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  1. Moogleboss/Espinosa pointed out how to avoid random encounters.
  2. - Ike promotes after capter 17, so have him at a high level at this time. - The final boss is only vulnerable to Ike and some other units. Ike is the best way to go, so keep having him enough strength and speed. -Chapter 27 has an optional boss, who is difficult to beat and requieres luck as well. Thats why the game gives you the option to flee.
  3. The group consists of way too many child soldiers and a female being the second in command is questionable as well. It's the old trope of having a teenage protagonist being the leader. Titania or Shinon or Oscar would be in charge until Ike is experienced enough.
  4. Leveling up Mist?

    Ike promotes after chapter 17, so have him at high level. Only three of your units can damage the final boss and Ike is your best bet. If hie Strength is still low, then teach him Resolve (obtainable in chapter 27) and Wrath for the best results.
  5. So About Sephiran...

    I dislike him, because his motive is hypocritical and depends on bad writing, which failed to execute his moral ambiguety in a convincing way. On one hand, he wants to destroy the whole word and betrays everyone,. On the other hand, he is supposed to love the people around him and cares about them. This hypocrisy extends on the solution of his character arc. Because he actually cares about everyone, all characters and the player are supposed to forgive him. The game tries to mark him as a tragic character, when he is just a maniac who is wrathful over a bunch of corrupt senator and gullible humans who thought those always-peaceful pure-hearted Herons killed their always peaceful pure hearted empress. He can hate all the world and despair or he can be above them and forgive them, but he shouldn't pull of both things at once. He is also poorly integrated in the plot, because FE10 focuses for the most part on the uncharismatic senators, who end up being pawns. Instead the true antagonists are stuffed in the last four chapters. The game fails to execute a reasonable conflict with proper villains like Ashnard and the Black Knight (the FE9 one). It also felt flat on the handling the Laguz, portraying them as morally superior super humans, whose main flaws is that they aren't as cowardly as the humans. But even the antagonistic ones like Naesala and Dheginsea end up being sympathic and were just antagonistic because the were compromised. The game stated that Laguz were evil towards the marked ones, but ingame no Laguz threated the marked, so that angle doesn't impress me. Instead Nailah and Stefan told us about they respective paradises of harmony and equality. That poor writing applies to Sephiran as well, him being one of the few Laguz that are supposed to be antagonistic, but not really pulling it off. Oh, and he is in FE9, but unlike the Black Knight, he doesn't do anything impressive or evil onscreen.
  6. The safest class would be Knight. Def level ups assure that MU will take more than two or even three hits. Especially sword users will chip at MU. Rigging Spd. level ups is important, because getting doubled by Fighters and Bandits is terrible. +2 Def, +1Str and +15% Spd worked for me but you can swap them if you want a higher base speed. You can change to Cavalier in chapter 1 and later on promote to Paladin and Draco Lord and have your B rank for silver lances. The most efficient choice is fighter, since you can ORKO fairly quick, if MU keeps getting Str. and Spd. level ups. Your defense will be lacking, so rigging Def or even +2HP level ups is a way to get a devasting MU that triviliazes the early game even on H4. Building your axe rank in the prologue helps if MU later on changes to Draco Lord or Berserk. I would chose +2 Spd, +1 Str and +10% Def, but if you rig HP and Def level ups, then HP+30% is recommended. Myrmidone works as well, but only has slightly more speed. The female class set is a huge restriction as well. Cavalier and Mercenary are decent, but don't have great advantages either. Pegasus Knight restricts to female classes and has worse stats and growths then cavalier. Flying is rarely better in the prologue and there are a numbers of archers. The only classes I wouldn't recommend are Archer and Mage. Archer obviously has a terrible enemy phase, which is even worse in the prologue with its small maps. Other characters can later on be used as archers/hunters, as the class has many advantages. Mage is also a class that should be used by other characters, as it limits ou to one class (aside from niche things like Levin Sword Swordmaster). I also dislike that the mages base stats lack in everything, even speed. For the prologue, it helps to rig the first three chapters for good level-ups, as they are short. If you want to use Rody and Cecillia, they should get two good level ups because they struggle even in chapter 1. Luke and Ryan have less issues, though Ryan has shacky speed. A forged bow for chapter 2 and 3 helps against eh Draco Knights and you an train your scrubs like Ryan or Hunter Luke that way. The shop should sell stat booster and if you have a save with the DLC, you have Rainbow Potions and more stuff to beat H4. In comparison to H3, having slightly more 2-range users (Bow users, Levinsword Swordmasters, Mages) and healers are more important.
  7. Chapter 10 stealth on Maniac Mode?

    You can clear the chapter with the stealth BEXP, but you will spend more turns, because Kevin is tricky to move. You only need promoted Oscar for a low turn, as he can prevent Mordecai from de-transforming too soon.
  8. The reason why Ike kills Ashera

    They never established and backed up Ikes power enough to convince me that he is stronger than say Tibarn or Caenagis or Kurthnaga or Stefan. Other Fire Emblem games avoided this issue, as they have specific weapons that can penetrate the final boss. Like Naga in FE4 or the Falchion. Ragnell does have some lore being the weapon that defeated the chaotic goddess, but it was only part of it.
  9. I didn't like Conquest

