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  1. Speedrunning

    I did some speed running for SDA way back in the day. I don't know if any of my runs are still up. I like speed running but it's just too time consuming for me to do anymore.
  2. Ok so I couldn't figure out how to decipher that RNG map you linked but I decided instead to map it myself. When I was looking into the games RNG I found the positions for 94 and 12 but they were located at positions 35 and 47. Not sure why there is a discrepancy there but upon testing it I confirmed those as being the correct positions so I'm going to roll with it. I should be able to develop a program to search these RNG strings for similarities and maybe find positions where Felgus can reliable hit through Great Shield. I'd also probably look into reliably getting a 2 star movement star or a 1 star movement star but I see that as unlikely to happen. Worth a shot though cause it could save a lot of time. Not sure what all strings would be relevant but if I can develop a program to solve this I should be able to get away with almost anything provided it doesn't take to long to find a reliable position. I definitely think Felgus is the best way to go about this. He costs no time to recruit, has reliable crit setups, and needs to be trained a little bit anyways so it makes sense. For avoiding the Hammerne on the fire sword a viable option may be to grab the fire sword in chapter 10. The armor is a little difficult to capture so I'll look into a reliable way of doing that. Might be worthwhile to grab the Armorslayer in chapter 3. Edit: Ok so I did some quick testing with the seeds and found 2 more points of interest. At position 270(If a reset is treated as position 1) the game always rolls a 9. This means this position could be used to get Felgus his magic proc as well as proc move stars on 2 star units. At position 641 the game always rolls a 0. This position could be used to get a move star on 1 star units as well as get a unit a move growth. It takes a decent amount of time to reach the latter point(As well as it being difficult to keep track of) so I don't know how helpful it would be. Edit2: Ok so I found out at certain positions I can get Fergus to get a success rate of 85-90% against the midgame bosses which is great. Against bosses that can counter he wants to attack from position 45 which can probably be setup.
  3. Ok so I was a little bored today and decided to look into some things. First thing I noticed is the runs use RNG manipulation which is kinda tricky in Thracia. Thracia's RNG relies on a timer that picks one of 64 different seeds. It's impossible for a human player to manipulate this. They appear to have calculated when the RNG from different seeds ends up lining up in order to get things like Safy's hammerne misses. I don't know if the runners have some tool publicly available but I would be able to code one up probably to find areas where RNG lines up across multiple seeds for other unreliable strats. Looking at the routes in general I think using Felgus would be optimal. Magu while having the faster run is almost 8 minutes behind ryuta after Manster. While he does make up this time a lot of that is due to ryuta doing some questionable strategies around the mid game like picking up the charge manual and Tina in 12x and recruiting Ced in 23 which ended up losing him all his time he saved compared to Magu. Felgus isn't an ideal boss killer but assuredly a route can be found where he's faster than all the time lost by getting Asbel. Felgus only struggles to kill the boss of 21 and 22. If he gets a single point in magic which could probably be easily rigged during the manster chapters he reliably kills the boss of 22. 21 boss would be the big issue here since he has 17 magic and 44 hp. I think Fliers can attack the boss here at one range so Dean or Eda can do it with the killer lance. Dean would be ideal but I think it might be better to ditch him since I don't see any reason save Linoan and she wastes a unit slot. Eda killing him has about a 50% chance of success so it might be possible to manipulate that to 100%. Also Another idea for the chapter 22 boss might be picking up Illios or Misha. This is tricky. The only way really do this to save time would be to manipulate move stars. And the only units that likely have a reliable enough move star rate that it wouldn't take too long to reliably manipulate would be Ronan, Sara, Perne, and Sleuf. Also Tina but I don't think recruiting her is worth the time cost. It certainly would be something to look into though. Sub 2 hours should be possible just looking at the mistakes made by both runners.
  4. Molotov did a run over on SpeedDemosArchive It's segmented and much slower than magu's run but the western scene isn't completely devoid of life.
  5. The WORST Fe4 Pairing

