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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats!! Glad you got them in a reasonable amount of orbs. The Veronica is really nice too. Looks like I'm going to have to pull for Fae since I don't have a single TT bonus unit due to skipping last year's Christmas banner. Was hoping to skip this one as well, but I'm not sure if I can hold back. Maybe she will have bad stats or something and I can get away without pulling. My free summon ticket got me a 3* Lucius today, +atk/-def. Might be time to start working on my +10 healer now that I literally got both wrathful staff fodder and an amazing nature for Lucius on this banner. I have enough of him, so I just need to start working on feathers for him.
  2. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Hmm.. Fae in a mega ampharos costume... I wouldn't mind that
  3. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    If that is an armored Fae, I'm doomed... Hopefully she won't be green if it is.
  4. Really hate Surtr. Wasted over 100 crests trying to get max score battles and I’m still just barely falling out of Tier 21... Can’t wait for the whales to knock me out of the top ranks for aether raids next. At least I won’t have to worry much about arena next week and then Surtr will be gone from the bonus units. Hopefully forever...
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    It's in the Mythic Heroes Are Here! notification. Has up to the week of January 7th, though it literally just alternates between light/dark and astra/anima. Really weird that they have it alternating already, but who knows what they're thinking now. Also has the formulas for lift boost and reduction from the blessings, which I didn't notice before lol.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    @Azuris My Myrrh strategy worked quite well, although I panicked on my first match because I ran into a team of hyper blessed stall with +10 surtr and L Hector with Gunnthra, so surtr had like 70 res and I just went with my armorslayer Soleil to be safe and ran through the team for 120 lift. The other two were pretty crazy on the reds as well. Had one with a +10 Lilina that actually did over 20 damage to Myrrh thanks to her 70 or so attack, but a +10 fully tactic buffed normal Eirika did 0 damage and got destroyed. Last one had a fully buffed L&D rawrblade mage Eirika thanks to a Veronica restore and only did 19 to Myrrh. Veronica can’t touch her even with the debuffs in place and Eir’s B skill and high res make wrathful staff a joke. Overall it just seems like it will be hard to stall for aether structures unless I get a mage to trap or armored unit. 120, 160, and 160 lift with all aether structures. Only needed two extra copies of Eir as well, so really not too bad. Should easily make tier 19 this week, though I’m worried for next week since +1200 lift with no blessings will be terribly hard.
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    Still in the process of getting all the supports grinded up, but I'll let you know later today. My Myrrh is currently +6 thanks to legendary Hector hunting (+0 of him though lol, but I like Myrrh more anyway). It really stinks that F Grima can't be used here, because she would be just as good, if not better really. Dragonskin would really help out and the colorless status is too good. I feel like I'm going to have a major problem if I run into a falchion user, but we'll see. Another alternative I thought of was Hack O Lantern Beruka, but I don't have the right IVs and Myrrh was almost all set with her skills.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    What I said only applies to offense with Eir and light blessings right now. I don't believe we have any info on how the defensive blessings work just yet. But I'm hoping it isn't too heavily tied to merges as well... The offense one doesn't seem too bad if you use the right units. We are given a free Eir, so if you grab a second one from the current hero fest, you can get at least 40 extra lift per raid. Currently going to try to use Myrrh with distant counter and two Eir, both with ward fliers. Eir will give a light blessed unit +5 hp and +5 res, so that's +10 hp and res to Myrrh from the two Eir and her defense is already crazy high. Add in ward fliers and all the other summoner/ally support bonuses, plus whatever I have on my other two units and she could potentially just tank everything. Hopefully the only stuff I have to worry about is dazzling staff and firesweep, or maybe stall teams. I managed to get 2 extra Eir from the banner, so I might just throw the extra blessing on my bonus unit for now. Most likely using Loki as my 5th unit just for healing and slowing down potential healers.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Due to wanting to be at least somewhat competitive in aether raids still, I decided I would spend some of my saved up orbs. Ended up getting extremely lucky and got everything I wanted and even more in just 90 orbs: Hector (+def/-res) - Completely random, but I guess I have DC fodder whenever I find someone I really want it on. Eir (+def/-spd) - Ouch, but it brought me my 2nd light blessing and I may fodder her off to someone at some point. Genny (+res/-atk) - Again, completely random, but I just started merging my Lucius up for an infantry pulse aether raids defense and was planning to fodder off my only Genny to give him wrathful staff, so literally perfect. Eir (+atk/-spd) - Ouch again on the -spd, but this one is a bit better and got me the 3rd light blessing I needed. No point in merging Eir, since I'll never spend more orbs on her specifically, but maybe I'll get one off the free tickets later this week. I only needed the extra copy and 3 light blessings to get a bit of extra lift for aether raids. Now back to saving for L!Tiki in January.