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  1. My internet has been spotty the past days (Boo). Anyway, I edited the map and increased the contrast between the letters and the map to see if it would be easier to figure out something: Anyway, I'm seeing new names: Ferdiad (N of Blaidad) Ogma (M - West of Garg Mac - Yes another one, we now have a trio of returning names - woner why they chose those three in particular) Kudala (NE of Regan) Corrections from the last time: Natthaus (not Ratthaus how did my brain parse that as an R? While the last downstroke is closer than in Neckless of Fódra (How did they misspell Necklace...?) there are few other letters it could be.) Eba (not Eva - the first descedent stroke starts from the right not the left) Toutatis (as has been pointed out above by @Sock) Names I'm uncertain of (# = letter I'm uncertain on): Magdr#d [Magdred?] (NW of Garg Mac) #ask (W of Garg Mac) Alia##hod (W of Fergus) Fiu#darius? (NE of Blaidad) Co##d (E of Fergus) M##coes (W of Aegir) #lamass (S of Rusalka - A part of my brain thinks it might be Z - but the first downstroke doesn't fit Z, the second stroke sort of does though) ##### (SE of Hresvelgr I have no idea what it is - it's far too blurry - if I squint it looks like either N or H as the first letter but that's some hard squinting) As mentionedin my earlier post, I figured that while I was going throught the map it was a good idea to list the remaining letters we don't have - so here: Majuscles: I J Q** U X Y Z */ There is a small chance that the O with the dot is a Q. I have seen variants of Q that doesn't feature the characteristic tail flourish, but dots instead. While unlikely, it's still a possibility. Minuscles: j q w x z Not much else to say rn - I'll see if I can get around making a vector based alphabet based in what weve got so far - depends on if my PC's Adobe Illustrator will play nice or not. If I've missed anything/goofed I totally blame it on the lack of Morning coffee. The joys of Calligraphy, unique character and...keeping up a steady ductus and not screwing up ink retention to make it. :') I'm pretty much seeing it as Clayman now, for one, the n is too similar to the n in Albine. Interestingly, the letter n and e in particular seems to have several variants in this particular hand (script). It is definitely a capital T in Taitean; the first downward stroke (the crescent moon shaped one), the second stroke (the upper bar), and the hairstroke of the T are present just like in Threne at the top of the map. These three elements pretty much makes it fit to a T and little else. I'm sorry for that pun. I didn't since I was uncertain if it was Ogma further east, and hence, uncertain which one had an O but then I figured that it's possible that it is Ox as well, since the addition of a dot inside a letter's counter space isn't unusual. So it's possible they dropped the dot in Ogma because it would be too illeligble otherwise on account of it being smaller and rotated. If so, O would not be the only letter to have a variant either - majuscle M is distinctly different between say, Morpheus and Mylddin as well. Yep that's an s all right - in the process of making the image above I noticed the the ending flourish of the s. (In my first post I had yet to see the full map) Coincidentally, my brain did think it could be Teutates when I saw the word initially, but then I saw the o and figured "close but no cigar". Conan...Hm...I thought that at first too, but then the last letter ended up looking like a d once I zoomed in. The fifth letter is too fuzzy to make out for me, it's closest to an a though. It's all jumbled from the look of things, between Latin Morpheus & Vergilius, Celtic/Gaelic Samhain, Ogma, etc. Probably not much to read into it, not at this stage anyway.
  2. The outer landmasses are: Brigit (SW) Morpheus (NE) Threne (N) Palmira (E) Albine(W) More landmarks on the map are: Garg Mac (M) Claymor? Clayman? The latter part is too fuzzy to make out. (NW) Ratthaus (NW) Gauthier (NE) Eva (NE) Gwydion (NW) Lobe (M) Gaspard (M) Váli (M) Goneril (E) Enbarr (S) Nouvelle (W) Samhain (M) Deirdre (E) (Yes I know, just like Guinivere, a returning name. But that's definitely a capital "D", and minuscle "eirdre" on the map) Speaking of Guinivere, it's St. Guinivere on the map - dunno how I missed the 'St.' part initially, but there it is anyway. Overall an odd mishmash of names and etymology on that map but that's fantasy for you. I'll try and compile what is known of the map's Alphabet as best I can when I have time - no estimate nor promise it will end up 100% accurate though, as some letters are too fuzzy to make out the finer details, but I'll try. Far easier to have an alphabet handy when doing this sort of thing anyway. Another interesting note is that the three Crests/glyphs/symbols on the heraldry and the map are featured on the Goddess/Dragon mural seen in the trailer (and the offical site). Could they be the crests spoken of in the trailer perhaps...? Also, one more of these symbols found on the mural matches the crest on the bearded guy's cape. The weapon the Braided woman is holding is also the same (or at least the handle is very similar) as the one that the bearded guy is using. (This iteration's Fire Emblem maybe?) Another thing...that very same woman has a rather prominent flower in her hair, as do the depicted Goddess (at least I assume that's what she is), she wears a wreath of flowers) in the mural. Considering the kanji for the JP title it's interesting.... but it might just be purely coincidental. @Aggro Incarnate beat me to it, but Regan is located directly south of the Moon Crest/Glyph on the map. I do believe Hresvelgr is spelt that way on the map though, since an extra ligature on a minuscle v was not uncommon for this kind of blacklettering (it's a sort of Bastard Secretary/Lettre Bâtarde style). It's easy to mistake a v for a b at a glance, but if one looks at Enbarr in the south you can see that the b has a more rounded shape than the v. The third region is rendered as Blaidad on the map, the i is faint, but there (I didn't spot it until I replayed the trailer).
