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  1. I follow 3, Mangs for entertainment, Mekkah for gameplay and Ghast for something in between. Ghast is a super big fan of Gaiden and Echoes, so his echoes playthrough is fun, Mangs and Mekkah are currently doing a collab FE7 ranked run, where they constantly fire shots at eachother. EDIT: The main reason I follow Mangs are his shitposts though xD
  2. ACT 5 Dungeon stuff is boring. Didn't do much, got some xp for Alm and a Gradivus for Mathilda. Here are the stats and items of the units I enter the final chapter with: ACT5.txt THE ALTAR OF DUMA 4/292 Lots of warping, having 2 warpers was pretty useful here, as it allowed me to first warp Alm to Celica's starting point and then upwards. Mathilda, Clive, Lukas, Est and Deen cleared the way, my healers staffbotted so my 3 best units, Kliff, Palla and Alm, could reach Duma in 4 turns. Kliff did most of the work with a tigerstance crit for 120 damage, Palla attacked with the Gradivus after some crazy tradestrats, leaving him low enough for Alm to finish him. After checking my turn count in the credits section, I noticed I miscounted a bit, making my grand total 294 turns, I'm too lazy to edit the exact chapters and everything upward, the ones where I said "maybe 6" were both indeed 6 if you're really curious. ACT 5 TOTAL: 4/294 GRAND TOTAL 294 TURNS Recap: In general I was pretty happy with my units, I could have done better had I restarted more chapters to upgrade their turncount, or actually fought all enemies in the allowed areas, but eh, like I said, I hate dungeon battles. I'll go over my picks and provide commentary on their usefulness. Since I was player 3, I always chose 2 units at the same time, so they'll be evaluated equally. PICK 1/2 Genny and Kliff PICK 3/4 Palla and Lukas PICK 5/6 Deen and Mathilda PICK 7/8 Clive and Est PICK 9/10 Tatiana and Conrad FREE UNITS: Alm, Celica, Silque, Mycen: TL;DR I wouldn't change anything about my picks in retrospect, except for Luthier>Mathilda. My act 3 was pretty bad, but I don't think I could've picked differently to change that, maybe played better or have more luck with what you chose. As a final remark, I didn't bother hate-picking units to screw you guys over but that could've been useful as well perhaps. Also, boats.
  3. Fair enough, I get where you're coming from. I could get behind a playable avatar, as long as you'd keep his story importance low. And though I agree Fates pair-up was better than awakening, I just love rescue-drop strats and would be sad to see them go.
  4. Despite being in favor of remakes, blazing sword doesn't need one yet. Binding blade more so, but genealogy and thracia even more imo. Furthermore, please don't introduce a playable avatar again, I really didn't like either Robin or Corrin and am not confident it would go well, and the story is about the lords, not some random tactician, which would be changed if they were to add one. Also, if you were to introduce the pairing system as well as a playable avatar, these games would turn into other waifu emblems, I do like having stats influenced though (like in FE4), although it's rather awkward if only like 3 pairings do something. Marcus carrying over stats is fine. I'd rather not have either reclassing or pair up, as I feel reclassing takes away from character feel and rescue>>>pair up. Sorry to be so negative, but I feel a remake should be faithful to the original, like echoes was. Don't get me wrong, adding new things is fine, I liked some of the new things in echoes that weren't in Gaiden, but after implementing the changes you suggested it went way beyond the point of a remake, as you just turned it into awakening in an Elibe setting.
