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  1. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Passive Forge Standalone Skills Sacred Seals
  2. Surprisingly Good Characters

    My two characters here are Selena and Default!Lissa. At first, I was put off by Selena's crappy Atk stat. Then I gave her Atk/Def Bond and the Close Defense's a wonder just how tanky she is, and it was really surprising to me that Atk/Def Bond was enough to give her a good damage output. She's faced quite a lot of enemies that were completely walled by her, and she's become one of my favorite Enemy Phase units today. Lissa, however, was one done very long ago, near the beginning of Heroes. However, even though I started investing in her very long ago, her story is similar to Selena's. Lissa is a deciptively strong unit, making use of her high balanced defenses in a Close Counter/Pain+ kit. She's even better with Brazen Def/Res and Miracle, making her a safe offensive OR defesive pick as a Healer not just for Arena, but for Aether Raids as well. I still remember the time when I completely walled a Camilla in Arena (which just goes to show how terrible Camilla is). My gripe would have to be with Rebecca. She just can't do much of anything no matter what I give her. Her best set is a Res-refined Distant Def 9 set with Glacies, Quick Riposte, and Atk Smoke, but no matter what I do with her she just doesn't survive anything. I get that her HP kinda sucks, but this is a fully defensive set! What gives?
  3. My vote would have to go to the following: Manakete!Morgan (Morgan born from Tiki or Nowi. I prefer Morgan's lineage to remain mysterious, and making a Manakete of her would take a lot of that away.) Anankos (His simple presence ruined Fates, I don't want him ruining Heroes.) Brigand Boss (I know this was covered already, but the meme's long since died.) Marla and Hestia (Even though you can fight against them, they're not really important. At best, their reason for being put into Heroes would be because of either Jedah or Sonya...and honestly, no one really cares about them to the point where they should be put in Heroes.) Rinea (As awesome of a character that she is, she was never a playable unit to begin with. Plus, her entire reason for being in Echoes is Berkut, and doesn't benefit the Fire Emblem series as a whole. At best, she's a plot device (albeit a very beloved plot device).)
  4. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    This time on, I'll start doing three kinds of things (separated by spoilers). The first one is my Passive Forge, in which I'll continue to make "Personal Skills" as an upgrade of a hero's Passive skill; the second is standalone skills, which will be either exclusive or not and won't be restricted to just Passive skills (but may also contain non-Passives that follow the Personal Skills rules); the third is Sacred Seal skills, preferably ones that are exclusively that. For the Passive Forge skills, I'll replace "Inheritance" with "Hero", as each skill in that part will be exclusive. For Sacred Seals, the skill type will be removed since it being a Sacred Seal makes it redundant, and "Inheritance" will be replaced with "Usable" since Sacred Seals aren't inheritable. Passive Forge Standalone Skills Sacred Seals
  5. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    That's brilliant, I was...actually kind of stumped on how to get her Personal Skill in the game. I also really like how you kind of used my idea on Elise's Lily's Poise with the damage reduction. Altogether, this makes Sakura a pretty great defensive Hone unit without overshadowing what she already has. Now for more Passive Forges. This time I'll make some from normal skills instead of Personal Skills (I'll go back to those later). Anathema C Passive Effect: Grants unit and adjacent allies Res+4 during combat. If foe is a magic user, unit's bonuses cannot be neutralized during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Default!Tharja (upgrade of Spur Res 3) Details: I figured what better way to make Tharja powerful than to prevent foes (magic foes, at least) from neutralizing stats? That's pretty much the biggest weakness of Bladetome users, so this effect would work great for her. I also made the Spur effect affect herself as well, helping to patch up her Res against said magic foes. Underdog A Passive Effect: Grants +5 to max HP and Atk/Spd/Def/Res +1. If foe's BST ≥ 175, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Donnel (upgrade of HP+5) Details: Gives HP+5, as well as a permanent All+1. If he goes against a foe with 175 or more BST (either by default or from a Duel skill), he gains an additional All+4 during combat for a total stat increase of All+5 during those battles. Just one of many anti-Duel skills I plan on making. Amaterasu A Passive Effect: Grants Res +3. Allies within 2 spaces recover 50% more HP when healed by staff users. (If using similar skill, only highest value applied.) Inheritance: Exclusive to Subaki (upgrade of Resistance +3) Details: Instead of making something like a Spur or Drive Renewal skill, I decided to turn Amaterasu into a heal buffer kind of like the previously done Optimist does for Setsuna. Subaki's skill set just screams offensive support, and I think this works just fine (since he can still be a mostly-offensive unit while staff users have an easier time healing everyone around him. Of course, just like Amaterasu in Fates it only works on those around the unit and not the unit itself, and I mirrored that here so as to not just make a better Optimist.