  3. Oh, look blacklettering - my kind of Calligraphy.^^ But dang that is a very blended style - is it French/Anglo Saxon minuscels? It can't decide at any rate I'm in a bit of a hurry, but anyway, here's what I'm seeing that hasn't been mentioned yet (as of me writing this post): Note: N=North, W= west and so on. M=Mid. Garatea (MN) Guinivere (NW) Vergilius (ME) Toutatia (NW) Brionac (W) Alill (N) Regan (N) Hofring or Nofring (W) Edamand/Edmund [due to how the a/u are rendered it could be either] (NE) Mylddin (SE) Hrymr or Nrymr? (E) Amid (ME) I'll take another closer look once I have my reference material at hand - and I'll use the bigger map from the JP website that you linked in the other thread @VincentASM. But, I'm heading out so it might be a while before I have a chance to.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hm true, it's interesting to note that FEH has a number of cocosd2x licences and a Poly2Tri license (among a plethora of others for obvious things like code, sound and fonts). Visually, it's hard to tell on the surface if Feh has a rendered 3d plane with the sprites as textures on top (which would mean a form of opacity masking is used somewhere) or a scriptually scaled/rendered 2d texture in the Cocos2dx engine. The crash course on Cocos2dx engine's graphics covers pretty much what FEH would render (as far as I can tell). Worth to mention is that, unless my memory completely fails me, the FEH sprites are .png files so there's no room for an opacity mask in an alpha channel like there is in a multi channelled texture format like dxt/dds. They could use an internal/propriety method of "cutting" out the 3d plane mesh though. Oh don't mind my ramblings, I'm just waxing armchair hypotheticals for curiosity's sake and possibly outdated 3d stuff for that matter. Heh, like I feel like I'm back in school mucking around 3dsMax again talking about this stuff.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    If I were to hazard a guess (but I suppose spriters might know better), I'd bet on that it's because hats like Joshua and Spring!Seasonals bunny ears are treated separate from the character's hair (for animation/layering purposes). By contrast, Sakura's hairpain is...static? It never scales/morphs in terms of animation. Hmm...you know that spite asset in the last datamine, a Legault with guide boxes overlayed? That's probably a reference sheet for the accessories . Characters with spritelayers that already occupy such a slot/"guide box" can't equip an accessory there. Edit: Looked again and I had the strikethrough stuff wrong (I shouldn't post w/o coffee) - the Legault sprite is more for scaling of the sprite it would seem (there's a number for the px on it). Still, there's probably some technical limitation as to why the slots are occupied. (Overall it sounds similar to how a 3D model's prop bones have systems to get soft-locked, or "parented" to the prop so two props can't get parented to the same bone)
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Oh I read them alright - there wasn't anything suggesting to me that you'd given up on Xander's Infernal in your post. Regardless, you can use the strat at any other time later on - provided you want to ofc.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    For the heck of it I Yolo'd and tried the strat with BK and Winter!Robin replacing Zelgius and Hardin - I'm happy to report that it worked.^^ What you will need (required skills/seals in brackets): Slot 1: LA!Eliwood [Goad Armor & Close Defense Seal] Slot 2: ToD!Henry [TA 1/Armor March] Slot 3: Black Knight [Steady Stance/Green Tome Breaker 3/Distant Defense 3] Slot 4: Winter!Robin [Reposition/Armored Boots] Note: BK must be merged to +1, otherwise Winter!Robin must equip Ward Armor (my BK narrowly survived with 2 HP remaining after knocking out both Green Mages). As for Boons/Banes, ToD!Henry has Def+/HP- and Winter!Robin has Atk+/HP-. I don't believe a different Boon/Bane should mess with the AI's movement though. I can screenshot the strat for you if you wish, the breakdown is that Winter!Robin helps set-up BK's position to the right (thus killing both Green Mages). Eliwood and Henry kick back in the middle of the first row - Eliwood to the left, Henry to the right. Next turn, Henry hits the Blue Lance (who is shielding Xander), then Eliwood finish the Lance for good. BK moves to the left and gets Repositioned to safety by Winter!Robin. From there on out it's straight forward to the clear as long as BK keeps himself out of range. ;)