  5. ACT 4 ALM'S ROUTE Promoted Alm, I'm not sure about this, but figured the extra move and the bow were worth possibly missing out on a few levels of growth. Kinda sad he was at 14.99, but I really didn't want to do some fights first and then go back to promote him and risk spawning enemies on the map. BORDER 7/248 Man, Mathilda is a lot worse then I remembered her being. She and Clive went left, killed a single cav and fled. Kliff and Alm took out the mages in the middle and the armors on the left after they came. Silque warped op Lukas with the, now fully forged, Ridersbane (this is becoming a trend), who destroyed the armors and archers on the right, as well as Berkut and his cavalier buddies. Jesus man, Lukas is a fucking Terminator. I sadly didn't have a javelin, which made the javelin cavs pretty annoying until Alm came around with his bow. This chapter would've been easier if I had a mage to kill armors/shoot through the forest but eh. RIGEL FOREST 4/252 Kliff went left, killing the boss and some mages, Alm went up and did the same, with some assistance from Clive+Mathilda. Lukas, with Silque to heal him, took care of a buch of mages who warped towards him. FEAR MOUNTAIN 5/257 Silque warped up Kliff to fight the armors up top, Mathilda followed him, Alm, Lukas and Clive went bottom right. After the armors were dead, Kliff went to work on the witches, whilst Mathilda retreated towards Silque, who had just warped Alm to the right, where he and Lukas fought. Clive retreated as well to serve as Silque's bodyguard versus the witches who came after her. Thanks to Lukas's sick stats and Alm's double lion the bottom part was cleared in 5 turns, Silque warped up Mathilda who cleared a path for Kliff to walk past the witches and one-round the boss with a 70% sunder crit, thus killing all the summoned witches. FEAR MOUNTAIN SHRINE FREE/257 Continued class-looping Kliff, he's lvl 1 myrm now. Promoted Silque at 18. Avoided as much enemies as possible, as usual, as even small amounts of accidental grinding are boring (and cheap) af. OTHER SKIRMISHES 6/263 NUIBABA'S ABODE 6/269 Mathilda and Clive charged up, with the help of a warp, so Mathilda could enter the building from the north and Clive could eat a few arrows of the BK. Silque warped in Kliff on turn 4, who sunder-crit Nuibaba, then Alm on turn 5 who took at some dudes, then Lukas on turn 6 to finish the arcanist whilst Alm, Mathilda and Kliff cleaned up the rest. Also, I got Tatiana, my 9th pick, who can't be worse than Nomah and Valbar, because she has psychic and can learn fortify, invoke and warp, which should all be really useful, if I manage to train her that is. RIGEL PLAINS 3/272 You'll never guess what happened Surprise, eh? Never seen that one before eh? Also, I managed to give Tatiana the boss kill, which was nice. RIGEL FALLS 7/279 This should have been 6, but I figured it was a good idea to let Lukas take care of the bottom part on his own, but positioned him poorly, which meant he had to spend a turn running away from a mage, whereas the upper part was done in 6 turns. A highlight is that in the end, Lukas missed the last bow knight who was hiding in the forest, but I managed to keep the turn count on 7 by swapping and shoving silque, having her invoke, then warp the invoked unit just inside the BK's range, leading him to go for the invoked unit, bringing him in range of him, which meant on ally phase the damaged invoked unit took out the BK. TL;DR When Lukas fails, invoked dread fighter 79 was the MVP. Also, swapstrats. WARNING, ACTUAL SPOILER INSIDE SPOILER TAG (unusual, I know) THE LAST BASTION 8/287 Hm, I'm assuming having 2 warp units improved this and yet, it felt very bad. Dunno what I did wrong, but 8 turns felt like too much. RIGEL CASTLE 1/288 Silque warped up Kliff with the zweihander for a 50% crit rate, just inside Tatiana's movement range. Tatiana then warped Kliff even further, he then walked up and killed a baron. On enemy phase, a bunch of enemies, including Rudolf, suicided on him. Afterwards, Mycen joined and I forged some weapons. ACT 4 TOTAL: 70/288 I think this went pretty fine, Mathilda and Clive finally started doing stuff, more on that afterwards. Act 4 Stats: ACT4.txt
