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  1. Create a spirit

  2. I'm going to take the seemingly-obvious loophole for what it's worth and change a main fighter (like Mario or Simon). I'll also participate in the Echo change. Mario: Neutral-B: His fireballs are slower but deal more damage than normal. Side-B: Mario throws his hat, which boomerangs back to him. If it's attacked while traveling, it's destroyed and will regenerate. If it hits a fighter, it turns them around. If it hits a ranged attack, it absorbs it and heals him for a fixed amount. If it hits an item, it brings it back to him. Down-B: F.L.U.D.D. no longer has to be charged, but now has a delay when it's used. You can use this time to freely point what direction the water will fire towards, and you can also slightly change the direction while it's firing. Luigi: Neutral B: His fireballs are faster and bounce farther than Mario's, but they deal less damage than normal. Down-B: Luigi takes out the Poltergust and has it start sucking in the direction it's used. Luigi can slowly walk (forwards or backwards, the latter of which he doesn't change direction for) while he is vacuuming. If he sucks in an item, his vacuum shoots out water and pushes back any items/attacks/enemies touched by the water. If he sucks in a melee attack, it shoots out fire for the same effect as a Fire Flower, but shorter (but also travels a bit upwards). If he sucks in a ranged attack, he shoots out ice that has the same effect as a Freezie, but doesn't have nearly as much knockback as the item). Side-A: Instead of flailing his arms while he runs, he instead shuffles his feet while he runs. This will launch fighters upwards. If he uses this while in the air, its knockback becomes a side-meteor effect that hits multiple times (think Yoshi) but the knockback is reduced somewhat. Final Smash: Luigi dashes and grabs forward. If he misses, the Smash ends prematurely. If it connects to an enemy fighter, Luigi throws the enemy off-stage (without KOing) to an area where many Luigis run in a tsunami-like fashion at the fighter. The fighter takes damage before the Luigis combine into one giant Luigi, squashing the fighter and returning them to the stage where they take knockback.
  3. Create A Forging Bond Accessory

    Ryoma's headpiece. Relive the old days when you went crazy trying to find something that would go well with it without clipping into it like the job of a Gary's Mod novice — but this time, in reverse! Also, Legion's mask. I honestly don't know why they haven't done this.
  4. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    I wonder who'll be the new Mythic? Obviously it's going to be Astra, so...perhaps Naga? Although Anankos would be another one I'd hope for.
  5. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Last update was on January 19 (page 62). I've increased my total level 40s to 104, which is 3 more than last time. Due to the Heroic Ordeals update, I've now started including a total with a hyphen (-) after the merge total (so max merges and dragonflowers would be +10-10 for Infantry and +10-5 for non-Infantry). I decided to do it that way, instead of making both merges and dragonflowers pluses, because of the possibility of me eventually having a flowered unit without merges; this would've actually been a thing if I hadn't gotten my merges for Brave!Lucina. Also, due to the Merge update, I've cleaned up my units' default stats. Note that, like always, the default stats for units with merges (and now dragonflowers too) will take those alterations into account. Same units of the same level will now be separate; this should also make it easier to view those units. Speaking of differences between units, I will also be showing each unit's asset or flaw, as shown by underlining or italicizing; due to the Merge update, flaws will obviously not be shown on units with merges. Due to this change in how I do things, I'll no longer be doing the meaningless task of bolding stat changes like I used to. Two sad departures from my barracks are Default!Takumi and Default!Hector, both sacrificed mainly for their respective Counter skills. Default!Takumi, however, I'd also gotten rid of because I just can't find a use for him anymore. I've tried and tried to make him useful, but in the end I just couldn't continue putting resources into him. I've had him since nearly the beginning (and that's quite a long time, considering I started playing FEH as soon as it came out), so I'm quite sad to see him go. At least his Close Counter is being put to very good use, so his spirit will always live on.
  6. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    That's "Deicide", not "Decide". Deicide. You can't even use a language barrier excuse on that one if you wanted to, it's literally right in front of you.
  7. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Joker, King Dedede, Roy, and Ike have been done, and they're almost all my mains. Good thing my last main hasn't been. Marth uses the power of the Infinity Stones Fire Emblem and turns into ash destroys half of the Master Hands before they can be absorbed by Galeem, who is also being turned into ash falling with style. EDIT: If we're going off of the Warp Staff, I really doubt Marth could use it to escape Galeem. Would Marth actually have access to an inter-dimensional Warp Staff? Probably...not.
  8. How do you make enemies drop their held items?

