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  1. How do you pronounce 'Dohlr'?

    Doler, as in one who doles things.
  2. Advice for first playthrough(s)

    The paralogues become dramatically more difficult at that point (enemies become promoted and have much higher stats, etc).
  3. In FE6, Hector voids his bowels when he dies. Sound effects included. Yikes
  4. I hope this game is influenced a lot by FE Heroes

    The only influence I want from Heroes in this game is positional skills like reposition, draw back, etc. If you don't want rng, play Advance Wars.
  5. It is April. I'll start worrying if there's no announcement by August or so. Remember that Echoes was released just 3 months after being announced, and this sets a precedent. They might also wait for a Smash Bros cross reveal, if they put the new lord in the game.
  6. Replace a lord with a minor character

    Roy with Lilina. The game is now a revenge quest featuring Lilina slowly losing herself to her desire for Zephiel/Narcian's head. Seems like it could make for interesting development for her, featuring Cecilia as Merlinus and Marcus, acting as an advisor and a Jagen.
  7. I've been thinking of moving out of Tumblr and deviantART

    Set up a wordpress blog and put your art there, maybe?
  8. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Controlled by the very people he claims to be against. Don't know if he's aware of that or not, funny either way.
  9. Why does Ewan have higher Con than Lute?

    Lower center of gravity :^) Also, Lute is younger than you think.
  10. Opinions on Camilla

    Not anymore, you're bizarrely accusing me of taking out this made-up anger on a scapegoat. Have you actually read all my posts in the thread? Did you even finish reading my first post, wherein I said she isn't that great? Pay attention. Or don't. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, since that's all this senseless arguing online is about. Stopping here because I don't want to shit up the thread going back-and-forth with you if you can't stay on topic.
  11. Opinions on Camilla

    Woah, there. Not sure where all that is coming from. No one here is angry, or at least I'm not. If you can't argue with what someone is saying, don't bother responding to their post.
  12. Opinions on Camilla

    Sure, it's probably true that some people would be vocal regardless of whether the Youtube folks shit all over her all the time or not. But it wouldn't be as common, I am certain of that. "Treating everyone as a hivemind" isn't what I'm doing, don't conflate "influential people have steered the conversation about this character in a certain direction" with "no one can think for themselves."
  13. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    It depends on the game in question. In general I'm pretty good. I'm not super high level LTC-tier, but I'm a good player nonetheless.
  14. Opinions on Camilla

    I'm not blaming them, but a lot of the hate does come from people believing what people they like believe. It isn't to say that those same people would like her if the people on Youtube didn't say anything, but there would be a much less vocal group of people about it. Hence, undue hate. No. :)
  15. What units can break your Pity Rate any time?

    I'd love a B!Lucina to complete my collection of all the CYL units. Any CYL unit is nice for merges/fodder/etc. Hector is always cool, Takumi too. Any of the Swift Sparrow units. L'Arachel, Elincia, Lute, Sanaki, Azura are all units I'd love more merges on. Only need 2 more L'Arachels for that +10! Myrrh would be neat. Ayra or Mia so I can have a broken sword lord (M!Marth is good but not as busted as them and my other option is Marth himself.) Hinoka for Hone Fliers.