    I'm of the opinion that even under the worst set of pairings most kids will still be generally fine so this is a little tricky but it's a fun thought experiment. Adean: So Lana is basically impossible to screw over. The worst we can do for her is give her a physical dad so she has a slighly less than ideal magic growth. Lester is essentially trash regardless of pairing but we can screw him over even more if we take away inheritance and skills. Holyn and Claud offer both of these things but Claud is actually a good pairing for both of these units imo for Lana's staff rank and Lester's Res stat so Holyn is the worst. Ayra: Again really hard to mess these kids up since they are essentially the same regardless of dad. Their only stats that are really relevant are strength and defense so we want a dad that minimizes these so Lewyn, Azel, and Claud. Lewyn gives skills so he's a no go and Claud gives a good res growth so Azel it is. Lachesis: This is a tough one. The only stats that really matter on these two is strength which will always be good. Even if you were to screw Dairmuid out of inheritance he would still be able to pick up a weapon in chapter 6 inherited through Seliph or Larcei and patch himself right up so that doesn't matter. They would like pursuit but it's not a requirement at all. Worst I can do is Arden. Sylvia: Uh... Stats don't matter for these two like at all. Skills don't matter either. Someone brought up charge earlier as a way to kill them but considering charge only procs at > 24 hp that's super unlikely to happen. The only thing I can think of is getting Lene no way to exploit the Arena which isn't even the worst deal. Jamke I guess. Erin: Ced wants a magic dad so the worst we can do to him is give him a physical dad so he has low base magic. Fee's stats generally don't matter but I guess low bulk would be a problem. I guess Midayle for the subpar bulk on Fee and the bad magic. Tailto: Tinni is a late game staff bot so having her do poorly in the arena would be the only bad thing you could do to her. Problem is that she has wrath so that's pretty much impossible. I guess just don't give her Lex. Arthur is also kinda hard since I could still see him being decent filler with a physical dad though he'll be your worst promoted Cav. Bargain would help Tinni so I guess Noish is all I have left. Briggid: I'm sorta out of bad dad's at this point. Faval is bad regardless of dad but I guess not giving him charge would be good. Patty only wants to clear the arena so I think the worst here would be Claud. It's worth noting that Holyn is like the worst dad for half the cast.
  6. FE4 Ranked LTC Completed! 154 Turns

    Final Chapter is here: And the ending: Total number of Levels(Experience): 1027(A) Total number of Turns(Tactics): 154(A) Total number of Losses(Combat): 1(A) Total number of units lost(Survival): 0(A) Total: A
  7. FE4 Ranked LTC Completed! 154 Turns

    Chapter 10: Not too different from standard LTC strats. I do use Buttface though to try and make Arvis more reliable, there still only has somewhere between a 5 and 10% chance of success but it's way better than the 0.2% or whatever the original strat used.
  8. FE4 Ranked LTC Completed! 154 Turns

    Chapter 9: Wooh it's great to know my theory for this chapter ended up working out. I thought an 11 turn was possible for a while but I wasn't able to get any proof of it until now. Charlot also hit level 9 so he should be able to cap by the final and Julia did cap this chapter so that's cool. I'm probably going to end up overshooting my level estimate by about 20 levels or so but that's fine.
  9. FE4 Ranked LTC Completed! 154 Turns

    Chapter 8: This maps kinda poorly laid out. It's just two straight lines and as a result there is no incentive for me to not use Seliph to solve every problem. All my units are looking pretty good though, especially on money, and Fee hit her benchmarks for chapter 9 finally.
  10. FE4 Ranked LTC Completed! 154 Turns

