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  1. Alfonse quest

    yeah that was the propblem
  2. Alfonse quest

    Ok I keep beating the first stadium with Alfonse AND all 4 units survive yet nothing is happening pls explain
  4. Sees the HP Mechanic is still in place RIP MAGES IN GAIDEN
  5. Is Midir X Brigid any good

    but if it is better then it works
  6. Is Midir X Brigid any good

    I typically do Holyn X Brigid BTW #BRAVESWORDPATTY
  7. I wanted to do Midir X Aideen but I prefer Aideen X Jamake is Midir X Brigid any good they seem like a much better couple TBH
  8. cause if it does I am making Ewan a sage with NO QUESTIONS ASKED
  9. Help with Corrin Quest

    yes pls
  10. Help with Corrin Quest

    Corrinquest yes I got the idea from Mangs Basically I am doing Conquest using only Corrins you want to participate here are the rules #1 Corrin HAS TOO Be reclassed Nohr Prince/Princess won't be accepted #2 Has too be Level 10 or lower Unpromoted #3 We will keep adding until we have 16 Corrins we currently have 2 Samurai's that will be promoted to Sowrdmasters cause Swordmasters are Bae and Masters of Arm's are crap 1 Knight that will be promoted to Great Knight another given Knight will be promoted to General but you can still request Cavaliers and they'll be promoted to Paladins 1 Ninja that will be promoted to a Master Ninja if given another Ninja it will be promoted to Mechanist an Apothecary will depend 1 Oni Savage that will become an Oni Chieftain 1 Mercenary that will promote to Bow Knight(if given another Mercenary it will be made a Hero, Fighter will depend and an Outlaw will be Adventure) 1 Archer that will promote to a Sniper(if given another it will be made into a Kinshi Knight and Sky Knight will depend) UPDATE #1 1 Dark Mage that will promote to a Sorcerer so we have 11/16 so pls tell me your castle code and what class and enjoy Update #2 We will be getting the Cavalier and A Diviner that will promote too an Onmyoji and a Witch so we got 11/16
  11. FE4 Vylon

    so my question is do I not need him alive to get Celice the Tryfing or do I heard two different things
  12. Thracia 776 Chapters 4-6 help

    I for some reason had a bow on Leif or Lifis I don't know why everything else aside from the Meteor Tome for Asvel when he joins is pretty standard
  13. Thracia 776 Chapters 4-6 help

    mainly with the fact that the inventory is so spread out It's more likely Lifis won't be able to do much by the time he get's his lock picks back Bryton would be great if he could hit/Capture and Makua is just plain trash(I have a bias towards Mymadrons who aren't very strong but are reliant solely on Crits to do Damage before you say ISN'T THAT WHAT MYMADRONS ARE then explain to me why Ayra is still pretty strong even if she doesn't crit same goes with Rutger, Joshua, Hisame, and Ryouma) Lara has wet tissue durabilities so yeah
  14. self explanatory I am STRUGGLING WITH THIS so help pls