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    Here is how I interpret it: If Eir is sent into the raid battle, she will provide a lift boost for every merge on her, so if she is +2, she gives 2 extra lift. Along with that, you get 10 extra lift per light-blessed unit. Lets say you had a +2 Eir and 4 units with the light blessing. That gives you +2 lift from Eir and +40 from the light-blessed units (1 Eir x 4 light-blessed units x 10): +42 lift total. If the Eir was at +10, she would give +10 lift and make it a max of +50 extra lift. Now if you have two Eirs on the team and 3 light-blessed units: With both Eir at +10, you will get +20 lift from the Eir merges, and +60 from the light-blessed units (2 Eir x 3 light-blessed units x 10): +80 lift total. This maxes out at +90 extra lift possible, since you can have 3 Eir, all at +10 (+30 extra lift), and +60 from the 2 light-blessed heroes (3 Eir x 2 light-blessed units x 10): +90 lift total Merges on light-blessed heroes don't count. Only the merges of Eir herself. This means that in order to score perfectly, you now need 3 +10 Eir, and 2 light-blessed units, one of them being a bonus unit to get 190 lift per battle. Of course, this would make aether raids incredibly challenging, as you are essentially locked to 3 flying dagger units and a bonus unit, with one super powerful unit that can hopefully destroy every other unit in the game with no problem. Maybe a +10, +def/-spd Myrrh with DC, Quick riposte, Iote's shield seal and all 3 Eir's with ward fliers? F!Grima won't work since she is locked out of the light blessing due to being an earth hero. You would still have problems with razzle-dazzle pain healers, even with reciprocal aid or something on Eir.
  11. Weekly scores: T21 - 3808 - rank 711/1516 AA - 5271 - rank 635 Arena assault scores were rather low this week, so I ended up relaxing a bit. Was getting absolute minimum scores in my later matches almost every attempt, so I just gave up. Kinda sucks that they changed the seasons. Wasted 3 water blessings to change my arena core from earth to water, just so I would have it a bit easier with Fjorm as my bonus. Guess it doesn’t matter though, since the score inflation from Fjorm is really only present during water weeks.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    The stress for this week is finally over. Finishing with 7220 lift and immunity from lift loss for the rest of the season. Thankfully my defense team took down a few units this week, so not all of my losses were -80. Still can't decide whether or not to upgrade the defense fortress or keep holding onto my dew in hopes that when they release the aether fountain upgrade, it will cost 1000 dew or something and I will get a small boost before everyone can upgrade it. Seems very unlikely, but you never know. That or I just buy the offensive fort upgrade and run through everyone since I can hardly control my defense matches. I think I can lose a total of 500 lift from defenses if I play perfect on offense next week, so I may just go for it.
  13. What is Your Current Focus?

    My main focus is really just staying in the top tier rankings for everything so I can get the most possible resources. When I am this obsessed with a game, I need to get everything I possibly can from the events and game modes. I've played since day 1 and have literally only missed one set of daily arena assault quests, which still haunts me to this day. However, I haven't been top tier in arena assault and arena every single week because I was more interested in building up characters I really liked and didn't invest in high BST units right away. Now I am a bit more focused on arena scoring and have been maintaining T21 for quite a few weeks along with top 1k arena assault. Unfortunately, all of my feathers go towards building up bonus units for the arena to help out for that season. When I get a break and have the bonus unit already built for the season, my feathers go towards working on my second blessing arena team. It has been rather stressful lately with aether raids coming out, as I now have a new mode to worry about ranking in, but it is something new to do at least.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    Ran into a mega whale team this morning for my first battle. All of them were +10 and they had the fort at level 3. Thankfully they put the aether structures right in front, so I didn't have to worry about them and was able to play a bit less aggressively. Thankfully, Soleil is here and laughs in the face of armor units and minizura was easily able to take down L!Tiki. Had Nowi tank the 4 hit double moonbow from Jakob and proceeded to run through everyone else with Soleil. Pretty terrifying team, but this is why I love Soleil so much.
  15. Congrats! It's always nice to have the bonus unit already built for the season. Makes it much more enjoyable to play the arena for that season lol. Good luck summoning for more Fjorms! Will be super nice to have her at a high merge for water seasons. I would really like them to eventually, as it would give F2P players a bit more of a chance. We're already at the point where you need a full team of four +10 units around the 160 BST bin with maxed out SP to safely stay in top 1k. You almost need to have a 750 average score per battle and at least 20 blessing bonus points to get top 1k. Soon enough it will come down to having a legendary hero for the current season to boost your score up enough. In that case, you will need to have 3 separate teams of three +10 units and a +3 or so legendary hero to match the team blessing to stay in every week. It isn't like the rewards are crazy different, but that extra 5 sacred coins and refining stones add up very quickly. I would easily have over 100 more of each if I had been a bit more focused on maintaining the top ranks.