    So it's always random chance, but it has a higher likelihood of happening if, use DK or Ganondorf? Which essentially translates to "the more you punish, the more you punish more".
  9. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Here's my idea of a moveset for Hades, from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Specials Neutral: Hades claps forward, destroying any projectile attack and inflicting more damage against shields. If a projectile or fighter's shield is destroyed with this move, Hades heals for a small amount (healing more from destroying shields). Up: Hades kicks down, then shoots himself up with the force from his kick. This kick has a meteor effect, and while the flight doesn't have invincibility frames it does have Super Armor. Hades can also use his Side-Neutral once while flying this way. Like other recovery-oriented Specials, using this puts Hades in free-fall after its use. Down: Hades summons an Underworld Minion that he can either throw forward as a projectile or eat to restore a tiny amount of health (not nearly as much as the Neutral-Special does). The Minion can be attacked, and any damage the Minion suffers lowers its damage and healing efficiency. If Hades is in the air, he can use this once to stop his momentum and escape free-falling. Note that over-usage of this Special will cause the minion and free-fall negation to be slower, making it necessary to manage how often it's used. Side: Several energy missiles are shot out of small areas of his cloak, flying straight at the closest target. These missiles have a small homing capability and do not divert from their target, but the missiles do not Flinch their targets. Using this Special does not turn Hades, and can be used at the same time he is using other attacks — including Smash Attacks — but it can only be used one time while in the air. These missiles inflict more damage on Grabbed targets, whether they're grabbed by himself or an ally. The missile launchers can be temporarily destroyed by attacking Hades' back, and doing this will also temporarily disable this move. With this, Hades becomes something of a mix between Ganondorf and Palutena, focusing more on minimizing the opponent's threat level and gradually raising his own with well-timed self-heals while also dealing high damage. This comes at the cost of low speed and fairly-predictable attacks. His kit is essentially based on causing the most disrespect possible to his opponents. I might make other attacks for him, but only if anyone gives feedback on anything I should improve on his Specials first.
  10. Create a Remix

    Target Smash! from Brawl (make it a little slower, but with more of a hype rhythm to replace the lost tempo) Magnus' Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising (add an electric guitar, make the tempo a little faster (except 0:55 - 1:30, lay on the trumpet/saxophone duo there), and add a bit of the base game's Ring of Chaos themes in a couple places) K.K. Cruisin' from Animal Crossing (make a remix like Mesmonium's, but with SSB's touch. I'd recommend full-on jazz, like the sweet love-child of P5's Beneath the Mask and MK8's Dolphin Shoals) 25m Theme from Donkey Kong (I know that classics are a treat, and it is catchy, but you could do a lot better than 5 notes played over and over) Hades' Infernal Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising (add in the fucking church bells and godly, unnerving praises, because Hades deserves a lot more than he's gotten from Nintendo. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Hades was one of the remaining DLC characters, they're crazy like that)
  11. I've looked and looked, and I can't find anything about it on google. I've had my items forcibly dropped from me — not just "held" items like the Ore Club or Banana, but "equippable" items like the Franklin Badge (I know this because I've had to go against said enemies that actually pick them up and use's really annoying when the enemy you're using Franklin Badge against gets your own Franklin Badge). I know it must be a mechanic, and I've had it happen to me in previous SSB installments (at least in the 3DS version) but it's a mechanic that for some gods-forsaken reason has never been talked about at all. Anywhere. So if anyone knows, I'd love to know, at least so I know how to avoid it continuing to happen to me.
  12. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Passive Forge Standalone Skills Sacred Seals
  13. Surprisingly Good Characters

    My two characters here are Selena and Default!Lissa. At first, I was put off by Selena's crappy Atk stat. Then I gave her Atk/Def Bond and the Close Defense's a wonder just how tanky she is, and it was really surprising to me that Atk/Def Bond was enough to give her a good damage output. She's faced quite a lot of enemies that were completely walled by her, and she's become one of my favorite Enemy Phase units today. Lissa, however, was one done very long ago, near the beginning of Heroes. However, even though I started investing in her very long ago, her story is similar to Selena's. Lissa is a deciptively strong unit, making use of her high balanced defenses in a Close Counter/Pain+ kit. She's even better with Brazen Def/Res and Miracle, making her a safe offensive OR defesive pick as a Healer not just for Arena, but for Aether Raids as well. I still remember the time when I completely walled a Camilla in Arena (which just goes to show how terrible Camilla is). My gripe would have to be with Rebecca. She just can't do much of anything no matter what I give her. Her best set is a Res-refined Distant Def 9 set with Glacies, Quick Riposte, and Atk Smoke, but no matter what I do with her she just doesn't survive anything. I get that her HP kinda sucks, but this is a fully defensive set! What gives?
  14. My vote would have to go to the following: Manakete!Morgan (Morgan born from Tiki or Nowi. I prefer Morgan's lineage to remain mysterious, and making a Manakete of her would take a lot of that away.) Anankos (His simple presence ruined Fates, I don't want him ruining Heroes.) Brigand Boss (I know this was covered already, but the meme's long since died.) Marla and Hestia (Even though you can fight against them, they're not really important. At best, their reason for being put into Heroes would be because of either Jedah or Sonya...and honestly, no one really cares about them to the point where they should be put in Heroes.) Rinea (As awesome of a character that she is, she was never a playable unit to begin with. Plus, her entire reason for being in Echoes is Berkut, and doesn't benefit the Fire Emblem series as a whole. At best, she's a plot device (albeit a very beloved plot device).)
  15. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    This time on, I'll start doing three kinds of things (separated by spoilers). The first one is my Passive Forge, in which I'll continue to make "Personal Skills" as an upgrade of a hero's Passive skill; the second is standalone skills, which will be either exclusive or not and won't be restricted to just Passive skills (but may also contain non-Passives that follow the Personal Skills rules); the third is Sacred Seal skills, preferably ones that are exclusively that. For the Passive Forge skills, I'll replace "Inheritance" with "Hero", as each skill in that part will be exclusive. For Sacred Seals, the skill type will be removed since it being a Sacred Seal makes it redundant, and "Inheritance" will be replaced with "Usable" since Sacred Seals aren't inheritable. Passive Forge Standalone Skills Sacred Seals