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  1. Dinner and a movie. Easy
  2. Just rekt someone
  3. @aurisxd What's your Castle Address ( I can't see signatures on mobile) Thanks btw!!!
  4. I'm still looking for Ophelia with Death Blow if anyone has her?
  5. Ireland, but I'm not a leprechaun surprisingly enough
  6. I've got Aptitude on him. Check my profile for the castle address
  7. Yeah I got Xander, I decided to grab Quixotic and Pavise aswell so THANK YOU!!!
  8. Hahaha yeah I know... I just REALLY don't feel like grinding him and all that jazz
  9. Hey anybody got: Keaton - Pavise, Aegis or Rend Heaven Ophelia - Death Blow Xander - Luna Thanks in advance!
  10. If this happened... would Sakura get sliced up at the end of BR instead? And Camilla would become Queen of Hoshifo at the end of CQ? LOL
  11. Assassin!Olivia Sorcerer!Noire
  12. My Castle address is in my bio. Region: EU Honestly I switch around through my several playthroughs so just visit whichever, I guess. I'm trying to get a battle and visitation seal so... if you do visit PLEASE do battle aswell, thanks!
  13. Make her talent Wyvern Rider
  14. "Luminary Uppercut!" - Ophelia
  15. Hayato - The Song of Storms (Legend of Zelda) get it? Siegbert - The Future King (Lion King)