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  1. So next one on my list.
  2. So my next +10 and am kind of proud how quick I got her.
  3. This one makes me proud. Took more time then my Catria but I'm finally glad he's done. He's the true lord now with that Def and Res! +Atk and -Res Roy.
  4. So after spending so much, I've finally finished it. Yes I have a blarblade+ but I'm not going to give her it. +SPD, -RES too.
  5. So here's my Catria. She's a +ATK and -HP. I was so happy that she could reach over 60 Attack. I have Speed Silver Lance+ too if I want more speed.
  6. Zelgius...

    So... this happened when I'm doing Tempest Trial... Have any of you guys gotten this or something similar?
  7. Regarding Mock Weapons from Amiibo Units

    No you can't buy replica weapons from other people's castle. You need the Amiibo itself or have your 3DS hacked or get someone else who has their 3DS hacked and let them do it for you.
  8. A couple of questions...

    1., 2. 3., what everyone said so far. 4. As for the DLCs, it depends on your difficulty excluding the Gold, EXP and Apothesis as they're preset. From what I could tell, Rouge and Redeemer 3 had different stats from Hard Mode and Lunatic. For example, Hard Mode in Rouge and Redeemer 3 had most enemy with at least 1 or 2 max stat cap while in Lunatic, most of their stats are capped. So basically harder your difficulty and more Stars it has, the harder it is. Well this is just from my experience. I guess there's also the Future Past ones as well but those should be done at end game/near end game no matter the difficulty or you did a lot of grinding.
  9. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    Oh cool then. Now I have nothing to worry about except for getting more SP. Thanks.
  10. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned or said it yet, but what happens if you have a Daggerbreaker skill and face a Kagero who has Daggerbreaker . Do they both make follow up attack or don't? And incase you're wondering, gave one of my Kagero to Jaffar so he can learn Daggerbreaker just to show Kagero who's the better assassin lol.
  11. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    Dire Tomes are probably from Olwen and her brother and Blades, probably those Gronnblade I believe.
  12. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    Ah yes you're right I forgot about Iote's Shield lol. Can't wait for that for my Cordelia.
  13. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    I checked and both F!Corrin and Cordelia cannot inherit the skill Svalinn Shield from sheena. I think that's only for Armor Units.
  14. The Future Past or Heirs of Fate? (FE13 VS FE14)

    The Future Past is depressing and has a nice story and the enemies in there are fun to fight in Lunatic. Heirs of Fate didn't seem interesting but maybe cause I only finished the first part of it. It might also be you get more RnG screwed in Fates than in Awakening is why I like The Future Past more. But I always thought fighting Grima is more fun than fighting Anankos and the music they use is awesome when fighting Grima.
  15. Hard Mode Tips?

    Depends on if you grind or not, otherwise what the others said is right. A few things though. I'd be careful of forts and stairs cause that's where the reinforcement usually spawns and if one of your character is dying, it'll be bad. If you're still in the early chapter and want to avoid using Fred, you can just make him pair up with someone and unequip his silver lance and he'll be there giving you stats and dual guard as long as you turn off tutorial mode I believe.