    I always disliked Conquest gameplay. It was too reliant on gimmicks and "puzzles" and they threw in too many changes in the gameplay. It didn't felt like I experienced a Fire Emblem game and more like a Fire Emblem Hack that wanted you to forget everything conventional. I posted some of my critics one year ago and nothing had changed: My issue with the gameplay in Fates is that it has too many factors you always have to consider at every moment. Next to strenght/magic, the weapons might and defense/resistence, you have to consider weapon rang bonus, skills (your own, your allies, you enemy, your enemies allies), stat reductions, terrain, double attacks. Since the enemies are usually in groups, you also have to know who moves first and how he behaves. Will the Ninja go for your tank? Will the unit attack or position themself for the attack stance? Will the unit attack and move, only move or retreat? I know, this was always a thing in Fire Emblem, especially on the highest difficulty modes. But there were never that many factors to consider. I tend to spend minutes just calculating all the incoming attacks and I still get surprised in the enemy phase. I have many other problems with Conquests gameplay (the exp gain is too strict; no creative side objections like recruitment or huge treasuries; getting gold and treasure chest is always the same and could have been skipped after all; no chapter specific shops, you can always buy everything at every time; too much reliance on the chapter specific gimmicks; My Castle allows support grinding; many children chapters are ridiculously easy and allow for grinding; E-and D weapon rangs make a large part of reclassing useless; children aren't a great improvement over the parents and lack supports; it isn't possible to capture and to support with Hoshido characters and plot relevant bosses; every weapon type is included in the weapon triangle with less room for weapon triangle neutrality. Then there is the thing that the chapters and they objectives aren't really connected through plot, like you have no escape map at a critical point in the game, no big battle on the fields, followed with the conquest of the enemies castle. Instead each chapter is disconnected from the other. But this is not only a gameplay thing but also a plot thing. And I won't start talking about the plot, the setting and the characters.
  10. Could Garnef really do it?

    -> Unlike Gharnef, Medeus doesn't requieres a specific weapon to be beaten. Gotoh hints this, if you don't have the Falchion. Lorewise, I can imagine that Gharnef just points out, that he and Medeus are in a stand-still situation. Neither one can easily hurt the other without taking a risk. I find it plausible, that both would try to kill each other, but currently they had to work together to take controll over the other countries.
  11. Why people hate Raven?

    Maybe it is such reasoning that annoys some people? Raven is a likely unit to be overated because of his edgyness. Then you have his relationship with Lucius and with Priscilla.
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Arthur is Effies partner, not Selenas. My bad. Since Silas gives her strength as well, it works out. Effie obviously doesn't mind strength either, so that she can OHKO stuff. As I said: Since you can use 16 units in the final chapters, you don't need to drop many units. Camilla x Keaton is solid. Camillia likes the pair-up boosts. Velouria is hard to screw up and she is optional anyways (her recruitment chapter is difficult as well). Assuming you use her and have some weapon scrolls, she makes for a good axe user (Berserker and Wyvernlord). But you already have Percy. I don't see much benefits in Niles x Beruka. Beruka is too slow even with Niles pair-up boost and doesn't care about more resistance or skill as well. She wants someone like Benny to give her more strenght and speed, possible access to General. Niles won't be helped with more defense, as he is frail regardless. Berseker-Beruka could work but is risky, as her speed is only average.
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Judging from your team, you know what you are doing. Maybe the following is just stating the obvious, but here it goes. Seems pretty solid. Great Knight Jakob gives Corrin later on insane defensive boosts. Dragonstone+ - Corrin will be your tank of choice who lures the enemies, though Xander is there as well. Sadly, their kids suck, but their recruitment chapters give free exp. If Arthur and Niles get RNG-screwed, I would drop them or use them just as a pair-up-bot. Berserker-Arthur giving Selena strenght and speed can be important, as she has trouble ORKOing stuff. Nina doesn't have Niles speed, but higher strength (and very likely Savage Blow). A late recruited Forrest can be a good staff bot and deals with the mage room in chapter 26 if your other units lack the resistance. Flora and Izana can be recruited late to have the necessary staff bots. Not using staves in the final chapter can make it impossible if your team isn't prepared properly. Since you only have 12 units and can use 16 in the final chapters, I recommend it. You have room for Azura and another male unit like Kaze. Azura is a good mother to Midori, as she can be a Kinshi-Knight. You also get another two easy chapters for exp. Shigure is a decent filler with access to Rally Speed.
  14. Why is Hayato learning those skills?

    The sons inherit it as well, right? Or is that calculator wrong:
  15. Why is Hayato learning those skills?

    The Kinshi-Knight has lower stats, but most of it doesn't matter, especially the defense stats. The sniper has +3 strenght and +50 hit. You could get Certain Blow before changing into a Kinshi, but I guess that Mozu has enough skill anyways (unless she attacks at weapon triangle disadvantage). The 3 strength can hurt, especially because Mozus strenght is only average. And later on, there is Bowfaire. It is stil advisable accept the lower strenght to have the benefits of flying, which shouldn't be underestimated: 19: Flyers can reach and escape the Kitsunes easier. 20: The corridors are small and flyer can assault and retreat way easier, dropping and picking up other units. They don't care as much about the wind as well. 21: Flyers can skip parts of the map, if not all of it. It makes escaping easier. 22: IIRC only flyers can use the western and eastern path to skip some enemies and reaching the reinforcementes easier. 23: Flyers can skip the bridge, though the vast amount of snipers is notable. 24: Flyers are obviously at advantage, as they can reach and kill all the enemy flyers. 25: If you rush the enemy groups, flyers are important as they have high move and have no move penality.