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  1. Weekly Arena Scores: T21 arena score: 3,786 - rank 1,335/1,478 (/4,925) AA score: 5,285 - rank 888 T21 arena scores were super low this week compared to last week. Thank god Ike and Roy are no longer bonus units. Slacked off a bit in AA, but still got top 1k, so pretty decent week overall.
  2. Encouraged @daisy jane to finish her +10 Soleil now and said I would +10 a Cherche if she did, so... Had summoned an extra brave Celica on the Beyond Darkness banner, so I had wanted to build another Galeforce unit. Just a random B and C skill for now, may give her chill defense at some point in the future, but she doesn't exactly need it.
  3. After more than a year of waiting, I finally got my last Soleil as a free pull on the spring banner. She is amazing for countering armored units and has helped a ton in AR. Could give her distant counter, but I never really use her as a tank, just to player phase murder armors, so fury 3 works for now.
  4. Woohoo! Now time for T21!! My weekly scores: T21 Arena score: 3,808 - Rank 956/1,493 (/4,979) AA score: 5,292 - Rank 634 Pretty awful week again this week. 3,800 score most likely dropped out of T21, so I had to spend more crests to boost my score up a bit. So glad Roy is done being a bonus unit... hopefully he doesn't show up again for a very long time. Arena assault scores seemed pretty low this week. Surprising, considering L!Hector and L!Roy are both there for fire week, but only had to do one round because of it, so that's fine.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    Haha yea, that was me. Forgot Hardy bearing screwed up desperation as well, otherwise I wouldn't have lost a unit. Also changed my strategy as soon as I entered because I forgot about my flier school being there. Thankfully noticed it or I would have gotten destroyed thanks to restore on Clarine. Perhaps if I didn't pick the wrong lightning trap I would have been fine, but I can't remember the stats, so not sure if L!Azura would have sung for Marth or not since she wouldn't have been able to kill my Azura. By the way, let me know if you want a free offense win, I can unequip my team for you today or tomorrow.
  6. That could definitely be the case. Forgot Roy was also a bonus. Not sure how much that affects the lowly minnows like me around the 750 score range though. Guess we will see what it's like next week... Thankfully I'll have a bit more of a boost due to water season and L!Azura.
  7. Weekly Scores: T21 Arena score: 3,802 - Rank 1,368/1,474 (/4,914) AA score: 5,301 - Rank 568 Terribly inflated scores this week thanks to L!Ike being a bonus. Used a 4*+10 Arthur as my bonus unit. Was originally 3,800 score around 4 hours before the end of the season and was about 30 ranks from dropping out of T21, so I fished for a bit to get 2 more points and it boosted me about 95 ranks. Unless something crazy happens in this last hour, I should be fine, so it was definitely worth using the extra crests. Hopefully the score inflation drops a bit since it won't be earth season next week. Edit: Forgot the season ends an hour later for me now thanks to daylight savings time, here are my updated ranks for those of you interested: T21 score 3,802 - Rank 1,401/1,482 (/4,941) AA score 5,301 - Rank 584
  8. You should be able to with a bit of fishing to get 744-746, but now that I look at your team, you can make a few changes to boost your score without the earth blessing on Cherche. Just throw a double rally skill on Martha, replace hit and run on Cordelia with wings of mercy or something, and replace seal atk/def on ike with renewal/wings. That will boost your score up 2 more points. Could also put a double rally on Ike if you don't want to remove hit and run or ardent sacrifice. I can't say I see too many people with a +10 L!Ike over L!Tiki in T21, but he hasn't been a bonus unit in a long time, so I don't really know what to expect. If anything, it really shouldn't be too big of a challenge with the score you can reach as long as you don't mind the fishing.
  9. Weekly Scores: T21 Arena score: 3,776 - Rank 1,454/1,485 (/4,950) AA score: 5,279 - Rank 773 Seriously annoying arena week with Alfonse... Somehow managed to just barely stay in T21, but it took far too many dueling crests. So happy I don't have to use Alfonse next week.
  10. Weekly Scores: T21 Arena score: 3,790 - Rank 711/1470 (/4902) AA score: 5,300 - Rank 499 Pretty decent week considering I was using Alfonse. Hopefully next week is just as good.
  11. Weekly scores: T21 Arena score: 3,802 - Rank 918/1469 (/4898) AA score: 5,291 - Rank 654 Crazy score inflation this week it seems. Not looking forward to next week with Alfonse...
  12. Weekly scores: T21 Arena score: 3,794 - Rank 869/1463 (/4878) AA score: 5,280 - Rank 761 Cutting it a bit close in Arena Assault this week because I was lazy and didn't want to do another run, but still going to make top 1k unless something crazy happens in the last hour. Very little fishing to get my arena score this week thankfully and Fjorm did a nice job against everyone. Thinking the scores are so inflated due to the merge changes increasing BST on a lot of units, but it may just be from Fjorm week. Only had a BST boost on Nowi since my other two are duel skill users, so my score didn't see much difference.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yea, I'll just leave my level 1 Kana in there for the rest of the season. I can't reach the next tier anyway and I'm in the top 1k regardless, so it doesn't matter what I get for my next defense loss.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    If you have enough aether right now, it's all ready for you!
  15. Aether Raids General Thread

    Haha thanks! I was hoping it wasn't your first loss. Let me know if you would like a free win sometime this week, I can go ahead and set an unarmed unit up and you can rematch me. I normally get attacked every day around reset, so I'll probably be immune later in the day.