Canas as I won't be staff training both, huh. Well, time to plan out the promotions, good luck everyone! EDIT: Might as well start writing my turncount here: Chapter 11- 6/6 Turns Nothing special, except Hector got SPD both level ups, which was great. Chapter 12-4/10 Turns I didn't bother with the village as I don't care about the secret book/the gold enough. Lowen and Rebecca cleared the southern region, whilst Marcus went north. Hector killed some dudes in the north whilst walking east, baited the boss turn 3 EP, attacked him turn 4 PP and killed him turn 4 EP. Chapter 13-5/15 Turns Lowen went north to visit the village and bait+kill a pegasus, so Eiwood could walk across the river towards the armory without seeing combat. Marcus rescued Hector and walked towards the boss. Guy crit Marcus, but he was still fine. Rebecca picked off stragglers, Matt recruited Guy, who ran away, opening the path for Marcus. Matthew equipped a sword so a fighter attacked Rebecca instead of him, so he stayed out of combat. Hector was dropped on turn 4, Marcus killed the boss turn 5, Eliwood reached the Armory for an extra hand axe and some javelins and Hector seized. Chapter 13x-4/19 Turns Lowen went Southeast, Hector west, Marcus north and killed the boss. Rebecca chipped in here and there. Hector and Marcus killed their final opponents on turn 4 PP, Lowen needed turn 4 EP for the final kill, leaving me enough time to visit the village (and build that juicy Rebecca x Lowen support :P) Chapter 14-5/24 Turns Note: I had 6 turns here earlier, but improved that later. Marcus went west to kill the boss and the bulk of the enemies, serra recruited Erk, who killed some enemies in the northeast, the others killed the pirates+stragglers. I did not visit either village, nor did I visit the shop/armory. This strategy was a turn quicker than my previous one, but this did mean I wasn't able to feed the bosskill to Lowen, and no pegasi meant a level less for Hector as well. Total turncount up to chapter 14: 24 turns, 81.66 with handicap added. Stats: Unit LV HP STR SKI SPD LCK DEF RES Hector 7.82 25 11 7 8 6 12 1 Marcus 4.48 34 16 16 11 9 10 10 Lowen 6.69 27 7 7 9 4 9 0 Rebecca 4.38 20 6 6 8 5 3 1 Erk 2.24 18 5 7 8 4 3 4
  14. Why not give Knights two weapons?

    I'm all up for giving them access to all physical weapons (except bows), let their niche be full weapon triangle coverage. I really hate the idea of giving them more movement though. I'd much rather enhance a class's strengths or give them a niche than eliminate their weaknesses, because in the latter case, why not "fix" other classes by giving fighters actual hit, myrmidons 2 range, archers 1 range and make all classes exactly the same? That seems dumb to me, I prefer each class having their own niche and weaknesses.
  15. Sweet, Leif made top 10 Males, top 20 Overall, I'm glad! Let's hope he's put into the game sometime in the future