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  1. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    ... I thought Neko no Miko sounded cute and now I'm afraid to ask why it's so degenerate...
  2. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    OOooh right! That's good. Sorry, i'm the one who was slow. Chromax is decent!
  3. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Veto! Not bad. Not sure I understand the allusion with Singure but Greenigo flows nicely Surely if anyone has a claim on being Gayrcher it's Leon :p I'm putting in Selise. Not super fond of any of those Chrom ones... Azura has enough names ;_;
  4. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    I kinda feel like Perf!Azura and Halloween!Sakura are stuck in a deadly struggle to see which one of them will have the most nicknames! Pick a Frederick nickname and... err, I might put it in? I kinda like Beach Bear, but Shellderrick and Daggerick both flow decently. Sgt Shell is cute too but less obvious. It's kind of confusing that both Spring and Brave Lucina can be called Blucina x_x Thanks for spotting my mistake!
  5. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    ooops that makes more sense
  6. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Way ahead of you! Man, thats a lot of nicknames for Sakura.
  7. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Sounds kinky. Okay, that got a loud snort out of me, well done! :D Lies! There is only one Melon Lord and her name is Toph!
  8. So I'm weirdly fascinated by the little names that people come up for alternate/seasonnal units in the game. So I kind of wanted to anthologise them. Please, add some of the names you know of or have been using so I can add them to the list! We've got: Spring!Camilla: Scam, Scamilla, Bunny Camilla, Bunnilla, Playboy Camilla Spring!Chrom: Bunny Chrom, Chromax, Falchior Spring!Lucina: Bluecina, Blucina, Eggcina, Bunnicina, Springcina Spring!Xander: Xanbunny, Wonkander, Spander Bride!Lyn: Bridelyn Bride!Charlotte: Charlotte, duh, she's the only one, Bridelotte Bride!Caeda: Braeda, Briida Bride!Cordelia: Bridelia, Brideload Summer!Frederick: Pick a Shell and Pray, Daggerick Summer!Gaius: Naked Gaius, Bowgaius, Garcher, Candy Hood Summer!Robin: Sobin, Robkini, Srobin Summer!Tiki: Tikini, Melon Lord Summer!Corrin: Scorn, Scorrin Summer!Xander: Naked Xander, Sander, Sunder Summer!Leo: Leo-tan, Tomato-kun, Tomato Prince, Leomato Summer!Elise: Sumelise, Selise Brave!Lyn: Bowlyn, BLyn, Brokelyn, Cavlyn Brave!Ike: Bike, Mike Brave!Roy: Boy, Kid Eliwood Brave!Lucina: Lancina, Blucina Performer!Azura: Axura, Dark Azura, Nohr Azura, Green Azura, Greenzura, Not Azura, Mysterious Songstress, Nohrzura Performer!Inigo: Inigo, duh, he's the only one, Greenigo, Inigogo Performer!Shigure: Shigure, duh, he's the only one, Singure Performer!Olivia: Fanlivia, Polivia Halloween!Jakob: Jako-zombie, Bowjob, Frankob, Frankenjob, Frankenjakob Halloween!Henry: Count Henry, Vampire Henry, Henrycula, Vamphenry Halloween!Nowi: Nowitch, Noween, Witch Nowi, Lolicopter Halloween!Sakura: Sakakiddy, Nekomakura, Neko Sakura, Nekura, Sakunya(n), Nyakura, Purrkura, Catkura Voice of Naga!Tiki: ATiki Young Tiki: Young Tiki? Marth!Lucina: Marthina, Masked Marth, LuciMarth, TotallyNotLucina, LuciMask, Flat Marth
  9. what's the cap for feather inventory space? I'm slightly worried about getting over 100,000
  10. Yeah my main arena team is usually Ike, Nino, one of Cordelia, Linde or Camus + Askr trio member/bonus unit... either way when i'm shifting things around to slot Ninian in, sounds like they'll mostly be Infantry.
  11. I'm not sure whether to give my Ninian (neutral) Panic Ploy or Infantry Pulse for C skill. She usually has a HP seal so that's 45HP. I don't have a lot of higher HP units at 5* (the main one is Bartre who gets to 49). Xander is at 44 without HP seal, and Ike is also at 45 with the other HP seal which i usually have on him. Bunch of people are at 43/42 HP. I have a +HP Fae at 4* if that's worth promoting, my Nowi OTOH is -HP (so 42HP). For context I'm F2P.
  12. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    I only got around to do the map today but found them fairly easy. Used the same team of Klein, Olivia, Cordelia and Nino for all difficulty. Mostly Klein killed fliers (and thanks to tanking the archer, triggered Oliva's WoM early for great mobility), Cordelia took down red units and Repo-ed people, Olivia blocked and killed an axe cavalry once, and Nino killed Valter and finished off that archer (and used draw back once).