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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The lack of a Year 1 Spring rerun (and the precedent of no Year 1 Seasonals reruns it would set) worries me. So, I checked the Regal Rabbits datamine (since datmines contains how many allocated spaces there are for upcoming Summoning Focuses) to see if there were any clues, and according to Gamepress: While it's not 100% certain, I'll say that I'm at least a bit less worried after reading that. Guess we'll find out for sure in the following week though.
  2. It's late where I'm at but a few quick thoughts: Still not really feeling the art direction here - the cutscenes are lackluster when compared to Awakening and Fates. As for the characters design...I guess once we promote our units they'll look more colourful and vibrant (possibly more unique as well), but the uniforms aren't really doing much for me as is. They're not bad as such just..."meh" I guess. Speaking of - I'm also neutral on F!Byleth's design. It's not great but eh, it's ok. It won't deter me from pickng her at any rate. Also...did anyone else notice it said "Choose your form." when they showed the gender options? Hmm. "Form" huh..? Interesting choice of words. War Academy setting as a central hub of sorts in terms of plot and cast. Dunno what to think on that - it's not something that immediatly excites me nor dampers my hype so...another neutral for me I guess? Class promotions, weapon/class skills. Looks interesting. Plenty of customisation to be found it seems and also incentive for replayability. A positive in my book. Three houses with an emphasis of choosing one. Hm...how much of a choice that is and where it leads is the question. Hand-to-Hand combat. Oh! Cool! Other observations: It seems some names on the map has been changed since E3 at least if my memory isn't playing tricks on me (I've only checked the English version). At least I noticed that the change of West/East Church instead of the previous West/East Seiros. I'll have a closer look later and compare with the old map. Release date is delayed. Well, I strongly prefer more develop time than risking unfinished features so I'm not complaining. Overall, while there's not much that has me go "Aboard the Hype Train! Wooo~!", and while the cutscene quality looks inferior to Awakening and Fates, I'm not downright disappointed either with what we were shown today. Overall neutral with slight optimism I'd say.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    Somewhat close shave but Cherche is clear for the next round against...Corrin I think?
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Beats me. Could just as well be a sign of Nifl having a different take on royal titles, so "First Prince" just indicates he's the first son of the Queen regardless if he's the only son of hers or not. But who knows if we will ever know for sure? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    As far as the site goes, and as far as I can tell from the original Japanese quote, there appears to be no translation error in Hríd's English bio in regards of him being the eldest sibling: Note: "兄" (older brother) as opposed to "弟" (younger brother) Beyond that, Hríd is also mentioned as the older brother of Fjorm and Gunnthrá in their related character mini-bios of him. From Gunnthrá's bio: From Fjorm 's bio:
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    Long time no see on a VG for Cherche eh? Well, all the more reason to join one of my favourite Awakening ladies again. ;) Due to lazyness on my part I kept my lead as Xander until now, but I've since switched over to L!Grima after noticing a lack of colourless on this team - I figured I could at least help out someone else who has been stuck with unlucky colour match-ups.
