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  1. A Voice Audio Issue

    I should add that while I've yet to experience this personally on HW: DE, it does sound a bit more of a broader issue than I guessed (interesting that the update is affecting more games - does sound like a driver/codec gone *poof*). My own musings aside, you're right on reporting it - I'll have a few more checks on my end and see if I notice anything else before I report it. In particular, I wonder if I can trigger it on HW: DE (as stated, it hasn't happened yet), and if there is any consistency why/when it triggers for FEW. Once I've dug around a bit on my end I'll report it to either NoE or Nintendo Bergsala (since I'm in Sweden I'm not 100% certain which of the two branches handles bug reports for me - guess I'll find out though).
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    I am. My FC is in my sig (or on the last page if it's not visible). Summoner name = Ilia.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    Going #TeamNiles on this one since I'm quite fond of this rogue, plus he's one of the S-Ranks I picked for one of my Corrins so win or lose, it's a no-brainer for me. That said, if Nina triumphs on this round I'll be joining her team and if she's out... eh idk, maybe Robin/F!Morgan/Arvis/Julia, but I'll cross that bridge if I happen upon it I guess. Anyway, I've put up my Libra as my rep so if anyone on Team Niles needs a War Monk to do Naga's work with [Steady Breath|Wrath 3|Attack Smoke 3]{QR 3}Aether), here's the FC where you'll find him: 7909740863 If people would prefer something else feel free to ask - I can switch to F!Corrin for blue, or Ryoma/Lene/Sylvia for red (if an all infantry team is preferred).
  4. A Voice Audio Issue

    Well, I've dug around a bit now and I can share what I've found (it's a bit tl;dr I'm afraid):
  5. A Voice Audio Issue

    It's not just you - I discovered this when I gave FEW a whirl again. But I can say that it's not the DLC - I've had the DLC downloaded since it went live for each pack and I never encountered the issue then. Since we haven't gotten another patch for FEW it's very unlikely to be the game itself. However, before launching the game I updated my Switch (the update that rolled out with the Nintendo Online stuff I presume). I assume you've updated your Switch recently? Mine's version 6.0.0 for reference (EU console). The primary reason* I suspect the update is due to the Nintendo Online Service Voice Chat app - they probably changed something in Switch's audio drives to account for the changes and something might not have gone entirely right. I admit it's not for certain that it's the culprit but I legit can't think of anything else that changed since I played on my Switch last (and it was working fine then). I'm going to check out some of my other Switch games and see if the issue surfaces in them. */My secondary reason to suspect it is because it also sounds eerily similar to when some sound card drivers in a PC goes wrong (as in, one channel goes silent).
  6. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    It's very satisfying to sicc Cain on unsuspecting Reinhardts - Weapon Triangle? Pffft. Being blue won't save you from a Zanbato. Yeah, I'll be giving it a few calcs and see how I roll with it - combining the skillset with a fitting Boon/Bane is the start, so I hope I have a combination that will work in my barracks ready to go. Like, Abel is one of the characters I look at and think "Man, I need to give you a role but what to do with you?" (Much like Jakob, Saizo, Laslow, Subaki, and several others I'm sure is escaping my menory (and before their refines, Odin and Cherche counted among them)). I can relate to the busy schedule, our Election day is today, so there's lot of hubbub in my corner of the world, hence I've been battling a bit more sporadically than usual this VG. Keeping a close tab on the multipliers should see me through, at least it's "So far so good" on my overall rank.
  7. Serenes' most wanted characters for Heroes

