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  1. As far as the games I've played go: FE1-no support convo's or much dialogue, so can't really judge the cast until Ive played FE12 (that one had convo's right?) FE4-No convo's yet either, but a number of conversations. Whilst I'll agree a number of people aren't fleshed out AT ALL (hi there Beowulf), there are also some really good ones. Also, not sure if that counts, but almost all of them are properly/amazingly fleshed out in a number of manga's. If that may be taken into account to this is probably my favourite cast of the bunch, though this may not be fair. FE5-No convo's, no supports, so can't really judge them either. FE6-Pretty basic characters, a bunch of people I really don't care for, but some pretty good ones as well, like Yodel for example. FE7-Probably the best cast, I like the potential of FE4's more, but that game didn't have supports. Almost everyone in this game is at least likeable and there are some really good ones as well. FE8-Don't really care for this cast, apart from 1 or 2 exceptions. I can't point out exactly why, and if you do like them that's fine, they just don't resonate as well with me. FE13-I like a bunch of them, though I don't love any of them. Kind of middle of the pack imo. FE14-Easily the worst, hands down. Take all the small parts I disliked about FE13's cast, enlarge them and this is what you get. A bunch of over-the-top one-note Corrinworshippers with a few people with not properly handled potential added to the mix. FE15-Voice acting adds a lot to my appreciation of the characters, but low amount of supports undermines that a little (though I suppose it's better than writing supports for every possible duo). As for the characters themselves, they're all right for the most part. Not a fan of the villagers though. Total ranking: FE4 (with maga) > FE7 > FE4 (without) > FE15 > FE13 > FE6 > FE 8 > FE14 Unranked (due to lack of conversations/haven't played): Marth's cast, Thracia cast, Tellius cast
  2. Good class for Atlas

    Bench/witchfodder. On a more serious note, I'd say merc to patch up his biggest weaknesses. He'll never be really good though.
  3. FE6 Questionnaire

  4. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I'll be supporting Sigurd at the beginning, should he lose I'll hop over to the winner of Catria vs Dorcas.
  5. I mean, "respectfully" disagreeing is kinda hard here. Ranking trainees on top is only true if you allow for extreme arena abuse, and if you arena abuse, everyone can steamroll the game so ranking units is pointless. Furthermore, as much as I love myrmidons, claiming they're a top-tier class is just factually incorrect, especially in the case of Marisa. But yeah, I think any tier list with Marisa above Seth is just wrong. I don't want to attack the author too much, but he probably should've called his list "Most fun units" or something similar, since "best" is usually defined as optimal to use in a non-grind run.
  6. FE5 Questionnaire

  7. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    I'm playing through it for the first time as well, almost finished, currently at chapter 22 and I fucking love it. I really love the story, the setting is great, I love the way it's kinda down to earth, instead of saving the entire continent from some dragon it's more about Leaf's struggle. I also like how you don't always succeed but start out constantly running away and later fail in some endeavors. As for gameplay, I love me some rescue-drops and this game started it. I don't really like skills but this game handled them the best imo. I also like how resources are relatively scarce, no villagers with 10k gold, but instead you have to plan how to capture enemies which is a great way to reward skilled play. The escape chapters also makes you weigh xp versus gold and all in all it's a very fun challenge because of all these factors. At times the game feals really unfair, like the developers wanted to screw you over, but at the same time you get broken stuff yourself as well, like scrolls and a fuckton of warp staves, which creates a kind of weird balance. Of course, missing heal staves is a shitty mechanic I'm not going to defend, but all things together I really like this game. At times the game makes you really mad, but it does grant a large sense of accomplishment when you find a way to out-cheese the developers.
  8. Blue: Don't care for any of them tbh, so skipping this Colorless: If staff users do end up good (though I doubt it) Genny might be nice. Bride Cordelia is nice, Brave Lyn is cool for merges/SI I guess, I might pull this. Green: I still need Hector so that's nice, I already have Deirdre so that's less nice and I really don't care for Spring Camilla. I will probably pull this, but only really want one of them Red: Ike- Don't have him yet, nice for SI as well Celica- Have her, might be nice for SI, but not amazing Ayra- Still don't have her, she's extremely powerful, I love FE4, so red will be my focus.
  9. Tips for FE6?

