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  1. Here is my +10 Cordelia. She was my very first promotion and I had been working on her ever since. Just finished her last month.
  2. What's your feather roadmap look like?

    My next 40k feathers are planned out... Promoting the Fae I just pulled to 5* to merge her into my current +2 since I need a good green unit for my arena battles. It's a bit annoying using 2 reds and 2 blues since those have my highest merges. I want to improve her weapon as well, just waiting to see if I pull a Hector before the banner ends. If I do, I am planning to give her the improved Light breath+ and distant counter. Otherwise, I will just improve her Lightning breath+ and keep fury. Also promoting someone for a Killer lance+ for my +4 Cordelia to upgrade to a Slaying lance+ and improve for the +5 hp and +3 spd buff. I was planning to wait for a Firesweep Lance, but it cannot be refined at all and I'm not a big fan of her not being able to counter on the enemy phase.
  3. Your max Hero Merit heroes?

    @predator_21476 Max hero merit will be increased to 3,000 with the release of version 1.6, which I believe will be August 7th
  4. Your max Hero Merit heroes?

    @tobuShogi Pretty much all of my healers get Pain/Rehabilitate/Imbue and HP+5 or Speed+3, Live to Serve 2, and then whatever buff/spur skill they come with or that I have skill fodder for at the time. Unless I pull them as a 5 star, I like to use a +spd/-atk 4 star version of the healer so they have decent enough speed to avoid being doubled by most units. I really only use them to heal and sometimes drop 10 hp off a unit with pain so I can kill them with someone else. With Live to Serve 2, they can easily last all 7 maps in a tempest trials run while tanking a few magic hits that may have killed another one of my units. As much of a troll Wrys may be, I am happy I pulled so many of him for that Live to Serve 1, 2 and Rehabilitate. For those that do not come with Reconcile, I always had a 3* Azama or Clarine to give them so I only needed 1 Wrys.
  5. Your max Hero Merit heroes?

    I cannot wait for the increase in hero merit... Still some other units to train, but I have no more rehabilitate fodder to give to my last few healers. Wasting hero merit by not using my non-rehabilitate healers, but mend and recover are not always enough.
  6. Labors of Love

    Oh cool, my Cordelia made it up on your list! Although, I did promote two of them for her, I can't say I used too much else for it. Promoted the first one before boons and banes were well known, so she was a +atk/-spd and then pulled two 5* versions throughout the past couple months. Thought I would promote a better boon/bane one and make her a +3 for my flier team. She is pretty incredible on her own now as well, thanks to the quickened pulse seal.
  7. Do you go out of your way for Hero Merit?

    I ended up maxing out 14 units during the first tempest trials while grinding for the 10k feathers rank. Now I am investing pretty heavily in all of my other 5* units for the next tempest trials, even if I never plan to use them for anything else afterwards. The extra feathers from all that hero merit helped me finish my flier team and optimize my Cordelia.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    After weeks without a 5 star pull, finally got one...
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Got to 45 orbs this morning and decided to do two pulls on the new banner... First pull got me a duplicate 5*... Guess I can't complain, but it's +HP/-Def compared to my +Atk/-HP one at level 40. Might keep it to pass on Galeforce if possible. Second pull got me a Karel, although it looks like a +Res/-Atk from the wiki stats... Still very good since it is a new unit. And I decided to use my last 5 orbs in hopes of getting a Ninian and.... Not the singer/dancer I was looking for at the time, so a bit unexpected, but probably the one I wanted most. +Spd/-HP as well. Had some incredible luck with these pulls.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Should have expected this after my Hector pull a few days ago...
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Probably the last person I thought would appear for me. Kinda sad he replaces my 5* Sheena, but since people want this guy so bad that they re-roll for days, I'm pretty excited about it. Down to just the 6 orbs from the special map today, so I guess that is my last pull from these banners unless we get some crazy gift tomorrow.
  12. My Castle Code: 10403-94862-83505-68968 Chosen affinity: Valla Avatar Name / Castle Name: Keita / Daily Skills Region: North America Food Resources: Meat, Fish Mineral Resources: Crystal, Amber Battle Level: Easy, all units on hold without weapons. Additional Notes: I update daily with random skills to try and get to 10k battles and visits. Don't forget to leave feedback at felicia and give an accessory to increase visit points. Thanks and enjoy the skills! Monday - Nohr kid skills Tuesday - Hoshido kid skills Wednesday - Nohr adult skills Thurdsay - Hoshido adult skills Friday - Shared kid skills Saturday - Shared adult skills Sunday - Whatever I feel like