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  1. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    My, that was a great trailer to wake up to - Feh wasn't kidding with that "Apparently the new heroes are very elegant... I can hardly wait!" I agree Feh, I agree. Xander's attempt at Odori (that animation killed me) and design is amazing (the Lilith mask is a neat touch)! I absolutely need him to complete my Xander Emblem. In other words, Salutations Colourless hell* we meet again. */I know it's less of a hell to pull colourless these days, but I'm referencing my rotten luck on getting colourless seasonals. (I'm also very glad to see David Stanbra back - since he didn't reprise Siegbert or Kaze in FEH, I got worried he might not be reprising Xander in the future - glad to see that worry unfounded) And Ryoma...ahhhhhh that yukata of his is gorgeous! Regardless of skills he's got a spot reserved in my barracks. So, unsurprisingly, my need is very great for both of the princes of Fates. Just like it is for the princesses. As always. What else is new on my end Elincia and Micaiah are also very gorgeous and I totally need them too...for reasons. *Whistful Sigh* Between Libra being on the YT banner and this upcoming one, looks like my orb stash will remain depleted then. I also need to clear my barracks to make room for pulling on this banner. "Nåja, sånt är livet." I suppose.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Oh, Forum Galeforce you never disappoint do you? Edit: Congrats on the Clear^^ (I'd edit this in the earlier post if I could but the forum won't let me edit)
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Ah, neutral Spd then, that should be sufficient to replicate my strat, but your Hinoka will need slightly more Spd buffs to quad Ursula than mine did (see below). As far as Seals go you need to make sure of the following for a clear: 1: L!Ryoma kills the Thief on Turn 1. QR, Atk 3, seals should suffice since you have an Atk+ L!Ryoma, and he'll get buffed by Hinoka's Hone Fliers and Kestrel Stance. (Mine's also Atk+(HP- though - I mixed up my Ryoma's bane earlier) 2: Hinoka has Flier Formation 1. Since my seal is at level 3 I can't test level 1 anymore, but level 1 should suffice since Hinoka's HP is full when she's supposed to make use of it. 3: Gerome has Smoke Spd 3. In order to get away with a lower leveled Smoke Spd than 3, you need to compensate by buffing/increasing Hinoka's speed. I'll detail the specifics below. From my calculations these are possible combinations that will spell the necessary "Quad Hit" for Hinoka vs Ursula (Note: The Red Sword Cav can't Goad Ursula since he dragged back the Green Mage Cavalry in my strat): Gerome + Smoke Spd 3 = Ursula's Spd is at 28 after he kills the Green Mage Cavalry. Neutral Spd Hinoka with 27 Spd needs 6+ Spd (33) to quad in this case. A Hone Flier Buff from Halloween!Nowi is sufficient. Gerome + Smoke Spd 2 = Ursula's Spd is 30 after debuff. Neutral Spd Hinoka needs 8+ Spd to quad (35). Darting Blow 2 or Spd 2 and above + Hone Fliers from Halloween!Nowi will suffice. Alternatively, Gerome can equip a Spur Spd in his C skill slot to help Hinoka quad. Gerome + Smoke Spd 1= Ursula's Spd is 32 after debuff. Neutral Spd Hinoka needs 10+ Spd to quad Ursula (37). Darting Blow 3 and Hone Fliers will suffice. Regular Spd skill won't be enough on it's own - but if Gerome has a Spur Spd skill then that could patch things up.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The regular one. ;) Reposition is only used twice in my strat (and on the same turn), once so that Gerome can reach and kill the Green Mage Cav simultaneously debuff Ursula's Spd, and finally Hit'n Run north. The second time Reposition is used is so that Hinoka can use a Flier Formation seal (lvl 1 should suffice) to teleport next to Gerome and kill Ursula by quadding her with Brave Lance+.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Ah, that might be just what's needed^^ Since Halloween!Nowi has Hone Fliers as well, Hinoka might get away with a lower level of Darting Blow than I had on mine. Final question, if I may, Hinoka's Boon/Bane - is her Spd at least neutral?
