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  1. I don't have a hard time with defense tiles, actually. Loved the defensive maps that were rolled up earlier. I have a harder time with the maps with a lot of blocks though x_x I suspect I play a little bit defensively and that's why it's more of an issue for me (even though I do have two ranged units, Nino and Klein, I often rely on setting a unit to take a blow on ennemy phase to control the flow of the fight...) no Dancer cuz I'd need to promote Olivia to 5* in order to make an equivalent team. Maybe I should replace Sharena with Linde already, more range might be useful... And Sharena often fails to kill in one round because I didn't give her QR or SB , which does set her up vulnerable to WoM and the like which can be annoying. Could be giving Nino more support in general, too. Tometeam sounds fun.
  2. Mostly it's the new maps. They make anticipating the action of the enemy pretty hard. I might get a bit more used to them eventually (like the new lava map, I managed to trap myself in a pretty stupid way once, so now I know how to better anticipate that it can really cut your options if you're not careful) but some are just... difficult the way they are (the boat to boat map? ouch. Not the one that made me lose the most but it's a really tough one). Not that much issues with WoM & the like, actually. Just basic positioning on the map. My team could be stronger I guess (Did my best for Roy, but as a replacement for Ike he's pretty mediocre) but that didn't prevent me from getting deathless last week... so i think it's the maps.
  3. Yeah, I'm having a hard time as well... no deathless run yet (at least 3 deaths?) I'm starting to get gunshy *sighs*
  4. I did the first Armor quest with my -Att Sheena! Such fun. Then i had to retrain another Sheena who wasn't -Att for the second one.
  5. My current rate of success this season is one failure out of 3 fights. That's... not getting me very far :/ I liked the previous series of Defense map, but not feeling these ones very much. Too much obstruction to movement.
  6. Only the first map on lunatics gave me some trouble (first because Takumi's stat boosts had him kill unbuffed Ike and couldn't be dealt by Klein either; and then scrambling a bit the positioning to kill Effie + Olivia without setting somebody to get killed). The others were very easy.
  7. Ooooooh, so the point of the Skill is to remove the debuff innate to the Manen tome? And it could be used for on... well Dire Thunder to remove the -Speed penalty, except not because you specified Flux as a prereq? (i don't think another tome comes with a debuff). So the overall effect is that you either have a chances of making 0 damage, or have a chance of making devastatingly high damage... huh. It kind of feel needlessly complicated and inelegant overall. Trying to mimic "explosive" damage that way is interesting though.
  8. I continue to love how you write detailed quotes for everything. Very nice voice for Canas :DD 31 speed actually feels like a little much for him -- i know it's not much compared to competitive speed in the arena and such, but it's a very decent number for a character I tend to view as a little bit on the slow side. Might prefer him with a bit of a high Att instead. The rest of his stats are fine. I'm not very good at assessing how much power that Manen tome has. It seems a bit complicated (-5 att AND only 1 Mt as a + tome? Isn't that super low? Does the Res/3 suffice to compensate for it??), but I have no eyes for that kind of eyeballing numbers. Eldritch Acumen leaves me similarly at a loss about judging how efficient it is. I'm not sure it's great to have something to get rid of debuff to yourself by attacking (like, usually debuff are taken into account before attacking, right?).
  9. That's why I made this poll. So we'd get at least a little bit of data on what the people who hang out at serenes forest consider "enough" or "too little". Please let people speak about their feelings in this thread because that's the whole point to gather that intel. The thing with the gacha model as I understand it is that it needs both a public that is willing to spend money on it, and a public who is content to continue playing F2P. If either fall through, then it can't sustain itself. Am I mistaken?
  10. I'm sorry :( I don't know how to continue that conversation anymore.
  11. I made a poll to inquire what would satisfy people about free orbs and such...
  12. Well, as I already agreed that "impossible to have fun" was too strong a way to put it, I feel like you've overlooked everything else beyond that.
  13. Is that such an outlandish claim? "Impossible to have fun" is a bit strong because there are various ways to find "fun" in a variety of ways, but a baseline of one full summon per week feels like a good baseline for F2P. It's not a lot, just enough to keep you interested in the game when you can't afford to put money in it. If it's beneath that for a long while, I know I'll certainly lose interest. Can't speak for any other f2p player, of course... maybe we should do a poll...
  14. True XD I mean Klein is polite too, but Clarine would make a point of rubbing people's in their lack of good manners.
  15. Oh. Of course, you see it written in English, so you would know. I am disappoint.