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  1. Should FE keep secret items?

    I'm all for secrets. I love finding out new things when I play a game!
  2. Depends on the banner. If all the colors are represented strongly then go for the full wheel. That never happens, though, so I just snipe what I want.
  3. If I need a silver to kill a troublesome enemy at any point in the game I use it. I ditch iron weapons pretty fast in games where there's no weight or where the weight goes against strength. In games with con I ditch iron swords quick, but keep iron lances and axes around because their steel counterparts are awful and way too heavy. In other words I use the weapon for the particular situation at hand, not the stage of the game I'm in. Hoarding strong weapons is silly.
  4. I used everyone when I first played Echoes, but didn't grind. It was pretty challenging that way, but the game is still really easy - enough so that you can kind of use whoever you want. Usually, though, I just use whatever unit is best for a given job (which may not be a trained unit).
  5. Rath vs Rebecca

    Rebecca is toilet, if you must use a bow user take Rath. If you play Eliwood or Hector mode without playing Lyn mode he has great bow rank + decent bases, and if you used him in Lyn Mode he'll also be pretty strong. Still, as @Mandokarla recommended I wouldn't take either one as bows are pretty bad in FE7. I can't be bothered to do a breakdown of the numbers but the availability gap doesn't really affect just how much worse Rebecca is than Rath, it's really not close lol
  6. I find that defensive units require specific builds while offensive units are more flexible. Plus, generally speaking, most players find offensive units more fun to use.
  7. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Didn't expect a 1-turn for the end but I'm pleasantly surprised. Good show.
  8. Grinding vs limited resources

    Grinding is for booboo bitches, dude.
  9. Recent stupid mistakes

    I guess this isn't recent, but when I first got Narcian I was impatient and merged the lower-rarity ones together for more SP (much later I decided to 5* him). If I'd not been in such a hurry I would have a +6 Narcian instead of +4.
  10. Moments that changed your outlook on Fire Emblem

    Playing Fates made me realize that if you listen to idiots on the internet you'll miss out on something you really love. Playing Awakening made me realize that sometimes idiots on the internet are right and things are bad. Playing FE7 made me realize that I should have played it instead of whatever else I was playing when I was 8. Playing Shadow Dragon made me realize that story is the least important part of Fire Emblem to me. Playing FE4 made me realize that nostalgia is a hell of a drug and sometimes things just aren't very good. Re-playing FE6 made me realize that sometimes you should just give games a second chance. Playing FE8 made me realize that L'Arachel is the best girl.
  11. Fire emblem and "modern" anime trends

    Doesn't bother me at all.
  12. S-Ranking HHM ... probably gone wrong?

    It is very feasible to bring low-leveled units into later chapters to snag a few kills for big exp gains. FE7 gives you units like Pent, Harken, etc. that can take care of business handily, so you can dedicate a little effort to giving weaker units some kills here and there. Of course, it isn't wise to promote all of them (it's expensive, for one) but it's absolutely worth giving out as many high exp kills as you can in the late game when exp becomes difficult to get. Your funds rank will improve as you buy more weapons/items with the silver card. Like @Florete said you can dump a lot of cash in Battle Preparations using the card and your funds rank will quickly improve (and that's not even accounting for the S-rank weapons, which of course you can't ever even use once). Oh yeah, use one or two of the pegasus knights. Fliers are invaluable. Looking at your team I would say Farina and Fiora would be your best choices but Florina is also really good.
  13. I played Fire Emblem 7 next as well. It's pretty good and a good way to get your feet wet with permadeath always on (since normal mode is pretty easy).
  14. If you had a psychic ability, what would you want it to be?

    Telepathy where people wouldn't know it was me. I could have a lot of fun with that.
  15. Wow, Lene is a babe. I like her dance skill, too. Ares looks really strong, not too upset about foddering Siegbert for Attack Tactic now. Ishtar is a little weird; I've never been a fan of "only happens on (odd/even)-numbered turns" skills. Then again, just getting +6 attack every other turn is not a weak ability at all.
  16. Casual mode, yay or nay?

    I don't like it. There's no reason for it to exist. Just become proficient.
  17. Official Pull Topic

    I got an Ayra and a Siegbert in the same pull on the Swift Sparrow banner the other day. The Ayra is +HP -Atk and the Siegbert is neutral iirc. Pretty cool to get SS fodder for L'Arachel.
  18. So what's going on in North and South Korea?

    According to the president of South Korea, Trump's pressure on Kim has been a factor in the first major peace talks in more than 60 years. There are talks of total denuclearization, but we will see.
  19. The Jambastion Mages and FE Switch

    Oh, that's news to me haha. Thanks for the info!
  20. It might be neat. I wonder if there will be a disconnect with the lack of permadeath between it and Fire Emblem, but that dissonance doesn't exist with Heroes. Still, like I said, could be cool.
  21. It's natural childish behavior to not want to be treated like a child. I like how she's portrayed in that respect. However, I wish she wasn't in Awakening where anyone can marry her, as it's sort of off-putting. If she were more like Myrrh or something, it wouldn't be a problem.
  22. The Jambastion Mages and FE Switch

    It's probably just a reference to Fire Emblem as a whole because of how much Sakurai loves the franchise.
  23. Is Mage!Kliff really that bad?

    Mage Kliff is not bad. He's pound-for-pound the same as FE2 Kliff. The difference is, every other unit in Echoes is mostly better than their FE2 counterpart, meaning that Kliff is no longer far and a way the best at being a mage (because of Tobin's early Excalibur). He's still a good mage though - he's good in any class not called Soldier, really, it's just that now he doesn't outclass all the other mages like he did before (well, he arguably doesn't outclass FE2!Luthier).
  24. Good units to use in BR are Sakura, Hinoka, Ryoma, Azura, Scarlet, and whomever you like/their kids.
  25. Rate the Unit, Day 26: Donnel & Nowi

    Alfonse: Arguably the worst sword unit, but worth investing in because he's so frequently a bonus unit. That said, him being an arena bonus unit doesn't make him any better. He's simply too slow to do much of anything, and his bulk isn't very impressive either. At best, give him axebreaker and let him fight some axe units in Arena on a team that needs the coverage (but only for your bonus unit). Otherwise, wholly uninspiring to use. 2/10 Marth: Arguably the worst Falchion unit, but that hardly qualifies as being a bad unit since Falchion is so powerful. His refinement is great for support, and I find that building him for support with a relevant spur or drive in the C and S slots are what's best for him, along with either Reciprocal Aid or Ardent Sacrifice for his Assist. Because he's available at 3-4 stars, he can be merged very easily, helping to boost your score further. Outside arena, he's good for healing support in tempest trials and other content and his stats are all fairly good (though they were better when the game first released). That said, support units aren't exactly what you want in a sword lord when you could be using a powerhouse like Lucina or even Ayra if you don't need the Falchion. Overall, I say Marth as he is right now is at least a 6.5/10. Not especially amazing, but very worth using.