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  1. The point is that Beruka caps defense as a Berserker so if she does get critted by the 3-10 (at most) chance she'll be fine, especially after pairup.
  2. So I really like the idea of split armies coming together (like Sacred Stones and Gaiden). Here's the idea: one army's final chapter before the forces come together is a defense chapter where they have to prevent the enemy from seizing a castle. Throughout this time, access to the usual supply/convoy is cut off so they have to make due with what equipment they have on them (you'd get a FE7 style battle preparations chapter before this to organize). After that defense chapter, there would be a cutscene showing the army's exhaustion and how their resources are drainging as well as the arrival of friendly reinforcements - at which point you'd resume control of the other army who is hearing word from a messenger that Army A needs help and is at such and such location with the implication that the battle is still going on. There would be some dialogue and Army B would get moving, with a fade-to-black occurring and leading you to where you left off during the defense chapter - same unit positions for Army A and equipment, everything exactly as you left it when you were defending the gates. From there you proceed to take the enemies on from both sides and turn the mission from a defense/survive map to a rout, kill boss, etc map. I'm probably not being super eloquent in my phrasing but hopefully you can get the gist of it!
  3. My Canas the last time I played FE7 had way above average speed, so he was doubling everything. It was a lot of fun.
  4. Your own stats are adjusted to fit your boon and bane. Your servant's stats stay the same if you stay the same gender. I believe if you change, your servant resets to level 1.
  5. W R Y S I have seen that old fuck so many times He doesn't even have any good skills to inherit I don't want to take you with me, Wrys! Stop!
  6. The point was that you don't need to use the Binding Blade on those Manaketes so the number of uses on the thing is largely irrelevant. Having to rig a luna crit with Filla's might is not the same as just walking (warping, I guess, but outside of LTC when else do you warp?) up to Idun and one-rounding her.
  7. On FE6 hard mode, the binding blade kills Idun in one round (if not, 3 hits will definitely kill it). The other manaketes are weak to every other legendary weapon. There are instances in the hard modes of FE7 where Athos can't stand up to the dragon on his own.
  8. @Paper Jam said basically what I was going to say
  9. I mean, Athos was made to trivialize the end game in case your team was shitty. So saying he trivializes the boss is sort of irrelevant to how strong the boss is, especially since without Luna he can't outright one-shot the boss (I think?) The binding blade and Fae trivialize Idun so badly that she's almost a joke in the community. Especially the BB.
  10. Currently playing Conquest on Lunatic. Also currently playing Sacred Stones, but I'm on the final chapter. Awakening's ambush spawns put me off playing but I'm in the middle of that, too. The chapter with the Mire dudes from the stairs. And technically I'm on chapter 3 of Fire Emblem 6 but I'm not really playing that right now.
  11. Well considering that the dragon was more of a threat in game than Idun was (due to the broken blade), it works out to make FE7's boss fight a lot more fun.
  12. I have 4* versions of the 3 sisters, but no Minerva sadly. I suppose Michalis will have to do for Flier Emblem lmao.
  13. Eirika + Nino is pretty good. Turns Nino into more of a nuke than usual. I currently have 2 "main" teams: Narcian/Sanaki/Azura/Jeorge and Eirika/Ephraim/Nino/Klein. They're both a lot of fun to play, but come to think of it other than general "of course this would be good" stuff like putting Sanaki next to Azura for the speed boost (so she might not get doubled if she can't one shot whatever she's hitting, and may even double slow units) and in turn providing the Cymbeline buff to Narcian, who handles any blues that head Sanaki's way. It's a fun little thing. Giving Nino Desperation was pretty huge so she can ORKO things that she isn't one-shotting (in case Eirika or Ephraim are away and can't buff her).
  14. I mean there's always grinding for hero merit, I guess. But I will agree that you can only fight in the arena and go to the training tower so many times. That said, this is the longest I've ever been even remotely interested in a mobile game to begin with, so that's a plus. The new updates were great QoL changes but I was hoping for the new mission types and such to come with it - that will probably spur my interest in the game again.
  15. Master Ninja!Selena (S Laslow)