  6. ACT 4 CELICA'S ROUTE DEAD MAN'S MIRE 5/223 Maybe it's 6, I'm not sure. Basically I had Deen walk up to the boss and murder him, whilst Est and Palla covered him and killed the other enemies, Genny invoke-baited and healed, Celica was useless. MIRE BONEYARD 2/225 Falcon Knight Palla on one side one-shotting all enemies, Est+critmachine on the other side. Genny and Celica (once again) did nothing. DOLTH KEEP 5/230 Basically, everyone did what I expected Palla: murdered basically everyone (like always) Est: picked off heavily wounded units (like always) Deen: killed the boss and a summoner (like always) Genny: staffbot+invoke bait (like always) Celica: killed a single enemy (like always....) Also, Conrad joined. Whilst I picked him, I kinda dislike him. A lot. About as much as boats. Hence the 10th pick. SAGE'S HAMLET FREE/230 Promoted Est at level 17. Also gave her and Palla some def from the spring. Forged some weapons. Avoided most enemies/grass because I hate grinding. DUMA GATE 8/238 Ugh, had to spend 4 turns on the witches as my only ranged units hate mediocre resistance. Deen got blocked by the invoked enemies and couldn't advance, Palla couldn't comfortably move in because of all the mages. After 3 turns only the boss and the arcanist were left, Est+Celica took down the boss and Palla took down the arcanist. Celica was actually useful, Conrad wasn't really useful, though he did get a kill or 2. THE SWAMPS OF DUMA 3/241 Hm, imagine there was a map where you're on a boat in a swamp. Hm, sounds good, aside from it sounding absolutely terrible of course. Palla absolutely decimated all the heavy armor dudes in 3 turns, Genny healed, Est chipped in here and there, attacked Jedah on turn 1. I had Deen attack Jedah on turn 2 and 3 as well. This meant he wasn't immune for a single attack. I had Celica eat the +2 attack item and equip the grimoire ring, which meant she was able to exactly kill Jedah in one round with Ragnarok cause she doubled. Problem was, Jedah could kill her in one round as well, especially because raganrok costs 10 life twice. This is where Conrad was actually useful. I had Conrad support with Celica and put him next to her, boosting her hit (to 100) and boosting her avoid as well, giving Jedah only 40% hit. I took the chance, Celica dodged and killed him, finishing the map in 3 turns and giving me the dracoshield. I gave it to Conrad as his attack sucked so I figured I'd just make him a mounted wall (=bait). Good job buddy, you're actually useful. I forged some weapons, sent some food to Alm, then proceeded towards Duma tower. DUMA TOWER FREE/241 Promoted Conrad, got some items and went up. Forgot to note the stats of my units before talking to Jedah, will note those when these units rejoin. [EDIT: THEY ARE IN THE ACT 4 FILE AT THE END OF ACT 4 ALM] I will give a recap of their usefulness till now: Genny: As my only early unit, she put in some great work. Also, because of my lack of tanky units at first, her invoke-baiting was superuseful, as well as her psychic. She was combat filler at first, a staffbot later and pretty good at both. She could be worse than Mae and Saber, but considering they were already taken I'm happy with first-picking her. Palla: Probably my favourite character in Echoes, my third pick (second from Celica's party). Aside fom joining a bit late, but beginning chapter 3 is pretty early, she was amazing. Incredible movement, solid damage, relatively tanky, supports with another of my units, monsterslayer after promotion, definitely my MVP. Deen: Pretty darn solid, my fifth pick, or sixth which was the same in my case, the third unit I picked on Celica's route. Definitely the best unit on Celica's route left at the point I picked him. The mercenary line is great, he was pretty tanky, both vs physical and magical damage, the latter being a weakness of Palla. His movement as dread fighter was decent as well. His crit-rate with a heavily forged brave sword was 60% and he doubled everyone, causing him to one-round pretty much anyone making him the perfect summoner/boss-slayer. Est: This pick was kinda close between her and Atlas. I hadn't used Est in my previous run and wanted to try her out and valued her movement over the bases of Atlas (unless you make him a cav, but that's a terrible class for him). She started out weak (duh, she's Est) but I saved some springs for her and her high Res meant she was a perfect buddy for Palla, finishing of tankier units Palla couldn't one-round and taking out those pesky mages, whilst their supports made them more reliable. She wasn't one of my best units, but pretty OK for a late pick. Conrad: Ugh, I hate this guy. But eh, he's better than Valbar, especially in a LTC, and probably better than Nomah as well, considering I already had Celica and Genny. He has a horse and supports with Celica, so that's nice. He might have saved a turn or 2, and considering he's ill-suited for combat, he's become Sir Bait with the dracoshield I got from Jedah. He sucks, but eh, as a last pick you could do worse.
