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  1. Hello :)

    Hey I have the "when your phone auto-corrects it to "Don't Duck with me" save somewhere.... And Welcome Also Genealogy is a good game. There's some patches somewhere (BookofHostlys or something along those lines?), Just segment it down, a size a day or two. Doing entire maps at a time can get dull or lengthy
  2. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    I feel we're skirting around the "Extra Binding Blade boosts" It's more that I had a decent growth on Roy so just more of that'd work. He'd at the very least be one very healthy boy. It'd work best with the + Growth rates sure.
  3. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    I never said it was a good Idea.
  4. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    One solution would actually to just give him the Marth treatment. Kill his promotion and just let him get more levels. Just make the Binding Blade give him some stat ups upon acquisition or just have more buffs, Because it needs more right? It's not like he gets any new animations when he promotes, the weapon does it all. So he basically doesn't promote as is.
  5. Memorable Pokemon Merchandise You Have/Had?

    I still have one of those. But something I remeber fondly would be a Charizard plush that I won at a little fair that came round once from a hook a duck game. It still lives at my Nannans (grandmas) in a bag, one day my children will have it. Or my little brothers/sister, whichever gets there first.
  6. Favorite Fire Emblem Weapon

    The 3-13 archer? Hes a weapon right? Fine I'll use something real. I'd say any of the FE 4 legendary weapons but they're so busted. I choose the Wet Noodle that is the Binding Blade. Because who doesn't like a sword that is either really good but you cant use it (FE 6) Or one that is just...awful its so bad...(Melee) If not that then I really like Gae Bolg and Gunginir sort of lance. Simple with an nice ribbon for detail.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Too early to give a real opinion, The battle maps looked very RD. The cutscenes looked like they've still got the people from Valentia. Other than that I'll wait for actual gameplay and story stuff.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    I'm voting Anna, Anna deserves better. Anna needs our support Since she's been losing all day I'll probably move over to what ever my main friend goes to since I don't really have strong feelings anymore.
  9. Accessories!

    FEH now with hats! I hope there's some nice reference items like Sirius' mask and such.
  10. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    50/50, It was a fun gimmick and I'd be fine with it coming back, but I'd like the enemies to actually listen to the rules of fog of war too. Nothing is more frustrating than a random Batista shooting you when there is nothing else around you for 10 tiles in every directions.
  11. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    After having beat Lunatic + before, "harshest conditions" while true is it's more "RNG Spamming" conditions, because actually been unable to beat maps because the game spawned too many units with specific skills isn't good difficulty. Trust me you abuse street passes, and other the bonus box teams to support grind pre-dlc. The first one in Shadow Dragon has like 4 units so you can just spam that one out. It'll be slow but far far safe that having to reset every 5 minutes because every enemy on the map spawned with Luna+ and Hawkeye.
  12. Wait, there are other metal weapons than Steel? In reality though I do the first third of a game with Iron, then half way through the second third have hoarded enough steel to just use those, then forget Silver exists until like the last 5 chapters. I'm really bad at actually using equipment at a decent pace.
  13. The Fire Emblem Heroes supports topic

    The Black Knight and Ares, Black Knights fight over which one is the Blacker Knight. Camus and Ishatr, They Insult each others choices to stay with their respective empire as they crumble around them and insult the camus archetype overall. Lyn and Lyn. Lyn questions why their is 5 of her around. She gets very worried. Marth and Roy, Both feel like they have seen each other before and question why they fight so similarly. Celica and Erika. They both confide in how they made some somewhat foolish decisions in hopes of helping someone they cared about. Very basic but hey, we could just have Bartre and Arden, Both are strong and tough, and he calls him slow.
  14. Julius and Ishtar, creepy or sweet?

    It's neither while both, It feels like the two were betrothed together to begin with. Especially given how Ishtars mother talk to her about it. It's sad in that I imagine a younger Julius liked Ishtar and thus wanted to stay with her, then the killer evil Loptous Julius crept in and started seeing Ishtar as just another tool to further their ambitions. It's probably why Ishtar seems to have an understanding with Arvis. The two once loved Julius then he became a arrogant brat who wanted to watch the world burn and they couldn't do anything about, Both likely had Ideas that they could save him. I mean, It would if I had any establishment between the two prior to evil Julius. But since It just comes across as "I love the Big bad because" It's harder to care since I only know them as a monster. (An FE 4 Echos with similar memory prism scenes would really help day) Clearly I know how to make it work, FE 4 and 5 are one game, to get Ishtar, while doing the FE 5 section of the game, you have to capture Reinhardt and he stays as permanent prisoner who you can't let escape or die, Keep Olwen alive, have recruited Saias and kept him alive, and then the 3 join you on the last chapter you have to have Rien and Olwen talk to her 3 times. It's perfectly convoluted and terrible, also make Tinne have to talk to her too.
  15. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    Shes' clearly just trying before buying, If only Anna had thought of such an idea first. If it was anyone, as said, Tormod is the most likely, but being Sanaki she's just preparing for the future. And having a bit of fun for once. Also Poor mods' due to this Sanaki bride thing. They have to be on high alert for people going to the deep end.