    *Notices a lack of Gregor.* I will therefore carefully point this out so I may cast my vote on a certain Swell Swordsman. ;)
  8. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    *Sees the botched formatting in my previous post* Oh phone you sure picked a moment to butcher copy paste didn't you? *Sigh* Plus, I can't edit the post: "This comment can no longer be edited blablabla" GDI, Of all the times to be hit by that forum bug (because the post is considered long iirc?). Boo. So, uh sorry for the misplaced bolded text in that post - it certainly wasn't intentional. I saw the request - added you.^^
  9. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    *Raises Hand (again)* As far as I'm concerned, Veronica has earned my support since she was an absolute star for me on F!Grima's LHB Abyssal .Even if it took...15 turns or so of chip damage/running circles around on F!Grima, but hey - a clear's a clear. I guess that means it's sort of fitting to leave Xander as my rep for Team Veronica - but if anyone want's anything else here's what's in the stables (as a result of Doorway to Destiny's freebie pull I've added Quan since the last round and Sigurd has also been added since RD HM farming has been mothballed for now) : Now, for this round's mentions: @Johann's Cain - I (sorely) missed out on him in round 1, but this time he showed up plenty and ever ready to crush Horses or just about anything else that moved. Truly, it never gets old to see him buffed by Hone Cavalry and charge the enemy. *Boom* I should confess, between seeing your Cain and playing SD as of late, I keep getting tempted to build a matching Abel (Rider's Bane+ & Galeforce at minimum) - though I have no idea how "viable" that build would be on Abel, it sounds like fun. Other teammates I kept getting were from non-SF players (at least I think so). The Effie and Sheena from last round were regular sightings in particular. Well then it's onward to round 3 - time to see how this goes I suppose.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I guess you could say he's a...Smooth Criminal. I should see myself out for that one About Hríd's appearance (datamine):
  11. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    Well fellow Team Lucina, while we challenged our Fate diligently we faced an adversary too great - gg Team Veronica. On my end I managed rank #935, a decent result all things considered, since I missed using 100 Flags (curse you spotty internet). Anyway, mentions for Round 1 goes to... @Astellius's A!Tiki "Bane of Greens (and select reds)" - After beating plenty of M!Grimas, Hectors, Fredericks, Ninos, and even Julia/Deirdre, she earned that epithet. @Infinite Dreams's Brave!Ike "Lean, Mean, Green Machine" who crushed Blues (and select greens) to smithereens. From a trio of Reinhardts, double trouble Nowis, to Hardin - they all found themselves biting dust. In addition, I got a Japanese Zelgius, an Effie (didn't catch the nickname), and a Sheena from Philip (is that someone from here?) frequently. As for my rep, for those of you who got my Libra, I hope he helped you out - considering the green drought I ended up with on day one, I hope he at least mitigated it for others. *Raises hand* Not sure who to pick as my rep for fellow Team Lyn. With Horse Emblem being the natural choice, I've put Xander up for now (+3 [Ignis, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Hone Cavalry] {QR3}), but if anyone wants something else here's what's in my stables:
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    CYL 1 &2...? Well, I know where I'm going, beneath Lucina's banner is where I'll be burning my flags. As for my contribution, I'll be fielding a certain Ylissean monk as my rep - one that is more than ready to bring down an axe on the enemies of the Exalt with his Steady Breath, Wrath, Aether, and QR3 seal. (I figure Green might be a tough colour to get for us since Lucina's blue and many will field red as a result (to take of the greens that Lucina can't). At least that's my experience when joining a Blue unit's team, plenty of reds as allies but no greens.) Would "Our flags give her strength!" work? At the very least, we can always rally under a "The future is not written!" in case of grim multipliers...?
  13. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    A bit late to join in, but if it's alright for a fellow FEH player to pose a few questions of curiosity... 1: Who are your five most wanted units for FEH (can be anyone, someone entirely new or a specific alt/seasonal version of someone who is already in (or new))? 2: As a Swede, I sort of feel like I'm obligated to ask this - have you heard any of the Swedish versions of ABBA's songs, and if so, what did you think of them? 3: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 4: I have a vague memory you've mentioned that you speak French(apologies if I've misremembered), so apart from English and French, do you speak any other languages? 5: Is there any language you wish you could speak/want to learn? Since I have a weak spot for the very same movie, I'll ask, is "I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!" a great line from a villain? Wait...that's not actually question is it? Ofc it's great considering just who says it in the film. I mean I uh...I may have lost count of how many times I've seen this movie tbh.
  14. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    Well, this BHB Infernal got interesting on my end. I not only picked Infernal by mistake instead of Lunatic, I also set my Team to my Flier Mage Emblem (Summer!Corrin, NY!Azura, Spring!Camilla, Halloween!Nowi) instead of good ol' Horse Emblem. When I realised my mistake I initially went "Oh no, I entered the wrong difficulty level. This set-up is probably going to fail considering Micaiah's high Res/Sothe's high Atk.". However, this time my mistake actually payed off instead since I even managed to clear it on my first try. In particular, I'm really glad that my Summer!Corrin is as big of a nuke as she is or else I wouldn't have gotten that clear. Plus, my forgetfulness in switching out seals worked out to my advantage for once - I had forgotten to switch out ToD!Nowi's Fortify Def 1 which meant that Summer!Corrin had just enough damage to take out on her own Sothe (Since I had to separate my mages, Summer!Corrin was missing a Fortify Fliers from Spring!Camilla).
  15. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    My, that was a great trailer to wake up to - Feh wasn't kidding with that "Apparently the new heroes are very elegant... I can hardly wait!" I agree Feh, I agree. Xander's attempt at Odori (that animation killed me) and design is amazing (the Lilith mask is a neat touch)! I absolutely need him to complete my Xander Emblem. In other words, Salutations Colourless hell* we meet again. */I know it's less of a hell to pull colourless these days, but I'm referencing my rotten luck on getting colourless seasonals. (I'm also very glad to see David Stanbra back - since he didn't reprise Siegbert or Kaze in FEH, I got worried he might not be reprising Xander in the future - glad to see that worry unfounded) And Ryoma...ahhhhhh that yukata of his is gorgeous! Regardless of skills he's got a spot reserved in my barracks. So, unsurprisingly, my need is very great for both of the princes of Fates. Just like it is for the princesses. As always. What else is new on my end Elincia and Micaiah are also very gorgeous and I totally need them too...for reasons. *Whistful Sigh* Between Libra being on the YT banner and this upcoming one, looks like my orb stash will remain depleted then. I also need to clear my barracks to make room for pulling on this banner. "Nåja, sånt är livet." I suppose.