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  1. Thank you! And yes, do whatever you need at any pace you're comfortable with. I'm wishing you the best of luck guys!
  2. Hell yeah! This is such amazing news! I'm so looking forward to this! But yes, I did have one little question about one of Male Kris' lines in his support with Luke. I talked about this on page 15, but basically I was wondering if one specific line of Male Kris' was going to be changed. Anyway, I'm happy this is being worked on again. I'm lovin' all of the updates you've provided so far, to the point where I really believe this would be the best way for my friend to experience FE12 for the first time. Here's me wishing you guys the best!
  3. Least favorite FE ship?

    Thank you for saying you like their friendship. I feel like everyone is so focused on them being a couple that their wonderful friendship is often overlooked. I see this happen more with dude pairings than female ones. I feel like it's because it's so rare to see guys together in media so people do shit like that to fill the void. I don't really like turning male friends into ships because I feel like if it happens too often it pisses people off, so when there is actual evidence to support a dude pairing people jump the gun to "they're just friends" even when there's good evidence to show that they very well may not be just friends. Like for me Eliwood and Hector are clearly just good friends, and any ships between them I'd find weird. Ike and Soren on the other hand, I don't think someone should immediately shut that down because there is good evidence for it. So yeah, just my thoughts on that.
  4. Best thing about PoR and RD?

    How the story starts so small in PoR and then by the end of RD it's massive. The wonderful characters. The music. The Ike x Soren. The fact that I played this game when I going through a hard time in my life. All of those are good.
  5. Least favorite FE ship?

    Okay so I haven't gotten any of the kids in Fates because I'm not interesting in recruiting the kids in that game, but everything I've seen of Soleil I'm not a big fan of. Like, she just seems like a character who sexually harasses women but it's okay because she's a woman herself. Like, no it's not okay. I liked Florina and Hector because I felt like she needed a man. Also I'm all for Eliwood x Lynn and I needed Hector to marry someone. I also really felt like Florina needed some closure to her being all weird around men, because guys are so sweet and lovely. Now... Hector probably wouldn't be my first choice for Florina but uh... hell that's the one she picked apparently, because she can't marry anyone else. Now for me, I always hate the whole, "You have a choice, but we picked this one for you." So I really hate Eliwood x Ninian, I also feel like this does nothing for Ninian's personal growth. I also really hate Chrom and Sumia. Others would be Hector x Lynn because I feel like they'd get divorced so fast. Sorry guys but Ike x Elincia is something I'll pass on too (she also marries Geoffrey just sayin', which I feel like everyone forgets), and I'm totally not a fan of Lucina and Robin either, even if I did play as male Robin just... no thanks. I'd actually probably marry him to Anna if I did play as him. I actually like that a lot, despite not looking at their supports or anything relating to them.
  6. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    If any details on how to unlock Roy are found, I'd love to see it. I need him.
  7. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    I'm happy I'm not alone on that at least! I seriously just skipped the Robin amiibo because it felt pointless to me. I was sorta hoping maybe we'd get a Female Robin one for Warriors but... I don't know! Maybe we'll get one for Ultimate? Maybe? I really hope so. I love that woman, she's like my girl crush.
  8. Least Favorite FE Character?