    Dude, just no First of all, their bases: UNIT LV HP MG SK SP LC DF RS CON Raigh 12 23 12 9 9 6 5 10 4 Sophia 1 15 6 2 4 3 1 8 3 Obviously, Sophia loses out here, but let's say we're babying her like crazy and give her 10 free levels: UNIT LV HP MG SK SP LC DF RS CON Raigh 12 23 12 9 9 6 5 10 4 Sophia 11 21 12 6 7 5 3 14 3 Even after this, she's still worse than Raigh, as that 4 RES is less important than the SKI/SPD/DEF of Raigh. At the very least, you'll have to admit they're comparable. Even after capping out, she, on average, only has +3 Magic and +10 Res over him at the cost of a bunch of 8 SKI and 5 SPD. Now, even here, I'd consider Raigh to be better. So we're taking a unit with base stats worse than Roy, give her a fuckton of babying despite her uselessness when she join in chapter 14/25 (excluding Gaiden's) and we end up with a unit who is comparable to/worse than Raigh who joins earlier and is useful right off the bat? This is even ignoring Niime, who admittedly joins later, 5/6 chapters, but who beats them both at that point. So in between chapter 14 and 19 Raigh vastly outclasses Sophia, and after that Niime vastly outclasses her and Raigh is comparable to her. Besides this, we need to feed kills to a squishy shaman who can't 2-round enemies for a long time for a bunch of chapters in one of the harder games in the franchise, just to end up with a mediocre druid. This means that unless you want to use 3 druids for some reason, she is absolutely useless. So how exactly is she not terrible?
  10. Tips for FE6?

