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  1. If they're not 5* and above level 20, you can go to the increase rarity screen, you get a preview window of their stats at level 1 once you increase their rarity, and you can check then. If they're 5*, though, you just need to take them to level 40.
  2. Saw 3 of them this season, counting the one that was three fliers and one Hector. They're only dangerous on that one arena field...
  3. well, no. Either Lakshe is Dew's daughter and has bargain, or she's Holyn's daughter and can be given the Balmung with a bug exploit. Can't have both at the same time. The Bargain ring, however, can be given to any of your Holy weapon users.
  4. Fucking flying team killed my deathless run on the 7th fight :(
  5. Isn't that the same for everyone by the same artist? I remember people mentioning different art for regular and special attacks with Ogma, Jagen and Gunther.
  6. As far as I know? I just knew about this because I checked recently following on a discussion. I don't have Jaffar or a Falchion user so the other stuff I haven't checked.
  7. Actually they can inherit Savage Blow but not Poison Strike. (Last time I checked the wiki had erroneous information, indeed).
  8. I got a sixth Nino! And this time, THIS FUCKING TIME, she is not -Att. She is +speed/-def fuck yeah I can finally bring a Nino to 5* :DDD
  9. I'm amazed by the people who got several iterations of the 5* characters. Especially when they're F2P!
  10. I keep track of all my summons (and I'm F2P which makes it easier), and by my account I have summoned Nino, Lissa and Olivia 5 times each. I have also pulled 4 Jaegan. Which characters have you summoned the most, by odd tricks of the RNG?
  11. Oh, I love all the morphs for being pretty, too. Making fun of Ephidel for not being able to kill old sickly men is just what I do :) I even like Sonia yes. Love all the crazy despicable evil women the game may throw at me. I just like villains I guess. But not Oliver. *spit*
  12. Beat it on first try with Ursula (with a Blade tome), Julia, Olivia and Frederick (with Fortify Cavalry, purely support). Nice and easy.
  13. If Ephidel existed in Heroes then he will finally have stats, and then we'd know exactly how crappy his attack stat is to be capable of botchingkilling an old sickly man twice. I can't wait.
  14. Had to lose two units to a team made of Eldigan, Gunther, Reinhard + Takumi. It was the fault of that ***ing Drag Back on Eldigan, otherwise I could handle them grrrr.