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  1. what's the cap for feather inventory space? I'm slightly worried about getting over 100,000
  2. Yeah my main arena team is usually Ike, Nino, one of Cordelia, Linde or Camus + Askr trio member/bonus unit... either way when i'm shifting things around to slot Ninian in, sounds like they'll mostly be Infantry.
  3. I'm not sure whether to give my Ninian (neutral) Panic Ploy or Infantry Pulse for C skill. She usually has a HP seal so that's 45HP. I don't have a lot of higher HP units at 5* (the main one is Bartre who gets to 49). Xander is at 44 without HP seal, and Ike is also at 45 with the other HP seal which i usually have on him. Bunch of people are at 43/42 HP. I have a +HP Fae at 4* if that's worth promoting, my Nowi OTOH is -HP (so 42HP). For context I'm F2P.
  4. I only got around to do the map today but found them fairly easy. Used the same team of Klein, Olivia, Cordelia and Nino for all difficulty. Mostly Klein killed fliers (and thanks to tanking the archer, triggered Oliva's WoM early for great mobility), Cordelia took down red units and Repo-ed people, Olivia blocked and killed an axe cavalry once, and Nino killed Valter and finished off that archer (and used draw back once).
  5. Thank you so much for this. I attempted my first custom sprites today thanks to this :)
  6. Does that mean that I (and every player out there) are secretly Embla royal princes? Because that would put an additional twist on all that Zacharias and Bruno bs :)
  7. I created those ages ago, and then i just... never posted them. So posting them now (with a quick fix up because i finally had an idea for how to handle Wrath): Arthur, Vengeful Seeker Tinny, Mournful Captive Azel, Shy Defender Tiltyu, Cheerful Bodyguard And bonus Lachesis, Master Knight of Nodion
  8. My highest Res unit already has atk ploy!
  9. 110 (f2p)
  10. Tier lists and some recommended builds give an irrealist vision of what good "SI" you need to be competitive. You can budget build very efficient competitve teams for arena, arena assault, squad assault, tempest etc. I'm F2P and been consistently bouncing between tier 19 and tier 20 (aka shy of remaining in tier 20 all the time where the true creme de la creme of the meta remains which is basically whale tier), doing pretty well in arena assault so far and completing all challenges easily enough (the only reason I only got to 60k points on both first Tempests is not being able to endure more of the grind than that). According to you that makes me Lelouch???
  11. Got another first day's advanced deathless 7 streaks. Which is weird because after the first day i really struggled completing any deathless streak and never beat that first day's score. (did beat it this time: 4788!) Also still wonder how they pick the defensive teams. I met a team of 4 Hectors... (hope it doesn't count as double post when it's separated by several days. I really don't feel like editing a post that was about a whole other thing just for this rule.)