    Chapter 7: This chapter was unfortunately a lot more unreliable than I wanted it to be particularly at Darna castle. I could have tried to grab more kills on the light sword to improve reliability but originally I planned to have more money a was going to use the pursuit ring but because of Leif's inventory bug and my unwillingness to reroute around that we I get this. Leif does end up promoting at the end though which is all that really matters. Looks like I will be able to get Ares and Jeanne promoted by chapter 9 as well which will be helpful.
  11. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    I was talking about the hit floor of 1% not the hit ceiling of 99%.
  12. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    Yeah that's my point. It's a game of rock paper scissors and I don't care for it. 24x is actually fairly well laid out to prevent that. Both the boss room and Eyvel's room are marked so you can completely avoid the hallways if you wish. Edit: Chapter 12 would be a better example of FoW causing problems since you really can't know where Salem is until turn 2 when he's probably already put someone to sleep. Though that's less of a problem since sleep isn't too big of a deal as far as status effects go and it's likely done to teach the player about them.
  13. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    From memory the only units who their indoor sword ranks hurts them are Eda, Glade, Hicks, and probably the scrubs from chapter 9 but I can't remember their weapon ranks. Usually I deploy Glade regardless of his sword rank though for that sweet leadership boost. I like the weapon triangle in FE5. It's not strong enough to significantly disadvantage you when you are forced to be at a disadvantage but still relevant when trying to make strategies as reliable as possible. Never found the whole rock paper scissors idea to be strategically interesting if I'm to be honest and heroes is imo the worst implementation of it. FE4 just screws over Lex, Johan, and Johalva when the need to fight sword users(especially in the arena) for the most part hit rates are pretty high in FE4 and even at WTD you should be near 100 hit. The warp tiles are silly but I think overstated. I've always viewed them as a tool to discourage slow play since they don't matter in 16B they can be avoided by using fliers and rescue dropping units and in 24x they can be avoided by using warp staves to hop around the map. Not the best way to discourage slow play though as it usually the makes players frustrated and feel the need to power through it rather than look for alternative better strategies so I'm not in total disagreement with you about them. I don't see a problem. It's not really a reward but a way to ensure players that screwed up big time don't have to reset the whole game which usually leads to players quitting the game. Gaiden characters aren't good but serviceable and can hardly be viewed as a "reward".
  14. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    The weapon triangle in FE5 is 5% so I don't see your point. It barely matters. I actually like the SD gaiden requirements unlike most. While I've personally never been to a gaiden chapter they pretty much exist to get players who screwed up back on their feet. The problem with them ends up being the fanbase is obsessed with keeping all their units alive so most players, even if they are struggling, will never see them and feel like they missed out on content. Hmm. Usually artificial difficulty is used in the context that "More Failure = More Difficult" and the game tries to maximize the players failure rate in an attempt to make the game more difficult. This usually involves pulling bs that the player can't see coming and has no warning for. Many old games are guilty of this. What inflating stats(Particularly HP and DEF) does is make the game more tedious sometimes. It really depends on the game. I think SD and NM do a pretty good job of inflating the right stats (SPD and ATK) while enemies are generally around as durable as they were on the easier modes. Though I particularly remember the chapter 3 boss of SD H5 to be bullshit.
  15. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    I don't get why people care about the no guaranteed miss. 1% isn't a big deal and it ends up making the game less annoying cause it means enemies don't stop attacking once they hit 0 hit like they do in FE4 which is hella dumb. Alternatively they could make the enemies not care about 0% hit rates but then people will make fun of them for having dumb AI. The 99% hit ceiling is annoying though. My theory is they did this to account for the immortal characters. In a remake though this could be fixed by giving those characters a hidden skill that caps hit rate on them at 99% and causes them to dodge all lethal attacks. I will say though that the 99% hit ceiling is less of a deal that people make it out to be. Thracia is loaded with supports skills that end up boosting your hit rates so that if you play cleverly you'll always be at around 90% hit or more which ends up making things about as reliable as most modern FE games even without true hit. But yeah no reason to have the hit ceiling but the hit floor should stay imo. Throne boosts are usually not an issue and I actually like them. They encourage support and skill stacking to overcome the bonuses which is good fun. Chapter 21 is an instance of bad design however since it's one of the few points in the game where you can't stack supports very well to counter the boosts.