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  1. The Church is Super Evil, saying it now. I'm expecting the plot to go down a very similar path to FFT WotL. Just look at them, they the people who keep peace, they gotta be evil!
  2. Personally I wouldn't mind, I play Smash to play people I like from games to beat up other characters. Just more representation of a series to see how it the character transfers to a fighting game and what their move set will be like, And in some cases how the move set compares to another fighting game version of the character like how Cloud compared to Dissidia to Smash. When it comes to Joker I'm looking forward to see his smash because I'm curious to see if anything from smash influences how he'll work in a P5 fighter, (Which I'm hoping happens and will be on PC this time) Sure I'd like some Nintendo 1st party character but I'm sure this won't be the only set of DLC characters, Smash seems to be fairly early in the switch's life so theres still good chance more characters and DLC.
  3. Roy and Palutena. With a healthy side of Capitan Falcon and Cloud.
  4. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    Short: a friend who'd had awakening Long: Back around 2008-9 when I got my first laptop I went on a Super Smash bros character origins spree. Now younger Demo was a foolish child who didn't know that didn't think to translate his old games, So I ended up playing 10 minutes of Dark Dragon and the Blade of Light before moving on to Kid Icarus because the hell was I meant to understand that. It wasn't until around 2014 that I went to a friends and we'd play smash occasionally and told me he'd actually got a FE game and let me try a random encounter in Awakening, I had fun so bought myself the game and really enjoyed it then spiraled into playing ever game in the series with only Thracia left to complete (Excluding FE1/3 since I played 11/12 One day I'll play those) I also give a shout out to Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions that I played in 2012 since that gave me the patience to play TRPGs that I lacked in '08
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    I'm just sad that it was devolved into hide a high defense unit in a corner or have ranged cavalry with dancer with no pull point that doesn't lead to death (Mostly because the unit in question is brave Veronica running double savage blow) and you can't get to them because of buildings and traps. It's just a bit disappointing really. It means Grails will slow down a lot after this set. I just wanted a fun game mode that I could take calmly with little worry but it's just another game mode where there is 2 starts and if you don't follow them your probably going to lose so you have to play super carefully. We should be able to fight our friends castles for free though thats my main gripe atm, Much like arena it's not that fun when it's just random people 100% of the time.
  6. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    This is why I don't think they're under Anankos' control, Because yes she does have the flame and transparency. Either way, I'm not going on any more, it's not worth it as like you said, whats the point it doesn't change anything.
  7. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Doesn't help that it's inconsistent since Sumeragi does do it. OR can.
  8. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    I'd gladly take that if the units visually had the glow Valite units have or the fading in and out of transparency. I'm not accepting that when in Fates itself during the Heirs to Fate DLC All the farther under Anankaro's control don't have that clothing, do the transparency thing, and have the flame glow thing.
  9. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    "Is this an out of season April fools joke?" Okay more out of season seasonal banner. It's just so....Bad. Objectively this banner is adding some nice and very absurd skills (I'm guessing Dull Follow up will be a 300sp skill to really drive home the absurdity of it) so what ever, I doubt there will be a demotion but if their is it'll likely be F!Corrin. So her A will at least be somewhat accessible. I also expect us to come out of this with a really strong flier... But the actual Character side of this is just...bad it's the ultimate awful pandering "People like Azura" "If we dress others up as Azura they will like them too" I know this is a cynical view but really this is just awful, The idea of it being a Revelations banner is alls I can get, but for that they could have just done the Noble promote Corrins, Mikoto and Annakos or something. Arete would also work. It's still two alts but it looks more creative. I'm not even acknowledging Camillas existence in this banner, they just went "But what if we give Azuras outfit side boob" I don't hate Fate/Awakening banners, I started the series with Awakening, I'll actually defend them in some ways, but this is the line that make people outright hate the games, when your getting nothing new or actually interesting. But here were getting Mikoto alt before the unit, to be thrown on the pile with Charlotte and Noire most likely. At least Noire is actually the weapon she mostly is seen with. But that my ranting vent, I went in expecting an Awakening or Fates banner since the RD and Binding Blade announcement was obviously a way to damage control, I just wasn't expecting 4 Identical outfit units, 3 alts, and an alt to a new character... I can't wait to see the TT Azura.
  10. Seems about right. I guess Mania really helped
  11. There isn't quite the options I'd expect. Mostly because if IS were to re-release the old games, I think they'd make the collections be limited to 1 continent at a time so your getting 1 worlds story. With exceptions to 8 which would be lumped in with 6 and 7, and 14....which something.
  12. Some Weapon Ideas

    Hey most of these are things me an a friend have thought would be good, that and just a triangle reverse skill. Not so sure on the extra ranged weapons. That just feels like an evolve to add 1 might situation waiting to happen. So it'll happen for sure. Another kind I'd like is either Slim weapons or Blade type weapons. weapons with Heavy Blade or Flashing Blade type effect.
  13. Anyone else miss the European names?

    Taxiing is one, but there the taxi and ing are very separate. In all honesty I'm just really bad at reading and pronouncing things in general so I don't have much faith in what I say most of the time. It's why SoV been 90% voice acted was a blessing for me.
  14. Anyone else miss the European names?

    As European player No, I don't miss these names, To the extent that I read them as the more common or Official Translations used elsewhere. I mean I never got why we got Bern became Biran. In Melee Roys trophy called it Bern so it was really out of the blue, Then again going to Melee trophys is a whole other can of worms. Shiida I don't really like because it feels far too hash to say. Caeda doesn't have the same "Sh" opening. Navarre to Nabarl is just what. Nabarl is just odd to me, Navarre is an actual place in the world so It's just more recognisable as a word I guess. Larabel/Aimee I actually don't mind either way. Both are fine. Though Aimee is a bit nice to say. And Dolhr/Doluna/Dollar is just...Countries are the best part of FE translations because they go so far out of whack. Akaneia though I really don't like, Archenea it took me some time to learn you don't pronounce the ch as a "Ch" sound but after that it's been fine. It appears that we are actually opposites here. Even though I'm a UK English speaker I found the EU names slightly harder to pronounce right. I'm going to just say it's because I'm from the north and we like to miss letters from the end of words and any excuse that doesn't work. Though even I agree that the loss of Hyman was a bit sad, Raynard is at least a bit more of a name though. On the Awakening note, Mine have the PAL/EU names been a EU PAL copy of the game, I don't know if this extends to other regions but hey, my game says mum and that makes me happy.
  15. How do you create your endgame teams?

    I simply just pick one person for one weapon type and just try to make a balanced team that way using units I just like. I do sometimes check how many units I'm allowed and how many units are force deploys to make sure they are usable too.