  6. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Thanks for helping with that, and I love the second idea (turning the debuff mirror effect into a standalone skill). I might as well make a few more Passive Forges. Lily's Poise B Passive Effect: When healing allies with a staff, unit also recovers the same amount. Unit and allies within 2 spaces take 5 less damage from attacks that deal increased damage. Inheritance: Exclusive to Default!Elise (upgrade of Live to Serve 3) Details: It's hard wording it, but it's essentially anti-Wrath. It does Live to Serve like normal, but also cuts off 5 damage against her and allies in 2 spaces when the foe deals more damage outside of Hone/Spur buffs. It also works against Bladetome users :) Pyrotechnics B Passive Effect: Inflicts 10 damage to foe after any combat this unit initiates. If unit's HP ≤ 50%, inflicts 10 damage to foes within 2 spaces after any combat this unit initiates. Inheritance: Exclusive to Saizo (upgrade of Poison Strike 3) Details: Pretty much gives him Deathy Dagger+'s Eff refine as a Passive, without the anti-magic effect and making it have Brash Assault's HP requirement for the Savage Blow part. Gives Saizo a great damage option while allowing him to be versatile with his weapon options (though Smoke Dagger+ is an amazing weapon regardless). Optimist A Passive Effect: Grants +5 to max HP. Unit recovers 50% more HP when healed by a staff user. Inheritance: Exclusive to Setsuna (upgrade of HP+5) Details: Imagine turning Setsuna into the ultimate Ranged cheese unit, considering she has Guard Bow+. Of course, this cheesing goes away once her healers die so it's not foolproof. Competitive A Passive Effect: Enables unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker. If foe's BST ≥ 175, grants Def/Res+6 to unit during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Takumi (upgrade of Close Counter) Details: Allows for Takumi to get back into his niche of being an Enemy Phase unit, by giving him Close Def and Distant Def if his foe has 175 or more BST (either by default or with a Duel skill). I was considering reworking Threaten Spd instead, but Takumi's fallen out of grace enough that upgrading his Close Counter would be more beneficial to him.
  7. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Well then, until someone decides to be "that guy" and locks this thread because they don't understand the reason I made this, I and hopefully others will continue to post our unbalanced ideas here. And if/when this topic is locked, I'll take whatever ideas I made here and transfer them over to there, and I'll continue to make unbalanced ideas until people are fed up with their unbalanced nature and I recreate this topic. Now for another few skills. Opportunist B Passive Effect: If unit initiates combat and foe cannot counterattack, grants Atk+6 during combat. After combat, if unit's HP ≥ 1, unit and foe swap places. Inheritance: Exclusive to Beruka (upgrade of Lunge) Details: Transforms Lunge into an any-combat skill, and also gives her Death Blow 3 if the foe can't counterattack. If Beruka can get tanky enough, you can shred your opponent's positioning tactics like paper. Bloodthirst A Passive Effect: Grants unit Atk/Spd/Def/Res +4 after combat if unit initiates combat and defeats foe. Inheritance: Exclusive to Peri (upgrade of Resistance +3) Details: Peri's Passives are pretty terrible, there's no way you can salvage Res+3 without replacing it, and Threaten Def doesn't really do Bloodthirst justice but can be used alongside Bloodthirst (not to mention self-boosts are normally A Passives anyhow). Shuriken Mastery B Passive Effect: At the start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 50% and against a dagger user, unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot. After combat, inflicts penalty to foe's Atk/Spd/Def/Res = highest stat penalty from foe's weapon. Each stat penalty calculated independently. Inheritance: Exclusive to Default!Kagero (upgrade of Daggerbreaker 3) Details: I tried to word it so that it would say "this is ONLY effective against daggers. Gives daggerbreaker 3, and uses foe's own dagger penalties against them". Pretty much makes her the ultimate anti-dagger unit, especially against Infantry Daggers like Felicia due to Poison Dagger+. EDIT: Thanks to Diovani Bressan for the text help :D And another idea unrelated to the Passive Forge idea: Prideful Atk 1/2/3 A Passive Effect: If foe's BST ≥ 175, grants Atk+6 to unit during combat. Inheritance: Any Details: Essentially a counter to the Duel skills. I got the idea after looking through Fates' Personal Skills list and came across Hayato's. I'm almost hopeful that future Villager units (like Mozu, or an alt of Donnel) would have a skill like this as a way to combat people with Duel skills.