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hm thinking further, which of your fliers has position skills (and which ones)? After some testing I realised that besides Smite working out as a replacement for Reposition on WoF!Hinoka, it's also possible to use Halloween!Nowi instead of WoF!Hinoka to begin with.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hm. I just realised something - if your L!Ryoma has Reposition (you only mentioned that neither of your Hinokas didn't) then there might be another option that might make the strat I posted work, Smite. With that in mind, you wouldn't happen to have an Effie or a Bartre to fodder off Smite to WoF!Hinoka? If you do, she can position her regular self where she needs to go so she can Flier Formation teleport to Gerome. (She still needs to hit the speed threshold to actually quad Ursula)
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Well, it took some time to write down that post, and I can't see posts that gets posted while I'm typing one up on my end, particularly not when I'm on my phone. Regardless, while you might not be able to use it right now, there's nothing that prevents you from using it later should you still need it in the future.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @Anacybele, I did figure out a strategy with Legendary!Ryoma, Hinoka, WoF!Hinoka, and Gerome. I'm in a bit of a rush right now (running an errand), so I haven't done calculations yet - hence, some things might need some tweaking on your end for it to work but I can still give you a rundown (and a general idea) My Skills/Stats/Seals were as follows below, bolded were mandatory for the clear, while strikethrough were completely unnecessary skills (so they can be swapped for something else if you need it on your end). Legendary!Ryoma [Atk+/Res-, 40+2] (Do note that his boon/bane and merges shouldn't affect his role in this strat) Raijinto Reposition Glimmer Kestrel Stance 3 Bushido[/b] Guidance {Deflect Missile 3} Hinoka (Spd+/Def-) (A Spd- bane makes things slightly harder - Neutral Spd works fine) Brave Lance+ Reposition Glimmer* Darting Blow Desperation 3 Hone Fliers {Flier Formation 3} WoF!Hinoka [Neutral] (Like Ryoma her Boon/Bane shouldn't matter) Warrior Princess Reposition Glimmer Atk/Spd Bond 3 Flier Formation 3 Flier Guidance {Attack 3} Gerome [Neutral] Poleaxe+ Reposition Ignis Empty (lol I forgot to equip something) Hit'n Run Empty (lol again) {Smoke Spd 3}** **/ Alternative B: Give Gerome Threaten Speed in slot C and Hinoka might not need Darting Blow 3 and/or might possibly get away with having a -Spd bane. To sum the strategy up (sorry if it's messy, writing this on my phone + I'm in a rush): Sortie Positions: Gerome is at the top, Hinoka is below him, WoF!Hinoka on her regular's right, Ryoma is below regular Hinoka. Turn 1 PP L!Ryoma hikes south to bait the unassuming lower left Dagger. Gerome hikes south to L! Ryoma's initial position. End Turn. EP L!Ryoma kills the lower left dagger. If the AI behaved as planned, the Green Mage Cavalry should have destroyed the leftmost wall, the Red Sword Cavalry is below him, and Ursula rode to her west. The Axe Armour and Right Dagger march their slow amd steady march. Turn 2 PP WoF!Hinoka Repositions Gerome east. Gerome then kills the Green Cav below him. He Hit'n Runs north (Ursula's speed is trashed thanks to his seal). L!Ryoma Repositions Hinoka to the south. Hinoka (thanks to Flier Formation) teleports to Gerome's side and quads Ursula to oblivion (thanks to her own Darting Blow and the earlier Spd debuff that Gerome inflicted on Ursula). End turn. EP Red Sword Cav suicides on Hinoka. Dagger takes a fruitless pot-shot at Gerome. Turn 3 PP It's pretty straight forward now, but I'll write down what I did anyway. Kill the Dagger by having Hinoka attack him. WoF!Hinoka & Gerome work together to kill the Axe Armour. ~Stage Clear!~ Additional notes: As stated, I haven't calculated the Attack Damages yet, but apart from Glimmer on Hinoka, no Specials need to trigger. Luna/Moonbow are viable alternatives to Glimmer - she only needs her special to kill the Sword Cav on EP. If the Sword Cav survives attacking Hinoka for some reason, you need to have Hinoka kill the Dagger north of her while Gerome kills the Sword Cav in her stead. Lastly, some of the skills/seals might still work as needed even at level 2. The two main things is that Hinoka is able to teleport next to Gerome and kill Ursula and, in order to do so, Ursula's speed need to be lowered/Hinoka's speed buffed enough for her to quad Ursula. Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but refines are not necessary.
