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  1. LCQ PMU

  2. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    I like FE12's. Having to save the clerics (to get the good ending at least) makes the map a lot more interesting than most endgame maps which are just "kill boss" and that's it.
  3. Tips for new player? permadeath?

    Blazing Sword is the prequel to Binding Blade, anyway. Though it doesn't matter the order you play them in, Blazing Sword will give you a smoother entry into the series.
  4. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    Camilla is a demon in Fates. GOAT unit. Honorable mentions to Seth and Sigurd for dominating their games. My favorite character is L'Arachel, though.
  5. Selective FE8 PME

    Seth and Syrene switch places. Eirika and Myyrh switch places, but Eirika's now promoted with adjusted base stats and the Sieglinde in her inventory.
  6. You Know What Grinds My Gears?

    I actually strongly dislike lime flavors, and I say good riddance to the lot! That said, most green apple replacements are subpar. What really grinds my gears is that candy companies don't sell candies like Skittles on a flavor-per-bag basis. If I could buy just purple or red skittles I'd be in heaven.
  7. Anything Goes Birthright PMU

    Dude, get over yourself.
  8. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to seeing you in the future.
  9. Hiya whats up

    Welcome! Have fun!
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    God bless. I keep trying to tell people to just use Odin but they don't listen to me, it really activates the almonds. Seriously, use Odin. Yes, Nos is worse than in Awakening, but Nos was on crack in Awakening and now it's just standard overpowered. Oh, also, my first Lunatic run averaged ~45-60 minutes per chapter on the clear, but that depends on the chapter (8 was easy and took about half an hour, 10 was more difficult and took multiple days actually). The chapter I sweated on the most was probably 17 just because "Use Niles bro" hadn't really registered in my brain yet and I oopsied and promoted Effie instead of him, which was a mistake and made the map unnecessarily hard. Ch. 24 I took probably the most time on in terms of preps (not attempts) but that's because I really love it and I wanted to figure out multiple ways to clear it fairly efficiently.
  11. I made a FE8 Tier List. Thoughts?

    You aren't considering the cumulative contribution and instead you only think about what a unit does in a vacuum. Yes, in a vacuum Myrrh can do a lot of damage and is useful after she joins, but Franz has had nearly 20 chapters of contributing prior to Myrrh doing a single thing in the game. In other words, there are a number of chapters where Myrrh is totally unviable because you can't deploy her at all - how can she be so far ahead of a unit like Franz that joined in chapter 2 and has been doing stuff for the entire game?
  12. Thoughts on some units..

    Vanessa is second only to Seth in viability and people who say otherwise are delusional. Amazing availability, solid base stats, good growth rates, best class in the game, best movement type in the game in the second best class in the game, it goes on and on. She's good. Franz is just Seth but unpromoted. Great unit. Duessel is okay. It depends on the route. In Eirika's route he's sort of redundant since he joins at a point where you don't need tanky units anymore and he doesn't reliably double without some speedwing investment. Saleh's really good on Eirika's route but he's awful on Ephraim's route. He has better availability on the former and can raise his staff rank a lot, plus his combat's really good. Tana is middle-of-the-road as a unit. She's just okay, but Vanessa is usually promoted by the time she joins and is helping Seth practically solo the game. Myrrh is okay. She can kill some monsters and bosses but by the time she joins you have many units that can already do this. But she's far from bad, other than her late join time hurting her a little.
  13. I made a FE8 Tier List. Thoughts?

    A few units (Vanessa, Franz, Saleh, Garcia to name a few) are way underrated and others (Tana, Natasha, Myrrh) are way overrated. Overall, though, it's not terrible tier list, I just think you're missing a couple of important things here and there about character quality. Also, welcome to the forums!
  14. Anyone Know How I Can Redownload Microsoft Word For A New PC?

    If you're a university student, you can get MS Office for free (usually). If you aren't, WPS office is free and has all the same functions as MS Office.
  15. Favorite Chapter/Map from any Fire Emblem Game?

    Chapter 24 in Conquest. Best use of Dragon Veins in the games since it actually feels like you're fighting your opponent with them instead of "they use a dragon vein against you and that sucks." The way the tide of the battle changes with each use of the dragon vein is also a lot of fun to play. The map gets undue hate because people don't really try to wrap their brain around the way it plays, similar to chapter 20 (another really underrated map).