  7. ACT 3 ALM: NORTHERN ZOFIA: 6/100 Warped Lukas with the ridersbane up to kill the cavs on the left, kliff, alm and silque took care of the main enemy force. Clive was there too, that's all I'll say about him. Also, no boats. I'm almost starting to miss them. ZOFIA FOREST 1: 9/109 Jesus Christ, this was a pain. At this point I seriously miss the boat chapters. Clive was useless, Lukas as well, Alm didn't do much. Kliff killed a bunch of enemies, Silque carried the entire team basically FOREST CROSSROADS 2/111 Not much to say. Clive charged from the north, Kliff with the lightning sword from the east, Silque warped up Lukas w/ ridersbane and Alm baited. I needed the second turn to clean things up DESAIX FORTRESS 12/123 I'm not sure about this one, will check it once I finish the game. Desaix was tough for me as my only magic user (Silque) got one-shotted by his javelin and I didn't have any good armorcrush units, which meant I mostly had to rely on the lightning sword... On the bright side: Mathilda joined. Cower in fear, mages, for the great 10 resistance paladin has arrived. ZOFIA FOREST 2 5/128 You know, I've been a bit rough on Clive, but he was kinda decent here. He, Mathilda and Kliff went left, On the Silque warped up Lukas w/ ridersbane once again and Alm joined them a bit later. Mathilda and Clive were useful when hunting down fleeing wounded cavs. SYLVAN SHRINE FREE/128 Promoted Kliff to dread fighter, gave Alm res, Mathilda xp and left. CELICA'S ROUTE ZOFIAN COAST 5/133 Could be 6, I'll check this one as well. Celica took the left, Genny the right, Palla and Catria (NPC's) helped a ton. Also, FINALLY ANOTHER UNIT. It's Palla, one of my personal favourites as well. SKIRMISH: 3/136 Palla tot the left, Celica middle, Genny right. DESERT STRONGHOLD 19/155 Well uhm. Right. I was wondering why I didn't remember this chapter being so difficult, then I realized I previously beat this chapter by having leon duel with every archer one at a time. Since I neither hadnLeon, nor that much time I had to charge in. Sadly, Genny got 2-shotted by all enemy units, Palla had to stay around the edge to not get killed by the anti-flyers which basically meant Celica, who was super slow in the desert, had to go in on her own... Someone remind me why I thought it was a good idea to not take more early Celica units? Oh right, Catria, Kamui, Leon and Boey were taken all in a row between my turns haha. Well played sirs, well played. SOUTHERN DESERT 6/161 Palla w/javelin put in a ton of work here, invoke to bait was decent as well. Also, Celica was the only one who wasn't getting one-shotted by Sonya. Her second Excalibur-attack critted Sonya which was nice. GREITH 22/183 This was such a pain. Genny was just a staffbot at this point, celica went right, palla left. They took so may hits they had to be healed all the time, which kinda stopped my advance. VALLEY APPROACH 5/188 Took a bit longer than I'd liked, but Celica was needed to kill the boss, so she had to walk a long time. Celica hit lvl 20 already... Such a waste of exp, bot nothing can be done about it. DRAGON SHRINE FREE/188 Promoted Palla, she was lvl 20 and Deen, he was lvl 10. Est isn't ready yet and I decided to wait with promoting Genny. Afterwards, I got my ass handed to me so decided to promote her anyways. TEMPLE OF MILA 8/196 Started great, moved in palla to kill the archer and est to open the door on turn 2. Deen joined turn 3 with a bunch of evoked dorks and killed the summoner. The mages proved more of a problem, I was hoping for 7 turns, but instead of triggering a 40% crit on any of his 4 attacks deen decided to miss an attack.. Celica promoted, so that's neat. Gave Est the 2 levels from the spring, she's level 13.99 now On another note, because of all these spawning enemies on the map and my laziness, of the undrafted units on Celica's side, only Jesse, Catria and Valbar are still alive. ALM'S ROUTE Sadly Alm's undrafted units are unable to fight these spawns, so I'll have to spend some turns here. The next number is from all random enemies in act 3 combined. RANDOM ENEMIES: 7/203 This felt so bad... FOREST NORTHSIDE 5/208 Warped up slower units, charged with cavalry. Clive was semi-useful, Mathilda way too frail. Running enemies suck SLUICE GATE 10/218 This felt super inefficient, and I know it could have been faster, but I couldnt't forge/promote, because new enemies would spawn. Also, there were a lot of unfortunate misses, but it felt kinda silly to restart. Afterwards, I forged some weapons and promoted Lukas once again to try and keep him viable for as long as possible. Stats in file: ACT3.txt ACT 3 RECAP 124/218 I though Act 1 went quite well, act 2 meh, but better than I'd thought, act 3 went plain horrible. Most battles on Alm's path felt like I should've done way better, whilst I really noticed how much I lacked units in Celica's path. Let's hope this gets better in act 4/5.
