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  1. Hi mathstudent here, I use arctan etc, as a ^-1 notation really bothers me and confuses me regarding division. In my own quick calculations however when I'm certain division won't come up I'll sometimes use ^-1 to save space/time
  2. Ah nice, of course! Thank you so much!
  3. Well, I'm currently playing through FE6 for the first time, I'm at chapter 19A (Ilia route) and just checked what the conditions on entering chapter 20AX were so I can get the legendary lance, Maltet, and play the final chapters. Turns out Zealot needs to be alive, which he isn't as I didn't know this at the time and let him die as an NPC. Well, suppose that's what I get for not researching it enough beforehand xD. Does anyone know a relatively easy way to hack the ROM and put Maltet in my inventory so I can play the last chapters or is this impossible? Thanks in advance! Note: I am pretty unexperienced with hacking, so I might not know all terminology but can of course look up how to do basic things. Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it on the forums.
  4. I don't think she's a very strong unit, but people tend to like her design and character, she's Roy's main love interest and Hector's daughter. Also, mine got ridiculously speed-blessed (7 above average as a lvl 14 mage I believe) which made her an absolute monster as she murdered everything and dodged like crazy. In general Lugh is better I believe, though they are close.
  5. I tend a little towards practicality, though I use favouritism as a tiebreaker of sorts. And of course if a favourite of mine is salvageable I'll bring him/her along. (A lack of a horse can't stop me from using Lewyn and Ayra for example and I'll always use a myrmidon). Obviously, this changes in ranked/LTC/draft.
  6. Uh, I'm pretty sure it sold very well for a remake for a retiring system... It's sales were lower than other 3DS games maybe, but that's to be expected for a remake which wasn't advertised... The difference in sales wasn't due to worse gameplay, and the sales weren't even that bad, calling it a flop is a major overstatement.
  7. If you're still willing to accept more, I'd love that! Phone type: IPhone 5, so that's 1136 x 640 I think. Front: Fir, Narcian, Reinhardt, Zephiel Back: Palla, Ninian, Lilina, Wrys (yup) I don't really care about the order or whether it's normal attack or special attack, both are cool. Thanks in advance! I appreciate it a lot!
  8. "Darn, figured I shouldn't have done that."
  9. Hm, any particular class/gender you want him/her to be? That should narrow it down.
  10. How dare you call yourself a nutlover when you prefer peanuts over the vastly superior pistachio. You disgust me. Be gone.
  11. It's not about the taste (though they do taste good, which is besides the point). It's about the experience of eating a pistachio by opening the shell, peeling out the pistachio, the salty smell of the pistachio shell in your nose, your fingers hurting slightly, just enough so you notice it, but not so much it becomes painful. Instead of munching away tons of nuts, you need to savor the kill and let yourself be enveloped in the experience, enjoying the pistachio's one by one. True die-hard pistachio fans spend at least half an hour sucking all of the taste out of the shell. In our present day society where everything has become easy, which you peanut butter scrubs are dependent on, the act of eating pistachio's is one of the few times you work for your food, allowing you to get back in touch with your primal self, which helps you focus on the intellectual tasks ahead of you and develop yourself as a morally pure individual. This is why we eat pistachio's. Not because they taste great, but because of the way they impact our lives and society as a whole, perhaps on a global scale, perhaps on a more personal level. So unless you want to stay such an unrefined plebian, you would do well to join us.
  12. A bunch of things, basically: BR: Very basic, just "oh no, we're being attacked, better fight them!" CQ: Ruined an interesting concept by having Garon be a douchebag the entire time without showing his good side. He could've been a great tragic villain, but no, they just portrayed him as an evil scumbag. Also, Corrin is at his worst in this route, whining all the time, refusing to kill anyone whilst everyone treats him like some god, this is true for all the routes but is shown the most here. REV: The entire Valla arc was pretty bullshit, contrived and boring. Completely unnecessary and also trivializes everything you did in CQ. Also, there are a number of unfilled plot holes.
  13. I think you should marry it Is posting on this forum a worthwhile investment of my time?
  14. Ay mate, they may have their pathetic weak peanut butter, but we have our horribly pealable, extremely manly, infuriatingly annoying, character building pistachio. N U T E L I T I S T S L E T S G O
  15. You filthy barbarian, with your mainstream peanut love, living the scrub live with your LARP-navy bro's. I will Cashew outside you stinking pile of plebian garbage. Getting a little pretentious are we, putting yourself at number 3 and 4 as well ;D I don't see how nr 1 could ever get out of hand xD