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  1. Playing FE4 for the First Time

    Hi, not sure if you're aware of this, but there is a way to trade, by pawning away weapons and buying them back with others, you'll end up lower in funds, but it can be done if you want to. Anyway, great that you're loving it!
  2. How Would You Fix Such-and-Such Class?

    The only two classes I consider to be bad in almost every game and only use in exception cases (like Othin in FE5) are knights/generals and fighters/warriors. I'd say give generals access to all physical weapons, so lances, axes, swords and bows. I think fighters/warriors could be a little tankier. Also, give light magic more crit. Finally, I think there should be more weapons that are locked to myrmidons/swordmasters, like the Wo Dao, as that helps myrmidons contribute in spite of being swordlocked infantry. Often I hear people talk about giving generals more move, fighters more skill or myrms ranged weapons, but I'd rather give them a unique niche or further improve their strengths than remove their weakness, so I really dislike stuff like wary fighter. Classes I consider to be consistently top tier are fliers and cavaliers, I'd say make them dismount indoors FE5 style, that makes them balanced imo, whilst giving otherwise outclassed infantry units a chance to shine.
  3. Does the Devil axe boost the axe rank faster?

    Most early game axe-users are kinda garbage, like Dorcas and Bartre. And once your good units, like paladins and heroes can use axes, you don't really need to train their rank as much, just get to killer axe rank and that's all you need. So basically, almost no-one imo
  4. What are the good characters?

    He's good because he has great base stats and is on a horse. He does start falling off later in the game, as he doesn't get much exp from kills, but that shouldn't stop you from using him, as long as you don't abuse him too much. His strength is that he doesn't need to be leveled up to contribute, but will be one of your best units for a long time, without needing any investment. But yeah, considering it's normal mode, you don't really have to worry about who's good, just use whoever you feel like using and you should be fine.
  5. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Best story: SoV, no contest. Awakenings story is bland, Fates story is horrible. Despite some weird moments, SoV's was shown beautifully. Bets gameplay: Conquest. Awakening and BR were too easy, REV too gimmicky and I dislike SoV's dungeons. At least Conquest was challenging. Worst story: Revelations. Sure, AW and BR are really bland and CQ has the worst Corrin, but REV s entire Valla arc is just so bad... Worst gameplay: Revelations. I haven't played BR, so I can't compare it. Awakening is too easy, SoV is also quite easy and has some things I dislike, but my god I hate the gimmicky maps in revelations.
  6. What are the good characters?

    Mostly the prepromotes (especially Marcus and Pent), cavaliers and fliers. Since you played Lyn mode, Kent, Sain and Florina should be trained up as well, so even better than usual. Honourable mention to Raven, Priscilla and maybe Canas for being none of the aforementioned things but still great. Oh, and Ninian/Nils is amazing of course. Most axe-users and archers are bad, so stay away form those.
  7. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    FE4-Cety (Levyn as father of course for Forseti) FE5-Finn (yeah, I know both he and Cety are in both 4 and 5, but Finn's just awesome here) FE6-Tate (Thea I believe her official name is?) FE7-Lowen FE8-Tana FE13-Lucina FE14-I legitimately can't think of anyone, they're much too gimmicky for my taste. FE15-Palla Haven't played 1,2,3,11,12 but I did like Palla in echoes, so her I guess Haven't played 9,10 but the Black Knight seems cool from what I've heard/seen EDIT: I valued both gameplay and character
  8. Do you want an avatar & S-rank supports? (Poll)

    Avatar: No, unless it's done like FE7 or so, but preferably not S-supports: Sure, on a few conditions -Not everyone can S-support everyone, maybe 1 to 3 options per character -Preferably no children, unless it's genealogy-style
  9. Pegasus knights all the way, high mobility, solid hit and dodge chances, great for rescue-drops in GBA games or tradestrats, double basically anyone. They're basically always useful. As for units I enjoy using, but aren't that great, myrmidons and swordmasters.
  10. Trigonometry notation poll

    Hi mathstudent here, I use arctan etc, as a ^-1 notation really bothers me and confuses me regarding division. In my own quick calculations however when I'm certain division won't come up I'll sometimes use ^-1 to save space/time
  11. FE6 Legendary weapons

    Ah nice, of course! Thank you so much!
  12. FE6 Legendary weapons

    Well, I'm currently playing through FE6 for the first time, I'm at chapter 19A (Ilia route) and just checked what the conditions on entering chapter 20AX were so I can get the legendary lance, Maltet, and play the final chapters. Turns out Zealot needs to be alive, which he isn't as I didn't know this at the time and let him die as an NPC. Well, suppose that's what I get for not researching it enough beforehand xD. Does anyone know a relatively easy way to hack the ROM and put Maltet in my inventory so I can play the last chapters or is this impossible? Thanks in advance! Note: I am pretty unexperienced with hacking, so I might not know all terminology but can of course look up how to do basic things. Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it on the forums.
  13. I don't think she's a very strong unit, but people tend to like her design and character, she's Roy's main love interest and Hector's daughter. Also, mine got ridiculously speed-blessed (7 above average as a lvl 14 mage I believe) which made her an absolute monster as she murdered everything and dodged like crazy. In general Lugh is better I believe, though they are close.
  14. Favoritism vs Practicality

    I tend a little towards practicality, though I use favouritism as a tiebreaker of sorts. And of course if a favourite of mine is salvageable I'll bring him/her along. (A lack of a horse can't stop me from using Lewyn and Ayra for example and I'll always use a myrmidon). Obviously, this changes in ranked/LTC/draft.
  15. I hope that this game is more Fates, less Valentia.

    Uh, I'm pretty sure it sold very well for a remake for a retiring system... It's sales were lower than other 3DS games maybe, but that's to be expected for a remake which wasn't advertised... The difference in sales wasn't due to worse gameplay, and the sales weren't even that bad, calling it a flop is a major overstatement.