  8. ACT 2 Gave Celica 2 attack, Genny 1 NOVIS CEMETERY: 5/50 Not much to say. I walked west. The enemies loved Genny. YO DAWG I HEARD YOU THINK BOATS ARE PRETTY COOL 5/55 Still, not much to say. Celica 1-rounds with magic, 2 rounds with dagger, genny 2-rounds YO DAWG I HEARD YOU LIKE BOATS 8/63 Same here.. Man, I'm sick of boats already IF I WAS 1 OF YOU ID HAVE TWICE AS MUCH UNITS NOW: 5/68 Celica walked towards the boss and got attacked a lot. Genny healed her, Leon died (aww). Celica critted the boss (leaving him on 1 HP) which saved me a turn. YO DAWG I HEARED YOU LOVE BOATS 5/73 Blegh, Celica missed the boss 2 times first, then critted to make up for it. DRAGONZ 5/78 Genny cant hurt them, Celica doesn't double them, luckily I could invoke to bait them and attack them 4 times with Celica. I could've gone for other maps first, but eh. Also, blessed ring. Also, blessed sword. Great, 2 clerics with blessed items on an epic journey. Also, boats. I didn't fight any enemies/drink from any spring. I'm saving them for later, as Genny and Celica are buff enough as is YO DAWG I HEARED BOATS ARE LIKE YOUR FAVOURITE THING IN THE WORLD 5/83 Huh, I didn't actually use the blessed sword in my first playthrough. I regret it. WELL IT SEEMS LIKE THERE ARE BOATLOAD OF ENEMIES HERE: 6/89 Who needs more than 2 units if you have 6 invoke-buddies? OH LOOK IT'S SIR DOUCHEBAG: 5/94 Ugh, I really don't like Conrad. Or boats. ACT 2 TOTAL: 39/94 ACT 2 STATS: Unit Class Lvl HP AT SK SP LK DF RS MV ITEM SKILLS Celica Priestess 11.39 27 17 11 13 11 6 7 4 Blessed sword Fire, Thunder, Seraphim, Boats, Recover, Recovery, Anti-terrors (Plenitude) Genny Boat 8.99 22 11 6 7 11 3 13 4 Blessed ring Nosf, Recover, Psychic, Invoke, Recovery (Swap) Well it appears having only 2 units to give exp makes them buffed as hell. Also, boats.
  9. This means that if you use an undrafted unit for combat/healing/meatshielding/baiting etc. an extra 4 turns are added to your turn count (so basically you need to restart the chapter unless you are really confident you will win). As for your second question, when you want to enter a dungeon for the second or later time to promote units or pick up treasure, you aren't allowed to use drafted units and because you're forced to deploy Alm/Celica, you need to keep them away from combat to prevent (accidental) grinding.
  10. PROLOGUE: FREE/0 Recruited dem bois + an orange (the orange appeared to be carried by some girl? Dunno, not interested in her. I'll take a free orange any day though. ACT 1 RAM WOODS: 2/2 Moved up Alm+Lukas to forest, enemies attacked them. Alm+Lukas attacked undamaged enemies on my second turn, all enemies suicide upon them the next enemy phase. I sadly couldn't give Kliff any exp, as that would've costed another turn FLEECER'S FOREST: 5/7 Alm+Lukas killed the archer, Kliff baited. Alm moved towards boss, Lukas weakened stuff, Kliff chased wounded units who ran towards the healing point. I was hoping to 4-turn this, but the last enemy tried to flee towards a healing point across the map, which cost me another turn. THIEVES SHRINE: FREE/7 Recruited Silque, gave her the speed buffs from the statues and made Kliff a merc, because Mage!Kliff sucks (fight me) and all my other uni'ts on Alm's route use lances, so I'd rather have someone to wield the lightning sword than my fourth cavalier. Also, I didn't draft him, but I promoted Gray to mage, cause he started at a promotable level and so I can say I did an LTC where I made Gray a mage. RAM VALLEY:7/14 Silque fought the merc on the mountain, the other 3 faced the others, Kliff got the boss kill, an archer hid on a mountain up till the end. SOUTHERN OUTPOST: 9/23 Ugh, not proud of this one... After missing the archer on the right, Silque took 2 turns to reach the soldier on the healing spot. Meanwhile, Alm and co killed the other enemies. Also: Hi Claire, but more importantly: