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  1. The only truly unfair mechanic I've seen in Fire Emblem is unannounced reinforcements that move when they spawn. Losing a unit over something you couldn't predict doesn't reflect badly on you as a player (as other difficult chapters or maps do if you fail them).
  2. What does the word Casual mean to you.

    Usually means playing on the low difficulty and turtling. Poor play in general.
  3. Funny things to name your avatar

    Daddy and Mommy always get a laugh out of me.
  4. I can't get attached to any modern anime

    The issue might be that you aren't expanding your genre boundaries. What kind of anime do you normally watch? Mostly shonen, I take it?
  5. Is Conquest Lunatic Fun?

    Lunatic sealed the deal for Conquest being my favorite of the series. It encourages playing smartly and quickly, both in and out of actual chapters. I highly recommend it.
  6. Who was your first S support?

    My first S-Support was Laslow. I wanted a pink-haired Soleil and I was playing as female Corrin anyways.
  7. Shiny Pokémon

    My first and only shiny was a Muk found on Cinnabar Island in LeafGreen. I haven't found a shiny since that I can remember, anyway.
  8. Hey, it happens man. Take your mistakes in stride and learn from them, and you won't suck next time. :)
  9. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    It largely depends on the game in question. I'd say Est in the games she's featured in, considering even units who join after her (like Elice, for example) have some kind of value. In Gaiden/Echoes I'd say the least useful unit is Delthea, though. Est joins similarly late but in Gaiden at least she's incredibly powerful due to her class. I like Doot, but she's a weak unit. In FE4 it's Arden, probably? He gives you the pursuit ring but beyond that he's not too hot. You'll get 'em next time, man. I can't speak about FE5. There are a lot of very weak units in FE6, but I think the absolute worst is Wolt. Joining early means nothing if you are little more than a liability the entire time you're force-deployed. Archers are always bad, but with his vomit-tier bases he is beyond bad. Admittedly, his chip damage is marginally useful in the first few chapters...but if we talk about the minor contributions of every unit and decide that this makes them viable, we'll have no bad units left. Similarly, Rebecca is the worst in FE7. Doing 10 damage to a handful of pegasi is not a contribution significant enough to outweigh the rest of her drawbacks. Don't use Rebecca. I know, she's cute. In FE8 the worst is probably Amelia, but Ewan is so horrible that they kind of share the spot. Amelia's greater availability is offset by her inferior damage type - Ewan is able to deal damage at a distance and target the often weaker resistance stat. But Ewan is just a bad est-mage. I can't speak about FE9 or 10. See above for FE11 and 12. The most useless unit in Awakening is Donnel. I shouldn't have to tell you why. The most useless unit in Birthright and Conquest is Mozu. Sorry, kid. You're better in Rev, because your competition includes the Rev Nohrian retainers. No unit in Heroes is truly useless. Even garbage like Odin can be made solid with the right IV and investment. One extreme corner case example doesn't invalidate the idea that - in general - high-movement, mounted units are superior to infantry units.
  10. Not being able to double on enemy phase only makes player phase more important because now enemy phase becomes "fight enough enemies to choke a point and then wait for the bots to move." It lends to more repetitive, slower gameplay in a game with high enemy density, so the best route is to go with Shadow Dragon quality enemies in small amounts. It could be cool.
  11. Restart SP glitch.

    Oh, THAT's what caused it! I was wondering why Narcian and Tiki were gaining 768 SP per kill lol. Didn't make the connection that I was restarting.
  12. My first and probably only +10. If it weren't for the 4* and 5* focus banner a couple months ago there's no way I'd have this.
  13. An idea for a FE character

    It would be better if he came back 3 chapters later, and with much better stats. Give him a reason for it in the story, maybe? Of course if he dies 2 or 1 chapter before the final map he'll come back then. Then again, that could cause people to send in their Jesus to die... Regardless I think it's neat.
  14. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Sucks that we don't get a free summer unit and the reward is Masked Marth again, but at least that means you don't have to have a seasonal to get bonus score right away I suppose.
  15. Do you have a preference in the type of pokemon you choose

    I pick the pokemon I like based on design. When I was a kid I planned my teams but I've found that that makes the game boring and predictable. It's much more like an adventure if you choose as you go.