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  1. Thoughts on Omni's video: Deleting Fire Emblem Heroes?

    Second that. I also occasionally watch Abdallah as well. I found Omni to be too... ranty... One youtuber i kinda wish was still doing Heroes vids is JohneAwesome. That guy has quite the personality. "I swear to god if I get another Gunter-" (Gunter). John goes quiet. Like, that guy made it fun to watch. - As for grinding quests, didn't we just have that survey? I think they even asked about it? (I can't remember). If enough people complained, I would think they'd change it, right?
  2. Share your FEW stories!

    Chrom: I guess I'll get my chance... another day... Sorry had to.
  3. I'm okay with the roster. I do wish they made Celica a magic user with Ragnarok instead though... Or more magically inclined. Even if she wouldve been at the very least a clone of Robin. Oh well. As for Ike, it seems like what happened with the SSB4 FE reveal. I guess there's bound to be a balance? I recall Chrom being the poster character for Warriors... I do see Koei and IS doing something with the Ike Roy and Alm amiibos (Alm's maybe less so). As for the boob argument... If the sexualization reason was the truth, I think we would've seen Charlotte and Orochi, and/or maybe Aversa. (actually on second thought all 3 would probably have unique playstyles if they made it in....)
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Omg. Agreed.
  5. Don't Count the Mods Out

    What did I just click my way in on? Agreed. 152.
  6. Favorite Awakening Finishers

    I agree with fredericks. Funny story. My dad was watching me play when Frederick screamed that. My dad laughs and bellows "IN THE NAME OF CROM!" I lost it. He didn't know who Chrom was until i explained it to him.... I guess he was just trying to make a Conan the Barbarian reference... - As for everyone else.... I liked Takumi's in reference to his Conquest fight... I also liked Marth's "It ends here!.... With this sword!" line.... I don't remember many others.
  7. Lol neither. I just felt like leaving him there. Because I can.
  8. This is clearly what happens when you leave your free Narcian in the mailbox too long... (Yes, that free Narcian we all got from that poll is still in my mailbox, and he isn't coming out anytime soon.)
  9. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    Nils, Kellam, Ophelia, Summer Takumi that uses pineapple slices as a dagger weapon, Leif, Micaiah, Sothe, Julius. Among others.
  10. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    Oh hey! A thread revival! I agree with most of you that it'll likely be Kozaki that does the character design in the future. What they need is a new class designer. However, someone mentioned using Kimihiko Fujisaka as an artist. While I think that'd be awesome for an FE game, I don't know if it'd be suitable for the new Switch FE. However, I think that they'd be an amazing choice for a Geneology of the Holy War remake.
  11. How many 5 star units do you have?

    2 month update. Woot. Units that want to be 5* Not bad...
  12. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    Hoarding feathers actually isn't too hard for me, because I usually never know what to do with them. I got up to about 100k before I decided on something. I currently sit at 35k because I finally decided to promote my Azama after I got myself the Close Def Seal. Now my new question is, do I wanna sack Joshua and Make the Dank Tank Azama I always dreamed of, or sack my 2nd Takumi and put Close counter on him... Oh the dilemma. Hmmmm....
  13. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    It's been ten minutes. I'm still laughing. Shiro: Imma beat ur ass and stick my badass spear stick thing up yours! As for the heroes art, whomever did Shiro's did an amazing job.
  14. History Mode: Toughest Missions

    Disgaree on that. I have the opposite problem. Tomes/Stones only I found super easy, because I could still use Corrin. That, and I only have 2 bow users. Right now, it's the Bow only battle in celica's map is actually the one I'm stuck on. Lol >_< How'd you do it?
  15. That was a nice touch

    I guess they're frenemies. lol