    Most of all, use most of the prepromotes you get, they are for the most part amazing. This is usually the case, but imo even more so in FE6 than usual. As usual in GBA, cavaliers are great, fighters, knights and archers are (in most cases) bad. Roy is pretty bad, his earlygame rapier is nice, his lategame private weapon is good, but his midgame is awful due to swordlock, no horse, late promotion and mediocre stats. As for chapters, chapter 7 is scary, watch out for the wyverns, chapter 14 can be annoying (desert+fog). There are two route splits, depending on which one you go on you'll get different units or units on different times. Not sure if you know about the Gaiden chapters/true ending and whether you mind being spoiled, of the answer to both is no, then: The game loves status staves and ambush spawns so watch out for those. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and good luck!
  11. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Final Chapter Part 1: 4/201 Ephraim and Eirika went ahead (left), Joshua and Tethys followed, Eirika could survive the dragon with 1 HP left, so Joshua could one-round him and he and Eirika could clear the way for Ephraim to one-round Lyon on turn 4. Final Chapter Part 2: 1/202 Tethys dances for Joshua, so he can attack with the Audhulma, Eirika with the Sieglinde and Ephraim finished with the Siegmund Final stats: UNIT LV HP ST SK SP LK DF RS WEXP Eirika 20/6.07 36 18 25 25 16 14 11 S Swords Joshua 20/12.52 51 19 22 28 16 13 9 S Swords Ephraim 20/17.86 50 27 26 24 21 23 17 S Lances (ST/SK/SP/DF capped) Tethys 8.36 25 1 2 16 16 6 10 --- Closing thoughts + unit review When I saw I was number 9 on the pick lest, I knew I was screwed... If you don't manage to get one of the earlygame 1-2 range units, you're just screwed, but hey, that's kinda the point of sadist draft. Anyways, considering the units I had I'm relatively happy with my result, some chapters I could've done maybe a bit quicker and me forgetting to shop was really stupid, but for the most part it was pretty fun. I hadn't finished FE8 before so that was nice too. Eirika - Nice earlygame with the rapier, bad after the first few chapters due to lack of 1-2 range but pretty good lategame due to horse. Free, so not much to say about her except that I enjoyed ditching her for a while during Ephraim's route Tethys- Obviously amazing, dancers are just great, especially when you've got your swordlocked dudes chasing after archers and stuff. Very useful. Joshua - Though he's obviously pretty meh, I think he was the best unit left when my turn came around and I'm pretty sure he was the correct pick. He's probably the worst unit who joins before the route split after Colm and Neimi, but I felt availability trumped all here, as I'd rather not do 10 chapters of Eirika solo. TL;DR Pretty bad overall, but decent for a 9th pick Ephraim - Maybe this pick was incorrect and I should have chosen a healer (mostly for magic after promotion and warp), I'm still not sure. He was my best combat unit though, immediately from the time he joined. His ability to wield javelins made me ultimately go his route and after his promotion I had access to an extra mounted unit which was nice. His survivability, superb offense, moderate availability and later on horse made him a very good unit overall. FINAL TURNCOUNT: 202 TURNS
  12. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Chapter 15: 16/159 Yup, that's a lot of turns. Ephraim went shoutheast to kill Valter and everyone positioned there. Johua and Tethys went Northwest to kill Caellach, since obviously Joshua should be the one to kill him and Eirika went there as well so the 3 of them wouldn't get absolutely wrecked by the mages. On the bright side, I finally managed to save a village, wooh! Chapter 16 10/169 Joshua went left so he could get some exp, the other three went right, Eirika was left behind to deal with the reinforcements, Tethys helped Ephraim get there at the same time as Joshua, who one-rounded Orson with the Zanbato so Ephraim could seize on turn 10. Also, promotion time. Chapter 17 5/174 Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Chapter 18 14/184 Joshua east, Eirika south, Ephraim and Tethys north. Eirika had to leave 1 gorgon alive, which Ephraim had to go get as it was positioned by some sadistic designer on a cliff and Eirika couldn't reach him. Chapter 19 3/187 Turn 1 Tethys dances for Ephraim, so he reaches Riev on turn 3, to kill him on enemy phase. Eirika clears the way for him and Joshua stays behind to protect Tethys Chapter 20 10/197 I might redo this one, it felt inefficient as hell. Joshua stayed behind to guard the rear, Ephraim charged forward to kill the boss and seize, Eirika started clearing the way, but then had to rescue Tethys and assist Joshua. Stats going in to final chapter: UNIT LV HP ST SK SP LK DF RS WEXP Eirika 20/4.83 34 18 23 24 15 14 11 S Swords Joshua 20/11.98 50 18 22 27 16 13 9 S Swords Ephraim 20/16.69 50 27 26 24 21 23 17 S Lances (ST/SK/SP/DF capped) Tethys 7.84 24 1 2 16 15 6 9 ---
  13. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Okay, so I finished Ephraim's route, it was quicker than Eirika's route and therefore I will continue on that save file. I also realized that editing my original post with updates is not really a good idea as no-one else will see my updates. Therefore, here's my recent progress (copied from my earlier post): Ephraim's route (AKA Javelin route) Chapter 9: 18/90 Blegh. Blegh. Blegh. Chapter 10: 8/98, Joshua stayed north to train, whilst Ephraim charged towards the boss and killed him Chapter 11: 10/108 turns, this took less turns when I didn't deploy Joshua, as Ephraim could just carry a bunch of javelins, as opposed to poor Joshua Chapter 12: 6/114 turns, Joshua was a scrub and stayed below to face some pirates, Ephraim charged up towards the boss, a double axereavercrit was enough to one-round him Chapter 13: 20/134 turns, I forgot to buy javelins, started the chapter, then saved and was stuck with only 1 range weapons for the entire rout map. Why can't you return to the world map from prep menu, goddamnit, that cost me 10+ turns... Joshua promoted using the hero crest Gerik was carrying Chapter 14: 9/143 turns, the staffs were annoying af and cost me a few turns. I finished with a Reginleifcrit+dance+seize, at that point everyone was below 10 hp, surrounded, Joshua was sleeping as well. TL;DR I really hate myself for forgetting to shop, resulting in over 10 turns of damage. Ah well, I'm not starting from scratch. Also, stat dump: UNIT LV HP ST SK SP LK DF RS Weapon Rank Eirika 20 28 16 19 20 13 11 6 A Swords Ephraim20 36 18 20 19 16 15 7 A Lances Joshua 20/3.94 43 16 19 22 14 11 7 S Swords Tethys 3.49 20 1 2 13 12 5 5 ---- EDIT: It might also be funny to mention I haven't saved a single village yet. And didn't recruit Rennac/Marisa/Amelia etc.
  14. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Franz rescues Gilliam and moves to the safe space (up and left believe?), that way he wont be attacked
  15. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Update: Prologue 2/2 Eirika solo FTW Chapter 1 5/7 Eirika solo FTW Chapter 2 5/12 Eirika solo FTW Chapter 3 10/22 Breaking walls ain't fun. Lack of 1-2 range/ a 2nd unit neither. Ah well. Chapter 4 12/34 Why do some of these dudes not attack, goddamnit Chapter 5 6/40 And welcome Joshua, let's roll/ Chapter 5x 10/50 Could've been quicker, but I wanted to train up my Ephraim and not just carry him with Orson Chapter 6 5/55 Joshua went north and trained, eirika went east and murdered the boss Chapter 7 7/62 Joshua went east and trained, eirika went north and murdered the boss Chapter 8 10/72 After this, I briefly considered going Ephraim's route for the heck of it, but decided against it, I might try it later though. Also, stats: UNIT LV HP ST SK SP LK DF RS Weapon Rank Eirika 20 28 16 19 20 13 11 6 Swords: A Joshua 13.59 31 10 17 17 10 6 3 Swords: B, about halfway to A Ephraim 12.75 28 12 16 17 12 11 3 Lances: B, about halfway to A Eirika's route (Was later changed to Ephraim's route, here for completeness's sake) Ephraim's route (This is what I ended up doing)