  8. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    So you're saying that you'd rather there be terribly unbalanced skill ideas flooding the default Create a Skill thread? Like you said, I made this for broken skills. With the default Create a Skill thread, there's a certain unsaid rule that you have to dampen your imagination to make the skill balanced for the game. This topic, however, is far more lenient with that and promotes the idea of making skills that could potentially break the game (you never get new innovative ideas without pushing limits). I guess one could say that this is the Create an Unbalanced Skill thread (but obviously isn't, it's more like Create a Skill That Is More Than Likely Unbalanced).
  9. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Chivalry A Passive Effect: If foe's HP = 100% at the start of combat, grants Atk/Def +6 during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Default!Xander (upgrade of Armored Blow 3) Pragmatic C Passive Effect: If unit initiates combat, foes within 2 spaces take 7 damage after combat. Grants Atk +5 to unit and allies within 2 spaces during combat if they initiate combat against a foe whose HP < 100%. Inheritance: Exclusive to Default!Leo (upgrade of Savage Blow 3) Misfortunate A Passive Effect: Grants +5 to max HP. Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +4 to allies within 2 spaces during combat. If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res -4 to unit during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Arthur (upgrade of HP+5)
  10. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Disperse Atk (+) Assist Effect: Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1). Inflicts Atk -4/6 to an adjacent ally through its next action. Grants Atk+4/6 to unit and grants unit another action. Details: Essentially a Rally version of Future Vision that makes Harsh Command useful again. I'm not sure if I'd want it as a Disperse Up skill yet, so I just went with normal and +; however, I might later make some dual Disperse skills. The difference between this and Rally skills, apart from the ally-debuffing, is that it grants the unit another action and therefore lets the unit take advantage of it on the same turn. Due to this, Bladetome users — Player Phase Bladetome users especially — would gain the most benefit as they'd gain another 6 damage from it without needing heavy Sing/Dance support. With Bonus Doubler, they'd also gain another 6 Atk. Its drawback is the Special trigger count increase, which prevents Galeforce users from abusing it. Its other "drawback" is the debuff it places on the ally, making penalty nullification/reversal skills (Harsh Command, Restore+, etc) necessary. Making a Singer/Dancer the target of this is probably the most optimal option, as the unit effectively has 3 actions per turn and the Singer/Dancer (due to their low BST) will hopefully stay out of battle which removes some risk of losing said Singer/Dancer.