  10. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    My, this banner is right down my lane. One of my biggest favourites finally joins FEH (I thought I'd wait longer than this to see him), accompanied by characters that I like, one of which is a flying dancer to boot. All in all, I'm a very happy camper on this banner and will try and get all of them. Fare thee well orb stash, it was nice knowing you. And here I though I'd end up throwing said stash of orbs to get another Summer!Xander if this banner wasn't too interesting. Also...Soeda Ippei Walhart as the banner's accompanying GHB...? Yes. Very much yes. Now I only need Miriel, Gregor, and Laurent, and my Awakening unit wishlist will be all checked out. Thoughts on the units: Libra Finally. He's here and...he's an axe unit. Hence, I no longer need to hoard Staff units anymore just in case he would've ended up being a staff unit. (Among those hoarded were a Genny and a Bridal!Lyn. Guess I'll have to figure out something else for those two now.) I can also finally let F!Robin get her long-awaited ally support. That empty space on her Character Screen where the Ally Support Shield is supposed to go has haunted me long enough. Unit viability be damned, I'll give them both as much SI I need to make it work. As far as I'm concerned, making it work is just another "Challenge Accepted"- a challenge I'll have a great deal of fun figuring out. Pet Project in other words. As to wether he'll be 4-5* demoted once the banner ends...well, if he is, then that just means eventually +10 him will be easier. I currently don't have many +10 promotion plans anyway so there's plenty of feathers for any future 4* copies of him. Only thing missing from Libra is his classical "I'm your Omega!" crit line. Alas, it joins Frederick's "Pick a God and Pray!" as "Shamefully Omitted Crit Lines" Club. :( YT!Olivia Another inexperienced rider joins the fray of FEH. But I'm down with a Sword Flier and I like Olivia loads, so she easily ends up being my second most wanted unit on this banner. Now to figure out a Flier Emblem team for her to join. Hm. Maribelle Number three in this quartet for me - she looks like she'll be real fun to use in a Horse Emblem Team to me. Trilemma'ing opponents and then siccing a bladetome mage afterwards? Sounds like plenty of fun. Sumia I'm hoping to get her mostly because of unit bias (since I have a large collection of Blue Fliers already) but she's a bit lower priority than the other three. All in all, I'll be pulling all colours on this one until I (hopefully) get one of that colour. Greens will be opened first naturally - the sooner that War Monk comes home the better. Wish me luck.
  11. Late to the party thanks to work and rl obligations but...phew, that was a FEH channel alright. The avatar change (which I drew on the 1st of July fittingly enough) is probably a big enough hint about what got me the most excited for this entire FEH channel. Still, I need to say it: Naga be praised, Libra, my favourite Awakening character, is finally here! :'D I mean...I hoped the rumours of a Awakening banner meant he could be on it, but to actually see it happen...to see that he ended up being an axe unit and with this kind of art... Well, to say I was a bit floored when the news hit would be a massive understatement. As for the rest of the news this broadcast held, I'm a bit too tired (and still too hyped about the new banner) to properly gather my thoughts, but here's a summary: Forging Bonds - Hahaha - I like mixing in some whimsy fun while grinding levels/HM/SP so I'll probably have fun with it. Arena stuff - Welcome to Whaleland. Too lofty a place for a perpetual 19,5 tier like me though (Sorry Feh, you won't get a crown just yet). Bonus kill scoring sounds meh to me, I'll need to put it in practice to see how I'll end up feeling about it. Askr Trio refines - Finally! Merges when? TT Rewards return - Neat. It's encouraging to see they won't be perpetually stuck in non-acquirable limbo at any rate.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Aw, Marth didn't make it. So...refugee time. Where to go, where to go...? I suppose I'll go Hardin then Sigurd in that order of Priority. Yup, sounds like a plan. Will be leading with Winter!Tharja Christmas in July and all that. This particular Winter Tharja is decked out with (Reposition/Iceberg/CC/Vengeful Fighter/Hone Armor) so nothing fancy, but I hope she'll be helpful for Dark Emperor. So another round gone another round of thanks, and this round's goes to: @Vaximillian's Sharena who helped in the beginning of the round, she sadly didn't show later, but she was absolutely great when she did. @Alkaid's Camilla - Anyone wjo faced her got lopped, chopped and trampled. @Astellius's Est. To sum up, woe be to the one who underEstimates her. I know, I shouldn't make puns in the morning. They were all glorious and fought bravely for the Altean Hero King.^^ I also got a Roy from someone named Saul frequently, but I'm not certain if they're from here or not (if you are here on SF, sorry that I can't match the name). Regardless, he rocked in his Smash Bro's name. Hope she helped out.^^ I wish you luck on building your +10 project - it's a satisfying sight to see that unit one has been building for a long time finally get that +10 border and decked out with builds. When I pulled my first F!Corrin as my first pull in this game (on launch day) I was dead set that I'd build her up as strong as I ever could make her. Oh hi! Being in good scoring company is always fun! :D Yeah, she was a +4 before the VG started (a Def+/Spd- one) and somewhat less built (no QR3). But then I figured I'd pull on L!Hector's banner between my last VG matches and see if I'd get him by sniping green. Got no greens on the summons. Got Fell Dragon #6. And then #7 in two summons later on another greenless pull. Wat. How. Guess the old superstition of summoning the devil at midnight sort of fits. Still, I will try again for L!Hector today. Hoping for a less stingy green distribution this time though. ;) Considering that #7 has a much better Boon/Bane (Spd+/HP-), compared to the mix of Spd- & Atk- that the previous ones had, I got extra motivated to build her last night and then I remembered that there was coincidentally a colourless draught in the VG so I set her up for the last hours of the round.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    She's also pummeled a PoR Ike and a Karel now. :') The PoR!Ike one was esp. funny - "Oh, you have Swordbreaker 3 intended for my Marth and the random genius who put their own Marth up? Well, I have a borrowed Ikebreaker just for you!"
