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  1. Wooh that didn't take too long: It's a little sad losing Quan, Ethlyn, and Finn as they were some of my best units but such is life.
  2. Took a bit longer than I thought but here we go: Some Notes: Not sure when I'll get chapter 3 done but it shouldn't take nearly as long as chapter 2 did.
  3. Killing Shiva causes the entire Merc Army to disappear so there is no combat to be had at all. Makes the map kinda boring admittedly since all you do is run to the exit.
  4. Was there any reason you needed Shiva? Just kinda skimming through your videos but I remember you can 6 turn chapter 7 if you kill Shiva in 2x.
  5. Sylvia will be left unpaired, I suppose she could pair with Alec but Alec doesn't really offer anything beneficial to you since Sharlow has Elite which means more levels and the Berserk staff will really help with reliability. I edited the OP to include the pairings I'm doing. I'm pretty set on that being the final list of pairings.
  6. I finally got back to working on this again. Chapter 2 To Anphony: Some Notes: Next part should be up within a week unless something comes up.
  7. Ronan's not a very good combat unit but he's still better at combat than several units. When compared to Tanya his higher bow rank, personal skill, and movement stars means he can see good bows sooner and his extra movement point at base helps him position himself better or if you just want to use him as a support unit his extra point in movement helps him carry people around faster and he makes a fairly good indoor ferry bot. Tanya is like Support fodder for Dagdar which I guess let's her escape the bench but still isn't all that worthwhile. Far better than the scrub knights and Miranda.
  8. I'm more recommending the site for maps and game mechanic explanations. I disagree with unit reviews on most sites.
  9. I'd recommend to stay clear of the ModelOmega guide that was recommended earlier. For one his recommended strategies are kinda bad and two one of the great joys of the game is coming up with your own strategies for all the different unique situations the game puts you in. I'd recommend FEWoD that sirmola linked to and of course the Serenes Forest page for the game for help understand the mechanics better. There was also this pretty good spoiler free guide written by feplus thracia_776_guide.docx
  10. He's the Camus of the game and quite statistically impressive. Unfortunately his map is one of the easiest warp skips in the game as you can pretty well win the map without needing to perform any combat and obtain a significant amount of the side objectives. Playing the map straight can prove somewhat challenging though one fun trick is that Reinhardt is able to be hit with berserk and thanks to his incredible stats he can easily wipe out his entire army.
  11. Ah I remember the brigands in chapter 2 and 2x don't capture her for whatever reason so I just assumed she couldn't be captured. Neat.
  12. I don't think she can be captured before chapter 5 but she can be captured in chapter 5 which causes the event to happen. Enemies will capture units with weapons equipped if they can do it reasonably. I had it happen to Leif once and I was confused at the lack of a game over for a second.
  13. I'm still planning on it. Haven't had much time with school but my finals wrap up in a few weeks so I should be able to get back to it soon.
  14. Promotion gains in Gaiden are New class base stats - Current stats so waiting tends to not be worth it at all. EXP gain also is effected much more harshly based on your level rather than on your class so you'll find your units level faster if you promote them as well.
  15. I found out how RNG was calculated and wrote a C++ program to predict future Random Numbers. Then the program would plug those numbers into another program that I wrote which functioned more as an Arena simulator of sorts and had it spit back how many Random Numbers I would have to burn in order to get an Arena clear I wanted. Essentially the program just does the trial and error for me. I haven't been able to use it outside of the Arena though because enemy AI is weird.