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  1. I know it's taken me a while to respond here, but I've been busy and haven't really been able to fully flesh out my thoughts until now. The Voting Gauntlet needs a different name - because it's not a popularity contest, or politics. It's really a Worldwide Team battle Gauntlet. I guess Voting Gauntlet sounded better? I say we call it Fight Club. It will never be fair, unless we remove the multipliers and the ability to see the accumulative scores of each bracket/team all together. If people can't decide what Team to join, they'll look up the score and either bandwagon with who they think will win, or pick a team they know will lose for feathers. By removing this, people will be more inclined to pick their favorite character of the bunch. Sure, people may still bandwagon, but I don't think it would be as bad as, say, Team Camilla/Lucina. To make it even more fair, I would have the score based on the sum of every team member's individual performance. This might even stop the band wagoner's from band wagoning, if they jump on a team for victory feathers.. Maybe do what they do to calculate a player's score like they do in the Arena, with the total BST, and mabye have a survivability multiplier like in Tempest Trial. For ease of use, I would remove the 30min cooldown, in favor of 90 total plays per round. You see, it's inconvenient if you have a life. For me, I have a hard time with the gauntlet in it's current form (and I bet most of America does too), since for me, Rounds start at midnight, so I completely miss every effective multiplier in the beginning. That's what I think.
  2. Common. Both my Seliphs (5* and 4*) were +HP/-Spd. Every Henry I've gotten, except for one (that one was +Def/-HP), has been +Def/-Spd.
  3. I'm not getting Summer Leo. My pity rate was destroyed by another M!Corrin... :'( (cry)
  4. You could say the same thing about where I live. :P In fact, my province is anything but cold right now. Pretty much the entirety of BC (yes, British Columbia, Canada) has practically been on fire for months now. Smoke only cleared today.
  5. Oh. Fair enough. Maybe we'll get a revival GHB? I want new characters though. Give me Kellam and Nils, dammit!
  6. No banner? Unlikely. If anything, I'd expect a skill banner... Desperation maybe?
  7. I'm in agreement with @salinea I really like the stat spread. I can already see myself giving him Earth/fire boost or Distant Defense, Ward/Hone Armor and Quick Riposte. However, I feel the Black Knight would probably only have neutral IV's, as I see him more likely be introduced as a GHB or TT unit. (+spd/-hp or -res would be so broken, except for Reinhardt. Reinhardt would break him). If you don't mind, I would love your opinion on my latest hero.
  8. I hear ya :( Leo doesn't wanna be in my castle. I'm at 4.5 and nothing to show for it. Merge.
  9. I'm back, with a vengeance... mage... Yeah I half lied.... Sorry. This character doesn't actually start as a mage, but can become one. So here goes nothing! AFTERTHOUGHTS: There we go! For the next little bit, I will be focusing on the concept of Dire Tomes. So you'll probably see similar stuff from me. Actually, you guys could probably influence me to choose a character for me to use for this concept. We'll see how that goes. Please tell me how I did this time! Until next time!
  10. Very. The only thing that could be better is +Spd/-Def, imo.
  11. Apparently... Not that he cares XD
  12. ....I srsly just pulled 2 in a row last night.... Take one... I can't seem to draw necessary fodder, particularly Shanna and Bartre... Yeah... Bartre (I need his Brash Assault...)
  13. Only five? So cruel. Black Knight -Required at some point Micaiah - Required at some point Flora - Your sister is here. Walhart - I just wanna play with the Wolf Berg... Garon - Would be an interesting unit... Kellam Lyon - Would make for an interesting GHB... Kliff - All your friends are here. Join. Sothe - Can't have Micaiah without Sothe, right? Julius - Julia is here... Bold 'your'... maybe that'll help.
  14. 1. Fair. 2. I agree. I'm currently working on a way to make units like Odin and Berkut viable. I get the feeling that we're all just playing him wrong. (A shame that Dire Thunder is Reinhardt/Olwen exclusice, it's probably fix Odin up too). 3. Made that mistake, although it was before SI was even announced XD. Dammit Fae, unmerge... please? 4.I have a -Atk Takumi too. I don't complain, since the +Res has saved my ass more times than I can count XD
  15. I didn't either.... You got to about 80 pulls I think