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Going #RallyMarth @Team Marth. Here's my number: 7909740863 if anyone wants an ally sporting flags in Altean colours. I've set my +10 F!Corrin as lead for now (Aether, Steady Breath, Quick Riposte 3, Hone Atk 3 & Distant Defense 3 Seal)*. In case of colour draught just let me know and I'll switch lead. */ Having mentioned my F!Corrin, I should also mention @Infinite Dreams since I may have been heavily inspired by your F!Corrin's build - it's just so shiny. I'm lacking the Atk Tactic to finish it, but that will change once a 4* Legault shows up on my doorstep. I mean, running a mixed moveset team with her will be so much fun so that Tactic is a must. Also, @Vaximillian, Your Sharena said hi on my first match-up! She made quick work of the Nowi standing in Marth's way. (Sadly no screenshot since imgur is having a temper tantrum on my end) Now back to vectorising FE:3H's map alphabet. Fun stuff.
  15. My internet has been spotty the past days (Boo). Anyway, I edited the map and increased the contrast between the letters and the map to see if it would be easier to figure out something: Anyway, I'm seeing new names: Ferdiad (N of Blaidad) Ogma (M - West of Garg Mac - Yes another one, we now have a trio of returning names - woner why they chose those three in particular) Kudala (NE of Regan) Corrections from the last time: Natthaus (not Ratthaus how did my brain parse that as an R? While the last downstroke is closer than in Neckless of Fódra (How did they misspell Necklace...?) there are few other letters it could be.) Eba (not Eva - the first descedent stroke starts from the right not the left) Toutatis (as has been pointed out above by @Sock) Names I'm uncertain of (# = letter I'm uncertain on): Magdr#d [Magdred?] (NW of Garg Mac) #ask (W of Garg Mac) Alia##hod (W of Fergus) Fiu#darius? (NE of Blaidad) Co##d (E of Fergus) M##coes (W of Aegir) #lamass (S of Rusalka - A part of my brain thinks it might be Z - but the first downstroke doesn't fit Z, the second stroke sort of does though) ##### (SE of Hresvelgr I have no idea what it is - it's far too blurry - if I squint it looks like either N or H as the first letter but that's some hard squinting) As mentionedin my earlier post, I figured that while I was going throught the map it was a good idea to list the remaining letters we don't have - so here: Majuscles: I J Q** U X Y Z */ There is a small chance that the O with the dot is a Q. I have seen variants of Q that doesn't feature the characteristic tail flourish, but dots instead. While unlikely, it's still a possibility. Minuscles: j q w x z Not much else to say rn - I'll see if I can get around making a vector based alphabet based in what weve got so far - depends on if my PC's Adobe Illustrator will play nice or not. If I've missed anything/goofed I totally blame it on the lack of Morning coffee. The joys of Calligraphy, unique character and...keeping up a steady ductus and not screwing up ink retention to make it. :') I'm pretty much seeing it as Clayman now, for one, the n is too similar to the n in Albine. Interestingly, the letter n and e in particular seems to have several variants in this particular hand (script). It is definitely a capital T in Taitean; the first downward stroke (the crescent moon shaped one), the second stroke (the upper bar), and the hairstroke of the T are present just like in Threne at the top of the map. These three elements pretty much makes it fit to a T and little else. I'm sorry for that pun. I didn't since I was uncertain if it was Ogma further east, and hence, uncertain which one had an O but then I figured that it's possible that it is Ox as well, since the addition of a dot inside a letter's counter space isn't unusual. So it's possible they dropped the dot in Ogma because it would be too illeligble otherwise on account of it being smaller and rotated. If so, O would not be the only letter to have a variant either - majuscle M is distinctly different between say, Morpheus and Mylddin as well. Yep that's an s all right - in the process of making the image above I noticed the the ending flourish of the s. (In my first post I had yet to see the full map) Coincidentally, my brain did think it could be Teutates when I saw the word initially, but then I saw the o and figured "close but no cigar". Conan...Hm...I thought that at first too, but then the last letter ended up looking like a d once I zoomed in. The fifth letter is too fuzzy to make out for me, it's closest to an a though. It's all jumbled from the look of things, between Latin Morpheus & Vergilius, Celtic/Gaelic Samhain, Ogma, etc. Probably not much to read into it, not at this stage anyway.