iron lance and the mighty LIGHTSABER. SOUTHERN SOFIA 1: 4/27 Silque learned warp. Kliff decimated most of the enemies with his lightsaber, took a bunch of hits though and had to be healed, so I couldn't warp anyone. Alm killed the boss. 10/10 MAP DESIGN: 7/34 Ugh, chasing fleeing cavs isn't great, even with warp. Lukas is starting to reach the point where he doesn't contribute anymore, which is sooner than I'd hoped. DELIVERANCE HIDEOUT: FREE/34 Avoided most of the enemies, cause I'm a nice guy like that. Promoted Kliff (he can class-loop anyways) and Lukas(won't be using him long enough to hit level cap, so might as well give him promo buffs. Gave Alm the attack lions, so Kliff can have the lightsaber. Also, Clive is here, he kinda sucks, but he's a mounted unit so there's that. I instantly promoted him for the extra move. ZOFIA GATE: 11/45 Warped Kliff up to the archers, Alm joined him later. Clive attacked the archers on the left, but got wrecked and fled. The promotion helped Lukas out a lot, so he was able to finish them and bait, whilst Alm (and Kliff a bit) killed Slayde and his pals. A few unlucky misses later it too me 11 turns to beat the chapter. ACT 1 TOTAL: 45 TURNS ACT1.txt with all levels/stats etc. of my units
  11. My opinion in short: BR: I didn't bother trying it as it seemed too easy CQ: Story: Godafwul, Chapters:Challenging, fun for the most part, too gimmicky for my taste at some points REV: Horrible story, mediocre gameplay at best, way too gimmicky and not too challenging, in my eyes it was a waste of money I don't think I'll ever replay any one of them (maybe CQ, probably not), whilst with other entries (e.g. Blazing Sword, Genealogy, Echoes) I immediately felt like replaying them with extra challenges (draft, LTC, iron man etc.) after finishing them, so yeah, that's a bad sign.
  12. Thanks for the guide, I'll definitely be first-picking Hannibal during my next echoes draft!
  13. Hi, me and my brother (zeus_112) were looking to do a draft of Echoes and are looking for a third player, anyone willing to join, let me know. FAIR WARNING: Considering we share our 3DS, we might take longer than your usual drafter, possibly up to a month, so be prepared for this. Don't worry though, we won't be "teaming" during the draft. Anyway, if you don't mind this, here are the rules (copied from Jedi, they looked fair, I edited them slightly, but the framework is his. Drafting 1. This draft is for 3 players. 2. Alm, Celica, Silque, and Mycen are free for all. 3. The game will be played on Hard Classic Mode. Rules 1. Undrafted units can only move and trade items, 4 turn penalty, so no meathshielding/witchbaiting/combat/healing etc. 2. Every overworld map must be completed; you may do fights/collect treasure one time per dungeon room (no staff/grind abuse, just be reasonable) 3. You may fight skirmishes/extra dungeon fights (not farm silver) with just undrafted units deployed and Alm/Celica not fighting. 4. Random drops and drops from extracurricular fights banned. 5. No doing extra fights for quests, even if it's the first time that fight becomes available. 6. Forging and sub-quests are allowed; all DLC is banned, so no villager's fork either. 7. Game ends when Duma dies (so chapter 5, last battle). Kaden: Saber, Tobin, Faye, Boey, Leon, Forsyth, Delthea, Jesse, Atlas, Nomah FINISHED ACT 2: 94 TURNS Zeus: Mae, Gray, Clair, Catria, Kamui, Python, Luthier, Sonya, Zeke, Valbar FINISHED ACT 2: 126 TURNS Athena: Genny, Kliff, Palla, Lukas, Deen, Mathilda, Clive, Est, Tatiana, Conrad FINISHED ACT 5: 294 TURNS
  14. After looking at my own files, I found out I also used the Project Naga patch, it worked really smoothly for me, so I'll second Darrman on this. The emulator I used was snes9x. I'm around 3/4 of the game and most of the dialogue seems really good up till now.
  15. Damnit man, I told you not to quote me! Just kidding :P