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Idk if it helps, but I just tried, and cleared, Infernal with LA!Eliwood, Zelgius, ToD!Henry, and Hardin (none of them are merged). They have SI, but there are no 5* locked skills on them except the ones they already have in their vanilla builds. Armored Boots and two upgraded Seals were important for the clear - Distant Defense 3 on Zelgius and Close Defense 3 on LA!Eliwood. You might get away with a lower CD seal but DD has to be on level 3. That said, I'd need to run a guided run to see the exact numbers on damage given/taken - but it looks feasible to replicate the strategy regardless of Boons/Banes. If you don't have Zelgius I can try replicating the strat with Black Knight using a mirrored build since BK lacks Fierce Stance (my BK is +1 for reference). Winter!Robin might be able to supplant Hardin if you don't have him - Hardin's built-in DC wasn't mandatory for the strategy in the end (I thought it would be but nope). That said, before testing with Winter!Robin I'd need to give Winter!Robin some skills and SP grind him.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    @Motendra, it's always a nice to see a familiar face among the Team ranks: Anyway, figured I'd stop by to to hear if anyone wants me to swap out NY!Azura for someone else - I've personally had a lack of colourless on this round so I figured there might be colour droughts for others.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    Added! ;) Your Michalis sounds good to me! That said, I'm cheesing my matchups it with a Lv 1 L!Ryoma so Michalis will have a field day of curbstomping. Ah, I might mention that I might give NY!Azura some other A skill - I just have to decide between TA3 or Fury 3.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    Since he deigned to roost his Kinshi in my barracks, I'm joining L!Ryoma. I'm all too happy too anyway since I'm sap enough to go with my favourite of the bunch as usual. If Ryoma goes down at any point, I'll probably throw my lot in with F!Grima->Gunnthrá->Sharena in that order (& depending on who's still left naturally). Idk if anyone on my list has also joined Ryoma's ranks (my first battle ended up with a random nostalgia inducing Lv.1 2*Anna - quite a sight since I haven't seen one in ages). Anyway, if anyone else is short of a team-member I'd be up for adding: 7909740863 I've currently set NY!Azura, but I can swap her for S!Corrin (+9 + Blárblade build) or WoF!Hinoka if people would prefer that.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Ngl, Libra is my most wanted unit of all. I miss my War Monk so bad. As for the rest of remaining Awakening folks, Miriel, Gregor, Laurent, Maribelle, Sumia, Brady, Cynthia and Walhart (Let Soeda Ippei or Yamada Akihiro draw him pls) reside high on my wishlist. I like a lot of Awakening too.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    On the subject of potential new axes, although he is not a Fighter, there's also Libra as a candidate. Yes...Yes, I know - they might pull a Lucius and make Libra a staff user. I'm just hoping they won't since power-crept infantry axe sounds more fun than staff to me. Plus, I need to hear that "I am your Omega!" in battle - not have it squandered due to lack of a combat special. IntSys pls. Then again, I'm prepared if he does end up a staff unit - I've got Dazzling Staff fodder with his name on it since last year just in case. I mean, it doesn't hurt to be prepared for a favourite and such. On a slightly related note, after looking at CYL again it appears that, as of Gerome and M! Morgan's appearance (and excluding Owain and Inigo), Libra is the highest ranking unreleased male character from Awakening*, he ranked 161/179 on CYL 1/2 respectively. */ While Kellam ranked higher than Libra in CYL 1, he went down further than Libra did in CYL 2 (from 132 to 236). While I don't doubt that Kellam has fans regardless of memes, I suspect his meme status did carry him further in CYL 1 than 2.
  14. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Yeah - having a busted charging socket was no fun. :/ Fortunately, a friend had an identical phone that I could frankenstein the necessary parts from (the screen on theirs was dead so it was just paperweight otherwise). At any rate, it's all good now and ready to properly HM grind on GHBs again.
  15. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Apologies on responding so late - My phone was in for repairs (had to play FEH on a borrowed one until it got fixed). :s @Johann Your Cain was great - he worked very well in particular with my Elise who healed and wittled down any melee blues when needed (Wrathful Gravity+/Dazzling Staff/Savage Blow x2 build). All the Cavalry buffing from the rest of the brigade just made him hit even harder too. It was overall perfect conditions for a Galeforcing Bull to rampage I'd say. @mampfoid I'm sorry I didn't respond that I added you, darn phone circumstances being what they where. As for rewards, round one was decent, two was a disaster (2 areas.), and round three made up for it with 15. At any rate, besides the round 2 disaster, I walked away with enough feathers for another 5* so I'm happy overall.