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  1. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    Lyn is bad because she has crummy bases and growths won't save them unless you baby the hell out of her or are very lucky (usually you need both). Her enemy phase isn't that great because her durability is low, she's locked to swords in a lance-heavy game, and her strength isn't good enough to get a lot done unless she's facing a bunch of cavs with her Mani Katti. She doesn't double much of anything unless they're carrying steel weapons and the enemies she does double she deals single-digit damage to. Is she the worst ever? No, Wallace exists. But outside of liking the unit/character, there is seldom reason to field her when you have ungodly powerful units like Raven, Marcus, the fliers, the cavaliers, etc. Unless she's force-deployed she usually doesn't win out for the deployment slot because her map-to-map contribution isn't that good, especially if you play even remotely efficiently. GBA supports are barely an argument for a unit's viability. Sure, Florina has a fast support with Lyn but Florina should be far away from the rest of your army (ie where Lyn will be) for most of the maps that you want to deploy her (and besides, Florina without Lyn Mode is sub-par outside of being a flier). Even with Lyn mode behind her, Lyn is usually just worse than Raven on HHM because his bases are so disgustingly good. She's good for the white gem though!
  2. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Ah, you may be right. I thought it had to do with the hair color or something. I'd think Lucina would be an exception because she's basically a main character (plus her hair is always the same color).
  3. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Soleil, Nina, Ophelia would all be cool. But really, any of them would be pretty neat. I'm glad they're over the whole "there will not be child units" thing, that was stupid.
  4. Useful Units to Kidnap on Conquest/Hard

    There's definitely a rallyman on hard, I remember him being a pain on my first play.
  5. Conquest Lunatic: First Time Through

    Oh, my bad, I wasn't aware. Peri should be fine then. Unless Beruka isn't paired with someone, I think she's a decent PU for Xander too.
  6. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    As someone who takes extended breaks from Heroes (a couple-few months at a time) I think it's really irritating that there are some really good units that I can just never ever get (unless they bring them back). I don't mind the seasonal heroes but I'd prefer if they were added to the summoning pool rather than being these limited-time things (we have GHBs for that). I also find that they've been a bit excessive with them. I'd rather see brand new characters, even from the more "over-represented" games (for the record I don't think it's really a problem to begin with) than have three Xanders...
  7. Conquest Lunatic: First Time Through

    Charlotte and Felicia are better for Xander and Leo respectively, imo.
  8. That's fair about the gaidens, but regardless I like the mechanic fine. I think the variance in playthroughs is appreciated. IS probably hasn't done it again because of people complaining about it. Also that WT point isn't really different from a lot of FE games. In several circumstances the amount of axe users is lower through the end of the game. Granted, it's more extreme in Shadow Dragon, but it's still a common occurrence. I never said I didn't like stories, I said they are unnecessary for my enjoyment of a game (and should be for most people - the story-centric direction that the industry as a whole has been heading in has led to a menagerie of walking simulators and otherwise non-games that are praised because "the story's good"). If a game has a good story it can be a fine supplement to a game, but the main focus in any discussion regarding video games as games (so not vehicles for a story) should be about the core gameplay and design. This poll is about FE games, not FE stories. If this were an opinion poll about the story of Fire Emblem games, I wouldn't be bothered at all about SD's rating. In this case, though, I think that the game is underappreciated because people over-value story and other supplementary stuff while ignoring how good the core gameplay of SD actually is. If you aren't going to actually say what you're talking about, why say anything at all?
  9. I don't really get the speed thing since you can skip the slow points (enemy phase movement and animations if you leave them on). I think the weapon triangle is fine in SD but I can see where you're coming from. I like that it makes the strategy a little less "put strong unit in the middle of the map to win." The gaiden chapters are meant to be supplementary for bad players. They aren't like gaidens from gba and previous games. I don't care about story in video games, so it doesn't really have any bearing on my enjoyment. However, Shadow Dragon has great writing despite the minimalist approach to the story. It lets the player use their imagination a little, too, which is nice. I don't like FE12 much. I find the maps to be a total slog to play or very punishing with no in-between maps that are just solidly difficult. I'm not saying that SD doesn't have issues, I'm saying that the issue I see most people complain about is the lack of support conversations, which is barely even an issue imo (outside of 3DSFE support conversations weren't that big of a deal anyway). See above.
  10. As someone who's recently been playing Shadow Dragon, the results here are really underselling it. I know there's a stigma against it because of muh supports but I quite like the brevity and story and the focus on gameplay. It's one of my favorites, and it's a shame to see it rated so low so consistently.
  11. Useful Units to Kidnap on Conquest/Hard

    Falcoknight with pass from Hinoka's chapter Rallybot Master of Arms from Takumi's chapter There are others, I'm sure, but those two immediately spring to mind
  12. I like his delivery on "Have some of this!"
  13. Conquest Lunatic: First Time Through

    Chill. I wasn't arguing with you in any way. I don't really care about whether you guys disagree with each other. I just don't think you guys need to be at each other's throats so much.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Excited for the new Heroes, including Fjorm! But mostly Lute who I voted for a couple of times on the CYL poll. Not too fazed about the weapon forge since you have to play what seems like a lot of arena to get much out of it and I don't have time for that...I will probably upgrade Narcian's Emerald Axe though (if you even can, I didn't pay much attention to the list). New story means more orbs means more summons, so I'm happy about that!
  15. Conquest Lunatic: First Time Through

    Most of josh's advice is fine though. It seems like you want to bicker with him at every opportunity instead of just saying your own piece. It isn't like he's perfect either, imo you guys should both stop going at each other every time the other posts.