    I like Clarine but yeah that's basically her character. No one can be Serra. I wasn't gonna add him but yeah Matthis for me too. I felt like he was unoffensive in SD but the way he talked about Lena in FE12 creeped me out. Shinon is probably my least favourite. He's such a rude mean person, and I don't even care if he has a soft spot for Rolf. Rolf is okay at best, bootleg Wolt at worst. Ninian, I don't even know if I hate her because I she constantly annoys the hell out of me, or just because it's fun hating on her. It's weird, she's actually grown on me now, especially because I never pair her with Eliwood so she gets some form of character development. She starts the game being weak and annoying and ends it being more mature and taking some form of responsibility. Instead of her ending with Eliwood where she starts the game being weak and ends up marrying the dude she likes. But yeah, when I play FE7 with my friends, we never pair her with Eliwood and we have such a blast making fun of her. I guess that's endeared her to me a bit. Shinon is seriously the worst though.
  9. Yeah, I'm at least hoping they'd add them to the DLC pack as an extra. Like, you pay for the newcomer but you also get a free Echo just because it's fun. It'd be real nice. I won't be holding breath though. To be honest, the roaster is amazing and I really am more than satisfied with everyone they picked. Excited for more DLC announcements though! I'll be picking up that Fighter Pass when it launches, digitally or maybe physically like Japan got. I'd like a physical one so I could keep it for the game collection.
  10. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    Yes! And they could have male Morgan for female Robin and female Morgan for Male Robin and EVERYONE would be happy. I was hoping for this, but I sorta figured they just change it to like Robin using Bolganone and the other one without any aid. Making it kinda similar to Palutena's Final Smash actually. But yeah I really don't like how they're using Chrom, just patch that out please. But anyway this is fun so... I didn't like Corrin as DLC. The timing was wrong in North America too because Fates hadn't even come out yet. And I believe Corrin is the reason that people starting really complaining that there was too many Fire Emblem characters. And I'm worried Nintendo has heard that and will be more hesitant to include new FE Characters as either DLC or in potential future installments. I think Corrin would have been better received as a newcomer for Ultimate rather then Smash 4 DLC. I still wish Marth and especially Roy spoke Japanese in Ultimate. I think Ray Chase makes a better Eliwood. They could even have like a special Eng/Jap Switch just for those two. I never liked how Cloud spoke Japanese, he already has an English VA who I believe said he'd totally voice Cloud in Smash. And FF7 was localized right away, unlike Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light as well as Binding Blade. Make Alph an Echo! Switch out Purple Pikmin for Rock Pikmin and he qualifies. I'd prefer it if Bowser Jr. had alternate colours or clothes instead of having the Kooplings Use Jen Taylor's Melee clips for Peach. She was my favourite and her, "Sweet!" or, "Oh, did I win?" I think are a little more iconic. I've never had a problem with including Clones or Echo Fighters For Ultimate I'd want them to extended the concept of stacking and swapping Echoes to Male/Female characters. I'd love for Female Robin to be displayed like she was default. I know Corrin fans would be happy too. While I'm at it where's my Female Robin amiibo? Female Corrin got one. I want a Female Robin Amiibo. Bayonetta was a fantastic addition to Smash
  11. I'm mixed between Roy's voice. While fighting, I greatly prefer his Japanese voice, but he really didn't sound bad at all during his victory dialogue. It kinda makes me wish they kept his grunts and stuff and just placed in his English VA when he has real dialogue. Sorta similar to Fox in Melee, cause they got his Adventures VA to voice him in Adventure Mode. Anyway, I was wondering about DLC. I know they said that there will be 5 new fighters, but does anyone kinda think, or at least hope, that they'll add bonus echo fighters to that as well? Because I've really been hoping for Jeanne from Bayonetta as an echo fighter.
  12. I'm actually holding my friend off from playing New Mystery of the Emblem until Beta 3 comes out! I think it will be well worth the wait. But I did have some concerns about a specific support conversation between Male Kris and Luke, and I'd be so happy if that was changed before beta 3 was released. It's at the end of their first conversation and Luke is all like, "Don't fall in love with me" and Kris is all like, "I... don't swing that way." I really can't see it being officially localized that way, and I also really don't like that line for an avatar character. Like, if I was to do what the game wants me to and insert myself in there, seeing an in-game me say that really takes me out of the experience. Cause I actually just so happen to swing that way. You know? I hope it's not a big issue or anything, I'd just really like that to be changed. Like Female Kris as a response says, "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that." and I think that line is more vague and can be interpreted in anyway you'd like. I don't know what Male Kris says in the Japanese version, but I think a simple line change like, "Yeah, in your dreams." would work really well, but that's just an example from someone who doesn't know Japanese. So yeah, I am extremely thankful for everyone who's working on this translation, as well as everyone who worked on the original one. I wouldn't be able to experience FE12 to it's full extent without it. And I'm really hoping I'm not bugging anyone by suggesting what I'm suggesting.
  13. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    And I think it's super unlikely that they'll have Japanese voice options for Marth and Roy, but I can dream. At least I prefer Yuri Lowenthal as Marth more than Ray Chase as Roy, I think Ray Chase would be a perfect Eliwood though! The most I could hope for is a Japanese language option like Melee had. I'd still play in English, but knowing I could hear Jun Fukuyama as Roy anytime I wanted would be comforting. I just care a lot about voice actors in Smash Bros I guess.
  14. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    Just giving a small little update, I watched a Smash Bros Ultimate video from Nintendo UK's official YouTube. It was a team match of Dark Samus and Ridley vs Chrom and Lucina. And in the match Lucina was using her voice clips from Smash 4. I hope that doesn't change when it's released!
  15. Patching Hardcopies

    I know, it's ridiculous how crazy they are about region lock on the 3DS. I thought it'd only apply to 3DS games. And I'm sure there'd be a way to do it with an SD card, that's how Project M worked for Smash Bros Brawl. I wish someone would come up with a way to unflip Twilight Princess on Wii with an SD card, but that's me getting carried away! I wish I was smart regarding this stuff, then it'd totally do it myself. But sadly I'm totally clueless. If you can't find any way you can hard patch it I would recommend an R4. If you're only putting one game on there, especially one that's Japanese elusive that you still own a real copy off, I feel like it's morally justified. The only thing with them is that, while they're really easy to take out of the original DS, it's harder to take out on the original 3DS. I have to press it down on the far left side for it to come out. But the original 3DS is still my favourite way to play that game. I don't think I'll ever put it in my New 3DS XL because it feels like you have to push the cartridge in way too far and that's my main handheld so I worry about it. But everything is up to you so do it however you think is best.