  7. Choose Your Legends 3

    So...I checked this and:
  8. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Well this Feh Channel made today an even funnier birthday to celebrate (technically) today, I mean, free unit on my birthday? Sweet! And...the free unit is one that appeals to my old Victorian Goth senses on so many levels? And is drawn by Kozaki to boot? Why yes, I'll happily take it! :3 So yeah Eir looks neat and Hel's design got to have some semblance of death and disturbance in it. I dig. The design of Hel's generals less so but eh, I can live with their edginess. Makes it more fun to completely curbstomp them on maps in the future anyway. Dunno what to think about Mythic Heroes and the new seasons yet - remains to be seen I guess. Oh and edgelord & lady's (Líf & Thrasir) names...? As has been pointed out already, in Norse mythology those are the names of the humans that will re-populate the earth after Ragnarök - Líf and Lífþrasir (Líf is female and Lífþrasir is male in mythology though). As a bonus, guess which one of the aesir will be their god since Odin and the rest kicked the bucket during Ragnarök...? Why, it's Baldr ofc. So...between this, Breiðablik being the summoner's divine weapon, and Loki wielding Thökk as a weapon (all three being references to the mythology concerning Baldr) I wouldn't be surprised if they attempted a "*Plot Twist: Summoner = Baldr!*" at some point. Also...beasts! In multiple colours! Flies three spaces! Sweet. Curious to see them in gameplay. Anyway...time to sleep for me so I can wake up to the daily reset and Birthday celebrations. ;)
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    I'm liking it so far, my Infantry offense team is working better than I anticipated even so that's a bonus. I'm just mildly annoyed that I forgot to trash the enemy amphora for more Aether. (Hehe...Oops) For Defense I've set a trio of EP dragons with a dancer on the Bright Grasslands Map, positioning them just shy of the upper right corner with a pseudo wall around them. - which might sound strange on paper, but it seems to throw their Offense off track as far as I can tell. The obstacles are placed so that the enemy needs to scramble to kill the dragons by going around the forest. Horses are in particular slowed down by the forest on the right while the traps and the Panic manor/Bolt Towet cover the left.
  10. Hm... the first thought that comes to mind is that the user account which the DLC was bought with and the one that you use to access your save are not connected or registered to your Switch for some reason. So I'd suggest you start looking there. Because the only thing I can think of is that the game has to certify that the console you're playing on has a license for having the DLC installed. The license is tied to the user account that purchased the content, and that user is in turn registered to a specific Switch console. If something in that equation is off (like the user being registered to another Switch console for instance) then you can't access your save since the game checks if the user id and the Switch it's tied to has a license for the DLC. If the console doesn't, it needs to connect to a server to verify the license instead.
  11. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Haha, yes. Might or Magic, Askr or Erathia/Axeoth, no Heroes are the same are they? Still, one builds them to be OP all the same. ;) Fun coincidence: I might have been replaying the campaigns in HoMM III when the FEH channel hit.
  12. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    You know even after seeing the FEH channel and getting the update and all I sort of can't believe it's finally possible to +10 reward units. But I'm so here for it. As someone with two GHB units among my absolute favourites in this series I say: I've got some Grail hunting to do~! And this kind of Grail does not require a day to dig up either or any visits to Oracles even. Heh, Let's see if anyone catches that reference. Anyway, my number one priority is naturally Xander, because man, I have long awaited this oppurtunity - he's one of the must +10 for me period. Following very closely after Xander is none other than F!Robin because she's very dear to me meta be damned. As for others: M!Kana - "Rawaawr!" That's dragon for "I'm powerful!" Gerome - The Dark Knight Rises to +10. Adrift!Azura - ??? A mystery for now. But excited for her anyway. NY!Corrin - I really liked his art and I dig having a tankier archer. Fallen!Takumi - I aM MeRges!! Or something like that. Garon - Another red dragon hitting like an absolute truck in my barracks? Oh yes
  13. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Mikoto was possessed by Anankos in both Rev and Heirs of Fate. That's as canon as you can get I'd say. As for Corrin well, by his own words Anankos supposedly kept Corrin "alive" in Heirs of Fate: Mind, we never got to see them but considering the children face all of their canonical parents (sans Azura) Corrin is suspiciously absent - taking Anankos at his word is as good as any explaination as to what happened to them in HoF. There's also no reason to not assume that the rest of Gen 1 is dead when HoF takes place - Camilla included.
  14. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    I was thinking it's a version of Valla where Anankos won akin to Heirs of Fate's premise. With Loki looking for him it fits in a sense - it would be hard for her to find a Silent Dragon in a realm when he's already dead. The young Azura is still odd even in that context though. Guess we'll see how the mystery will unfold soon.
  15. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    "BECAUSE ANANKOS WILLS IT" probably. At least that's what Garon keeps telling us I hear. Yeah, she makes sense as a GHB. I could also see (in the far future) her showing up if/whenever Anankos and Sumeragi does. My first thought was "Oh hey a ghost wyvern. Cool." I think the white wyvern adds an extra touch to the sort of eerie theme they seem to be going for it's sort of pretty on it's own even.