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  1. What are some stupid things you did when you first started playing Fire Emblem? I have a couple. I killed Heath because I accidentally skipped the cutscene he talks in. I also didn't check the enemies back then, because I was bad. I also killed Gaius because Awakening was my first game and I thought killing/beating him would make him join you, like in a lot of other RPGs I'd played. I promoted all my healers at level 10 in both Awakening and FE7, which while not inherently bad ended up hurting me in the long run. I also had no idea how reclassing worked in Awakening when I first played it and screwed over a number of my units. I used to think you had to use every single unit to get some kind of secret ending so I spent hours trying to train units in the arena in FE7 before just looking it up and finding out I was an idiot.
  2. Fire Emblem 8: "Reverse" Recruitment

    This isn't a normal RR hack - such a thing already exists, I don't know the name of the guy who made it though. I didn't know that when I first started making this, though.
  3. Fire Emblem 8: "Reverse" Recruitment

    Background: I set out to make a reverse recruitment patch for FE8 as I couldn't find the old one by Mekkah and I wanted to play FE8 a little differently. However, I found out some time later that someone else had already made a true reverse recruitment patch for the game. I didn't want to abandon doing something though, so I made this. It's more like "units randomly get swapped around" than actual reverse recruitment now, but I still figure it's worth sharing. Whenever I could, I swapped recruitment in pairs or groups rather than by unit. For example, L'arachel and Dozla swap places with Eirika and Seth, and Saleh and Ewan switch with Ross and Garcia. The ROM (links to dropbox): Below is a full list of changes: Bugs: I would love to hear feedback and suggestions!
  4. Fire Emblem 8: "Reverse" Recruitment

    Yeah, it was pretty obvious hahaha. Eventually I want to run through the script and change all the names accordingly but that'll have to wait for now :P
  5. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    I'm a little worried about Heroes cannibalizing main series FE games' place in the market, myself. There's a good chance people will ignore new games in favor of playing Heroes alone - the same sort of people who only play Fire Emblem because it's the cool new thing to like rather than because they actually enjoy the series for what it is. That said, I don't think IS and Nintendo are going to divert development attention away from the main Fire Emblem series for a while yet, if ever. I'm hoping that they'll use Heroes as their revenue machine to fund the main series, but that's just wishful thinking.
  6. Chapters 3 and 5 from FE6 are awful and have consistently put me off of playing the game. Once I finally decided to push on I ended up liking the game a fair amount, but those two are both really boring. Chapter 22 of FE7 HHM is a drag. I don't know why I dislike it so much, but I do. FE4's prologue is boring after the first time you play the game because it's such a joke to play. Another FE6 map I don't care for is 16x. It isn't a badly designed chapter like 3 and 5 but it isn't a very fun one to play because berserk is obnoxious even if you're ready for it. A lot of Ephraim's route in FE8 is boring to me. I think because I heard people hype it up as the "hard route" I was expecting more but it's not really hard and just kind of there. The map design is good, though, except chapter 12 which is even more boring. (Eirika's route is more fun fight me) Nearly every map in the Grimleal arc in Awakening is a bore. I don't even remember the chapter numbers, but the map before you fight Grima is easily the worst contender. "Move forward and bad guys fall down" does not make for compelling tactical gameplay. The snow map in revelations (you know the one). Chapter 11 of Conquest feels like a huge step backward after 10. It isn't necessarily bad but it's not very good either. Iago's chapter in Birthright goes on forever and ever because of the reinforcements being nearly endless. FE12's prologues are dogshit terrible and should have been skip-able. I can't think of any maps I really disliked in FE11...
  7. Most Powerful Unit in Fire Emblem

    It's Kana now, but yeah. If you're looking for the character with the highest potential, it's probably someone with high bases, low level, and high growth rates. A unit like Est or Nino, maybe. But don't equate "levels up well and has giant stats" with "powerful unit," because they're pretty different.
  8. So I've made a new staff using FEBuilder in FE8. The problem is I can't figure out how to make it heal more - as it is, the staff heals for the user's magic stat as opposed to 10+Magic as Heal and Physic do. I've made sure that it matches Physic (it's another long-range heal staff) in every way as far as the dialogues in FEBuilder go, so I'm thinking it's some kind of hex code issue, unless I'm missing something...and I have next to no clue how to use a hex editor. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Boons And Banes?

    Wyvern Rider, mag boon, promote to malig knight, win game
  10. Evolution of the "Jagen" archetype.

    I think you could improve by using the actual in-game audio and by explaining the archetypes in the video itself instead of the description. Maybe a little profile of the unit in question?
  11. Jokes aside I'm pretty cool with the results overall. A shame about Camilla dropping, it always makes for good laughs when she whens anything ever because of anti-Fates salt. I'm glad about Veronica though.
  12. Serenes Forest 5★+10 Compendium Thread

    Here's hoping we get 7 more Narcians when he comes back.
  13. I don't play Fire Emblem for the combat. Please do not do this.
  14. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    It'll be interesting to see how the strategies change with warp out of the picture, looking forward to more episodes!
  15. What makes a Fire Emblem Unit GOOD or BAD?

    How little resources they cost to be effective. Of course what defines "effective" depends on the game.
  16. Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or no?

    Here's the thing: it depends on the other toppings on the pizza. Pineapple on a normal pepperoni pizza? No way. Pineapple on a pizza with ham and onion, though, is fine.
  17. LCQ PMU

  18. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    I like FE12's. Having to save the clerics (to get the good ending at least) makes the map a lot more interesting than most endgame maps which are just "kill boss" and that's it.
  19. Tips for new player? permadeath?

    Blazing Sword is the prequel to Binding Blade, anyway. Though it doesn't matter the order you play them in, Blazing Sword will give you a smoother entry into the series.
  20. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    Camilla is a demon in Fates. GOAT unit. Honorable mentions to Seth and Sigurd for dominating their games. My favorite character is L'Arachel, though.
  21. Selective FE8 PME

    Seth and Syrene switch places. Eirika and Myyrh switch places, but Eirika's now promoted with adjusted base stats and the Sieglinde in her inventory.
  22. You Know What Grinds My Gears?

    I actually strongly dislike lime flavors, and I say good riddance to the lot! That said, most green apple replacements are subpar. What really grinds my gears is that candy companies don't sell candies like Skittles on a flavor-per-bag basis. If I could buy just purple or red skittles I'd be in heaven.
  23. Anything Goes Birthright PMU

    Dude, get over yourself.
  24. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to seeing you in the future.