  11. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    An idea I had quite some time ago (in a topic made long before this) was something akin to a Passive Forge. Not unlike the Dark Passive idea in this topic, but also different as the Passive doesn't just become more powerful but also changes in a way. Instead of the Dark Passive being like a Rally becoming Rally Up, the Passive Forge idea is more like transforming Hone Atk into Human Virtue — rather, instead of just powering up a Passive to fit a better role for any unit that can inherit it, the Passive Forge would power up a Passive into an exclusive skill for a specific unit's playstyle. For example: Conqueror's Might A Passive Effect: Neutralizes "effective against cavalry" bonuses. If unit is attacked by a foe who is within 2 spaces of another foe, unit can counterattack regardless of distance. Inheritance: Exclusive to Walhart, upgrade of Grani's Shield Detail: Combos well with his weapon's effect when Walhart is surrounded by more enemies than allies, giving him the Distant Counter effect he had in Awakening (albeit as 2 range, rather than 3, since no unit in the game can or probably will ever have a 3-range weapon) while keeping the Grani's Shield protection that came from his Conquest skill. Scendscale B Passive Effect: If unit initiates combat, no follow-up occurs, and if foe's range = 1, foe cannot counterattack. If unit's Spd > foe's Spd, neutralizes bonuses to foe's Def during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Alm, upgrade of Windsweep 3 Detail: Essentially Windsweep 3, but transfers the Spd requirement from the Counterattack Prevention effect to a new Bonus Neutralization effect, which means that he'll always be able to prevent his melee foes from counterattacking regardless of his Spd. Considering how powerful Scendscale is in SoV, I thought it was fitting that the Spd requirement be put onto that since his Spd is a bit on the low side and therefore makes it harder to use (and also considering the huge HP cost of using it in SoV, the inability to consistently spam it willy-nilly fits here). Fierce Rival C Passive Effect: Inflicts Atk/Spd -5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn. If an ally Flier is attacked while adjacent to unit, neutralizes "effective against fliers" bonuses of foe during combat. Inheritance: Exclusive to Selena, upgrade of Threaten Spd Detail: Sorta tried to make her just as capable in battle in comparison to Fates with the original Personal Skill...kinda hard when you're trying to upgrade a shitty skill and crits don't exist in FEH. So I turned it into Threaten Atk/Spd 3 and added an EP-only Iote's Shield Spur effect, which helps her protect Camilla or another Flier ally. So, she debuffs the foe's offensive stats on PP, and protects adjacent Fliers on EP. I think it'd work very well for her, as protecting her Flier allies practically ensures that most Armored foes will find it incredibly hard to get away or near her without suffering.
  12. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Okay, another really random idea. This one is for weapons, specifically the weapon forge. What if they allowed for you to sacrifice units/books like normal with Inheritance, but onto weapons instead of the units? I'd say that under the low likelihood of them doing that, they'd do it on Silver-grade non-effect weapons (Silver Sword, Silver Axe, Silver Bow, etc). You could inherit as many skills as you'd like onto the weapon, but you can only use 1 skill on the weapon at a time. Of course, inheritance restrictions still apply. A Green Bow user would be able to put Triangle Adept on their weapon, while a Gray Bow user wouldn't. An Infantry Lance would be able to put Bonus Doubler on their weapon, while a Cavalry Lance wouldn't. Stuff like that. Imagine these: Silver Bow with Distant Def (letting one go up to Distant Def 9), Silver Sword with Desperation (essentially giving anyone an unrefined Sol Katti), Fenrir with Triangle Adept (giving Sophia a choice between anti-colorless with Eternal Tome or anti-green with this weapon), Flametongue with Death Blow 4 (letting Dragon units potentially reach Death Blow 8, or Death Blow 11 or 12 when the seal comes out). The possibilities are (mostly) endless.
  13. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Obscured Wings B Passive Effect: If unit initiates combat on a non-Plain tile, reverses foe's "effective against fliers" bonuses and unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. Inheritance: Flier only Details: If the unit initiates combat on a non-Plain tile, any foe that normally does more damage against them instead does less damage, and also grants the unit Brash Assault in this battle. Pretty much Cancel Affinity with Brash Assault, based around a movement type rather than weapon colors.
  14. Our Most Wanted Characters for Heroes Alphabetically

    Azelle (Genealogy of the Holy War) Basilio (Awakening) Cervantes (Awakening) Desaix (Shadows of Valentia) Emmeryn (Awakening) Fuga (Fates) Gangrel (Awakening) Hans (Fates) Ignatius (Fates) Jedah (Shadows of Valentia) Kjelle (Awakening) Lethe (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Mitama (Fates) Nuibaba (Shadows of Valentia) Orochi (Fates) Phila (Awakening) Q: NONE Rudolf (Shadows of Valentia) Scarlet (Fates) Tatiana (Shadows of Valentia) Ulki (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Vika (Radiant Dawn) Wolt (Binding Blade) X: NONE Yukimura (Fates) Zihark (Path of Radiance)
  15. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Superiority Complex A Passive Effect: If unit and foe are of the same movement type (Infantry, Armor, Flier, Armor) and have less than 100% HP, unit gains Atk/Spd/Def/Res equal to foe's bonuses during combat. Each stat is calculated independently. Inheritance: Anyone (there's no reason why single-tier passives must be made uninheritable, only that they currently are made that way)