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  1. Thanks! I'm a bit hesitant on Axebreaker, since few people run axe users; but i guess they are starting to get a bit more popular.
  2. Love that yoyo the archer cavalry does with Narcian baiting him XD Managed infernal pretty easily with a team of Nino, Olivia, Camus and Ike. Nino was MVP, Camus repo-ed her, tanked and killed the archer and finished Lloyd. Ike took care of the Peg Knight.
  3. For the next 2 months... Most of what I remember from the '80s are Japanese cartoons tbh. But the hair thing vaguely ring a bell, too!
  4. It's a special skill i have to skip over words so i think i have read something but actually I haven't. Multiply that by 7
  5. wow I edited RIGHT AWAY and you still managed to answer in between, kudos! (yeah I realized you actually said "2 out of 3" at the same time I hit "submit reply" basically).
  6. i need to learn how to read
  7. Same but i also started expending my barrack recently.
  8. What might be a good build for a Minerva with the somewhat unfortunate IV att+/speed -? That puts her a 35 speed with LnD; and 55 att.
  9. Legion is scary! And my Ike is -Def. Idk, i was surprised too. Probably a Moonbow/QP involved too.
  10. Also they're both hilarious in a cranky way. A Legion with Beach Tiki's axe ORKOed my Ike in the arena once. He looks too stupid for me to promote but i shan't underestimate him again!
  11. Sharena Michalis Nino Camus Alfonse Cecilia I have about 50k feathers left, too.
  12. tempest be good for HM grinding
  13. Well back to the "i do not have a spare Tharja" problem anyway. What do you mean by proper skills?