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  1. Malig Knight!Elise
  2. It's in Duma Temple on Alm's route. You have to take the teleporter that's marked by Celica's brand (the one with Alm's brand progresses you through the story and the other 2 just make you backtrack).
  3. Are we supposed to know who Kliff's son is, or is his ending not an allusion to an existing character like I think it is?
  4. Priestess!Delthea, Ladyblade
  5. Gaius and Tharja is pretty good in my experience, so I would stick with that.
  6. Which disney movie does that happen in?
  7. Faye gets a lot of undue hate. She's a teenager with a crush.
  8. So, I got Atlas and Celica's C support. Atlas says: And that's cool and all but the thing is: I don't recall this? Am I missing something? Did I forget something that happened or did I straight up miss the event he's referring to?
  9. Jakob: 7.5 He's intensely good if you reclass him up until the point that you get Camilla, at which point he's just pretty good for a few chapters until Xander arrives. The issue is a lot of what Paladin Jakob can do, Silas can do with Vow of Friendship up (and it's really easy to keep it up in the early game of Conquest) - in other words it's questionable whether that heart seal is better spent on someone else. On the other hand, there aren't a whole lot of units other than him who want a super early seal in the first place. I'd wager in terms of LTC that question of whether or not heart sealing him early is viable/preferred is a lot easier to answer as you can't go wrong with a Paladin that early that has those stats. He'd be an 8 but he's held back a little by variable availability (not sure why you'd choose to use Felicia but the option is there and she's certainly not a bad unit in her own right) and when he joins late he is almost totally worthless besides his staff rank, unlike his female counterpart who even when joining late can still pair up to Leo and be effective/worth the deployment slot. Another thing hurting his score is the fact that he's pretty mediocre as a Butler (while Maid Felicia is useful for some things since her magic is high).
  10. Oboro Oni Savage > Chieftain (Rinkah A+) Abs
  11. I just find that P5's errors are blown out of proportion, and many people seem to share that sentiment. A lot of the "bad lines" on that page are actually not that bad - or even not bad at all - in the context of the events of the game. There are certainly some "oh that's directly translated" moments but they are more seldom than that "fansite" would have you believe. (I use "fansite" in quotes because I am suspicious of the nature of the people who made that page to begin with).
  12. "It really isn't fine in context" I was referring to the lines themselves being fine in the context of the game. Reading comprehension. It is a more ideal localization because I would rather there be some stiff, too-literally translated lines than complete re-writing of dialogue to put in memes and outright removal of content, how can you even compare them?
  13. Well, besides a few stiff lines, a lot of the "examples" on the "fan" site there are actually fine in context. Once again, I never once claimed it was perfect, only that it's more ideal than 8-4 or Shithouse. Also yes, game journalists and neofa- er, neogaf are very much pushing the "Persona 5 was badly localized" thing because it was translated in a way that they don't like. Also: this.